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Anything But A Cup

But you don’t have to drink alcohol! Parties don’t entirely have to be about alcohol. You could even host a mocktail party and use some of these ideas for this theme party or to make your next gathering more entertaining.

My name is Nick Gray and I authored a book, The 2-Hour Cocktail Party. It shows you how to throw a great party for any occasion. It’s an excellent tool to help adults make new friends. I am very proud of it.
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Theme parties can be a fun way to gather your friends, or an excuse to bring people together. An “Anything But a Cup” party is a neat, non-traditional way to do that. An “anything but a cup” party is a themed party where guests are asked to bring a beverage in a container other than a cup. Such as a coconut shell or Windex spray bottle. When is your party? Send me an email and I will give you some bonus tips, including a pre-party checklist that you can print out. Plus I’ll answer any question you have, free of charge. I love talking about parties and I’m on a mission to help 500 people host their first party. This type of party can add a fun and unique twist to any event. Since it involves your guests more than other event themes, your guests will feel like they get to participate. Find a conch shell big enough to fit your mouth over and drink away. If you can find one with a natural spout, even better! Just be careful not to cut yourself.

Dispensers are a popular anything but a cup idea! Soap dispensers are a great option for those who want something a bit more unique without spending too much money.This one is definitely not classy but it’s cheap and super fun! Your container can be a ketchup, mustard, mayo or BBQ sauce bottle. All you need to do is clean it out WELL and add your drinks! Bottles with a small hole for squirting are the most fun!

What can I take for anything but a cup?
Dispensers are a popular anything but a cup idea! Soap dispensers are a great option for those who want something a bit more unique without spending too much money. Simply take an empty soap dispenser and clean it out thoroughly. Then, fill it up with your favorite beverage and screw on the pump. Cached
If you choose this option, you need to go all out! Get a clear fish bowl from your local pet store and fill it up with a beverage of choice. I recommend a clear beverage. Then add in Swedish fish candy and some other fun edible ocean items to resemble an actual fish tank.You could also use a carrot. Cut off the top and bottom and then use a spoon to scoop out the insides. Once you have done that, simply fill it up with your beverage and enjoy!

Or maybe your just planning on drinking some cold beer. In this case, a straw wont be necessary so think about how you’re going to SIP your beer? Is it easy to sip? Chug?
Simply clean out the flower pot, or purchase a new one. and add your favorite beverage. Look for a flower pot without a hole in the bottom so your drink doesn’t spill out. One vegetable that makes for a great cup is a cucumber. Just cut off the ends and hollow out the inside. Then fill it up with your drink of choice and enjoy! All you need to do is clean out the bottle and add your favorite beverage. Then, screw on the pump and voila! You have your very own spray drink bottle.Are you sick of drinking from red solo cups? You’re not alone! For your next ABC Party aka ‘Anything But A Cup’ party, the goal is to switch things up and drink from something OTHER than a cup.

What is Death Cup game?
The Death Cup refers to any cup that’s been sunk but has yet to be fully consumed. Should a player sink a ball into the unfinished cup, the game is immediately over. This rule incentivizes all players to finish their drinks fast and holds everyone accountable for every beer.
Rain boots are not only great for keeping OUT liquids but they’re also great for keeping them IN too! Remember, the larger the boot, the more beverage it can hold! Raincoat is optional.Whether you’re planning on drinking mocktails or cocktails, all of these items below can be found in most stores if not purchased off of Amazon. I added links to those below.

Fruit is always a great option when you are looking for something to drink out of that’s a bit more appetizing. There are so many different fruits that you can use!
I highly HIGHLY recommend using a NEW box as opposed to a use one. Add in some poprocks candy or anything else that resembles kitty litter. Use a large straw and you’re set!Baby bottles are a fun way to enjoy your drink all night look. They’re easy to hold and so easy to find in any store. Plus they will slow you down a bit.In this blog post, we will share 33 items that you can drink from that aren’t cups! From a pineapple to a boot, I’m confident you will find something fun or absurd to drink out of whether a dorm party or your own digs.

Simply take an empty soap dispenser and clean it out thoroughly. Then, fill it up with your favorite beverage and screw on the pump. That’s it! You now have your very own soap dispenser cup. Pump away!

Cut off one end and scoop out the insides until you have a watermelon bowl. OR you can cut it into a keg! Then fill it up with your favorite beverage and enjoy!
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What is the nothing but a cup game?
What Is an “Anything but a Cup” Party? “Anything but a cup” is just what it sounds like: You can bring any drinking vessel you like to the party, except for a regular cup. This is a great party for people who want to get creative with their drinks, as well as for those who don’t want to drink alcohol.
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What is ABC anything but a cup?
Going to an ABC party usually means two things: “Anything But Clothes” and “Anything But Cups.” A popular theme at college parties, guests are encouraged to fashion an outfit out of unconventional materials and bring a drinking vessel that doesn’t start with “Solo” and end with “cup”—the wackier the better.
Going to an ABC party usually means two things: “Anything But Clothes” and “Anything But Cups.” A popular theme at college parties, guests are encouraged to fashion an outfit out of unconventional materials and bring a drinking vessel that doesn’t start with “Solo” and end with “cup”—the wackier the better. Prizes are often awarded to the most creative in both senses of the acronym, and while we don’t care what you wear (just be more original than the duct tape dress), we found some inspiration that will help you step up your alternative cup game. So drop the overused beach pail and take inspiration from these 12 unexpected ABC ideas.

Sure, you can fill up a blender with any beverage, but why not take advantage of the machinery’s cup-like shape and slurp Piña Coladas or frozen Margs directly out of it?
Neoclassical coffee cup with saucer; circa 1790; jasper ware with relief decoration; diameter: 13.6 cm; by the Wedgwood Factory (England); Cleveland Museum of Art Cups are an obvious improvement on using cupped hands or feet to hold liquids. As such, they have almost certainly been used since before recorded history, and indeed, they have been found at archaeological sites throughout the world. Prehistoric cups were sometimes fashioned from shells and hollowed out stones. Some styles of cups are used primarily for alcoholic beverages such as beer, wine, cocktail, and liquor. There are over a dozen distinct styles of cups for drinking beer, depending on the precise variety of beer. The idea that a certain beer should be served in a cup of a certain shape may have been promulgated more for marketing purposes, but there very well may be some basis in fact behind it. Wine glasses also come in different shapes, depending on the color and style of wine that is intended to be served in them. In the Christian ritual of Communion, adherents drink from a cup of wine (or a wine substitute) to commemorate the Last Supper of Jesus. A chalice is often used for this purpose. There is evidence that the Roman Empire used cups throughout Europe, with notable examples including silver cups in Wales and a color-changing glass cup in ancient Thrace. In England, cups have been discovered which date back to several thousand years, including the Rillaton Gold Cup, about 3,700 years old. Cups were used in the Americas several centuries prior to the European arrivals. Around the Gulf of Mexico, Native American societies used the Horse conch for drinking cups, among other purposes.In the developed world, cups are often distributed for promotional purposes. For example, a corporation might distribute cups with their logo at a trade show, or a city might hand out cups with slogans promoting recycling. There are companies that provide the service of printing slogans on cups.

Many trophies take the form of a decorated cup. In cases such as the FIFA World Cup and the Stanley Cup, the competition itself may grow to take on the name of the trophy that is awarded to the winner. Owing to the common usage of cup-shaped trophies as prizes for the winners, a large number of national and international competitions are called “cups”.In Tarot divination, the suit of cups is associated with the element of water and is regarded as symbolizing emotion, intuition, and the soul. Cards that feature cups are often associated with love, relationships, fears, and desires.

Drinking from a cup is a significant step on a baby’s path to becoming a toddler; it is recommended that children switch from bottles to cups between six months and one year of age. Sippy cups are typically used for this transition.
Disposable cups are intended to be used only once. They are often used by fast-food restaurants and coffee shops to serve beverages. Institutions that provide drinking water, such as offices and hospitals, may also use disposable cups for sanitary reasons.

Names for different types of cups vary regionally and may overlap. Any transparent cup, regardless of actual composition, is called a “glass”; therefore, while a cup made of paper is a “paper cup”, a transparent one for drinking shots is called a “shot glass”, instead.
Historically, monarchs have been concerned about assassination via poisoning. To avoid this fate, they often used dedicated cups, with cup-bearers to guard them. A “divining cup” was supposed to be able to detect poison. In the Bible, Joseph interpreted a dream for Pharaoh’s cup-bearer, and a silver divining cup played a key role in his reconciliation with his brothers.While in theory, most cups are well suited to hold drinkable liquids, hot drinks like tea are generally served in either insulated cups or porcelain teacups.

Since cups have been an integral part of dining since time immemorial, they have become a valued part of human culture. The shape or image of a cup appears in various places in human cultures.
The measuring cup, an adaptation of a simple cup, is a standard tool in cooking that has been in use at least as far back as Roman times. Apart from serving as drinking vessels, cups can be used as an alternative to bowls as a receptacle, especially, for soup. Recipes have been published for cooking various dishes in cups in the microwave.

What do we use a cup for?
A cup is an open-top container used to hold liquids for pouring or drinking. Although mainly used for drinking, it also can be used to store solids for pouring (e.g., sugar, flour, grains, salt).
A cup is an open-top container used to hold liquids for pouring or drinking. Although mainly used for drinking, it also can be used to store solids for pouring (e.g., sugar, flour, grains, salt). Cups may be made of glass, metal, china, clay, wood, stone, polystyrene, plastic, aluminium or other materials, and are usually fixed with a stem, handles, or other adornments. Cups are used for quenching thirst across a wide range of cultures and social classes, and different styles of cups may be used for different liquids or in different situations. Cups of different styles may be used for different types of liquids or other foodstuffs (e.g. teacups and measuring cups), in different situations (e.g. at water stations or in ceremonies and rituals), or for decoration.

Chalices are sometimes used in heraldry, especially ecclesiastical heraldry. A Kronkåsa is a type of elaborate wooden cup which was used by the Swedish nobility during the Renaissance.Spa cups are special cups that are used to drink mineral or thermal water directly from a spring, developed in north-west Bohemia during the 17th century and are now part of Czech folklore.

If you want to amp up the fun, have some prizes for the most outrageous not a cup ideas that people bring. This will encourage your guests to be creative and think outside the box!
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How do you play the cups game?
Straight up. And set it. Down. You’re going to clap. Again clap then sweep the cup upside down sweep hit the top hit the table grab the bottom. Put your hand down put the cup. Down.
These blood bags from Amazon are actually designed for drinks so they’re totally food safe and clean. They look real enough to freak everyone out though.One of the most creative ideas I’ve seen for a not a cup party is to use a hollow plastic baseball bat. Either unscrew or cut off the end and fill the inside with your drink of choice.

Cleaning wipes containers are another cheap idea because you probably have them laying around the house already. Empty them out, clean them, and fill them with your drink of choice!
Anything but a cup party is exactly how it sounds – no one is allowed to drink from cups! Instead, everyone must bring an item that is NOT a cup to drink from for the duration of the party.

The goal for anything but a cup parties is to have people bring funny and outrageous items to use instead of cups. The more creative and out-of-the-box, the better!
Anything but a cup parties are taking social media by storm! Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably seen this hilarious party theme all over TikTok and Reddit.

A tea kettle is another great idea for an anything but cups party. It’s made to hold liquid and it sits flat on a table so it’s really convenient to drink out of.
Don’t worry, you don’t actually have to use a dirty traffic cone off the street. You can find plastic traffic cones on Amazon that are cheap and clean.

This is also a sanitary way to share drinks at a party. You can just squirt the drink into someone’s mouth without them putting their mouth on anything!
This has to be one of my favorite ideas because it’s so simple and smart! Line the pocket of some overalls with plastic or a ziplock bag and insert a straw.This is one of the most creative anything but cups party idea I’ve seen! She used a tissue box holder and filled it with some kind of drink receptacle.

Looking for a simple anything but a cup idea that’s easy to drink out of? Just bring a small plastic bucket like the ones used for building sand castles.
I should clarify that you want to make sure they’re really clean before you drink out of them. You don’t want to be drinking any toxic cleaning chemicals.

Are you looking to shock your fellow partygoers? Bring a gas can to drink out of for the night! This will definitely turn a few heads and get some laughs.One of my favorite ideas for this theme party is to put your drink in a squirt gun or super soaker. When you want a drink you can just shoot the liquid directly into your mouth.

Just be sure that you use a can opener that creates a clean edge so that you don’t cut your lips while drinking from the can. Maybe just use a straw just to be extra safe!To recreate this, clean out a spray bottle and fill it with your drink of choice. Add a few drops of food coloring if you want it to look more realistic!One funny idea for something to drink out of is a water filter pitcher like the one pictured above. The comedy in this is that it’s so huge and over-the-top.This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

What is the game anything but a water bottle?
Anything But A Water Bottle is exactly how it sounds – you have to drink out of something that isn’t a water bottle! Students will bring crazy items like spray bottles, traffic cones, dog bowls, etc. to drink from throughout the day.
At the party, you can expect to see some creative and outrageous drinking vessels. Other than that, it’s generally like any other party. I think there should be a prize of some kind for the most creative vessel, like the Trophy of the Non-Cup Cup.As you can see from the ideas above, you’re going to want something that is both funny and practical. A salt dispenser is funny, but you aren’t going to get much of a drink from it. You can fit plenty of liquid into a teapot, but it’s going to be heavy! No one really knows where this party started, but it’s a popular choice for those who are looking for something different. TikTok definitely helped increase its popularity! You need to find the perfect balance for your party. It’s all about making sure your guests have a good time, so pick something that is going to make them laugh—but also make sure it’s able to serve drinks.

How can I drink without a cup?
Anything But A Cup Party IdeasRain Boot. First up, it’s the Wellington boot, and what an impactful choice this would be. … A Shampoo Bottle. Why not recycle your empty shampoo bottle and turn it into an ideal drinking vessel? … Plastic Dolls Head. … Antique Milk Bottle. … A Frisbee. … A Traffic Cone. … A Bucket And Spade. … Blood Bag.
“Anything but a cup” is just what it sounds like: You can bring any drinking vessel you like to the party, except for a regular cup. This is a great party for people who want to get creative with their drinks, as well as for those who don’t want to drink alcohol.If you are planning on attending one of these parties, or if you are hosting one, make sure to have some fun with it and be creative! You may be surprised by how some people choose to drink their beverages.With all of these ideas, you should be well on your way to planning the perfect “anything but a cup” party. Just remember to have fun with it and don’t take yourself too seriously.Have fun with this creative party idea, and make sure to have plenty of drinks and snacks on hand. Don’t forget to create an award for the best non-cup at the event! Bottoms up!This is the perfect party if you want to get people talking and laughing; the non-cups make a great ice-breaker. If you are looking for a creative way to serve drinks at your next party, then try these party theme! It is sure to be a hit with your guests, and you can have as much fun as they do coming up with creative ways to serve drinks. It’s definitely a funny theme to go with, and one that will have everyone talking about your party for some time.

The great thing about this party theme is that really there’s not much to it. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on decorations or food, as people will be more focused on the creative ways that you are serving drinks. This is the perfect party for those who want to save money but still have a great time.No matter what, make sure to have fun with it! This is a party, after all, and it should be a time for you to let loose and enjoy yourself. So get creative, drink some drinks, and have a great time.

These ideas for anything but a cup parties will make sure to have you stand out in the crowd! They’re so unique and funny. Some are pretty ridiculous too, but that’s a good thing! Remember, the more random, the better! So, get all your friends together for one of these functions and leave your cups at home!Anything but a cup parties are so popular right now and will definitely be taking over this summer. At these functions, everyone shows up with their own cup to drink out of. The only rule is, it can’t actually be a cup. This one’s pretty versatile. You can take any toy, like a truck or even a doll head, and put a plastic bag inside it to drink. Bonus points if the toy lights up or makes noise! At one of these parties, you’ll see people carrying the most outrageous and random things to drink out of. That’s why they’re so fun! This theme is relatively new, so it might be hard to find ideas for it. That means, if you just got the invite, you’re probably scouring the internet looking for a good anything but a cup party idea. Don’t worry, we got you! Here are 12 fun cup substitutes to use for your next anything but a cup party.There are less than 50 days until summer begins! And we all know that with summer comes a ton of fun parties, themed ones especially. We’ve already talked about the very popular red flag and white lies parties, but have you heard of anything but a cup parties?Fill up a deflated balloon with your drink of choice. This one’s fun because you’ll have a variety of colors to choose from (Make sure you hold onto it tight though)!This article was written by The Zillennial Zine’s spring editorial intern Selma Dizdarevic. Find her on Instagram at @selmadiizdarevic. If you would like to share an article with The Zillennial, send us an email at [email protected].

Using a condiment bottle is super clutch because it already has an opening that you can drink out of. Don’t forget to take out the ketchup! (I mean, unless you don’t want to…)
Playing Beer Pong is just like playing any other sport: Sometimes you’re on, and sometimes you’re off. And if you’re really off, you can go a game without making a single cup, which is bad news if you’re playing with this rule. If you fail to make a cup during an entire game of Beer Pong, you are deemed the Underachiever, also known as “The Rog.” And as the Underachiever, you must sit underneath the table during the next game. Hope the floor’s clean. (Spoiler: The floor is never clean.)This rule is for the ultra-competitive crowd rather than the “we really just want to drink and have fun” crowd. Not to be confused with the Ring of Fire drinking game, this rule states that if a team knocks out the three corner cups, as well as the middle or “freshman” cup, forming a ring of connected Solo cups, that team immediately wins. This rule rewards pinpoint accuracy with an automatic victory, which is great for quick table turnover, but not so great if you want to keep the game (and the drinking) going.Beer Pong is to drinking games what baseball is to sports: It’s the ultimate American pastime. It’s the one game to rule them all, the heart of every great party, the gauntlet that establishes a true winner of the night. And while the basic version of Beer Pong has its core rules, it’s important for every “house” to establish its own unique set of rules or variations to make the game truly their own. Here’s a list of seven awesome beer pong rule variations to add to your house rules, ASAP.

What is a ABC party?
An Anything But Clothes party is a party where you can wear anything at all, except for traditional clothes. It is a new approach to the traditional toga party that was popular in decades past. Sometimes called an ABC Party, the only rule for an Anything But Clothes party is to not wear regular clothing items.
If you play with a “Death Cup,” make sure you chug your beer—fast. The Death Cup refers to any cup that’s been sunk but has yet to be fully consumed. Should a player sink a ball into the unfinished cup, the game is immediately over. This rule incentivizes all players to finish their drinks fast and holds everyone accountable for every beer.Up the stakes by adding a Russian Roulette cup to each side. To set up, teams fill all the cups with beer as usual and arrange them in a pyramid formation. Then, the teams swap sides and secretly add a shot of vodka to one of their opponents’ cups. Then, the teams switch back, and start the game. When the shot-spiked cup is hit, the drinker receives an extra kick in the pants from the vodka, adding a layer of suspense to the game.

Not every shot is a clean one. Sometimes, rather than just plopping into a cup or missing it completely, the ball spins around the rim before choosing its fate. If you’re quick enough to spot a shot like this before it falls into the cup, you may attempt to blow the ball out of the cup before it falls in. You can’t use anything but your steely breath, so make sure you blow hard and aim well.The Behind the Back rule states that if you miss a shot but are able to retrieve the ball from the table before it falls to the floor, you get to take another shot. The catch: You have to throw the ball from behind your back. Good luck making it, but if you do you’ll be the hero of the party.

Picture Battleship, the classic game in which you guess a letter-number combo on a grid in an attempt to sink your opponent’s battleship, but with beer. To play Battleship Pong, set up tall dividers that prevent teams from seeing their opponents’ cups. Set up your cups however you’d like behind your divider. Some rules suggest keeping four cups together, three cups together, two cups together and one lone cup, to simulate the different Battleship pieces, but feel free to arrange them at will. Then, start lobbing balls over your opponent’s divider and try to sink the ball into their cups. It’s important that you listen out for any cup contact so that if you don’t sink it, you’ll at least know the general area of the cup. Also, feel free to play two shots at a time—this could take a while.
Fun for any age, adding a theme to the party that will direct how to dress and the types of food and beverages that will be served can make every party different and help to build new memories of all of them. This can easily become a tradition that is done every year at back to school, on the anniversary of something, or for a birthday.

Opportunities for what to wear to an Anything But Clothes party are endless! Oftentimes, the easiest are cloth items that can be wrapped around. Or tye in a way that will create a clothing like affect. A toga is a popular option for an Anything But Clothes party. You could go traditional with a white sheet. Or get creative with bright colors.
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Ensure that there are suitable snacks and drinks, or a meal if you are having dinner party. Items that can be eaten while standing are ideal as some of the things being worn will not allow for easy sitting. Items such as finger sandwiches, fries, kebabs, buns, and chips and dip are all great snacks for most parties, including Anything But Clothes parties.
For keeping items in place, saran wrap and even tin foil are useful, chip clips and twist ties can also be used. Paper towels may even become a key ingredient in some outfit choices.An Anything But Clothes party is definitely a theme your guests need to get creative about! If you dare to bare, then you could try body painting as a great costume idea!Other items can be used that are flexible and easy to move, such as garbage bags or other plastic bags with holes cut for the head and arms. Soft sided bags or purses can be altered to wear as a skirt or tied around the body.

Finding new ways to enjoy time together can help to keep friendships strong and build new memories. Theme parties are a fun and light-hearted way to do this. And an Anything But Clothes party is a funny theme that anyone can enjoy.
When planning the party itself there is also a lot of room for creativity and new themes. You can choose to limit the type of items that can be chosen. For example by picking a room of the house they must come from, the colors that are acceptable, or any other limitations. This is one way to make it harder. And by choosing themes you can ensure that people will need to use different items for each one. There are several opportunities for games and other interactions. By holding a costume Anything But Clothes party everyone can guess who the others are dressed up as. This is sure to be more difficult than a traditional costume party as they can’t be out of the bag costumes, making it much harder to guess. Interacting as the people the costume represents can add an extra twist to the night. This is a fun way to learn more about the people around you. Craft items are a also great source of inspiration. Ribbons, swatches of fabric, knitted items, yarn and wool, and even storage bags and fabric storage containers can be repurposed for new outfits.

They can be held with a low budget. Plus if everyone brings something to share there will be plenty of refreshments as well. Many items can be turned into clothes, from reusable cloth shopping bags to towels and pillowcases. There is no end to the items that can be used. Some will even alter baskets or buckets, cutting and adapting anything from milk cartoons to storage bins to fit their ideas.
If this is unsuccessful the bathroom is sure to yield many ideas from shower curtains, face cloths, towels, and even bathmats. Hair supplies such as headbands and hair wraps offer some versatile options for creating a new clothing replacement.

Another great item for an Anything But Clothes parties are pillowcases, as they can be cut for head and arms and worn pulled over like a shirt. Or they can be wrapped around the body and secured. A large pillowcase could even take the place of a dress or shorts.

What is the ABC drinking game?
ABC Home – Rules. This game is a drinking (what liquid you want, or even eating) game. You play turn per turn, clockwhise. Each player needs to give a word that begin with its first name’s first letter that reply to the question : what is “home” means to you ? So if my name is “David” I should say “door” or “drinks”.
Sometimes called an ABC Party, the only rule for an Anything But Clothes party is to not wear regular clothing items. You must instead find other items that can be used instead. And this is where the fun begins!Anything But Clothes parties are one of the ways that people are going outside of their comfort zones and finding new ways to enjoy parties with friends. An Anything But Clothes party involves choosing something to wear for the party that is not clothing. With nearly endless options, they can be fun parties with very creative outfits and methods of dress. Read on for our favorite Anything But Clothes party ideas. Jane Sheriff is the founder, creative director, party planner and mom of three. She started Darling Celebrations back in 2012 to share easy and beautiful ideas for celebrating the special events in life. An Anything But Clothes party is a party where you can wear anything at all, except for traditional clothes. It is a new approach to the traditional toga party that was popular in decades past.We and our partners use cookies to Store and/or access information on a device. We and our partners use data for Personalised ads and content, ad and content measurement, audience insights and product development. An example of data being processed may be a unique identifier stored in a cookie. Some of our partners may process your data as a part of their legitimate business interest without asking for consent. To view the purposes they believe they have legitimate interest for, or to object to this data processing use the vendor list link below. The consent submitted will only be used for data processing originating from this website. If you would like to change your settings or withdraw consent at any time, the link to do so is in our privacy policy accessible from our home page.. The funniest & most unusual “anything but a cup” party ideas for college that we tried is a pet feeder and an iron. However, there are lots of other ideas on this list like the following: Not really. The point of the party is for your guests to have fun getting creative with their drinking vessel. So, the only rule to hosting or coming to an Anything But a Cup Party is that you can’t use a cup! An Anything But a Cup Party is just that! Guests have to bring something to drink their favorite beverage from — but the catch is they can’t use a regular cup! That means no wine glasses, plastic Solo cups, tumblers, mugs, or pint glasses for any of the beverages at your event. The most important thing you’ll need to do to get your cup ready is to clean it – especially if you’re recycling a bottle or container that previously held something else. Wash the inside and outside of your vessel with soap and warm water to make sure it’s safe to drink out of.Below is everything you need to challenge your friends to find a new, creative way to enjoy their drink of choice (cocktails, beer, or soda) with this silly party theme.

We’ve established cups are off limits at this kind of party, so what can your guests use to drink their cocktails, beer, and soda? We have plenty of fun and unique Anything But a Cup ideas to help your guests get inspired on their own creative drink containers!
Some ideas for a dress code would be a tropical island theme or to dress according to what you’re drinking out of. For example, if you’re drinking from a rainboot, you would wear a rain jacket and carry an umbrella.Looking for a unique party theme? An Anything But the Cup Party is such a fun and creative idea! Grab our Anything But the Cup Party ideas, rules, and list of the best and wacky beverage containers!

If you’re looking for a more family-friendly version of this popular college party, you might be interested in the idea of an Anything But a Water Bottle day or party.
Next, try to fill your vessel up with water and see if there are any leaks. You can use duct tape to help seal up the leaks before your party so you don’t make a mess while you’re drinking.

The idea started with college parties, but it’s an hilarious idea for all ages! Of course, if you’re serving alcoholic beverages everyone should be over 21 and drink responsibly.
Provide your guests with drinks, create a playlist and set up your music area, and add some decorations to get everyone in a festive mood. Just don’t provide cups for anyone to use.You just tell your friends to get creative with their drink holders. In fact, they can use anything they want to enjoy their alcohol or drink – except a cup! Skip the middle man and just drink right out of the drink dispenser! You can even mix up a favourite cocktail inside for a cup that will (probably) never run empty. You can’t go wrong with one of these at any party, and it still isn’t a cup! The classic beer helmet will work, but I’m digging this gladiator style hat instead.OK, I know it’s technically a mug, but I think it looks enough like a non-cup to qualify for an anything but a cup party. Perfect for Harry Potter fans – maybe make some adult Butterbeer to go with it?

It even comes with a lid to keep your drink safe! Unfortunately, these are too tricky to drink from with the lid on, but since it’s a soup mug with a handle it’s super easy to drink from compared to some of the other options on this list.
If you’re not already familiar with it, an anything but a cup party is a new party trend. The concept is simple: You come, you have fun, and you enjoy beverages – but they have to be held in anything but a cup.

Maybe opt for one that doesn’t have too much pressure so you don’t hurt yourself drinking. But otherwise this might be the coolest cup alternative for an Anything But a Cup Party of all time.This is another one that might gross them out, especially if your friends know you have a dog at home. The sides might be tricky to drink from but you’ll be a good boy (or girl or nonbinary person) all night long.