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Classroom Of The Elite Year 2 Manga

Ayanokōji is finally moving up to his second year of the Advanced Nurturing High School, after having safely evaded the last exam of the first year along with Tsukishiro’s schemes. The entry ceremony is soon held after the short spring vacation. The new first year students are finally arriving, as if to greet the coming of April. Standing neck to neck with the second years, the new first years have unique personalities full of ups and down.Special exams against the other second years, the stepping stones to ascend to class A, dodging the tenacious Tsukishiro and the enforcer’s attacks while counterattacking, and their own human relationships. The first days of the second year of the Advanced Nurturing High School is finally about to begin! And they are not by any means ordinary——.

Where to start manga after classroom of the elite season 2?
You can start from Volume 4, providing that you’ve already known what were changed in the anime from the LN (if not then you can check this post). Oh and remember to read the . 5 volumes (4.5, 7.5) too, they are also part of the main story!
Während weder Light Novel noch Manga für den deutschsprachigen Raum angekündigt sind, veröffentlicht der US-amerikanische Publisher Seven Seas Entertainment die Novel seit 2019. Auch die Manga-Adaption kündigte der Herausgeber an, ab Februar 2022 soll es losgehen. Kürzlich enthüllte man mit Classroom of the Elite: Year 2 eine weitere Lizenz, der erste Band der Novel soll im Mai 2022 auf Englisch erscheinen.

What chapter does season 3 of Classroom of the Elite start?
Season 3 of Classroom of the Elite will most likely cover volumes 8-11.5 of the novel, after the second one completed the adaption of volumes 4-7.5. Without wanting to include any mayor spoilers or plot twists, here’s what in general terms takes place.
Die Banderole des neuen Bands der Light Novel von Classroom of the Elite: Year 2 enthüllt, dass diese nun ebenfalls eine Manga-Adaption erhalten wird. Bereits am 25. Dezember soll es in der Februar-Ausgabe des Monthly Comic Alive-Magazins mit dieser losgehen. Mangaka Sasane Shia wird mit dem Werk ihr Debüt feiern. Seit Januar 2020 veröffentlichen Shougo Kinugasa (Story) und Shunsaku Tomose (Artwork) die Fortsetzung ihrer Erfolgsreihe Classroom of the Elite unter Media Factory, einem Imprint der Kadokawa Corporation. Mit Band 5 wurde gerade erst der neueste Band auf den Markt gebracht. Besondere Beliebtheit erlangte das Franchise durch die gleichnamige Anime-Adaption aus dem Studio Lerche. Die zwölf Folgen lassen sich bei Crunchyroll anschauen. Den Schülern der angesehenen Tokyo Metropolitan Advanced Nurturing High School werden bemerkenswerte Freiheiten gewährt – wenn sie genug Punkte gewinnen, tauschen oder sparen können, um sich nach oben zu arbeiten! Ayanokouji Kiyotaka begann ganz unten in der verachteten Klasse D, wo er Horikita Suzune kennenlernte, die entschlossen war, in die Klasse A aufzusteigen. Wer kann das System in einer Schule besiegen, in der mörderischer Wettbewerb der Name des Spiels ist? Das zweite Jahr dieses intensiven Schuldramas beginnt jetzt!Obwohl hierzulande noch keine Lizenzierung der Classroom of the Elite-Saga in Sicht ist, erfreut sich diese international einer gewissen Beliebtheit. Nun gibt es daher schon Neuigkeiten über eine Erweiterung des Franchise.

Zwischen Mai 2015 und September 2019 publizierten die beiden 14 Bände der Light Novel von Classroom of the Elite (jap.: Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi no Kyoushitsu e) beim gleichen Publisher. Seit Januar 2016 zeichnet Yuyu Ichino eine Manga-Adaption der Reihe, die bereits im Monthly Comic Alive zu lesen ist. Aktuell zählt der Manga elf Bände.
Kiyotaka Ayanokōji has just enrolled at Tokyo Koudo Ikusei Senior High School, where it’s said that 100% of students go on to college or find employment. But he ends up in Class 1-D, which is full of all the school’s problem children. What’s more, every month, the school awards students points with a cash value of 100,000 yen, and the classes employ a laissez-faire policy in which talking, sleeping, and even sabotage are permitted during class. One month later, Ayanokoji, Horikita, and the students of Class D learn the truth of the system in place within their school…As Ayanokouji and his classmates begin their second year at the Advanced Nurturing High School, they’re greeted by a fresh gauntlet of exams and a fresh batch of rather unique first-year students. They’ll have to get to know each other quickly, because the first special exam pairs the first-years with the second-years on a written test—with only the second-years facing expulsion if their team performs poorly! Worse yet? It seems one of the new first-years is also from the White Room. Can Ayanokouji avoid expulsion while sussing out the identity of this hidden foe?

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By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising.Every student passed Paper Shuffle. While witnessing Honami Ichinose and Arisu Sakayanagi hang out, the Ayanokoji group notes that everything about Honami is perfect, which they find unsettling; to take down Class-C, they decide to target Honami. A Class-C student follows Kei around. Later that night, Kei lets Kiyotaka know of the incident and also lets him know that a Class-A student was spying on their study sessions. The next day, many Class-D students are being provoked by Class-C; Suzune notes that Ryuen is doing this to exploit the mastermind and that he isn’t buying into her being said mastermind. While returning Suzune’s book to the library, Kiyotaka sees Hiyori from Class-C and the two talk about books they like despite being in rival classes. Afterwards, Kiyotaka is taken to a reception room where his father awaits, whom he hasn’t seen in a year and a half.

Suzune tries to convince Sudo to rejoin but ends up scolding him after he refuses to. Sudo admits that he joined the Festival for attention and to get back at those talking bad about him; Suzune affirms that he mustn’t give up and keep fighting, or he’ll be worthless and will await his return. Before the break ends, Kiyotaka confronts Kikyo about her being the traitor. She initially denies the accusation but poses a notion as to why Kiyotaka didn’t change the list if he knew she leaked the participation list, which she deduces would’ve caused inter-class confusion. She finally reveals that she is the traitor for leaking the list and selling her VIP information to Ryuen for her desire to see Suzune and Kiyotaka expelled. Suzune tries to convince Sudo one more time, talking about how they are the same in seeking acknowledgment from others. She talks about how she has always been seeking acknowledgment from her brother, outcasting herself from others to reach it; after going through her experiences with Class-D, she realizes that she can’t fight alone and needs allies, which Sudo gives in after being moved by her words.
As a child, Kikyo was praised for being a top achiever, so much so that she craved praise and attention, which eventually stopped. She then decided to become the nicest, friendliest, and most caring person, so that others could rely on her and gain everyone’s trust. This eventually took a toll on her mentally, despite continuing to put up a front. To combat her distress, she created a personal blog wherein she gossiped about her classmates. On that fateful day, her classmates found her blog and shunned her; tired of keeping up a front, she revealed every dirty secret of all her classmates, which eventually turned the class against themselves and imploded.Manabu Horikita announces his resignation as the Student Council president. In his place will be Miyabi Nagumo from Class 2-A, who plans to change the school into a meritocracy. After the assembly, Kohei Katsuragi from 1-A advises Kiyotaka, Suzune, and Class-D to be wary of Ryuen. After he leaves, Maya Sato from 1-D bashfully asks Kiyotaka to exchange their numbers and implies she has a crush on him. Despite Class-D coming last for the Festival, none of the students were expelled, much to Ms. Chabashira’s surprise and content. She then lets the class know about the next Special Test, which will serve as their final exam: Paper Shuffle.

Kikyo reminisces her thoughts on the aftermath of the class implosion. Class-D will have study sessions for Paper Shuffle, with Kikyo and Suzune as overseers. Kikyo rushes out of class as she receives an email. Yukimura offers to oversee a pair for Paper Shuffle — Akito Miyake and Haruka Hasebe — noting that unity and cooperation are necessary to win; Suzune asks Kiyotaka to join Yukimura’s group to track progress. At Yukimura’s study session, the students encourage Kiyotaka to stop holding back — given his performance at the Festival. Kiyotaka advises preparing for any dirty tricks the classes make for the exam, noting that the school might have a system to mediate questions. Later that same day, Kiyotaka relays that information to Suzune as the two discuss keeping an eye on Kikyo by invitin
g him to oversee Suzune’s group. Kiyotaka receives an email from Ryuen asking who’s the mastermind of Class-D.
After losing to Kiyotaka, Ryuen rethinks his decisions, which Mio is displeased with, given that he became docile. Kei is shocked that her feelings for Kiyotaka have grown stronger. Maya tells Kei that she’s confessing to Kiyotaka in two days — on Christmas day, much to the latter’s confusion, given her feelings for him; her confusion is further proven after he calls about things to know about Maya later that night. The next day, Kiyotaka lets Suzune know that her brother wishes for her to join the student council and believes it will benefit her later. Later that same day, Kiyotaka and Ryuen meet and the two talk about how the former saved the latter by Class-D taking part in the responsibility for the gymnasium incident. Kiyotaka will continue to observe Class-D’s process to ascension and reveals his prediction of Class-D reaching Class-C and then getting demoted due to his intention to expel Kikyo the following term.Akane Tachibana reports the first year’s first Special Test results to Manabu Horikita. Back on the cruise, Yosuke Hirata asks Kiyotaka to accompany him to lunch, but the latter refuses after mentioning Kei Karuizawa. The first years are informed of a second Special Test — each student is to meet at a rendezvous point at a certain time. Including himself, Kiyotaka’s rendezvous consists of Kei and classmates Hideo Sotomura and Teruhiko Yukimura; there, an instructor explains the Special Test. Yukimura and Kiyotaka finally intervene in the situation, but Kei chides them. On the third day, the Venus group’s test has concluded; thinking that Class-C is trying to exploit the test, Kiyotaka sends an email to Shiho. Kei is lured to a secluded part of the ship when Shiho and her girls, along with their classmate Rika, show up. Shiho infers that Kei was bullied before, confirmed when Kei had a panic attack. Shiho coerces Rika into relentlessly slapping Kei while Kiyotaka watches– revealing that his email to Shiho was about Kei. After the girls leave, Kiyotaka approaches the crying Kei and berates her current self; Kei talks about the experience of abuse. Kiyotaka finds a wound on her chest; upon seeing that, he vows to protect her in exchange for working with him to unite Class-D to win the test. Afterwards, Kiyotaka goes to Sae to buy something with his points. Hirata receives information from someone that Kikyo Kushida is a VIP, which he tells to Yukimura and Kiyotaka. Rokusuke Koenji presumably discovers the true VIP, and as a result, the Jupiter group’s test has been concluded. Suzune is upset that Koenji made a reckless move, and she and Kiyotaka decide to unite Class-D to get the most class points. To do that, they decide to use Kei as a primary player since she has a powerful presence amongst the Class-D girls. Still, Kiyotaka notes that Kei has been unusually passive compared to her normal arrogant attitude. Ryuen once again shows up and declares his intent to win the test. He convinced his classmates to give in their phones, so he’ll receive the results; he left after proposing that Classes B, C, and D should unite to take down Class-A, which Suzune refused. Elsewhere, Kei is recovering from her breakdown and refers to herself as a “parasite” as she is codependent on others. Kiyotaka and Kikyo find each other, and she leaves after abashedly hugging him. Chie Hoshinomiya, the Class-B teacher, asks Sae Chabashira, the Class-D teacher, how Kiyotaka became the leader as the Island test ended, to which Sae doesn’t answer.On Christmas day, Kiyotaka and Maya meet, with Kei and Hirata accompanying them as a double date. The four watch a movie and then go for lunch; after Kei and Hirata leave, Maya confesses to Kiyotaka, and he turns her down due to never having romantic feelings for anyone. Kei witnesses the rejection and asks if he views everyone as tools for his benefit, to which he neither confirms nor denies it. Kei gives him a present, to which Kiyotaka reciprocates by giving her cold medicine; as the two head back, he calls her by her given name for the first time and ponders how she’s a good pawn but whether he’ll ever stop thinking of others as such.

What chapter did classroom of the elite season 2 end?
The following contains spoilers for Episode 13 of Classroom Of The Elite Season 2, “The worst enemy you can meet will always be yourself,” now streaming on Crunchyroll. Episode 13 marked the ending of Classroom of the Elite’s second season.
Suzune and Kiyotaka suggest preparing the class for Paper Shuffle. Kei and Kiyotaka exchange emails about her witnessing Maya’s confession; Kei, Hirata, and Sudo join Suzune and Kiyotaka to prep for the exam. Kikyo asks to join in, much to Kiyotaka’s suspicion; he and Suzune plan to rejoin the others as they leave to prep, as she prepares to tell him about Kikyo’s past.At Suzune’s study session, the kids tease Maya and Kiyotaka; afterwards, Suzune meets with Kikyo alone. The two make a bet for the Math exam of Paper Shuffle: if Suzune scores higher, Kikyo will stop messing with her; otherwise, if Kikyo wins, Suzune will get expelled. To acknowledge it as a real bet, Suzune gets her brother to witness the agreement. After he leaves, Kikyo senses that Kiyotaka is on a call with Suzune and asks him to meet with her. At the meetup, Kikyo adds another condition that if she wins, Kiyotaka will get expelled, to which he agrees; by agreeing, he wants to know about Kikyo’s past to see why she is the way she is and get the whole picture, to which Kikyo complies.

Sudo rejoins the Festival and apologizes for his actions earlier. Suzune and a male student drops out of the final event, so Kikyo and Kiyotaka step in for them. For the final event — a relay race — Manabu and Kiyotaka talk about the statuses and future of Class-D, and the latter indulges the former in a race to learn more about him. As soon as Kiyotaka receives his baton, the two laps all the runners and run at dead heat, leaving the school in awe. At the end of the festival, Class-D ends up coming in last but praises Kiyotaka for his performance. Suzune talks about how she has personally grown and affirms her belief in helping Class-D become strong, which shocks Kiyotaka.
Kiyotaka and Suzune speculate that Kikyo is betraying the class because she’s receiving private points from other classes. The three of them go surveilling Team White, much to Kikyo’s chagrin that Suzune’s present; Suzune blatantly asks if Kikyo did sell her VIP information, to which Kikyo denies and asks to trust her. The Sports Festival begins. Ken Sudo motivates Class-D, while Arisu Sakayanagi of Class-A observes the Festival. When Koenji drops out, Sudo lowers the class morale. Team Red loses the “Topple the Pole” event when Ryuen beats down Sudo; things get worse when Suzune gets injured after colliding with Class-C’s Saki Kinoshita. After failing to convince Koenji to rejoin, Suzune wishes that she had Kikyo’s natural charisma and admits she liked her at some point. Team White continues targeting Sudo and Suzune, continuing to lower the Class-D morale.Classroom of the Elite is an anime series adapted from the light novels of the same title written by Shōgo Kinugasa and illustrated by Shunsaku Tomose. The second season was announced on February 21, 2022, with Lerche returning to animate the series. The season is directed by Yoshihito Nishōji, with Kishi and Hashimoto returning as chief directors, Hayato Kazano replacing Akashiro as the scriptwriter, and Morita as the character designer. Masaru Yokoyama and Kana Hashiguchi are composing the music, replacing Takahashi. The opening theme, “Dance in the Game,” is performed by ZAQ, and the ending theme, “Hito Jibai,” is performed by Mai Fuchigami. The season aired from July 4 to September 26, 2022.The VIPs were chosen based on their name’s position in the Hiragana scripture and the corresponding planet group of said VIP. Class-D talks about how Class-C is not fully united. The school will hold a 13-event Sports Festival with the theme of Team Red vs Team White — Team Red consists of Classes A and D, and Team White consists of Classes B and C. The Sports Festival has several merits (the top three placements have a choice between 1,000 private points or bonuses on their written exam) and demerits (the bottom ten placements lose bonuses on their written exam), and classes can decide participants for the events. Kiyotaka and Suzune discuss that strict preparation separates the Sports Festival from the previous two special tests; Suzune wants to win by “unfair” methods, but Kiyotaka believes they can win by “normal” methods. Later, the class decides on choosing participants through skill or volunteering; Suzune suggests that they should pair stronger and weaker students to win the events, at the risk of the weaker students losing out on merits. Kei disagrees with Suzune’s proposal.The students are split into eight groups of 14, with three students from Classes A and B and four from Classes C and D, and each group under the name of a planet. The test is three days long, and at 8:00 am on the first day, the school declares a member of the group a “VIP,” and the group discusses who the VIP is twice a day. After 30 minutes of the final day, everyone but the VIP sends a guess to the school. There are four cases of the test. Case 1: if everyone but the VIP’s classmates sends the correct answer, each student will receive 500,000 private points and the VIP an extra 500,000. Case 2: if at least one person — excluding the VIP’s classmates — sends a wrong answer, the VIP receives 500,000 private points. The remaining two cases apply if the VIP is exposed before the end of the test. Case 3: if a student sends the correct answer, they will receive 500,000 private points, their class will earn 50 class points, and the testing period is over for the group. Additionally, if the VIP’s classmate sends the correct answer, it will be deemed invalid, and the test will continue. Case 4: if a student sends a wrong answer, their class will lose 50 class points, the VIP will receive 500,000 private points, and their class will receive 50 class points, and the testing period is concluded. Additionally, if the VIP’s classmate sends a wrong answer, it will be deemed invalid, and the test will continue.

What volume is the classroom of the elite Season 2?
Season 2 of Classroom of the Elite will begin with Volume 4 of the light novel, which covers the “Cruise Ship Special Test” Arc. Ayanokouji excels at observing other people’s behavior and subtly manipulating them to do his bidding.
Two students will be paired up and must score above 60 points as a pair — even if X student scores 0 and Y student scores 60 — or both students will be expelled. The pairs will be determined through a mini-test, and there is a threshold for the total points from all subjects. Each class will make questions for the exam, which will be answered by one of the other three classes; the class that made the questions can request other classes to do the test, and there will be a lottery in the event of a double request. The requestee and the requestor will go head-to-head, and whichever class scores higher will steal 50 class points from the other. Cheating will result in immediate expulsion.Kikyo informs Ryuen of her bet with Kiyotaka and Suzune; in exchange for their expulsion, Kikyo will let Class-C win Paper Shuffle. Later, Ryuen intrudes on Kiyotaka’s study session and vaguely asks about the email to fish out the Class-D mastermind. A Class-C student, Hiyori Shiina, notes that Kiyotaka and Yukimura have forgettable faces. Thus, she isn’t sure if they are the mastermind. Feeling comfortable with the study group, Haruka decides to make a friend group where they share their names with Akito, Kiyotaka, and Yukimura — who asks to be called Keisei; Airi joins the group as well, dubbed the “Ayanokoji Group.” Later that night, Kiyotaka calls Kei to play an important part for Paper Shuffle, which she agrees to do so, then sends a birthday wish to him.

Kei recounts the conversation from the night before. Ryuen intrudes on Class-D; Koenji leaves class, with Ryuen and his men giving chase, making Class-D concerned. In the courtyard, Koenji is confronted by many Class-C students as Ryuen starts instigating by breaking Koenji’s property. Arisu and some Class-A arrive to witness the altercation. Koenji infers that Ryuen is seeking the Class-D mastermind and diffuses the situation by claiming that he has no interest in the inter-class war and will do whatever he wants. Ryuen subsides his aggravation, but Arisu gaslights him by teasing him, upon which, Ryuen goes to kick her, only for a Class-A student, Hashimoto, to defend her. As everyone leaves, Ryuen threatens Suzune and Class-D and declares his search for the mastermind is concluding.

Ryuen continues torturing Kei, saying that the mastermind abandoned her. He claims that the mastermind set Kei up during the Special Test on the ship — when she was lured to a secluded part wherein Shiho and Rika bullied her; Kei nearly gave in to revealing Kiyotaka but kept her composure, upon which Ryuen threatened to expose her past bullying, to which she accepts if it means helping Kiyotaka. Kiyotaka flops on the karaoke plan and instead goes to Ms. Chabashira, asking her to stop Ryuen from harming Kei for Class-D to advance; she agrees after Kiyotaka enlisted the help of Manabu to “eliminate” Ryuen in exchange for Suzune joining the student council. Kiyotaka arrives at the gymnasium to save Kei, revealing himself as the mastermind, much to everyone’s surprise.

While Ken Kaneki did not undergo any drastic change in personality in the anime adaptation, his story arc does take a different route. In the anime, Kaneki leaves Anteiku to join the biggest threat to their existence, the Aogiri Tree. However, Kaneki does no such thing in the manga. While he does leave Anteiku, he does not join Aogiri Tree but instead forms a group of his own to become stronger.
Although the reasons for leaving Anteiku in both the manga and anime are the same, the anime version does not stay true to Kaneki’s soft and non-violent personality. Tokyo Ghoul is one of those manga series that did not have the best anime adaptations due to having too many changes that just did not work, and Kaneki’s story arc is a prime example of that.Emedo Destiny is a freelance writer and editor based in Lagos. He is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in law at the University of Lagos. Presently, he works for Valnet, Inc as a Features and List Writer for GameRant. Destiny enjoys playing survival horror games, and binging anime during his free time.

Edward Elric is the main protagonist of the Fullmetal Alchemist series, along with his brother Alphons Elric. Although manga and anime versions of Edward Elric are fundamentally the same, they experience certain events differently. For instance, Edward simply dismisses his father after seeing him for the first time in a decade. In the manga, he expresses his frustrations towards his father more.
Yu Yu Hashuko is another anime from the 90s, with an easily recognizable shōnen protagonist in Yuusuke Urameshi. The series follows the story of Yuusuke, a teenage delinquent who was killed after he tried to save a child from a speeding vehicle. He dies and becomes a Spirit Detective.Emma is among the main protagonists of The Promised Neverland manga and anime. The anime portrayal of Emma does well to stay true to the source material. However, it omits certain events that constitute hardship in Emma’s journey. These omissions make her journey throughout the anime seem much easier than in the manga. Her experiences with various characters in the manga tested many of her principles, but she stayed true to her nature.

Is classroom of the elite season 2 based on manga?
Classroom of the Elite: Year 2 A manga adaptation of the sequel light novel series illustrated by Shia Sasane began serialization in the Media Factory’s Monthly Comic Alive magazine on December 25, 2021. It has been collected in two tankōbon volumes as of April 2023. Cached
Itadori Yuuji is quickly becoming one of the greatest protagonists the shōnen demographic has ever seen. Jujutsu Kaizen does a good job adapting Itadori’s story from the manga, although little discrepancies exist. For instance, in the anime, Itadori seems to be unable to think about women beyond a flirtatious manner. This is shown in the tactless and disrespectful manner in which he and Todo discuss women during the Kyoto Exchange Team Battle.Neon Genesis Evangelion is one of the greatest mecha anime the subgenre has ever produced. The influential 90s anime blesses its viewers with thought-provoking themes, beautiful action sequences, and well-written characters. However, the characters in the anime are not strictly consistent with that of their manga counterparts, with many being somewhat dissimilar. In addition, the manga and anime versions of the main protagonist, Shinji Ikari, also have dissimilarities.

Why is Ayanokoji different in manga?
In the manga, Ayanokoji is given a more realistic personality and is portrayed more like the regular manga protagonist. He has the usual teenage dilemmas and faces them as any average high schooler would. The anime series most likely adopted this personality change to maintain viewer interest.
The anime’s second season also skips many chapters and does not allow for the proper development of Emma’s character as was done in the manga. The revelation of the Royal Family as the true villains is an example of one such omission.

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Does Ayanokoji change in the manga?
Ayanokoji progresses from being a lone wolf to having his own Fanclub, who were so impressed by the mastermind that they named their little group after him (and officially making him the center of attention for the first time at Koudo Ikusei.)
The effect of this divergence varies, with some being well received, like Claymore, while some changes spark outrage from fans, as in the case of Tokyo Ghoul. Along with these changes typically comes a difference in the main character’s personality, story arc, or perceptions of certain events. And like earlier, these changes could be for better or worse.Ayanokoji is the main protagonist of the anime and manga series Classroom of the Elite, and both medium portray him differently. For instance, the anime shows him displaying a more reserved, expressive, and quiet personality. He is also detached from his classmates, not considering his classmates as allies but as pawns to achieve his goals which were stated during his internal monologue in the very last scene of the anime’s first season.Shinji’s backstory is the same across both versions; however, there are differences in their personalities. The anime depicts Shinji as a pitiful coward who consistently loses his cool and wallows in a cesspool of self-loathing and indecisiveness. However, in the manga, Shinji is much bolder and brave, as he is always ready to prove himself in battle.However, in the manga, this is not the case. For example, in the manga, a young woman named Osawa has a crush on Itadori due to him being able to see her inner worth before judging her outer appearance.

In the manga, Ayanokoji is given a more realistic personality and is portrayed more like the regular manga protagonist. He has the usual teenage dilemmas and faces them as any average high schooler would. The anime series most likely adopted this personality change to maintain viewer interest.While Yuusuke’s delinquent nature is present in both the manga and anime, Yuusuke’s vices go beyond that of the regular delinquent, being much darker and more dangerous in the manga. For instance, Yuusuke is addicted to nicotine, alcohol, and gambling. However, this side of him was not shown in the series to make it more suitable for younger audiences.

Shōnen anime series tend to be faithful adaptations of their manga equivalent, with little to no differences, as is the case for anime such as Demon Slayer or Black Clover. However, this is not always the case, as some anime diverge significantly from the source material to introduce more exciting elements or not run too close to the manga.The anime also takes Edward’s transmutation trauma a bit further. For instance, the manga and anime show Edward being troubled by nightmares of his mother’s failed transmutation after the events in the Tucker mansion. However, the anime takes this further by adding a version of the nightmare where Nina and Alexander are merged via transmutation. An anime television series adaptation was announced and aired from July 12 to September 27, 2017, on AT-X and other channels. Seiji Kishi and Hiroyuki Hashimoto directed the anime at Lerche. Aoi Akashiro handled the series composition, Kazuaki Morita designed the characters, and Ryo Takahashi composed the music. The opening theme “Caste Room” is performed by ZAQ, and the ending theme “Beautiful Soldier” is performed by Minami. Crunchyroll streamed the series with subtitles and Funimation streamed the English dub. iQIYI added the series onto its platform in 2022, Q3, and Thai dub of the series is available as well. The Japanese government has established the Tokyo Metropolitan Advanced Nurturing School, dedicated to instruct and foster the generation of people that will support the country in the future. The students are given a high degree of freedom in order to closely mimic real life.Classroom of the Elite (Japanese: ようこそ実力至上主義の教室へ, Hepburn: Yōkoso Jitsuryoku Shijō Shugi no Kyōshitsu e, lit. “Welcome to the Classrooms Where Merit is Paramount”) is a Japanese light novel series, written by Shōgo Kinugasa and illustrated by Shunsaku Tomose published from May 2015 to September 2019 under Media Factory’s MF Bunko J imprint. A sequel light novel series called “Classroom of the Elite: Year 2” began publishing in January 2020. A manga adaptation by Yuyu Ichino began its serialization in Media Factory’s Monthly Comic Alive on January 27, 2016. A manga adaptation of the sequel light novel series illustrated by Shia Sasane began serialization in the same magazine on December 25, 2021. An anime television series adaptation produced by Lerche aired with the first season in 2017. A second season aired from July to September 2022, and a third season will premiere in January 2024.

Is Ayanokoji different in manga?
In the manga, Ayanokoji is given a more realistic personality and is portrayed more like the regular manga protagonist. He has the usual teenage dilemmas and faces them as any average high schooler would. The anime series most likely adopted this personality change to maintain viewer interest.
The series is written by Shōgo Kinugasa with illustrations by Shunsaku Tomose with total eleven volumes and three short volumes have been published from May 25, 2015, to September 25, 2019, under Media Factory’s MF Bunko J imprint. Seven Seas Entertainment has licensed the series. On February 17, 2021, Seven Seas announced it released a new version of volume seven due to the localization decisions in the original omitting several paragraphs.The story follows the perspective of Kiyotaka Ayanokōji, a quiet and unassuming boy, who is not good at making friends and would rather keep his distance, but possesses unrivaled intelligence. He is a student of Class-D, which is where the school dumps its inferior students. After meeting Suzune Horikita and Kikyō Kushida, two other students in his class, the situation begins to change and he starts to get involved in many affairs, and his thought of an ideal normal high school life begins to get scattered.A manga adaptation illustrated by Yuyu Ichino began serialization in Media Factory’s Monthly Comic Alive magazine on January 27, 2016. It has been collected in twelve tankōbon volumes as of February 22, 2022. Seven Seas Entertainment has also licensed the manga and the first volume was released in February 2022.A manga adaptation of the sequel light novel series illustrated by Shia Sasane began serialization in the Media Factory’s Monthly Comic Alive magazine on December 25, 2021. It has been collected in two tankōbon volumes as of April 2023.

A sequel light novel series called Classroom of the Elite: Year 2 is written by Shōgo Kinugasa with illustrations by Shunsaku Tomose and has been published under Media Factory’s MF Bunko J imprint since January 2020. As of June 2023, nine volumes and two short volumes has been released. Seven Seas Entertainment has also licensed Year 2.A spin-off manga illustrated by Sakagaki and centered around the character Suzune Horikita was serialized in Monthly Comic Alive from June 2017 to May 2018. Its chapters were collected in two tankōbon volumes. At Anime Expo 2022, Seven Seas Entertainment announced that they licensed the spin-off for English publication.

On February 21, 2022, it was announced that a sequel was in production. The series was later revealed to be two additional seasons, with Lerche returning as the studio. The second season is directed by Yoshihito Nishōji, with Kishi and Hashimoto returning as chief directors, Hayato Kazano replacing Akashiro as the scriptwriter, and Morita returning as the character designer. Masaru Yokoyama and Kana Hashiguchi are composing the music, replacing Takahashi. The second season aired from July 4 to September 26, 2022. The opening theme “Dance in the Game” is performed by ZAQ, and the ending theme “Hito Jibai” is performed by Mai Fuchigami. The third season was originally scheduled for 2023, but was later delayed to January 2024 due to “various circumstances”.
Classroom of the Elite (ようこそ実力至上主義の教室へ, Yōukoso Jitsuryoku Shijō Shugi no Kyōshitsu e, lit. “Welcome to the Classroom of the Supreme Ability Doctrine”) is a Japanese light novel series written by Shōgo Kinugasa and illustrated by Shunsaku Tomose. A manga adaptation by Yuyu Ichino began its serialization in Media Factory’s Monthly Comic Alive on January 27, 2016. An anime television series adaptation by Lerche aired from July to September 2017.

Zum ersten Mal an dieser Schule bekomme ich die Nummer eines Mädchens. Wie erbärmlich! Und ich kann nicht mal sagen, dass ich mich darüber freue. Aber ich werde die Nummer speichern. Sato already revealed her plans to Karuizawa, which involved asking Ayanokoji to be her boyfriend at the end of the double date, making fans curious about the outcome. Finally, the moment approaches, but Ayanakoji refuses Karuizawa’s request bluntly. According to Ayanokoji, he had no feelings for Sato, and feelings are the basic requirements for a relationship. This revelation breaks Sato’s heart as she expected a lot from Ayanokoji in the romantic department. Unknown to Sato, Karuizawa watched the whole thing from the background, and after the drama ended, Ayanokoji revealed his reason for rejecting Sato’s proposal to Karuizawa. He replied to Karuizawa’s question with the statement, “She’s an unsuitable substitute for you.” This leads to a discussion between the two characters in which Ayanokoji reveals that he has never had an affection for anyone. Eventually, both characters exchange gifts, and Ayanakoji manages to gain the complete trust of Karuizawa. After Karuizawa meets with Sato, she receives a call from Ayanokoji, who requests for private information about Sato, details crucial for a first date. Usually, this would be interpreted as the actions of a person who is excited about a dating experience. However, for Ayanokoji this was important for him to study Sato to see if she could serve as his pawn. The next day, the double date happens, and Hirata, Karuizawa, Sato, and Ayanokoji engage in different fun activities, all leading to the crucial moment afterward.This development birthed the alliance between Ayanakoji and Ryuen, a partnership that wasn’t foreseeable initially. The discussion between these newly allied characters hinted at Ayanokoji’s plans, one of which is to get Kushida expelled. The character has long since expressed her hatred for Ayanakoji and Horikita and still plans to remove them permanently from the academy. If Kushida isn’t handled, Ayanokoji’s plan to help Class D reach Class A may backfire. How Ayanokoji will get Kushida expelled or under control is still a mystery, but based on Ayanokoji’s past actions, he already has a plan in progress.Episode 12 featured the final clash between Ryuen and Ayanokoji. The fight between these two characters was more than a physical one; it was also mental. Ayanokoji emerged as the winner of this clash, leading to a decline in Ryuen’s charisma and confidence. Heavily discouraged by his downfall, Ryuen tried to drop out of the academy, refusing to listen to even Ibuki. However, Ayanokoji still had plans for the defeated character. He prevented Ryuen from getting expelled by partly putting the blame on the sabotaged cameras, which Ryeun destroyed on Class D.As the conflict between Class C & D has ended, Classroom of the Elite’s final episode reveals Ryuen’s fate and the real hurdles that Class D will have to clear to reach Class A. With Ayanaokji at the center of these developments, fans can expect sensational developments from Classroom of the Elite in the next season.

Episode 13 marked the ending of Classroom of the Elite’s second season. The episode subtly teased the main developments that will occur in the story going forward, using characters like Ayanokoji, Ryuen, and Sakanayagi. Most of season 2’s story developments were resolved in episode 12; however, episode 13 tackled the aftermath of major events in the earlier episodes.
Ever since episode 7, Classroom of the Elite hinted at Sato and Karuizawa’s romantic interest in Ayanakoji. Finally, episode 13 showed Ayanakoji’s stance on this issue. With Karuizawa overcoming her trauma, she became conscious of her feelings for Ayanokoji. However, she wasn’t the only person in this boat as Sato revealed her intentions to go on a date with Ayanokoji. Ironically, Sato sought out Karuizawa’s aid in the planning process and even suggested a double date to make the date more interesting since Sato was still under the impression that Hirata and Karuizawa were dating.The following contains spoilers for Episode 13 of Classroom Of The Elite Season 2, “The worst enemy you can meet will always be yourself,” now streaming on Crunchyroll.

Before the episode ends, Ayanokoji reveals his plans, showing his frighteningly manipulative nature. According to Ayanokoji, his proposal to end his agreement with Karuizawa in episode 10 and Ryuen’s bullying were all part of his plan to gain Karuizawa’s complete trust. Apparently, his plans succeeded as Karuizawa became the perfect pawn for Ayanokoji to control. However, despite his achievements, Ayanokoji still recognized the fact that he was still held hostage by his education in the White Room, an education that made him what he is. The White Room is an important plot point in Classroom of the Elite and is tied to Ayanokoji’s past. This questionable academy that birthed a genius will be the center of the story in Classroom of the Elite’s future seasons, and fans can only hope it matches everyone’s expectations.In the final minutes of episode 13, Classroom of the Elite teased the clash between Arisu Sakanayagi and Ayanokoji. She claims to have known Ayanokoji, but Ayanokoji’s replies suggest that he doesn’t remember meeting Sakanayagi. However, that does nothing to hide the threats exchanged between these two characters. With Ryuen down, Ayanokoji’s next opponent is clear; however, will Ayanokoji be able to bring down Sakanayagi, Class A’s charismatic representative?

Is Classroom of the Elite Year 2 finished?
Masaru Yokoyama and Kana Hashiguchi are composing the music, replacing Takahashi. The opening theme, “Dance in the Game,” is performed by ZAQ, and the ending theme, “Hito Jibai,” is performed by Mai Fuchigami. The season aired from July 4 to September 26, 2022. The logo of the second anime season.
Season 2 of Classroom of the Elite will begin with Volume 4 of the light novel, which covers the “Cruise Ship Special Test” Arc. Ayanokouji excels at observing other people’s behavior and subtly manipulating them to do his bidding. By doing this, he not only achieves his goal but also manages to remain on the sideline by pinning the credits to someone else. Although he, Horikita and Kushida are the story’s mainstays, Season 2 will spotlight other side characters during various arcs, including their classmates Kanji Ike, Yosuke Hirata and Kei Karuizawa.First published as a light novel in 2015, the psychological thriller series Classroom of the Elite enjoyed overwhelming success and was quickly adapted into a manga a year later. Even though the anime adaptation was put on halt for five years, the manga and light novels have continued their serialization.

The intelligent Horikita also fell into Ayanokouji’s schemes as he guided her into making a convincing plot to get another classmate off the hook from expulsion. However, his strategic prowess shone brightest during Season 1’s Deserted Island Special Test, where he tricked the other classes into guessing incorrectly and allowed Class D to finish the exam on top.
Classroom of the Elite Season 1 left fans with more questions than answers. There were glimpses and pieces of Ayanokouji’s past as well as his father’s attempts to expel him from the school, yet his backstory and reasons for enrolling in this competitive school remain a mystery. He is also yet to publicize his true ability, and most of Class D was left unexplored. With Season 2 officially confirmed, fans can once again hope to finally receive answers to these questions and much more.

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Classroom of the Elite follows Kiyotaka Ayanokouji, a teenage student entering a highly prestigious school that promises to produce only the best results. The school follows a merit-based system, wherein allowances are provided through points that can be used to purchase virtually everything they may want or need. Despite being placed in Class D, where the lowest-ranked students are put, Ayanokouji actually possesses extraordinary intellect. However, he refuses to stand out and prefers to manipulate events from the shadows, an act he executed on multiple occasions in Season 1.

Ayanokouji first showed Classroom of the Elite fans a glimpse of his secret intelligence — although forced — when his classmate Suzune Horikita asks him to convince three of their lowest-standing classmates to attend a group study. He used Kikyou Kushida, the popular class idol, and her charms to convince the three boys.
Studio Lerche produced Season 1 of the Classroom of the Elite anime in 2017, but the series’ lack of domestic success resulted in a lengthy hiatus. However, the wait is coming to an end with confirmation of a second season, much to fans’ delight. With such a long break, it’s understandable if some have forgotten the events that occurred during Season 1. Here are the most important points to remember, along with what to expect when Season 2 arrives.Ayanokijo is a rather suspicious character, always overanalyzing the state of affairs to uncover a person’s true intentions. He is one of the few students to practice caution during their first month of school as he is untrusting of the whole “free money” situation. He questions everything and is one of the only members of Class D to begin testing the school’s boundaries early on, giving him a greater understanding of the disciplinary system when things begin to get out of hand.

When fans first meet Ayanokoji, it is evident that the young man is an overthinker who is not easily swayed, and moral expectations are not about to influence his actions either. He comes across as the type to make snap judgments about a person based purely on first impressions but, unlike Suzune, Ayanokoji seems more invested in keeping the peace in Class D. While his priority is to remain as uninvolved as possible, his aversion to conflict apparently hold more weight, as the youngster even attempts to persuade Suzune and Kushida to put aside their differences.This mastermind would rather remain uninvolved when it comes to drama, but somehow always ends up saving the day. Despite his best efforts, this somber loner has undoubtedly been influenced by Koudo Ikusei Senior High School’s social system, and Ayanokoji has subsequently made some personal developments that have produced heroic results in Classroom of the Elite on Crunchyroll.

Even after Sae Chisabara’s blackmailing attempt falls flat, Ayanokoji seems too invested in helping Suzune reach her goal to back out now (so long as she keeps her nose out of his sordid past, that is.) This young man makes a great effort to persuade Suzune to present herself in a more favorable light so that she can successfully lead the Class to greatness (which he previously had zero interest in accomplishing.)
His keen observation skills help to rescue poor Sakura from a disturbing predicament with her stalker, as Ayanokoji keeps a close eye on the bashful girl to guarantee her safety. In contrast, however, he plays the silent observer when Kei begins to get bullied as he seems more invested in gathering intel on the situation than putting a speedy end to Karuizawa’s suffering. Eventually, Ayanokoji positions himself in the role of Kei’s caretaker and invites some unwanted drama into his life by pretending to be her boyfriend, unintentionally forming a bond with the beauty in the process.It appears that Ayanokoji has a soft spot for the damsel in distress and he can’t seem to resist going against his plan to maintain discretion in order to come to their aid. He could have easily feigned ignorance about the boys’ Peeping Tom plan in Season 1 episode 7 but decides to defend the girls’ honor instead. Without revealing himself as the traitor, Ayanokoji comes up with an elaborate ploy to corrupt the data from the hidden camera, while simultaneously pushing Suzune into the limelight (and closer towards the Class Leader role) once again.Ayanokoji progresses from being a lone wolf to having his own Fanclub, who were so impressed by the mastermind that they named their little group after him (and officially making him the center of attention for the first time at Koudo Ikusei.) He gets a new nickname (“Ayanon”) and dips his toe into the concept of “socializing just for fun,” however, is incapable of pushing Kei’s predicament from his mind. Thankfully, Ayanokoji decides to help the blonde bombshell and exposes his precious secret to help her, surprisingly relying on the assistance of Manabu and Chisabara to get the job done (two individuals he would have never trusted in the past.)