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Community Garage Sales

Running east to west, the Coast-to-Coast yard sale runs along U.S. Route 50 in May of each year. Though not as popular as “The World’s Longest Yard Sale,” the US 50 Coast-to-Coast sale is in its 16th year. Items typically sold at garage sales include old clothing, books, toys, household decorations, lawn and garden tools, sports equipment, and board games. Larger items like furniture and occasionally home appliances are also sold. Garage sales occur most frequently in rural and suburban areas on weekends with good weather conditions, and usually have designated hours for the sale. Buyers who arrive before the hours of the sale to review the items are known as “early birds” and are often professional restorers or resellers. Such sales also attract people who are searching for bargains or for rare and unusual items. Bargaining, also known as haggling, on prices is routine, and items may or may not have price labels affixed. Some people buy goods from these sales to restore them for resale. Advertising for the event of a garage sale is typically done by posting a sign, usually made from cardboard or plastic, in a public location. Signs are posted with the intent that people passing by will take note of the event, time, and location of the garage sale. In many cases, signs may feature an arrow or some other means of expressing the direction of the event.The cultural phenomenon of garage and yard sales in the United States has been examined by several artists. The Thunderground Film production Zen and the Art of Yardsailing is a documentary film produced in 2004 that covered aspects of finding bargains as well as the cutthroat practices of professional resellers and the previously-noted “early birds”. New Jersey artist Robert A. Emmons, Jr.’s short documentary film Yard Sale, released in 2006, examines the American practice of buying and selling goods in one’s front yard and the sociological impact of such activities.

Who owns world's biggest garage sale?
Yasmin Grigaliunas WBGS Founder and CEO, Yasmin Grigaliunas encourages other businesses to follow Officeworks’ lead and start to critically evaluate their waste management practices.
A garage sale (also known as a yard sale, tag sale, moving sale and by many other names) is an informal event for the sale of used goods by private individuals, in which sellers are not required to obtain business licenses or collect sales tax (though, in some jurisdictions, a permit may be required).The Highway 127 Corridor Sale, promoted as “The World’s Longest Yard Sale,” encourages private individuals and professional vendors to conduct simultaneous yard sales along a 630-mile (1,010 km) corridor spanning five U.S. states. The headquarters is located at Fentress County Chamber of Commerce in Jamestown, Tennessee. The sale officially starts the first Thursday of August. However, many sellers in the area will start the weekend before.

During the second Saturday in August, a 50 miles (80 km) stretch of U.S. Route 11 becomes a continuous yard sale from Stephens City, Virginia’s Newtown Commons south to New Market, Virginia. The event, in its ninth year, is sponsored by the Shenandoah County Chamber Advisory Group, five chambers of commerce, and two town governments. In years past, the Yard Crawl has attracted people from as far away as Canada.In Bondi Beach, Australia, the first Garage Sale Trail took place as part of the Sizzle Bondi Community Festival on May 9, 2010, during which 126 garage sales occurred simultaneously. The Garage Sale Trail was designed to reduce the amount of goods dumped instead of sold and re-used. Since the first event, the Garage Sale Trail has won a Green Globes award for Media Excellence, and the Wentworth Courier’s Business Achiever award. In July 2010, organisers of the Garage Sale Trail announced their intention to take the Garage Sale Trail national and involve thirty local councils across Australia’s states and territories potentially making it the largest garage sale in the world.In some areas, garage sales have taken on a special meaning to a community and have become events of special local significance. Large areas of a community then hold a communal garage sale involving numerous families at the same time.

The now semi-annual City Wide Garage Sale was first held in October 1990 in El Cerrito, California. Local resident and reuse advocate, Marianne Hegeman proposed the citywide garage sale to facilitate garage inspections in the wake of the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake. City Wide Garage Sales have been replicated in other cities including Albany, California; Mountain View, California; and Eagle Mountain, Utah.
Some jurisdictions require that the home owners obtain a permit (which may require a fee), stating the date(s) on which the sale will take place (with allowances in the event of bad weather conditions). The jurisdiction may also place restrictions on the sale, such as the number of sales in a year a person can have (so as to avoid a person running a business without licenses and without collecting sales taxes), where signs may be placed in and around the neighborhood, and even where on the owner’s premises a sale may take place.Informal sales also occur across the country. One such example is in the Bismarck-Mandan area. Coinciding with the United Tribes International Pow-wow, it is a tradition for the weekend following Labor Day to be the area’s biggest garage sale weekend due to the influx of visitors in the area. On any given year, total garage sales number at least 500, while Fargo, North Dakota surpasses Bismarck as the state’s largest city. The only state event that is bigger is the North Dakota State Fair held in Minot, North Dakota, during the last week of July.

Typically the goods in a garage sale are unwanted items from the household with its owners conducting the sale. The conditions of the goods vary, but they are typically usable. Some of these items are offered for sale because the owner does not want or need the item to minimize their possessions or to raise funds. Popular motivations for a garage sale are for “spring cleaning,” moving or earning extra money. The seller’s items are displayed to the passers-by or those responding to signs, flyers, classified ads or newspaper ads. In some cases, local television stations will broadcast a sale on a local public channel. The venue at which the sale is conducted is typically a garage; other sales are conducted at a driveway, carport, front yard or inside a house. Some vendors, known as “squatters,” will set up in a high-traffic area rather than on their own property.

These examples are programmatically compiled from various online sources to illustrate current usage of the word ‘garage sale.’ Any opinions expressed in the examples do not represent those of Merriam-Webster or its editors. Send us feedback about these examples.

When building this special garage in Paradise Valley Arizona, the owner had to contain with a mountain that was situated just behind the house. The solution was to create the garage in a round design with a central turn-table in the middle to ensure that he could house all his cars without any hassle.
Amercian talk-show host Jay Leno is well-known for his huge car collection, so when it came to creating a home for each one of them, his garage needed to be off the scale. The result was a garage that spans over 2 large buildings and houses a machine shop, a fabrication shop and even a kitchen.Whilst this is officially a museum, it is also the garage of UAE Royal Family member Hamad Bin Hamdan al-Nahyan since many of the cars inside are still functioning and used for special occasions. There are more than 200 cars in this collection including a Chicago Highway Patrol Car, a $755,000 Rolls Royce, a replica 1886 Mercedes, a Russian WWII tank and the biggest Dodge jeep in the world that’s over three stories high.

What is the meaning of garage sale?
: a sale of used household or personal articles (such as furniture, tools, or clothing) held on the seller’s own premises.
Situated in downtown Chicago USA, this spectacular 15,000 square foot garage has been designed around a Las Vegas theme and even contains a handmade ‘Welcome to Las Vegas’ sign. In addition to this, the owner has created a special space for his unique car collection and a room for his favourite sports memorabilia, all of which took nearly 9 months to create. Hidden away on a Manhatten side street by a plain facade, Jerry Seingfeld’s garage is the home for his fine collection of 46 Porsche cars and an 844-square-foot living space that includes a club room with a billiard table, a kitchenette, a bathroom and an office. To help show you just how far the garage has been taken over recent years and some of the most luxurious garages from around the world, we’ve put together a unique guide of the world’s top 10 most expensive garages.

From creating a beautiful home from for the car to developing unique lifestyle room concepts such as a trendy man cave or sports room, the garage is now seen as a space that should look and function as perfectly as the rest of the home.

When fashion designer Ralph Lauren decided to create a home for his car collection, he wanted to create a space that could house each of his 60 prestigious vehicles. The end result was the renowned D.A.D Garage, (named after his children David, Andrew and Dylan), a 2 storey museum-like space where all his cars could be store in a safe, stylish and temperature controlled manner. However, whilst Great Britain has begun to recognise this more and more by utilizing more effectively, luxury homeowners around the world have consistently gone above and beyond what can normally be expected from this once forgotten room to create truly outstanding spaces. Over the past 10 years’, homeowners throughout the UK have continued to embrace their garages more than ever before. The days when they were seen as a convenient family dumping ground are now a thing of the past, and UK residents are now using the space in the most amazing ways possible.

At just 6.4 metres wide and 4.75 metres deep, this particular garage is one of the smallest spaces on our list, but it’s the unique location of this garage that makes it so expensive. They say that location is the most important aspect in property pricing, and this is definately the case with this garage located just next to Harrods.
Whilst little is know about the exact setup of this truly amazing garage owned by famous actor John Travolta, what is known is that this huge room can easily house a gulftsteam jet and a Boeing 707, as well as enough parking space for upto 15 of his favourite cars. That’s some garage! After software engineer Tom Gonzales decided to retire, he brought a unique house in Nevada where the majority of his car collection is stored in a mansion-style garage. However, for his most sought after pieces he developed this unique elevator that enters out into a 6,000-square-foot underground garage, giving his cars a safe and climate-controlled home. Located in an eight-story post-war building in the centre of Manhatten, this 12ft x 23ft garage was once listed as the most expensive garage in New York with the new owners only buying the property above to gain access to the sought after parking space that this single garage provides.

What are the pros of garage sales?
The upside of garage sales The obvious advantage of a garage sale is that you can make some quick cash, and you don’t have to worry about shipping anything. Knowing you are having the sale might inspire you to declutter and get rid of items that are no longer necessary in your life.
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The 127 Yard Sale is commonly referred to as “The World’s Longest Yard Sale”. That’s because it really is the longest yard sale in the world. To be exact, it’s 690 miles long and the route travels through 6 states; Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, and Alabama. The majority of the route follows Highway 127 from Addison, MI in the north to Chattanooga, TN in the south. From Lookout Mountain, GA to Gadsden, AL the route switches to Lookout Mountain Parkway. Both are scenic drives allowing you to appreciate the beautiful countryside of these states all while enjoying the fun and excitement of The World’s Longest Yard Sale.
This is your one-stop-shop for everything 127 Yard Sale related. Whether it’s your first time participating or you’re a seasoned veteran, we can help! We have everything you’ll need to be successful at the 127 Yard Sale as a Yardsaler, Vendor, or Rental Space Provider. We are always adding new features to the website and working to make the 127 Yard Sale the best it can be.

Who owns the most expensive garage in the world?
World’s Richest GaragesJerry Seinfeld’s garage – £380,000. … The Garage next to Harrods – £650,000. … Million Dollar Garage New York – $1,000,000. … Francis Wisniewski’s Garages – £1,000,000. … The Craig Jackson’s Garage – £1,500,000. … Tom Gonzales’ Garage – £4,500,000. … Ralph Lauren’s Garage – £NA. … John Travolta’s Garage – £NA.
The City of Rochester Public Market offers dozens of garage sales with bargains on everything from furniture to clothing; collectibles to jewelry; artwork to trinkets… all in one location! From spring through the Fall, stop by the Market every other Sunday to join us for the largest community garage sales and superfleas!One of the oldest surviving private garages in Germany today is the 1903 finished Automobil-Remise (automobile carriage house) of Villa Esche by Henry van de Velde in Chemnitz. Carl Benz, the inventor of the automobile, had a tower built for himself in 1910, on the first floor a room for studying, on the ground floor car parking space. It still exists in Ladenburg, Germany.The architecture of garages was ignored in the architectural journals despite famous architects such as Edwin Lutyens, Richard Barry Parker and Edgar Wood all designing garages for their wealthy clients. Charles Harrison Townsend was one of the few architects who put pen to paper (in The Builder in 1908) on the subject and recommended that the walls be glazed brick for ease of washing, air gratings to be low (petrol fumes are heavier than air), and drains half open to avoid build-up of gases.

By 1910 corrugated iron and asbestos were being used instead of wood and garages became less imposing. From 1912 speculatively built houses in London were being built with motor houses.
Around the start of the 21st century, companies began offering “portable garages” in the United States. Typically, these garages are made of metal, wood or vinyl and do not connect to the house or other structure, much like the garage built before 1950. This portable garages usually have a strongly reinforced floor to hold a heavy vehicle. Garages are also produced as composite fabric garages with metal frames that are lightweight and portable garage compared to traditional brick-and-mortar or metal garage structures.

British homes featuring a garage typically have a single or double garage either built into the main building, detached within the grounds (often in the back garden), or in a communal area.
E. Keynes Purchase, “honorary architect” to what was to become the Royal Automobile Club, did a lot of work on them and recommended in The Car Illustrated in 1902, that they be of brick construction with cement floor, an inspection pit, good electric lighting and a pulley system for removing parts of the car (in the early days of motoring many car owners were mechanical and engineering enthusiasts).

Possibly the oldest existing garage in the United Kingdom is in Southport Lancashire. It was the first motor house or garage to be depicted in an English motoring journal and was in The Autocar of 7 October 1899. It was owned by Dr W.W. Barratt, a local doctor and motoring pioneer and specially designed for his house at 29 Park Crescent Hesketh Park. A two-storey building that matched the style of the house; the ground floor garage having a concrete floor, heating, electric lighting, an engine pit and was fully equipped. The motor house is now in residential use.

Traditionally, garage doors were wooden, opening either as two leaves or sliding horizontally. Newer garages are fitted with metal up-and-over doors. Increasingly, in new homes, such doors are electrically operated.
Australia has strict guidelines in place when building a home and the garage size must conform to the Australian Standards. The minimum size for a single garage is 3.0 m × 5.4 m (9.8 ft × 17.7 ft) and a double is 5.4 m × 5.4 m (17.7 ft × 17.7 ft). However, to comfortably fit two cars in a double garage it is typical to have a size of 6.0 m × 6.0 m (19.7 ft × 19.7 ft).

The common term for these structures in the first decades of the 20th century was motor house. Many garages from before 1914 were pre-fabricated, typically by companies such as Norwich manufacturer Boulton & Paul Ltd. The style was usually in keeping with that of the house and its locale, however, they were mainly of timber construction and few have survived.
A residential garage (UK: /ˈɡærɑːʒ, -rɑːdʒ, -rɪdʒ/, US: /ɡəˈrɑːʒ, -rɑːdʒ/) is a walled, roofed structure for storing a vehicle or vehicles that may be part of or attached to a home (“attached garage”), or a separate outbuilding or shed (“detached garage”). Residential garages typically have space for one or two cars, although three-car garages are used. When a garage is attached to a house, the garage typically has an entry door into the house, called the person door or man door, in contrast with the wider and taller door for vehicles, called the garage door, which can be raised to permit the entry and exit of a vehicle and then closed to secure the vehicle. A garage protects a vehicle from precipitation, and, if it is equipped with a locking garage door, it also protects the vehicle(s) from theft and vandalism. Most garages also serve multifunction duty as workshops for a variety of projects, including painting, woodworking, and assembly. Garages also may be used for other purposes as well, such as storage or entertainment.Garages in the United States and Canada used to store streetcars and buses are often referred to as carhouses or car barns. These storage facilities are either metal or brick structures used to store streetcars or buses away from the elements. In Britain they are referred to as bus depots or depots.

In northern climates, temperatures inside an uninsulated attached residential garage can decrease to freezing levels during the winter. Temperatures inside an uninsulated attached garage in temperate climates can reach uncomfortable levels during summer months. Extreme temperatures can be a source of energy waste and discomfort in adjoining living areas, due to heat transfer between the garage and those areas. Homes with an attached garage often experience this “interface” problem. Insulating the outside of the building against the elements without extending the insulation to the wall separating the garage from the house, and/or the other garage walls and roof, can be a costly mistake.
Over the past fifteen years, the portable garage has further evolved into a modular garage or a partially prefabricated structure. The modular garage comes from a factory that assembles the garage in two sections and combines the two sections on location. Partially prefabricated garages are often larger and might even include an attic space or a second floor. Sections of the garage are preassembled and then setup on site over a few days time. The Amish have become popular builders of portable, modular and partially prefabricated garages.

What do Americans call garage sales?
In most of the U.S., that’s called a “garage sale.” In the southeast, they call it a “yard sale.” In a small part of Wisconsin, they call it a “rummage sale,” because you rummage through other people’s old stuff.
The first planned private garages appeared long before 1900. Early examples of planned public garages appeared at the same time. The first recorded public parking garage in the US (Electric Vehicle Company Garage, Chicago) was built in 1898, in the UK (Christal Palace Garage, London) in 1900 and in Germany (Großgarage der Automüller G.m.b.H., Berlin-Wilmersdorf) in 1901.Typically, a small British single garage is 8 by 16 feet (2.4 m × 4.9 m), a medium single garage is 9 by 18 feet (2.7 m × 5.5 m), and a large single garage is 10 by 20 feet (3.0 m × 6.1 m). Family sedans have become bigger than they were in the past, so the larger size has become a preferred option. A typical large family car like the Ford Mondeo is about 15 by 6 feet (4.6 m × 1.8 m), meaning that even with the larger size garage, it is necessary to park to one side to be able to open the driver’s door wide enough to enter or exit the vehicle.

The word garage, introduced to English in 1902, originates from the French word garer, meaning shelter. By 1908 the architect Charles Harrison Townsend was commenting in The Builder magazine that “for the home of the car, we very largely use the French word ‘garage’, alternatively with what I think the more desirable English equivalent of ‘motor house'”. Today the word is polysemic because it can refer to a collection of vehicles as well as the building that contains them.
Many garage doors open upward using an electric chain drive, which can often be automatically controlled from inside the resident’s vehicle with a small radio transmitter. Garages are connected to the nearest road with a driveway. Interior space for one or two cars is normal, and garages built after 1950 usually have a door that connects the garage directly to the interior of the house (an “attached garage”). Earlier garages were often detached and located in the back yard of the house, accessed either via a long driveway or from an alley.Newer homes feature more American styled tilting panel lift doors which slide up onto a track on the ceiling via a motor and chain drive. Since the late 1970s most if not all garages are attached, and throughout the 80’s it became more common to have an access door into the home from the garage where design permitted, whereas it is commonplace now. Most older unit (apartment) blocks in Australia have garages on the ground floor accessible through a common hallway and access doors, all leading into a common driveway. Newer ones now have underground parking. In the past, garages were often separate buildings from the house (“detached garage”). On occasion, a garage would be built with an apartment above it, which could be rented out. As automobiles became more popular, the concept of attaching the garage directly to the home grew into a common practice. While a person with a separate garage must walk outdoors in every type of weather, a person with an attached garage has a much shorter walk inside a building. In the early days of the motor car, a garage played an important role in protecting the vehicle from the weather (particularly so as to reduce rust). It was also the case that early motor cars started more easily when they were warm, so that keeping them in a garage rather than outside made it easier to get the engine going in the morning. Modern motor cars, however, are very well protected against rust, and modern engines start with no difficulty even in very cold conditions.

Some garages have an electrical mechanism to automatically open or close the garage door when the homeowner presses a button on a small remote control, along with a detector that stops the movement of the garage if something is in the way of closing. Some garages have enough space, even with cars inside, for the storage of items such as bicycles or a lawnmower; in some cases, there may even be enough space for a workshop or a man cave. Garages that are attached to a house may be built with the same external materials and roofing as the house. Garages that are not connected to the home may use a different style of construction from the house. Often in the Southern and rural United States garages not attached to the home and made from a timber frame with sheet metal coverings are known as “pole barns”, but usually serve the same purpose as what is called a garage elsewhere. In some places, the term is used synonymously with “carport”, though that term normally describes a structure that, while roofed, is not completely enclosed. A carport protects the vehicle to some degree from inclement weather, but it does not protect the vehicle from theft or vandalism.
The most common garage door to date in Australia is the B&D Rolla Door, having been around since 1956 and still in heavy use today. They are a corrugated flexible but strong sheet steel door, sliding up tracks and rolling around a drum mounted above the door opening on the inside of the garage. These come in manual and remote controlled electric (known as the Control-a-Door), with conversion kits available. Locking is provided by a key lock in the centre of the door moving two square sliding lock bars in and out of holes in the door tracks, locking and unlocking it, or by the solenoid lock in the automatic motor.

Australian homes typically have a two, one and a half or double car garage, with some newer houses having a triple garage, with one double door and one single door. Prior to the 1970s most of them were detached from the house, usually set further back with the driveway leading up past the side of the house, common with old fibreboard houses, but not uncommon with earlier brick houses. The most common doors on these garages were either two wooden barn style doors with a standard sized access door on the side of the garage or the B&D Rolla Door, which is described below.
Calgary loves garage sales and the best way to save time while searching for deals is to head to one of the many community garage sales that take place every spring in the city. Pick up a bargain or two and discover new treasures you didn’t know you needed! If you know of a community garage sale or ‘parade of garage sales’ that we don’t have on our list (and I know there are a lot!), please let us know.

Please note: we have done our best to ensure the following information is correct, but we also know that things can change. Please confirm with the community.
Disclaimer: While we endeavour to provide the best, most up-to-date information on fun events and activities in and around Calgary, we cannot guarantee the information on times, dates, admission, etc. These things out of our control, and we encourage you to call the facility before you head out on your fun activities!You’ve made it to the day of the sale, yay! However, your job isn’t done yet. There are a few things you’ll want to do before the event starts to ensure it runs smoothly.

To inform residents of this information, you can add it as an event on your community’s “Calendar” page on the website and send out a blast email to all residents with the event details.
Also, check with your city to see if there are any rules or ordinances about garage sales. This is important to inquire about as you may need to have a permit before you can host your garage sale. There may also be regulations on where signage can legally be posted and if you need to put it up at a certain point before the date and time of the sale.Hosting a community garage sale in contrast to hosting individual ones has quite a few advantages. One of these being when you host a garage sale for the community on the same day, rather than individual homes having sales on various days throughout the year, this will help keep your community appearance looking clean.

How does a garage make money?
These include renting your garage for parking, renting it for storage space, start craft
ing, rent it for vehicle repair and maintenance, etc. These are some of the lucrative business ideas to start earning from your garage.
Before you start planning your community garage sale, you’ll want to meet with your community to gain approval. There may be certain guidelines within your community that will need to be met in regards to garage sales. Therefore, you’ll want to make sure this event is in accordance with those rules and regulations.

Once you’ve sorted out these details, notify your residents of the event information! This is a vital part of the planning process, as residents will need to know where and when the event will be taking place in order to participate.
When planning your garage sale, you’ll want to first decide on a location for it. Will you be hosting it in one central location or at individual residences? For instance, if you live in an apartment or condominium complex, having your garage sale in a central location may be the best option.If the garage sale will be hosted at individual residences, place signs in the yards of the participating properties so shoppers know where to go. Also, if your community has narrow roads, you may want to place signs for which side of the street shoppers can park on to avoid congestion.

Hosting a community garage sale takes a bit of organization and planning, however, having the right tools available to you helps this process run smoothly. Therefore, we encourage you to use the features available on your website to gather community feedback, communicate event details, and advertise the garage sale.
When deciding on a date and time, it’s also a good idea to collect community feedback to see which date and times are most popular. Creating a survey on your website for residents to fill out would be another a great use of the feature. An example is shown below:

Lastly, when the event is over, you’ll want to take down the signs you put up earlier in the day. If you leave these up, you may mislead potential shoppers that see the signs after the event is over.

Now that you and your neighbors have finished Spring cleaning, you’re likely wondering what to do with your unwanted items. An economical option is to host a community garage sale! This is a great way to dispose of unwanted and unused items around your house while making some extra cash. As they say, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure!”Next, on the morning of the event, you’ll want to place signs in prominent locations and on roads leading up to where the community garage sale will be taking place. We’ve listed some tips below on what you’ll want to keep in mind when creating these signs:

The first is to remind your community that the event is happening! Sending out a blast email or text message from your website is an easy and effective way to inform your community of the event details so they can go out and shop the sale, too.
In addition to deciding how you would like to advertise your community garage sale, you’ll also want to decide when you would like to start doing this. Advertising too far in advance runs the risk of potential customers forgetting that it will be taking place. Therefore, a good benchmark to start advertising is two-weeks in advance up to the day of the event.Lastly, hosting a community-wide garage sale will bring in more traffic! Having a garage sale on a larger scale, versus a single residence hosting one, will bring more exposure and potential buyers. Therefore, with a larger pool of prospective customers, more items are likely to be sold. Taking the time to make sure your community garage sale is well-coordinated and sufficiently advertised will help ensure the event results in a successful, profitable sale. In this article, we’ll go over tips on how to organize a community garage sale, as well as some features available on your website that can aid you in doing this.The “Custom Form” page type on your website is a great tool for getting an idea of who would be interested in participating and/or volunteering. Compiling a list of residents that respond to this form will ensure willing volunteers are assigned necessary tasks and those participating in the garage sale have the event details they’ll need.

Now that you’ve spread the word about the event, to get a better sense of who will be volunteering and/or participating, you can create a signup sheet. Knowing who would be willing to volunteer to set up and advertise the event, as well as which residents would like to participate, will assist when planning the event. If this is information you’d like to have, you’ll want to collect it at least a couple of weeks ahead of time.
Prior to bringing this up in a meeting, gather resident feedback on how many would be interested in participating in a community garage sale. A great way to collect this information is by using the “Surveys” feature on your website. An example is shown below:

Why is it called garage?
The word “garage” comes from the French word “garer,” which means “to shelter.” Who needs a front door? An estimated 71 percent of families use the garage as the primary entrance to the house.
Next, decide on the date and time the garage sale should take place. The most popular days of the week to host garage sales are Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and you’ll want to plan the sale to be at least one month out to give both the community and individual sellers time to prepare.Another benefit to hosting a community garage sale is it can help increase resident engagement through volunteers helping to organize it and different residents participating in the event. Additionally, having multiple people assist in organizing the event will help distribute the work and reduce the legwork that needs to be done by a single person.There are various ways you can advertise your garage sale around your community, city, or town. You can spread the event information by word of mouth, in print, or digitally. Here are some examples of ways you can advertise your community garage sale:

What is the main purpose of a garage?
A garage protects a vehicle from precipitation, and, if it is equipped with a locking garage door, it also protects the vehicle(s) from theft and vandalism. Most garages also serve multifunction duty as workshops for a variety of projects, including painting, woodworking, and assembly.
Every year, Ottawa residents flock to Riverside South for our annual community garage sale, to the delight of bargain hunters! Over 200 houses register each year, with the amount growing annually.The more registered garage sales on your street, the more patrons you will get, so consider registering yours through our website when the time comes and encourage your neighbours to do the same! Registration form, map and sale listings will appear when registration opens for this year’s sale (May 1, 2024). The deadline to register so your address appears on the map will be 9pm May 30, 2024. It appears you are trying to access this site using an outdated browser. As a result, parts of the site may not function properly for you. We recommend updating your browser to its most recent version at your earliest convenience.The 2023 City-Wide Sale was definitely a success with over 200 Cold Lake residents and businesses registering their sales. And we welcomed visitors from all over the Lakeland area and further afield, who came looking for bargains and treasures. Well done everyone. No problem. When you’re filling out the registration form, it will ask whether your sale will be held Saturday, Sunday, or both days. Choose the day(s) that you can participate. On the online map: It’s a chance for Cold Lake residents and business owners to hold a garage, yard, or sidewalk sale while taking advantage of free advertising on the City-Wide Sale website, and the huge influx of visitors who come to Cold Lake specifically to go bargain hunting!Welcome to the City-Wide Sale. Our annual event is a bargain hunter’s dream and a great way for Cold Lake residents to find a new home for their old stuff! Every August, the City coordinates a city-wide network of garage sales, yard sales and sidewalk sales, where families and businesses can take advantage of free advertising and a huge influx of visitors to sell their treasures. There are different ways to earn additional income on your house. These include renting your garage for parking, renting it for storage space, start crafting, rent it for vehicle repair and maintenance, etc. These are some of the lucrative business ideas to start earning from your garage. Automate your business processes to ensure efficiency, improve speed, and increase profitability. Use software and tools to assist you in your work. Automating your daily processes will give you time to enhance your business in many other ways. This also helps to keep a check and balance on profits and costs of a business.Though it is important to maintain relationships with your loyal customers, it is equally important to bring potential customers to your garage. If you have a strong outbound business strategy at hand, there’s nothing to lower your ROI. Integrating a marketing strategy can include;

In order to keep adding to your business, customer feedback is important. Ask your customers what they want. Bring in new equipment and technology to assess problems. That’s how you improve your profitability.
If you want your garage business to flourish and give good returns, you need to offer more options for repair and maintenance. Your growth involves a full spectrum auto facility to the customers. Here’s a list of automotive services to expand your garage business.No matter what business you’re in, your salary depends on how your business is currently doing. Owning a car garage business that is running great, you can expect to earn around £45,000 annually, in the initial years. Later on, as your business gets recognition, you can expect to earn around £55,000. If your business is thriving and you keep on adding some great business strategies, you can earn £65,000 or more per year. Average garage owner earnings are £41,650 per year.

You need to improve your brand reputation to increase customers. Initially you can get customers from your local neighbourhood but that’s not enough to generate sufficient revenue. In today’s world, you can get a lot of clients through online presence. So, mark that presence. Make your own website, ask customers for their reviews, participate in discussion forums, etc. Also write vehicle blogs and start online consultation on auto repair and maintenance.
Earnings of a garage business vary on the location, experience, and qualification of the garage owner. There is a fluctuation in salary of garage owners in different cities. Income of garage owners within London is higher than the garage shops outside of London. That’s because the city caters a lot of electric and hybrid cars which require specialised roles when doing repair and maintenance. If you are in your training years or doing apprenticeship for some other garage owner, you can expect to earn around £18,000 per year. Highest incomes are recorded in Scotland while lowest are recorded in Wales.The salary typically depends on how well your business is doing. If you have a successful business, you can expect to earn around £45,000 in the initial years. In 10 years, you must be making around £50,000 or more. The venture can bring in good income and healthy returns, depending on your location and work operations.

You don’t need to compromise your service quality to cut down the costs. You can always try cross promotions and upsell recommended services. Use data-driven approach to manage your tasks. Also use top-of-the-line technology to identify problems in the cars. Gone are the days when trial and error method was successful for repairing cars. Today, automobile owners want to know what is exactly wrong with their cars. Therefore, identifying problems and providing accurate solutions/services will make your business more profitable.It’s a great idea to invest in garages. Since they don’t require too much investment, investing in a garage is a hassle-free process. Rather than renting them out for parking or storage, it is better to invest in them as they are low maintenance property. There are no noise issues, leaks or boilers so you can immediately set up your work.

What is the show about garage sales?
Neighbors hold rival garage sales to see who can rake in the most money and win a $10,000 prize.
From the time you start up, get established, and are in expansion stage, you will need to boost returns to enhance your growth. The best thing about owning a garage business is that you don’t have to worry for a commercial location. Simply start when you feel like it and expand the business with your skills, knowledge, and expertise.For a successful business, you need to be aware of your garage’s profit margins to maintain a high ROI. It’s not always easy to increase prices and reduce your material cost to improve profits. That’s detrimental to your business. Here are some of the ways you can increase your ROI.Why not capitalise your own garage space and start an automotive repair business? Despite the economic turndown, number of cars owned by public is growing continuously. They need to be services at some point or the other. According to a research, in the UK, automotive industry is growing; market value of car body parts will increase by 14% in the coming year. Therefore, if you’re into auto repair venture, there’s a lot of scope for the business.

There is no law that requires you to obtain a qualification to start your own car garage. Ideally some experience is needed; may it be apprenticeship or some certification. Getting a diploma in the automotive sector is also a good option. Your expertise will bring you more customers and increase your revenue.
We’re your local family resource guide for things to do with your kids serving Central Texas (Waco, Temple, Belton, Killeen). Visit our huge online calendar and find fun, educational, and/or FREE things to do with your kids! Sign-up for our weekend planner e-newsletter. Each Thursday we send out a free list of upcoming family-friendly events and activities happening in your area.Harrison Township hosts a Community Wide Garage Sale once a year during the first week in June. We encourage residents to participate if they would like to sell their unwanted items. During this event, residents can have a sale without obtaining a permit. Anyone from surrounding communities are welcome to come and shop, but we only publish a participant list of Harrison Township addresses. By registering by May 19, sellers will be included in a map that will show all the sale locations and some items included in each sale. A map with all locations will be ready for pickup at the end of May at the Harrison Township Government Center or on the website at

By submitting this form, you are consenting to receive emails from D10 Como Community Council. You can unsubscribe at anytime by using the link found at the bottom of every email or requesting removal by emailing [email protected].
All of the information below is contained within the map above, but for those who prefer a different option than the google map, the sales are listed below in the order they signed up. Submitted sales are shown as home icons on the map below, click on an icon to see sale address, hours, and details. If the map isn’t displaying properly below, you can open it in a new window here. We will be promoting this effort in our Weekly Newsletter, Facebook, and flyering some local community spaces, directing people to find the map on this page, You can also download and print this flier PDF to post in your community spaces.The Como Community Council is an independent, nonprofit organization accountable to the community. We are dedicated to creating a vibrant, safe, welcoming neighborhood. We provide a voice for renters, homeowners, businesses, and nonprofits to shape decisions that affect the quality of life for those who live, work, and visit here.

D10 Como Community Council is once again coordinating a community sale weekend from Thursday, May 18 to Sunday the 21. If you would like to be included in our map (embedded below), please fill out the Como Community Sale Form with your information before May 14.
Advertising in local papers and on social media (, Facebook, Craigslist, etc.) is always a good idea, as this will increase your chances of a larger turnout. The best part? These types of advertisements are free!

By placing the most attractive or interesting items strategically, sellers are more apt to catch someone’s eye and pique their interest. This will draw in the crowd.
If your community or individual garage sale will be spread throughout the neighborhood or at one specific address (as opposed to being held in one common area) be sure flyers are posted to point buyers in the right direction.Pre-made garage sale stickers can be purchased from local stores such as Wal-Mart, Target, or Walgreens. Stickers that suit the specific needs of participants can be found in the office supply section of the store.Price all items ahead of time, consider sectioning off the goods being sold (clothes in one area, books in another, etc.), and make sure all items are clean and well-presented. Keep newspaper on hand to wrap any breakable items, such as dishes. If possible, have an electrical outlet nearby to prove that electrical items are operational.A good time range for garage sales is typically between 7 a.m. and 2 p.m., as most garage sale shoppers are “early birds” who are on the hunt for a good deal, and many will want to start shopping before 8 a.m. As the day goes on, offering bargains in order to sell off as much as possible before the sale ends.

What is the largest garage sale in the world?
What is the 127 Yard Sale? It’s an annual 4-day event that takes place every August and draws hundreds of thousands of shoppers and vendors. The 690-mile route passes through 6 states including Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, and Alabama.
While it’s always best to wait until your community-wide garage sale day, consider the weather, local events, and holidays when planning for a garage sale date if the community date doesn’t fit your schedule. You’re more likely to draw a big crowd when the weather is pleasant and potential shoppers aren’t out of town due to holidays or sidetracked with special events. The City of Rosenberg City-Wide Garage Sale will be held on Saturday, April 29th. The deadline to register a participating garage sale was Wednesday, April 26th. Annual Australian retail repairs and returns are estimated at more than 10% of total stock. Internationally, the projected value of the circular economy industry is $4.5 trillion by 2030.

“We know that consumers want to see a more sustainable retail industry, including the reuse and repair of everyday products, rather than their disposal into the waste stream. Our partnership with Officeworks will allow us to broaden our service offering both geographically and in the products we can repair, and will provide a model for other businesses to follow our lead,” she said.

The first program of its kind in Australia, Circonomy will create a national network of circular economy precincts that will cater for both businesses and consumers. These centres will advocate for conscious consumerism through the resale of dormant or second-hand goods and will also provide Officeworks and other retailers with responsible waste management practices for its products. The increasing movement towards extending product lifecycle is further evident through the recent findings of the Productivity Commission inquiry into the right-to-repair, which the Federal Government is currently considering.

Officeworks has acquired a significant stake in Brisbane-based social enterprise, the World’s Biggest Garage Sale (WBGS) as part of the company’s response to changing customer needs and its ongoing commitment to sustainability.Since starting as a simple garage sale in 2013, WBGS has grown to a multi-million-dollar social enterprise that drives profit for a purpose by repairing, repurposing and re-selling imperfect and unwanted products. WBGS’s mission is to build a truly circular economy, achieving positive impact on people and the planet in the process.