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4-h Poster Ideas

Are you planning to promote an event or product with a visually appealing poster? We are Jennings Print, a family-owned printing house that has 45 years of experience in the industry. We serve as a one-stop-shop for all your promotional marketing needs. Call us today!

Typical calls to action include telling readers to contact through a phone number, email address or social media page. You can also include a website where they can visit and learn more about the business. You can add a QR code if you know that the audience is comfortable using this technology.
Everything needs to be crisp and clear, regardless if it’s an original shot or a stock photo. It’s preferable to get a professional stock photo rather than using a blurred personal photo. A lot of options are available out there; you just have to know where to look. Pexels and Unsplash are great resources for good quality stock photos.Pick a minimal number of vivid colours that go well together. Note that using too much colour will be overwhelming. The text should not be hard to read and contrast well with the background. If you really need several colours to depict a vivid scene, see that it doesn’t go obscure the message you are trying to convey.

How do I choose a topic for a poster presentation?
Choose a Topic: – First of all, interesting, motivating, promising, … (Have fun.) – Second, It is important to choose a topic with enough available material to make the poster factual and interesting, but not so broad that you cannot discuss the topic well in just a few minutes.
The most unforgettable posters are those that have a simple and clear message. The audience should easily understand what you are trying to say. They don’t have all the time in the world to solve a visual riddle to figure out the message.The catchy headline may be in question form such as “Need a party planner that doesn’t hurt your wallet?” It’s not an entirely original question, but it responds to a need commonly encountered by many people.

How do you make a creative poster?
15 creative poster design ideas to make your posters stand outUse bold color overlays and contrasting colors to create energy and elicit a mood. … Establish visual hierarchy for more eye-catching designs. … Remove unnecessary elements. … Try interesting shapes to create visual interest.
While you’d need to consider several factors when designing a poster, never forget to put the element of fun. Don’t be afraid to break the rules and go crazy with your concepts! The font colour should contrast with the background. Black or white fonts normally work best for a coloured background. You can also have a black and white poster with just the logo or main message in colour. Think of some stimulating or witty text as the focal point of your poster to draw people in. If it makes them laugh or piques their curiosity, they will want to take a closer look.A different printing technique might be a good idea depending on the venue and target audience of your poster. There are many things you can do on paper that do not pan out in digital works. It may be wise to explore other techniques such as screen printing, letterpress, foiling, or UV layers.

Pictures are commonly used in designing posters, and it’s incredibly important to choose photos with high resolution, especially if you plan to print it in large sizes. Any pixilation or slightly blurred graphic can turn your advertisement into a disaster.
Be careful not to overuse colour. You certainly don’t want to lose your branding in a rainbow of colours. If you have a vibrant photo, the typefaces should have one colour.Your poster will be useless if it does not make the audience act on the message you delivered. Compose a precise call to action to inform them on what to do next. For event posters, you can add details on where to purchase tickets in your call to action. Leave a generous amount of empty space around the main design of the poster. Filling the whole space in all corners will make it look cluttered. People are highly likely to ignore a messy poster. Further, you might want to take into consideration the venue where you will put your poster. If you feel that that other posters in the area are often black, be brave enough to use brighter colours. Finally, make sure that the font and font size also make any text readable.

You only need one glace to get someone’s attention to your poster. Using high contrast elements can help you achieve this. Forget the monotone colour scheme and pale gradients. Try experimenting with a colour palette or typeface that might be too outrageous for other projects.A poster is one of the most widely used marketing and communication tools in different industries. It is an effective way to get attention for your events or products. While there is no fixed formula in designing one, you need to know the best practices to make your poster stand out.

Stay away from large blocks of text. Your poster should be able to provide details quickly and effectively. Don’t hide the vital information in a huge text block that takes 30 seconds to read.If you don’t know where to start, you’ve come to the right place! Here is a one-stop guide to making sure your intended audience does not miss out what you have to offer.

Exaggerated spacing in elements will significantly improve the visual impact and readability of your poster at distances. Here are other examples where additional space can do wonders for your poster:

What are the topics for poster making?
Poster contest topicsAddictions of Mobile phones (मोबाइल फोनचे व्यसन)Importance of Exercise (व्यायामाचे महत्त्व)Pollution: Ways to tackle it (प्रदूषण: ते सोडविण्याचे मार्ग)Communicable Diseases & Sanitation (संसर्गजन्य रोग आणि स्वच्छता)Menace of Antibiotic Resistance (प्रतिजैविक प्रतिरोधकपणाचा धोका)
Discuss with the printing company any special technique you would like to use. It will ensure that they are capable of doing the job at a size that you require. Note that there are budgetary considerations when it comes to different printing techniques.As a follow-up to the previous tip, a powerful image can also serve as a good focal point. You can use simple pictures like a single object, animal, or person. A picture with a pale background can be quite effective in solidifying the focus. Just make sure to provide enough space for the rest of the details. Fairly self-explanatory, but the movie poster is used to advertise or promote a film and serves as the cover of all promotional materials within the film’s marketing campaign. These basic ad posters have a very important job of piquing the viewer’s interest and search for the trailer as well as going to see the feature film, so in short, the movie poster has a high-stakes role.Before the days of social media, where people could not quickly scroll through a feed and marvel at the beauty of a destination, there were travel posters.

Unlike informative posters, research posters are made to spread awareness with an intended message, are more severe, frequently contain technical jargon, and are created specifically for a target audience with background knowledge of the topic.

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In this article, we’ll provide an overview of all the diverse types of posters, running the gamut from advertising to travel posters, and find out what makes such posters unique; to inspire you with some examples.

Event posters stand out because the poster’s design needs to be able to quickly and effortlessly tell the viewer what they can expect from the event, so the elements on the poster have to match the theme and mood.

An informative or educational poster will always contain a multitude of factual information to educate the viewer as much as possible and attract customers or attention in our fast-paced society.
Unlike other types of posters, like social posters or show posters that serve up information in either a bite-sized or longer format, affirmation, and motivational posters aim to incite mainly positive emotions in the viewer through a bold artistic style.Movie posters are a part of the ad poster family, but they stand out because their purpose is a little more focused, and their message is much clearer. It exists to create buzz around an upcoming film or allow the viewer to make a decision towards buying tickets to see one currently in theatres.

This research poster uses data visualizations, creating awareness to communicate the sobering truth of animal species that have gone extinct, or ones that will soon.

What makes a poster stand out?
Tips on Making Your Poster Stand OutSimplicity is beauty. … Give focus to your main design. … Choose an eye-catching headline. … Use high-quality photos. … Select a powerful image. … Choose your colour scheme wisely. … Use contrast. … Add a memorable call to action.
This affirmation poster from inspires viewers by reminding them that failure is never final. Plus, the large image used for the background image of the lion symbolizes strength and courage.These types of one-pagers are used as pieces of art, which some folks will feature in their homes or offices, or as tools to help people improve their lives and can be referenced repeatedly.This is why all the travel poster examples are primarily vintage collectibles, with modern versions mimicking the originals’ art deco / modernist style.

While there’s a myriad of different types of posters, and they all are varied in terms of themes and designs, they are all united in their goal to be persuasive and eye-catching.
This is because the poster has to do the important job of business promotion, or “selling” the event, while also attracting the ideal audience. These assets can be digital posters used for social media platforms and websites or used in printed form (i.e., when you see event posters hanging from bulletin boards).Event posters are also rather self-explanatory. They exist to promote events, meaning drum up buzz and awareness for an upcoming event, and also to offer up bite-sized information and a little call-to-action.

If done right, event posters will have an aesthetic and psychological appeal that can build anticipation for your event and pique the interest of would-be attendees to learn more from your website.
Either way, ad posters are designed to be heavy hitters in terms of sparking emotion in the viewer to incite action – whether it is to make a purchase, improve brand opinion, donate to a cause, or even make a lifestyle change.Whether it’s to tap into the emotions of the viewer or target audience, inspire towards a call to action, inform, and educate – there’s no doubt that a poster is a small but mighty communication medium to get the point across.

In short, if an ad poster is well-designed, it’s impossible to feel neutral about it. Compared to other types of posters, ad posters are typically designed to have a “wow factor” and can be hilariously funny or undeniably persuasive.
You can use the links below if you want to jump to different sections. If you’d rather start creating posters immediately, create a free Piktochart account and try our online poster maker.These posters feature motivational quotes or clever, catchy copy represented with large and bold typography overlayed on inspirational background images that work to tug on the heartstrings of the viewer.

How to make a 4h poster?
All 4-H poster exhibits (unless otherwise specified in project manual) must be 22” x 28” in size, displayed horizontally, and backed with a solid 22” x 28” foamcore backing. Plywood, masonite, or similar materials MAY NOT be used for poster backing (unless otherwise specified in project manual—i.e., small engines). Cached
However, unlike research posters, which we’ll discuss later in the article, informative posters don’t require any background knowledge of the subject and are generally created to educate the layman.Unlike other posters, which are usually more forthcoming in their goals, advertising ones are designed to house subliminal messages, laden with symbolism, and meant to provoke, inspire, and even distress.This event poster on food and film represents the dual theme of the festival cleverly, with Charlie Chaplin’s bowler hat doubling as a cloche – revealing a single film negative. This event poster on an upcoming night market cleverly uses a string of lights and a gradient as a backdrop to create a relaxed yet playful mood at sundown. This beautifully-designed research poster looks into the tough issues of consent and reproductive health within marriages in India, raising awareness through visual representations.

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In printing, “bleed” is when you have an image or object touching the edge of the page. When you design a poster with an image that is flush with the edges of the poster, your printer will automatically leave a thin white space around the edge of the paper.

Remember, a square or portrait orientation looks best for mobile viewing. People are used to scrolling up and down on mobile, rather than side to side.
Can you imagine how hard it would be to navigate this poster if they would have used the same font throughout? It would look like a term paper that no one wants to read.

It’s important to decide where you want your poster to be seen before you start working on your online poster maker. This is because, as you will see below, optimizing a poster properly for print is slightly different than for Twitter or Facebook.
Start by picking a template that will help communicate the goal of your poster. Look for templates that reflect your poster’s theme or have the right layout you’re looking for.So we decided to take it upon ourselves to write the ultimate, most in-depth poster design guide out there. If you want to learn how to design a poster from scratch, you’re in the right place.Now if you don’t want to use any of our stock photos, you can upload your own images by dragging it on the screen or by selecting Image Upload in the left sidebar:The color blue is usually associated with wisdom, trust, and loyalty. Use this color palette on a business, event, or marketing poster to make it feel very professional:There are fewer restraints when designing a poster for web than for print. This is a great opportunity to do something really fun with your design. Still, there are some guidelines you should follow.If you want to dig deeper into the steps to create a marketing poster and find campaign poster ideas, read this article: How to Design a Marketing Poster (10+ Templates Included).

The title of the event obviously uses the largest font, because it will hopefully catch someone’s attention. It also will give the reader context for the other information on the poster.
Additionally, they made the CTA very simple to follow. You don’t want to make your CTA a chore, especially if your poster wants them to visit a website.

One very easy way that you can create this whitespace around your icons is by using a background or border shape. Each icon in the template below uses a background shape:Next, you should consider who you are trying to reach with your poster. Answering this question will probably remind you of all the important details you should highlight while you make your poster.

With Venngage, you can quickly swap any icon on your poster or one of our customizable poster templates, with just a few clicks as well. First, select on any icon on your poster and then click the Replace button:
Without it, your poster design will feel exactly cramped and unprofessional. It will also make your poster very hard to read or navigate. Check out how odd the poster below looks without adequate whitespace:As you can see, these are all great poster templates, but each example is designed to help you achieve a unique goal. So just make sure you are picking a template that fits your goal and you will save a ton of time.

What is a good 4-H demonstration?
Something that you have learned in your 4-H project or something that you really enjoy doing will make a good 4-H demonstration. If you are a beginner, choose a simple topic like “How to Tie-Dye a T-Shirt,” “The Correct Way to Measure Flour,” “How to Care for Houseplants,” or “What to Feed a Pet.”
These cookies are always on, as they’re essential for making Venngage work, and making it safe. Without these cookies, services you’ve asked for can’t be provided.Posters are one of the oldest, most tried-and-true types of marketing collateral. Posters are an effective way to draw attention to your sales, events, fundraisers and more.

Like with resizing in the previous section, you can automatically add bleed marks to your poster with a single click. Just click this checkbox in the Settings tab and the bleed marks are automatically added:
After you have finished your poster, it’s time to share it with the world. On Venngage you can quickly download your poster by clicking the Download button on the right side of your screen:Just so you know, some of our poster templates are free to use and some require a small monthly fee. Sign-up is always free, as is access to Venngage’s online drag-and-drop editor. Green is associated with energy, the environment, and tranquility. It would make sense to use a green color combination on a nonprofit or fundraising poster, like below: Even if you use a single font on your poster, you can quickly create a hierarchy of information just by changing the font’s color, size or weight. So again, don’t overthink it!

In this case, the action is visiting the garage sale, but it still is a CTA. Without it, no one would know what this poster was trying to get them to do.
But if you want to print out your poster, download it as a PNG HD. This will make sure your poster is crisp and perfect once it gets back from the printer! With Venngage you can magically resize any of our poster templates into Letter, A3, A4, A5 and any custom dimensions with a few clicks. First, click on the Settings tab and then select what size you would like: The goal and audience on each of these templates are different and both designs will appeal to distinct groups of people. Make sure you have decided exactly who you want to appeal to, before jumping into your online poster creator tool and starting your creation process.

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Additionally, the font color used in this design contrasts exceptionally well with the poster background color. If you choose a font that doesn’t contrast, it will be very difficult to read your poster.The page resize option will also reformat your poster content to fit the new size you select — if you want it to. This simple feature will save you a TON of time in the long run, so be sure to try it out.That said, for most of the posters that you’re going to print out, it’s best to use the preset sizes. This will ensure that your printer can actually print out a beautiful poster.

As you probably know, there are a few different kinds of icons that you can use. Some are flat, and can be changed to match the color of your poster very easily:Plus, Venngage’s free poster maker tool is integrated with Pixabay and Pexels to elevate your design. Access stunning, professional photography with just one click.These cookies help us analyze how many people are using Venngage, where they come from and how they’re using it. If you opt out of these cookies, we can’t get feedback to make Venngage better for you and all our users.The call to action on this poster is actually the entire black section of the poster. The top section informs the reader and the bottom helps them take an action. If you plan to print out the poster or enlarge it, using high-quality photos is important. The slight blurriness or pixelation will quickly become a nightmare. But if it’s going on a relatively bare wall, print it in a smaller size and pin up a bunch of them to then create posters with a larger footprint like the minimalist poster templates below:

Using background shapes in this way will not only give your icons some room to breathe, but it will also make them a lot more eye-catching. Without the border shapes in the example above, the icons would have just faded into the background.Is it because of advertising purposes for a new product? To grab the audience’s attention about a concert in the area? To highlight important details about a campaign? Or even just because there’s a sale coming up? All of these are goals that some engaging poster templates can help you achieve.

You don’t need to hire professional designers to create powerful poster backgrounds. Designing your own poster might sound intimidating but with Venngage’s free poster maker, you can make an engaging poster online — for business, virtual events, scientific facts, and much more.
The tagline of the event is italicized below the title, giving the reader a little more context about the event. Again, if this sounds interesting to the reader, they can move on to the next piece of information, and so on.Readers are going to be able to decipher those icons because they are used a lot in the real world already. Others might not be so easy to understand, so you might have to add a label or title to them. Like below:

A perk of these eye-catching posters is that we can see inclusive visuals, maximalist elements and bold shapes — which happen to be some of this year’s biggest graphic design trends.
If you want your poster to look really good on social media, size it for the specific platform you’re promoting it on. You may want to make a couple of different versions of your poster for different platforms.Next, let’s talk about using whitespace correctly when it comes to icons. If you’re not aware, whitespace is the open space around a design element like a block of text, a title or an icon:If you’re creating an advertisement poster for Twitter or Facebook, banners generally fit better on their newsfeeds. In that case, landscape orientation is fine.

Venngage’s free poster maker tool offers free and premium images, icons and graphs to help you edit poster designs with ease — no prior design skills needed. Here are some examples of stock images in the background:
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These cookies help us provide enhanced functionality and personalisation, and remember your settings. They may be set by us or by third party providers.And the finally best practice, be sure that if you replace text with an icon, the reader will actually understand it. The poster example below illustrates this tactic well in the contact section:

Now if you’re struggling to decide what the hierarchy of your poster should look like, think about the most important info you want the reader to walk away with.
It doesn’t matter if you are using a stock photo or one that you took, all of them should be very crisp and clear. Sometimes it’s better to use a professional stock photo in place of a blurry personal photo as well.

As you can see, color theory should help you pick the right color palette in no time. Now if you’re not sure where to start when it comes to pairing colors, a color scheme generator tool like Coolors can be helpful.
Unless you want to create a big poster background, you probably don’t want to spend money on getting it printed. You can print it yourself by simply designing your custom poster to fit the standard ISO A1-A5 printer paper.The designer used a bright yellow to catch your eye directly after reading the title of the event. If they would have used a simple white, the information would have been easily overlooked. We use essential cookies to make Venngage work. By clicking “Accept All Cookies”, you agree to the storing of cookies on your device to enhance site navigation, analyze site usage, and assist in our marketing efforts. Icons are symbols used in design to represent concepts. Icons are the perfect way to enhance your custom posters. You can use icons to embellish points and, in certain cases, replace text.

Is 4-H copyrighted?
The 4-H Name and Emblem is a federal mark, protected by Public Law 18 U.S.C. 707, and is entrusted by Congress to the Secretary of Agriculture.
For example, if the goal of your poster is to invite your community to a fundraising event, then your poster should be designed strategically to help you achieve this goal. A common rule for written communication is that simplicity wins.Now if you want to learn how to create an event poster, business poster, sales poster and more, jump to the last section. There you will find a more in-depth guide on creating a killer poster.

As you can see these CTAs are both near the bottom of the poster. This is on purpose and allows the reader to get more information before taking action:
Event Details: For youth currently enrolled in a 4-H or FFA horse project. The purpose of the Horse Poster Contest is to visually demonstrate 4-H and FFA equine project knowledge and to exhibit the diversity of 4-H and FFA equine projects. Posters will be judged and displayed in the Gilligan Complex from Monday, July 17 through Wednesday, July 19. Posters may be picked up at the Ohio State Fair 4-H Horse Show office beginning the afternoon of Wednesday, July 19- Friday, July 21.We connect with people in all stages of life, from young children to older adults. We work with families and children, farmers and businessowners, community leaders and elected officials to build better lives, better businesses and better communities to make Ohio great.

Practice can make perfect. It is a good idea to practice your demonstration before a mirror and your family. Family members can give suggestions that will improve your presentation. Working before a mirror will help you learn to control your nervousness and spot needed changes. If you have access to a smartphone or other device with a voice recorder, use it for practicing. Even better, make a video. Practice sessions will pay off when you successfully complete a demonstration for your club or a contest. Good luck!
Something that you have learned in your 4-H project or something that you really enjoy doing will make a good 4-H demonstration. If you are a beginner, choose a simple topic like “How to Tie-Dye a T-Shirt,” “The Correct Way to Measure Flour,” “How to Care for Houseplants,” or “What to Feed a Pet.”

How to make a beautiful poster?
How to design a poster from scratchIdentify the goal of your poster. … Consider your target audience. … Decide where you want to share your poster. … Start with a professional poster template. … Pick a relevant or branded color scheme. … Include a clear call-to-action. … Use fonts to create a hierarchy of information.
Planning is the key to success. Planning gives you confidence because you really know what you are doing. In addition, careful attention to detail during your planning will make your demonstration easier. Your demonstration should consist of three parts—the introduction, the body, and the conclusion. When working with small motors or any heavy equipment, you may need special boxes or additional help for carrying your material. Cross-section diagrams or individual parts help the audience understand your points. Be sure to check with officials regarding fire regulations when small engines are used. Gasoline and/or oil are not permitted in many public buildings. Paper towels for clean-up are very helpful here too. Your first job is to select a topic. It should be something interesting to you and the audience. The more you know about the subject, the easier it will be. You should select an idea or a practice from your 4-H project or something in which you are currently interested. This could be a new method or product, or a quicker or easier method of getting a job done. Both of these things are usually of interest to an audience.Doing some background research helps. By reading any related information you can find in your project book, library reference books, OSU Extension bulletins, the internet, and school books, you should be able to gather some accurate information and/or statistics. Discuss your topic with authorities in the field, 4-H advisors, parents, and OSU Extension educators. This will help you fully understand all the details.

What are the 7 types of posters?
Different types of posters:Advertising.Informative.Motivational.Movie.Event.Travel.Research.
If you think of your 4-H demonstration simply as an opportunity to share something you know with your 4-H friends, it’s easy. Every day, people show and/or tell others how to do things like using a computer, holding a baseball bat, or operating a piece of equipment.

Small animals are often used with demonstrations. Small animals help to hold the attention of the audience but make sure the audience focuses mainly on you and not the animal. Large animals usually don’t work well in many settings. In fact, large animals are not allowed at the Ohio State Fair demonstration contest. Use posters, stuffed animals, or models to make your points in these situations. Use the space on the back of this fact sheet to list materials you might be able to use for your demonstration.
CFAES provides research and related educational programs to clientele on a nondiscriminatory basis. For more information, visit For an accessible format of this publication, visit can give a more interesting demonstration by using visual aids. Generally, posters (things drawn on or attached to poster board) are the easiest and least costly way to help the audience follow along. Sometimes only the title of your demonstration needs to be on a poster. Make sure the letters are really large and can be read by the audience. For other demonstrations, a few additional posters may be needed. These posters would have the main ideas of your demonstration written or illustrated on them. This can help the audience follow along with your presentation. Make sure the lettering and/or drawings are neat and easy to read. They don’t have to be professionally done. Also, make sure ahead of time that an easel will be available for your poster to be displayed.

To print a fact sheet, use the “Print” command in your browser. You may then either print the fact sheet or save it as a PDF. Best printed in Google Chrome.
The introduction part of your demonstration is designed to let the audience know what you will be talking about. It should be clear and interesting. To catch the interest of the audience, and to get your demonstration off to a good start, use a short, snappy statement or a question that relates to the topic. It is easier to make your points when the audience has a general idea “where you are going” from the beginning. A formal introduction is not necessary. The person who introduces you at your club and at the county or the state contest should give your name, the title of your demonstration, and any other appropriate information. Do not reintroduce yourself! After you have been introduced, start right into your demonstration.Next, select a title that will describe your demonstration and catch the interest of your audience. If you can’t think of a title right away, continue planning your demonstration and maybe a catchy title will come to you before you finish.

Use clear plastic or glass containers when possible so the audience can see what is in them—especially in food demonstrations. A towel is handy for wiping hands and cleaning up. Materials should be in the background, so the audience will watch you rather than the equipment. Having too many articles on the table makes it difficult for people to see what you are doing or showing.This is the main part of your demonstration. You should show and explain all the points or steps of what you are doing in logical order. Each step should be clearly shown or explained before moving on to the next one. Usually three to seven points or steps should be stressed. A more complicated demonstration may be confusing to the audience. Even though, in some demonstrations, the entire process is not shown directly to the audience, each step should be clearly explained. You should understand and be able to explain everything you do or show in your presentation. It may be necessary to have materials ready in various stages to show all the steps. One 4-H member in particular had used all kinds of excuses in trying to avoid giving a demonstration. His 4-H advisor stopped to visit one day and found him busily cleaning and oiling his bicycle for the summer season. The advisor asked him if he would show the other members of the 4-H club how to care for their bikes. He said, “Sure.” Select only the material and the equipment needed for your demonstration and use them correctly. Use practical, everyday materials rather than unfamiliar items. Remember that too many objects tend to get in the way. If a great many things are needed, arrange them on trays and place them on a table behind you. Put things to be used together on their own trays. You can complete one step, return that tray with its materials, and get the next tray. Trays also help to keep small pieces of equipment together. Hunting and fumbling for materials can be avoided by arranging materials in the order of their use.If you are using presentation software, like PowerPoint, and a projector screen for your visual aids, be sure to avoid using too much text or text that is too small on the slides. Generally speaking, the text should be at least 24 points. Multiple screens filled with helpful, step-by-step images are much more effective than ones filled with text. Make sure the colors you use are easy to see when they are projected. Blue letters on a green background might look all right on a computer screen, but they are too similar when projected. Use high quality, clear images too. They should not be fuzzy or grainy. Most importantly, do not fall into the trap of reading the text on your slides. You want the audience to look at and connect with you, not your slides.

What are 6 important things that must be on a poster?
This post is a guide to different criteria that play a major role in poster designing.Purpose. The purpose behind printing the poster has a major influence on the design you should choose. … Audience. … Colour scheme. … Image. … Poster material. … Size and font style.
Demonstrate how to do something by using action words like cut, pull, place, fold, mix, attach, turn, hold, or saw and then show the action. (Use materials and tools to show the action.) With practice and experience, you will be able to develop a delivery that shows poise and enthusiasm. You will want to speak clearly and use proper grammar. It is important to talk to your audience instead of the judge, the table top, or your visuals. You should emphasize important words and phrases by changing the volume or tone of your voice. Be happy and enjoy yourself. A smile will put you and the audience at ease.Successful 4-H demonstrations don’t have to be difficult or complicated. An idea for a demonstration does not have to be so new or so complex that no one in the audience has ever heard of it. In fact, the best demonstrations are usually done by talking about something with which you and the audience are already familiar.

By now, you must be thinking of something that you could demonstrate. Why not join the hundreds of other 4-H members who have gained a great sense of satisfaction by talking about something they enjoy with their fellow members? You should appear clean and neat. You should be well groomed, and remember to stand and sit properly. Clothing should be appropriate for the type of things you will be doing during your demonstration. Jewelry and other flashy accessories often draw the attention of the audience away from your topic and should not be worn. Working with a small engine requires different clothing than making a rope halter or making a salad. Safety clothing (goggles, gloves, etc.) are encouraged whenever appropriate. As part of your conclusion, reemphasize the important points of your presentation and show your finished product(s). Display your product(s) in an attractive manner so others will want to go home and have the same result when they try your idea. Smile and be proud of your accomplishment. You did it! Ask for questions. Each time a question is asked, you should repeat the question before you give the answer. If you don’t know the answer, apologize and let the audience know you don’t currently know the answer. If you can point them to a possible reference, it will be appreciated. However, it is all right to admit you do not know the answer. After answering questions, thank the audience and gather your equipment as quickly and quietly as possible.By the end of the summer, he had given three demonstrations. First, he showed how to practice proper maintenance on a bike. Next, he demonstrated proper safety practices when riding a bike. His final demonstration was on how to fix a flat tire on a bike. Depending on how much information you have to share, you can choose which display tool is best for you. Here are some things to consider when deciding between doing an Informational Poster or Educational Display: Youth involved in 4-H programs have great experiences, knowledge, and insights to share! Whether it’s at county fair, a public meeting, or a 4-H Club, Informational Posters and Educational Displays are just one tool for sharing your knowledge with others in our community.