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Disney Dreamlight Valley Grilled Eel

Just a side note about the grilled eel. You technically don’t even need eel for this recipe! You’re going to want to make grilled fish, and since you can grill eel, we’re calling it grilled eel recipe. All you need for this recipe is an eel. After you have caught one from using the instructions above you just need to take it to a cooking pot and grill just one of them. That’s all you need to do in order to make grilled eel in Disney Dreamlight Valley!

Finding eel’s in Disney Dreamlight Valley isn’t as hard as you would think it is. The first thing you’re going to want to do is unlock the beach. After you have unlocked the beach you need to locate golden bubbles because that’s where they’re located. Just keep fishing in those spots until you’ve found eel! Eel is rare so don’t be surprised if you’re having trouble finding them. They are also important when finishing quests and you will need eel if you’re going to complete the “Burying the Eel” quest in the game. Make sure you also have a fishing rod before you go searching for eels! In order to get a fishing rod in the game you need to speak to Goofy to unlock the “Fishing Expedition” quest to obtain one.
Recipes in Disney Dreamlight Valley are iconic because you have a certain little chef helping you craft perfect meals. Remy from Ratatouille loves when you make certain meals and there are times when meals in the game are important. You can use them to replenish energy and finish character quests. One of the recipes you will learn how to cook is grilled eel. This is how you can make grilled eel in Disney Dreamlight Valley.For more updates on Disney Dreamlight Valley be sure to follow Gamer Journalist. We discuss everything gaming and keep you updated on popular and upcoming titles. A fishing rod isn’t the only tool you need if you want to catch an eel. You’re going to want to craft a fishing trap. Goofy can help you out with that one. He’s pretty helpful. In order to make traps you’re going to want to collect 8 softwood and worms. Place the fishing trap on the bridge near the deck at the beach. After you have planted your fishing trap try looking for golden bubbles near it to catch an eel. That’s all you need to do in order to catch eel in the game! Eels in Disney Dreamlight Valley are quite rare creatures and you will need to go to a certain location if you want to find them. So, we are going to help you and tell you about this place.If you want to catch some fish then you will need to use a fishing rod or Moana’s boat. You can find a few different types of bubbles in bodies of water and they help you to determine what kind of fish you can catch. Some of these creatures seem to be rare and there are lots of players who don’t understand how to get Eels. Touch, Tap, Play is looking for experienced writers to produce guides for popular mobile and Nintendo Switch titles. If mobile gaming is your passion and you want to get paid to create guides, you’re in the right place. Check out our job ad today! Disney Dreamlight Valley is an interesting life simulator that allows you to meet different characters from Disney franchises. Also, it has lots of exciting locations where you can find various things. If you want to get some fish you will need to use your fishing rod. However, some of these creatures seem to be difficult to obtain. So, in this guide, we will tell you where to find Eels in Disney Dreamlight Valley. There are lots of different items that you can find in Disney Dreamlight Valley and hopefully, this guide will help you to get Eels. Good luck in your further search! It is reported that Eels in Disney Dreamlight Valley can be found in the golden bubbles on the beach. So, you will need to find these things and interact with them to get some Eels.

Where can I find Eel Stardew Valley?
Where Can You Catch an Eel. You’ll need 1 Eel to complete the Night Fishing Bundle in the Fish Tank at the Community Center. To catch this type of fish, go to the ocean located at the beach south of town. Alternatively, you could buy an Eel from the Traveling Cart for 255-1,000g.
There are lots of great games that allow you to customize your avatar and travel across a world filled with different activities. Disney Dreamlight Valley is one of them and it allows you to encounter many Disney characters like Donald Duck or Goofy. Also, you will be able to collect a huge amount of various items or food, and fishing is one of the ways to do it. Latest NewsHunter x Unleashed Codes—Are There Any? (June 2023)Jun 29, 2023 8:26 amRoblox Blox Fruit Codes List (June 2023)Jun 29, 2023 8:05 amBest Legendary Cards in Harry Potter Magic AwakenedJun 29, 2023 6:46 amRoblox One Fruit Simulator Codes (June 2023)Jun 29, 2023 6:37 amRoblox Chicken Life Codes (June 2023)Jun 29, 2023 6:05 am So if, for example, you look at Gazpacho, the recipe to make that is cucumber, tomato, onion, spice. Because it uses four ingredients, that’s going to be a 4-star meal.

Once Stitch has become a villager in Dreamlight Valley, you can then start taking on his quests. When you reach his level 4 quest you’ll have to plant a coffee tree – once this is done you’ll finally get access to coffee beans.

How do I bury the Eel in Dreamlight Valley?
Pick a spot and dig a hole with your Shovel. Plant the Eel in the hole, and then water the sprouting plant until it grows into a coconut tree. This will require your full attention for a few minutes as the sapling needs continual watering to grow quickly. Once the tree is grown, harvest the coconut and give it to Maui.
Note: only the official ingredients in a recipe count. You can’t take, say, a 3-star recipe and add two more random ingredients to it to make it a 5-star one. All that will do is make the meal worth more if you sell it.The only way to get Dreamlight Fruit is to add Simba to your village. You do this by going to the Lion King realm, performing Nala’s mission, adding her to your village, then going back to the Lion King realm and doing Simba’s mission.

Once Simba hits Friendship level 10 you’ll also get his final quest, The Dreamlight Grove, in which you’ll get to plant another three Dreamlight Trees. Before long you’ll be swimming in Dreamlight Fruit!
Also, here’s a tip: you don’t need to have an ingredient in your inventory to use it when cooking. If you have ingredients stored in a chest, they’ll all be available to you when you use the stove.

Here, then, is a complete list of just the 5-star recipes from the above list, so you can check your ingredients and see which ones you’re able to make with the least hassle.
Once this grows (it takes about three days) you’ll be able to pick Dreamlight Fruit from the tree like you would pick other fruits like apples or bananas.At the bottom of this guide is a list of every ingredient in the game and each category they come under, because it’s not the same as the categories in the Collection’s ‘Ingredients’ page.

If you’re not at a cooking pot and you’re trying to plan ahead what ingredients you need, this can be a bit confusing, because the ingredient categories listed in the Collection screen when you pause the game are different from the categories when you’re cooking.
If there’s a specific ingredient you’re looking for, go to the Collection screen and choose the Ingredients tab. There you’ll find every ingredient in the game, and by selecting one you’ll see where you can find or buy it.

Once Simba is in your village you can start taking on his friendship quests. Once he reaches Friendship level 7, you’ll do a quest called Seed of Memories, which has you planting a Dreamlight Tree.
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For example, if a recipe calls for ‘fish, vegetable, vegetable’, you could make that dish in a variety of ways, such as ‘bass, carrot, cucumber’ or ‘cod, onion, onion’.While most of the game tends to give players clear instructions, when it comes to making dishes you have to either find the recipe itself or do some trial and error with ingredients.

While all the other ingredients in Dreamlight Valley are easy enough to find – either by buying them from Goofy, buying them from Remy’s cafe (once it’s opened) and harvesting them – coffee beans require a longer process.Once you’ve got the ingredients you need, find a stove – either the one in your own house or the one in Chez Remy – and use it. You’ll be able to drop up to five ingredients into the stove, and can then choose Start Cooking to make the meal.

Why can't i cook in Disney Dreamlight Valley?
There are three ways to unlock Disney Dreamlight Valley Cooking: Repair Scrooge McDuck’s Shop and purchase a Stove from his store or catalog. Complete the Foodception Quest from Mickey Mouse and get a Stove for free. Craft a Stove.
Here’s the full list of all nine cooking categories and the ingredients that fall under each one. If you see a category listed in any of the recipes above, you can use any of the ingredients in that category, as listed below.Before you start preparing the meal, you should know that in the game, the Fish is known as the Eel. Thus you are going to prepare “Grilled Fish” which is also known as “Grilled Eel”. The only ingredient you should have to prepare this dish is the Eel. You will have to search for the Eel.After that, you will need to unlock the beach to find the Eel. Once you get to the beach, find the golden bubbles. Simply you need to keep fishing in those spots until you find the Eel. If you are unable to find the Eel or facing problems in finding them, then don’t worry because they are very rare.Grilled Eel can help in restoring a good amount of energy in the Disney Dreamlight Valley. You can catch the Eel from Dazzle beach and grill it at any cooking spot. We hope that this guide has helped you. If you have any doubts then do let us know in the comment section below.

For unlocking the fishing rod, you will need to hunt the Goofy and unlock the “Fishing Expedition” quest. Once you get this quest, the fishing rod will be unlocked.You can’t catch an Eel with only the fishing rod. To get the fish in your Fishing rod, you need to make some food to trap. To make the trap, you will have to collect Softwood and worms. Once you finish making the traps, go towards the beach and put the trap in the water. Now, try finding the golden bubbles and that’s how you will be able to catch the Eel in the Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Food can be consumed to restore energy which is necessary to use magic-infused equipment such as a pickaxe, a shovel, a fishing pole, and a watering can. The meals can restore more energy than foods found in the valley and can make the player “well-fed,” which increases their movement speed.
One of the dishes you can prepare is Grilled Eel. Through this guide, we will help you in making Grilled Eel in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Keep on reading this guide to know about it. When you are going to start searching for the Eel, make sure that you have a fishing rod. If you have not unlocked the fishing rod, then first of all unlock it. In the Disney Dreamlight Valley, players have to get rid of “Night Thorns” by using the magic of the items they collect while moving around the valley. The players can prepare food in the game in the cooking station such as an oven or campfire or in the crafting stations, they can create materials or furniture with the help of other resources.Additionally, you’ll be looking for a character, but they aren’t at their home. On the map, you can locate them, click their avatar then a trail will show on-screen for you to find them. You can manually do it, of course, but they may change their course.

How do you get Mickey to cook with you?
After Watering the seeds and talking to Mickey once again, he’ll ask you to take him to your house where you can make Fruit Salad and Crackers. Once you’re in there, he will give you a free Stove when you talk to him, allowing you to make the required recipes.
I’ve been addicted to this for the past two weeks (access before release – haven’t got my dates wrong), and the bubble hasn’t popped – it’s fantastic. As good as it may be, there might be times the grind isn’t working, or you’re wondering if it’s worth doing one thing or the other. Here are some things I’d wish I’d known when starting Disney Dreamlight Valley.You won’t be able to upgrade your house until a Scrooge sign shows outside, which can be costly. The first upgrade will remove the planks of wood on the window and make it a little bigger; the next expands, and you can have three extra rooms; the third adds a new floor.

What is the highest paying meal in Disney Dreamlight Valley?
Pan-Fried Angler Fish: One of the most valuable dishes in Disney Dreamlight Valley, the Pan-Fried Angler Fish dish sells for 2,500 coins despite being a four-star recipe. Requiring rare ingredients, this is definitely a dish to sell and not eat, despite massive amount of Energy it restores.
As for your friends, you can place their homes almost anywhere, but you may find that characters like Moana want to be near the sea, and in the case of villains like Ursula, in the sea. Place the home as if you would furniture, then interact with the Scrooge sign to build/pay for it.

How do you make savory fish in Disney Dreamlight Valley?
To make Savory Fish in Disney Dreamlight Valley, only two crucial ingredients are needed; Any Fish and Lemon. There are multiple types and rarities of Fish found in the game and players can choose any of them. Every biome has its own Fish that are caught from either the White, Blue, or Gold Ripple.
Don’t forget that different areas have different ingredients. Heading down to the beach will bag you some shrimp or swordfish, but you can get tuna and squid in the swamp.Don’t focus too hard on upgrading Scrooge’s store too early. Investing 25k for a few more exclusive clothing and furniture items isn’t worth it early on. Why? The goods are great, but their tags are the same price as Scrooge’s upgrades – 25k! It’s not worth it until you’re making more money.

But the best part is getting a friend to accompany you. If you assign them the mining skill, you can double up on the gems – especially the top-tier ones- and level your friendship up. Most characters have about four or so levels worths that include money boosts, so before you know it, you’ve made quite a decent amount of money in a short space of time.
Quests will automatically update with a notification should you pick up an item for an untracked quest, so check the menu now and then and flick through the options as you may be close to completing one and should track that.

At the time of writing, there are three realms with the castle where you can unlock extra characters. There’s Remy, Wall-E and Moana. However, you can return to Moana’s realm a little later and encourage Maui to join you (pending, you can cook three dishes with a three-star rating).

There are plenty of rocks to mine from your home, so you can do a loop of at least three or four areas (if unlocked), and pending you have something like bananas or apples to keep you going, you can get quite a few gems to sell to Goofy.
To counter poor energy levels, go into your home and exit again – there’s no need for sleeping or selecting a rest command. Ideally, you’ll need to carry some food with you as it’s a pain when you go to a new realm and have to head home as you’ve got no energy left. Bananas and apples are perfect, or you can eat one of the dishes you’ve cooked at home (but best save those for your friends).

How do you get the eel in Disney Dreamlight?
Finally, to fish up an eel in Disney Dreamlight Valley, follow the instructions below:Go back to the trap that you planted.You should see a couple of golden ripples on the water body soon enough.Aim your fishing rod right in the bubble pool.Continue this process as many times as needed to catch an eel.
Have any tips you want to share? Let me know, and I can add them to the list. And finally, if your one and only question is whether Disney Dreamlight Valley works on Steam Deck, then I have to say, Yes, of course! That’s all I play it on.It’s not essential to upgrade Goofy’s stall, but sometimes he’ll sell seeds required for a specific mission, so it’s worth investing. Also, each stall sells different items, so get familiar with his wares.One of the easiest ways to level up your friendships is to ask to hang out with whomever you wish to level up. Running around foraging, mining or fishing will level up the character in tow, and based on the ability you assigned them; you may find you get extra resources.

Selling frequently to Goofy will ensure you always have funds and don’t run out of inventory space. While he’ll buy anything and everything, make sure you don’t sell quest items (indicated by a purple icon) unless the said item is in abundance. Also, I’d recommend keeping back a few items like gems – great for giving as gifts, and coal – used to cook dishes.
New to the valley and want to unlock everything all in one go? Good luck. For anyone wanting to know what they should expect in the first 20 odd hours, here are some Disney Dreamlight Valley tips.Head to the region in question, preferably close to a well, and place any 10 items you’ve unlocked (perhaps from the Founder’s Pack?), then go to your quest list to ensure it’s registered and return to Scrooge for your XP. When you unlock Remy, you’ll be able to take on a quest to recover his recipes. This is good and all, but like Zelda BOTW, experiment with dishes to unlock them. It doesn’t have to be so rigid – just use a couple of core ingredients, including veggies and seasoning (i.e. oregano), and you can get a decent-rated dish. Also, check your duties. Like Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you can earn many points for doing a range of activities such as mining particular gems, picking up a flower so many times, or initiating a conversation with one of the locals.

You have a limited inventory but can expand how much you can carry early on. Just head to the inventory and click on expand, and you’ll be told how much it’ll cost. No errands are required but note that the more you upgrade, the pricier it’ll become.

My favourite is assigning the mining skill as it’s easy to double-up on your gems and then sell them to Goofy for a quick buck. Friends max out at level 10; before you know it, having them follow you around speeds up the process.Leave the items there when you return to him, but after you’ve completed the quest, you can collect the furniture you placed and use it in another area. Rinse and repeat. This is good for levelling up, but naturally, you’ll want to do up the old valley in due course…

There are plenty more Disney Dreamlight Valley tips I can think of, but I’ll add those later. I did think about adding some walkthrough sections, such as those with Ursula, but you’re smart. You’ll work it out. Just go out there, make some money and make the valley great again.These points all add up and will allow you to unlock new paths or open realms with the castle to make a new friend. This also applies to the events. You earn points through completing activities, the current event is the Pixar one, and when you unlock two items within each tier of goodies, the next one will unlock.

What is the best dish to make money in Dreamlight Valley?
The Pan-Fried Anglerfish is the best recipe to sell in Disney Dreamlight Valley and turn a profit with.
As an alternative, I recommend 5 Cocoa Bean Candy. (It’s exactly what it says on the tin: 5 Cocoa Beans!) This only provides 2,570 Energy and sells for 197 Star Coins, but you can get access to Cocoa Beans much earlier in the game than Gooseberries. All Recipes are listed as “Meals” under the Collection menu, but the Ingredients are secret until you discover the correct combination. If you mix together random ingredients and stumble upon a Recipe, it will be added to this list. This Disney Dreamlight Valley Cooking Guide will show you all of the recipes we’ve found along with the best food to cook in the game! We’ll teach you how to cook in, how star ratings work, give you a full list of ingredients, and we have all of the Disney Dreamlight Valley Recipes!

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The combination of Blueberry, Raspberry, Gooseberry, Gooseberry, and Gooseberry makes a fine Berry Salad – By mid-to-late game, you’ll have access to all three Berry Bushes. This version of Berry Salad restores 3,410 Energy and sells for 329 Star Coins. You won’t get rich off of it, but it will be able to restore most (if not all) of your Energy Bar (and perhaps give you some extra Energy, too). Berries grow quickly enough that you’ll soon find yourself tripping over them. That said, it’s not easy to catch an Anglerfish and you likely won’t have a steady supply; you’ll also need to complete Quests for Remy in order to unlock access to Peanuts. I instead recommend an alternative: Berry Salad. The Star Rating of Disney Dreamlight Valley recipes is based on a simple formula — each required ingredient will give a star to that recipe. For example, Tamagoyaki requires Egg and Sugarcane and is therefore a 2-star meal.

The best Disney Dreamlight Valley Food to Cook is Smoked Peanuts and Anglerfish — it restores a whopping 3,960 Energy and sells for 2,200 Star Coins. It also has room for 3 more Ingredients, allowing you to drive the sale price and Energy restoration up even higher.
Mind, adding in optional ingredients do not increase the Star Rating of a recipe. Fruit Salad, for example, will always be a 1-star meal because it only requires one ingredient.

The Food will be automatically placed in your inventory. You can then choose to Cook another Recipe or stop Cooking. If your inventory is full, you will have to drop an item on the floor before you can Cook.
Stuck in this game? Ask a question below and let other gamers answer your question or view answers to previously asked questions. If you think you are an expert then please try to help others with their questions.Disney Dreamlight Valley is a hybrid between a life simulator and an adventure game rich with quests, exploration, and engaging activities featuring Disney and Pixar friends, both old and new. Coming Free To Play in 2023 to PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC, and Mac. Run by the community!

What should I not sell in Dreamlight Valley?
While he’ll buy anything and everything, make sure you don’t sell quest items (indicated by a purple icon) unless the said item is in abundance.
By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising.Disney Dreamlight Valley has tons of delicious and very specific recipes, all of which take ingredients that can be found by foraging, fishing, and farming. Each recipe also has a unique sell price and number of stamina points that it restores, as well as a star rating. Sometimes, quests will require that you provide a certain level of food, and sometimes, you just want to know what makes you the most money — so we’ve made a guide for everyone!

What happens if you time skip in Disney Dreamlight Valley?
Just like in iconic media like Back to the Future and Day of the Tentacle, time traveling comes with big risks and big rewards. For instance, Dreamlight Valley players use time travel as a way to make certain daily rewards, collectible items like dream shards, and quest objectives appear faster.
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Here we have all the Entrées in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Remember that you can click on the column headings to organise by sell price, name, star level, and energy restoration.
Here are all the dessert recipes in Disney Dreamlight Valley! Remember that you can click on the column headings to organise by sell price, name, star level, and energy restoration.Disney Dreamlight Valley is an Adventure Life Simulation Game created by Gameloft. You, the main character, find yourself in Dreamlight Valley where you can see all of your Disney & Pixar Characters. You can interact with them and live in this Magnificient World. Among the various chores & activities you can do in this game, Fishing might be one of the most fun ones. With Fishing, you can catch various types of Fish to exchange them for other resources or use them in Cooking. One such Fish you will want to catch is the Eel. In this guide, I will show you how to Get Eels in Disney Dreamlight Valley.This was all about how to Get Eels in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check out our other guides like How To Get All Gems in Disney Dreamlight Valley. GamerTweak is where passionate gamers like you will find everything they need to know about video games – new and old. The goal of GT is to be the best source of easy-to-understand tips and tricks, reviews, original features, hidden cheats and gaming tweaks that will help players worldwide. Get acquainted with upcoming games while also receiving in-depth information about evergreen ones. We eat, sleep, breathe gaming and we’ll keep you updated with the latest right here! Eels in Disney Dreamlight Valley are a Rare kind of Fish. You will be spending a lot of time in getting the opportunity to catch one. Nonetheless, your chances are never impossible. Here is what you will have to do to get them.Simply get close to the door, and it’ll give you the prompt to get into the house where you’ll see the cute mouse looking a little troubled. You can talk to him first, but he won’t remember much, and you’ll have to clean the thorns in his house just like you did with your own.

He’ll also give you some Wheat seeds, you’ll need to plant three of these in his garden and harvest them afterward. To do this, you need to dig three tiles on the ground with a shovel and plant the seeds in them before talking to Mickey once again. You’ll need the Watering Can for the next part.Upon entering the game, you’ll see a couple of cutscenes before you finally meet Merlin. He’ll ask you to clear some thorns and take you inside your house. Once you’re done with the starting bit, head outside your house, and you’ll find Mickey’s house right in front a few steps away. You might have to clear a few thorns to reach there.

After learning the Fruit Salad recipe from your inventory, Mickey will ask you to meet in his garden which is right outside his house. He’ll give you the recipe for Crackers as he tells you about how Minnie made perfect ones for him, and how much he misses her.
Upon cleaning the house, you can talk to Mickey if you want to see every dialogue. But if not, you can simply pick up the glowing sphere on the ground, which will be the memory to lead you to the next part. After picking it up, you’ll have to talk to him before heading out of the house.After Watering the seeds and talking to Mickey once again, he’ll ask you to take him to your house where you can make Fruit Salad and Crackers. Once you’re in there, he will give you a free Stove when you talk to him, allowing you to make the required recipes.

In this quest, you’ll have to make a special stick to bring Minnie back to the valley for good. You’ll also need to place her house in the valley and ask for Scrooge’s help to build it. She’ll be back in the valley after this quest.In this quest, you’ll need to get different flowers from Plaza and Peaceful Meadows with some Softwood to craft a Tall Birdhouse and place it in the valley.

All these gems can be farmed from the rocks at the edge of each area using your Royal Pickaxe. You can see the gems shining out of some rocks but don’t give up if you don’t see any. When you hit the rocks with your Pickaxe, there’s a chance that they convert to the gem ones and give you the required item.
Usually, you’d have to do a long line of quests to bring a character back to Dreamlight Valley and start making friends with them. Fortunately, our Mickey here has no such hassle, as he is already in the Valley from the start of the game. All you need to do is go knocking on his door. Updated April 25, 2023, by Sanyam Jain: Mickey Mouse was one of the initial characters that you could unlock in Dreamlight Valley. With many new characters being added to the game, you’ll have to unlock him before you can progress in the game and in other characters’ friendship quests. Once you reach friendship level ten with Mickey Mouse, he’ll have the final quest where he’ll give you a mysterious golden chest. When you open this chest, you’ll find half of a memory, which will show a door with some gems in the middle of it. You won’t be able to see the full picture of the door.During the dialogue, he’ll tell you about Chef Remy who gave all of his recipes to Mickey before he decided to leave the valley. Through the memory, you’re supposed to find Remy’s shop and find the recipe for Fruit Salad in the place where the Shovel is in the memory.

Once you reach the Castle, you’ll see some green plants to the right of the stairs on the right. One of these plants will not be in position, and you’ll be able to go through them to see a curtain in the front. Go near this curtain and interact with it to reveal the doors from the memory. After that, you’ll have to get the following gems:
The world of Disney is in trouble, and you’re the only one who can save it! Disney Dreamlight Valley is a life simulator that allows you to make friends with multiple famous characters from many Disney franchises. All of this happens while you deal with The Forgetting that has plagued the Dreamlight Valley.Mickey Mouse is a unique character in Disney Dreamlight Valley since his friendship quest unlocks another character. When you finish the first four friendship quests with the character, you’ll be able to welcome Minnie Mouse to the valley. Here’s a general description of all the quests you’ll have to do:

Talk to Mickey after opening the chest and he’ll mention a part of a riddle saying: “Turrets and towers you will behold. Within: a door for things new and old.” He’ll then ask you to find the secret door using the riddle and the memory. To find it, you can simply head inside the Dream Castle in the Plaza.
To find the shop, head right after getting out of Mickey’s house, and you’ll see Donald Duck unless you’ve already unlocked that character. To the left of Donald’s house on the back side, you’ll find Remy’s little abode. Here, you’ll also find the Shovel which is one of the four Royal Tools. Dig at the location in the memory to find the recipe.Disney is famous for its beautiful art style and this game excels in that aspect. During your play time, you can hang out with your favorite characters and increase your friendship with them. Every character has a storyline that is required for unlocking them.

Your friendship level with a character determines how close you are to them. This can be increased by talking to the character every day, giving them different gifts (especially the ones featured for the day), and hanging out with the character.
On the stove, put in some Apples to make the Fruit Salad, and then put some Wheat in to make Crackers. Once you’ve made both the items, talk to Mickey for the final time to get to unlock him, and also get him to Friendship level 2 already.

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You’ll have to harvest some Wheat and Carrots that will be used to make Fish Sandwich and Crudités. These can be placed at the picnic spot to see Minnie for the first time.

Eels are a pretty rare type of fish in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Getting an eel might be a slightly time-consuming task, but certainly not an impossible one. Furthermore, an eel is required to complete the Burying the Eel quest in the game.The first thing you’d need to do is acquire a fishing rod to even think of tackling Maui’s quest and catching an eel for it. Follow the step-by-step instructions below to get a fishing rod in Disney Dreamlight Valley: Yash is a freelance writer based in the tropical state of Goa, India. With a focus on competitive Pokémon, he also writes general guides on your favorite video games. Yash has written for sites like Dot Esports and TouchTapPlay, and has a distinct love for indie video game titles. After this, you will need to head back to Maui and talk to him, after which he will ask you to get the Eel near the trap you planted. Finally, to fish up an eel in Disney Dreamlight Valley, follow the instructions below:

Now that you have a fishing rod in your hands, you can get on with the next step needed to catch an eel, which is setting up a fish trap. Follow the steps below to construct a fish trap in Disney Dreamlight Valley:
When you’re cooking in Disney Dreamlight Valley, just try experimenting with different ingredients at the stove. You can throw up to five different things into the pot to create a dish, but the recipe that comes out at the end might not use all the ingredients you chucked in. Recipes that do use all five ingredients are rated five stars and tend to be very valuable and restore a lot of Energy, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re the best dishes, particularly if those ingredients are hard to get. Keep an eye out for recipe books too, as reading them will instantly unlock a new recipe for you to try.Will Sawyer is a guides writer at GamesRadar+ who works with the rest of the guides team to give readers great information and advice on the best items, how to complete a particular challenge, or where to go in some of the biggest video games. Will joined the GameRadar+ team in August 2021 and has written about service titles, including Fortnite, Destiny 2, and Warzone, as well as some of the biggest releases like Halo Infinite, Elden Ring, and God of War Ragnarok.The best meals in Disney Dreamlight Valley are the ones that are going to restore a lot of energy, require very few or easy-to-get ingredients, or can be sold for a lot of Star Coins. With that in mind, here are our top 10 recipes, in no particular order:Here are all the Disney Dreamlight Valley cooking recipes we’ve discovered so far, along with the necessary ingredients you need to create the dish. You can view the entire assortment of 164 dishes under the Meals section of the Collection menu, and can experiment with ingredients to see what else you can create. We’ll be adding more ingredients to this guide as we discover them:

Cooking in Disney Dreamlight Valley requires you to collect all sorts of different ingredients – from fish and fruit to herbs and grains – and combine them at a stove to create different meals. Experimenting with different ingredient combinations can unlock recipes that you can then cook over and over, provided you have the necessary ingredients. Once you’ve cooked a meal, you can scoff it down to restore Disney Dreamlight Valley Energy, gift it to a Disney villager to improve your Friendship Level, or sell it to Goofy for Star Coins.
The Eel is obtained by fishing with the Fishing Rod at Dazzle Beach, near the Fishing Trap that the player previously placed near the docks, during Maui’s quest, Burying the Eel.You can likely immediately return to the dock and check for bubbling fishing spots. One of these will eventually be an Eel, which you’ll then need to bring to Maui. He’ll congratulate you, and then you need to bury the Eel on the beach. Pick a spot and dig a hole with your Shovel. Plant the Eel in the hole, and then water the sprouting plant until it grows into a coconut tree. This will require your full attention for a few minutes as the sapling needs continual watering to grow quickly.

Once the tree is grown, harvest the coconut and give it to Maui. Doing so completes the quest and makes it so that Coconut trees will now naturally grow on the beach!
Talk to Maui and he explains the process of burying eels for Coconut trees to sprout. Go and speak to Goofy who will tell you that you need the following materials:

Head down to the dock on Dazzle Beach (near Goofy’s Stall) and place the Fishing Trap down from the Furniture tab of your Backpack. Return to speak to Maui and it eventually becomes a waiting game until an Eel is caught.
To get your hands on an Eel, You’ll have to make a fish trap with Softwood and Worms. This can be done at a workbench, and if you’ve met Maui, he’ll have you make one for one of his missions.

Disney Dreamlight Valley‘s cooking system is what helps players make money and replenish their energy throughout their stay in the valley. However, when it comes down to it, there are all sorts of things that you can make in the game. One of them being Grilled Eel. This dish might not sound too appetizing, but when the time comes, you’ll want to know how to make it.Once you’ve made the fish trap, head to Dazzle Beach, and put the trap in the water. Wait by the trap until you see an orange circle before fishing. Eels only spawn as orange-tier fish. The second thing you should know is that this dish includes only one ingredient, Eel. So you’ll have to fish for it if you want to make the dish. If you haven’t unlocked the fishing rod yet, you’ll need to hunt down Goofy and complete the fishing expedition quest. Once the quest is complete, you can fish on your own. If you’re wanting to make Grilled Eel, then there are a few things you should know first. The first thing you should know is that the dish isn’t actually called “Grilled Eel” it’s actually “Grilled Fish”. However, since Eels are technically fish in the game, it counts as an ingredient for “Grilled Fish” making it a Grilled Eel.Continue to fish until you’ve caught an eel. Once this is complete, head to the nearest cooking station and throw the eel into the pot. After cooking is completed, you’ll have your hands on Grilled Eel. It’s a one-star dish thanks to its one ingredient, but it’ll replenish your health, and sell for some money which you can use to continue your adventures.That said, with that many recipes available, it’s easy enough to cook up different star ratings as and when, but which meals are best to save for selling off to Goofy, and what are the best recipes that you should cook up to boost your energy while you’re hard at work?

In this guide, we’re going to show you the best recipes in Disney Dreamlight Valley. This includes which recipes are the best to sell and the best ones for boosting your energy levels too.
Hopefully you’ve found a recipe you’ve the ingredients for, and can get selling! All while keeping your energy levels maintained, of course. While you’re here, don’t forget to make sure your Royal Tools are fully upgraded, and go grab a companion!As you befriend various fan-favourite Disney characters and restore their cursed town in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you’ll notice that there’s a lot you ought to do. Between character quests and the general grind, you’ll find that cooking any of the best recipes on offer in Dreamlight Valley feels therapeutic almost.