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Bis Guardian Druid

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Mark of Dargrul (Neltharion’s Lair) – A good pure offensive choice but can be annoying to use the frontal effect it provides. Also has the slight downside of giving passive crit instead of primary stat.
Infurious Footwraps of Indemnity (boots) – These PvP boots are also seeing changes in 10.1, turning them into a Sephuz-like effect, granting you 10s of an agility buff whenever you successfully interrupt, dispel, or CC an enemy on a 30s CD. In M+ situations or just in general when you’re able to get this proc as close to on CD as possible this is an extremely powerful option, likely being the go-to in dungeon content.

Harlan’s Loaded Dice (Freehold) – Powerful passive trinket that can proc Mastery, Haste, and Crit. Generally strong, but again lacks control and consistency and will lose out to the Chromatic Essence trinket if you have other party members using it.
New with patch 10.0.7 is the Onyx Annulet ring, which can be upgraded up to 424 item level and socketed with 3 unique primordial stones. There is currently an extremely powerful combination of stones for pretty much all tanks in Single Target scenarios, consistent of the following:

Voice of the Silent Star (Scalecommander Sarkareth) – Very Rare cape that will steal a small amount of 4 nearby allies’ lowest secondary stat in order to give you a large amount of your highest secondary stat. Overall net gain in stats but the proc uptime is quite low and you give up a decent chunk of stamina for an inconsistent stat boost.
Dragonfire Bomb Dispenser (Zskarn) – Another solid pure offensive option for ST, despite being an on-use this doesn’t share a CD with other trinkets allowing for a double on-use trinket situation without worrying about the hassle.Shadowflame-Tempered Armor Patch (any slot) – A new embellishment coming in 10.1, this causes your attacks to sometimes apply a stacking shadowflame DoT. While this doesn’t beat out the Toxic Footwraps in ST, it does begin to pull ahead in AoE, with the added benefit of being able to proc the Eranog ring if you have it for some additional fire damage. Treemouth’s Festering Splinter (Brackenhide Hollow) – Large absorb shield on-use with a 1.5min CD, excelling at general mitigation or big tank busters, though it has no offensive upside. Toxified Armor Patch (any slot) – Available to be put on any slot, this amps the value of Toxic Thorn Footwraps when used together. As mentioned above, with the buffs to the boots in 10.1, if you’re looking to maximize ST damage you’ll want to run them combined with this patch to amplify the effect.

Heart of Thunder (Vortex Pinnacle) – Passive damage proc trinket on being attacked that scales off your haste. Also does a nice chunk of self-healing if talented into Elune’s Favored, though has the slight downside of providing Vers instead of primary stat. Despite this it is one of the better options for M+.
Djaruun, Pillar of the Elder Flame (Rashok, the Elder) – Very Rare 2h Polearm with a 2.5min on-use effect to deal additional fire damage when attacking. Likely the best weapon available for Guardians this season.

Something worth noting is that, if you’re looking to maximize your damage, in scenarios where the target count is 4 or more it’s actually a decent dps increase to use your Vault of the Incarnates 2p bonus alongside the Aberrus 2p, as opposed to using the Aberrus 4p. This does of course mean you’re sacrificing quite a bit of stats in the process, potentially making this damage gain not worthwhile in dangerous content.
Potion Absorption Inhibitor (any slot) – This gives a solid boost to both damage and defensiveness assuming you are using potions relatively close to on cooldown, and has the added benefit of being a good general embellishment for all of the other druid specs in case you play multiple specs. While it may not be the best option on this list, it’s much more flexible.

Toxic Thorn Footwraps (boots) – A decent damage option in Season 1, this is seeing significant buffs in patch 10.1, making it the best option when it comes to damage in ST scenarios. This comes with the minor downside of reducing your stamina slightly, but overall you won’t notice this cost.
Talisman of the Cragshaper (Neltharion’s Lair) – A good defensive option that gives a large absorb shield for 50% of damage intake on an extremely short 1min CD. Seems to be slightly behind both Shard of Rokmora and Treemouth’s Splinter when it comes to overall defensive value, but has the shortest CD of the 3 if you need something more often.Elementium Pocket Anvil (Amalgamation Chamber) – Damage proc trinket that ramps up with each use, and similar to the bomb dispenser doesn’t share a CD with other trinkets allowing for double on-use. Performs extremely well on longer boss fights or in M+ dungeons where you’re able to maintain your stacks between packs, however on shorter boss fights or dungeons where you keep resetting stacks it loses significant value.

This is a pretty strong tier set bonus for Guardian druids, however it is quite boring in the sense that it will easily be maintained at all times just playing the spec normally, and it doesn’t impact any talent or rotation choices.Flaring Cowl (helm) – A staple embellishment in Season 1, this is now being outclassed by some of our other options, and is likely something you’ll look to replace. It also occupies a tier slot, forcing you to wear the other 4 pieces. Seal of Diurna’s Chosen (Eranog) – Yes, this is a ring from Vault of the Incarnates, however it remains a powerful damage option for Guardian druids, who can proc it through embellishments, trinkets, enchants, or even the weapon next on this list. For single target damage this will likely be BiS, however it gets outclassed by the higher ilvl rings in AoE. Ominous Chromatic Essence (Forgotten Experiments) – Stat stick trinket that you get to pick the secondary of and is buffed by having other allies choose different stats. Very good passive option.Beacon to the Beyond (Scalecommander Sarkareth) – Powerful on-use offensive trinket that does a ton of burst damage, likely the best pure offensive option this season. Also does healing if talented into Elune’s Favored.

The HoT from the 2p is relatively unnoticeable given it’s low value, however the damage boosts to both thrash and maul synergize nicely with Ursoc’s Fury. In addition to this, having 15% increased max health at all times helps to put bears back near the top when it comes to overall health pool, which helps to boost their baseline defensiveness a bit compared to season 1, especially when combined with buffs they received to their mastery.Untested on PTR, this trinket seems to be quite good in M+ as it procs off damage taken and is affected by haste. It also does a nice chunk of healing if talented into Elune’s Favored, and despite having passive vers instead of primary is looking to be one of the better M+ trinkets in this patch.

Mutated Magmammoth Scale (Neltharus) – Passive damage proc trinket with no defensive upside. Not the best option but a good “set it and forget it” one.
Neltharion’s Call to Suffering (Echo of Neltharion) – Very rare proc trinket that gives a ton of primary stat but comes with a small self dot. A decent in-between of offensive and defensive value, however it being a random proc reduces the defensive value slightly as it lacks control.Shard of Rokmora (Neltharion’s Lair) – After getting some buffs this is a really good defensive option that reduces incoming damage for 30s or until you hit a certain cap on a 2min CD that does not share a CD with other on-use trinkets. Very powerful at mitigating many smaller hits over a long period of time, not great at mitigating a lower volume of bigger hits.Undulating Sporecloak (cape) – A new embellishment coming in 10.1, this gives you passive healing while above 70% health, and when pushed below 30% health will proc an absorb shield on a 2min CD. This has no offensive value but is likely to be quite strong defensively if it’s needed.

Elemental Lariat (neck) – Lariat is getting some decent nerfs for the beginning of 10.1, as it’s being changed to scale off the number of sockets on your gear. This means when you have no sockets the proc will be quite weak, however once you have a full set of sockets this will get to the same power level it was in 10.0. That being said, many other embellishments have received significant buffs, resulting in them surpassing Lariat even in this situation, making it unlikely you’ll use it in Season 2. Note that this selects the lower secondary of elemental gems only, so as an example if you’re using Energized Ysemerald it will proc versatility.Screaming Black Dragonscale (Kazzara) – Very Rare proc trinket that gives Crit and Leech. Decent passive stat option, though again comes with the downside of being a random proc instead of being controlled or completely passive.Whenever you get a new piece of gear, enchant it or gem it, if possible. In Dragonflight, sockets can come with or be put on: Head, Belt, Wrists, Rings, and Necks. The optimal enchants and gems for Guardian Druids are on the page linked below.

Embellishments are additional item effects that can be applied to gear crafted with professions. You are limited to only two embellishments active on your equipment at any time. For Guardian Druids, we recommend the following:
The Onyx Annulet is a new ring added in Patch 10.0.7 that can be customized by combining different Primordial Stone Gems. To acquire the Onyx Annulet, you must run the Zskera Vaults, an outdoor activity zone. Condensed Magic items allow you to create Primordial Stone Gems from each specific family. These items can be looted in the Forbidden Reach from different sources, such as chests or events. Jewelcrafters will then be able to upgrade your gems to a stronger level.The best loot in the game will come from the weekly chest (now the Great Vault), and from Mythic raiding. Mythic+ is also a fantastic source of filling in those missing slots. This guide has been written by Pumps who has played since Vanilla and has tanked in Honestly, the #1 Oceanic raiding guild, since Mists of Pandaria. He also played in the first MDI Mythic+ Dungeon Tournament, where his team placed second. His mindset on tanking has always been taking the utility and damage one can bring to the raid to the next level. He was the #1 Rank DPS Guardian Druid for 5 tiers in a row and top the 1-6 for the last 12 tiers, playing Guardian Druid, Brewmaster Monk and Protection Warrior mainly based on what is the strongest for progression at the time. You can find him on discord — Pumps#0734 — and on Twitch. Offensively, you can refer to the chart below (courtesy of Note that these are only recommendations based on general sims; you should sim yourself for the most accurate results.The following is a list of the most noteworthy trinkets available overall, ranked in order of power assuming equivalent item level. If you do not have any of these, your best bet will be to use a stat proc trinket with a reasonably high item level. Our tier set is completely passive and has no impact on playstyle or rotation. The 2p gives us a small amount of rage generation and negligible healing. The 4p grants us 15% hp permanently and a 20% damage increase to Maul. In short, yes! It will remain our highest damage ring available throughout Season 2 Dragonflight unless there are significant nerfs. Luckily, farming the ring is an extremely short grind and should take no longer than 1-3 hours, depending on a bit of RNG getting the correct stones. Defensively, a high-item-level ring with secondary stats will be better, so if surviving is your only concern, you can skip this ring.Cataclysm Timewalking is back as of May 23rd, 2023, and introduces new Trinkets and other items from dungeons like the Stonecore, Lost City of the Tol’vir, Throne of the Tides, End Time, Blackrock Caverns, and the Firelands Raid. The Firelands Trinkets can be upgraded to Item Level 437. They will only be available this week until Cataclysm Timewalking hopefully comes around again later.

The following is a recommendation for what items might constitute a best in slot list for Guardian Druids with items purely available from dungeons. Most of your gearing decisions will be based on what items have the best stats. To fully understand what stats are the best to prioritize and why please visit the Stats page below.
The Inspiration Catalyst is a feature that allows you to convert any piece into “Tier” while retaining item level, socket, and tertiary perks. This can help you to optimize your gear further, similar to the old reforging system.

Trinkets from Firelands are okay and can be really good starter items, but luckily for Guardian druid, none of them are that great, so you do not have to be sad if you miss your single kill opportunity to get them.
The following is a recommendation for what items might constitute a best-in-slot list for Guardian Druids, with items purely available from the new raid Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible.

Dragonflight Season 2 introduces two new currencies: Flightstones and Shadowflame Crests are both obtainable from practically all forms of content in the game. They can be used to upgrade gear up to Item Level 441, which is entry-level Mythic Raid Item Level. They can also upgrade Crafted Gear up to iLvl 447, which is late-Mythic Item Level.
Jewelcrafting Trinkets “Idol of the […]” depend on the number and type of gems used in your sockets. Therefore their value can vastly differ to what you see here. To check their worth for your character generate your own custom chart by becoming a patron, or simulate your character yourself.

Both trinkets are removed from the profile. Instead one trinket with the appropriate primary stat and a static Versatility amount is equipped. This profile is the base profile. For each trinket and trinket itemlevel you see above a new profile is created.
Subcreation provides statistical analysis of Mythic+ dungeons (via the API), Raids, and PvP in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight and provides summaries of the top talents, gear, enchants, and gems used in Mythic+ and Raids (via the Warcraft Logs API). Item and ability tooltips by Wowhead. All images copyright Blizzard Entertainment. Subcreation updates every eight hours for top Mythic+ runs, every 24 hours for top talents, gear, enchants, and gems, for both raid and Mythic+, and every 24 hours for PvP statistics. The top talents, gear, enchants, and gems based on the top 3893 Guardian Druid M+ logs (1217 unique characters) from the past four weeks (only including logs from 10.1), ranging in difficulty from +20 to +26.The Mage Tower is an event that becomes available during the Legion Time Walking week. It offers a variety of challenges for different specializations, including Guardian Druids. In this guide, we will look into the fight with Highlord Kruul, and we will try to give you as many tips and tricks for this encounter as possible. Ready? /pull 5Thank you for reading our guide to Guardian Druid Mage Tower. We hope it was helpful and that you found something for yourself here. Our team appreciates your feedback, don’t forget to rate this guide, please! And don’t forget to check our full Mage Tower guide.This Mage Tower challenge is believed to be one of the hardest in the game. You will often find yourself dead because of failing some mechanics or missing debuffs. Moreover, you should be focused on doing consistent damage to priority targets. But once you get used to it, things won’t cause much trouble for you.Guardian druids will face Inquisitor Variss during the first phase of the battle and Highlord Kruul in the second phase. Fear not, as your fellow allies Prophet Velen and Kor’vas Bloodthorn will fight alongside you.

Overall, gear doesn’t actually make a big difference, as the challenge was created to test your skill, not the ability to gear up your character. Nevertheless, we can’t deny the fact that some particular items allow you to perform better. Once again, it is possible to complete the challenge without farming some special pieces of equipment, but here is the list of the BIS items for those who like min-maxing:With the advent of Thunderforged and Warforged weapons, BiS lists are much less valuable a resource than before, because we would be advising a list of items that not even the best players would have a chance to complete. Instead, we now give you advice for choosing your trinkets, your set bonuses, and whatever else is important for your class.

This page is a gearing up guide for Guardian Druids. It is updated for World of Warcraft MoP 5.4. It first presents the best in slot items before listing, slot by slot, all the items, with a level higher than 346, that you can acquire in the game. We also explain how you will be competing for loot with other classes.

Updated daily, we’ve created our Guardian Druid M+ Tank Guide for WoW Dragonflight Season 2, using in-depth statistical analysis of thousands of Mythic+ dungeon runs in Patch 10.1 for Keystones 14+. Within our build, we’ve calculated the best stat weights, talents, BiS gear, enchantments, gems, consumables, races, team comps, and best classes to play with Guardian Druid. Customize the filters below to specify any combination of season, patch, region, dungeon, affixes, and keystone level.
WOWTBC.GG is not affiliated with or endorsed by Activision Blizzard, Inc. WOWTBC.GG is a collection of hand-crafted BiS Lists, Class Rankings, and Guides for Classic Wrath of the Lich King and The Burning Crusade.

These are hand-crafted BiS lists that aim to maximize your characters’ power by putting together the best combination of items. Our goal is to do the most complete research so you don’t have to. Optional items are listed for every slot.Embellished items are crafted pieces of equipment that feature specific abilities. They are obtained by using an embellishment optional reagent or are already included in an item recipe.

Updated , it is based on the 50 top-rated Guardian Druids in Mythic+ leaderboards across the US, EU, KR, and TW regions. Ratings are ranging from 3104 to 3352, with the current top Mythic+ Guardian Druid being Squishvegan from Area 52 (US).Each character’s equipment type, active specialization history, as well as connection frequency, are taken into consideration to keep the guide as accurate as possible.

Primordial Stones are gems that can be socketed into the Onyx Annulet ring found in Zskera Vault or bought from Researcher Imareth . Stones are found across the Forbidden Reach through events, vendors, and vaults.

Gems are jewelcrafting items. Created with the Jewelcrafting profession or bought in the auction house, they can be socketed into Head, Neck, Wrists, Waist, and Rings items.
Stats are attributes that enhance character abilities and define how it feels to play. Found on most pieces of equipment, object ameliorations, and consumables, the stats to prioritize for Guardian Druids in Mythic+ are Haste and Versatility :Enchantments are equipment item upgrades. Created with the Enchanting and Leatherworking professions, or bought in the auction house, they can be set on Back, Chest, Wrist, Legs, Rings, Feet, Main Hand, and Off Hand items.