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Chino Pacas Age

If Peso Pluma – 23 years old – has managed to attract attention because of his young age and the success he has obtained. The same goes for Chino Pacas.After the success of “El Gordo trae el mando,” Chino Pacas signed with Street Mob, the record label run by Jesús Ortiz of Fuerza Regida, and sometime later, the official video of his hit was released.

Chino Pacas, also known as Chinito Pacas, only 16 years old, is the one many are betting on to unseat Peso Pluma. Through TikTok, as a lucky shot, Chino Pacas uploaded a song to see the people’s response, but he never imagined that his first hit would come out of it.
Surely you have heard “El Gordo trae el mando” because it is the song that Cristian Humberto Avila Ortega, as is the name of Chino Pacas, managed to position alongside world-class singers.

And although Peso Pluma is the most popular at the moment, Chino Pacas recognizes that his idol and inspiration is Natanael Cano, the same singer who already places him.
Although Chino Pacas is just starting in the music industry, he is already backed by the success of Fuerza Regida. He promises to be one of the greats in corridos tumbados, although he defines his style as corrido urbano.

Chino Pacas is Mexican, as he was born in Apaseo El Alto, Guanajuato, but at 12, he moved to the United States with his mother, “following the (American) dream.”
Chino Pacas said that “El Gordo trae el mando” was the first corrido he uploaded to the internet, which hit him. Thanks to this, the vocalist of Fuerza Regida sought him out and signed him to his label. It all happened very quickly. Chino Pacas’ hit was uploaded to TikTok “without a video or anything, just like that,” but Jesus Ortiz – 25 years old – spotted talent and sought him out. Due to the talent that Fuerza Regida saw in the young composer and singer, he has taken him to open several of his concerts. He is always accompanied by his brother Diego, who also plays guitar.“He had already messaged me on Instagram, but I hadn’t seen, he was also dialing me on the phone, until I saw my messages and I had him saying -answer me I’m calling you.”The music video for his smash hit “El Gordo Trae El Mando” has been viewed more than 47 million times on YouTube. In April of 2023, he boasted more than 10 million monthly listeners on his Spotify page.

Rapper and hip-hop recording artist who is known for songs such as “El Gordo Trae El Mando” and “Dijeron Que No La Iba Lograr.” The former single helped to propel him into becoming a Billboard Hot 100-charting artist. The song has accumulated over 100 million streams on Spotify.Chino Pacas was born in a Mexican family on 18 October 2006 in Guanajuato, Mexico. His real name is Cristian Humberto Avila Vega whereas his zodiac sign is Libra. As per our research, he hasn’t completed his high school education yet.

His most recent single titled Los Verdes was released on 14 April. After back-to-back features, he dropped a solo single. In a matter of a few months, he achieved success that is similar to many popular music artists.

Chino Pacas wanted to pursue a career in the music industry from a young age. Thereby, he began writing his original songs and continued to improve with time.In March, he released the single Dijeron Que No La Iba Lograr in collaboration with Fuerza Regida. Similar to his debut single, the song also amassed millions of streams and sales. Currently, it has more than 55 million streams and 42 million views on Spotify and YouTube respectively.

The single was an instant hit as it went onto chart on Billboard Hot 100 in early April. As of now, it peaked at #75 position on the charts. Before making it to this chart, it already made it to Billboard’s Hot Latin Songs list. In fact, it managed to peak at #13 position.
Chino Pacas’ age is 16 as of 2022. His height is 5 feet 10 inches & his weight is 66 kg approximately. Cristian has black hair and brown eyes. While his body stats are unavailable, his shoe size is 10.5 (US).Chino Pacas’ net worth is $2 million (estimated). His major source of income is music. As a rising rapper, he primarily earns through the streams and sales of his original music.