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Citadel Boss 25 Upgrades

We believe the 2nd Amendment is best defended through grass-roots organization, education, and advocacy centered around individual gun owners. It is our mission to encourage, organize, and support these efforts throughout Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming.Our community relies on advertising revenue and member donations to keep this site online. We display fewer ads to our members, and fewer yet to members who choose to make a donation. Please consider signing up and making a donation or disabling ad blocking for our website. The Citadel Single- and Double-Point Sling with QD Swivel gives you flexibility to configure your sling to your rifle. Whether you prefer a more traditional double point or want a single point style for your MSR. We want to ensure that making a return is as easy and hassle-free as possible! If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, simply return the item within 30 days of receipt, and we’ll cover the cost of return shipping. Learn more about our Return Policy.I’ve owned a LOT of shotguns over the years. I even collected high-grade Browning Superposed shotguns for a decade or so. I still own a bunch of shotguns—semi-autos, over-unders and side-by-sides—but they are exclusively for hunting or competition clay target use. I’ve always preferred rifles and handguns for home defense, and I’ve never owned a purely personal defense shotgun. That, however, is about to change.

Mounted at the aft end is a 1-piece, fixed polymer buttstock with half-inch thick rubber butt pad and a comb that is adjustable for height but not fore/aft position on the stock. Four finish colors are offered—U.S. flag motif, matte black, tactical gray, and flat dark earth—priced from $649 to $729. Critical dimensions are 37.75” in overall length, 14.0” length of pull and 8.0-pound empty weight with magazine installed (although it does feel lighter due to the excellent balance).

Furniture consists of a 1-piece aluminum handguard that has three integral Picatinny rail sections: one 6-slot that mates with and extends the upper receiver’s top rail; another 6-slot positioned on top all the way forward; and a 4-slot on the underside all the way forward. In addition, there are two M-LOK slots on each side far forward, plus a row of KeyMod slots the full length of the underside. Adjustable, flip-up iron polymer sights are provided front and rear.
I’ve become concerned lately about the over-penetration issues with centerfire rifle and pistol ammunition being fired, most likely, inside the house. Rifle rounds are almost guaranteed to penetrate a human target and continue on through sheetrock walls into other rooms where family members are sleeping. The potential for unintended collateral damage is just too high for me to rely on an AR-15 as my primary home defense weapon.

As previously mentioned, being dead-reliable is a prerequisite characteristic of mine (as it is with most) and the BOSS 25 checks that box … if you’re using the recommended 1,300 F.P.S. and higher shotshells. Anything less than that either does NOT cycle the action or yields spotty performance. That’s OK though — personal defense ammo is usually of the high-test variety anyway.
I say “AR-style” because even though the BOSS-25 is a near look-alike to an AR-10—the larger of the two principal AR platforms—and handles just like any AR, it is a totally different design. Because it is chambered for 3-inch shotshells, its AR-style detachable box magazine is almost identical in size and shape to a 20-round AR-10 magazine, which is designed for the 7.62 NATO (.308 Win.) rifle cartridge. The BOSS-25 comes with two 5-round steel magazines, and additional 5-round ($34) and 10-round ($39) magazines are available from Legacy Sports on their website, so loaded capacity is on par with or better than other 12-guage defensive shotguns. ProMag also has this platform supported with a 20-round drum and 10-round stick magazines but we have yet to try them to see how they run. We’re told that the BOSS-25 is also compatible with VR80, MKA 1919 and Panzer shotgun magazines, but again, we have not personally verified this.Using ammunition of the recommended velocity and above, the Boss 25 ran without hiccup, feeding extracting and ejecting it all, and additionally, the recoil impulse is noticeably softer than your standard pump-action gun. The sights required significant adjustment from the factory to correct point-of-aim/point-of-impact, but that’s certainly not uncommon with today’s firearms.

Legacy Sports bills the BOSS-25 as the most versatile of shotguns, suitable for hunting, clay target sports, 3-gun competition and, of course, home defense. As if to underline that point, they include a full set of five interchangeable choke tubes. Four are flush tubes, while the Modified tube is both extended and ported. This is very unusual for a defensive shotgun, which usually has just a fixed Cylinder choke.Built on an aluminum upper and a carbon-fiber-reinforced polymer lower receiver, the BOSS-25 is a gas-operated semi-auto shotgun, but the gas system bears no resemblance whatsoever to that of an AR. Nothing in the available literature—which is surprisingly sparse—says whether the upper receiver is forged, extruded or machined from billet aluminum, and there is no way to tell from looking at it. But the manufacturing process is really irrelevant, because semi-auto shotguns operate at much lower pressures than center-fire rifles. However it is made, the aluminum upper receiver sports an extended, 21-slot Picatinny top rail. The bolt is cocked by pulling rearward on a round, ventilated, aluminum knob which protrudes from the right side of the bolt body.Controls, which are all mounted in the polymer lower receiver, are made to look roughly similar to those of an AR, but they are not identical, are not found in the same places, and in some cases, do not perform the same functions. The AR-compatible pistol grip is removable—although I’m not certain why anyone would want to—is nicely shaped and has front and rear textured rubber grip panels that make it very comfortable in the hand. The trigger is adequate for a defensive shotgun but is a bit one the creepy and heavy side. Take-down is nothing like an AR, and there are no interchangeable parts.

I have become so comfortable with the controls and handling characteristics of the AR platform, however, that I hate to give it up for a defensive shotgun. I’ve looked at a number of “AR shotguns” recently, but I just can’t find one I like—meaning one that handles like an AR, has a detachable box magazine of substantial capacity and is drop dead reliable. But then I found the new Citadel BOSS-25 AR-style shotgun from Legacy Sports.

The BOSS-25 is fitted with an 18.75-inch, chrome-lined, smooth-bore barrel, and as mentioned, it is threaded for choke tubes and a set of five tubes is included. A ventilated shroud covers the forward eight or nine inches of the barrel, and the rear two or three inches of it are covered by the handguard. The owner’s manual refers to it as a “muzzle brake,” but we don’t see any evidence that it performs such a function.
While exploring Citadel Station in System Shock, you’ll come across vending machines selling weapon mods. These weapon upgrades can be attached to guns to give them added benefits, whether that’s increased damage, bigger ammo clips or different firing modes.

Are Citadel shotguns made in Turkey?
Citadel firearms are made in Turkey by Francolin.
Finding and purchasing these mods is essential for bolstering your arsenal, allowing you to save ammo, bring enemies down faster and generally survive the horrors of Citadel Station. Below, we’ll run through the location of every Weapon Mod Vending Machine, so you can make sure you’re prepared to face off against the station’s scariest monsters. Located in the West section of Flight Deck, as shown on the map below. It requires the Motion Boots V2 to reach. It costs 25 credits and unlocks an upgrade to the Skorpion’s damage. Located in the Gamma Quadrant of Medical, as shown on the map below. It costs 20 credits and allows you to load more bullets into your mini-pistol clip.Located in the Central Section of Storage, as shown on the map below. You need to find the Storage 9 Code to access the office containing the Mod-Kit Station. The machine costs 25 credits and provides a Magnum damage upgrade. Located in the Delta Quadrant of Engineering, as shown on the map below. It costs 25 credits and will upgrade the amount of ammo you can store in the Skorpion. Located in the Beta Quadrant Armoury of Engineering, as shown on the map below. The upgrade costs 25 credits and lowers the amount of energy consumed by each Ion Pulse Rifle shot.

Located in the Central section of Reactor. It’s accessed by completing Reactor’s Cyberspace section and unlocking the armoury. The location is shown on the map below. The station costs 25 credits and upgrades the Mini-Pistol’s Damage.
Located in the ??? section of Executive, right behind where you fight Edward Diego. You have to complete the Cyberspace Terminal in Delta Quadrant to unlock the office the Mod-Kit Station. The map location is shown below. The upgrade costs 25 credits and allows you to load more ammo into your magnum.Found on the Third Floor of Security, in a room accessed after lowering the overall level security. The map location is shown below. It costs 25 credits and speeds up the Railgun’s recharge speed after you reload it.

Located in the South section of Flight Deck, as shown on the map below. You have to defeat the Cortex Reaver to access the machine. It costs 25 credits and upgrades the Grenade Launcher’s damage.
Located in the Beta Grove. Note that this Mod-Kit Station is missable if you jettison the grove before getting it. The map location is shown below. The upgrade costs 25 Credits and increases the Mag-Pulse Rifle damage.In this video, Former Army Ranger sniper team leader Ryan Cleckner explains why he likes to use parachute cord instead of traditional metal rifle sling swivels.

Let’s talk a little bit about rifle slings, the differences, what you should look for and the importance of a rifle sling. This isn’t an optional piece of equipment. It’s something you really need if you’re going to carry this weapons system. Basically, the sling takes the place of a holster for a pistol and allows us to carry and deploy these things safely.
All slings aren’t created equal there are different types. A single point sling has a single attachment point to the rifle, which can be worn across the strong side shoulder or the shooting side shoulder and you can see when it’s in place you have a lot of mobility to the rifle you could switch shoulders if you want to shoot with the support side whatever you want to do. The disadvantage though is because it only has a single point of attachment, there can also be a lot of unwanted movement of the rifle. If you’re not careful it can start crossing body points.The single attachment is a very viable system. I made my own you don’t have to spend a lot of money on it, I used one-inch climbing webbing, some sliders and buckles. I made a number of these for my son in some of his mates when they were deployed over in Afghanistan with the 173rd Airborne Brigade and they carried them for a four year very successfully while they were deployed.The rifle sling really is a safety feature. Again this is the equivalent of a holster for your pistol. This is basically the carbines holster. It allows you to know where this weapon is, what its condition is at all times. Allowing you to maintain control, move around and do things without having to lay the weapon down. A sling is much more than just an accessory or a comfort item.You can have simple carry slings or commercial sporting type slings to carry the rifles around. There’s any number of designs out there depending on your purpose for carrying and your comfort level. As long as you have something that can secure the firearm.

The other options are the two-point and three-point sling, which are attached to the rifle in two different positions. It can be held over the strong side or shooting side shoulder providing a little bit more stability in the rifle but not as much sweep and swing to it as the single sling. Understood. I have fired a rifle with a binary trigger and was not too fond of it. It was fun once but I would not want it full time if I could not choose to not fire on release. Full auto though??? Good, wise choice. I wouldn’t want to explain why I was using a firearm with a known fire control malfunction. So, I wouldn’t grab it in a case of dire need.While every effort is made to include accurate and correct images, descriptions and pricing for all products, inadvertent errors may occur. Vance Outdoors reserves the right to modify or change pricing information or descriptions without notice. If you have a question about an item, please call or e-mail for more information before placing your order.

The difference between different frame rates has to do with how the image looks. 24fps, 30fps, and 60fps all have different looks, with the main difference between each being the number of frames captured per second.
Get the latest video marketing data from 80 million videos uploaded to our platform and insights from 1,500 marketers. Help your business thrive with video, and find out what other companies are planning for the year ahead!In the drop frame method, the frame rate is specified as a fraction, such as 29.97fps or 59.94fps. This means that the actual rate at which frames are displayed is slightly lower than the specified rate, and some frames are “dropped” in order to maintain a consistent rate. This method is typically used when the video will be broadcast over television, where the frame rate must be synchronized with the broadcast signal.

If you have a frame rate of 24fps, that means the camera is capturing 24 individual frames every second, and when played back, it displays as one continuous video.

Frame rate is the number of individual video frames that your camera captures, per second. In video production, a video’s frame rate is expressed as frames per second (fps).
Learn how to edit videos online with Wistia’s new editing feature that can trim, split, and delete clips. It’s a simple tool for editing webinar recordings, Zoom calls, and clips for social media. Yes! The human eye can react to visual signals in less than one millisecond, or translate that to a frame rate of 1,000 fps. But, when it comes to the screens that we use to view video, most LCD screens only have a refresh rate of 60 hertz (hz). This means, even if we were viewing something at 1,000fps, it would essentially only deliver 60fps to our eyes. By default, your iPhone’s video recordings are set to 30fps. You can adjust your iPhone frame rate in the Record Video subsection of the camera settings menu.For live TV, sports, or soap operas, 30fps is common. 30fps has six more frames per second than 24fps, giving it a smoother feel that works well for live TV.

Any frame rate at 60fps or above is considered a high-speed frame rate. For example, 60fps, 120fps, and 240fps would all be considered high speed and are typically used for slow-motion video. Some cameras can even go as fast as 1,000 frames per second. You’ve probably seen some examples of this frame rate in videos of a bullet in slo-mo, or a balloon popping.
In general, the drop frame method is used to maintain a consistent frame rate in situations where the actual frame rate may fluctuate slightly. This can be important for ensuring that the video appears smooth and natural to viewers.

Some videos and digital films are shot at 60fps, which when played at normal speed creates hyper-real-looking footage. 120fps, 240fps, and higher frame rates are used for recording video to be played back in slow motion.
When it comes to video frame rates, “drop frame” and “non-drop frame” refers to two different methods for specifying the rate at which frames are displayed.What’s the difference between frame rate and shutter speed? In video recording, the frame rate is a recording format and accounts for the number of individual video frames your camera captures. The shutter speed affects how quickly your shutter opens and closes, affecting the exposure of your shot; you can use shutter speed to brighten or darken your image.

On most DSLR cameras, the frame rate can be found in one of the first couple of menu pages. Once you locate the menu page, you’ll see two options for each frame rate, IPB, and ALL-I. IPB means more compression and smaller overall file size, and ALL-I means less compression and a higher file size.
In the non-drop frame method, the frame rate is specified as a whole number, such as 30fps or 60fps. This means that each second of video is made up of exactly that many frames, and the frames are displayed at a consistent rate.

When choosing your frame rate, you’ll want to keep in mind that the higher the frame rate, the slower the slow motion will be. For example, videos recorded in 60fps or 120fps will then be slowed down to a 24ps frame rate, which creates that smooth slow-motion effect. If you ever play back a 60fps or 120fps how it is recorded, then you’ll definitely notice a strange-looking effect.A higher fps does not mean a higher quality video nor does it improve the video resolution of your footage (e.g., 1080p / 4K). It does, however, capture more frames, which allows you to capture action footage with ultra-realism and video that will look smooth when played back in slow-motion. For cinematic film and television (and some online video) 24fps is the standard. That’s because this frame rate feels the most cinematic, and looks the most natural to the human eye. Looking to replace a broken charging handle on a Citadel Boss 12 gauge AR style shotgun. Can’t seem to find parts for this shotgun any where. Does anybody have any sources for Citadel parts or compatible parts?By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising.The Citadel Boss 25 is the perfect choice for any homeowner looking to protect their families and property from intruders. The Citadel Boss 25 features an 18 cylinder bore barrel that delivers a great balance of accuracy, power, and velocity.The CITADEL BOSS 25 is a semi-automatic shotgun with a high capacity magazine and dual action bars that deliver smooth, reliable operation. The three-inch chamber accepts both 2 & 3/4 inch shells as well as magnum ammo for the ultimate in versatility.

Should every rifle have a sling?
This isn’t an optional piece of equipment. It’s something you really need if you’re going to carry this weapons system. Basically, the sling takes the place of a holster for a pistol and allows us to carry and deploy these things safely. All slings aren’t created equal there are different types.
The Boss shotgun is designed to deliver the highest level of performance in every aspect, from its premium components and tighter tolerances to its innovative design. It’s built for those who demand nothing but the best — and we’re confident that you’ll agree.The CITADEL BOSS 25 SEMI-AUTO 12 GAUGE SHOTGUN is built on a durable metal frame. Its synthetic stock has soft rubber butt pad, a ventilated recoil pad and sling studs on both sides of the forearm. This shotgun has a single selective trigger that cycles automatically or can be set to manually cycle after each shot. The gun comes with one extended capacity magazine holding 5 rounds and one shorter version holding 4 rounds.

I haven’t had it long enough to take to the range. However, overall the shotgun looks great. YouTube videos speak highly of them. I thought the service of Strap Weapons Shop was awesome. My first FFL and will definitely consider using you again. Will also recommend to others. I found y’all via recommendation.I don’t know what to begin!! Simply an amazing firearm. And an even better price. I talked about it so much even a buddy at work got one. Not only is the firearm amazing. But so is Rainier Arms!! They helped me out a lot and answer all my questions. This firearm and company are simply amazing! Don’t miss out on an amazing firearm. Buy now!The manufacturer provides an easy manual release tab located at the rear end of each barrel as well as an adjustable stock made from a sturdy polymer which will allow shooters to fit this rifle to their own needs without having any problems downrange either.The Citadel Boss 25 model is built with large, simple buttons that are easy to reach even when you’re wearing gloves or have injured hands, which makes operating it fast in case of an emergency. CITADEL BOSS 25 12 GAUGE FOR SALE

What FPS is needed for Citadel Boss 25?
You need to use at LEAST 1,300 FPS or higher with at least 1oz or a BIGGER / HEAVIER load as it needs to build pressure in the barrel.
The Citadel BOSS 25 semi-auto 12 gauge shotgun is designed with a ventilated rib, wood forend and stock, plus a matte black finish with chrome trigger guard and safety. This model has an 18.75″ barrel.

The Citadel Boss 25 is a semi-automatic shotgun that has an 18.75″ barrel and a maximum capacity of 7+1 rounds. This gun also features a matte black finish, synthetic thumbhole stock, and ghost ring sights. The Boss 25 includes a Picatinny rail and sling swivel studs on the forend.Its a little heavier than I thought it would be. But well made, easy to shoulder. I have not yet shot it, but based on what i read, it is a good quality firearm. It has great reviews and I purchased it for a very reasonable price. Overall Very Happy with it. Highly recommend it. Boss 25 12 gauge comes with two shells included and includes a five-year warranty on parts and labor at no cost to you. All major components are covered under this agreement, including sights and springs. If something breaks on your boss 25 within 5 years, don’t worry—it’s covered under warranty! The Boss is a semi-auto shotgun that has no problem taking down anything in its path. The Citadel Boss 25 includes an 18.75″ barrel and a 7+1 capacity. The Boss is ambidextrous so lefties will be able to handle this baby just as well!

I just got it from my FFL dealer after the 5 day Brady bullshit. Idk why but they’ve never given me an instant response or. Response at all for some reason. Anyway, I literally just picked it up but it seems like a really nicely made shotgun. I haven’t shot it yet, so I will update after I do. Strap Weapons Shop had an awesome deal for $299.99 and I’ve had mRead more about review stating An affordable well built solid shotguny eye on these for a while so I couldn’t pass it up. They shipped it quick and it arrived really quick. My o my complaint right now is I just wish mags were easier to come by. AND 3” shells.
The Citadel Boss 25 semi-automatic 12 gauge shotgun features a 3″ chamber and an 18.75″ barrel. The dual extractors ensure maximum reliability, while the black synthetic stock and forend are rugged and lightweight. It has a durable parkerized finish.The CITADEL BOSS 25 Semi-Auto 12 Gauge Shotgun is the right choice for hunters and sportsman who want an affordable shotgun that’s ready to go with reliability, power and performance. This first generation semi-automatic shotgun has an 18.75″ barrel length with a pistol grip stock. It comes with a bottom loading magazine capacity of 5+1 rounds of 2 3/4″, 3″, or 3 1/2″ shells depending on the desired use. Its gas operated rotating bolt design allows for smooth cycling making this firearm easy to fire repeatedly without wearing out your shoulder muscles or hands – making it perfect for waterfowl hunting trips where you need maximum mobility for hours at a time!

It was heavily oiled and after a good cleaning and tightening of all parts the fun began. The first 5 shots were stiffer but quickly loosened up and I had no issues with cycling rounds.
Citadel makes great guns at affordable prices. The Citadel Boss 25 Semi-Automatic 12 Gauge Shotgun is no exception to this rule, as it’s one of their most popular models. It’s lightweight, easy to carry, and has an impressive range of up to 50 yards with its 3 chamber.

It has safety features like both a manual lever and automatic drop safety to help prevent accidental firing. The boss 25 also has anti-jam protection, so if you need to fire fast, you can rest assured that all your rounds will go off without issues.
The gun also features ergonomic pistol grip which offers comfort during long periods of use, and an easy-to-see rear sight which guarantees accuracy with every shot you take.For those looking for an affordable way to protect their loved ones from intruders, this citadel boss 25 12 ga semiautomatic shotgun will do just the trick!

The Citadel Boss 25 Semi-Auto Shotgun – 18.75″ is a modified version of the proven Citadel BOSS design, with many unique features and performance advantages. The Boss 25 was born from a deep desire to provide the American shooting public with an affordable, lightweight, 12 gauge semi-automatic shotgun that can be outfitted with their choice of excellent chokes for any game or purpose.
The Citadel Boss 25 comes in four different barrel lengths, three stock types, two chamber sizes and twelve chamber lengths so no matter what your preferences may be there will be a boss25 shotgun that meets those requirements.For those who are really worried about their safety, these guns come fully loaded so they’ll be ready when they need them most. So check out our Citadel boss 25 12ga shotguns today!

The Citadel Boss 25 is an excellent choice for anyone looking to upgrade their current firearm or buy their first gun. It’s lightweight, easy to use, and has been tested to withstand anything you can throw at it. The Citadel boss also comes with a lifetime warranty!

With this Citadel Boss 25, it’s easy to protect yourself from intruders with its durability and accuracy. With a total of five rounds in the magazine tube, you’re sure to have plenty of bullets when needed most. CITADEL BOSS 25 12 GAUGE FOR SALE
And since it has an ergonomic grip, recoil will never be an issue no matter what type of shells you’re using or how often you shoot it. You can also get a Citadel Boss 25 with pistol grip if you want to do some personal shooting outside your house without carrying around a lot of weight. CITADEL BOSS 25 12 GAUGE FOR SALEIf you’d like a Citadel Boss 25 12 gauge but don’t have $1000+ budget laying around then keep your eyes peeled on GunBroker’s auctions where many sellers offer these types of firearms at affordable prices. CITADEL BOSS 25 12 GAUGE FOR SALE

The Boss 25 is a semi-auto shotgun that offers the reliability, firepower and durability of a gas-operated system. It has a 5+1 capacity, a magazine cut-off for loading single shots, and an interchangeable choke tube system (IC).
The Citadel Boss 25 semi-auto 12 gauge shotgun features a 2.75″ chamber, 18.75″ barrel with fixed chokes and classic bead sight, stainless steel gas-operated action with inertia driven bolt system, synthetic checkered pistol grip and forend, optional sling swivel studs and includes a hard plastic carrying case that has a molded cut out for the stock. This product is manufactured in Turkey by Armata Metal Products Company A.S.”You can even purchase additional magazines if need be with ease! As an added bonus, this Citadel boss 25 will come preloaded with buckshot rounds at no extra cost. Get ready to defend your property and loved ones against any potential intruder with this Citadel Boss 25 for sale. What more could you want? Well let me tell you about some of its other features: the Citadel Boss 25 only weighs 7.2 lbs, but packs enough power to take down big game animals; this shotgun holds 5 shells so there will always be some left over if something goes wrong; If you’re looking for a reliable home defense shotgun at an amazing price, Citadel has got what you need: the Citadel Boss 25 Semi Automatic Shotgun! If you have any questions about this shotgun or Citadel products in general, please feel free to reach out to us.The Citadel Boss 25 is one of the best shotguns you can buy, especially if you’re looking to protect your family or property. This semi-automatic gun comes in both 12 gauge and 20 gauge models, with an 18 barrel on either size.

What shotgun is John Wick?
8 Kel-Tec KSG (John Wick) John uses this weapon in the first film after he takes one from an enemy during a battle outside the church. The Kel-Tec KSG is a modernized pump-action shotgun designed for maximum stopping power, with more refined stability and less chaotic recoil.
In terms of safety features, Citadel 25 12 gauge has got you covered since the safety button is located right near the trigger finger so no accidental discharge occurs while you’re carrying the gun.The CITADEL BOSS 25 SEMI-AUTO 12 GAUGE SHOTGUN – 18.75″ is a pump action shotgun that holds up to five rounds and is made of steel, aluminum and composite for optimal durability.

The CITADEL BOSS 25 Semi-Automatic 12 Gauge Shotgun is a top quality, low-cost shotgun. The BOSS features an 18.75″ barrel with a fixed cylinder choke and a black synthetic stock with sling mounts. It has a blued finish and comes in either Parkerized or Hard Chrome for an additional cost
The Boss 25 from Citadel is a semi-auto shotgun that offers excellent performance and reliability at an affordable price. This weapon features a carbon steel barrel, chrome lined bore and chamber with polished chamber face, drop screw in choke tubes (F/M/IC), synthetic skeletonized stock and forearm, ghost ring sights, recoil reducing butt pad and crossbolt safety.

Some guns have automatic ejectors while others have non-ejectors (a standard which requires manual ejection), meaning you can pick whichever one best fits your needs.
Passionate about guns? Strap Weapon Shop is the perfect place for you! Strap Weapon Shop is a marketplace of gun enthusiasts dedicated to sharing our affinity for guns. Here you can buy guns online, find guns for sell online, discover new guns, and get information about guns.

Can you put a sling on a Citadel Boss 25?
Reviews. This sling does not fit the citadel Boss-25 shotgun. I was under the impression that this item was designed for this firearm. I had to modify it by taking off the clip for stock and resew the strap together after fitting it onto the application of t…
For those looking to buy or own a reliable home defense shotgun, I would like to introduce the Citadel Boss 25 for sale. What are you waiting for? The prices of these beauties are going up quick so don’t get left in the dark!

What magazines fit Citadel Boss 25?
The BOSS-25 ships with two smooth loading/reliable feeding 5-round magazines, with 10-rounders also available through Legacy Sports. Reportedly, the BOSS-25 is also compatible with Rock Island Armory VR80, EAA MKA 1919 and Panzer AR12 Pro shotgun magazines, but we have not personally verified this. Cached
It’s lightweight, at just 6lbs, but packs quite a punch with its 2 3/4 chamber capacity that can hold up to five rounds of shotshells. The rifle style stock can be adjusted to fit almost any shooter’s needs, making this shotgun accessible for everyone in the family.

like all shotguns, it fires shells of ammunition that range from 2 3⁄4 up to 3 1⁄2 magnum loads, and uses single barrel or double barrel configuration. With prices starting at just $200 USD this versatile firearm would make a great addition to anyones collection!So far So good on this gun, haven’t fired it yet, Its in the process of having Old glory cerakoted on it, Then In June well take it to the range and let her rip. The Citadel Boss 25 Semi-Auto 12 Gauge Shotgun is a combination of the classic and modern. The Boss 25 has been re-engineered with a new gas operating system that provides smooth operation, reduced recoil and increased reliability. Please have your dealer email their license to [email protected] or they can also fax it in. Please give us a few days to process the information.The Boss 25 is a semi-automatic, gas operated shotgun designed to fire 2.75″ or 3″ shells in either single shot or semi-auto. It features a rotating bolt design that allows for faster cycling and ejection of spent shells, but even so this gun is still capable of firing 10 rounds per minute. The safety is ambidextrous and located above the trigger guard on both sides of the firearm. It also has a barrel selector switch similar to those seen on most bolt action deer rifles (safe/fire) that allows you to switch between drilling multiple targets quickly or going single shot style if needed because sometimes it’s just more fun!

Should I shoot in 24 30 or 60fps?
More fps also means more details, making the scene look unrealistic. That is why most filmmakers stick to 24 or 30 fps. On the other hand, 60 fps allows you to capture more movement and slow down the shots. In projects with fast movement, it is usually beneficial to shoot it at 60 fps.
Thanks to its compact size (under 3 feet), it won’t take up a lot of space in any room in your house or apartment. Whether you live in a cramped city apartment or suburban ranch, this firearm is suitable for your needs. CITADEL BOSS 25 12 GAUGE FOR SALE

This is one of the most powerful semi-automatic 12 gauge shotguns in the world, with a 6+1 capacity. No matter what your mission or game is, this Citadel Boss 25 Semi-Automatic Shotgun will make you look like a boss!
The Citadel Boss 25 Shotgun is a unique design with a three-boron alloy receiver, which is stronger and lighter than steel. It has an 18.75 inch barrel and a total weight of 5.5 pounds (empty). This model comes in 12 gauge only and has an optional ported barrel for recoil reduction. It features 3 inch chamber, fixed choke system with six interchangeable choke tubes, pistol grip stock and forearm.”The Citadel Boss 25 is designed to be the ultimate, do-it-all shotgun. With its proven gas system, rugged receiver and top of the line parts, this is one gun that’s ready for anything – even your worst day! fast shipping, easy doing business with, worked seamlessly with my FFL, as far as the gun, love it no feed issues with high brass over 1300 fps. Looking to get extra mags and a drum to test out One of the best shooting slings I’ve used is the Rhodesian sling from Andy’s Leather. With it you can snug into a very tight and stable shooting position. On the other hand, you have to hold on to it at all times if you use it as a carry strap.

Is 30 fps slow mo?
60fps, 120fps, and 240fps are all high frame rates used for slo-mo. Typically, video is recorded at a higher frame rate and then slowed down to 24fps or 30fps in post-production to create that smooth slow-motion effect.
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A quality strap allows you to comfortably carry a rifle on either shoulder for long periods of time. Hunting that way, however, is not a good idea. On one fall day when I was about 15, I was walking an old logging road. I’d just passed another hunter and didn’t expect to see anything. Guess what? A very nice buck jumped onto the road in front of me and watched me struggle to get my rifle into action. He bounded over the hill just as I was shouldering my .270.

Does Citadel make a good shotgun?
Everything you need, and nothing you don’t. The ATA12 from Citadel is a reliable shotgun for home defense as well as in the field. The 20″ barrel with 3 choke tubes (cyl, mod, full) makes it a perfect turkey gun as well.
Some shooting slings allow you to tightly loop the end of the sling that’s attached to the butt of the rifle around the elbow of your shooting arm. This is the only method I’ve found that provides any real stability without additional bracing or support. It also works great in the reverse-kneeling position, or when you’re resting the rifle’s fore-end on shooting sticks or a log. An alternative is the sling I developed with Galco Gunleather. The RifleMann Sling keeps the rifle on your shoulder, and you can use it to sling up with either the support or shooting arm. A carry strap is very useful when walking to or from your stand outside of legal shooting hours. It’s also a must if you’re carrying gear like climbing sticks in your hands. And don’t even think about trying to drag a deer without a rifle strap. A good carry strap will be wide at the point where it goes over your shoulder, and the best ones have a bit of padding and a rough surface to keep them from sliding. If you cannot walk without holding on to your rifle strap, you’ve got the wrong strap.Do you need a shooting sling? If you hunt from a treestand with a safety bar that provides a rest, or from a shoot-house, probably not. However, if you hunt on your feet and suspect you’ll have to shoot from a field position, a shooting sling is a good idea. The conundrum is those who hunt on their feet are the ones who really need a good carry strap; it’s hard to carry a rifle in your hands all day long.

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Shooting slings are different. They have a loop that can be adjusted, enabling you to slip your support arm through it as you acquire a field-shooting position. When you’re looped up correctly, a true shooting sling is very tight. This stabilizes the rifle. For a support-arm shooting sling to really enhance stability, you need support for your shooting elbow, such as your knee. (Some hunters like to wrap their carry strap around their support arm. In reality this only serves to keep the sling from swaying around under the rifle, which isn’t a bad thing but doesn’t add stability.)

Most hunters don’t realize there’s a difference between a rifle strap and a rifle sling. A rifle strap helps to carry a rifle on your shoulder; a rifle sling helps to stabilize your shooting position. Though there are exceptions, straps and slings are mutually exclusive. A good carry strap cannot be employed as an effective shooting sling, and a good shooting sling usually sucks for carrying a rifle. Almost every rifle needs a carry strap, and most hunters could benefit from a shooting sling.
The best carry straps I’ve found are made by Vero Vellini. Their neoprene makes carrying a rifle on your shoulder comfortable, but because it has some stretch, these are no good as shooting slings.With the right flies, leaders, and tools, like the Toro Revolution Electric Backpack Leaf Blower, you can ensure a successful fishing trip and a well-maintained lawn.

There’s no denying that sonar in its many forms is an invaluable tool for all anglers. But in order for it to work for you, you first need to know how to use it.WARNING: WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to The State of California to cause cancer or birth defects and other reproductive harm.

Is a rifle sling necessary?
Almost every rifle needs a carry strap, and most hunters could benefit from a shooting sling. A quality strap allows you to comfortably carry a rifle on either shoulder for long periods of time. Hunting that way, however, is not a good idea.
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The difference between 30fps and 60fps is obviously the double amount of frames you get in a 60fps video. More frames aren’t always the obvious choice for filmmakers when choosing a framerate.