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However, after having his mental fluctuations cured by Cable several issues previously, Deadpool claimed that his memories of the event were now much more clear. He pointed out several holes in T-Ray’s claims, including the fact that in his flashback he depicted “Jack” as wearing Deadpool’s costume even though Deadpool did not exist yet. He also recalled that he had registered in the military under the name “Wade Winston Wilson” years before ever encountering T-Ray. However, he also acknowledged that the truth may never really be known, as both he and T-Ray are insane, and neither is truly reliable.Brother Voodoo sent Deadpool into T-Ray’s soul to convince him to come back to life, which he resisted. At first T-Ray seemed the obvious victor, owing to the possibility that Deadpool did not have a soul of his own. However, Deadpool discovered that he did indeed possess one when he was able to use it to split into dozens of heroic Deadpools who resembled other Marvel heroes and represented his potential for greatness. T-Ray was defeated and came back to life where he learned that he was now bound to serve as a guardian of the Mystic Realms he had breached. Although they still claimed to despise each other, Deadpool and T-Ray peacefully went their separate ways.

In Cable & Deadpool #47 T-Ray’s body returns. It seems that the head wound he sustained in his fight with Deadpool was leaking mystical energies, damaging the fabric of several universes in the process. Master of the Mystic Arts Doctor Strange contacts Agency X to hire Deadpool to fix the mess he inadvertently created. Deadpool and his erstwhile sidekick Bob, Agent of HYDRA are sent throughout the various planes T-Ray made contact with to collect life force from the denizens there. Much to Deadpool’s chagrin, he learns that he must use this power to resurrect T-Ray. Grudgingly he does so and T-Ray’s corpse vanishes, seeking his soul while Deadpool and Bob are transported to Louisiana and encounter Brother Voodoo.

The main point of T-Ray’s story depends on T-Ray really being the true Wade Wilson, but since then many comics have changed Deadpool’s history and Deadpool’s many mental disorders obscure the truth even more.
T-Ray has all the characteristics of a (fictional) zombie: he has pale skin, incredible strength, a truly monumental stench (according to Deadpool), and even serious injuries don’t slow him down, though he does retain his own free will and full intelligence. After having a hole knocked through him in Deadpool #32 it is revealed that he has dirt inside of him instead of organs. This backs up his claim that he doesn’t have a heart.

T-Ray is a supervillain, published by Marvel Comics and created by Joe Kelly and Ed McGuiness. A mercenary for hire, he played an important role in the series Deadpool; T-Ray served to remind Wade Wilson, also known as Deadpool, what a failure he was. He is Deadpool’s archenemy for many issues and almost everything that happened to Deadpool was a part of an elaborate plan orchestrated by T-Ray.
Months later, T-Ray, now an agent of Thanos resurrects Deadpool, who has been killed in a fight with Weapon X, using an artifact Thanos gave him to create many copies of Deadpool. Thanos is jealous of Deadpool’s relationship with Death and T-Ray is to “curse him with immortality” so that he may never see Death again. In the end, Deadpool destroys the artifact and all the copies, but not the real Deadpool, are drawn into T-Ray, destroying his mind. Deadpool claims that this means he was the real Wade Wilson all along. The mindless T-Ray is taken by one of Deadpool’s new, homeless friends as a ‘lover’ (he lacks the mental capacity to agree or disagree with this).

T-Ray is seen hanging out at the Hellhouse, a place where Deadpool and other mercenaries get their assignments. Deadpool and T-Ray are constantly battling to show who is the bigger man, as well as the better mercenary. During these verbal conflicts, T-Ray typically makes vague threats while Deadpool retorts with 1980s pop-culture references. Several scenes show that T-Ray is a sadistic, remorseless killer; he was the sole mercenary at the Hellhouse willing to take an assignment that involved the killing of children in a gruesome manner. During a scene where T-Ray is meditating naked between the bodies of his victims, several names tattooed on his back are seen, all but one with an “X” through them. The last name not crossed off is “Wilson”, Deadpool’s real name.Over the next few months, Deadpool rebuilds his confidence and sanity, but shortly afterwards he starts to have hallucinations of a woman. He finally finds out her identity after some unorthodox treatment by Doctor Bong that she is Mercedes Wilson, his thought-deceased wife. Deadpool meets up with Mercedes in Georgia. T-Ray returns, crucifies one of Deadpool’s friends on the Hellhouse front steps and kidnaps Mercedes. He issues a challenge to Deadpool and Deadpool accepts. During their confrontation T-Ray claims that Deadpool is not Wade Wilson at all: T-Ray is the real Wade Wilson.

Returning home, Deadpool tries to find support with his friends Blind Al and Weasel, but he’s unable to find Weasel at the Hellhouse. T-Ray appears and challenges Deadpool for a fight. Returning home Deadpool finds Weasel and Blind Al (It is important to know that Deadpool at this time had various mental disorders. One of them was that he didn’t allow anybody else in his home except for Blind Al, whom he kept completely isolated from the outside world. Any hint of intruders and he would fly into a murderous rage.) Deadpool turns on the two and leaves them locked up in the Box: a dark room filled with sharp objects. He then returns for the fight with T-Ray, but recent events have destroyed Deadpool’s tenuous grip on his sanity and T-Ray, revealing his formidable magical abilities, defeats him with ease. Even a counterattack by Deadpool which pierces T-Ray’s heart is unable to kill him. T-Ray merely responds: “I haven’t had a heart for a long time… Not since you tore mine out.” T-Ray leaves Deadpool, broken both in body and spirit. He meets up with Typhoid Mary, who had been working with T-Ray all the time. He returns to the Hellhouse and proclaims himself the new top dog.
Deadpool believes the story and nearly loses his mind, but then he starts laughing: it doesn’t matter who he is or what he’s done in the past, because he’s now trying to be a better person. In return T-Ray has become consumed with hatred and has become even worse than Deadpool ever was: he resurrected his dead wife, using her as just a tool to punish the man who killed her. Mercedes hears the story and powers up Deadpool with her magic, allowing Deadpool to defeat T-Ray. Deadpool apologizes to Mercedes, and asks if there are any hard feelings. Mercedes says there are, and kicks him in the junk. T-Ray gets up, and with Mercedes by his side, goes off to parts unknown saying that Deadpool can keep the name Wade now; he’s done with it and doesn’t want anything to do with Deadpool anymore.This encounter between them was evidently intended to lampoon the ongoing debate among fans, who have raised many of the same arguments to support their views of who is the true Wilson. The fight ends with Deadpool stabbing T-Ray in the head with his sword, apparently killing him. However, the body magically vanishes soon afterward, making it seem that T-Ray survived. T-Ray and Deadpool come into conflict at the Hellhouse and T-Ray ups the ante by burning off Wade’s mask. The insane killer Typhoid Mary is freed by Wade during this time and Wade, inspired by his friend Siryn’s attempts to redeem him, tries to redeem Typhoid Mary. He fails and Mary proves that he hasn’t become the hero he thinks. Deadpool falls into a deep depression, becoming more aggressive and anti-social. He tries to ask Siryn for help in his own way: by starting a fight with her friend Warpath. Siryn is disgusted with Deadpool’s behaviour and leaves, while Deadpool tries to drown his sorrow with alcohol. He wakes up to see Siryn and they spend the night, but when he wakes up it turns out to be Typhoid Mary in disguise. In this story T-Ray also possessed Deadpool’s “Fourth Wall Awareness”, making blatant mention of the readers, Deadpool’s narration captions, and the sound effects used during their fight. On the recap page, he claimed that this is further evidence of his identity: who else but Wade Wilson behaves in this manner?

What is Deadpool's IQ?
Category:IQ 170 | Marvel Database | Fandom.
T-Ray tells the story of Wade and Mercedes Wilson, a teacher and his wife living a happy life until a wounded mercenary called Jack shows up. Jack is nursed back to health by the Wilsons, but turns on them, killing Mercedes and taking Wade’s identity to hide from his previous employers. Jack has become a broken man though; he could deal with killing Wade, but killing Mercedes is too much for his mind to handle and he starts to believe that he really is Wade Wilson. He also starts to train to avenge Mercedes and becomes Deadpool. Meanwhile, Jack’s former employers find the real Wade Wilson and offer to heal him and train him in exchange for his service as a mercenary. Wilson gets into voodoo and magic and becomes T-Ray. Furthermore, T-Ray brings back all the people Wade has ever killed from the dead (like he had with Mercedes), which measures in the thousands, to show Wade just how awful of a life he has led. Here ends T-Ray’s story.T-Ray and Slayback are later hired by Allison Kemp to help her assassinate Deadpool. During their battle, T-Ray attempts to kill Deadpool with his own bomb, but instead accidentally blows himself up as Deadpool reveals that the bomb was a decoy, and that the real one was the “detonator” that he had allowed T-Ray to grab.

Who is Deadpool greatest enemy?
A mercenary for hire, he played an important role in the series Deadpool; T-Ray served to remind Wade Wilson, also known as Deadpool, what a failure he was. He is Deadpool’s archenemy for many issues and almost everything that happened to Deadpool was a part of an elaborate plan orchestrated by T-Ray.
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Deadpool, civilian identity Wade Wilson, is a fictional crude and wise-cracking mercenary, in X-Men, Deadpool and the extended Marvel franchise. Originally a villain in X-Men, he evolves into an anti-hero, and ally to the X-Men upon the death of his significant other, Vanessa. In an attempt to cure his cancer, he was lured into a science experiment that gave him power. His main power is a healing factor that allows him to heal from injuries that would be fatal to others, as well as being skilled in combat. Deadpool is one of the few Marvel movies that has an R rating.
Marvel Comics is an American comic book publisher known for its vast library of superheroes and supervillains. Originally founded in 1961, characters from Marvel Comics appear in popular culture through their original comic book format, but also movies, television shows, cartoons, and toys.

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Is Deadpool unkillable?
Deadpool is immortal but not unkillable. However, he always comes back to life due to his regeneration abilities that he gained as part of the Weapon X program.
You grabbed your bag and changed in the bathroom. Having half the side of the house being windows normally by this hour the apartment was sweltering. Looking down at your tiny cotton shorts, you realized it was relatively chilly.“So the flirting makes you uncomfortable” his forehead scrunched together and you could feel the concern radiating off of him. You’d always reciprocated, often pushing dirty jokes further. “Yeah I know what you like. Horn-dog” Or at least your 80% sure that’s what he said because 99% of your brain was calculating the size of his hand and how good it felt pressed into your back. The majority of it was placed above the line of your tank top between your shoulder blades. Wade finally got over showing you his skin, but he never touched you. Ever. you’d never felt his skin before. So far it felt rough, and electrically charged. “So then this” you copied his movement “Is an official thing” you had an idea what the answer was but you wanted him to say it. A part of you knew that he still had doubts.“I hope you brought your PJ’s babe because you are not going to be able to walk after this.” He gestured to two giant paper bags stuffed with delicious smelling food.

“Such a good girl for asking. Course you can baby, cum for me baby girl.” He coaxed while tightening the grip around your neck. It was everything you needed to crash over the edge. Your whole body seized up for what felt like forever, burning heat spreading through you.

“It’s hard for me. But people haven’t ever been like that with me before either.” You felt your body shutter as the thoughts of what he was like ran through you. No one ever made you feel small, or this safe.
You wanted to verbalize this need. Rip his pants off and take what you wanted, but before your hands could start their own path of destruction, his hand was around the base of your neck. All the air rushed out of your lungs.

When you registered his deep voice calling out to you, your face got even redder realizing your position probably made you look like a frozen T-rex holding a burrito.
Just as you suspected pushing his door open, there was a rainbow tangle of yarn all over the place. A small smile crept on your face as you shut the door and placed your bag down in the cluttered entry.Chapped lips softly brushed yours causing your whole body to tighten. He kissed you like he was afraid you were going to break. You squeezed your thighs, and put your hands on his shoulders trying to move in closer but his arms kept you there in an iron grip. It was clear that the pace was non negotiable, and he was in charge. This concept only made you more desperate. He chuckled. He rolled you both so he was laying on his back with you still straddling him. This left room for even more grinding. It wasn’t long till you were out of breath again. He looked at you with hungry eyes, his hands were on your hips. You bit your lip when you felt the rough skin of this thumbs sliding across your skin to sit just under your waistband. It was a rare weekend off and you were going to spend it at Wade’s place. He had invited you over for Mexican and movies, normally events like this turned into you staying the night so you had your overnight bag packed. Memories of an easier time filled with sleepover parties ran through your mind.Reading you like a book he pulled away so you could catch your breath. He tilted your head back getting better access to your throat. You could feel every nip and open mouth pull on your skin right down to the core of your stomach. Your moans only made him bite harder. “Fuck your so hot baby. So tight, n sensitive. Fucking your self on my fingers” His words only pushed your further. His fingers shifted their position inside you and you felt his thumb start moving against your clit. You screamed out, and begged him not to stop. You could feel the tightness inside you start to become overwhelming. Obviously he saw you coming and decided to catch you, instead of standing up letting you flop on the couch, which was a good sign. You squirmed, righting yourself and ended up straddling his lap. Looking up at him his eyes were wide, eyebrows raised, with a slightly amused smirk on his face. You realized he was probably waiting for you to say something. Or maybe do something. You shuttered.

What is Deadpool's biggest fear?
Deadpool has bovinophobia, which is the fear of cows. According to him, cows “scare the *#$% outta” him, as he believes their stare to be chilling, like they’re “waiting.”
“Did you like it? I haven’t even – you – i should-” You tried to move but those delicious muscles fired around you keeping you in your place, you couldn’t help butler out a soft moan. Wade laughed.“Don’t want anyone else. And fuck you. I’m doing fine, I don’t need therapy.” The last part was a lie. After 24 years of fighting and watching people die you were not probably not the poster child for being well balanced.

“Look I have feelings for you. I have for a long time. Can you not be a dick about it?” You snapped without thinking. He met your fiery tone with an amused expression.

To prevent everyone from getting burnt out, all the supers in New York put together a schedule. This weekend and week onward everything that went down in the city was the Fantastic 4’s problem. This was more of a relief to you and Peter as it was to Wade. So far with his free time he had taken up lots of little hobbies. This week’s goal was knitting….“No but it probably should.” He said giving you a squeeze. Your whole body went on edge causing your heart rate to rise. Your eyes met again and he let out a sigh.

“Look babe. I have no idea what’s happened to you that would make you stoop this low. BUT, I’m a good friend and I would be happy to pay for your therapy. When you’re in a better place I’ll even wing-man you around.” His tone was joking but his eyes held years of pain you had only caught glimpses of in passing stories he had opened up about.

“Hmm is right. Okay I’m feeling -insert movie here bc im trash – Hot dude, great car chase, at least three semi realistic explosions, and i’m pretty sure there’s a hot & sexy make out scene for you in there somewhere”
“What?! Nono this has nothing to do with your skin.” You said trying to touch his arm, he moved it away before you had the chance. As if someone hit the restart button. He let out a laugh. But not one that made you relax any.Suddenly the twisting grip inside you lessened leaving you to return to your body, the hand around your neck changed from gripping, to cradling the base of your head, your face tucked into the crook of his neck. You felt him slide out of you, snapping your waist band loudly before licking his fingers clean.

“Just relax.” He murmured. You tried to relax your muscles but couldn’t stop the shaking. He sat up taking you with him and stood up carrying you. On the tour to wherever he was taking you, you could see the mess you made of the place, items rattling harder the more embarrassed you got. “That only leaves me with one other possibility and I know it’s not that so, why lie?” His eyes were sharp and yet he was chuckling. Cruel feelings made themselves at home, twisting like hot knives in your stomach. Fuck. You could feel tears start to prickle. This was such a mistake. You refused to meet his eyes, you could tell you had been caught. Reader is a mutant with telekinetic abilities. Wade invites her over for one of their usual movie marathons expect this time there isn’t any movie watching….The thought of lying your way into one of his giant comfy shirts crossed your mind… But you also knew how picky Wade was with materials that didn’t bother his skin, and once that shirt was on your body there was no way he was getting it back.

Sleepovers with Wade were just as fun as they were painful. There was always a thick tension around you that was bearable when running around the city or when you were working on a task. Sitting on the couch next to him was a whole world of heightened senses… You thought about backing out as anxiety swirled in your stomach. As if he knew, you looked down at your phone buzzing.
“Slow down, this is all new.” He broke the kiss to whisper in your ear. Embarrassment flushed through you. It really wasn’t new, you’d been with a few people before, nothing ever felt like this though. Were you that bad?You had never felt this naked. Strong hands ran up along your sides causing you to shiver. His thumbs came up to brush along your cheek bones and settled on either side of your face. The kiss shifted to something deeper. His tongue slowly made its way into your mouth causing you to let out a deep moan. You could feel the edges of his mouth pull into a smirk.“Why is it so chilly?” You said climbing into your spot on the other end of the couch. Settling in cross legged you saw that your half of the food was laid out in front of you on the coffee table.

He placed you on an incredibly soft bed, your muscles seized at the thought of him leaving you. One hand on your chest the other found something in a drawer. You didn’t understand what was happening till you felt a soft washcloth sliding down between your legs. He pulled your shorts back into place and slid into bed next to you. Heavy blankets were pulled up over you and you were pulled and pressed against Wade’s body.

“No, no way. Me. really?!” He asked lightheartedly like it was the world’s funniest joke. Wade always found it hilarious when you would shoot down peoples advances, make all kinds of jokes about how you were saving yourself for the perfect person. Deciding you’d had enough of him watching you crumble, you made to get up. Thick arms held you in place. “Here you start, I’ll be right back and I’ll grab you a blanket.” Panic raced through you as your realized 6 months of progress was about to slip out of your fingers. “Babe we got all night. Technically an entire week. I mean you’d be taking me away from my knitting, but considering that no one’s corrupted you with the world of kinky shit, I’m willing to make an exception.”You laughed and he caught your lips into another heavy kiss. He finally pulled your hips in close enough that you could move against him with delicious friction. This time it was his turn to moan. A sound that almost made you faint.

Has Deadpool been in X-Men?
Wade Winston Wilson, or better known as Deadpool, is a major character in the X-Men film series, serving as the final antagonist in X-Men Origins: Wolverine and the titular protagonist of both Deadpool and Deadpool 2. He is set to return in the Marvel Cinematic Universe film Deadpool 3.
He knew he had complete control, a thought that made you fall even deeper into this hot mess and made you feel a little afraid. You were momentarily grateful that he didn’t just let you rip his clothes off like you’d wanted. You could barely breathe as it was.

How old is Deadpool?
As Deadpool doesn’t really physically age, it is speculated he must be in his late 20s, early 30s, and sometimes even 35.
“I’ve never been so sure about something in my whole life.” You whispered. His nose brushed yours and electricity shot through your body. You felt dizzy sharing the same air, every inhale thick with his scent. You were sure the whole apartment building could hear your heart hammering.“No. lord no don’t stop that” You mentally slapped yourself. There was no way out of this that wasn’t going to cause confusion and hurt. Honestly it is. You take a deep breath. He was still staring into your eyes so you know that he’s witnessed your internal conflict.“Honey I’m home” You called out in a sing-song voice and followed the deep laugh radiating from the kitchen. You walked in to see Wade in a tight faded T-shirt and hello kitty bottoms.

“Excuses.” You snorted, but before you could retort and fall back in your usual charged banter, your eyes fell on his pink lips. Just barely out of reach, you could easily force past his grip around your waist and take what you wanted.
You let out a strangled sound in response. His words caught you off guard. No one had ever been this soft with you, it’s definitely not what you were expecting from Wade.“Wade Wade ah” he got the idea and you had a fleeting moment of peace, before those fingers traveled south and dove into the hot wet mess they had made. Slowly two thick fingers made their way deep inside you causing you to bite down onto his shoulder. You could feel the texture of his scars and it only made you hungrier for him to fill you properly. “As long as you don’t specify that you don’t like me that way. No chance. I’ll follow you everywhere” He moved back in nice and slow putting your body back into is spastic state, breath hitched, eyes wide and blown out. This time he didn’t pull away. “Ugh. Your skin doesn’t bother me. Really I don’t mind one bit, I feel lucky that you trust me.” you whispered staring up in his eyes. For a moment there was a flash of hurt that ran through the deep blue.“Oh by not so hard I mean I looked at it and gave up. BUT the guy I got to come by and fix it was delightful.” Wade said absently. You couldn’t help but feel a bit of jealousy slide through you. Wade flirted with absolutely everyone, everywhere, and damn was he good at it.

She started to panic a little, you both just kept walking after you both just walking to the shop mercy starting to panic less.Until she started shouting “hey! Blondy!” She shouted. Mercy started to panic again, you were about to turn around but mercy stopped you and said “she not talking to us”. “Hey!” She shouted again, you turned around and saw your mother and she saw your face. “Hey! She got my daughter!” She started to scream, people started to stare at yous. You started to panic and so did mercy.
“Because you have to hide your identity from the bad people” mercy hold your hand whilst she opened the front door that had been locked.When you went outside, you squinted your eyes as the sunlight went in you eyes. It was pretty louder than you expected,you hold mercy hand a bit tighter making her smile.Until he found out what to say, “your parents abandoned you” reaper bluterd out.“ What” you stood there in shock. “ your lying please stop.” You started to cry “it’s alright I’m here, I’m here to keep you safe, I’ll keep you safe from the world” reaper kneeled down and gives you a hug.You finally hugged him back after a long while of just you crying. “I’m tired” you muttered “let’s get you to bed” reaper picked you up and tucked you in.

love, I made dinner for us” Steven called out. He opened the door seeing you on the bed still not saying anything to them, he walked over to you handing over your plate of food.
“Hey sweets don’t be scared, I’m not going to hurt you” he whispered, he had an American accent trying to make you feel better. It just made it worse, if he’s not here to hurt you why was he here?.“Why are you here? Please get out my house” you told him. the man came closer to you “just relax ok, just relax” in a just a moment he was behind injecting something into your neck.You pushed him off making you fall.“What would you like zen? Those irises are back in stock if you want some” you told him. He nodded his head “not really I just came in here to check how you were feeling ” he said.

Is Deadpool OK for a 17 year old?
There is a lot of drinking and smoking, Deadpool gets very drunk in one scene, and there are a few smoking scenes. Overall, it’s a very funny superhero movie and I love it, but it’s absolutely not for kids. 3 people found this helpful.
You turned your head to see if the man was there, he was gone. You stopped and thought it might of all been in your head, you turned around to walk to your house until you bummed into ‘him’.You looked up seeing him “.how…” You whispered in shock. If you could see his face he would be smirking “didn’t your parents ever told you that running away from someone rude” he teased.“And didn’t your parents tell you not to creep people out” you snarled.(“I don’t have parents” “oh my god, I’m so sorry”🤣) He laughed “how cute” he knocked you out in just a blink of an eye.You felt a rough hand on your cheek making you look at him. “Listen here mi amor, your going to eat the food wether you like it or not, and if you still refuse I’ll make you eat it understand” you knew this wasn’t Marc or Steven, this must be the other personality that Marc was hiding.

A psychopath was following you, you were in your bed fast asleep until you felt something next to you (some how idk story purposes).Your eyes opened slowly to see a man in a red suit next to you “heya sweet cheeks” you started to panic, how did he get in your house?, was he the dude that followed you?, Was he the person that stoled your stuff and gived it back to you?.“Who are you!” You shouted, you sat up
“Hey sweetie where are you going?” Your mother called from an far.“I’m going to see something!” You called back “alright don’t go to far” your father shouted.“Well..he buys flowers and he talks to me then he goes” you said.he let out a small huh, he continued looking the shop until he finally spoke “I’ve had an eye on you for a while little human”. You whined once more. “I know darlin’ it hurts” he said, “why can’t I go to the hospital?” You whined he sighed at your question “you know that we can’t”. Both of you were outside the house and you were crying, mercy stroked your hair as you cried. Mercy finally opened the door.After a couple of hours of trying to calm you down, you had stop crying. “I’m so sorry, I know that you wanted a good day but did you wanted to taken away from me?” She asked, you sniffed and said “no, I don’t”.Mercy thought to herself for a moment and had an idea.

After a couple of hours you woke up in a room, the first thing you noticed was your legs and your wrists tied up, you were gaged with a cloth and you were being cuddled by the man that kidnapped you.You struggled to get out of his grasp.
“Sweetie I’m going to leave for an a hour ok? I’ll leave the TV on for you to watch ok” she said, you nodded, you sat on the couch and put on an old Disney movie as mercy left.A couple of hours later mercy had came back from a visit and gotten you a (your favourite animal) plushie in her hand and saw you were fast asleep on the couch.You turned around to a man with a skull mask, a black jacket with is hood up with shotgun shells on his chest.“I” you mumble fidgeting with your fingers.

You were being stalked and you knew that was pretty clear. You learned that you were being stalked a week ago, you were coming back from a shop and you turned around, you saw someone but it moved at the perfect time so you couldn’t see the person face.You did that a of times and the same thing happened more than once.“The zinnia looks nice today” he pointed beside you. You turned around to see them “yea, they’re were hard to keep alive. Everytime I tried planting them again they would die so I’m glad that they didn’t this time” you rambled on.

“Hello zen, how are you?” You asked politely ,smiling kindly at the omnic. “I am well, thank you for asking” he looked around the shop looking at the flowers.
You ran to the spot that you saw the black mist, you looked around but you couldn’t find it until you heard a voice.“What are you doing.” The raspy voice announce behind you.You started to panic” what..what did you inject me thing?“ You asked. He didn’t reply, it took you 2 minutes to go to sleep.When you woke up. Your head hurted and your legs were numb, when you looked to the side of you, you saw the same man from your bedroom.

How tall is Deadpool?
6’2” Deadpool is portrayed by Ryan Reynolds in the MCU with a height of 6’2” (1.88 m). The comic book height of Deadpool is also 6’2” (1.88 m).
You haven’t eaten in days and your still refusing to eat . “You have to eat soon love please, or something bad going to happen ” he said in a worried tone. You looked at him with anger and confusion.You felt a cold breeze let in. You listened quietly to hear if you can hear any footsteps , you didn’t hear anything so you went back to bed.When you turned around you saw a figure in a white suit. You got pretty scared, I mean who wouldn’t you were half a sleep and a man in a white suit is in your house in the middle of the night. “Who are you?” You asked trying to keep your composure “my name is Jason , your new boyfriend mabye husband” he whispered the last part. He played with your hair making you move a little bit “w-why am I here?” You questioned him “just rest sweets, ok”He laid back down and put your gag back in “love you little lamb” he fell asleep while you’re still awake full of questions. You froze in horror “wha-what” you studdered, he walked a little bit closer to you “ my brother told me about you, I was interested in you so I followed you around ” he explained.You were walking home in Gotham until you heard footsteps behind you. You turned around to see no one, there was no one on the street.You thought it was in your head but when you turned around you saw a man with a red mask on with a hoodie on with his hood up , his chest plate(or t-shirt I could never tell which one it is) having the a bat symbol but instead of black it was red.

Does Deadpool have kids?
Deadpool also discovers that he has a daughter by the name of Eleanor from a former flame of Deadpool named Carmelita.
You were just sleeping in your home, it was around 2:23 am. you got startled awake by glass smashed. You got up from your bed creeping to your door to open to see something.You whined in pain loud enough to make mcree/Cassidy to hear. “Don’t worry darlin I’m coming” he shouted from the kitchen, he finished your soup and put it into a bowl that wasn’t to big or to small.You nodded your head a bit wary of the man, I mean sure he saved your life but still there’s something about him.“That’s good, my name is Mr knight. I work close to these streets so if you need any help or anyone troubling you, let me know” he said.“Oh you’re awake” he said stitting up, he was about to let off the gag “if you scream I’m just going to to keep the gag on, got it” he said, you nodded your head.He removed the gag. You didn’t say anything you wished you did but you didn’t, “good little lamb, you can talk but don’t scream, I already have a headache” you inhaled the air trying to stop your self from screaming.

The waitress came back and asked you “you ready for your order Hun?”, You nodded your head yes “can I (your favourite food) and (your favourite drink) please ” you said just above a whisper.The waitress smiled “what wonderful manners, what about you?” The waitress asked mercy “a drink of water please” the waitress went away. Mercy turned to you “you did so well, just for that you can get yourself a stuffie” she complemented you.
“Are you alright angel?” She asked, you nodded your head no “I don’t know what to say” she sat beside you and picked up the menu an asked “ well what would you like?”After a couple of minutes you had finally know what you wanted and practice your lines to what to say.

Your favourite colour, plushie , food , TV shows and your name.A couple of months later he kidnapped you. you were scared so he lied to.“No I want my parents” you cried. “Please stop, your um…” Reaper kept thinking of what to say.
You were sitting on the couch whilst mercy was doing your hair. You were finally going to go outside after months of staying inside, you were behaving lately so mercy thought it was nice enough to let you outside for a day.You wanted to move but you body was to weak. “Shh calm down love, told you that you were going to scare them” the man had an British accent. You thought he had an American accent but you could have just made it up in your head.“Where am..I?” You managed to say. “Your in our room, we didn’t have a spare room so we had use our room for you to sleep in” he said “why do you keep saying ‘we’?” You asked.

Mercy picked you up and ran, your mum started to keep screaming “I’m scared” you said, mercy stroked your hair and said “I know it’s ok, we’re close to home”After mercy stopped running so did the shouting. You smiled to yourself with pride. After a couple of minutes later the waitress came back with your food and drinks, “thank you” you said making the waitress smile.After eating your food and drinking your drink , the both of you left the pancake place and went to the toy store. But mercy noticed someone. Your mother. “I’m not eating so get out” you told him. You turned away from him staring at the window in the room, he didn’t move an inch and he didn’t say anything until you putted to food on the night dresser next to you.“You lost little lamb” he purr “ I’m going to a friend house” you lied, your friends had sadly recently died they got murdered by a psychopath on the loose “well let me join you, it’s not safe for a little mouse out here” he said joining you walking with you.You just kept walking without talking to him. You walked into a random street “this isn’t where you live” he blurted out, you froze, you heard what he said.Thought about making a run for it or just pretend you didn’t hear anything. You choosed the safest opinion and make a run for it, you sprinted away from the man.

One time you came home seeing lots of pictures of you and old things that was missing acouple of days ago on your front door, there was a note on the door saying ‘thinking of you ;)’ it made you uncomfortable.After that you were uncomfortable and scared.
You noticed that he had a knife in his hand, “give me your money or I’ll gut you like a pig” he demanded.You didn’t do what he told you, he got angry pretty quickly. He lunged towards you he was about to stab you until you saw white, just in a instant the man who tried to mug you was on the floor.A man dressed in a white suit stood over him, you were shocked at how he got here pretty quickly “are you alright?” He asked.“Hello” you greeted him. He looked at you “hello, my brother came in here, where is he now?” He asked. Brother? It took you a moment to realize who his brother is, zenyatta “sadly you missed him but I have no clue where he is now” you told him.

“Well I’m waiting” he waited for your response “ I saw something and I wanted to see it up close” you looked down to the floor.“Where’s your parents.” He asked kneeling down to your height. “Over there” you pointed to where your parents are.“I have to go I think my parents are wondering where I am” you said running to your parents.
“Can we get some food please?” You asked. “Of course sweetheart” she said, you and mercy went to a pancake place called ‘Jake’s cakes’.Mercy was quite nervous if she was being honest, she was nervous because if someone found out it was you missing she would be caught and you would be taken away from her and put you back with your abusive family.Reaper watched you as you went to your parents explaining what happened. He found you interesting so, he followed you for a couple of days.He found out everything about you.You were in bed coughing and sneezing while mcree/Cassidy was in the kitchen making your favourite soup.your throat was dry, there was a burning pain in your stomach and it felt like you were going to throw up at any moment.“You too (name)” you stopped for a moment. You never told him your name “um…I didn’t tell you my name” you were about to turn around until something hit your head making you knock out.The only thing you heard before fully closing your eyes were “see you soon moonlight” The first time you met reaper you were in the park, your mother and father were watching from a far sitting on a bench.You were playing on the swings until you saw a black mist from a far, you were little so you wanted to investigate. She smiled and picked you up you not trying to wake you up, she had put you in bed and put your new plushie beside you.Mercy walked in the bathroom washing off your mother blood from her hands.“your knight in shining armour!” He said you sat there confused “get out of my house please” you told him.“Um… Nah I think I’m good buutt” he didn’t finish his sentence “but?” “I’m taking you home” he grabbed a rag and put in on your mouth.You tried your best to not inhale the chemicals in the rag. After a few minutes you inhaled by accident, your eyes betrayed you, your eyes felt heavy, slowly your eyes closed.“See you see cutie pie”

You were about to say something but you chose not to, “would you like me to walk you home?” He offered.“Sure..” you accepted the offer, you started to walk then he followed behind “thank you for saving me” you thanked him “no need to thank me, I just protect the travelers at night” he said. After a couple of minutes of silence you were finally home “well thank you again mister knight, have a good night” you said unlocking your door.You huffed “but I’m hurting”. He spoon feed you your soup, you opened your mouth “I know, but remember that the bad people are trying to get you remember”

When you and mercy got ready you had to wear ’ special’ clothes. You wore a mask, a oversized jacket and an old Christmas hat, “why do I have to wear this?” You asked mercy laughed at your question.
“was that a threat?” You asked squinting your eyes at him. he quickly nodded his head no “love you’ve got it all wrong it wasn’t a threat it the truth” he said thinking he making the situation better.You were watering some orchids until you heard the door open. You walked behind the cashier counter to see you regular customer, zenyatta. He had come to this shop everyday, if he wasn’t busy.

Can Deadpool feel pain?
Deadpool’s immortality only extends to his ability to regenerate from almost any injury. However, this doesn’t mean he’s immune to everything. He can still feel pain, he can still be incapacitated, and he can still suffer from mental and emotional trauma.
You were still chained to the bed probably marking your ankle by now . But the love and affection was nice at times when they gave it to you, it was to much at times.“Are you excited?” Mercy asked “mhm what are we going to do when we go out?” You asked. “What ever you what angel” mercy said, she continued doing your hair you kept kicking your legs back and forth.

“Well we have d.i.d, my name Steven and the person who kidnapped you was Marc, we have someone else but hopefully you don’t have to meet him.” He told. “Marc says sorry for drugging you and scaring you” he softly smiled.You closed your eyes having a tear fall down.
He walked up the stairs. He opened up the door to see you in agony,he felt so sad seeing you in pain, he came over to your bed and kneeled down to you to give you your bowl of soup.

You moved to a street in new York just a couple of weeks ago, it was pretty dark outside even though it was just 7:00, you were just walking home from work until a man in a black mask approached you.
You smile widen “oh well thanks zen, I’m feeling fine” he told him, but you realized something zenyatta was acting different. He would normally buy at least one flower.

“Zen you sure you’re alright?” You asked him. He nodded his head “yes but I must get going, farewell (name)” he waved goodbye leaving the shop. You gave a small wave back.
When the you two went inside the place, nobody realized you two.You both went to pick a booth to sit and eat. A waitress came over and asked you what you would want, you didn’t say anything you froze, it had been so long since you had talk to other person. Mercy had noticed and told the waitress you’ll need a couple minutes.“Don’t use your sound logic on me,” he said, reaching over and booping you on the nose. Sounding almost deflated to have to admit it, half thinking that you should know already by now, Deadpool said, “I like you, Y/N. I don’t want to see you get hurt.”

He shook his head at what he considered a lie, but you felt the spark of happiness and hope in him nonetheless. “Bad influence and looks good in red? I’ll take it. Now tell me, sugar, that you are definitely gonna turn the FBI down.”
“I don’t like you when I’m happy. You always bring my good mood down,” the mercenary grumbled. He handed you a squashed bag which held the broken remains of two tacos and half a bag of nachos, almost certainly casualties from when he’d had his ass handed to him mere minutes before.“I hate you so much,” you hissed, readjusting your grip as you managed to find a hold for your feet on the wall below. It wasn’t solid enough to haul yourself back up on your own and it was only seconds before your arms were going to give out. “Deadpool, please!”Stretching out and staring up at the stars, helping himself to a handful of your cold and broken nachos, he pulled up the bottom of his mask to eat them. His scarred lips now covered in something that supposedly passed as cheese, he mumbled, “It’s Wade. An ugly name for an ugly guy. This is where you’re supposed to lie and tell me I’m the most beautiful creature you’ve ever seen. Or maybe compare me to an angel.” You joked around that you were only friends because he brought you free food in the middle of the night when you couldn’t sleep but it was far more than that. He kept you focused when you reached out to test your powers and in return you helped him work through his sometimes incredibly drastic emotional lows. You were good for one another and, even though it would only inflate his ego further, you had to admit that Deadpool was great company too. He counted the holes in his suit, barely flinching as he poked each of the wounds. They were in various stages of repair but by morning there would be no sign that they had ever been there at all. You envied him sometimes. You spent your days with your head in the clouds and were consequently one of the clumsiest people in the world. With the incredible number of bruises that you accumulated from walking in to things every day, you could definitely do with a healing factor like his.