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Aluminum Fence Parts

If you’re looking for a security fence, aluminum fencing likely won’t cut it. Aluminum is more lightweight and less durable than materials like steel. However, this may only be a factor if you are worried about large animals breaking in or out – or the potential for intruders.When it comes to fencing, function is likely your highest priority. However, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice style for durability. One of aluminum fencing’s biggest perks is its versatility. Most aluminum fencing lines are available in a wide variety of colors and styles to complement your home’s exterior. For example, natural shades like brown or beige might complement homes with exteriors like adobe or stone. Classic white or black fencing is a great accent for Georgian or Victorian architecture. And if you can’t find a fencing option you like, aluminum posts and balusters are lightweight and flexible enough to be molded into a custom design for you. If you’re concerned about your fence’s environmental impact, look no further than aluminum fencing. First, most aluminum fence products are made from recycled aluminum, which reduces waste. Additionally, when you eventually replace your fence a few decades down the line, it can be recycled again, reducing the amount of landfill waste. These fences also require little energy to produce, making them a great option for your eco-friendly oasis. Aluminum fencing is a great choice for the homeowner who wants lasting aesthetic appeal with very little upkeep. Unlike wood, aluminum fences never require painting or refinishing. Aluminum fencing also won’t rust, unlike materials like chain-link or wrought iron. Aluminum fences are also famously easy to clean. Just hose your fencing off once a month or so to clean off any lingering dust or debris. If you find tough spots that can’t be hosed off, you’ll want to give your fencing a deeper clean, especially at the end of a snowy winter or a stormy summer. Either way, aluminum fencing is virtually maintenance-free.The MMC Fencing & Railing online store offers several styles from the top aluminum fencing brands. Feel free to browse the most popular types of aluminum fencing, including the CourtYard® Aluminum Fence. CourtYard fencing offers unmatched elegance and beauty with hidden picket fastener systems and no unsightly screws. We also offer several fencing options in the Regis® collection, including the 6000 Series Ornamental Aluminum Fencing system. (Check out the Regis 6220.) Either of these options works as a backyard fence system or a design element for landscaping.

Aluminum fences work great on any land – flat or sloped – without creating unsightly gaps in the fencing. And, as mentioned above, the fencing’s malleable quality means it can be adjusted to different heights to match local standards and building codes. Aluminum’s lightweight, flexible nature makes it easy and convenient to work with. Confident do-it-yourself homeowners can install the fencing over the course of a weekend, but professional installation is also relatively fast and affordable.Aluminum is one of the most weather-resistant materials available today, standing up to rain, hail, snow, ice, and UV rays. It resists corrosion, rust, decay, insect infestation, and more. Many manufacturers also offer a lifetime limited warranty for their aluminum fencing products because they withstand wear and tear so well, outlasting wood, steel, chain-link, and wrought iron fencing. That durability – combined with an attractive warranty – means you’ll get the most bang for your buck in the years to come. Keep in mind that aluminum fencing will provide an attractive, low-maintenance barrier, but it doesn’t conceal much at all. So if it’s privacy you’re after, you may want to think twice before purchasing aluminum fencing. Now that you’ve explored the pros and cons of aluminum fencing, are you ready to make your selection? When you need an expert who can walk you through purchasing and caring for an exterior aluminum railing or fencing system, MMC Fencing & Railing is here for you. In our online shop, we sell aluminum and vinyl railing in a variety of styles and colors. So no matter what you’re looking for and no matter how large or small your budget, you’re sure to find something beautiful. Give us a call at 866-931-5002 to get started or to ask about installation options. We look forward to hearing from you!Like any major home investment, purchasing fencing requires a fair amount of research. Before you take the plunge, think about the factors that are important to you. Are you looking for protective security fencing or something more decorative? Are you interested in investing in something timelessly stylish, or is the price tag the most important factor? Finally, you’ll want to weigh the pros and cons of your chosen fencing material. Take, for example, aluminum fencing. Aluminum fencing is popular for its appearance (which mimics that of wrought iron) and its durable, lightweight build (which mimics steel). Interested in learning more about this innovative fencing material? Let’s start by weighing the pros and cons of aluminum fencing.

Aluminum fencing is durable, low-maintenance, affordable, and extremely attractive. Despite its cons – the lack of privacy, for example – aluminum fencing is an excellent asset to any home or business exterior. Still shopping around for fencing material? You might want to read our list of the pros and cons of vinyl fencing, as vinyl fencing offers similar benefits. Our experts are also available to help you choose the best fencing for your home.Aluminum fencing is cheaper than materials like steel or wrought iron. Unlike wood, which requires regular repair and replacement, aluminum stands the test of time. And while aluminum fencing costs more than wood fencing, its low-maintenance nature may save you money in the long run. Think about it this way: You won’t have to pay for professional cleaning or repair, and you can also install aluminum fencing yourself without having to pay a professional.

Is aluminum good for fences?
Aluminum fencing is a great choice for the homeowner who wants lasting aesthetic appeal with very little upkeep. Unlike wood, aluminum fences never require painting or refinishing. Aluminum fencing also won’t rust, unlike materials like chain-link or wrought iron. Aluminum fences are also famously easy to clean.
An aluminum fence is versatile, affordable and durable. It is a low-maintenance fence that won’t rust or crack! Ready to install a high-quality fence today? Let’s take a look at the anatomy of an aluminum fence and how it is constructed. The panels are made up of two essential parts: the horizontal rails and the vertical pickets. The horizontal rails of a panel insert into holes located on the posts and then screw in to hold them in place. These are fixed into hard surfaces like concrete or soft surfaces such as grass in order to ensure your fence stays in place. Posts attach to the picket panels or glass panels around your fence.Gates are an optional, but highly-recommended component of the anatomy of an aluminum fence. A gate provides you with a way to enter and exit your outdoor area.

If you have any questions or you are ready to get started on your next fence project, contact us at Turner Fence for your free estimate. Keep reading our blogs to learn more about us and discover more about fencing.

If you are looking for something to enhance the look of your fence, the cap can provide just what you are looking for. A cap goes on top of the main posts of your fence. Caps not only improve the look of your fence, but also protect the posts from the elements and cover any rough edges.
Designed in the same style as the panels, the gates are strengthened by welding. This is because gates are the most-used part of the fence and the only element that moves. All gates require a set of hinges as well as a latch to keep the gate closed.

Like Floor Flanges, Aluminum Fence Post Caps are both stylish and functional. Aluminum Fence Posts are hollow on the inside, meaning they need to be protected from the elements that allow moisture and other debris to get trapped inside and wear down the stability of the post. Aluminum Fence Post Caps are available in multiple sizes and designs for that perfect fit and appealing finish to your fence posts.
Blank Posts: These are used for the non-hinged sides of a gate that does not have a fence panel attached to it. When used for the opposite side of a gate post, these typically will have a latch receiver installed onto them.Gate Posts: These support a gate in between fence sections. Gate posts are typically built to be sturdier than typical posts because they have to support the weight of the gate they are attached to.

What is better fence steel or aluminum?
For residential fencing, aluminium may be the best option. It is inexpensive, lightweight, and easy to install. It is corrosion-resistant, and it looks great. For commercial and industrial fencing, steel fencing is preferred because of its strength and durability.
Aluminum Fence Posts are needed to maintain the structure and stability of your fence. Because of this, they are an essential part of every fencing project. Our Fence Posts are sturdy and easy to install, making them perfect for creating a durable aluminum fence.Many aluminum fence hardware options require screws to fasten them in place. The Screws we offer are intended explicitly for these parts and are incredibly durable, making them the best choice for all your needs.

Is aluminum cheaper than wood?
Wood Patio Cover Wood is stronger than aluminum and will allow you to hang potted plants, fans, lighting, bird feeders and other medium-weight items. The original cost of wood is usually significantly cheaper than aluminum. Wood is made from natural materials, so it’s environmentally friendly.
With all the different types of aluminum fence hardware that we offer, it is important to know how to narrow down your options and to fully understand which hardware parts you need to complete your aluminum fence. Believe it or not, the hardware you choose to install will be the driving force behind your fence’s security, and it should be considered just as important as the quality of the aluminum fence. Because we know to find, ordering, and replacing these vital components can be confusing, we’ve broken down the information that will be needed to make these decisions and build a better, more durable aluminum fence.Because these Aluminum Fences are constantly exposed to harmful natural elements such as wind, snow, rain, etc., it is sometimes necessary to touch-up specific areas to keep them looking brand new. This can be achieved by using our Aluminum Fence touch-up Paint. Aerosol Spray Paint and Touch-Up Paint Pens are easy to apply to any affected areas and restore that brand-new look to your aluminum fence hardware and even the fence itself.

Just as gates need Hinges, they also require effective Latches to keep them closed. The Latches we offer are made for ensuring extra security and reliable operation; many different styles are available to guarantee you can choose the Latch which best fits your aluminum gate hardware needs.
Aluminum Fencing is the perfect solution for both adding a touch of class, improving perimeter security, and adding a layer of privacy to your yard. Maintaining and keeping up with aluminum fencing can be a daunting task, however when choosing which hardware parts and accessories, we can assure you that choosing our selection will provide durability, ease of installation, and most importantly low cost. Now that you know the most common parts and accessories for aluminum fencing, Reach Out To Our Sales Team to learn more about our complete aluminum fencing parts, accessories, and hardware!

What are fence panels called?
Pickets Pickets, also called slats or boards, attach to the backer rails with nails or screws. They make up the body of the fence and are therefore the most visible component of the fence project.
If your fence has an accompanying gate, then you will, of course, need a set of Aluminum Fence Gate Hinges for it to function properly. Our Gate Hinge selection includes reliable brand hinges appropriate for residential and commercial settings, as well as models designed specifically for Metal, Wood, and Vinyl. We also offer heavy-duty options that are perfect for providing that extra strength and durability where you need it the most. Maritime and seaside premises have the unique problem of saltwater and coastal winds to deal with. While steel is sturdier and more resistant to wind damage, salty coastal air can accelerate rusting. In these cases, stainless steel fencing or aluminium is the best option. If you are concerned about the potential for rusting because of close proximity to the coast, Fencemakers can guide you on various additional coating options, for instance, an additional zinc primer powder undercoat, which can ensure your steel fence will last the test of the elements. There are pros and cons to both aluminium and steel, which make each of them better suited to certain applications over others. While they are both durable, choosing the most appropriate fencing material for your specific needs is important and may save you money in the long-run. Not only that, but doing so will help ensure you are satisfied with your fencing for years to come.

For commercial and industrial fencing, steel fencing is preferred because of its strength and durability. However, aluminium fencing is still a good option if your budget is limited. It will still work to keep intruders out or deter them from crossing the barrier into the property.
Due to its weight, steel fencing may be more difficult to install than aluminium fencing, and less practical for home and family uses, making it a better fit for industrial premises. It is also more expensive. However, the peace of mind from installing a steel fence may be worth the additional cost if you’re protecting valuable stock and machinery within.Aluminium and steel are both fantastic materials and are a popular choice for high-quality fencing and gates. However, as most people familiar with the properties of various metals, you may be wondering whether to opt for steel or aluminium fencing.

For residential fencing, aluminium may be the best option. It is inexpensive, lightweight, and easy to install. It is corrosion-resistant, and it looks great.The drawback to aluminium is that it can be easily bent, so it’s not as effective for fencing in premises that require tough barriers or security, such as industrial or commercial settings. It is best used for aesthetic purposes, such as residential garden, yard or pool fencing. Its resistance to corrosion makes it the ideal choice for seaside or waterside homes in particular.

What type of aluminum is used for fencing?
Of course, Industrial grade fencing is maintenance free, will not rust and is constructed of the strongest aluminum alloy in the industry, 6105-T5.
Another benefit of aluminium is that it is a less expensive material than steel, so with the rising cost of steel, it has become a popular alternative. And if you should ever decide to replace your aluminium fencing you can be safe in the knowledge that your carbon footprint will remain low as it is 100% recyclable.Steel is a strong, powerful and long-lasting fencing material, perfect for protective fences. It is heavy and resistant to damage and wind. Most steel fences are also galvanized and treated with powder coating to prevent rusting. Fencemakers only uses pre-galvanised Australian made Bluescope steel in it steel tubular fences. Steel is impact resistant, so it is the perfect material to use for security gates. If you’re looking to purchase a fence that will last for a lifetime or more, steel is the way to go.

What are the name of 3 main types of fencing?
Fencing is split up into three different events based on the weapon used. There’s the foil, epee, and sabre. They each have their own set of rules, and their roots can be traced back centuries.
Tubular steel is another option that has become more popular. Manufacturing fencing and gates from tubular steel bars with hollow centres will give you that tough steel exterior, but will make the gate more lightweight, making is more suited to high-traffic commercial and residential premises than solid steel fencing and gates.Whether you opt for steel or aluminium fencing, both are high-quality, durable materials, so will last for years to come. However, as outlined above, as a general rule of thumb aluminium is more appropriate as a finishing touch to your home’s exterior, while steel is more appropriate for protection where targeted break-ins are likely to occur. Your budget is also an important consideration. Aluminium is less expensive than steel, but it is still visually appealing. Aluminium is a lightweight, durable, and versatile material. It’s not susceptible to corrosion, so aluminium gates and fencing and gates will look great for years despite being exposed to the elements. At Fencemakers we also apply a unique and specially designed coating to our aluminium fencing during manufacturing to ensure even higher quality and longer lasting durability. All of our aluminum fencing “racks” 30 inches over 6 feet with no special rails. That means one post of a 6-foot panel can be installed 30 inches above or below the other post. The process is simple, just put pressure on one post up or down, and it will slide into place.Aluminum fencing is also coated with an environmentally safe coating, unlike some other fences. Treated wood can damage the soil it touches over a long period.

While many people associate aluminum fences with form over function, it’s quite the contrary. Because aluminum fencing can be tailored to meet specific needs, it can create a more secure yard.Aluminum is one of the sturdiest fencing materials on the market today. The powder coatings boost its weather-resistant properties and will counter chipping, peeling, or cracking. That’s why aluminum fencing withstands sweltering summers and bitter winters, with torrential wet seasons in between.

Because aluminum fences resist the weather so well, there is very little maintenance required. For other types of fences, you need to paint or coat them every other year. However, aluminum fences come prefabricated with a durable, weather-resistant coating. The only additional required maintenance is an occasional washing.Most local governments require a fence around the perimeter of your pool. We can make sure your new aluminum fence fits your specific zoning regulations. Just be sure to check your local zoning regulations before you purchase an aluminum fence to ensure it meets your particular zoning regulations.

What makes aluminum fencing an excellent investment for your home is its price compared to other types of fence. Aluminum fences benefit from the same characteristic different types of metal fences do (security, privacy, and aesthetics) but at a fraction of the cost per foot.
Our aluminum fencing selection includes some of the most versatile fences on the market. From pools to yards to public property. We have a wide selection of heights, colors and style options. More….

Our rackable fences can adjust to the slope of your property. The top of your fence will run parallel with the ground, and you won’t get unsightly gaps between panels. Our aluminum fencing accommodates all but the steepest grades.
The aluminum fences we install are made to last. Many other fences on the market deteriorate over time, but ours resist some of the harshest environments. You can enjoy your fence for many, many years.

Aluminum fencing typically costs anywhere between $25 and $40 a foot, whereas fences made from other materials, like wrought iron or steel, can cost upwards of $50 a foot.

Even if you’re not interested in the safety an aluminum fence can bring to your yard, they can spruce up the aesthetic of your yard. Aluminum fencing is a great way to accent your yard because it highlights what’s already there. Unlike other types of fences, the design of an aluminum fence is classic and non-intrusive.
Front Yards, no matter the size, can always benefit from an aluminum fence. Whether you want to keep larger pets in your yard or wild animals out, an aluminum fence protects both the inside and outside.People will be more willing to buy your home when you’re ready to move if you have an aluminum fence. Aluminum fences, with their classic designs, add curb appeal because of their sleek appearance, the increased security they bring to a home, and their beautiful look.

Even washing your aluminum fence is simple. In most cases, all you will need to do is rinse off the rungs and wipe them down with a dry cloth. Because of the protective coating, dirt and grime have a difficult time sticking to aluminum fences.
Aluminum is a light-weight metal, meaning there’s no hassle because there’s no need to pick up heavy materials during installation. Aluminum fences are straight forward to install. Just place posts in the ground and then attach the panels.In addition to the higher upfront cost of wrought iron and steel fences, these types of fences require extra maintenance because they are not weather resistant like aluminum. Imagine repainting your fence every other year to prevent rust. That’s just a hassle!

Our fences include one of the strongest fastening systems on the market. Instead of old-fashioned stainless-steel screws, they use an advanced rivet system. It strengthens the fence, provides easier racking, and, best of all, you can’t see the inner-workings of the system from the outside.
All metals are environmentally friendly, but aluminum is more so. Aluminum fences are made of recycled material, unlike other types of metal fences. Most aluminum fencing is 70% recycled aluminum from cans, car parts, and aluminum products.Our fences are designed to conform to the terrain of your backyard without hassle. They can run over an uneven perimeter with minimal effort — no terraforming required for most installations. Even when you’re working with uneven ground, we can ensure you’ll love the look of your aluminum fence. It’ll look professional, clean, and beautiful.

What are the parts of an aluminum fence?
Every aluminum fence will have these critical key parts.Posts. Posts are the number-one component of an aluminum fence. … Panels. The panels are made up of two essential parts: the horizontal rails and the vertical pickets. … Gates. … Brackets. … Cap.
In addition to being more resilient against intruders compared to chain link fencing, aluminum fencing is customizable. You can pick a style that offers more or less security based on your needs. For example, many aluminum fence styles offer varying height and rung density. If you want better protection, choose an aluminum fence that is taller with more rungs. It’ll help keep the things and people that you don’t want in your yard out, and it’ll help keep the things you love in!We’d love to help you pick out the right fence for your yard. We’ll take you step by step through what you’ll need to do to have your very own beautiful, durable, safety-enhancing, aluminum fence. If you have any questions about pricing, styles, or other options, please give us a call! We’ll be happy to provide any information you need to make your decision.Want to personalize your fence? We offer fences with pickets made for attaching toppers (also known as finials). We even have a selection of these decorations you can order directly from us to complete the look of your yard.

Our aluminum fencing selection includes some of the most versatile fences on the market. From pools to yards to public property, aluminum fencing can match any terrain and any architectural style. How? Our aluminum fences have a few special features and options that take them to the next level.
If you don’t see the options you want in our selection, give us a call. We know how to track down exactly what you need, and we’d be happy to help you find the perfect fence!Aluminum fencing is available to meet BOCA swimming pool code. It adds beauty and safety to your backyard while also providing protection. An aluminum fence is easy to install over a weekend with the help of friends or family. Our fences don’t have “good” or “bad” sides; they’re universal, so you don’t even need to worry about which way they face.Each gate you install requires a latch to keep your gate closed. All our latches come from D&D Technologies, the leading manufacturer of state-of-the-art gate hardware products.

Not sure how much hardware you’ll need? Have questions about the best rods or hinges for your project? Give us a call at 855-469-5421 and one of our fence experts will be more than happy to help you!
When buying brackets, you typically need three for every side of a post. One of the best ways to estimate if you will need brackets is to walk the entire fence perimeter before you order any pieces and make note of any potential areas where the posts and panels may not align properly. For a double-gate system that will open manually, you will need at least one drop rod to keep one half of the gate system stationary so the other leaf can latch to it. Sometimes when installing a fence, you may deal with an area where it’s difficult to have your panels properly line up, or you may wish to have a section of fence extend at a diagonal angle. When this happens, you need to use brackets to connect the panels and continue the fence line.To complete your aluminum fence installation, the hardware and accessories you choose are equally as important as the panels, posts, and gates. Hardware should never be skimped on when it comes to putting together a fence. At Powers Fence, we offer the best quality products to ensure you build the strongest and most durable fence possible. You can order everything you need to complete your fence project on this page and know that you’re getting 100% American-made products that will support your fence for a lifetime.

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Although all of our styles of fencing are beautiful, elegant, and secure, we are always trying to meet the specific tastes of our customers. When you’re putting up a fence around your property, yard or pool, it’s something that you’re going to be looking at for the life of your home. You want it to be just right, and it’s important to make that decision at the start, when you’re just setting out in choosing a design for your fence.

When it comes to finials, there’s more to it than just a spike. A finial says a lot about the personality of the fence. Whether the Monarch, Victorian, or Imperial, each finial will give a flavor to the fence and send a message to all who see it about the value you place on looking good. The Monarch, with its simple fleur-de-lis design is perfect for a traditional, but elegant home. The Victorian has the taste of British splendor, both formal and yet not ostentatious. And the Imperial is classic and never goes out of style.
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What are the components of fencing?
There are three major components to a fence that can be manipulated into many styles, shapes and sizes: posts, rails and pickets.
While we’re talking about architectural details, we have to mention the scroll work, both the small scrolls that can fit at the top of a fence, especially with a design of the Sierra style, or any fence can make good use of the large scroll, adding character and an eye-catching flare that will draw the eye to your stylish fence.

And just because we’re talking about beautifying elements of the fence, don’t forget the hardware that will be used day in and day out: the latches and locks. We have a variety of latches for whatever your needs or preferences are. Maybe you want the one-sided, lockable latch, but maybe you want something double-sided. And don’t forget the magnetized options. You can really get exactly what you want, and all for a reasonable price that will last a lifetime.
But it’s not just the tops of the fence where your piece can shine. You can highlight the base with a deck mount cover that shows that your fence is not merely secured to the deck with a piece of hardware (as sturdy as that may be) but is covered with an architectural detail that enhances the full profile of the fence and sets it apart from other, lesser options.”because, if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.” — Romans 10:9 We have everything you need to upgrade your fence. Take a look at our selection and build the perfect fence for your home, pool or business. If you have questions or need assistance placing your order, don’t hesitate to give us a call! The Aurora line of fences by Aluminum Fence Supply feature elegant picket points, which will increase security and add a degree of timeless elegance to any property. This fence has pickets extending through the bottom rail, but may also be modified to a flush bottom at no extra charge.The Windham Puppy Picket model has it all. This fence has the look of a stylish picketed-top, but with a smooth railing covering it. It also has the wide spacing of a standard picket fence, but with a double-picketed bottom for additional security.

A unique take on the classic picket fence, this Aluminum Fence Supply model is sure to impress onlookers. The double picket style not only looks wonderful, but also provides an extra degree of security. This residential aluminum fence will keep your pets in, and unwanted neighborhood critters out, giving you peace of mind.
The Hiram Puppy Picket residential fence is the perfect choice for people with small pets who also want a one of a kind fence. The attractive pickets are especially difficult for someone to scale, thus providing an extra deterrent to intruders and making this model the total package. This model by Aluminum Fence Supply is a modern take on the classic picket fence. The standard option of this 2-3 rail fence has pickets extending through the bottom railing, but may be customized to a flush bottom at no extra cost. The smooth top rail is sleek and unassuming, providing you with a more muted property barrier. Aluminum Fence Supply’s residential fences have an array of style options, with each offering a unique twist on the classic picket fence. Every fence is powder coated, maintenance-free, and fully guaranteed by a Lifetime Limited Warranty. Increase your property security without sacrificing style with an Aluminum Fence Supply residential fence.This version of the Aluminum Fence Supply Auburn residential fence model is perfect for pet owners who want wider picket spacing, but still hope to keep their furry friends safe and happy.

The Kent Double Picket fence is a great choice for both aesthetics and function. The double pickets make this fence look distinctive and attractive while also providing increased security to your property.

The Aurora Puppy-Picket fence is as charming as it is functional. The double pickets on the bottom will keep your small pets inside of your property, while the pickets extending from the top rail serve as a deterrent to potential intruders.
The Ravenna Residential Double Picket Aluminum Fence is a truly unique take on a classic design. This residential fence has double pickets that add security and style with spread out pointed pickets along the top of rail.

What are parts of a fence called?
Most residential privacy or spaced picket fences are made up of three main components: Posts, Backer Rails and Pickets.Posts. Posts are the backbone of a wood fence. … Backer Rails. Backer rails, sometimes called fence rails or fence stringers, run horizontally from post to post. … Pickets. … Add-On Fence Components.
The Aluminum Fence Supply’s Windham residential fences are truly distinctive and will instantly set your yard apart from the rest! The individual pickets may also be modified to your liking with our different picket top options.The Tallmadge residential aluminum fence features double pickets for additional sophistication and protection. Double pickets means nothing gets in or out of your yard, and this fence will grant you peace of mind.

The Solon residential aluminum fence exudes simplistic beauty. This simple design is sure to keep the spotlight on your property while giving you all of the benefits of an aluminum fence.
The Hiram Residential Aluminum Fence has a very unique style that will definitely impress onlookers. This modern take on the classic picket topped fence features alternating spear heights that give this design a beautiful twist, making it the perfect choice for people who love the look of classic picket fences but still want to set their yard apart from the rest.Our wholesale fence distribution center has a vast inventory of fencing products and accessories such as fence posts, fence caps, fence covers and more. We carry fence products for various types of fencing from leading fence manufacturers and distributors including but not limited to vinyl fence products, PVC fence products, chain link fence products, aluminum fence products, wood fence products, privacy fence products, and more. Wholesale Fence Distributors has special equipment that allows us to customize fence products and accessories as well.

For more information about our aluminum fence parts or our other wholesale fence products, call our knowledgeable fence experts at Wholesale Fence Distributors today at (888) 703-3623.

Are you looking for aluminum fence parts? Wholesale Fence Distributors is a fence supply company that has been providing aluminum fence parts and a wide variety of other fencing products for fencing contractors, homeowners and home remodelers for many years with a high level of expertise and customer satisfaction. We stock aluminum fence parts in a wide variety of styles, dimensions, colors and designs, so regardless of the type of fence accessory you need, we’ve got you covered.
Not sure the brand, part number or size product you need? Not a problem. Our fence professionals have many years of experience in the fencing industry and will help you get the right fence product for your specific needs and at an affordable price. Wholesale Fence Distributors carries a wide variety of fence items in stock at competitive prices so rest assured you can find the right item for the right price when you shop with us.At the first modern Olympic Games in the summer of 1896, nine sports encompassing 43 events were played. Of those original nine, only five have appeared at every Summer Olympics since. One of those sports is fencing. We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. Please also read our Privacy Notice and Terms of Use, which became effective December 20, 2019. Fencing is split up into three different events based on the weapon used. There’s the foil, epee, and sabre. They each have their own set of rules, and their roots can be traced back centuries.

Garden design is about creating outdoor spaces. To make an outdoor space or room think about how you can define it through the addition of a floor, walls and ceiling. There are many options for all of these, but in this post I’ll focus on just one…using a fence as a wall. Constructing a fence is a fabulous way to define your garden walls. There are three major components to a fence that can be manipulated into many styles, shapes and sizes: posts, rails and pickets.
The posts are placed in the ground to structurally support your fence, the rails (or stringers) are the horizontal connection between the posts, and the pickets are (typically) the vertical component that connects the rails. The rails and pickets may change form and direction a bit as a fence style changes.To explore your own fence styles click on the image below to download a sketchable worksheet. Each line represents the ground plane, so there is space to create four unique designs. For additional inspiration I’ve compiled a collection of fence images on this Pinterest board too. Enjoy! Specrail Industrial grade fencing is most commonly applied to high traffic public areas, industrial complexes and commercial areas. Other applications include municipal sites, schools, churches or apartment complexes. Of course, Industrial grade fencing is maintenance free, will not rust and is constructed of the strongest aluminum alloy in the industry, 6105-T5. Matching gates are always available for all styles. The Industrial grade fence system combines its heaviest gauge aluminum extrusions for high visibility and substantial appearance, with aesthetic excellence. The end product beautifies property lines while creating a deterrent to illegal entry. It is available in 6′ or 8′ wide sections in black, white or bronze and custom color matching is also an option. Specrail manufactures a comprehensive choice of aluminum ornamental picket fence systems to suit all of your needs. From a residential swimming pool to an industrial complex, we have the right product for any project. With over 48 years of experience in manufacturing and finishing of aluminum construction products, Specrail has become a pioneer in the industry through providing the most styles and grades, while offering function, quality and durability of the highest standard.Specrail offers four different grades of aluminum fencing and is manufactured in the finest fabrication and finishing facilities in the industry. Each fence grade is available in 11 standard styles with custom fabrication capabilities being an option as well. The following information is intended to help you determine which grade would be the most appropriate for your particular application. Specrail Commercial grade fencing is an outstanding choice for large estate style homes, apartment complexes, commercial swimming pools, schools, shopping centers, churches or cemeteries and is the perfect complement to almost any landscape. Like all Specrail fencing, the components of this system are constructed of high strength aluminum alloy, 6105-T5 and matching gates are available for all styles. It is maintenance free and will not rust. This unique grade of fencing is ideal for areas where you need the strength of a commercial product with the aesthetic appearance of a narrower picket. Commercial grade is consistently specified by architects, landscape designers and municipalities. It is available in 6′ or 8′ wide sections in black, white or bronze and custom color matching is also available. Specrail Residential grade fencing offers a combination of durability, strength and a clean appearance. It is maintenance free and will keep its attractive finish over a lifetime. Matching gates are available for all styles. The Residential grade aluminum fence system can be applied to a variety of residential uses. To define residential property lines, enclose a swimming pool or to provide a boundary for a medium or small dog, Specrail Residential aluminum fencing is an excellent choice as it will provide safety, function and beauty for years to come. The Residential grade aluminum fence panels is available in 6′ wide sections in black, white, bronze, sandstone and green. Custom color matching is available.Specrail Residential Wide grade fencing is an innovative design which combines the light weight of residential with the bold appearance of a heavier system. The result is a fence that enhances the appearance of any estate. Residential Wide is maintenance free and holds its finish for a lifetime. Matching gates are available for all styles. The Residential Wide grade fence system provides a stylish enclosure for estate fencing, swimming pools, golf courses or any residential or light commercial property. It is available in either 6′ or 8′ wide sections in black, white, bronze, sandstone and green. Custom color matching is available.

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Nationwide Industries Aluminum Picket FinialsMaterial: Aluminum & AAMA 2604 Powder CoatedSizes: Fits 5/8″, 3/4″ & 1″ Square PicketsColors: Black, Bronze or WhiteFort Mill Ornamental Aluminum PicketsMaterial: 6063 Series Aluminum Alloy With AAMA 2604 Powder CoatingColors: Black, Bronze or WhiteSizes: 5/8″, 3/4″ or 1″ Sq.Style: Pressed Point or Non-Pressed PointLength: 72″ (Can be easily cut to length)Fort Mill Ornamental Custom Routing FeeThis fee is applied to items that require custom routing for aluminum and vinyl prod
ucts. This may include different rail hole spacing on posts, different rail size holes or different picket spacing on rails.Fort Mill Ornamental Aluminum Touch Up Paint – Color Matched To Aluminum ProductsSizes: 4.5 oz Spray or 0.6 oz Bottle With BrushColors: Black, Bronze or WhiteWeldon Industries Aluminum Decorative RingsMaterial: Aluminum & AAMA 2604 Powder CoatedSize: Fits 5/8″ wide PicketsStyles: 4 Ring Assembly (4 assemblies required per 6ft wide fence section)Colors: Black, Bronze or WhiteWith the right aluminum fence parts option, buyers enjoy top-quality products with each purchase. Shopping on for these items is very convenient because it saves time and resources for the shoppers. These are ideal for aluminum fence parts wholesalers and distributors, especially with the jaw-dropping offers tailored for the people buying in bulk.

Product Listing Policy – Intellectual Property Protection – Privacy Policy – Terms of Use – User Information Legal Enquiry Guide – Integrity ComplianceBrowse aluminum fence parts wholesale from at a great price point. Select from a wide variety of aluminum products for use in construction, decoration, and furniture making. Choose from multiple colors to match your style, including silver, wood textured, golden, blue, white, among other colors. An aluminum profile is mostly an alloy with a temper range of T3 to T8. It comes in various shapes and sizes, including hollow tubes, solid castinges and angles. There are different types of metal tubes to sale from the wholesalers at for the types of aluminum fence components that need to be installed in for apartments, supermarkets, or households. When you shop for these tubes at factory prices, you can find what you need at affordable prices.

Made of sturdy materials, the second-to-none aluminum fence parts featured on are very durable. They have incredible mechanical strength and withstand mechanical impacts in case of falling. The materials such as aluminum, copper, and other alloys used in these aluminum fence parts boast of amazing thermal conductivity, which makes them exemplary in heat distribution. Despite being excellent heat conductors, the innovative designs of these aluminum fence parts makes them heat resistant so they do not expand or contract to affect performance adversely. Site: International – Español – Português – Deutsch – Français – Italiano – हिंदी – Pусский – 한국어 – 日本語 – اللغة العربية – ภาษาไทย – Türk – Nederlands – tiếng Việt – Indonesian – עבריתThis post is similar to the end post. However, as previously mentioned, this type of post is thicker, and also has a slightly different purpose. The best way to tell the difference is to note the thickness as well as the weight of the post, as a gate end post is much heavier in order to properly support the gate.

With that in mind, in this article we’ll be taking a closer look at some of the different types of aluminum fence posts you can choose from when purchasing the parts for your project.
Knowing the different kinds of aluminum fence posts will help ensure you choose the right parts for the fencing project you have in mind. It will also benefit you when it comes time to install your project, allowing you to select the right post for the right part of your project, making the task at hand quick and easy. This will help guarantee your project is a success and that you achieve results to be proud of!

Line posts are probably the most common type of fence post, and are used to connect lines of panels. Basically, they are the posts that connect everything ‘in between’ the end posts. Because of this role, line posts will always have holes punched on opposite sides.
An end post has only one side punched. This is because its purpose is to be freestanding on one edge. This type of post is perfect for fencing installations designed to have an open section, or fencing that is meant to delineate a space and not close it off, such as what may be desired in residential garden to mark off patio space.One of the factors that has helped aluminum fencing to achieve its popularity is actually seldom talked about. Aluminum fencing is not only available in a variety of gorgeous styles, but also can have a range of fence post options. These options help your fencing to suit a wide range of functions and feel more tailor-made to your unique property. The main factor which will determine which posts are best suited to your project is the intended location and layout of your fencing. Each type of fence post is designed for a different purpose, so bear this in mind when you are making your supply orders. It’s no contest when it comes to which fencing option is the most practical and suitable for a range of uses while still being affordable and stylish. For these reasons and more, aluminum fencing is becoming the number one security solution for homeowners, property owners, and business owners nationwide.This can make installation quite difficult, particularly on properties with uneven gradients, potentially leaving fencing looking uneven or forcing property owners to step their fencing, instead of racking it when that might not be their preference.

What are the names of aluminum fences?
There are five standard types of aluminum fence post to choose from: line, end, corner, gate end, and blank. When it comes to identifying these, it is actually quite simple to distinguish between the types, meaning that if you order two or more types for your specific project identification is usually rather simple.
As the name suggests, this type of post is used to navigate the corners of your fencing, or to help your fencing change direction, such as navigating immovable objects on your property such as large trees.

Blank posts are typically not used in straightforward fence installations, and are typically reserved for specialized situations, such as mounting an aluminum gate across a driveway without fencing. This type of fence post is heavy like the gate end post, due to being made of thicker aluminum, but has no punched holes.
There are five standard types of aluminum fence post to choose from: line, end, corner, gate end, and blank. When it comes to identifying these, it is actually quite simple to distinguish between the types, meaning that if you order two or more types for your specific project identification is usually rather simple.A gate end post also has a gate connection, such as a hinge or a latch. Fencing that uses gate end posts is great for stopping children and pets from entering dangerous areas such as the poolside, while still allowing you to access to those areas when desired.

Aluminum fence posts, however, have holes punched in them, which are designed to perfectly fit the aluminum fence panels at the desired angle for easier and neater install.
Our fencing and gates are manufactured from aluminum extrusions, having a minimum tensile strength of 35,000 psi, using 6005 T5 alloy for structural components. All screws are stainless steel with a plating of zinc and yellow dichromate to ensure corrosion resistance under the harshest conditions. The screw heads are painted to match the color of the fence with a polyurethane finish.