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Black Metal Roof Panels

Once you receive the colors you requested samples of, you can compare the colors with the other elements of the building and environment. That way, you have a better idea of the final product and can easily pick the best color.Also, even though some natural metals are used to fabricate metal roofs, such as copper and zinc, coated steel/aluminum products come in similar colors and are significantly less expensive. For example, a real copper roof costs about $600 to $1,100 per roofing square (100 square feet), while a painted Galvalume roof with a copper color paint system costs anywhere from $150 to $350 per roofing square (100 square feet).Sheffield Metals is a leader in the distribution of coated and bare metal products, as well as engineered standing seam metal roof (SSMR) & wall systems. We specialize in providing painted Galvalume® and aluminum for the architecturally driven metal panel industry. Sheffield Metals has the ability to meet a wide array of needs with more than 50 colors continuously stocked. We can also match virtually any custom color to suit any project.

Additionally, you’ll want to verify that the manufacturer you’re using or specifying offers the best paint system (PVDF vs. SMP) for your requirements and has adequate cool metal roofing properties (SRI, emissivity, LEED, etc.) suitable for your location.
In line with the trend of neutrals is our third 2022 metal roofing color trend: grays, predominantly charcoal gray. A few shades lighter than Matte Black, our Charcoal Gray color has steadily increased in popularity over the last decade.Warm, cool, and neutral grays can all fit in as a metal roof or wall; it’s solely dependent on your style, surroundings, and what you envision working best on your business or home. For reference, our most popular gray is Charcoal Gray, which is a cool shade of gray. Dove Gray is also on the cooler side. Conversely, Ash Gray and Slate Gray are paint options that are a little on the warmer side. Black complements many other commonly used exterior colors, including whites, grays, greens, blues, and browns. Black is a neutral color, so you can pair it with any other outer element, such as landscaping, building elements, etc., without worrying about color-matching anything. Plus, a matte black metal roof or wall system can provide much-needed contrast against lighter colors, which helps draw the eye in and create a more profound visual interest.

What is the black material in roofing?
Black roof sheets refer to roofing sheets that are primarily coloured black. These sheets are commonly made from materials such as metal, asphalt, or fibreglass and are designed to protect a building’s roof from the elements, including rain, wind, and sunlight.
Glossy roofs reflect more light and can show any visual imperfections that could be taking place in the flat of the panel — especially oil canning. If you’re concerned about oil canning on your metal roof, one of the ways to minimize its appearance is to install a system in a low-gloss or matte finish. The ability to see different colors on a structure makes a difference, especially if you’re deciding between two or more colors. Roof and wall color visualizers can help. While the colors discussed above are the ones dominating the architectural metals industry, it doesn’t mean that they will fit every project or design. You should always choose a color that you love for your metal roof or wall project. Or, if you represent a client, they should always have a say in the final color choice. Sheffield Metals has offered colors that resemble metal tones for decades. For example, Medium Bronze and Dark Bronze have been two of our best sellers year after year. There are many other options on our color card that are similar to metal finishes, such as: Like Matte Black, Charcoal Gray works well with several different building styles, including Modern, Contemporary, Craftsman, and more. You can commonly find darker grays in exterior color palettes, as this family of colors resembles similar grays found in nature (think stones, mountains, etc.).The idea of these color palettes is to provide architects, designers, and property owners with a more realistic metal finish intended to mirror how these metals look in their natural state. As the trend of unprocessed/raw yet durable products continues, it makes sense that natural metal colors on a long-lasting standing seam metal roof or wall will continue to be a focus in 2022.

Also, you can do a lot more with your exterior elements if you have neutral colors as the key building pieces — including your roof and siding. For example, if you have a Charcoal Gray metal roof and white siding, you can easily style your property’s exterior by applying various textures and colors to your trim, front door, fencing, etc.

Once you have an idea of the color palette that you like or believe would work well with the building, it’s time to look at the colors and coatings offered by different manufacturers.
Luckily, you can get a similar look of a natural metal roof at a better price by buying painted or coated metal sheets and coils, which won’t break the bank as much as raw metals.

Is black metal roof too hot?
Whether your roof is constructed with asphalt shingles, natural stone or metal panels, dark colors are going to absorb more heat than light colors. While metal does a much better job reflecting heat than other roofing materials, the surface temperature of a dark-colored metal roof is going to be higher.
If your color choice is matte black, a metal tone, a charcoal gray, or something not included in this list of 2022 color trends — the project will still turn out looking great and lasting for decades to come.One of the most appealing parts about matte black is that it offers a dramatic look without being too bright or flashy. Matte black is dark and often eye-catching, making it an excellent choice for exterior architectural projects.

Is black a good Colour for a metal roof?
Complementary to Most Colors Plus, a matte black metal roof or wall system can provide much-needed contrast against lighter colors, which helps draw the eye in and create a more profound visual interest.
Beyond palettes, look up metal suppliers and check out their photo galleries to get inspiration. You might come across a color you never considered before that might look and function great for your project.One of the benefits of gray colors is that they can come in cool and warm shades. Cooler grays have blue, green, and purple undertones, while warmer grays might have red, orange, or brown undertones. On top of that, there are also neutral grays, which are simple mixtures of white and black.Contact our Architectural Department today to discuss color options, engineering requirements, and any other critical component of your standing seam design!

One of the most prevalent requests from home/property owners, architects, and other design professionals is a metal roof or wall system in the color matte black. For reference, the Sherwin-Williams coil color Matte Black has experienced an average growth of over 20% in the past five years.
Black by itself offers a sleek and modern aesthetic. Plus, it’s a color that will virtually never go out of style in the interior and exterior architectural industry. According to Sherwin-Williams, black combined with a matte finish creates a softer, comforting, and more welcoming feeling while maintaining its modern and contemporary edge.Using Galvalume or aluminum coated in a PVDF or SMP paint system with a color similar to a metal tone is much less expensive than using the actual metal. Plus, many raw metals, like gold, silver, and bronze, are not recommended or available to use as a standing seam roof or wall system.

Reputable manufacturers should have their colors listed on their website, which may also be available as a downloadable color card. Most suppliers tend to have similar standard colors, primarily if they use one of the prominent paint suppliers, such as Sherwin-Williams or PPG. If you want a color that is more vibrant, unique, or specific to a branding style, there’s also the option for custom colors.There are special finishes, such as metallic, sparkle, and color-shift, available in a wide variety of colors. These effects make metal tones stand out even more, as metals are designed to be shiny and add visual interest. Additionally, one of the colors experiencing a popularity boom at Sheffield Metals is Vintage® (by Steelscape), a finish that offers a warm and classic aged metal appearance. This color provides visual depth and a metallic sheen, making it a great choice for many architectural metal roofing projects.

So if you’re an architect looking to specify a trendy color on your project or a home/property owner who is buying a new metal roof – it’s critical to choose the right color, especially because the panel system will last for several decades.Metal tones are typically used as accents in decor and designs, whether interior or exterior spaces. So, incorporating a metal accent on your roof or even as the entire roof is simple and aesthetically appealing. Gray is a color that doesn’t jump out to the eye and blends in well, especially on homes and buildings. Despite their subtle nature, charcoal grays are often considered modern, sophisticated, and generally comforting, which might make them a good choice for your roof or wall system. Matte black, metal tones, and charcoal gray are popular in standing seam metal roofing right now, but a couple of other trending colors are also worth mentioning:

In early 2022, there are already some color trends in the architectural metal roofing industry that are worth noting. Some of the design and color trends have been in the market for a while, but there are a few newer ones that might surprise you.
Both warm and cool metal tones are designed to stand out, especially when in contrast to white or a darker color, like gray or black. This is another reason a metal color on the roof or wall can complement a home or building and make it noticeable and aesthetically pleasing.Like 2021, the modern farmhouse style dominates the residential design and construction market in 2022. This decor style has been popular since the mid-2010s, but has become more mainstream due to its comforting aesthetic, ability to blend well with other styles, and frequent use in home renovation television. Many modern farmhouse exteriors feature white walls/siding and a black roof.

For many years, beige was the most used neutral color, but in the 2000s, gray became the new neutral cornerstone. Due to its warm and cool shades, you can pair gray with about any color. One of the reasons property owners choose a Charcoal Gray (or another gray option) roof color is that it’s so versatile and can fit into nearly every design.
Exploring different exterior color palettes online is easily one of the best first steps you can take when choosing a color. Sherwin-Williams offers home and building owners various resources, including exterior color inspiration.What paint colors are popular in the architectural metal roof and wall system industry right now? Learn about the color trends of 2022 and get some inspiration for your project.While the Color Visualizer is an excellent tool for some, we understand that not everyone wants to rely on a digital mockup of their project. That’s why you can request color samples to be shipped directly to you, which can help to provide the most realistic representation of a color.Most metal shades are neutrals, so they can be used in nearly every color palette to complement any exterior feature. If your project has stones or bricks, wood accents, trees/plants, or other elements in the design, a metal color will fit in well with the property.

Need some help with your architectural project or design? Our team at Sheffield Metals has put an emphasis on assisting architects and even homeowners during the design phase of their metal roof or wall project. We’re happy to take a look at your plans!
Sherwin Williams publishes architectural color trends every year; this year, one of the trending color palettes revolves around accessible and durable luxury. According to the 2022 exterior color trends report, “Luxury is coaxed from the raw elements, everyday materials that are processed in new ways and given luxurious finishes. Precious metals are reinvented for superior performance and strength. This is Future Lux. Elegant, minimalist, and fully relevant to our lives.”Sheffield Metals has a free Color Visualizer tool where you can upload a photo of your project and see what each of our colors would look like on the roof, wall, and trim areas. Or, if you don’t want to take a picture of the structure or don’t have one, there are also standard building photos available to choose from if you just want a better idea of how colors differ when seen on a physical property.

At Sheffield Metals, we’re constantly monitoring color trends and tracking which metal sheet and coil colors are most frequently purchased. Plus, with a full-time Architectural Department composed of individuals who have an extensive background in the architectural metals industry, we frequently provide design and color recommendations for various project applications.

Please note: Polyester Paint finishes can easily be scratched and care must be taken when installing. Cladco Clearance Sheets may have aesthetic imperfections and damage such as scratches, marks, dirt, damage, chips and scrapes. Sheets are unable to be returned once collected/delivered. Please ensure you are aware of the condition before purchasing.
The robust, steel sheet of this Roofing Sheet provides a traditional look which has been popular for decades. A cost-effective option, this lightweight profile is easy to fit and doesn’t require an abundance of specialist tools. Available in Black only, you’ll build a roof you can be proud of. Each sheet has been independently tested to ensure it fits with the current CE EN 14782 requirements.Roofing items may be delivered on a pallet, as per the terms and conditions these are considered part of the packaging and will need to be disposed of by the receiver of the items. We are unable to remove this pallet after delivery. Cladco Polyester Paint 0.5mm Steel Roofing Sheets in a traditional 13/3 Corrugated Profile. Corrugated roofing sheets are a popular choice for most customers thanks to their traditional look. Each of these sheets features 13 corrugations of 3inch (or 76mm) round, with a width coverage of 3ft, 3inch (990mm) when lapped upon installation. Please note, we advise using the 65mm Screw with Baz Washer with these Sheets. At Cladco, we are a Corrugated Roofing Sheets supplier with this traditional-style Polyester Paint Sheeting being used for domestic and commercial cladding and roofing, as well as industrial and agricultural structures. Sheets can be used as a single-skin sheeting, or as part of a built-up, insulated system or existing roof. Construction using this particular type of Corrugated Sheet can be safely undertaken down to a 10-degree pitch when used in roof applications. Simply use conventional nail or self-drilling screw fixings on top of the profile. To complete your roofing system, Cladco Profiles stocks Roof Lights, Fixings, Trims and Flashings for cost-effective, traditional Corrugated Sheet. PLEASE NOTE – Extra care should always be taken when handling metal sheets and flashings we advise using the correct type of Glove when handling or moving metal sheets and flashings. Gloves can be purchased on our website. When looking at different asphalt shingle types, black roof shingles are a great option for many homes since they go well with different exterior home colors and siding types. If you’re having a difficult time selecting a shingle roof color that will flatter the exterior color of your home, black shingles may be the answer. They are easily complementary and go well with siding, stone, and brick. You want your new roof to look amazing and sometimes black shingles are the best.

While some black shingle roofs are waterproof, others aren’t. That’s why it’s so important to check the manufacturing standards of the shingles you choose. Some black shingles allow moisture and humidity to sneak under the shingles—especially during seasons of the year with high humidity. This can cause roof damage due to mold growth under and around the shingles.
There are many black roof shingles pros and cons. When compared to lighter shades, you can expect dark shingles to harmonize well with a natural environment but they also may absorb more heat. It’s important to examine current building materials and construction costs as well to ensure you get the best roof for your budget. Here are some of the pros and cons to consider before you invest in a black shingle roof.

Black roof shingles are a great option for a wide variety of structure types and installation requirements. Whether you have a home, barn, shed, gazebo, guest house, or even a detached garage, a black shingle roof could be the perfect roofing upgrade. Consider the color choice to be sure it will improve the quality of your property, and check with a professional to make sure shingles are a good choice for your type of roof structure. In most cases, you can expect to get a green light and get started on your roofing upgrade.If you install a black shingle roof on your home, you can expect the dark color to absorb heat from the sun and build up in the attic. This is great for winter weather since it provides a barrier against the cold and helps keep your home warmer longer.

*Subject to credit approval. Interest is billed during the promotional period but all interest is waived if the purchase amount is paid in full within 12 months. There are no required minimum monthly payments during the promotional period. Financing for GreenSky® consumer loan programs is provided by federally insured, equal opportunity lender banks. NMLS #1416362
Shingle roofs have a shorter lifespan than many other roofing types. Some dark shingle roofs can wear down faster than lighter colored shingles due to their heat absorption. Since black shingles reach higher temperatures than lighter shingles, they can break down quicker. UV rays play a huge role in how long a shingle roof will last. If you’re hoping to extend the lifespan of your black shingle roof, it’s important to have a certain amount of attic ventilation to help support your roof. Choosing higher-quality black shingle roofs can also mean an extended lifespan.Since black roof shingles maintain higher heat levels than lighter colors, they melt snow and ice off your roof faster. If you have extended periods of sub-freezing temperatures, snowfall, or ice, then it may not make a huge difference over time. But in areas that still get sunshine, you can expect snow to melt faster on black shingle roofs. The roof is a big determiner for the overall curb appeal of your home. Choosing the right shingle color can make a big difference. A lot of homeowners enjoy the sleek, modern appeal of black roof shingles but are considering the black roof shingles’ pros and cons before investing. By submitting a form, I authorize Long Home Products to contact me with information abouts its products and services via mail, email, phone and/or text at the contact information provided, even if I am on the national do not call list. Long Home Products may use automated telephone technology to initiate calls to its customers. Calls and in person estimates may be recorded for quality and training purposes.If your home’s roof has any structural imperfections, a black shingle roof can be a great way to disguise them. Black shingle roofs are visually appealing and do a great job of blending any unevenness or deformities, making the structure appear new and fresh. The best black shingle roofs for hiding any structural defects in your roof are of higher quality and should be installed by a professional. Be sure to work with manufacturers who have a history of success and with roofing companies that have a solid reputation of experience and expertise. High-end, luxury shingles are always better than low-end materials.

Due to their heat absorption, black shingle roofs can cause extra energy use during the hottest months of the year, especially during the peak heat during the day when the sun is at its highest. Your home’s HVAC unit will need to run harder to keep the home at a desirable temperature.
In the summertime, homes with black roof shingles may end up with a hotter home. Black roof shingles absorb heat, forcing it downwards into the house. This extra heat can end up keeping your attics pretty toasty, even forcing your HVAC unit to work harder to keep the rest of the home cool in the summertime. This can increase utility bills during the hot months of the year.

If you’re in the market for a classic aesthetic but don’t want to pay the price, look no further than Long Roofing. We’re committed to offering the best products available to give you the roof of your dreams. Call or visit us online to request a quote and schedule a free, in-home consultation today.

We have a 48 hour return policy. All shipping errors must be reported within 48 hours of receipt of material. All approved returns on items we keep in stock are subject to a 15% restock fee, minimum $30. Any custom items or items we do not keep in stock cannot be returned.Classic Rib® panel has been a staple for decades for pole barns, storage sheds, utility buildings, and light commercial construction. This exposed fastened, bell-top rib panel applies over open framing or solid substrate for multiple applications. Roof, wall, liner, soffit, interior ceiling, fencing, skirting, and many others. Classic Rib is the most versatile panel. However, the degree to which your metal roof retains heat can depend on the covering material and the construction of the roof itself. Heat absorbance of metal materials depends on a number of variables: Metal that is exposed directly to sunlight is obviously going to heat up on its surface, but the degree to which it retains that heat depends on the finish of the material. There are many coatings and finishes available for metal roofs that are certified to reflect sunlight, helping keep your roof cooler even when exposed to direct sunlight.

Just as various finishes have an effect on the heat absorption of metal surfaces, so does the color of the metal. Whether your roof is constructed with asphalt shingles, natural stone or metal panels, dark colors are going to absorb more heat than light colors. This is a question homeowners frequently ask when deciding whether or not they want to install a metal roof — and the answer can be the deciding factor in this decision process. Metal roofing is an excellent option for homeowners looking to improve the energy efficiency of their home. For more information about metal roofing, reach out to the experts at Long Roofing. Our qualified metal roofers have experience installing and repairing a variety of types of metal roofs. If you’re interested in scheduling a consultation, visit us online today!

Metal roofs do not make a house hotter than other types of roof materials. Because metal roofs have a low thermal mass, they reflect light and heat rather than absorbing it like asphalt shingles. This means that rather than making your home hotter during the summer months, metal roofing actually helps keep it cool, increasing the energy efficiency of your home.
While metal does a much better job reflecting heat than other roofing materials, the surface temperature of a dark-colored metal roof is going to be higher.When examining the advantages and disadvantages of upgrading your asphalt shingle roofing to a metal roof, it only makes sense to find the answer to this crucial question: do metal roofs make your house hotter?

Should I avoid a black roof?
When it comes to the risk of mold, black shingles are something to be cautious about. Being able to absorb more heat than lighter colored shingles, these can create an environment conducive for the growth of mold spores.
Long Roofing metal roofs are coated with Energy Star-rated Tri-Pigment Reflective Technology that reflects upwards of 70% of the sun’s solar energy, keeping your home cool and reducing your energy needs.

The quality of materials used and the skill with which your roofing professional installs the metal roof are just a few factors that affect a metal roof’s energy efficiency. Other factors that contribute to metal roofing’s energy efficiency include:
When you work with an experienced roofing contractor, your metal roof is installed with plenty of efficient ventilation. A combination of ridge vents and soffits allow air to circulate out of the attic space, keeping you home cool in the summer and venting moisture out in the winter to prevent mold and mildew.Asphalt shingles, wood, tile, and concrete all absorb heat and cause heat transference into your home. Metal roofs, however, reflect light and heat since they have such a low thermal mass. Reflective coatings only serve to aid this process, helping your home remain noticeably cooler than with other roofing materials.The more direct sunlight a roof gets, the hotter it will become. As the sun goes down, your roof begins to cool until it reaches the same temperature as the air around it. However, heavier materials with more mass take longer to do so.Lightweight materials lose heat the fastest, preventing that heat from transferring into your home. Luckily, metal roofing products are lighter than many other roofing material options.

But what about a black metal roof that isn’t painted? It may still be affected by color change over time due to how much exposure it gets. Here are some factors that directly affect a black metal roof fading:

While research suggests that black metal roofs absorb more heat than other metal roofing types, that doesn’t mean they lose all their energy efficiency.
If both the roof ventilation and insulation are in place — and you get your roof installed by a skilled professional who knows what they’re doing — you shouldn’t notice a change in indoor temperature when you install a black metal roof.Metal roofs naturally reflect heat away from themselves rather than absorbing it fully, allowing them to be one of the most energy-efficient roofing types on the market today.

As mentioned above, darker colors tend to absorb more heat than lighter colors naturally, so it would make sense that a black metal roof might make your home hotter than any lighter colored roofing.
Exposure to any temperature eventually causes a color in a metal roof to fade over a long enough period of time, but extreme temperatures will speed up that process.Typically, this doesn’t affect your indoor temperatures since the roofs are installed with under-roof ventilation and insulation to protect the efficiency and comfort of your home, but it’s important to consider when looking into roofing options.

Is there a downside to a black roof?
Black roof shingles absorb heat, forcing it downwards into the house. This extra heat can end up keeping your attics pretty toasty, even forcing your HVAC unit to work harder to keep the rest of the home cool in the summertime. This can increase utility bills during the hot months of the year.
The material’s ability to radiate the sun’s heat away, reflect heat back in the direction it came, and the materials’ ability to resist heat flow all play a big role in how energy efficient it can be as a roof.Excessive rain, humidity, snow, sleet, ice, and more all have an impact on how well your metal roof can keep it’s solid black color. If you live closer to a coastline or bay, your metal roof may experience a faster color fade than if you live more inland.

To be sure you get a black metal roof that will help the most with energy efficiency, be sure to familiarize yourself with the emissivity, reflectivity, and thermal resistance of different metal roofing types.
A black metal roof is a type of metal roof that is made from black steel. Metal roofing comes in a variety of colors no matter the style, so what makes a black metal roof different from other types of metal roofs is simply the color.Having a black metal roof automatically gives your home a unique charm and curb appeal. They can suit many different home styles and homeowner preferences, and it matches practically any siding option available.

The longer a black metal roof is exposed to direct sunlight, the more heat it absorbs — meaning, the more heat that is possible to transfer into your home — but having proper under roof ventilation and good insulation in your roof both make a big difference in that heat transfer process.
Obviously, if you’re dealing with a painted metal surface, then exposure to water, pollution, and other chemicals that exist in the atmosphere around that surface are going to react with the paint eventually and cause some type of breakdown.But that doesn’t mean they come without questions. What are the black metal roof pros and cons? Will a black metal roof make your house hotter? Is a black metal roof energy efficient?

You may have already decided that you want a metal roof, now comes the time to figure out which color of roof you want and the pros and cons that come with each color option.If you’ve been interested in upgrading your home with a metal roof but aren’t sure where to start, schedule an appointment with Long Home Products to discuss what options are available for installing a metal roof.

Do black roofs make house hotter?
Below are a few common roofing colors that can make a big difference in your heating and/or cooling bills. 1. Black and dark-colored roofs. In general, dark-colored roofing materials will absorb the heat and cause your attic and/or the top of your house to be warmer than a lighter colored material.
If you have a high-quality metal roof that is installed properly by a professional, you can save up to 40 percent on energy costs thanks to the heat reflection abilities of metal roofing.If you have the necessary painting skills, time, safety materials, and confidence to handle the job, painting your own metal roof can be a great way to save money while adding character to your home. While a dark-colored metal roof does absorb more heat than lighter colors, most metal roofs are installed with plenty of under-roof ventilation to help keep your home’s comfort protected. Black roof shingles are asphalt roofing shingles that feature a black pigment in the granules. These types of shingles are often referred to as “dark” or “charcoal” colored and can range from deep brown to jet-black depending on the specific product.

If you have been looking to get black shingles installed on your roof, at Army Roofing we can help! We are proud to specialize in the installation of black shingles, which helps us ensure a quality finish and reliable longevity. Our roofing contractors are professionally capable in assisting you by providing advice on any aspect of your roofing decision. So don’t hesitate, contact us today to book a free quote! You can also checkout our Google My Business here.
Due to black shingles ability to absorb heat, this can make the summer months incredibly uncomfortable inside the home. The materials themselves can make air conditioning units work overtime in order to keep a comfortable temperature, resulting in higher energy bills. To avoid this, investing into quality insulation and proper maintenance of the roof itself is key; with the right attention, these issues can be easily addressed or avoided altogether.If you want to conceal structural imperfections on your roof, one of the best solutions is to use black shingles. As dark colors tend to lessen the focus of the eye on nearby objects, black shingles reduce visibility of any flaws in construction that would otherwise be visible with lighter colors. Obviously, nothing beats preventative measures when it comes to maintaining a strong and secure roof, but if you need a quick fix to enhance the aesthetic value of your home or building, opting for black shingles can be an effective way to hide any unwanted imperfections.

Why is black a poor choice for roof color?
Also, you have to understand the anatomy of a shingle to understand that the black granules on top will match the black asphalt which repels water. If a black roof goes on, you will not be able to tell any flaws or scrapes or even scuffing that strips off the black granules, leaving exposed asphalt.
Black shingles are a bold and sophisticated choice for your home exterior. They provide a wonderfully modern aesthetic to any façade, demanding attention but in an understated way. Plus, their simple style allows homeowners the freedom to play around with other vibrant colors and textures to compliment the existing siding. Black shingles can be used on their own or as accent pieces, making them an incredibly versatile building material. If you’re looking to make a lasting impression with your home’s exterior design, black shingles are definitely the way to go.Black shingles are a popular choice for roofing material, but what many homeowners don’t realize is that they have a significantly shorter lifespan than other types of roofing. The same materials that make them such an eye-catching option – the deep color and matte finish – also lead to them fading more quickly and often not lasting as long as lighter colored shingle materials. To get your money’s worth, it’s important to know the potential lifespan of different materials before buying and consider other factors such as local weather conditions and regular maintenance that can extend the life of any roof.It’s a common misconception that black roof shingles are a bad idea. While it’s true that dark-colored shingles can absorb more heat than lighter-colored ones, this doesn’t mean they’re automatically worse for your home. In fact, there are several benefits to choosing black roof shingles especially if you reside within Canada. Having said that, read on to learn more about why black roof shingles might be the right choice for you.

Is it okay to have a black metal roof?
Having a black metal roof automatically gives your home a unique charm and curb appeal. They can suit many different home styles and homeowner preferences, and it matches practically any siding option available. All of this helps make black metal roofs a desirable roofing option for many homeowners.
With all things considered, black shingles can be a great choice for Canadian homeowners. While there are some cons to be aware of, the pros often outweigh the cons in terms of durability, aesthetic appeal and cost-effectiveness. Additionally, given the cold climate within Canada, black shingles are an ideal choice as they work especially well in cooler climates as they help retain heat during the winter months. From a non-functional perspective black shingles offer a great way to quickly enhance the look and feel of your home by seamlessly hiding any imperfections on the roof and providing an attractive finish with minimal effort. As long as regular maintenance is completed, black shingles can be a smart choice for any Canadian homeowner looking to make improvements to their property!

What is the problem with black roofs?
In general, darker roofs will absorb heat, while lighter roofs will absorb less heat. This means that having a black roof on your home can require you to use your cooling system more often in the summer. Not only can this increase your energy bills, but it can also put more strain on your system.
In the winter, black shingles on your roof can be a big help. Not only do they look great and boost your home’s curb appeal, but they also help keep your home warm. The black shingles in particular, absorb the heat from the sun during the day and slowly release it throughout the night, helping to maintain an even temperature inside your house no matter how cold it is outside. They will save you money on heating bills, which makes them not just visually pleasing but practical too!

When it comes to the risk of mold, black shingles are something to be cautious about. Being able to absorb more heat than lighter colored shingles, these can create an environment conducive for the growth of mold spores. And when areas become humid or wet, mold is even more likely to appear – and quickly spread across the roof if not addressed in a timely fashion. To ensure homeowners aren’t stuck with that dreaded black mold on their roofs, it’s best to invest in quality, trusted materials that won’t allow for this issue; regular maintenance should also be completed in order to assist in creating an inhospitable climate for any developing issues. This high-performance paint system, with its extraordinary capability to retain color and gloss, keeps painted corrugated metal looking vibrant and appealing. It’s perfect for roofs that have bright and brilliant colors. PVDF is the chosen paint system that architects around the world specify on their buildings. “Western States has exceptional customer service. You are informed with the progress of your order every step of the way and have confidence it will hit the agreed upon lead time. Great people and a terrific experience throughout the order process.” – Tim MurphyAre you looking for matte black metal roofing? Black Ore Matte® is a proprietary paint finish that adds depth to the color of the metal roof panels. It’s more bold, elegant, and modern than a standard matte black metal roofing or siding.Bonderized is NOT a pre-painted metal. It’s a thin coating that’s applied over a galvanized substrate that has a dull gray appearance. It’s NOT a paint finish and there’s no paint warranty.

As one of the most popular metal roofing colors, black is unforgettable because it adds elegance and style to everything it touches. When the dark color is used on a metal roofing system, it creates a striking contrast to the architectural features of your house. A black steel roof will make your house stand out in the neighborhood.
Designer paint prints are new steel that’s painted to look real patina’d metal. These colors look authentic and will make your roof the focal point of your house.This textured matte finish adds depth to the color. It’s a grayish black color that’s a good alternative to Bonderized, Rezibond, and shiny galvanized.

Black metal roofing panels are the latest architectural trend. Adding a black metal roof on your house provides contrast to the existing architecture and creates a bold and modern look.
It’s also worth noting that many sustainable building programs offer cool roof credits, including the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.In northern climates, the burden of heating bills is often greater than the cost of cooling a home during the summer. Therefore, a roof more inclined to absorb heat can be the more energy-efficient choice.

There can be a huge range when it comes to the quality of different shingles, and quality will directly impact the energy efficiency and durability of your roof. 3-tab and architectural shingles are the two most common types of shingles, but you’ll likely want to choose an architectural shingle if you are motivated to keep your cooling costs down and get the most bang for your buck over the life of the roof.
There are a number of pros and cons to metal roofs, as with all roofing materials. One of the advantages is that they have a high reflectivity rating and are naturally capable of dissipating heat. In fact, metal roofs can potentially reduce your air conditioning costs by up to 25%, according to researchers with the U.S. Department of Energy.When shopping for shingles, you might be curious to know what longevity ratings really mean for the durability of your roof. Take a look at our recent post about the difference between 20, 30, 40, and 50-year shingles to learn more.

If you live in the Peach State, you might be wondering what the best type of shingle is for your home. Make sure you take a look at our post about the pros and cons of each type of shingle for homes in Georgia.
Since there has been increasing interest in cool roofs, a wide variety of cool color and white roofing products are available for both steep-slope and low-slope roofs. On top of having color options, most traditional roofing materials now offer “cool” options. Of course, the interior temperature of your home is only one of the factors you’ll want to consider when choosing the color of your shingles. You’ll also want to consider the aesthetic you want to achieve with your roofing system and consider the quality of the available materials. In addition to the color of your roof, you’ll also want to consider your roofing material when you are considering how to keep your home cool in the summer. Depending on the material you use on your roof, more or less heat from the sun will be absorbed and contribute to your home’s temperature.

On the other hand, homes in a humid subtropical climate like Atlanta would likely benefit from a cool roof or energy-efficient roof as cooling costs are more significant than heating costs.
If your roof isn’t ventilated adequately, a number of issues can crop up. Beyond increased energy bills, these can include increased moisture and humidity in the attic, ice dams in the winter, mold, and damage to the structural components of your roof.How hot the interior of your home or building gets during the hot summer months can be impacted by the color of your roof. However, the color of your roof is only one of the factors that can affect the temperature of your structure.

During the winter, however, a darker-colored roof will help to keep your building warmer because it will absorb heat from the sun. If you live in a particularly cold climate, you might find that you are able to save more money annually by helping to keep your home warm in the winter rather than working to keep it cool during the summer using the color of your roof.
Additionally, the roofing industry has made great strides when it comes to helping to negate the impact that black roofs can have on the interior temperature of a building. Beyond that, a number of factors influence how hot a building gets in the summer and how cold it gets in the winter, so you don’t want to only consider roof color in isolation.The reflectivity rating of a roof is a metric that illustrates how capable a roof is of reflecting the rays of the sun rather than absorbing them. A higher reflectivity rating indicates that a roof is better at reflecting heat from the sun and, therefore, not transferring heat to your home during the summer.

What is the disadvantage of a black roof?
ConsShorter Lifespan. Shingle roofs have a shorter lifespan than many other roofing types. … Hot Attics. In the summertime, homes with black roof shingles may end up with a hotter home. … Increased Energy Consumption. … Increased Mold Risk.
Black shingles and other black roofing materials will absorb the most heat out of all of the roof color options. At the same time, black is still one of the most popular colors for roofing materials. This is because black roofs create a modern and clean aesthetic while more effectively hiding blemishes.Not terribly long ago, roofing companies would install underlayments such as felt paper or tar paper. A number of issues could emerge from using this type of material as an underlayment, such as causing shingle and water damage as well as attracting heat in a home with black shingles.

Some high-quality asphalt shingles are specifically designed to be more energy efficient. This can make a noticeable difference in one’s energy bills. Beyond that, asphalt shingles are now available in a number of lighter-colored options, which can mean that your roof will absorb less heat that ends up inside your building’s interior.Of course, if you have a relatively new roof that is in great condition, it probably isn’t the best financial decision to replace your roof with a cool roof in order to boost your roofing system’s solar reflectivity. However, if you are expecting to replace your roof in the near future, it’s definitely worth checking out the many cool roofing options on the market.

There are a number of reasons why this material is so widely used, including the fact that it is affordable and durable. That being said, there can be a great deal of variety when it comes to how energy-efficient asphalt shingles are.
These days, the industry has changed. Roofers use synthetic underlayment when they are installing asphalt shingles. This underlayment material is far better at withstanding strong winds and debris, resisting water, and keeping the roof cool.