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Dream Weaver Remy Hair

Remy human hair can last for 12 months to 18 months. The longevity of Remy human hair depends on correctly caring for and maintaining them with occasional visits to the hair professional. With proper care and maintenance remy human hair can easily last for upto 24 months.To determine the quality of hair used in hair extensions, wigs, and other hair pieces there are a few things that should be taken into consideration. To know where the hair is sourced from and what kind of hair is it such as remy, non-remy or virgin hair is very important. If you are buying hair extensions online be aware of terms like ‘cuticle-aligned’, ‘remy’, and ‘virgin hair’, as they will guarantee you the best hair.

Remy hair is a type of hair that is derived from healthy human heads, and it is commonly collected from the temples of India or from women who have willingly cut or shaved their scalp. Sourcing hair ethically depends on the brand and its values. Indique is one such brand that sources its raw hair from the temples of India and other private suppliers. But come companies like Chinese, they do not produce these hair ethically, they get their hair in a much cheaper price via forced labor
Remy Hair is human hair that is collected from a single source or donor. The cuticles are unbroken and aligned in one direction which eventually makes them last longer and gives the stylist more options of coloring and styling.

Non-Remy Hair as it is often called is usually collected from hair brushes and hair that has fallen on the floor, they can or cannot be virgin as their source is always undefined. The hair doesn’t run in the same direction and so they are put in an acid bath to strip any cuticles out of them. They are then dipped in silicone to add shine and cover any cuticles that were left and not removed in the acid bath.
Remy Hair (Top quality virgin human hair) is the best quality human hair on the market as they are virgin and have not been chemically treated which gives the stylist a lot of opportunities to experiment with their hair pieces. It’s the number one choice for hair extensions because it looks the most natural. Remy hair lasts longer, is shinier, and is easier to style and maintain than other types of hair. If cost is not really a constraint for you Indique always suggests to go for its pure collection as it’s remy and virgin human hair, though, the best thing about Indique is that even the non remy or machine remy hair is of highest quality and will last longer than the beauty supply store extensions.However, it’s important to remember that remy hair extensions are just as susceptible to heat damage as your own hair is. Because of this, you should always use a heat protector spray before applying hot curling or straightening irons to any extension hair. By taking these precautions, you can style your hair however you want without having to worry about damaging your extensions and can easily make them last longer too

The human hair quality is determined by how much single-drawn or double-drawn hair is used in the bundle. Simply put, the more no of 18-inch hair strands in the bundle the higher the quality. The pure human hair can be graded as 5A or higher in the hair grading system.
Remy human hair is unique because of the way it is collected from hair donors. The cuticles are preserved which means the hair follicles all follow one direction. This makes every strand of Remy human hair look natural and healthy.

Is virgin remy hair human?
Remy hair is the highest quality of human hair on the market. It’s always virgin and its cuticles are kept intact and always going in one direction, which eliminates tangling and matting. Remy hair will last a long time compared to other types of human hair.
Cuticles are removed from Non-Remy hair as they don’t have cuticles aligned in one direction as they are collected from piles of hair, brushes, fallen hair, and also in some cases the hair that is thrown away. So, the hair is stripped of its cuticles by putting them in an ‘acid bath’. The hair is then dipped in silicone to add shine and luster and make it feel like real human hair.Yes! Remy hair is real human hair that has been donated or collected from a single person. All Remy hair extensions are human hair, but not all human hair extensions are Remy. There are human hair grades currently being used within the industry, 1A being the lowest quality hair and 10A the highest. When buying natural hair, the best types to consider are Indian Hair, Mongolian Hair, or Malaysian Hair.

Remy hair is the highest quality of human hair on the market. It’s always virgin and its cuticles are kept intact and always going in one direction, which eliminates tangling and matting. Remy hair will last a long time compared to other types of human hair.

A hair cuticle in simpler words is the outermost layer of the hair strand. It protects the hair from damage and gives it shine and luster and keeping the hair healthy

Is Remy hair good or bad?
When it comes to quality, Remy hair always wins. Human hair has been processed and dipped in silicone, which may make the hair feel soft and look shiny to begin with, but it loses its silkiness quickly.
Many people in the wig and hair extensions industry do not know the meaning of Remy human hair. However, it is an important term to understand as there is a big difference between Remy human hair and other human hair.

Remy hair is between grade 7A to 10A. 7A being a little thin to 10A being the thickest, making it easy to color and style. The hair grading system was set up by hair extension suppliers to determine the quality of raw hair sold to buyers to set them apart from the competition that may have been selling poor-quality hair.
A healthy cuticle is smooth and flat, which gives your hair shine and protects the inner layers from damage. It also helps to keep your hair hydrated and prevents it from becoming overly dry or brittle.The term Remy in hair means “in the same direction” and refers to the hair cuticle’s direction of growth. The cuticle is the outer layer of a strand of hair, and is responsible for hair’s strength, smoothness, and shine. If the cuticle is not intact in a piece of hair, it can cause tangling and frizz. If you’re thinking about getting your hair extensions done, it’s important to ensure that your stylist uses true Remy hair. Since Remy hair is made from one donor and is of a higher quality, it’s more expensive than other hair types. However, it will save you in the end because you’ll have hair that is less prone to tangling than its non-Remy counterpart. It can also help to extend the lifespan of your hair extensions.In this blog, we will answer some of the many questions that revolve around remy hair extensions and bring more clarity when buying new wigs or hair extensions.Undoubtedly Remy Hair is the most preferred hair to make high quality wigs. Remy hair being 100% human hair gives versatility for styling, dyeing, and cutting the hair according to the wearer. It is also one of the most expensive and premium hair types available in the market.

Brazilian Hair is actually just a category name. It does not signify the origin of hair from these places. They are actually just names given by people in the hair industry to create a buzz from the existing hair. People generally associate the name Brazilian hair with the look and feel of the hair. Even Brazilian hair is remy hair with similar properties as that of other remy hair.
Remy hair extensions has always been the very basic of Indique Hair extensions. Understand why remy hair are of utmost importance when it comes to hair extensions.

Non-Remy Hair is also 100% Human Hair, but in this instance, the hair is gathered from multiple sources. Consequently, the cuticles are all misaligned, making the hair more prone to tangle and breakage.On the other hand, Virgin hair is a term used to describe hair that is undamaged, unprocessed, and completely intact with no chemical treatments. To qualify as virgin hair, it must meet specific standards, including no previous bleach, color, dye, or chemical processing. Virgin hair is often stronger and lasts longer than other hair types because there is no damage to the strands. Many times when looking for the best quality hair extensions, wigs, and other hair pieces the term Remy Hair comes up. One thing to understand before looking for the most premium quality hair extensions is the type of hair that is used to make them. Remy is hair that has been carefully collected by a hair collector from a single hair donor. The hair is tied into a ponytail, ensuring that all the hairs are flowing in the same direction. The hair is then cut and preserved in this state. The cuticles are not stripped and remain aligned in one direction, which is important for the longevity and quality of the hair.A strand of hair has 3 layers of cuticles. The basic hair scale structures that make up the cuticle are: coronal (crown-like), spinous (petal-like), and imbricate (flattened).

Is Remy hair better than human hair?
Remy hair is the highest quality of human hair on the market. It’s always virgin and its cuticles are kept intact and always going in one direction, which eliminates tangling and matting. Remy hair will last a long time compared to other types of human hair.
Remy hair extensions are undoubtedly the best hair extensions out there in the market as they are made from the finest quality human hair, which are 100% virgin. Remy hair extensions have each strand look very similar to your natural strands of hair when examined under a microscope.The best Remy hair extensions are those that have been cut close to the scalp or cuticle, as this leaves each strand looking as natural and healthy as possible. When it comes to styling your Remy hair extensions, you can treat them just as you would your own natural hair. This means you can blow-dry, curl, and straighten them without any issue. Cuticle intact hair extensions means that all the cuticles are undamaged and protect the hair from damage. This results in the highest premium quality of hair extensions. Yes! Remy Human Hair can be dyed as they are 100% human hair. Although, we recommend you always leave the dying of Remy human hair extensions to the professionals because they will know how to properly apply the dye and what steps need to be taken in order to achieve your desired final shade. Cuticle Intact Remy Hair means unbroken, natural cuticles on hair that have not been damaged during processing. When the cuticles are intact it ensures the highest quality is delivered to the buyer and thus to the consumer. Cuticles are necessary as they protect the hair and provide a natural shine and texture to the hair. It will also provide a longer life to hair extensions. The best hair quality to buy is remy virgin hair. As when it comes to remy hair they are mostly virgin (hair that has not been chemically treated in any way) whereas there are a lot of companies that claim their non-remy hair to be virgin too, but that’s not possible as the source of non remy hair is always undefined so it’s not ethical to claim non remy hair as virgin. The specific weave or braiding procedure will determine actual hair maintenance requirements-ask your hair stylist for specific washing and maintenance instructions.14″ : 1, 1B, 2, 33, 130, 350, 530, 99J, BL, H.PK, OT130, OT613, OTCHERRY, OTDKGN, OTMARSALA, P1B/27, P1B/30, P1B/530, P27/30, P27/613, P4/27, P4/30, PU, T1530, T350, T4230, T527

12″ :1, 130, 1B, 2, 27, 30, 33, 34, 350, 4, 530, 613, 99J, A740, BL, GREY, H.PK, OT130, OT613, OTCHERRY, OTDKGN, OTPURPLE, P1B/27, P1B/30, P1B/33, P1B/530, P27/30, P27/613, P4/27, P4/30, PU, T1530, T350, T4230, T527
Model Model Dream Weaver is America’s best 100% human hair ranging in a variety of lengths and colors. Enjoy the quality professionals have come to love.10″ : 1, 130, 1B, 2, 27, 280, 30, 33, 34, 350, 4, 44, 51, 530, 613, 99J, A740, BL, GREY, H.PK, OT130, OT613, OTCHERRY, OTDKGN, OTMARSALA, OTPURPLE, P1B/27, P1B/30, P1B/33, P1B/350, P1B/530, P27/30, P27/613, P4/27, P4/30, PU, T1530, T350, T4230, T527

We appreciate reviews on our website. Please visit our blog to read more stories about healthy Russian hair, virgin Remy hair, how to make the double-drawn or micro wefts look like real natural hair, and different colour set for daytime work. You’re welcome to blog about what the Real Russian Hair shop offers.You are welcome contact our sales agents if you need any help with how to choose the best product and let us match your need to the right hair extensions. We gladly accept returns of unused packages sold by us. Clients choose Real Russian Hair Extension salons because we have simplified hair extensions. We do collect piece by piece, virgin hair extensions of the highest quality. Than we provide superior attachment technique so clients know what to expect before they sit down in the chair. Our double drawn tied weft comes in micro or thick texture. The micro weft is used mainly for lace wigs while the thick type work best for hair extensions.For all your needs, Russian hair extensions are the finest pick in terms of human hair extensions. You will just forget where your real hair ends and where your extensions start.

The natural hair offered is Remy hair, tied in long braids, roots with roots, and tips with tips. Our agents look for and select only the most beautiful hairpieces. The Russian hair we buy comes from young, healthy women donors that have never had any chemical treatment on their locks. The donors from these rural regions consume a natural, pesticide-free diet, and also use natural cosmetic products on their virgin hair. You can see the quality in the straight tip. The quality of Russian raw hair is known worldwide and is very popular amongst European women. We choose quality products and care for and process our lace wigs by hand. We also hand tie the wefts to make sure the texture is looking good on the head.
We sell according to customer needs, whether its short or long, straight lengths, double drawn weft, light or blonde colour, we know to match your needs. The options on offer for your head to look natural with blended tips are endless.Chinese hair – tends to have a thicker follicle than European hair and has little to no curl. Natural state is black or brown, meaning the hair must be bleached to remove the pigment, then deposited with color. As long as the process is done correctly, the hair will not lose its quality after extreme processing. However there are very little suppliers which collect remy, non processed Chinese hair. In fact most suppliers sell hair which is collected off salon floors and mixed with synthetic and sometimes even animal hair and call it ‘Chinese, Russian, Brazilian, Peurevian remy hair’ and mostly it does not fit any of these descriptions. Be wary when purchasing hair from China, it is usually the lowest quality on the market, and quite unmanageable.

Russian hair/European hair – refers to Caucasian hair from the western world, predominantly Russia. In the western world, there are very few women willing to sell their hair, meaning high demand with limited supply and high prices. Russian hair has a fine denier and has natural light brown and blonde shades, meaning less processing. Not recommended for coarse hair textures, but can be used by hair types other than Caucasian. European hair is naturally silky and shiny and considered to be the highest quality of hair extensions you can buy.
Indian hair – is one of the most common hair types on the market, as there is a large population of women who regularly donate their hair for religious purposes. Indian hair has a similar texture and density to European hair and is versatile and easy to style. Blends well with most hair types, and has a light, bouncy feel to it, is wavy when wet. High quality Indian Hair will be able to maintain its silky texture & last just as long as Russian hair with proper care and maintenance.Hair extensions are sourced all over the world, however, typically you will find hair sourced from Russia, India and China. When looking for a new hair extension type, it is important to make sure the chosen hair extension type is compatible with your natural hair.

Russian Hair Extensions AU provides high quality Russian hair extensions, we ship worldwide and offer fast delivery within Australia. Hair available for viewing and installation at our Mascot location in Sydney, Australia.
Remy hair also may come from other countries such as China, Brazil, Peru, Malaysia and Mongolia and a few other countries. Remember, when choosing your Remy hair extension, it is important to choose how much care was given to the hair and how it was properly processed and delivered from factory to your hands.“Remy” or “Remi” means hair extension where all the cuticles are intact and not at all stripped. These hair extensions are made from the finest quality 100% virgin Remy human hair with the cuticle left intact. Each strand of our hair extensions are individually hand threaded onto a skin like weft, root to end, maintaining the hair’s natural cuticle direction, which allows our Hair Extensions to remain tangle free while looking undeniably natural and shiny. The weft is attached to your hair with silicone lined micro-links that protect your hair and the skin like weft blends for a seamless application. To explain this in a simpler fashion, our Remy hair extension cuticles all face the same direction to include all of the tips are in one direction and all the roots face the opposite end. When hair extensions are prepared like this, Remy hair extensions appear to be as natural as possible while maintaining its integrity to be lustrous, soft,shiny and silky to the touch.Another advantage to aligning hair extensions in its’ natural position, it minimizes shedding, breakage, prevents tangling and increases the lifetime helping such hair extensions to last much longer, Remy hair extensions is the preferred choice for hair pieces such as wigs, bangs, clip-ons or other hair pieces that people within the entertainment industry wear such as your most favorable celebrities, superstars, divas and queens wear as well as high profile people in the public eye. Remy style hair extensions are the most desired of all human hair extensions and also the most expensive.

Remy hair can come from a variety of countries in the world. Remy hair is most common from India. We have discovered that your best Remy hair comes from India because the texture and color has the best ranges from dark brown to black which easily matches the color and texture of most ethnic group in the world
Remy style hair extensions are initially collected from mostly females who voluntarily donate their hair typically because of religious beliefs and reasons. These donated hair extensions are than processed in a factory for export.At Vogue Hair Extensions Salon our customers are our greatest advocates. If you like the way you look then tell someone else. Your referral will receive $25 in Free Product – and after you refer 3 friends, YOU will receive a Free Haircut (up to a $75 Value)!For more information about Remy style hair extensions, choosing color blends and other forms of hair extension choices and processes, please visit our shop at: 8355 Gaylord Pkwy St. 300, #110 Frisco, TX 75034 or Call for a FREE Consultation at (214) 682-8882.

Is Remy hair real human hair?
The question we get asked a lot is: “Is Remy hair human hair?” And the answer: Yes, Remy Hair is real, natural, human hair.
Once the bundles of donated hair is delivered to the factory,the hair is than carefully separated according to length, color and texture. Next once the hair has been separated accordingly by length, color and texture, the hair is than cleaned, untangled and allowed to dry.No matter what hair you choose, follow the maintenance instructions that are provided with your unit or kinky hair extensions to ensure that your extensions continue to look fabulous as long as you plan to wear them. Style your remy hair extensions, yaki bundles or virigin hair anyway you’d like. But remember not to neglect your own crown to ensure proper root and scalp health.

There are an infinite number of kinky hair extensions on the market. With so many choices available, it’s easy to get confused about which one is right for you. Before you run out to the nearest beauty supply or online supplier take a few minutes to understand the difference between remy, virgin and yaki hair prior to making your purchases.
All remy grade hair extension behave similar to the hair that grows on your own head, and as such, it can be dyed, colored, cut and styled the same way. With the proper maintenance, hairpieces made from remy grade hair can last anywhere up to 18 months while still maintaining a pristine look. In general, remy hair extensions are on the higher end of cost, so if you see a price that’s too good to be true, it probably is.

Most virgin hair in the world comes from India, Europe, and Asia, in some cases even Brazil and Russia. The majority of hair donors are young women, and due to their hair not having been processed are able to provide donations that are free from split ends and graying strands. Unless you collect from the source yourself, there is no 100% way to ensure that your hair extensions are 100% virgin, but there are a few things you can do to make sure your purchase is legit.Remy hair extensions and natural hair wigs ensures you achieve the easiest and most natural looking hair style that behaves and flows the same as your natural hair.

Yaki hair can be synthetic, non-remy, or remy. Most people who purchase yaki hair are those who want a more natural look as opposed to a sleek uniform appearance in their hair pieces. Those who enjoy wavy or coarse hairpieces and those who prefer the Caribbean or Afro-Caribbean look opt for yaki hair. If you are looking for natural hair extensions to boost your natural hairstyle, yaki most likely fits the bill.Virgin hair is a much sought-after grade of hair in the beauty supply industry, especially for those seeking various types of natural hair extensions. Virgin is a term for hair that has never been processed in any way. That means no perms, color treatments or other chemicals have been used on the hair prior or after donation. Virgin hair also has never been exposed to blow-dryers, or other heating elements usually used in styling. Virgin hair should always have intact cuticles and each strand should be unidirectional. All the hair should be the same length from root to tip, and in most cases, should always have been collected from one single donor.

Is Russian hair human?
“Tape” Russian hair extensions are adapted for any type of human hair, particularly for hair with less volume. Tape hair extensions are made from 100% Caucasian virgin Remy hair.
Remy hair is one of the most overused terms in the hair industry making it hard to understand what it is, or why it’s even important. In general, remy hair can be classified as the highest quality grade of human hair.Virgin hair is highly sought after because it’s very healthy, strong and will typically last longer than pieces made with other types of hair. There is very little processing done to the hair after collection, and it’s important to buy from a hair supplier that is open about its collection and processing methods to ensure the highest quality.

It’s important to note that not all remy hair is virgin hair, and not all virgin hair is remy grade. In recent years, manufacturers have added several classes to remy grade hair to allow for various processing methods such as dyed remy hair, relaxed remy hair and double drawn remy hair.It’s important to note that not all yaki hair is remy hair, not all yaki hair is human hair and most yaki hair is not virgin hair. This does not take away from the quality of the hair, but it is important to keep in mind when you are making your purchase because each hair type wears differently.

Youchoose your Halo Hair Extensionon our website as you normally would.Add your selected Halo to your shopping cart. If you need help choosing your colour you can use our free colour matching service!In the checkout just selectZipas your preferred payment option. You’ll be redirected to to confirm your order. It’s as easy as that!Please note, we provide estimated shipping time frames on our website. These are estimates only and are not guaranteed. Sometimes delivery is faster than these estimates, and sometimes (on rare occasions) they can be much slower. Please keep this in mind.

Zip is an Australian company founded in 2014, servicing over 14 international markets. They provide consumers with access to transparent, flexible and interest free credit.
But for now synthetic hair isn’t performing well enough to warrant buying and using them on the regular. They don’t blend well, and they can’t really be styled.If needed, you might want to spray your real hair with hairspray before putting in the Halo. Also, remember that putting products in your Halo will mean you need to wash it more often. And too many washes may decrease the lifespan of the Halo.

This is normal for international purchases. We don’t collect or benefit from these taxes. The customs fee is not part of the shipping fee. Shipping is charged by the courier, and customs is charged by the local government.Our Halo Hair Extensions Shampoo is specially formulated to enhance your Sitting Pretty Halo’s lifespan and softness. It is completely colour-safe and won’t damage your Halo like some other shampoos and conditioners do.

Where does 100% Remy hair come from?
Remy hair is most common from India. We have discovered that your best Remy hair comes from India because the texture and color has the best ranges from dark brown to black which easily matches the color and texture of most ethnic group in the world
What normally starts to happen is that these brands will start to cut and mix their hair extensions with different materials to drive down their costs. It’s not good. But it is what it is. So you have to be vigilant.

Because our Remy Halo Hair extensions come industrially straightened, by wetting them you’ll allow them to absorb moisture and recover their natural volume.
You can 100% colour your Remy Hair Extensions. Many of our SP babes do. Balayage it. Ombré it. Tone it. Dye it pastel pink if you want. The only thing you shouldn’t do is bleach it. But other than that, go for your life!Originally? Remy hair came from India. But over the years the hair extensions market has grown. Today, Remy describes the process of preserving the hair. As I explained above.

What is the difference between Yaki and Remy hair?
There is a lot of confusion about remy hair and yaki hair. Remy is a grade of hair, while yaki actually refers to the texture. Yaki hair can be synthetic, non-remy, or remy. Most people who purchase yaki hair are those who want a more natural look as opposed to a sleek uniform appearance in their hair pieces.
But the hair itself? It comes from all over the world. The majority of the hair still comes from India. But a large portion of hair is now sourced from:Why? Because we’re eventually going to reach a point where the growing demand for hair extensions outpaces the available supply of raw materials in the hair market. That time will come.

Yes. Just like your own hair, you can wash your Remy Human Hair Extensions with shampoo and conditioner. We recommend you use our Gentle Halo Hair Extensions Shampoo & Conditioner on your Remy Halo Hair Extensions.Thick, long, luscious hair just got easier. With ZipPay you can buy your halo hair extensions with 4 easy bi-weekly instalments. This way you can have dream hair now, and pay for it later.The courier may pay these fees in advance on your behalf in order to clear customs faster. You may then be required to pay these fees prior to being able to receive the delivery. The rate of these fees are applied by your country and we are unable to advise on how much they might be.And then the next question is: So why is it called Remy Hair? Remy human hair is the process of preserving the human hair, so that the colour stays vivid and the hair stays looking shiny and soft. All our Halo Hair Extensions are made from 100% Remy Hair.

Something to be very careful of is, with the rising cost of raw hair materials, the low cost competitors in the hair extensions industry are getting squeezed.

Is Dream Weaver human hair?
Model Model Dream Weaver is America’s best 100% human hair ranging in a variety of lengths and colors. Enjoy the quality professionals have come to love. Cached
We offer free shipping which means we pay for the cost of delivery. But international customers may be responsible for paying duties and taxes to local customs authorities. For your convenience, our website will calculate your fortnightly payments just below the ‘add to cart’ button. That way you’re well aware of what the repayments will look like. Go to to set up your account- it’s quick and easy!Add your halo extensions to your basket.Choose ZipPay at checkout. You’ll be redirected to the website to confirm the order. Simple!If it’s your first time using AfterPay, the first instalment will be automatically charged to the card you provide at checkout. And then again in fortnightly cycles after that.

MAE OBMERGA is a beauty and hair extension specialist, who brings a wealth of experience from her half-decade long tenure at Sitting Pretty. As a Halo Hair Specialist, she has personalized consultations for thousands of women, skillfully guiding them to their ideal hair extension match.
Can I use ZipPay to buy halo hair extensions and pay it off over time?How do I buy halo extensions with ZipPay?Am I eligible to use ZipPay to buy my halo extensions?How do I set up a ZipPay account?Can I use ZipPay to buy my halo hair extensions and pay it off over time?Remy Human Hair is also very soft, long-lasting, and easy to work with. That means that you can treat it like your own hair. And use hot styling tools without damaging the extensions. Compared to cheap hair, which gets ruined easily when styled or washed.

Is Russian or European hair better?
Russian hair has a fine denier and has natural light brown and blonde shades, meaning less processing. Not recommended for coarse hair textures, but can be used by hair types other than Caucasian. European hair is naturally silky and shiny and considered to be the highest quality of hair extensions you can buy.
So being that Remy hair is real human hair, it looks like your hair. And therefore it’ll blend well with your own hair. Especially compared to synthetic hair which doesn’t blend well (although the technology is coming along fast).Plastic or synthetic hair. Although these fibers are getting better every year, and I wholeheartedly believe that synthetic factory made keratin hair is the future of hair extensions.

Is 100% Remy hair good?
Remy Hair is currently one of the highest quality wigs available today. It is an investment and it can last up to a year. If you are going for the most natural-looking wig Remy hair is currently one of the best out there.
But honestly you don’t need to wash your halo hair extensions very often. In fact when you first get your Remy Halo Extensions, you should only spray it with water before the first wear.Shipping time varies depending on your location and whether you choose Express or Standard Shipping. See our shipping information page for more details.

Although we can’t guarantee delivery times we recommend you place your order promptly, choose Express Shipping, and email our team with 1-3 hair-selfies so that we can confirm your colourmatch before your parcel is shipped. We’ll also ensure your parcel is shipped as soon as absolutely possible.
But the quality stitching of our wefts means that the hair in the Sitting Pretty Halos is pretty damn secure. With the exception of a few stray hairs. But that’s to be expected. Even your real hair sheds a few strays every now and then. But shedding should never be excessive.3. During checkout just select Klarna as your preferred payment option. You’ll be redirected to or the app to confirm your order. That’s it!

Why is Remy Human Hair the best type of hair for extensions? Many reasons. When you’re looking for hair extensions you want hair that looks as natural as your own. Obviously. Otherwise they won’t blend with your own hair.
Model Model Dream Weaver Yaky 18 inch is exclusively made with all authentic 100% human hair. Experience the satisfaction of Dream Weaver, a top notch brand which brings a bold, yet soft and natural fashion statement.We offer free shipping via UPS Ground on all orders over $50 shipped to locations in the contiguous US (not Alaska or Hawaii). For orders less than $25, shipping is a flat fee of $8. For orders between $25 and $49.99, shipping is a flat fee of $5. Please note that shipping prices are calculated by total before tax is applied.

Two common extensions you may have heard of are human hair and Remy hair. These are two popular choices for clients and women across the world love to wear them. But, what exactly are the differences between the two?
Human hair is exactly as it sounds; it is 100 per cent human hair. Hair extensions are created by collecting hair from brushes and where it has fallen onto the floor. This is very different to how Remy hair extensions are created. Remy hair comes from a donor who is paid for their natural hair and it is usually cut from a pony tail to preserve the cuticles in the right direction. Again, it is 100 per cent real human hair.

As we have mentioned, you will find that after a few washes, your human hair becomes dull and brittle. This is disappointing and will not be a long-term solution for your extensions. On the other hand, Remy hair extensions will last a long time, as long as you look after them properly. They can even last up to one year!
The major difference between human hair and Remy hair is how it is collected in the first place. Of course, this also has a bearing on the quality of extensions you buy and the end product you receive.However, Remy hair extensions do not suffer from these problems. As the hair goes through little processing and strands flow in the natural direction they grew, it is less prone to tangling and becoming matted. In addition, there has been no silicone put onto the hair, which means that it is naturally soft and silky. To put it simply; Remy hair not only appears beautiful, but it remains this way, unlike human hair. With proper care and maintenance, your Remy hair extensions will look stunning for even longer.