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Brocock Atomic Xr

The AirForce Texan makes my list of best air rifles again, this time with the .357 version. All of the dimensions, controls, and features are the same as described for the .308 version. Again, what makes this rifle a top pick for me is the power achieved in a mid-caliber gun. I have a few .357s in my collection that generate between 125 – 175 ft-lb, but with the gun optimized for the 145 grain bullets I’m using, the Texan is generating about 300 ft-lb. In my experience the Texan .357 stands apart from other .357s and provides the flat shooting accuracy I want for predators out past 100 yards but can also reach out and deliver enough energy to drop a buck on the spot.There is a power adjustment dial located on the right-hand side of the breech that permits external tuning of the rifle. The accuracy is very good, and I feel very comfortable shooting this rifle off sticks at 75-100 yards. When paired with the right pellet, it hits hard with an impressive terminal performance on small- to medium-sized game. The Commander XR is designed to use an AR-15-compatible buttstock and an AK-47 fitted grip. Versions are available with folding or fixed buttstocks in black or tan with a Cerakote or black-action finish. The Commander’s sound signature is reduced by the shrouded barrel, and you can achieve further noise reduction by mounting a third-party suppressor on the 1/2 UNF threaded muzzle. In my opinion, this is the perfect rifle to carry into the woods when heading out on a fall squirrel hunt.The sidelever action is one of the quickest, most tactile, and smoothest cycling that I have used, and reliably indexes the magazines every time. What really seals the deal for me though, is that the modular design lets the shooter swap out barrels, magazines, and probes to optimize the gun for different types of hunting. The hunter can use the .22 barrel for a rabbit hunt, then swap to a .25 barrel that has a liner optimized for slugs to do a long-range prairie dog shoot, then swap again for the .30 caliber barrel to hunt predators. The last of the most powerful air rifles — the Umarex Hammer .50 — came to market a couple years back, and I had the opportunity to use the first ones while filming a segment of the American Airgunner TV program. This rifle offers some interesting technology: it is the only one of these rifles that is magazine fed, utilizing a linear shuttle mechanism with a two-shot capacity. This shuttle is cycled with a bolt action that operates with little effort. The Hammers onboard air storage is a 394 cc carbon fiber bottle that fills to 4500 psi but is regulated to 3000 psi to ensure shot-to-shot consistency. The stock is a synthetic material, designed and built for Umarex by PolyOne, and uses an AR Magpul style grip. This rifle is a solid piece of gear at just under 44 inches long, a 29.5-inch barrel, and weighing 8.5 pounds. I’ve only had this rifle out once on a fallow deer hunt, and anchored a nice buck putting a 330-grain slug into him that transited end to end on a quartering shot. Top picks are definitely difficult to write about. While there are pretty straightforward, objective measures — such as dimensions, power output, and accuracy — there are other, more subjective, ones such as fit, shootability, aesthetics, and perceived value. It can also be hard to obtain certain information, such as failure rates, customer satisfaction, etc. Every individual’s priority list is very subjective, so in this article, I have identified a number of airguns that have impressed me with their design, performance, ergonomics, dependability, build quality, and aesthetic appeal. I do believe that if you are looking for an air rifle in one of the above categories, any of my suggestions for the best air rifle would be a fine choice and should be on your shortlist.The BRK’s sidelever action is a field-proven design, and it is ambidextrous. My only consideration on this air rifle is the price. However, while it is on the expensive side, if you look at competitors in this category, it is quite reasonable. Brocock (rebranding as BRK) has long been a manufacturer I consider to be amongst the best and has obviously benefited from the exchange of technology with its industry-defining sister company, Daystate. This is a compact hunting gun that is ergonomic, built to be rugged and reliable, and designed for hunting. But I think this platform will be equally at home in a competitive environment as well.

In my full Avenger review this rifle had 19 fps variation over a 30 shot string. That consistency is reflected in the rifle’s accuracy—my Avenger shoots ¼ inch groups at 25 yards. It’s also a fairly quiet airgun, which is nice for introducing new shooters, backyard pest control, and basement ranges.
In general, I like to zero my .22 spring piston rifles at 35 yards and my .22 PCP rifles at 50 yards. If planning to shoot long range at prairie dogs, I’ll zero at 100 yards (PCP only). For the best answer, though, i test how far you can shoot while keeping inside the kill zone of your quarry, and make that your maximum range.

It depends on what it’s being used for, and whether it’s a spring piston or a PCP rifle. For hunting, I prefer .22, in most cases. PCPs are more efficient with larger calibers, so I’d opt for a .22 when using a PCP, and .177 for lower power springers.

The AirForce Texan lineup spans several calibers — from .257 to .50 — and all the guns are powerhouses. One of my favorites is the .308 caliber Texan, which has become my go-to predator hunting rifle. This configuration of the Texan can launch a .308 caliber bullet at over 1000 fps, which is very impressive for this caliber in an air rifle. Like all of the Texans, this single shot rifle is easy to cycle and load using the side lever cocking and accessible loading port. The auto-deployed safety can be reached without moving the hand off the pistol grip, and the rifle features a nice, crisp, two-stage trigger. There is both a rifle and a carbine version, and though I generally prefer a carbine, in this caliber, I like both equally. The 490cc onboard air tank is used as the buttstock and provides around 10 shots per fill depending on power adjustment. The Texan is light, the carbine version is compact, and it works well for a gun that might be carried with a lot of additional lights and calling gear. I’ve also been using the .257 caliber rifle version as a long range varmint and predator gun, and believe this is another interesting option for a hunter looking for a primary predator gun.

The rifles I gravitate toward for small game and varmint hunting are primarily .22 and .25 caliber rifles that generate power in the 20 to 40 ft-lb range. This energy output, in conjunction with sub-1-inch accuracy at 50 yards, makes for an ideal flat-shooting, small-game rig. Features that separate the top picks from the rest of the pack are an ergonomic design, fast cycling action, reliable high capacity magazines, large volume air storage with a correspondingly large shot count, shot-to-shot consistency, and a low sound signature.
The Hatsan PileDriver in .50 caliber is accurate, powerful, and ergonomic, and puts more game on the ground than any other rifle I hunted with last season.Jim Chapman is Outdoor Life’s top airgun contributor. He writes air gun reviews on the best hunting air rifles and shares his years of experience in airgunning with Outdoor Life readers. He lives in Minnesota with his family. It depends on the gun more than the ammo, because the same .22 pellet will have vastly different performance when shot from a 12 ft-lb springer or a 40 ft-lb PCP. As a general rule, I’d say 50 yards for a springer and 100 yards for a PCP. Air Venturi Avenger is a budget-friendly rifle available in several calibers and wears an ambidextrous synthetic black stock, with an option for a hardwood stock recently released. There are combined 11mm and Weaver-style rails for mounting a scope, and another rail at the fore stock for mounting accessories. It’s a fairly large rifle, but with the synthetic stock only weighs about 6 pounds. The Avenger is cycled with a side-lever cocking action that auto indexes a ten-shot, in .25 caliber, rotary magazine. The trigger is an adjustable two-stage that has a tactile feel, minimal travel, and breaks crisply. The air reservoir fills to 300 BAR, using a quick release fitting and is regulated via an external adjustment, up to 210 BAR, so actual shot count is dependent on how you have this set. All this functionality in a sub-$300 rifle is impressive, and the Avenger is a great platform for new shooters as well as experienced shooters that intend to use it as a platform for building up a custom rifle.The Hatsan PileDriver is a single shot bullpup configured big bore PCP, built on an ergonomic synthetic polymer thumbhole stock with an integrated pistol grip. The stock features an adjustable buttpad with an adjustable locking cheek piece that provides comfort and a consistent sight alignment. The PileDriver delivers over 700 ft-lb in .45 caliber and over 800 ft-lb in .50 caliber, making it one of the more powerful air rifles on the market. This Hatsan air rifle generates enough power in either caliber, to anchor any big game animal in North America. The accessible loading port accepts ammo up to 34mm long and is easy to cycle using a side lever cocking mechanism. This rifle incorporates a 480cc carbon fiber tank that fills to 300 BAR, yielding 4 to 6 shots in the .45 caliber and three to five shots in the .50 caliber. Power is all well and good, but what I like about this big bore is the inherent accuracy, and even though it is fairly heavy at 10 pounds, it is comfortable to shoot offhand. I used this rifle to take deer, hogs, and javelina last season and it did an outstanding job every time.The Brocock Commander has a tactical design that is ergonomic and fits most shooters well. The side lever action is smooth as silk and cycles the 10-shot magazine reliably and quickly. The Commander employs a regulated air delivery system that works with an adjustable hammer and valve to provide a very consistent shot string. Onboard air storage uses either a carbon fiber bottle or aluminum cylinder, and a dual-gauge assembly monitors regulator pressure settings and air supply fill status. Plinking is an application where CO2 guns rule because it is an inexpensive system to operate, the guns are fairly quiet, the power is low, accuracy can be quite good, and the technology lends itself to being incorporated into traditional firearm replicas. The first consideration for choosing a hunting air rifle is deciding what you’d like to hunt. With today’s accurate and powerful air rifles you can hunt squirrels, predators, wild pigs, and deer. Once you’ve decided on the game you’d like to pursue you can narrow down your choices to the proper caliber, power, and features.The BRK Ghost is offered in three model configurations and is available in .177, .22, and .25 caliber, with a .30 caliber on the way. This gun is very accurate in all calibers, with the adjustability to allow the shooter to optimize performance for a specific application or projectile. The power output is adjustable in more than 20 discreet steps, and the higher-power models have an additional finger-adjustable dial to fine-tune the regulator pressure.

Is Umarex made in Germany?
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In recent years, there’s been significant development focused on air rifles for recreational shooting, competition, and—my particular area of interest—hunting. While airguns are most commonly thought of for small-game hunting, they have expanded into predator and big-game hunting. The guns for hunting these varied species include spring piston rifles, Pre-Charged Pneumatic (PCP) powered air rifles in standard calibers, and larger-caliber PCP rifles for predators and big game. I’ve used air rifles to hunt small game, predators, and big game species all across the continent and I’ve shot every major air rifle brand. Using that experience, I’ve selected the best air rifles for small game PCP, cross-over guns that can be used for small game and predators, primary predator guns, crossover guns for predators and big game, and primary big game guns. Within each of these categories, there are several purpose-designed guns for just about any application or budget.At the time of writing this, my experience with the Western Rattler has been restricted to the shooting range. However, I have shot a selection of slugs from 100 grains to 170 grains, and have found the accuracy to be outstanding, not only for a semi-auto but compared to any .357 air rifle I’ve shot. And importantly, the operation has been consistent and reliable, which is something I look at closely in semi-auto airgun designs as this is a difficult criteria to meet. The ergonomics and responsiveness of the rifle make it a pleasure to shoot and allows the inherent accuracy to come through. The Rattler is expensive, but if you want a big bore semi-auto this is to be expected. The non-adjustable trigger was a nonissue for me, in that it is set fairly light, breaks cleanly and predictably, and is set up to optimize the reliability of semi-automatic firing. I was worried about a fixed magazine if there was a jam that needed to be cleared. However, besides not experiencing any jams to date, I have also found the break down of the rifle to be quite easy. I’m packing up for a trip down to Texas to hunt predators, javelina, and hogs, and I will be doing a detailed report on the Rattle soon. Big bore air rifles — in the .357 to .72 caliber range — represent a growing segment of the airgun market. In addition to the many regions in North America that permit these rifles to be used to hunt hogs and exotics, there are increasing opportunities to hunt deer, elk, pronghorn, bear, and javelina. I hunt in Texas, where there is a minimum power requirement of 215 ft-lb for a gun used to take big game. And for the traveling hunter, African plains game provides one of the ultimate hunts for the big bore airgun. Big bore airguns used for this typically generate from 200 to 800 ft-lb, though some newer guns are driving the power well beyond this. There are several other rifles that were barely nudged out of the running of best air rifle or had features that didn’t exactly align with my judging criteria. In no specific order, I will list a few additional rifles that I feel are of note.My top pick for a crossover rifle that performs well for both small-game and predator hunting is the FX Impact air rifle. This bullpup design has a lot going for it, and the frame is rugged and lightweight, with an adjustable buttstock that accepts standard AR-15 pistol grips: a very comfortable fit. The air storage is a 480cc removable carbon fiber tank that can be charged to 3600 psi, and the design allows extra bottles to be packed and changed in the field.

At the SHOT Show this is one of the guns that really caught my attention. The NOTOS Compact Rifle Kit (CRK) is a compact little gun that can be adjusted to fit young shooters and adults alike. This gun has a budget price, but is loaded with features; sidelever cocking, an integrated regulator, an effective sound suppression system, and I think a very nice design aesthetic. The only cons, which are really better described as considerations, are that; the guns operating pressure of 3625 psi is better filled from an air-tank or small compressor than a hand pump. And secondly, the regulator is set for 13 fpe, which is fine for mid-range small game hunting and ideal for backyard plinking, but it is limited.
Since 1898, OL has been a leading authority in testing and reviewing hunting gear, fishing tackle, guns and shooting equipment, and much more. We have more than a century-long history of evaluating products, and we’re now bringing that expertise to online reviews. Our editors are experienced outdoorsmen and women, and most importantly, we’re trained journalists. We prioritize field testing and objective data when reviewing products. We conduct interviews with gear manufacturers and engineers as well as outdoor experts so that our readers have an understanding of how and why a product works—or doesn’t.The AEA Zeus is a recently-introduced rifle that has pushed airgun power well above the 1000 ft-lb mark. The Zeus is a .72 caliber pcp air rifle that can generate over 1500 ft-lb, which is close to double the power output of the next most powerful production guns on the market. The Zeus is a big rifle, but there are other configurations being offered — with a 24 inch and a 16 inch barrel. As a matter of fact, I am currently shooting the 16 inch carbine, and this compact rifle is a monster. The 650cc air bottle fills to a maximum pressure of 4500 psi and generates three full powered shots per charge. The rifle is not regulated, but the shot-to-shot consistency across the shot string is good. This is a rifle for airgun hunters going after really big game, and should be ideal for my upcoming hog hunts.This air rifle is a great value and punches way above its price point. It offers excellent performance and is rich with features. Perfect for small game hunting and pest control.

For most hunters, it makes sense to choose an air rifle that can take either small-game or predators. The rifles I use for combined small-game and predator hunting are .30 to .35 caliber, and are designed to shoot Diabolo pellets at 50 to 100 ft-lb. These rifles are fine for shooting a coyote or bobcat at closer range (within 50 yards), but not over-the-top to use on smaller-bodied game, such as rabbits or squirrels.In my opinion, a primary predator gun should be optimized for solid lead slugs, generate 100 to 150 ft-lb, provide at least 10 consistent shots per fill, and print groups under 1 inch at 100 yards. I don’t mind a single shot rifle, but I want a fast-cycling action, easy access to the loading port, and a light, crisp trigger to enhance accuracy.

My top pick based on a compact design is the Brocock Ranger XR, a compact little air rifle hunting rig that weighs 5.5 pounds, has an overall length of 28 inches, and is equipped with an AR-compatible buffer tube and folding stock mount that allows the gun to fold down to 14.5 inches. The muzzle is threaded and accepts a compact DonnyFL suppressor that matches the gun’s dimensions. The Ranger has a small diameter air reservoir that fills to 200 BAR and generates about 25 to 30 shots per fill. Multiple power and tuning adjustments permit the shooter to set the rifle up to meet their specific requirements. The integrated regulator can be adjusted to further optimize performance for a specific projectile or a specific application. The .22 caliber version I’ve been using is generating about 20 ft-lb. I think this is a perfect gun for the backpacker, urban hunter, or any other application demanding portability and stealth.There are other compact carbines and pistol conversions on the market, but the Jet and Jet II are feature rich, solidly constructed, perform well for their intended mission (plinking and close-range small game hunting), and have a very ergonomic and usable design. And, it comes to market at a competitive price point. I think this will be a great gun to slip into my pack, maybe with an extra air tank, for a weekend of backpacking and squirrel hunting. With no sound suppression the gun does have a little bit of a bark, but I’d still describe it as indoor friendly. All around a practical and fun little gun to plink or do some pest control around the barn.

The CO2 pellet gun that I’ve had the most fun with is the Sig Sauer MCX pellet rifle. The cosmetics of this CO2 replica are based on the Sig MCX short-stroke rifle. It uses a 30 pellet Roto Belt magazine to support semi-auto shooting as fast as you can pull the trigger. Set up some metal spinners in the backyard and don’t look back, this gun is a blast.
The rifle’s stock is the ‘Deluxe’ model, which has the same great ambidextrous shape, but is in a black, non-slip, soft-touch rubber for the best in comfort.

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If you are considering buying a firearm / airgun for home delivery please ensure you have read our delivery procedures and that you will be available at the delivery address to sign for the item(s).
But it has something extra: the Huma Regulator, for a higher shot count and much better shot-to-shot consistency. This durable regulator from Huma is made from materials such as aircraft-grade aluminium-bronze and chrome-moly steel.Payl8r is a simple payment option that enables you to buy the items you want today, and spread the cost over a time period that suits you. Minimum order of £50.

Brocock LTD in the UK has a long history in manufacturing of air rifles and pistols. Within the last few years the company has concentrated their efforts on the well received XR Series of side lever HUMA regulated rifles. Extremely popular models like the Sniper XR, Commander XR and Concept XR dominate in the rifle categories, but Brocock has lacked a good quality PCP pistol…until now! Enter the Brocock Atomic XR.{{#is_available}}{{#disponivel}}{{disponivel}}{{/disponivel}}{{/is_available}}{{^is_available}}{{#indisponivel}}{{indisponivel}}{{/indisponivel}}{{/is_available}}

What country is Umarex from?
German Umarex Sportwaffen GmbH & Co. KG is a German manufacturer of air guns (including Umarex air pistols such as the Beretta Elite II), tear-gas and signal pistols, paintball markers under the RAM brand and airsoft guns, based in Arnsberg, North Rhine-Westphalia. The firm was founded in 1972. has been an outcome of a collaboration between Kiehberg GmbH, Germany and Syndicate Innovations International Limited, India to provide quality products from Germany and other European countries for Sports and Outdoors.

The Atomic XR ships from the factory in England as compact built tactical carbine. The Atomic XR measures only 23 inches long and has the ability to be extended 3.5 inches to fit taller shooters. The AR compatible adapter is standard and includes a full stock assembly. Upon arrival, the Brocock Atomic XR is transformed by the American Importer into one of the most potent and versatile air pistols ever made.
The North American subsidiary of Umarex, Umarex USA, was created in 2006 after acquiring the American marketers of the RWS brand (formerly part of Dynamit Nobel), which they continue to market. Umarex USA markets Umarex airguns in addition to many other airguns under license from various firearm brands that include Beretta, Browning, Colt, Hammerli, HK, Makarov, Ruger, Smith & Wesson, UZI, Walther and Glock. Umarex USA entered the tactical rimfire market in 2009 with the importation of Walther-made Colt M4 and M16 .22 LR guns. The company has in-house brands including entry and mid-level airsoft guns in their Tactical Force and Combat Zone brands, while reserving their Elite Force brand for premium airsoft guns. The Legends line is based on historical guns in a BB or pellet airgun format. In late 2010, the company began offering a Turkish-made M1911A1 chambered in .45 ACP under the Regent brand.In 1993 the Carl Walther GmbH firm was acquired by Umarex, who continued to manufacture under the Walther name in Ulm and Arnsberg. In 2010, Röhm Gesellschaft, the firearms division of Röhm GmbH was also acquired.

Who makes Brocock guns?
Brocock has been an established British airgun company since its foundation in the Birmingham gun quarter in the 1980’s. Today the company manufactures a range of advanced precharged pneumatic air rifles at its purpose-built Staffordshire UK base where it is co-located with its sister company Daystate.
Umarex Sportwaffen GmbH & Co. KG is a German manufacturer of air guns (including Umarex air pistols such as the Beretta Elite II), tear-gas and signal pistols, paintball markers under the RAM brand and airsoft guns, based in Arnsberg, North Rhine-Westphalia. The firm was founded in 1972. Its United States subsidiary headquarter is located in Fort Smith, Arkansas.Whether you’re venturing into the wilderness, looking for small game hunting opportunities, or simply enjoying plinking sessions, the Brocock Atomic XR Air Pistol / Compact Carbine delivers exceptional performance in a compact package. Its regulated power, high shot capacity, and adjustable features ensure a tailored shooting experience to suit your preferences. Don’t miss out on this reliable and versatile airgun that is ready to accompany you on your next outdoor adventureThe Brocock Atomic XR Air Pistol / Compact Carbine .22 PCP pistol/airrifle is a versatile and compact airgun perfect for backpacking, hunting, and plinking. With its Huma-air regulator, this pistol/carbine allows users to easily adjust the power to their desired velocity, energy, and shot count. The 11-shot magazine ensures quick follow-up shots, while the generous shot count of 30 to 120 shots per fill provides extended shooting sessions. Measuring 14.5 inches in length without the stock or 23 inches with the stock attached, and weighing 4 pounds without the stock or 4.65 pounds with the stock, this airgun strikes the perfect balance between portability and stability. It features an 11mm scope rail for easy optic attachment and is threaded with a 1/2×20 UNF thread for muzzle accessories.

Interested in seeing more about the Brocock Atomic XR? Check out the full detailed video and come along with Marley and I for two days of adventure in the remote wilderness. I really want to thank Airguns Of Arizona for making this review possible and please don’t hesitate to reach out to them for any questions.
This is a very simple design and one of my favorite locations for a safety, great for quick on and off during hunting situations. The trigger unit is two stage and breaks at just over 1.3 lbs with a very predictable feel, this too can be adjusted further. The overall fit and finish on the pistol is fantastic, very well machined lower that is fitted with a nicely contoured AR style grip.I was excited to get my hands on this pistol as it has a huge range of power settings. For example, in .22 caliber the range is all the way from 30 shots at 20 Ft/Lbs on High Power, right down to 120 shots at 4 Ft/Lbs on Low Power.

Once the lower is removed it’s important to make sure the side power adjuster ball spring doesn’t fall out, this spring keeps tension on the side power adjustment knob. Moving back we had two bolts to remove that allows the Air Superiority Power adjuster to be removed to be able to fit the carbine stock. Just in front of the side-lever is “one” of the power adjusters that can be found on all the XR line of Airguns. This allows on the fly adjustment that comes in handy for those situations where we want to instantly lower or raise the power. An example would be if we were hunting out on a farm shooting pigeons and wanted full power and then later that evening we were to hunt inside a barn for rats, we can simply turn the power down without needing any tools or internal adjustments. Beyond the side adjustment the Atomic XR is fitted with an Air Superiority Power adjuster. This adjuster is located just behind the breech and further allows us to control the pistols hammer spring preload. These New magazines have a magnetic door that can be pulled open to expose the entirety of the drum that hold 11 pellets. Beyond being easy to load I like how they can easily be cleaned out if any debris get ingested. These magazines are all aluminum construction and slide in and out of the breech very easily. Beyond the magazine the Atomic XR includes a single shot tray as well, this tray can be loaded from either side of the pistol.Pretty decent eleven shot group with plenty of room for improvement on my part. After shooting a bit more we moved back to the table where I added the tactical carbine stock.

This range of Muzzle Energies allows the Atomic XR to be used for hunting in the field at full power, or as a plinking/target pistol for basement or garage range use at home. In .177 caliber, the Brocock Atomic XR is a certain contender for Field Target pistol competition. In common with other Brocock PCPs, the Atomic XR is equipped with a Lothar Walther barrel, HUMA regulator and the new XR sidelever action.
Several weeks ago I received a package shipped to me from Airguns Of Arizona that included the New Brocock Atomic XR pistol in .22 caliber. This was a big surprise to me as things had been kept very quiet about the production of this lightweight, compact and very versatile new offering. The Atomic is the latest version of the Brocock PCP platform and can trace its line right back to the original Compatto. The Brocock Atomic XR Pistol is a new model that’s dedicated for the US market. UK regulations mean that it will not be available in its country of origin and that it leaves the British factory as a carbine. The Brocock Atomic XR is available in .177 and .22 calibers. In pistol mode, the Atomic XR features an Air Superiority Products power adjuster that’s installed by AoA. This works in conjunction with the regular, side-mounted Brocock power adjuster. As it is I have to either take my hand off the grip to cock the side-lever with my right hand or turn the pistol to the left and cock with my left hand. This really didn’t bother me to much as I had planned to configure the Atomic XR into a carbine where the right side cocking would be no issue. After having some fun in the backyard I decided to remove the dot-sight and mount a BSA pistol scope that I wuld try for some short range 25 yard targets. This is no doubt a pretty sharp looking pistol and found this configuration to work pretty well for closer range targets. The power wheel has nine increments of power that reads in numbers, this allows us to always keep track of our adjustments for when using different pellets. If that’s not enough adjustment the Atomic is also fitted with a HUMA regulator that is factory set to 135 bar. The regulator can be internally adjusted for those who want to go more detailed with tuning although I feel as though it’s set to a good mark. Moving down the Atomic has a well placed paddle style safety that can easily be motioned on and off with the flick of the index finger.After getting everything back together I decided to mount the Hawke Vantage 3-12×44 SF scope that fit the gun well and allowed for mounting my Tactacam for when filming the action on our hunt.

The lower is all one piece billet aluminum and include 4″ picatinny rail integrated into it, perfect for mounting accessories such as flashlights, lasers or a bipod. I have found the Accu-Tac to be one of the best bipods that has been a proven winner in the field. These units are heavy but the added weight is well worth it for the heavy duty build quality. The New line of Brococks now include the newer magazines that have moved over from the sister company Daystate.
I was shooting the 18gr JSB’s at 701 fps that was giving me a fantastic spread of just 7 fps over 32 shots from a 250 bar fill pressure. Mind you this with just the adjustment on the rear power wheel set to high. This was only 25 yards but I was still really happy with my results considering I really don’t ever shoot pistols.I mounted the 0dB 110c, this quieted the report dramatically making it more than adequate for backyard use. The pistol comes standard will 11mm scope rail but can be upgraded to a picatinny mount that’s available from Airguns Of Arizona. This mount allows the use of a dot-sight that fits the gun well and is ideal for up-close hunting and target shooting.

The hammer spring needs to slide over the guide on the carbine stock, the carbine stock has an internal adjustment that comes set from the factory to 20 fpe but can be adjusted in and out with two neoprene set screws that lock in place. The stock simply slides in and bolts in place.
I prefer to load the tray from the left side as I like to single load pellets with my right had, this is a simple but very useful addition for the target shooter. I took several shots with the gun and immediately concluded that in pistol form as a right handed shooter it would be nice to have the cocking lever on the left side of the rifle.The one-piece Aluminum chassis incorporates a prominent Picatinny rail for attaching a bipod. With a length of 14.5 Inches when configured as a pistol, the new Atomic weighs just 4 lbs. It’s 4.6 lbs as a carbine. The Atomic XR has a 10″ LW barrel that’s stiff as can be as well being fitted with 1/2″ UNF threads for ease of mounting a wide range of moderators.

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There are several different air pistol powerplants, and the key differences are the ways in which the pressurized gas is stored and delivered. Each powerplant has its advantages and disadvantages and can meet the needs of different types of shooters.Pellets are generally wasp-waisted cylinders made of lead or non-lead alloys and provide the highest accuracy in the rifled barrels of adult precision air rifles and air pistols. Pellets of various calibers are available in flat-nose, round-nose, pointed, and hollow-point configurations.

Telescopic sights magnify the target and make it easier for the shooter to precisely place the shot. Because of their unique whiplash recoil, spring-piston and gas ram airguns require an airgun-rated scope. By contrast, PCP, pump-up, and CO2 powered airguns do not require an airgun rated scope.
All air rifles operate on the same principle: pressurized gas (usually air, but sometimes CO2) is introduced into the barrel behind a projectile, and the pressurized gas drives the pellet or BB down the barrel and out the muzzle.It is highly desirable that the scope mount includes an anti-recoil pin to prevent the scope from sliding off the back of the scope rail. Adjustable and “drooper” scope mounts are also available to allow proper mounting of scopes on airguns that include barrel droop as part of their design.Welcome to We The Plinkers! Each of us at Airguns of Arizona has a love for airguns, and we too are plinkers! So when it comes to putting together airgun combos, we decided to package products that we know work well, and stand up to the quality you come to expect from AOA. We call this series We The Plinker!

The HAM Team liked the appearance of the Brocock Sniper XR air rifle. Sure, that’s a subjective decision. However we feel the Brocock Sniper XR is a harmonious-looking, practical air rifle with a sophisticated, yet simple look.The result was a very significant further reduction in the report of the gun. The noise level was cut back to a quiet “phut”. No reduction in accuracy was observed when the odB device was added. Indeed, the 25 Yard target shown above was shot with the silencer installed.

The HAM Team considered the noise level of the Brocock Sniper XL to be fairly low. It’s not the quietest we’ve tested but it’s definitely backyard friendly with it’s fully-shrouded barrel.
The Brocock Sniper XR is the latest version of the Brocock line incorporating – as it does – a sidelever cocking action. It’s currently selling at one Cent short of $1,400. So this is not a cheap air rifle. The gun tested by HAM delivered a maximum recorded Muzzle Energy of 43 Ft/Lbs in HAM testing. As the power was climbing fast with heavier pellets, it’s clear that this Magnum could, indeed, achieve the manufacturer’s claim with even heavier pellets. As is shown in the chart below, the Brocock Sniper XR Magnum tested by HAM delivered 55 – 60 consistent shots per fill of the HPA tank. So here the test gun definitely recorded a performance beyond the claims.

Trigger pull weight was also extremely consistent. It varied by less than +/- 2 Ounces in HAM testing. That’s effectively completely uniform trigger performance. We certainly cannot tell any difference in such small variations of pull weight.

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Performance is excellent, consistency is outstanding and its fit and finish is top quality. Yet there’s something more to this air rifle. The experience of handling and firing it is of a very high order.The balance and handling of this air rifle was felt to be outstanding by the HAM testers. Obviously the adjustable cheek piece and buttpad play their part, however the architecture of the design means that it “just feels right” to shoot. In this respect, it’s among the best air rifles ever tested by HAM.

What is the price of Diana .177 air rifle?
Product Price : ₹84,000.
The reason for the special quick disconnect is seen with the male fill nozzle buried fairly deeply in the underside of the stock. It’s covered in use by a very neat cover that’s held in place by magnets. That’s the cover sitting on the left of the stock in our photograph below.

How many shots does a Brocock Compatto Sniper XR have?
10-shot Just like its predecessor, this rifle features a 10-shot magazine system, shrouded Lothar Walther barrel, power adjuster, smooth bolt-action system, Weaver rail, and adjustable butt-pad.
That’s an indication of the high level of overall performance, quality, design, feel and shootability delivered by the Sniper XR. It’s also an indication of excellent value for money.This would be an outstanding gun for hunting. It could also double as a long range Benchrest rifle. The Sniper XR looks good, but it really has to be handled and shot to appreciate the full benefits it offers.

It feels more like a conventional “full length” air rifle. Yet the saving of a crucial couple of inches in receiver position due to the semi-bullpup configuration clearly has a huge effect on the overall balance and feel when shooting.
On pulling the trigger, the first stage is light but distinctly-felt. Then there’s absolutely no doubt when you’ve reached the second stage! There’s a distinct “wall” that let’s you know precisely that the gun is ready to fire.The manual safety has a push-across paddle inside the trigger guard, just ahead of the trigger blade itself. It’s easy to use and positive in application.

While discussing the Brocock Sniper XR, Doug said “Steve, you know I really can’t find anything I don’t like about this gun. I don’t think that’s ever happened before.”
The Brocock Sniper XR Magnum offers all-round excellent performance and value for money at this price. As a powerful, flat-shooting .22 caliber PCP, it demonstrated great accuracy with heavy lead pellets.

The only downside is that it did bring the overall length of the Brocock Sniper XR to 44.25 Inches. That made it a long air rifle, in spite of the semi-bullpup configuration.
The semi-bullpup design clearly works well in creating such comfortable and pleasant handling. The overall handling feel is nowhere like the rather “blocky”, cramped feel of some conventional bullpups.The special, long-shank female quick disconnect supplied has a screw thread at the other end. So – if you don’t already own a Brocock or Daystate air rifle already, you’ll need to purchase an adapter to connect it to a regular HPA hose female quick disconnect… However we also installed the 0dB airgun silencer that was supplied with the test gun. Installation was a simple matter of unscrewing an end nut from the barrel and screwing the silencer into place. As well as being the most accurate, these heavy pellets also provided the most power. Shooting the Jumbo Monsters, the Brocock Sniper XR tested by HAM reached a maximum Muzzle Energy of 43.03 Ft/lbs. That’s a very good power level for any .22 caliber air rifle.We like the side-by-side positioning of the bottle and regulator gauges. This makes it extremely quick and easy to see the exact HPA fill situation of the XR Magnum at any time.

The 10-shot rotary magazine works well and predictably, as always with Brocock and Daystate air rifles. The HAM Team also particularly liked the single shot tray. This was easy to use, providing a convenient, high wall on the “non-loading” side.The graph above shows the consistency when the Sniper XR Magnum was shot down from a full tank. There’s 55 – 60 consistent shots at around 1010 – 1020 FPS using Daystate Kaiser 14.66 Grain pellets. That’s a steady 33 – 34 Ft/Lbs of Muzzle Energy.

What is the most expensive sniper gun?
US produces perhaps the most expensive sniper in the world with unique sight. WASHINGTON, (BM) – TrackingPoint XS1 sniper rifle costs 15 thousand dollars – you are unlikely to have to pay more for a firearm, even if you are planning to buy an old gun [only museum ones can be an exception], learned …
A little more effort and the trigger breaks sharply and predictably. There’s no creep, doubt or fuss, just a clean release that removes any hint of surprise. Very nice!True, this is not a light airgun. With the MTC Viper Pro scope and odB silencer installed, the all-up weight grossed 10 Lbs 8 Oz. But it certainly did NOT feel that heavy!

Although highest Muzzle Velocity is not of interest to the target market (excuse the pun!) for this air rifle, we can see the results in the table below.
Typically for PCP air rifles, light pellets gave the highest FPS but the lowest Muzzle Energy, together with (generally) less good accuracy. We also see that the most accurate pellets – the Jumbo Monsters – shot at a Muzzle Velocity of 873.56 FPS. That’s right in the “sweet spot” of FPS for best accuracy as found in the Big HAM Accuracy Test and more endorsement for the conclusions reached there.The Picatinny rails clamped to the top of the breech provide the Brocock Sniper XR with plenty of real estate to mount a scope. These rails can also be removed if required, revealing a set of regular airgun dovetail rails underneath. This provides another mounting option for short eye relief or low-mounted scopes.

Are Brocock air rifles any good?
Shooting the Jumbo Monsters, the Brocock Sniper XR tested by HAM reached a maximum Muzzle Energy of 43.03 Ft/lbs. That’s a very good power level for any . 22 caliber air rifle.
It’s difficult to express this in words. However, there’s a clue to this in a comment made by HAM Tester Doug Rogers. Doug has tested many types of high end PCPs. So his expectations are finely tuned towards $1,000+ air rifles.The Brocock Sniper XR is a powerful .22 caliber air rifle! In fact, this is the “Magnum” version of the Sniper XR with a higher power level than the regular, plain “XR”.

The Brocock Sniper XR tested by HAM offered excellent consistency. Standard Deviation – the measure of shot-to-shot consistency in a string – averaged just 3.15 FPS across the HAM test pellets. It actually fell to as low as 1.0 FPS for the H&N Baraduda Match 21.14 Grain pellets. That’s really outstanding! This pull weight indicates that the Sniper XL is intended by the manufacturer mainly as a hunting air rifle. It’s perfect for that use, although somewhat heavy for target shooting. It’s clear from the test results that this model is definitely intended for use with heavy, domed lead pellets. As ever more powerful .22 caliber PCPs are introduced, HAM has added 25.39 Grain JSB Jumbo Monster pellets to our standard test suite for such models. This scope balanced well on the gun and gave a high quality image for our testing. Obviously no-one will mount a cheap riflescope on a premium air rifle like the Sniper XR Magnum, nor will they skimp on rings. The HAM Team didn’t either… The Brocock Sniper XL is available in the USA from Airguns of Arizona and Precision Airgun Distribution dealers. It is supplied complete with one magazine and a single shot tray. There’s also an excellent instruction manual (although not specific to this individual model).The cocking effort was just around 9 Lbs. It felt light and easy, helped – no doubt – by the oversize cocking lever handle. This has tactical looks and tactile feeling – it’s an efficient and enjoyable way to cock the air rifle. Very nice!

By the way, that’s a Leapers UTG TBNR bipod mounted to the short Picatinny rail under the stock. That also worked well and is another high quality product that can be recommended for use with the Sniper XL. If shooting from a bench or prone, the bipod provides a very stable shooting platform for the air rifle.HAM participates in affiliate advertising programs. These allow us to earn a commission when you click on an affiliate link. Affiliate Links are prominently displayed under the heading “BUY FROM…”. For example, as an Amazon Associate, HAM earns from qualifying purchases if you buy by clicking-through from that link. Visiting our advertisers and/or clicking Affiliate Links is the best way you can say “thank you” to HAM, enabling this magazine to be free to read. For questions, contact the Publisher, Stephen Archer.

Trigger pull weight for the Brocock Sniper XR tested by HAM averaged 3 Lbs 2 Oz. This was with the factory trigger setting and obviously could be adjusted.
According to Brocock, the regular Brocock Sniper XR has a specified Muzzle Energy of up to 30 Ft/Lbs. The “Magnum” version tested here has a claimed power of up to 46 Ft/Lbs, combined with a claim of 50 consistent shots.

What are the top five air rifles?
FYI, Prices and ratings are accurate as of time of writing.Gamo Varmint Air Rifle . … Umarex Ruger Blackhawk Pellet Rifle . … Gamo Whisper Fusion Mach Air Rifle . … Hatsan 95 Air Rifle . … Daisy Powerline 880 Air Rifle .177 Caliber Kit. … Gamo Raptor Whisper Air Rifle . … Barra Airguns Sportsman 900 Air Rifle .177 Caliber Combo.
As you can see, the Jumbo Monsters proved to be the most accurate pellet in the Brocock Sniper XR. They were closely followed by the next heaviest pellet, the 21.14 Grain Baracuda Match.

Due to the gas piston, improving the descent and the barrel, the rifle has gained high reliability. Mounted Picatinny rails allow you to equip a rifle with any desired body kit.
The new Mark 5HD will replace the older Leupold Mark 4 LR / T 3.5-10 × 40, which originally came with the M110. The M110 rifle should not be confused with the M110A1 manufactured by Heckler & Koch, which is equipped with a SIG Sauer Tango6 1-6 × 24 scope.“The new sight automates the guidance process and increases the probability of hitting the target from the first shot four times. For this, the principles of display recognition and auto tracking algorithms that were previously used in homing missiles and fire control systems of military equipment are used,” Konstantin Makienko, deputy director of the Center for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies, explained to The sight differs from classmates primarily in the small mass [737 g]. The sight is also characterized by high-quality optics with a special coating of DiamondCoat 2 lenses and a Twilight Max HD backlight control system. Each Leupold riflescope was tested for 5,000 hits on a recoil simulator, where the strength of each hit is 3 times greater than the recoil from a shot in .308 Win caliber. Waterproof, anti-fog, dust and dirt resistant, the Mark 5HD sights are backed by a lifetime warranty.

The manufacturer of the sights – the Israeli company Smart Shooter Ltd. – Offers a whole line of SMASH sights, which are actually fire control systems [LMS]. Developed in close collaboration with the Israeli army,
Despite the high cost, the rifle has gained worldwide popularity, it is in demand in the armies, police and special forces of Europe, the USA, Russia and many other countries.

The rifle was released for sale in the USA in 2013. It can be purchased in three versions: XS1 8.6 caliber with 35x zoom; with it, you can very accurately hit targets located a kilometer away from you; the lightweight version of XS2 with a caliber of 7.62 mm with 30x zoom and with a range of accurate firing is slightly smaller, and the “tiny” XS3 with a caliber of 7.62 mm with the same 30x zoom with which you can count on getting up to 780 meters .
The main thing with TrackingPoint XS1 is to see the target and click on the button. After you press the button, the target will be marked with a red mark in the sight; after that, the blue crosshairs of the sight will remain aligned with the red mark. When the match is enough to hit, the cross from blue will turn red and the rifle will fire.Initially, the Germans planned to create only a plug-in module with a reliable system. The module could be installed on any M4 / M16 format rifle. However, soon, the company began to produce its own full-fledged weapons. The controls, stock and store are similar to American carbines.

However, when a soldier is ready to fire, the system determines whether his target is true, and if the target is “disabled”, SMASH 2000 will not allow to shoot, even if you press the trigger.
Similar sights were previously used only by the Israel Defense Forces. US SMASH 2000 was tested in Syria for the first time. “US Special Forces bought this system for use in real-life combat situations,” said Dr. Abraham Mazor, one of the founders of Smart Shooter Ltd.Americans love their homeland, and are extremely jealous of foreign innovations, even in the field of weapons. But against all odds, this rifle was able to truly sink into their souls!

Which air gun brand is best?
Here are my picks for the best air rifles:Best Overall: BRK Ghost.Best Compact: Hatsan Jet PCP Pistol.Best Youth: Umarex NOTOS CRK.Best Semi-Auto: Western Rattler.Best for Small Game Hunting: Brocock Commander.Most Accurate: FX Impact.Best Budget: Air Venturi Avenger.Best Budget Big Bore: Umarex Hammer.
WASHINGTON, (BM) – TrackingPoint XS1 sniper rifle costs 15 thousand dollars – you are unlikely to have to pay more for a firearm, even if you are planning to buy an old gun [only museum ones can be an exception], learned other words, the shooter first takes aim and fixes [marks] the selected target by pressing the red button on the weapon handle. After that, presses and holds the trigger. A shot is fired only at the moment when the sight “is convinced” of the perfect aiming of the weapon at the target.

What is the price of Brocock Bantam Sniper XR?
Product Price : ₹154,900.
Like all Leupold riflescopes, the Mark 5HD will be manufactured at the Beaverton factory. The Leupold Mark 5HD 3.6-18 × 44 will be coated with FDE and use the Mil-Grid patented reticle. Also, the sight will be equipped with a Leupold Mark IMS mount.Several sources confirmed that on this year the US troops began to put a high-tech super modern optical sight on its semi-automatic snipers, as we reported on June 27.

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