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Argeta Chicken Spread

A classic that has remained a favourite for 53 years. Made from carefully selected cuts of chicken meat, dairy and soya protein and natural spices. Gluten free.Ingredients: water, cooked chicken meat 29%, vegetable oil (sunflower, rapeseed and soybean in varying proportions), milk proteins 3%, chicken fat, potato starch, concentrated chicken broth, table salt, soya flour, spices and herbs, yeast extract, paprika extract. The product may contain eggs in traces.

Although we provide great care to make summary details and descriptions as detailed as possible, product information, including product images, listed on this store may not be up to date at the moment of your purchase. Due to constantly replenished stock, the packaging and information provided on packaging may vary per batch. While we believe that information provided on this store is accurate, it is not a substitute for you reading the product packaging and label prior to use. If you need any further info about our products, we will happily provide this to you, including a photo proof of any needed information.We opened the Mrakovic Meat & Deli location in Toronto in 2003, which consisted of a butcher shop, grocery store and bakery all in one. Over the years we expanded within the building by adding a grill and seating area. We have built a brand and a reputation by maintaining consistency in quality, taste and freshness.

Can gelatin be halal?
In certain religions, standard gelatin is not allowed because of how it is prepared. If you are of the Islamic faith, and you abide by Islamic law, halal gelatin is allowed.
If an Islamic person does not have time to prepare gelatin that is devoid of pig remains, they may use vegetarian gelatin. Since it is not using any form of animal product, it will not originate from a pig, and therefore falls in line with Islamic preferences to avoid any pig based product. This type of gelatin can be used to make all kinds of desserts such as candy, pudding, chocolate, and cakes that use gelatin in the mixture. Even cheesecakes and different types of ice cream will use this plant-derived gelatin which is permissible in the Islamic community.Gelatin is a unique substance that is literally flavorless, colorless, and translucent. When it is made, it is extracted from different animal body parts. In its dry form, it tends to be extremely brittle. However, when water is added, it has a very gummy texture. Gelatin is used in a number of different ways around the world. One such use is capsules for holding pharmaceutical medications. People that produce vitamins or supplements also use this material. It can also be found in the cosmetic industry and the development of photographic film. It is made by simply boiling the bones, ligaments, tendons, and the skin of animals. In most cases, the body parts of pigs and cows are used together. However, in the religion of Islam, this is not permissible.

Have you ever heard of or used halal gelatin before? It is a very specific type of gelatin that is used by people today. Gelatin is a substance that is obtained by processing collagen extracted from animals. It is a unique substance that is consumable and easily absorbed by the body. In certain religions, standard gelatin is not allowed because of how it is prepared. If you are of the Islamic faith, and you abide by Islamic law, halal gelatin is allowed. Here are the benefits of gelatin, how halal gelatin can be used, and why you may want to consider using it instead of standard gelatin.

Due to the popularity, demand and health benefits of halal gelatin, there are now businesses that specifically produce halal gelatin. Halal gelatin can be purchased in some stores and ordered online through companies like Hearthy Foods. The gelatin that is produced by Hearthy Foods is 100% bovine,is pure protein, and is certified halal. It should be noted that if you are looking for halal gelatin, be sure to check the company is providing certified halal gelatin.
The word halal simply means permissible. In regard to halal gelatin, this means that the gelatin was produced without any pig based products. In the Islamic religion, this is a non-favorable animal. Therefore, any consumable products made with pigs of any type are frowned upon. There is another word called haram which means forbidden or unacceptable. This would refer to gelatin that was derived, even in a small way, from the remains of pigs. In fact, if gelatin is produced with pig remains, it is simply regarded as not gelatin. Finally, the animal from which the gelatin is produced must be derived from a slaughtering process that is in line with Islamic law. Gelatin has long been known to provide many health benefits. Part of that reason includes the amino acids that are part of its profile. It is very rich in protein, and it has been shown to help people who suffer from conditions like arthritis. It can reduce the discomfort experienced when the cartilage between bones is no longer there. Some studies have shown that the regular intake of gelatin can improve brain function. Additionally, it can also help slow down signs of aging. Collagen is a major component of the outer layer of our skin. The more that we have of it in our body, the more likely it is that it will help improve the firmness and texture of our skin. One of the more popular treats in North America is Jell-O. It is a substance that is almost purely gelatin-based. The only people that may not consume Jell-O would include those that would see it as haram gelatin or those that follow a very strict vegan or vegetarian diet. There are actually forms of Jell-O that utilize seaweed or plant-based gums instead of the cartilage of animals. In regard to eating it every day, because it does provide amino acids and collagen, it is safe to consume daily in moderation. In fact, vegetarian gelatin is often consumed by those of the Islamic faith because it is a safe way to avoid pig derived gelatin.The investment valued at EUR 26 million offers an annual production capacity of 4,500 tons of pâté. It services the market of south-eastern Europe (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia and Kosovo), Turkey and the countries of the Middle East. This plant is halal-certified, so all its output is produced in accordance with the practices of the Muslim faith.

The new look in our packaging was developed by the Publicis, a global advertising agency in collaboration with art director Dušan Grobovšek. The 95-gram round aluminium tins were first used at the new plant in Hadžići, when trial production began at the end of 2006, and began use in Izola in 2007.
Argeta offered the most truthful campaign in the region, based on content and stories with active participation of consumers. A total of 18 mothers from 6 markets took a detailed tour of the Argeta plant, and after inspecting the entire process they confirmed the quality of Argeta with their signatures, awarding it the “Mother approved” seal.In 1993, when Droga was restructured into six divisions, the decline in production and sales was halted. The export orientation was essential simply in terms of the viability threshold for individual product lines (chicken pâté and soup). They wanted to terminate Argeta.

How do you eat Argeta?
Eminently spreadable, Argeta Spicy Chicken Spread is delicious on bread, toast and crackers. Enjoy in a sandwich, on crackers or with crostini – topped with sliced red bell peppers, sliced tomatoes, sliced cucumber and/or onions. Bring a few cans to a picnic or on vacation, and your kids will have fun spreading it too!
To keep up with demand, Argeta buys new equipment and increases its productoin capacity by 20%. In 2001 Argeta is ISO 14001 certified, due to its efficient system of environmental management, and the responsible consumption of raw materials, energy and water.

Argeta becomes the first and only Slovenian brand to win the Euro Effie prize. The prestigious European communication effectiveness award, a bronze Euro Effie 2010, was awarded to the overall communication campaign for Argeta Junior, which Droga Kolinska planned in cooperation with its long-term partner, the Publicis agency. The campaign achieved measurable and demonstrable success in four European markets.Ružica Radojević, The Director of Marrketing in the 90’s, brought the Argeta brand to the former Yugoslavia. She established contacts with Macedonia, Bosnia and Kosovo. There was no success with Serbia owing to the embargo and other difficulties. At that time there was no advertising, and everything took place through personal communication and agreements.

The first order for Macedonia was for 60 tons of pâté, but due to the outmoded production line and lack of raw materials, they barely fulfilled the order. Also due to the war, distribution went through Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria, bebeig sold across the former Yugoslavia. During the war in the Balkans, pâté was a much sought-after item. It was highly nutritious for soldiers in the field, plus it did not need to be stored in a refrigerator, simplifying storage, transport and consumption. At that time sales of pâté in the Bosnian market were 10 times higher than in Slovenia.

In 1997 a deboning machine was acquired, which improved working conditions and decreased workloads. In that same year, the company becomes ISO 9001-certified..
After cleaning, tins are filled and sealed before being sterlised. The aluminium pots allow us to skip the cleaning stage and go directly to sterilisation. Then, the 100-gram pâté pots are sent for storage quarantine and the 35-gram pots to the thermostatic warehouse. The tins undergo one final quality check before shipping.Raw meat is cleaned and cooked in pressure cookers. After cooling, the meat is deboned by hand and the pâté mix is prepared in a 200-litre cutter. The cutter is simultaenously connected to a reservoir for the production line, which includes a machine for shaping the aluminium pots for 35 g of pâté and filling and sealing of pots.

Each year before the December holidays a new pâté flavour is produced in limited quantities. The Argeta Exclusive flavour is developed each year in cooperation with a top restaurant. Since 2009 the following flavours have been rolled out: game pâté, tuna pâté with olives, beef pâté with truffles, beef pâté with asparagus, pâté à la Dvorec Zemono, sea bass with pear and honey, venison pâté with rosemary and à la JB. Of those, the most popular was the beef pâté with truffles; this variety sold out quickly.

Who is the founder of Argeta?
Argeta, a pâté brand by Droga Kolinska d.d./Atlantic Grupa, was first introduced in 1957.
The “Mother approved” ad campaign wins a silver Euro Effie in the category of broad consumer goods. The Swiss organisation ICERTIAS presents Argeta with a Best Buy Award. Atlantic Grupa wins the title of most effective advertiser of 2014 according to the Effie Effectiveness Index methodology. Droga Kolinska, a member of Atlantic Grupa, receives the Advertiser of the Year 2014 prize, presented by the Slovenian Advertising Chamber.

Is Argeta halal or haram?
Our products are 100% halal and have an excellent taste.
The brand’s redesign was led by the Gigodesign agency. The packaging and logo are modernized. Did you know? The brand’s redesign was led by the Gigodesign agency. The packaging and logo are modernized.Ingredients: water, cooked mechanically separated chicken, canola oil, milk proteins (sodium caseinate (a milk derivative), whey (from milk)), potato starch, salt, defatted soy flour, spices, autolyzed yeast extract, oleoresin paprika (color).

Is chicken spread good for health?
Preventing congestive heart failure ➠ Benefits from quite high content of phosphor, zinc, monounsaturated fatty and polyunsaturated fatty. Reducing bad cholesterol (LDL) and increasing good cholesterol (HDL) in the blood ➠ Benefits from high content of niacin, monounsaturated fatty and polyunsaturated fatty.
I agree to my submitted personal data being used or processed in accordance with the privacy rules for the communication of e-messages related to the business operations of the organiser, such as special offers, new features, recipes and general notifications on events, presentations and other notifications, as well as to the data being used for analysis and statistical processing for the purpose of improving the user experience on our digital platforms, conducting market surveys and promotional activities, and advertising.We are committed to using ingredients of the highest quality. All of our products are completely free of preservatives, artificial colouring, flavour enhancers and gluten.Our two production facilities in Slovenia and Bosnia are halal certified. Neither pork nor pork-based products are used in our products or our production facilities. Our halal certificate is renewed annually.

What is argeta chicken spread?
” Argeta Chicken Pate is made from chicken meat enriched with milk and soy proteins, and seasoned with selected natural spices.” [ Cached
Argeta chicken spread has been spreading a delicious experience since 1967. This mouthwatering chicken spread is the perfect staple in your pantry. From morning to evening, you can have this yummy chicken pate for a different course of meals. Especially for your busy schedule. Weight: 95g Chicken PateDelicious chicken spread, made of premium quality chicken meat, milk, soy protein, and seasoned with a blend of spices. Without preservatives and flavour enhancers. You can have this as an appetizer or for your lunch, spreading on bread, toast or sandwiches. Mouthwatering Argeta chicken pate is more useful when you have a busy lifestyle. To enjoy with your family, order this yummy spicy chicken spread now and experience the taste! Weight: 95g Zero added preservatives and flavour enhancers Premium quality chicken meat

What brand of liver spread is halal?
Lady’s Choice Beef Liver Spread (Halal) | M.A. Oriental Foods Ltd.
To make it easier to read / know the benefits, here are delivered in 2 forms, namely succinctly without explanation, and in detail with an explanation of the nutritional content and its benefits.