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Charlotte’s Daylily Diary

For the latest daylily information in Ontario, the Ontario Daylily Society (ODS) is a group of daylily enthusiasts that have regular meetings, newsletters, blogs and all sorts of support for folks interested in growing daylilies in Ontario (click here for a link to ODS). Some of the meetings have auctions where you can purchase many of the newest introductions at very reasonable prices.

Perhaps the best Canadian web site for information on daylilies and links to absolutely hundreds of daylily web sites is Charlotte’s Daylily Diary, maintained by Charlotte Chamitoff in the Eastern Townships area of Quebec. If you have an urge to learn about daylilies, we highly recommend Cha-Cha’s web site as a place to start (click here for a link to Cha-Cha’s site).

We would be remiss if we didn’t acknowledge Barry Matthie and Bryan Culver as important sources for daylilies in Ontario. Both Barry and Bryan have produced many amazing daylilies that are hybridized for Ontario’s diverse growing conditions. Barry operates Bonibrae Daylilies in Prince Edward County (click this link for Bonibrae) and Bryan operates Culver Farm Daylilies near Waterford (click this link for Culver Farm). Unfortunately, we can’t list all of the people and web sites of the ‘daylily folks’ who have helped us over the years, so for listings of sources and hybridizers of daylilies in Ontario and beyond, please check out the ODS and Cha-Cha web sites that are linked above.
As you might expect there are many great sources for additional information on daylilies on the web. As far as organizations go, the official web site for daylilies is the American Hemerocallis Society (click here for a link to the AHS). The AHS produces a quarterly publication for members called The Daylily Journal. The ‘Journal’ is a great source of daylily information with lots of articles, pictures and advertisements for the latest introductions from hybridizers throughout the USA and Canada. The AHS also maintains the registry for all of the Hemerocallis cultivars and that registry is accessible as a searchable electronic database on the AHS web site. The database includes pictures of many cultivars so it provides a great resource for information on the daylilies in your garden if you know the cultivar names or the hybridizers.

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  • Our interest in daylilies was unleashed by Henry Lorrain and the late Douglas Lycett, formerly of We’re In the Hayfield Now Daylily Gardens. Henry handed the reigns of the Hayfield to Janet Taylor and Simon Gill who carried on the Hayfield tradition of producing new daylily cultivars that are selected for plant habit as well as a pretty face. Henry, Janet and Simon have been instrumental in promoting our seedlings.

    Annual award recognizing outstanding development within an electronic media in support of daylilies. Voted by the AHS Board of Directors from nomination letters.  

    Charlotte’s Daylily Diary Links to over 500 commercial websites/blogs, AHS daylily clubs/newsletters, and the International Garden of the Week series which. Warning: there will be daylilies! DAYLILYDIARY.COM. Charlotte’s Daylily Diary. View top daylily sites, daylily history, The Hybridizer’.. Ralph Gelbart and 2. Visit us at Strictly as the featured garden in Charlotte’s Daylily Diary for the 12th Winter Series of the International Garden of the Week. American Daylily Society Region 15 · Blooming Auction · Charlotte’s Daylily Diary · Daylily Hybridizer’s Corner · Daylily Rust Website · Daylily Trader · The Daylily. Daylily Websites. Charlotte’s Daylily Diary Most inclusive site for daylily sources and hybridizers. Daylily Trader Northern hardy daylily hybridizers and. Plant: Daylily (Hemerocallis ‘Now and Zen’) · Uploaded by vic · Info: Bloom / License: All rights reserved · Caption: Image courtesy of Charlotte’s Daylily Diary. Charlotte’s Daylily Diary. Thanks to everyone who have allowed me to link to your. American Daylily Society, -, National daylily organization home page. Photo #10/20 of Daylily (Hemerocallis ‘Charlie Pierce Memorial’). Caption: Image courtesy of Charlotte’s Daylily Diary. Used with.. View top daylily sites, daylily history, The Hybridizer’s Corner, International Garden Of The Week, Garden Photographs, AHS Regional Club page,. Daylily Links: CHARLOTTE’S DAYLILY DIARY BLOOMING AUCTION AMERICAN HEMEROCALLIS SOCIETY Charlotte’s Daylily Diary: Great links to daylily sites, hybridizers, images, and information. ​. The Lily Auction: A source of daylilies-new and old. This is. Charlotte’s Daylily Diary Alphabetical listing of daylily gardens with links to their websites. Heavenly Gardens Daylilies hybridized by Jamie & Dianna. Award Winners ; Charlotte Chamitoff, For Charlotte’s Daylily Diary:, 2021 ; Ken Ferguson, 2019 ; Elizabeth Trotter, for years of. Charlotte’s Daylily Diary. A diary and history of Charlotte’s garden, plus links to other daylily sites. Cyndi’s Catalog of Garden. Hemerocallis Mix | Mixed Colors Daylilies – Plant our Mixed Daylilies for beautiful blooms for weeks on end. This Daylily rainbow color mix offers hybrid. Perhaps the best Canadian web site for information on daylilies and links to absolutely hundreds of daylily web sites is Charlotte’s Daylily Diary,. Great Garden Standbys. Orignally published in the Spring 2008 OHS Horticulture Horizons newsletter. As avid gardeners, we search out the newest and best each.