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Auto Freight Carriers Llc Reviews

CUSTOMER SERVICE, GOOD PRICES Thanks Auto Freight Carriers LLC for your help! It was my first experience of shipping vehicle and I satisfied with their service.this company is a scam This company gave me an estimate and reached out for a day to schedule the pickup of the vehicle. They maintained contact the whole time. When the day came, they said they had no driver. I was upset and told them it was not what was agreed to. The agent said they could have it shipped the next day for more money. I was leaving the state, they suggested I leave the car unlocked with the keys in it. This is not reasonable in any way. I no longer felt I could trust them and told them I would only be available for one more day and for the cost I was quoted. They were unwilling to ship the car for the cost quoted or the day scheduled. They refused to refund all of my deposit saying they had done a lot of work. What work is that? This is a scam.

Highly recommend Had an experience to ship my retro car, the guyswho r working there r best, they did help me to ship it and I’m really happy to work with them,
Quick Service I honestly enjoed workig with Auto Freight Carriers, while I was in a hurry to go on my flight, they showed up really quick and got my car picked up, on delivery, the guy deliverying it was straighforward and did the job quite well on time. I would recommend this company to use every time you have to move your car.

About the shipment from CA to FL I shipped my car from San Francisco to Miami last week. Edward Brown from Auto Freigt Carriers did this job professionally. He kept me updated within the whole process. I will use this company in the future again and would recommend!
High customer service I shipped my car from WA to FL with Auto Freight Carriers, agent’s name was Issac Jones. I really recommend you to work with him. Along the whole process Isaac updated me every day. Will use their service again!I RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY I followed up on them and never regret. They were giving me the best price and it has been changed at all. Lark was communicating for the whole process and was giving me updates about my car. It is really good company to work with. I fully recommend you guys

Excellence Excellent service. Ben is my coordinator. He contacted the trucking company for me and there’s nothing I need to worry. The most prompt service you would receive. Replied in a minute almost instantly. Price is transparent and lower compared to competitors. Delivery is super fast driver told me they’re driving non-stop. Excellent overall. Would recommend.
My car shipment I’ve worked with AUTO FREIGHT CARRIERS LLC and I’m satisfied with their service! These guys do what they say! I would recommend them to all my friends! Thank you guys!Best transportation company I had a great experience while working with this company. I signed contract to ship my car for tomorrrow and they really found available driver on that day and day after my car picked up and delivered on time. Very good customer service and responsible agents. For sure, next time when I’ll be in need to ship my car I’ll choose them without a doubt!Best Company I was really stoked by the customer service that this company provides! Tony helped me even when he was off and I got my car earlier than expected. Super happy From Los Angeles Ca to Miami Beach FL I worked with Thomas from Auto Freight Carriers and i am absolutely satisfied with his service. Driver also was very handsome and he delivered my car within 5 days as they promised. I highly recommend this company United Auto Carrier LLC is an auto transport company based in Jacksonville, Florida. It is licensed to carry out its operations by the FMCSA under the USDOT number 1970339 and MC number 697444. The company provdes interstate transport services through the entire United States. The auto carrier provides transport srvices for SUVs, sedans, RVs, motorcycles, golf carts, vans, trucks, heavy hauling equipment, and military equipment. The company provides open-air transport, enclosed carrier transport, luxury car transport, and expedited transport services. It mainly offers door to door and interstate trucking services. United Auto Carrier LLC also provides coast to coast and port to port transport services. It has a full value protection policy valued at $250,000. The company operates every weekday from 8 am to 5pm. United Auto Carrier LLC has received mixed reviews from critics. Most of its previous clients praise its punctuality and overall service delivery. There are, however, some customers who are discontent with the company’s services. They have complained of damage to some of their transit goods. In case of any additional information or inquiries, you can contact the company directly through the contact information provided on this page.Montway Auto Transport has been in business since 2006 and has grown to become a major leader in auto shipping. The company moved 140,000 cars in 2020 (other providers may take a decade to move that many vehicles). Montway provides extended customer support hours and has a 4.6-star customer rating out of 5.0 on the BBB website from more than 2,000 reviews.

We rate Easy Auto Ship an 8.8 out of 10.0 for its cash discount and coverage options. See what we uncovered about the auto broker in our Easy Auto Ship review.
You can get a refund if you cancel before Easy Auto Ship has assigned a carrier. If you cancel within 24 hours of booking your shipment, you’ll receive a full refund. If you cancel past the 24-hour window but before a carrier is assigned, Easy Auto Ship will charge a $75 administration fee.Shipping a car requires some effort and planning, but Easy Auto Ship promises to make the experience a smooth one. So, do Easy Auto Ship reviews from customers back that up? According to our research, they do.

Like the pickup date, the drop-off date is not guaranteed. You’ll get a call with an estimate from the carrier. When they arrive, you’ll both inspect the vehicle and sign a bill of lading. Make sure to note any new damage. You’ll pay the driver in cash at this point if you selected this payment option.The quotes listed above may be helpful as a reference, but your rates will vary. That’s because a number of factors go into the cost of car shipping. Here are some of the most important:

Customer service is a strength of Easy Auto Ship and it shows in online reviews. Additionally, the company’s rental car policy is a rarity in the shipping industry.
When you find a reasonable price, you can move forward in one of two ways. The first option is to pay cash on delivery. Easy Auto Ship will charge a deposit to your card when it assigns a carrier to your shipment. Then, you’ll pay the remaining balance to the driver upon delivery by cash, cashier’s check, money order or other certified funds.In this article, we at the MarketWatch Guides Team take a look at Easy Auto Ship’s customer service, pricing and shipping options to help you decide whether the company is the right choice for you. We’ve reviewed the best car shipping companies on the market, and Easy Auto Ship is among our top picks. Positive Easy Auto Ship reviews on the BBB mention helpful agents who work with customers throughout the whole process. Reviewers say the company lives up to its name and provides an easy service. Many people also say the carriers take good care of their vehicles along the journey. On pickup day, you’ll get a call from the carrier with a pickup window of a few hours. Easy Auto Ship offers door-to-door shipping, but you may have to meet the driver at a nearby location if the driver can’t navigate to your address safely.The second option is to pay for the shipment in full when you accept the quote. Paying in this way is helpful if you want to use a credit card or PayPal for the entire bill. With this method, Easy Auto Ship will send you paperwork to complete before you pay.

Easy Auto Ship requires its movers to carry at least $100,000 in shipping insurance to cover damages that may occur during transport. The broker also has a contingent cargo insurance policy if the carrier’s insurance doesn’t cover a valid claim.
Our team found enclosed shipping can cost $300 to $600 more than open shipping with Easy Auto Ship depending on the distance. You can also pay an extra $75 to have your car loaded onto the top level of the open transport trailer to keep it safe from vehicle fluids along the journey.As a car shipping broker, Easy Auto Ship can work to find options for many kinds of vehicles beyond the ones listed here. If you don’t see the vehicle you need to ship here, call the company to see if they can find a carrier. Not all Easy Auto Ship customers have positive experiences. Some negative reviews mention pickup dates getting pushed later and later. Others say the original shipping cost went up when carriers became unavailable or asked for more money. In the fall of 2021, the Guides Auto Team conducted a survey of 1,000 car shipping customers. Among respondents, Easy Auto Ship was the third-most popular auto transport provider. Here’s what else we learned from Easy Auto Ship customers:The MarketWatch Guides Team is committed to providing reliable information to help you make the best possible decision about shipping your vehicle. Because consumers rely on us to provide objective and accurate information, we created a comprehensive rating system to formulate our rankings of the best car shipping companies. We collected data on dozens of auto transport providers to grade the companies on a wide range of ranking factors. After 200 hours of research, the end result was an overall rating for each provider, with the companies that scored the most points topping the list.You can use Easy Auto Ship’s instant quote tool or call an agent to get a quote. Easy Auto Ship guarantees its prices and doesn’t charge hidden fees. You’ll have to call an agent to get a quote if you have a modified vehicle. After Easy Auto Ship assigns a carrier, you’ll get a pickup window of a few days. Be aware that the pickup date is not usually guaranteed, as auto shipping is an unpredictable industry. You can get expedited shipping for a guaranteed pickup date, however. Easy Auto Ship is a car shipping broker that has been around since 2013. Easy Auto Ship reviews from customers on both the BBB website and Google are positive overall, and the provider offers a variety of auto transport services.Hand the keys to the driver after signing the paperwork. According to Easy Auto Ship, a shipment of up to 600 miles can take up to four days, and a cross-country shipment of over 2,400 miles can take up to nine days.

Because consumers rely on us to provide objective and accurate information, we created a comprehensive rating system to formulate our rankings of the best car shipping companies. We collected data on dozens of auto transport providers to grade the companies on a wide range of ranking factors. The end result was an overall rating for each provider, with the companies that scored the most points topping the list.
Our 2021 car shipping survey found that 121 of the 1,000 respondents used Easy Auto Ship to transport their vehicles. Over 65% of those who used Easy Auto Ship stated they were satisfied with their car shipping experience, while 57% reported they would recommend the company to a friend.Before shipment, clean your car inside and out. This helps the driver to see its condition clearly during pickup. Remove personal items and attachments like bike racks. Disable alarms and automatic toll devices. Leave the vehicle with a quarter tank of gas so the driver can move it on and off the trailer.

While Easy Auto Ship is a great option, there are other reputable car shipping companies as well. We recommend checking out quotes from providers like Montway Auto Transport and uShip to find the best rates.
Partner content: This content was created by a business partner of Dow Jones and researched and written independently of the MarketWatch newsroom. Links in this article may result in us earning a commission. Learn MoreIn one customer complaint on the BBB website, the customer’s car sustained about $2,300 in damages, but the carrier’s insurance policy had a deductible of $2,500. Easy Auto Ship responded to the complaint by saying the carrier was unlikely to pay out of pocket even though it was responsible and advised the customer to file a civil suit against the carrier.

Easy Auto Ship reviews from customers online are mostly positive. About 800 customers on the BBB website give the company a 4.6-star rating out of 5.0 stars. Easy Auto Ship also has an A+ rating with accreditation from the BBB itself. Looking at Easy Auto Ship reviews on Google, the company has a 4.6-star rating from over 3,000 customer reviews. While Easy Auto Ship reviews are mostly positive, the company has a weaker 3.4-star rating on Trustpilot. However, this is only from 10 customer reviews on the site.
Easy Auto Ship’s online claim form allows you to submit before and after photos, along with the copy of the bill of lading to document the damage. You’ll need to submit this information and repair estimates within 72 hours of delivery.

To cancel your Easy Auto Ship service, you must submit a cancellation request in writing, either electronically or through the mail. If you decide to mail in y
our cancellation request, you can send it to the following address:
Many auto shipping companies can get your car from point A to point B, but Easy Auto Ship sets itself apart from the competition with its rental car policy. If your car takes more than 14 days to get to its destination after pickup, Easy Auto Ship will pay for a rental car. The company will also reimburse you for a car wash if your car arrives dirty.uShip is a shipping marketplace that allows you to connect with carriers and brokers to find the best price. You can create a listing in the marketplace and watch carriers bid on your shipment. We recommend uShip if you have a unique shipping situation and need a custom quote.

Call or email Easy Auto Ship within 24 hours after delivery to file a damage claim. Be aware that you need to pay the driver in full even if your car is damaged.After a thorough Easy Auto Ship review, we rate the vehicle shipping broker 8.7 out of 10.0 and recommend it as one of the best car shipping companies. Easy Auto Ship’s online quote tool makes it easy to book a shipment to anywhere in the country, and you can save when you pay in cash. It is also well regarded by customers for its quality customer experience, which is why we have given it the award for Great Customer Service.

While uShip doesn’t vet carriers, it provides an option for extra cargo insurance. Most customers have positive experiences with uShip — the company has a 4.4-star customer rating out of 5.0 from nearly 11,000 reviews on Trustpilot.
Overall, we found quotes from Easy Auto Ship to be about $100 less expensive than the industry average for a 1,500-mile shipment. You can also save up to $150 by choosing the flat-rate cash option at booking. This is a more substantial cash discount than many other brokers offer. This issue underscores the fact that carriers are independent businesses and have their own insurance policies, which may or may not benefit the customer. Easy Auto Ship can help you get in touch with a carrier if there is a problem, but it isn’t responsible for damage since it’s a broker. Easy Auto Ship’s extra cargo insurance coverage only comes into play if the carrier’s insurance gets maxed out or the carrier refuses to cover a valid claim. is the official website of Easy Auto Ship. According to our research, Easy Auto Ship conducted business under the name DIY Transport for a number of years. Easy Auto Ship is a legitimate car shipping company with high customer review scores.

When you meet the driver, you’ll both inspect the vehicle and then sign a bill of lading noting its condition. Be thorough and make sure the driver makes accurate notes, as you’ll sign another bill of lading at drop-off. We recommend taking photos of the car at all angles.
Montway Auto Transport is our Editor’s Choice for car shipping overall. The company offers low prices and a variety of shipping options. With Montway, you can ship a car anywhere in the United States or throughout the world.While Sherpa has an impressive online quote calculator, it’s the Price Lock Promise that really sells its customers. With the Price Lock Promise, customers can rest easy knowing that Sherpa Auto Transport will cover up to $300 in potential price increases. And if you’ve ever received a car shipping quote before, you know it’s not uncommon for your final price to be up to 25% higher than your initial quote. This is a big deal—especially because we don’t see any of Sherpa’s competitors offering something similar.If time is tight, you can pay $500 to take care of it in 24 hours. You could easily pay twice as much if you called another company out of the blue and asked for next-day pickup.Yes, Bargain Auto Transport has cheap car shipping. The shipping service has some of the lowest rates in the business because it gives truck drivers several weeks to bid on your job. Just be aware that Bargain Auto Transport charges a $100 listing fee to access its low car transport rates. AmeriFreight puts each of its carriers through a rigorous vetting process. The company’s five-pronged approach weeds out the bad drivers so you end up with a car carrier that will keep your car safe on the road: “Do not use” list. A bad apple occasionally sneaks through even though AmeriFreight carefully vets its carriers. When that happens, AmeriFreight tosses it faster than you can say, “Annie ate eight Arctic apples.” The company keeps an internal “do not use” list for rotten carriers to make sure you work with only the best drivers. This year, Sherpa Auto Transport takes our top spot as the best car shipping company. Low pricing aside, Sherpa Auto Transport now offers its customers a Price Lock Promise. That means it’ll cover any price increase up to $300—and in an industry where final prices are often 25% higher than the original quote, you could be saving yourself the headache of a last minute payment during your move by choosing Sherpa. The cheapest auto transport company is Ship A Car Direct, according to The car transport company’s average price of $981 to ship a car on an open car carrier is about 11% cheaper than the vehicle shipping industry average.Ship A Car Direct has quickly risen to the top of the industry. Aside from a comprehensive carrier vetting process (to make sure you’re always getting the best drivers), Ship A Car Direct now offers some of the lowest car shipping prices around. How low? Well, its pricing comes in around 11% lower than the industry average—which means around $130 in savings for the average customer. And pricing is even better for customers shipping with enclosed transport, which offers even more protection for your vehicle against damage in transit. Not to worry though, Ship A Car Direct also provides a damage-free guarantee worth up to $500. Not bad at all.

AmeriFreight has three car shipping pricing options that help you fine-tune your shipment. The lone downside is that it can be confusing to know which one you need. Thankfully, we’re about to clear that up for you:
On the downside, the website is a hot mess. A pop-up ad gets in your way no matter where you seem to go, and the “live chat” is really just a way to start an email dialogue. But those are small details, and Easy Auto Ship is clearly a company with big aspirations. We wouldn’t be surprised to see Easy Auto Ship climb the rankings in future years.Hiring the best drivers is one of Sherpa Auto Transport’s priorities. Between reviewing publicly available government and transportation records, and analyzing driver performance, this car shipping company makes sure to avoid cutting any corners. Plus, they actively maintain a “do not use” list of carriers who provide negative customer experiences. And Sherpa requires all of its carriers to add them as a policy holder on their insurance policies to make it easier for customers to file a claim if something happens to your vehicle in transit.

Yes, it typically costs extra for a car shipping to transport an inoperable vehicle. Fee amounts can vary, but it’s not uncommon to pay an additional $100–$150 if your car doesn’t start.
AmeriFreight has a gap insurance coverage plan that is next level. For $50–$100, you get up to $2,000 towards your insurance deductible (if the carrier’s insurance won’t pay)—and a 48-hour window to look for damage to your vehicle. Since most companies require you to document damage at the time of delivery or forever hold your peace, the two extra days afforded by the gap coverage is incredible.

Our top pick: This year, Sherpa Auto Transport wins our top spot. The car shipping company offers some pretty competitive pricing, delivers unparalleled customer service (and free car washes), and even promises to cover any cost increase within $300 with their Price Lock Promise. In short, Sherpa Auto Transport is doing everything right.
Yes, you can\u00a0ship your car overseas. You’ll typically need to provide a photo ID, proof of ownership, and vehicle registration before an auto transport company will send your car to another country.If you must start a new job or move into your new place by a specific date, American Auto Shipping can speed up your service. It picks up most vehicles within five days, but you can pay an extra $200 t
o have the driver load your car within two days.

uShip isn’t a transport broker as much as it is an online marketplace where you can find truck drivers. That makes it different from any other company on this list. uShip gives you control over your pricing and lets you see each carrier’s driving history. It also reimburses you up to $500 if there’s an accident and is available in all 50 states. While uShip’s prices aren’t guaranteed, the company’s rates are lower than they’ve ever been. It takes a minute to learn how to use uShip’s website to find auto shipping services, but it’s worth the effort more often than not.We like American Auto Shipping, but we’re surprised that we could find only about 2,000 customer reviews. For a company that’s been around 20-plus years, we’d expect at least 10 times that many. It may not be the biggest red flag, but it’s definitely something to pay attention to.

The best tips for preparing to ship your car include emptying it of personal belongings and making sure the gas tank isn’t more than one-quarter full. The size and weight of your vehicle affect the price to ship a car, so the less it weighs, the less you pay.

In the auto transport industry, it’s not uncommon for a company to offer zero additional insurance for their customers, putting most of the liability on the carriers. But that’s not the case with Ship A Car Direct. The broker is so confident in the quality of their drivers that it offers a damage-free guarantee of up to $500 towards your insurance deductible in the unlikely event your car experiences damage during transit.
Ship A Car Direct receives an average of 4.8 out of 5 stars for customer service across multiple platforms, and for good reason. Customers usually refer to fast and helpful customer service in their reviews, and many negative reviews are even followed up by responses from the company’s owner. Ship A Car Direct cares for their customers, and their customer reviews reflect that.Montway Auto Transport has been on our top five list for some time, and it consistently proves that it belongs there. With Montway, you know you’ll be getting some of the lowest prices in the industry, and you won’t even have to worry about up-front payments. It’s the innovator of an online price calculator that many of its competitors now use, and they even offer something many cannot: guaranteed pick up dates . . . which means you don’t have to fret about last minute changes to your travel plans. American Auto Shipping has some of the best insurance coverage in the biz. While accidents are rare, sometimes things can go wrong. Maybe the driver gets in an accident or road debris dents your car. If you end up needing to file an insurance claim, American Auto Shipping will pay up to $500 towards your deductible. But American Auto Shipping doesn’t ask for a deposit. Even if the company asked for a deposit, the guaranteed pricing means you wouldn’t have any big surprises. But American Auto Shipping knows it’s a pain to pay up front, so the broker waives your deposit. It’s another example of a little thing that really matters.The best auto transport company is Sherpa Auto Transport, according to The car shipping service offers competitive rates for open and enclosed auto transport, has excellent customer reviews, and even offers a Price Lock Promise up to $300. gives the transport company a rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars.

American Auto Shipping has one of the rarest features in the car shipping industry: guaranteed pricing. While your initial quote often balloons about 25% with many other transport companies, it doesn’t budge a penny with American Auto Shipping. Your estimate on day one is the same number that shows up on your final bill.SGT Auto Transport makes our list of best car shipping companies in 2023, and we’re happy to see them there. Not only are you going to find some of the lowest guaranteed prices in the industry, but you’ll also find that their ability to innovate provides their customers with some of the best and most customizable transport service around. From the launch of an online quoting tool to the promise of full insurance coverage with each shipment and competitor price-matching, you can rest assured you’ll be getting the best bang for your buck. And we haven’t even mentioned their numerous other offerings, like 24-hour customer service, no-upfront payments, motorcycle shipping, and guaranteed pick-up dates (and expedited shipping options), to name a few. Plus, SGT Auto Transport offers free cancellation if your vehicle isn’t picked up for the day it’s scheduled.And as if that’s not enough, auto transport company is famous for its unmatched customer service and free car washes. It even puts each potential carrier through an exhaustive background check to ensure you get the best drivers. In sum, Sherpa Auto Transport is not afraid to innovate and challenge the status quo—which has, in turn, made them one of the best companies in the industry. No wonder they are our pick for the best car shipping company.American Auto Shipping is impressive. The auto transporter has the best guaranteed quotes in the business: your final price is the same as your initial quote (many companies charge around an extra 25%). You also don’t have to pay a deposit. And while accidents rarely happen, American Auto Shipping chips in $500 toward your deductible if you need to file an insurance claim. Put it all together, and this is one of the best car shipping companies we’ve seen.

Ship A Car Direct scrutinizes potential truck drivers to make sure your vehicle is in safe hands. The auto shipper operates with a “hire slow, fire fast” mentality, which means Ship A Car Direct takes its time hiring the best drivers and immediately cuts ties with those that produce negative experiences for its customers. With this method, you can rest easy knowing that the company works hard to protect you against disreputable drivers.

Yes, uShip has vehicle shipping. In addition to transporting items like furniture, uShip can help you find an affordable and highly rated auto shipping company to meet your local and long-distance vehicle transportation needs. uShip’s open carrier rates are about 25% cheaper than its enclosed transport prices.
You should look for several things in an auto transporter, including low prices, good customer service, and supplemental insurance. Keep your eye on any car transport company that has been around for 10 years or longer (staying power is a big deal in the transportation service industry).

American Auto Shipping’s prices seem high because it gives your final price up front. Many other companies suck you in with a low quote—and then raise your rates.

The\u00a0best tips for preparing to ship your car\u00a0include emptying it of personal belongings and making sure the gas tank isn’t more than one-quarter full. The size and weight of your vehicle affect the price to ship a car, so the less it weighs, the less you pay.
For example, if you don’t find damage until the next day because your car gets delivered at night, you can still file a claim. The gap coverage can even be applied toward a rental vehicle if there’s a significant delay in your delivery timeline.But what we really appreciate is that many of the company’s innovations come straight from the company’s owner, who understands that a positive customer experience is the most important part. And as a result, Sherpa has maintained an average customer review rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars for the last 2 years.

Ultimately, the company has given customers a safe shipping experience for more than 17 years and it’s clear that’s a promise they’ll continue to deliver on for many more years to come.
No, enclosed transport isn’t the cheapest way to transport your motorcycle. It costs more to use an enclosed carrier, but enclosed shipping also protects your bike from bad weather and road debris. Open transport is much cheaper, but it leaves your motorcycle exposed to the elements.

AmeriFreight is another auto transporter that carefully vets all of its drivers and maintains a “do not use” list for low-quality drivers. But it offers a cherry on top that other companies don’t: a gap coverage plan that lets you take two days to look for damage and pays up to $2,000 toward your deductible if you need to file a claim.
Montway has one of the most user-friendly online chat experiences around, because instead of connecting you to a bot, you’re likely to reach a real person within 60 seconds. From there, knowledgeable customer service reps can help you get an auto shipping quote, respond to inquiries about existing quotes or orders, and answer any other questions you may have. A service that most other companies don’t offer, guaranteed pickup is something Montway offers to each one of its customers—at an extra price. That said, having control over your move timeline is an immense luxury in the car transport industry, as prices and pickup/delivery dates are often subject to change. But with Montway, you can feel confident that your vehicle will be picked up on the day of your choosing, so you can keep your travel itinerary intact. Although Montway cannot guarantee GPS tracking for every shipment (because the carrier must first agree to be tracked), it does its best to find compliant drivers for each customer. This effort is more than most companies are willing to exert, and as a result GPS tracking is not the easiest service in the industry to come by.

American Auto Shipping has an average customer service rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars. That’s saying something for a company that’s been around for more than 20 years. Here are just a few of the reasons behind American Auto Shipping’s top-notch reviews:There’s a lot to like about AmeriFreight. Customers give the car shipping company an average review rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars. Plus, it’s available in all 50 states. AmeriFreight even has military discounts. Oh yeah, and it offers some of the lowest pricing for larger vehicles of any company on this list.

Sherpa prides itself on delivering exceptional customer service during the shipping process. Customers consistently rave about the Price Lock Promise, professional customer service reps, and free car washes—offers that many other companies are now trying to emulate.Easy Auto Ship gives customers a free rental car if their vehicles don’t arrive within two weeks. The company fully guarantees its phone quotes (prices may change if you reserve online), kicks in an extra $100,000 insurance coverage, and gets excellent customer reviews. Easy Auto Ship doesn’t even charge you until it assigns a carrier.Yes, you can ship your car overseas. You’ll typically need to provide a photo ID, proof of ownership, and vehicle registration before an auto transport company will send your car to another country.

AmeriFreight’s gap coverage lets you take 48 hours to document any damage to your car. It’s a lifesaver if you can’t identify any problems because your car arrives at night or in bad weather. Once you make an arrangement with our Auto Transport Coordinator, your car will be picked up by one of our trusted drivers at the time which works best for you. The responsible coordinator will keep you posted about each step of your car shipping. Be calm with our safe auto transportation! Fill the form, get a free quote and then one of our Auto Transport Coordiantors will give you a call so you can get detailed information. You can choose a time-window matching your demand.After filling the form with all information regarding your vehicle: type of vehicle, exact pick-up and delivery locations, transport type and preferable time window, you will get personalized car shipping quote from one of our Auto Transport Coordinators. You can book online in through the link you receive in your email, or by contacting with our professional coordinators.

Auto Freight Carriers LLC is Authorized by FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) for auto shipping services. We are licensed, bonded and fully-insured company, having access over all states in the United StatesYour pick up window starts on your first available pickup date and generally run 5 business days after unless you are shipping expedited. This is not part of your transit time. Auto transit time is the number of days that it should take to transport a vehicle, and this will depend primarily on the distance that a car will be transported. There are some other factors that may alter the expected auto transit time, such as weather or mechanical troubles. If your pick up or delivery location is in a rural area, you may also be able to speed up your transport and save some money by meeting your driver in or near a major metropolitan area. However, we also provide door-to-door transportation service.

We are on the way to make car shipping as easy as possible for our customers. We have a team of experienced and dedicated auto transport experts who are ready to assist you for your auto transport needs at anytime you want. Whenever you ship your vehicle with Auto Freight Carriers LLC, so satisfaction will be delivered to you!
The auto transport carrier will inform you a few hours before arriving drop of location. They will give you a few hours notice so you can make sure you are free to accept. If even you are not free, simply nominate a person which you are familiar with. So, it is the end of our journey, you receive your car and be satisfied with professional service. So, car shipping is such easy with us!Community testimonials, ratings and consumer reports on Auto Freight Carriers LLC – a professional company located in 874 Colony Dr, Charleston, SC, 29407. Discover Charleston, South Carolina moving companies.

They have arranged next-day home pickup and delivered earlier than promised. Their pricing was reasonable when compared with other carriers. They are friendly & communicated as needed. I felt comfortable and relaxed during the entire transaction. Hassle-free and most convenient service. I personally recommend their services for vehicle shipping needs. You can rely on them blindly without a second thought.
Ask Javokhir Islomov about the services of Auto Freight Carriers LLC. Javokhir Islomov is a customer of the business and is willing to be used as a reference. Please use this form to contact this customer for reference purposes only.

Ask Osvaldo Rojas about the services of Auto Freight Carriers LLC. Osvaldo Rojas is a customer of the business and is willing to be used as a reference. Please use this form to contact this customer for reference purposes only.For Auto Freight Carriers LLC, we estimate that their average long-distance moving costs will be around $846, based on 33 long distance moving reviews. Auto Freight Carriers did an excellent job in transporting my car from Tampa Florida to Rochester, NY. My car was in excellent condition when it arrived. The dispatcher was in constant contact with me and payment was easy to do. The driver called me and arranged with me the time to pick up my car any location of my choice to pick up my car and to drop off. I was able to ship things in the car, but although at a fee. However, it was still cheaper than most car transport services. I will use this company again to transport my vehicle. Ask Jean Haley about the services of Auto Freight Carriers LLC. Jean Haley is a customer of the business and is willing to be used as a reference. Please use this form to contact this customer for reference purposes only.

Although I did not end up needing to have my car shipped in the end, David had great customer service. Of all the quotes I received, he gave me the best one and he worked hard to find me a driver. Based on service, I would definitely give him 5 stars! Thankfully, when I do end up needing to ship my car, I know who I will reach out to! Thanks for all your help!
MyMovingReviews may not be affiliated with Auto Freight Carriers LLC. By selecting the link to the left, you will have to opportunity to either go directly to the website or have other potential movers provide you with estimates.We generate average normalized moving cost based on information submitted by people who have reviewed Auto Freight Carriers LLC. Take note that these prices may vary from the prices you will get if you contact the company, since these costs are based on reviews data and not the movers themselves. Please note that move prices can vary greatly based on factors like home size and distance between locations as well as supplemental services like packing and assembly.

Roman went out of his way and worked hard to find car transport that was reasonably priced. He kept in close communication, providing updates and truly tried to advocate with me as a customer. Although I’d had outreah from many other brokers, Roman was the most helpful and persistent. I would coose Roman again! He found a good trucker, Mobile Moses, LLC out of San Diego and my car was safely, perfectly delivered! Thank you, Roman!
To legitimately perform interstate moves, moving companies must be registered with the FMSCA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration). Click on the Auto Freight Carriers LLC license numbers for the government record information:Ask Stephen Hamilton about the services of Auto Freight Carriers LLC. Stephen Hamilton is a customer of the business and is willing to be used as a reference. Please use this form to contact this customer for reference purposes only.This could mean that long-distance moving services costs of Auto Freight Carriers LLC for moving between states is cheaper with about 84% from the market average. They were the only shipping company to fully follow through in a direct, clear, and timely manner. They were also the ones with the best real price. Leo was very good help and the driver Ricardo was also pretty straightforward and easy to get a hold of. Overall pretty satisfied and would recommend if you want a company to just follow through and ship your car, and at a very reasonable price at that. MyMovingReviews may not be affiliated with Auto Freight Carriers LLC. By selecting the link to the left, you will have to opportunity to either directly call or have other potential movers provide you with estimates.Ask Tara Pourkanan about the services of Auto Freight Carriers LLC. Tara Pourkanan is a customer of the business and is willing to be used as a reference. Please use this form to contact this customer for reference purposes only.