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Death Grip Jig Heads

Our swim baits make the most out of their time swimming in the water. They emit sounds and scents of a real bait fish. even when let lifeless on the bottom big redfish will pick up the scent and eat it!!Simple, yet highly effective ring-shank design provides a vice-like grip on your bait. Soft swimbaits stay put after dozens of hits and catches. Don’t be surprised if your bait falls apart before it ever comes loose.Money Ball Jig Heads. From $4.99. “Best Selling” Standard Death. Venom’s Marabou Hair Jig – 2pk. Tube Jig Heads 3/0 60º Blk Nickle Hk. From $4.99. Online store for Capt. Lane’s Ghost Minnows, Mad Mullets and NEW Deathgrip Jigheads. Death Grip Jig Heads. Long story short he makes some bad ass Jigheads. I was using a 1/16th ounce jig head. 2021 Logo Head.png. 0 · Back to Home. Deathgrip Jighead 1/8 oz. $5.00Price. Pack Size. 5. Quantity. Add to Cart. 1/8 oz Deathgrip Jighead 5pk. 2021 Logo Head.png. 0 · Back to Home. SKU: 1.4DGrip. Deathgrip Jighead 1/4 oz. $5.00Price. Pack Size. 5. Quantity. Add to Cart. 1/4oz Deathgrip Jighead 5pk. Premium jig heads with strong wire and a long ribbed shoulder to ensure your plastic lure stays attached. Available in multiple weights, 3/0 hook size. Capt. Lane’s Deathgrip Micro Jigheads for panfish. VENOM LURES DEATH GRIP 1/4oz TUBE JIG HEADS, LOT OF 12, WIDE GAP HOOKS, NEW. brushcreek65 100% Positive feedback. brushcreek65 (4097); 100% positive. Death Grip Jig Heads for only $4.99! Bulk packs available to help save you money. $5 Flat Rate Shipping on all orders! Buy Now! Deathgrip Jighead | Micro Jighead More options · Deathgrip Jighead | Micro Jighead. $5.99. Deathgrip Jighead | Weedless Jighead More options. Our newest addition to the Ghost Minnow family! Available in 1/16oz, 1/4oz and 1/2oz. Available in 6 sizes Deathgrip Jighead 1/16oz (5 PACK) Deathgrip Jighead 1/8oz. Deathgrip Jig Heads. Deathgrip Jighead 1/4oz Weedless-black (3 PACK) Deathgrip Micro Jigheads. Regular price $5.99 Save $-5.99. /. Size. Deathgrip Jigheads. 2106 likes · 3 talking about this. Hands down, the best jigheads on the market. .. plastics with a death grip that will save you time, money, and fish. Pink Inshore Slammer Saltwater Jig Heads Spec: Color: Pink Weight: 1/8oz, 1/4oz,. Captain Lane Zimmer Jr, inventor of The DeathGrip Jighead takes us out along with @MarshManMasson to catch speckled trout in Lafitte. The Mustad Grip-Pin Ned Jig Head is built on a 32833NP-BN UltraPoint® 2X. The revolutionary Mustad Grip-Pin Ned Jighead holds your soft plastic bait. Simple, yet highly effective ring-shank design provides a vice-like grip on your bait. Soft swimbaits stay put after dozens of hits and catches. Weedless Grip-Pin® Jig Head. GMH833W. Mustad’s proven Ned Head style jig head features two coated wired weedguards to deflect brush, rocks, and vegetation. As we progress to a season with longer days and milder temps, I can’t express enough the need to stay versatile during this time dictated by old man winter. So until then, keep grinding and good fishing!As previously mentioned, these jigheads are super nice. Made by Capt Lane Zimmer, a full time charter captain from South Louisiana, he recognized the need for a quality jig head to use with his clients. Now packaged and sold in stores, he offers 5 sizes, 1/16oz, 1/8oz, 1/4oz, 3/8oz and 1/2oz.

In reality, it’s the tandem that led to success but personally I think the jighead was the key component. Aside from exceptional hook quality, it has a super unique keeper that not only adds longevity to your soft plastic but extends the glidepath of larger darter style baits. Traditional jigheads frontload all of the weight on the front of your lure, but these disperse the weight evenly from the front through the shank of the hook. When threaded with a soft plastic, especially longer profiles (5-6”) it offers more of a horizontal descent versus straight up and down. In shallow water situations with an abundance of shell and rock this can help you fish the column more efficiently. By having that extended glide path, your offering won’t dig into the jagged substrate, but instead let you focus your efforts on each part of the water column.As mentioned in my opening story, these jigs, especially the 1/16oz really do offer unique fishability. They’ve quickly become my all purpose light jighead while fishing skinny water with big tails. I strongly encourage you to take a look at Capt Lane’s products and consider adding them to your arsenal.

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  • During a time of reflection I’ve realized that I haven’t done a product review in quite some time. Resulting from a number of reasons, the only excuse I’ll offer is it’s winter in South Texas and the trout are chewing. The last few months have not only been spectacular for me, but many others from North Carolina to the Lower Laguna. Nearly 60 trout have been registered in the State Trophy Trout citation program to include one that I entered on 11 November. Resting at nearly 27 ½” this beautiful fish fell for a 6” Egret Sand Eel paired with one of my new favorite tools in the toolbox, a DeathGrip Jighead.From the “tap” to the technique, The Speckled Truth will cover everything you need to know about the experience surrounding speckled trout fishing. For more information check out the about me section or contact me if you have any questions.

    Jigheads come in a myriad of shapes, sizes and colors, but one aspect I think we often overlook is function. On this cold, rainy and windy day a good friend and I found the right class of fish layed up in thigh deep water postured over a shell/mud mix. Although bites didn’t come easy, they came often which leads me to the review in this article. Being observant, the first fish (a healthy 25 ½”) caught by my buddy, gave us an indication that despite not being in “deep” water they were resting on the bottom – indicated by pink agitated lesions on the chin. Now with a general understanding of fish posture, I quickly loop knotted a 1/16oz Death Grip with a larger profile soft plastic and shortly thereafter, a subtle tick and a ferocious headshake validated my decision.