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Class B Fireworks

A valid, current BATF permit to buy Display Fireworks is required to buy the items on this price list. (Either the BATF “User Annual” permit or the BATF “User Limited” permit.) Our ID # is 3-WI-093-23-0D-00086.

THE CLASS “B” DISPLAY FIREWORKS IS NO LONGER ASSOCIATED WITH VICTORY FIREWORKS WHOLESALE. THE ONLY CONTACT FOR SALES WILL BE ROLF HALVERSON. HE CAN BE CONTACTED BY PHONE AT 715-379-5598 OR BY THE EMAIL BELOW.There are numerous federal, state and local regulations regarding the sale, possession, transportation, storage and use of Display Fireworks. You should obtain all the licenses and permits which apply to you before buying these items. This merchandise is sold only on the representation by you, the buyer, that you are in compliance with all applicable regulations, and that the merchandise will be used strictly in accordance with all applicable laws.

The basic ingredient of fireworks is black powder – also known as gunpowder. However, the creation of a fireworks display is truly an art form, one that has been perfected by some families for generations. The “paints” used by a craftsman of a pyrotechnic device are the different chemicals added during production. These chemicals provide the dazzling array of colors and visual effects on the canvas of a night sky, as well as the sounds (reports) that accompany the burst. The manufacturer carefully selects the chemicals to be used and determines the order in which they are packed into the casing in an effort to create a specific visual effect. Once the materials are packed into the casing, a fuse is affixed so that the device can be safely ignited. Although all of the colors and effects of a fireworks display are spectacular, the hallmark of a truly fine show are deep blue or dazzling white bursts – the marks of an expert pyrotechnician.Look for a manufacturer’s name on each item or on the box in which they were packaged. Each device should also list instructions for proper use and have cautionary labeling. The manufacturer’s name and cautionary labeling are required by law. Fireworks without this information are probably illegal and, therefore, to be avoided. If you suspect that you have illegal fireworks, contact the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms at 1-888-ATF-BOMB.

The law is different in each state. For a breakdown of these laws by state, visit our Directory of State Laws. Please be aware that within each state there may be local restrictions as well. Please contact your local fire or police department for the laws regarding your area.Cherry bombs, M-80s, M-100s, and silver salutes are all examples of illegal explosives, sometimes mistakenly referred to by the press as legal, consumer fireworks. These items are extremely dangerous. Fireworks made from mail order kits are illegal and dangerous. NEVER attempt to make your own fireworks or tamper with legal consumer fireworks. Be extremely careful when ordering fireworks over the Internet. If you do use the Internet to obtain fireworks, be sure that you are purchasing from an established, legal vendor. Also, be sure to know all of the local laws concerning the use of fireworks in your state before ordering any items.Although the number of people enjoying fireworks today is significantly greater than ever before, the fireworks industry’s numerous safety campaigns and consumer education programs are paying off, as evidenced by the amazing 44% decrease in the injury rate of fireworks-related accidents. Unfortunately, a large majority of these injuries are the result of the misuse of legal consumer items or the use of illegal explosives.

The use of illegal fireworks is widespread and comprises a significant percentage of the injuries that are attributed to fireworks every year. The battle against illegal fireworks is being fought on many fronts. You can help prevent the use of these highly dangerous devices by staying away from any item you suspect may be illegal and by reporting the sale or use of any suspicious items to your local police or fire department, or to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms at 1-888-ATF-BOMB.
We can’t thank you enough for sticking with us despite all the challenges of the year. Our business would not be possible without you and we truly love helping you put on displays to make people smile. Here’s hoping we can still make this year the best ever. As always, feel free to email [email protected] or call (812)623-0099 with any questions or concerns. See you soon!YES, we are OPEN. All sales by APPOINTMENT ONLY! Call (812)623-0099 or email [email protected] today. (Please note: We love new customers but we cannot sell to the general public. Most of our products require an ATF license for purchase/possession. We are happy to help you get your license if you don’t have one.) DismissAs you probably know, our industry is experiencing unprecedented supply chain issues. That being said, it doesn’t make much sense for us to publish and mail out a catalog this year. Instead, we are frequently updating the website to reflect current inventory (updated 6/19/2023). You can download a list of in-stock items by clicking the red link above. Also we just got Soul Shaker in today (6/26/23) so you can buy that now too!Frequently Asked Fireworks Questions / FAQ’s: Answers to over 25 common fireworks questions that have been submitted to Dynamite Fireworks. Head over to the Dynamite Fireworks FAQ page to check it out.

The colors you see in fireworks are each formed from different chemical elements and compounds. Blue [Copper], Red [Strontium or Lithium], Green [Barium], Yellow/Gold [Sodium], White [Aluminum or Magnesium], Silver [Titanium] and Glitter [Antimony]. For a better understanding of fireworks effects, see the attached poster from Great Grizzly Fireworks that explains the different fireworks effects from “Brocade” to “Willow”!
In addition, we will provide our favorite industry links in order to enhance your overall Dynamite Fireworks experience – for both the fireworks novice to the experienced pyro!Now, you will hear the more experienced fireworks users refer to these two classes of fireworks by their US Explosives Class. Either 1.4G [Consumer Fireworks] or 1.3G [Display Fireworks]. In addition, you may hear some older-school fireworks enthusiasts use the classification of “Class C” or “Class B” fireworks. But let it be known that these are no longer official terms as Class C is now known as 1.4G or Consumer Fireworks and Class B is now known as 1.3G or Display Fireworks.

Answers to the most common questions related to fireworks and fireworks safety are addressed on this page. From the benefits of quality name brand fireworks, to questions related to fireworks colors and effects, to the difference between Consumer and Display Fireworks, we will give you some dynamite tips and answers here.

Industry Links: To enhance your fireworks knowledge and safety, we highly recommend these fireworks organizations where we are active members… American Pyrotechnics Association, National Fireworks Association, Pyrotechnics Guild International, Indiana Fireworks Users Association, and Michigan Pyrotechnics Arts Guild. Please visit these sites for some very informative information on all things related to fireworks, pyrotechnics and safety.
“BIG STUFF” Fireworks Blog: Visit the brand new Dynamite Fireworks “Big Stuff” Blog for the most up to date, interesting and informative fireworks information. This includes articles, videos, events, photos, and information that the fireworks industry and our Indiana Fireworks Store as to offer!Like anything else, good quality via a good fireworks brand means a bigger, better, longer, safer and more cost effective fireworks display. Many independent studies have been chartered by the major fireworks brands like Black Cat over the years with eye-opening results showing exactly what you get with the lesser-known fireworks brands. Know the Best Fireworks to Buy. Fireworks in the USA are classified as either Consumer Fireworks or Display Fireworks. Consumer fireworks are, depending on local and state laws, fireworks stores like Dynamite Fireworks can sell to the general public. Display Fireworks, on the other hand, are those items that you will see fired at the Professional/Municipal Shows and Sporting Events…as these fireworks require an ATFE permit. Professional Fireworks Shows: If you enjoy watching the professional fireworks shows, we are happy to provide you these suggested links to find the nearest firework shows in INDIANA, ILLINOIS, MICHIGAN, and WISCONSIN.We also have posters covering a range of topics including improvised, commercial, and military ordnance & explosives, explosives hazmat classification, IED/ VBIED awareness, WMDs, as well as smuggling devices and narcotics related posters.