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40 Mph Golf Cart Motor

While most golf carts top out at around 15 MPH (24.1 KMH), those with modifications and enhancements can go up to 30 MPH (48.3 KMH). We have some tips to help you speed up your golf cart, but always make sure you carefully read the owner’s manual before making any drastic changes.While most of these things are already available on your golf cart, that doesn’t mean you should just assume you are good to go. Always ensure your lights and signals are working properly before heading out. Also, keep your golf cart at a full charge to avoid losing power while on a public road.

With so many different brands, modifications, batteries (see best place to buy golf cart batteries), designs, and golf cart weights, it can be difficult to estimate their maximum speed. Sometimes it is better to look at examples of different brands to see just how fast certain golf carts can go.
First, it is important to know that if you are driving a golf cart on a public road, you must have a driver’s license. Otherwise, you should not be driving a golf cart on a public road as it counts as a low-speed vehicle.These are just a few examples of the top golf cart brands and the maximum speed they offer. With Star, you can choose a regular version of the Sirius 2 or the LSV version, both of which use golf cart batteries. Now that you know how fast most golf carts can go, you may want to add more speed to your golf cart if possible. There are many ways to do this, though some may require you to work with a professional mechanic to get it done right. For example, even states that allow golf carts on public roads do not allow them on roads with a speed limit above 35 MPH (56.3 KMH). This is a country-wide expectation for those using a golf cart.

Hey, my name is Kolter, and I run Honest Golfers. I’m a Colorado family man who spends my “me-time” on the golf course. I golfed collegiately and was honored to serve as team captain twice.
Remember, using an unapproved battery or motor or making other modifications can void your warranty. So, always be careful and research the changes you want to make before you do it.

Whether you are looking to purchase your own golf cart or already own one, knowing the specifics of what it can handle is important. With no speedometer, you may wonder just how fast your golf cart can travel.
This list covers some of the most common expectations of driving a golf cart on public roads, but your local regulations may vary. For example, some locations require you to have insurance on your golf cart before driving it. Others may require a speedometer for it to be legal to drive in public. So, always check local laws first.Living outside of these five states doesn’t mean that you are automatically okay to drive your golf cart. Make sure you research the laws in your area before you decide to purchase, upgrade, or drive your golf cart on a public road.

So, you need to check with your local state laws to determine your options. Delaware, Hawaii, Maryland, Missouri, and Rhode Island are currently the only states that have banned golf carts on all public roads.
The average basic golf cart will travel around 15 MPH (24.1 KMH) at top speed. Most golf carts reach their max speed at around 12 to 14 MPH (19.3 to 22.5 KMH) depending on their age, battery life, and how much weight it is carrying.Golf carts with special modifications can reach up to 30 MPH (48.3 KMH). In fact, some states allow golf carts to be driven on certain roads with low-speed limits as they can travel at a decent speed.Because officials do not consider golf carts to be legal driving vehicles, there are restrictions to where and when you can drive them on public roads. If you want your golf cart to go as fast as possible, be aware that you will have even more rules to follow when driving it. Most golf carts need to be able to travel at least 20 MPH (32.2 KMH) to legally drive on public roads. However, most states require you to install and wear seatbelts for those who can go over 25 MPH (40.2 KMH). This is without any extra modifications that would allow even more speed. Fortunately, there are ways that you can make your golf cart even faster if you want to maximize the possible speed.Because such no-limits acceleration access is unavailable to electric golf cart owners, these carts, such as Duracell golf cart battery powered carts, are considered to be safer than gas golf carts.

On average electric golf carts are 5 MPH slower than gas golf carts, but with a few upgrades, they can have equal or higher speed than their gas counterparts.

Can a golf cart go 35 mph?
If your golf cart is used primarily for golfing, by your kids or your older parents, you may be a-okay with the standard electric golf cart speed of 12-14 mph. Even golf course golf carts go no faster than 15 miles per hour.
Electric golf carts don’t have governors like gas carts. They have speed controllers that manage the power flow toward the motor. Since the controller isn’t the limiting factor in an electric cart’s speed, its removal doesn’t increase its speed.

The safety of an electric golf cart depends on whether you drive it safely. The potential for reckless driving is lower in electric golf carts than in gas-powered ones. Still, you need to practice safety measures on an electric cart. Follow the best practices below to keep yourself safe on an electric golf cart.
The Consumer Product Safety Commission’s report documented 18,000 golf cart injuries in 2015. Over 17 years, over 148,000 golf cart injuries have been reported. That would average under 9,000 injuries per year, yet the latter years have more injuries than the years when gas-powered carts were the only ones around.Not everyone is equally open to the upgrades mentioned above. So here are the alternative steps you can take to improve the speed of your electric golf cart.

An electric golf cart is safe if you adopt safe driving best practices. It has good speed control and decent visibility. You can add reflectors to it to make it even safer.
Gas carts are easier to accelerate by removing the governor, while electric carts require upgrades before their speed increases as much. That doesn’t mean electric golf carts are hazard-free.

If you have an electric golf cart that doesn’t speed the way you want it, you might look up ways to increase its velocity on the course. One of the most common suggestions in such contexts is to remove the cart’s governor. But do those even exist in electric carts?
Most electric golf carts have a speed limit of 15 miles per hour. An average cart tops out at that speed on the course, and its motor becomes its limiting factor. Since this limit is set by the cart’s motor, a higher-power motor can make a cart go even faster.An electric golf cart doesn’t have a governor that stops you from maximizing your pedal force. So, you can’t just take it off to increase your golf cart’s speed.A governor can physically limit the extent to which a gas pedal can accelerate a cart. Since electric carts’ speed architecture isn’t governed by how hard a pedal is pushed, a governor would not work in its setup.You can make an electric golf cart go faster by using higher-power batteries and upgrading its motor. Adding torque and using a controller with a better speed range can also speed up your cart.

How many HP is a 36v golf cart?
Description. AMD (Advanced Motor Design) Replacement Golf Cart Motor 36 volt series motor with speeds up to 23 mph. 6.1 hp @ 4600 RPM.
Electric golf carts can go at speeds as high as 20 miles per hour if their limitations are circumvented. In other words, these carts have the potential to be just as fast as gas golf carts.A governor’s job is done by a speed controller in an electric golf cart. It is functionally the same as a governor but is different from the contraption in its method of operation. Since it controls speed instead of just limiting it, it cannot be removed to make an electric cart go faster. A gas golf cart’ speed can be raised significantly by removing the governor entirely.

How many HP is a 48V golf cart?
10.1 HP Club Car Series GolfCar Motor 22mph at 48 Volts 10.1 HP USA Made – plus20% Torque.
If you don’t plan to make complicated changes to your cart, then the potential upgrades to your electric cart’s speed will remain inaccessible to you. In that way, electric carts have lower speeds than gas ones.In this article, you will learn how you can speed up an electric golf cart as well as the average maximum speed of golf carts. You will also find out whether electric carts are safe and what you can do to make sure you’re safe while riding or driving one. But first, let’s address the lack of a governor in electric golf carts. Then, in 1957, Max Walker came along and created the first gasoline-powered golf cart called “The Walker Executive.” Built for two passengers and their respective golf bags, this Jetsons-esque golf cart brought the need for speed out to the links. But golf carts have come a long way in the time since (and they’re a lot faster too). Golf carts at public courses and country clubs alike are designed with a governor to keep you from going above a certain speed. While it’s unlikely you’ll be able to get under the hood and remove the governor before you tee off, there are ways of modifying your personal golf cart that will quickly increase your golf cart speed.

Can a golf cart go 40 mph?
40 mph golf carts are specially built to go faster than the standard golf cart. They have all the same features as a regular golf cart, but with a more powerful engine that can reach speeds of up to 40 miles per hour. These carts are perfect for golfers who want to get around the course quickly, without having to walk.
If that sounds a little too technical for you, larger wheels and a motor upgrade are two straightforward ways to add speed to your golf cart. Some of this custom work can be done on your own, but we recommend speaking to a professional before you soup up your personal golf cart with some 48-inch rims.While the golf carts at your local course aren’t going to get over 14mph, there are custom golf cart companies that make golf carts that go up to 50mph. That sounds fast, but it’s less than half of what the world’s fastest golf cart is doing.Hitting a top speed of 119mph (!!!), this golf cart absolutely blows the roof off of any competitors. Note: we do not recommend trying to replicate this at home. If you’re frustrated with your 12mph golf cart, multiplying that speed by 10x may not be the move.The history of golf carts dates all the way back to the 1930’s when they were primarily used to transport senior citizens and those with disabilities to and from the grocery store. It wasn’t until the 1950’s that electric golf carts were widely accepted on golf courses. While we’re on the subject of golf carts, we can’t help but give a shameless plug for what we think is the coolest golf cart in the biz. Do we sell golf carts? No. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t check this bad boy out at our golf page. Still, the possibilities are out there. If you want to make your golf cart go faster, there are ways to do your own handiwork, and there are companies that can help give you a guiding hand. But if you’re just asking how fast do golf carts go out of mere curiosity, well, we’re happy knowing that you’re in a safe place wherever you’re reading this and not out there pressing the pedal down just to see what happens.

What follows is everything you need to know about golf cart speed. From the difference between electric and gas golf carts to the fastest golf cart in the world, here are a few helpful things to have in the back of your mind before you get behind the wheel and see just how much juice your golf cart has in it.
Just like electric golf carts, gas golf carts have an average speed between 12 and 14 miles per hour. The only noticeable difference is that electric golf carts will go slower as they near the end of their charge, but as for overall speed, there isn’t much of a difference. This leads us to an obvious next question.

How many HP is a golf cart motor?
With horsepower ratings ranging from 10-12 HP, gas golf cars are as much as 3-4 times more powerful than their electric counterparts. An electric golf cart, on average, will feature a 3-5 HP electric motor – but that’s not to say electric carts aren’t impressively powerful in their own right.
The 1986 Yamaha Sun Classic golf cart is a true beauty all its own. Of course, it looks a lot better next to our performance menswear. And if you’re wondering, we keep our cart at the office where it can hit an alarming 29mph. Don’t believe us? Come and visit to see for yourself.

Apart from upgrading the motor, speed codes and speed chips can increase the speed of an electric golf cart to around 19 miles per hour once uploaded directly into the cart’s computer operating system.

Can a golf cart go 45 mph?
Golf carts may only operate on streets with posted speed limits of 30 MPH and under. Golf carts may, however, cross streets with posted speed limits of 45 MPH and under just not drive them.
Comparatively, 48V golf carts come with faster acceleration time, longer distance, and power across all terrain types. Take it up a notch to the 72V version and you’ll experience more horsepower and torque. The more volts an electric golf cart has, the longer it’s battery life, but higher voltage does not equal higher speed.

Electric golf carts come in 36-volt, 48-volt, and 72-volt packages. The differences between these three, however, have very little to do with top speed.
We want to commend you for even making it here. A lot of times when people ask how fast do golf carts go, the first thing they do is jump in a golf cart, press the pedal all the way down, and let what happens happen. You, on the other hand, have shown a lot of sensibility in choosing to find an answer for this question to avoid potential bodily harm. Research shows that golf cart-related accidents occurred more than 150,000 times from 2007-2017, so there’s a case to be made for doing the research first. Way to go.36V golf carts are the base level model of electric golf carts. If you’re playing at the cheapest public tracks in your area, you’ve probably had one of these die on you halfway through a round.

Today, the average speed of golf carts is between 12 and 14 miles per hour. The primary difference between different golf cart speeds has to do with power. Electric and gas-powered golf carts have different speed capabilities. To start, let’s look at the different types of electric golf carts, then we’ll move to gas powered and see what improvements have been made since Max Walker’s initial stroke of genius.“During the whole process, Superickshaw makes me feel rest assured. Their salesman – John was very professional and had a good attitude, which makes things easy for people like me who have no importing experience before! He even set up a live video chat via zoom so that I could come take a look at these e rickshaw in the factory before placing the order.” Fast electric golf carts offer a variety of benefits that make them an ideal choice for those in need of a fast and efficient form of transportation around the golf course. If you’re in the market for a 40 mph golf cart, you may be wondering whether it’s better to rent or buy. There are a few things to consider when making your decision.Keep the battery charged and clean. This will help to prolong its life and ensure that it always has enough power. Keeping the battery clean will also help to prevent any corrosion.

Finally, think about your business needs. If you need a cart that’s durable and can handle a lot of use, then buying may be the best option. However, if you only need a cart for occasional use, then renting may save you money in the long run.Superickshaw is the leading manufacturer of electric rickshaws in China. They offer a wide range of e-rickshaws, from basic models to luxury versions, all of which are designed for easy operation and long-term durability.

40 mph golf carts are a great way to get around on the golf course. They are also a great way to get around your neighborhood or community. 40 mph golf carts are not cheap, but they are worth the investment if you can afford them. Here are some tips on how to buy a 40 mph golf cart.
For example, a basic 40 mph golf cart may cost US$2,000, while a more luxurious model with features such as a GPS, space for two passengers, durable posts, and heated seats may cost US$5,000.Second, consider your budget. A fast golf cart can be expensive, so make sure you can afford the upfront cost of purchasing one before making your decision. If you’re on a tight budget, then renting may be the best option for you.

“I’m from Japan, and had cooperated with several e rickshaw suppliers before, but no one can compete with Superickshaw. Their products are well-made which improve my clients’ satisfication and back to me for more orders. Highly recommended!”
However, it is important to keep in mind that the price of golf carts at local dealerships can vary significantly. Therefore, it is important to compare prices before making a purchase. Whether you’re looking for a new way to get around the course or you’re trying to improve your game, a 40 mph golf cart can be a great investment. But where can you find the best deal on a 40 mph golf cart for sale? A 40 mph golf cart is a great way to get around the golf course or your property. They are much easier on the turf than a car and provide a smooth ride. “I choose Superickshaw because it is the only brand I trust in China, and my colleague has actually visited their factory and was impressed with their high-tech equipment. I’m willing to import e rickshaw from them, not to mention that Superickshaw’s e rickshaws are at a very cost-effective price while still being of SUPER quality.” In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the key factors to consider when shopping for a high-speed golf cart. So whether you’re looking for your business or personal use, read on to learn more about the best options out there.

Can a golf cart go 30 mph?
While most golf carts top out at around 15 MPH (24.1 KMH), those with modifications and enhancements can go up to 30 MPH (48.3 KMH).
However, if you plan on using the cart regularly for your business, then buying may be a better investment. You’ll get more use out of it over time, and you’ll have the freedom to customize it to your liking.There are many reviews available online for different 40 mph golf carts. You should read reviews to get an idea of which 40 mph golf cart is the best for your business.

40 mph golf carts have become increasingly popular in recent years, as they offer a fun and convenient way to get around the golf course. But how do they work?

“I was so impressed with Superickshaw after-sales service. I bought their e rickshaw five years ago. However, months ago, the machine doesnt work suddenly. Though the products have been out of warranty range, Robert quickly helped arrange a professional technician to help troubleshoot the machine issues by video and send me free spare parts to replace.”Not all 40 mph golf carts are created equal. Some 40 mph golf carts have more features and benefits than others. You should compare the features and benefits of each 40 mph golf cart before you make your purchase.

Finally, 40 mph golf carts are an environmentally friendly option. They don’t emit any pollutants and use very little fuel compared to gas ones, meaning that you can help reduce your carbon footprint by choosing this type of cart.
Lubricate the moving parts regularly. This will help to keep them from rusting or becoming damaged. This will also help to improve the overall performance of the golf cart.

If you’re in the market for a golf cart, there are a few things you need to know. Golf carts come in all shapes and sizes, with a variety of different features.
Third, 40 mph golf carts are extremely durable. They’re built to withstand heavy use and can last for years with proper care. This makes them a great investment for those who need a reliable form of transportation.However, like any vehicle, they need to be properly maintained to function their best and last a long time. Here are some tips for keeping your 40 mph golf cart in good condition:

Another option for finding 40 mph golf carts for sale is through local dealerships. Local dealerships typically have a smaller selection of carts but may offer a more personalized experience.
Finally, another option for finding 40 mph golf carts for sale is through classified ads. Classified ads are a great way to find deals on golf carts. However, it is important to be aware that many of the ads may not be from reputable sellers. Therefore, it is important to use caution when making a purchase.Second, 40 mph golf carts are highly maneuverable. This makes them perfect for getting around tight corners or narrow spaces. You’ll also appreciate the fact that these carts can easily be stored when not in use.

Clean the cart regularly, both inside and out. This will help to prevent dirt and debris from build-up and damaging the finish. This will also help to keep the cart looking its best.

Can a golf cart go 50 mph?
While the golf carts at your local course aren’t going to get over 14mph, there are custom golf cart companies that make golf carts that go up to 50mph. That sounds fast, but it’s less than half of what the world’s fastest golf cart is doing.
A 40 mph golf cart can cost anywhere from US$2,000 to US$5,000. The price will depend on the make and model of the golf cart, as well as any features or upgrades that are included at the request of the buyer.

If you have any questions about a particular 40 mph golf cart, you should ask the retailer or manufacturer. They will be able to answer any questions that you have about the 40 mph golf cart.
These carts are perfect for golfers who want to get around the course quickly, without having to walk. They are also great for those who want to enjoy the scenery at a faster pace.

40 mph golf carts can be found at many different retailers. Some retailers will offer a better price than others. You should shop around to find the best price for the 40 mph golf cart you want to buy.
Superickshaw offers new electric golf carts for sale that are perfect for any course. Our carts are designed with your client’s needs in mind, and we offer a variety of features to choose from.The company’s mission is to provide reliable, environmentally friendly transportation to people all over the world. With Superickshaw, getting around town has never been easier or more affordable!

First, think about how often you’ll be using the cart for your business. If you only need it for occasional use, then renting may be the better option. You’ll save money upfront, and you won’t have to worry about maintenance or storage.
Learn everything there is to know about electric scooters, including what they are, how they work, and where you can buy one. Read on for all the info you’ll need!

40 mph golf carts offer a variety of benefits that make them an ideal choice for those in need of a fast and efficient form of transportation around the golf course.
40 mph golf carts are specially built to go faster than the standard golf cart. They have all the same features as a regular golf cart, but with a more powerful engine that can reach speeds of up to 40 miles per hour.40 mph golf carts are quickly becoming the preferred choice for those looking for a fast and efficient way to get around. Here are just a few of the features that make them ideal for you: Not everyone can afford to pay for their 40 mph golf cart in full upfront. There are financing options available for those who cannot afford to pay for their 40 mph golf cart in full upfront. You should compare financing options to find the best deal for you. So, whether you’re in the market for a new golf cart or just curious about what’s out there, be sure to contact us at We can help you find the perfect cart for your needs and budget, and we’ll make sure you get the best deal possible.

First, 40 mph golf carts can reach speeds of up to 40 miles per hour, making them one of the fastest options on the market. This means that you can get to your destination or property quickly and without having to worry about traffic.
And if you’re looking for one that can go 40 mph, you’re in luck – there are plenty of 40 mph golf carts for sale. But before you buy, it’s important to understand what to look for in a 40 mph golf cart.

40 mph golf carts can be expensive, so it is important to get a warranty on your purchase. This way, if something goes wrong with your 40 mph golf cart, you will be covered by the warranty.
We highly recommend upgrading ALL components to the appropriate amp level. If you plan on upgrading the motor and increasing your golf cart speed/golf cart torque that way, here is your laundry list:Most stock new and used golf carts come with standard 8″ golf cart tires. Bigger golf cart tires alone (20” to 24”), with no other upgrades such as a new motor, speed controller, etc., can add an extra 2-4 MPH of speed to your golf cart depending on the tire size. Some perks to upgrading tires to achieve more speed is:

You know what ‘speed’ is, of course, but what is torque? Torque is the pulling power of the motor and is a function of current. So, basically, the higher the current, the more torque.
Something also to consider is excessive “stuff” in / on your golf cart. Before going on a trip or long haul with your golf cart, or even if you’re just driving around the neighborhood: Take a few minutes of time before taking off to make sure that the golf cart is free of any clutter or unnecessary items.In closing, something to keep in mind is: There is no “catch-all” solution to increasing golf cart speed / golf cart power. There are many factors to consider such as, how the parts, pieces and changes interact with your golf cart. Do your homework, always explore your objectives and dip your toe in the water before jumping in headfirst. A planned approach and a structured approach will always result in less headaches and more total satisfaction!

Can a golf cart go 60 mph?
It’s thrilling to drive upwards of 60 miles per hour, for example, but no golf cart should be modified that much! Most standard golf carts, particularly ones designed mainly for cruising around a golf course, have a top speed of around 15 miles per hour.
So, how fast do golf carts go? Most new and used golf carts are made to go a top speed of around 15 miles per hour. Although that is the perfect speed for most folks, there is an equal amount (if not more) of folks out there who are looking to increase their golf cart top speed and go faster than 20 MPH let’s say. So, how does one attain this and how much will it cost? Can you do it yourself? We have the answers to all of your questions!Series Wound DC Speed Motors have a much smaller field coil than that of the Series Wound DC Torque Motor. This of course produces a weaker magnetic field and allows the armature to spin at a much higher RMP. This results in a greater top end speed. If you’re looking to be a part of the “Fast Golf Carts” club, this is the option for you.Generally, installation of a Torque Motor with gain you much more power, BUT, you will sacrifice a bit of speed. Inversely, just as the name suggests, the Speed Motor will result in a higher top end speed in your golf cart, but you will sacrifice a bit of torque.Simply put, most types of golf carts are designed to work with a range of different batteries. A new battery will increase a golf cart’s motor output. The result of the motor output increase is higher speed. Purchasing new batteries with a higher voltage maximum will increase your golf cart’s speed dramatically.

Now, something to remember, is that the laws of electricity says amperage and voltage are inversely proportional. As one goes up, the other goes down and vice versa. A super easy visual for this concept is simply to think of a seesaw, just like the one you played on as a kid. As you start to go up, your friend would start to go down and so on and so forth.

Is 30 mph fast for a golf cart?
While most golf carts top out at around 15 MPH (24.1 KMH), those with modifications and enhancements can go up to 30 MPH (48.3 KMH). We have some tips to help you speed up your golf cart, but always make sure you carefully read the owner’s manual before making any drastic changes.
For the purpose of easy understanding, when we use the word “power” that is synonymous with speed and torque. Note: The words “power” and “torque” should not be used to address the top end flat ground speed. Also, to make it even easier as we discuss this topic, we will only be discussing DC motors used for golf cart applications. These parts (the Solenoid Contactor Relay and the Electronic Speed Controller) are located between the motor and the battery bank and just as we suggested earlier are part of the “All or nothing”. If these parts are not upgraded along with the speed motor or torque motor, you run the risk of creating a “bottleneck” situation (and nobody wants that!). For example: Our resident expert gear-head, Dave, delivers tips, tricks, how-to videos for Club Car, EZGO, Yamaha, reminders to keep us moving, sprinkling in a bit of humor to keep us entertained.If the motor is attempting to draw 400 amps to itself, but your controller and solenoid are only rated at a minuscule 275 amps, because of current limitation, the motor will not function at it’s highest potential.

2.) Provide your current motor with more voltage. This option allows you to keep your current motor and simply provide it with more voltage, which in turn, results in higher top end speed.
Aside from the motor, there are also several components, that you must consider when upgrading. Essentially, installing a torque motor or speed motor may not be the end solution. With that said, something that you will want to keep in mind as you are upgrading, are the two main/major electrical components within your electric golf cart, that play a huge role in your golf carts system:

Naturally, your golf cart will be happy to attain higher speeds if it is not bogged down by preventable, excess weight. A golf-cart weighed down by unnecessary clutter and debris is not a happy golf-cart! So, let’s get into the meat of it: How do you gain more power from your electric golf cart? In talking about DC golfcart motors, the first thing to understand is that: Upgrading tires and increasing your tire size is by far one of the most economical and easiest ways to get more speed out of your golf cart. Equally applied, this is a great solution for both gas and electric golf carts. If you install a tire with a larger diameter on your golf cart, the end result is a higher top speed.

First and foremost, let’s take a few steps back and look at defining some of the basic electrical concepts and terms which are very important to adequately understand and grasp regarding your electric golf carts power.Increasing your golf cart batteries voltage is a surefire way to increase your golf carts speed and overall power. This is also a super carefree upgrade that takes virtually no time. What you will need to do first is find out what your current golf cart battery voltage is.

Series Wound DC Torque Motors are made with a larger field coil inside. A larger field coil inside of the motor, allows a larger magnetic field generation and holds the armature much more securely, thus producing greater torque. This is an excellent option if you’re looking for more torque in your Club Car, EZGO or Yamaha golf cart, but are not so concerned about the speed.
Ideal inflation can vary depending on the size and type of tire that your specific golf cart is using (your golf carts proper inflation levels should be labeled on the sidewall of your tires – Better known as the PSI) so, always make sure, whether you plan on swapping your current tires for bigger tires or not, that you ALWAYS keep them properly inflated. This is probably the easiest and most essential step in ensuring your golf cart’s speed.Remember also: Keep your batteries clean of any corrosion and buildup. Dirty, corrosion covered batteries will can make your golf cart sluggish. We suggest using a battery cleaner to keep your batteries clean and clear. Golf cart battery cleaners are also preemptive so, using it as part of our regular golf cart maintenance routine will help to prevent buildup in the future. Likely a ‘no-brainer’ but, one that can definitely help the overall performance in the speed department is, keeping your golf cart clean and clutter free. Although many golf cart owners keep their rides in pristine / tip-top shape, the underside of the cart can sometimes be neglected and ignored. Always check the golf cart undercarriage for things like:An all too familiar question that we get on a daily basis is: “How do I get more power out of my golf cart?” and “How do I make my golf cart faster?”. Just like most questions about this topic, there are many and several means to an end. Here, we are going to talk about how you can increase your Club Car, EZGO and Yamaha power, golf cart speed and torque.If you want to be reminiscent of Speedy Gonzalez and get more speed from you Club Car, EZGO or Yamaha golf cart, you will need to increase the motor RPM. ‘How do I do that?’ is what you are probably asking yourself. Well, there are two ways to do that:

You’re probably scratching your head, wondering how you can avoid uneven power in your golf cart. The answer is simple: Upgrade all of the parts necessary to have even power and torque throughout your WHOLE cart. Upgrading power, in our opinion, should be an “All Or Nothing” project. Your cart will thank you in the long-run.

Note: Depending on the size of the tire and the make/model of your golf cart, some golf carts will require a lift kit to accommodate the size of the new tires. If you are unsure whether you need a lift kit for your golf cart before replacing them, we have an excellent Resource that discusses this topic in more depth.
We highly recommend Golf Cart Batteries, if you plan to replace. They are the best in the industry, with innovative safety features, longevity and the highest level of power available. Trojan golf cart batteries pack a punch and will definitely not let you down.Now, with many modifications and upgrades you make to gain one or the other, you MAY lose some performance elsewhere (not always, but in some cases, depending on what it is). This is something you will want to keep in mind when shopping around and upgrading parts to your golf carts electrical power system. Just like the seesaw: When you upgrade power in one area, it may cost you performance/power elsewhere.Plum Quick™ motors produce peak torque across the entire RPM band and boost top speed and hill climbing power. 36v and 48v Bandit versions are available for Club Car and EZGO.At Plum Quick Motors, we produce high performance golf cart motors for a wide range of applications including hunting, off road, golfing, cruising and even racing.

The speed and power of your golf cart can travel really depends how you use your golf cart. For instance, if you use your cart for hauling, you may want to add some torque or if you want to drive your cart around the neighborhood, you may need a boost in speed. If you have any questions, feel free to ask the experts at Gulf Atlantic Vehicles. We sell and can modify golf carts in any make and model to suit your needs and desires. Visit our convenient location on Pioneer Trail in New Smyrna Beach or call us at 386-427-9778. If your golf cart is used primarily for golfing, by your kids or your older parents, you may be a-okay with the standard electric golf cart speed of 12-14 mph. Even golf course golf carts go no faster than 15 miles per hour. Guess they want to avoid any Steve McQueen “Bullet”-like driving too!In most municipalities, low speed vehicles, including golf cars, are street legal in 35 mph zones when they can travel 20-25 mph. Just an aside – they also must be outfitted with seatbelts, headlights, taillights and rearview mirrors to be street legal.