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Dry Cleaners Berkeley

Some dry cleaners will offer VIP treatment to their regular customers. They will iron on identity tags with bar-coded information on the inside of garments which further reduces the risk of your items being misplaced.

Do dry cleaners clean dry?
The term dry cleaning is a little misleading, in that it isn’t actually dry. Instead, it means that instead of using soap and water, dry cleaning employs chemical solvents that remove dirt and grease and eliminate stains. One of the earliest solvents used was kerosene, which had the downside of being flammable.
Dry cleaning with the proper solvents dramatically reduces these risks as the solvents clean the fabric’s surface and are specifically formulated to prevent the mentioned risks. Items are inspected at the end of the regular cleaning stage and undergo spot treatment. The specific area will be treated with “special” chemicals, stream, or vacuum tools if any stains are noted. Fur, suede, and leather can also be dry-cleaned but require different methods and solvents that will clean the item without ruining it. Here again, these are more specialized items and will take between 7 to 14 days turnaround time. Dry cleaning is a cleaning process that only a few people know much about besides the fact that it’s a safe cleaning process, particularly for delicate and detailed fabrics. You should be aware that dry cleaning equipment is costly, and many dry cleaners do not house all the necessary cleaning equipment on-site to cater to every need.

How many hours does it take to dry clean?
between 24 and 48 hours Generally, dry cleaning takes between 24 and 48 hours for regular clothing items but may take longer for other items that require more care and attention to detail. It also depends on the dry cleaner you choose.
The items are then dried at a temperature between 77 and 122 degrees Fahrenheit, removing dust mites. Items could be steamed before being perfectly pressed.Some blankets or throws call for gentle dry cleaning. Some people will hand-wash or machine wash dry-clean-only bedding because they think it saves time, but dry cleaning takes a similar amount of time and significantly less effort.

If you follow the care instructions, washing your blankets or drapery at home should be a breeze, but somehow, we trust dry-cleaning to do a more thorough job than we can.Standard business suits and jackets may take between 2 and 3 days, while a tuxedo has more panels and requires extra attention, which could take anywhere between 4 to 7 days.The dry-cleaning process practically renews a garment or bedding item. It is presented neatly folded and fresh smelling, much like the condition on the day of purchase.

There are some garments or fabrics that should not be dry cleaned, while the design and composition of others require dry cleaning only. Here are some handy tips if you’re not sure whether to dry-clean or not:
If you requested any repairs, it is at this time that repairs will take place. Items are then neatly folded and placed into protective bags, ready for collection. This step removes dust mites.

Generally, dry cleaning takes between 24 and 48 hours for regular clothing items but may take longer for other items that require more care and attention to detail.
Most wedding dresses have multiple fabric layers, beading, and lacework that require special care. You should allow for anywhere between a week or two for dry cleaning.

Not all clothing items can be machine or hand-washed at home, while dry cleaning will maintain their shape, appearance, and quality. Blankets and throws are no different when cleaning with longevity in mind.
It also depends on the dry cleaner you choose. They may be extremely busy or experiencing staff or product delivery issues which have become oddly familiar recently. A point to consider is the alcohol used in hairsprays and perfume. I know many women and men, too, spray perfume directly onto their clothing which is great for the moment but not in the long term. The instructions indicate placing a garment and one or more cleaning cloths in the protective bag and then drying the bag on medium heat for about 15 to 30 minutes.

Each item handed in for dry-cleaning will be reviewed for common issues like missing buttons, items in pockets, and unraveling seams or rips in the material.
Fine-haired wools, mohair, and cashmere should only be hand washed in cold water with mild detergent. Oddly enough, dry-cleaning doesn’t do justice to the aesthetics of denim jeans, so avoid dry-cleaning your jeans.Laundry services from Royal Cleaners is the best way to have all of your garments and vintage clothing freshly cleaned and cared for. If you’re running short on time or simply looking for that extra touch, Royal Cleaners can have all of your clothing professionally cleaned, pressed, and ready to return in no time at all. Many residents of Albany and Berkeley, CA have chosen our cleaners for their laundry services. Make the switch for professional care every time.

Can clothes be dry cleaned in a day?
First, it’s essential to know how long the dry cleaning process takes. Most garments have a turnaround time of 24-48 hours, although it’s possible for it to take more or less time, depending on your needs.
For over 60 years, Royal Cleaners has provided dry cleaning , clothing alterations , vintage clothing care , laundry services and more for Albany, Berkeley, CA and the entire Bay Area. We believe in treating our customers like royalty.

What will they do in dry cleaning?
Drycleaning is very similar to regular home laundering, but a liquid solvent is used to clean your clothes instead of water and detergent. The solvent contains little or no water, hence the term “dry cleaning”. Drycleaners use very large and technically advanced computer-controlled dry cleaning machines.
Maybe you have a whole season’s worth of clothes to dry clean and don’t want to stomach the high price tag. Or maybe you’re not a fan of how your clothes smell when you bring them home. Forte offers up a simple solution: Keep searching until you find a dry cleaner that meets your needs or find an alternative (but highly effective) solution like wet cleaning or liquid carbon dioxide cleaning.

Is it better to wash or dry clean clothes?
Contrary to popular belief, dry cleaning services are far more effective at removing dirt and stains than washing. So, if you want your clothes to look their best, you should skip the washing machine and head to the dry cleaner instead.
Some clothes are easier to care for than others. Most everyday items can be cleaned with a quick wash and dry, however, “dry clean only” and delicate garments require more TLC. While it’s always best to leave the dry cleaning and pressing up to the professionals, you may be tempted to skip the extra trip and dry clean at home. We’ve been independently researching and testing products for over 120 years. If you buy through our links, we may earn a commission. Learn more about our review process. Dry cleaning kits like Dryel’s At-Home Dry Cleaner Starter Kit come with everything you need for a similar dry cleaning experience at home: a stain remover, bag, cleaning clothes and an odor and wrinkle releaser. Here’s how to get the most effective refresh:

Remember: This is only a placeholder until your next visit to the dry cleaner. There’s no other way to really make your garments look and smell like new.
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Our professional dry cleaners proudly serve the Albany, CA area. We provide a wide range of laundry services including dry cleaning, clothing alterations, and pressings. Regardless of the type of fabric, whether it be cotton, satin, suede, wool, or anything else, we can properly dry clean it without damaging the fabric. Contact us today to schedule your dry cleaning or discuss pricing!

At Royal Cleaners, we offer comprehensive dry cleaning, clothing alterations and laundry services that are quick and affordable for Albany and Berkeley, CA. Drop your clothes off on your way to work and pick them up the next day. Royal Cleaners strives to be the convenient neighborhood dry cleaner.
We are well known for our laundry services. From uniform cleaning to dry cleaning services, we can get all of your items clean and fresh. Our laundry services are affordably priced so you can take full advantage of our dry cleaning. Contact us today for specific pricing information or bring your garments to our laundry center.We use cookies to make our services work and collect analytics information. To accept or reject analytics cookies, turn on JavaScript in your browser settings and reload this page.

Unfortunately, not all garment care labels are accurate, and some poorly made garments will not hold up. If you are in doubt and want to minimize the risk of damage, take your garment to a professional dry cleaner who can recommend the best method for cleaning it.
In an effort to save money, you might be tempted to wash Dry Clean Only clothing, comforters and other textiles at home. While some garments such as solid color, simply made cottons might survive hand washing or a machine wash on a delicate cycle, throwing any garment labeled Dry Clean Only into a washing machine can be, and often is, a costly mistake.

It is important to read and follow the care instruction labels on your garments. The Federal Trade Commission requires manufacturers to attach these labels so consumers know how to clean their garments without damaging them. The FTC only requires one type of care instruction tag be added, but since some people prefer to wash their clothes and others like the convenience professional dry cleaning offers, a manufacturer might add care instructions for both methods, if applicable, to reach both markets. In those cases, you might see a label marked “Dry Cleaning Recommended” or “For Best Results, Dry Clean,” along with instructions for washing. The label tells you washing as recommended should not damage the garment, but for best results, dry clean.

What happens if you don't dry clean?
What might happen if you wash a dry clean only garment? The garment could shrink – not just a little, but significantly. Some garments will shrink 2-3 sizes or more; drapes can shrink to half their size. Your garment might stretch out of shape.
However, when a label says Dry Clean Only, don’t wash it at home. Although some manufacturers will label a garment Dry Clean Only to be safe, and you might be able to wash the garment without destroying it, if you don’t want to risk ruining it, send it to a professional dry cleaner.

Virginia Cleaners is a locally owned and operated dry cleaning business located in Berkeley, CA with a long-standing reputation for quality service. With over 20 years of experience, the staff at Virginia Cleaners is highly skilled in providing the best quality of work. They use the safest solvent, Greenearth, which is both preservative and toxic-free, making it ideal for those with sensitive skin. They offer a wide range of services, including alterations, ironing, wash & fold, pick-up & delivery, and special quick services. They are committed to providing exceptional customer service and meeting all of their customers’ needs. If you visit Virginia Cleaners, you can rest assured that you will receive the best service and highest quality work.
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This is the platonic ideal of a dry cleaner! I’ve been taking my dry cleaning here for almost three years and have also gotten alterations done. Things have been perfect every time. Julia is so nice and knowledgeable. 100/10 recommend.
I love Sunny Cleaners! They’re my neighborhood drycleaners, and we use them frequently. They have great service. They are professional, kind, and great at what they do.Great customer service and really loved the quality of work by this Cleaners. Also, they have a drive-thru area where you can easily park right in front of the door and do quick drop off/pick up. VERY convenient. Highly recommend.

Best dry cleaners and alterations ever. Nicest people, amazing attention to detail and service, and great prices. My husband got his suit pressed and I got my wedding dress cleaned and repaired! Highly recommend.
Sunny Cleaners is an exceptional dry cleaning company in Berkeley, CA, well-known for its commitment to using eco-friendly detergents that gently clean clothes without causing any damage to the fabric. Their skilled employees specialize in garment alterations and repairs, and provide high-quality services at affordable rates. They are dedicated to serving their customers with the utmost care and professionalism, ensuring that every piece of clothing is cleaned and returned on time. Moreover, Sunny Cleaners offers flexible and efficient dry cleaning services for virtually all types of clothing items, and even offers one-day service. The staff takes pride in delivering exceptional customer service and producing great work. It’s no wonder that this company is a trusted and popular choice among locals.Berkland Cleaners stands out as an exceptional dry cleaning company that is 100% committed to promoting health, habitat, and the environment located in Berkeley, CA. This chemical-free dry cleaner only uses biodegradable substances such as water, non-harmful soap, and steam to wash your clothes, resulting in cleaner, longer-lasting, softer, brighter, and fresher garments. The company’s employees are dedicated to providing quality cleaning services at affordable rates and will even recycle your hangers to further support the environment. Berkland Cleaners’ organic cleaning methods have been lauded by top newspapers and are among the best in the industry. They are proud to offer environmentally safe dry cleaning services that replace traditional chemical-based cleaning solvents with non-toxic, chemical-free options. Their friendly and knowledgeable garment experts are always ready to assist you and provide personalized customer service. At all of their Berkeley dry cleaners locations, they recycle hangers, so you can bring your hangers back to them with peace of mind. Berkland Cleaners takes pride in providing quality, non-toxic workmanship and exceptional customer service, meeting the needs of customers while promoting a safer and healthier environment.

Is dry clean better than water?
Dry cleaning, much like its name suggests, uses no water but is a comprehensive process that cleans the clothing just as effectively. While both cleaning processes have their purposes, in general, dry cleaning is better for delicate items and the removal of oil-based stains than conventional washing in a machine.
The term dry cleaning is a little misleading, in that it isn’t actually dry. Instead, it means that instead of using soap and water, dry cleaning employs chemical solvents that remove dirt and grease and eliminate stains. One of the earliest solvents used was kerosene, which had the downside of being flammable. After World War II, dry cleaners began to use a solvent called perchloroethylene, also known as perc, which became the industry standard because of its effectiveness. Once clothes are cleaned with the solvent, the chemical itself is extracted and reused, and the clothes are pressed to eliminate wrinkling. The clothes are washed in this solvent, and then the solvent is recovered in an extractor so it can be reused (and so that it does not evaporate into the air and cause pollution). Once the clothes are cleaned, they are pressed so they look like new.`;t.byline_authors_html&&(e+=`By: ${t.byline_authors_html}`),t.byline_authors_html&&t.byline_date_html&&(e+=” | “),t.byline_date_html&&(e+=t.byline_date_html);var i=t.body_html.replaceAll(‘”pt’,'”pt’”_”);return e+=`\n\t\t\t\tPerc has a serious downside, in that it’s been linked to a range of different health risks. In 2020, the EPA phased out the use of perc in cleaner shops situated in buildings where people also live, and the state of California is in the process of phasing out its use altogether. Though perc is still being widely used, other more environmentally friendly solvents have been developed in an effort to reduce risks to workers and the consumer. In addition, a process called wet cleaning, which utilizes water and biodegradable detergents in special computer-controlled machines, is advocated by the EPA and environmental organizations.When you wash clothes at home in the washing machine, water is the solvent used to do the cleaning. Many types of fabric, however, do not handle water very well. For example, wool and water just don’t mix. There are also many types of stains that water is not particularly good at removing.

I have recently changed to JWN on advice from an employee who had previously used their services and i could not be happier. I was a tad sceptical about changing at first but with no lock in contracts i had nothing to lose. The day to day service is fantastic but its when something out of the ordinary happens that JWN really shine. They have helped me on more than one occasion with things previous companies have told me is “not included in their services” its good to see a local company helping give other hunter companies piece of mind. A little switch like this really can make a big difference.
Not every piece of clothing requires dry cleaning. However, to maintain the quality and beauty of certain items, you need to rely on your local dry cleaner. Let’s look at a few benefits of dry cleaning services:Taking advantage of dry cleaning services saves you time and effort, so you can focus on other things. Have a look at our website for cheap dry cleaners near you today!

You can also be assured of the safety of your clothing—we create an individual profile for each of our customers. Your dry cleaning is serviced locally, never taken to another location. I brought in a jacket of mine to berkeley dry cleaners I found in my garage that was dirty and had mold and really stunk of mildew. I wanted to try out the chemical free cleaning and figured if they could clean this then they could clean anything. Michael sure did clean my jacket perfectly, smelled great and was very clean. Here at Pure Dry cleaners we understand that it is important to be a good steward of the environment. We do our best to be the best Berkeley green cleaners employing green practices whenever possible. Using our cleaners in Berkeley our chemical free dry cleaning services reduces our carbon footprint.Berkeley Dry Cleaners are absolutely amazing at what they do. I accidentally washed a silk shirt of mine and I thought it was ruined for sure. I brought it in to Michael because they are the only green berkeley dry cleaners business and they fixed it as good as new. Actually I thought they bought me a new shirt at first. I highly recommend them to all of my friends who need dry cleaning.

Steaming is effective for relaxing wrinkles, enhancing pressing, and also serves to enhance cleaning by removing any remaining water-soluble materials and killing bacteria.Drycleaning has two distinct advantages over cleaning with water or “wet” cleaning: Water swells the fibres. It is this swelling action which causes shrinkage and dye fading in many garments. Drycleaning solvents are much more superior to water in the removal of oily or greasy residues which are the base component of many stains.

Drycleaning is very similar to regular home laundering, but a liquid solvent is used to clean your clothes instead of water and detergent. The solvent contains little or no water, hence the term “dry cleaning”.

Pressing is the final step and produces crisp, smooth results difficult to duplicate at home with a hand iron. This requires considerable skill and training and allows for a final inspection of the garment. After your garments have been pressed, they are inspected one last time and packaged to await your arrival.
Drycleaners use very large and technically advanced computer-controlled dry cleaning machines. Your clothes do get wet, but the liquid solvent used evaporates much more quickly than water. Since solvent is used instead of water, it is not drained and disposed of as a washing machine does with soiled water. The solvent is re-circulated through filters throughout the entire cleaning cycle to remove impurities loosened during the cleaning process. Then the solvent is distilled to be crystal clear and totally purifed before it is used again.

Many factors determine whether a dry cleaning or a wet cleaning process is compatible with a particular garment or textile article. Your professional cleaner, therefore, must use his or her professional judgment to determine which process will best restore the garment to a like “new” condition.
I really want you to try our dry cleaning service. We are the #1 dry cleaning service in Union County and that’s for a reason. We give our customers, particular those in Berkeley Heights, quality and convenience that is unmatched. Try us today and find out what you have been missing. No more leaving your dry cleaning at the cleaners in Berkeley Heights.If you live in Berkeley Heights, I think it’s a safe bet that you have seen our large Sprinter Vans. In fact, you can’t miss them as they are wrapped in our big red and blue logo. Today, we have over 75 Berkeley Heights customers that love using our valet service. They tell us that it’s a service that they cannot live without. We save our average Berkeley Heights customer about 1 hour a week and we save them money too. Our quality of cleaning and pressing has kept Berkeley Heights from ever going back to their former cleaners.

We have been servicing customers in Union County since 2008. In Berkeley Heights, we have over 75 customers that choose to rely on us for their dry cleaning needs. We pass through the streets of Berkeley Heights on Tuesday and Friday. You may have seen our dry cleaning delivery driver walking up freshly cleaned clothing to one of your neighbors houses in Berkeley Heights. Or maybe you behind one of our dry cleaning vans and thought about using the service. Do you live on Park, Cromwell, Timber, Evergreen, Forest, Chaucer, Overhill? Those are just a few of the 90 Berkeley Heights streets that we service twice a week. Start using our dry cleaning and laundry service to save time! You will even save money as our prices are 10%-15% lower than most dry cleaners in Berkeley Heights. It’s time to enjoy the convenience of valet dry cleaning at a better price than you are paying now!If you are looking for the best dry cleaning service in New Jersey, look no further than your front door. ShirtsNSkirts has been providing the Union County area with affordable, dependable, high quality dry cleaning for over 15 years… guaranteed!

Experienced garment cleaner and/or presser is needed in a busy dry cleaning and laundry plant. Dry cleaning: 1 year (Preferred). Pay: $22.00 – $25.00 per hour.
Notify client when complete and expertly explain any unusual findings and answer questions. Team player • Safe driving record and reliable transportation.Ability to comprehend technical and safety documentation and follow oral and written instructions related to the use of position-related equipment, tools, and…

Clean driving record & Valid Drivers License. The Position*: We’re looking for a Customer Service & Delivery Driver that is self-motivated, enjoys helping…
Successful applicants would be able to accept jobs that come through the Diem Get Paid app on their own schedule. \* Cleaner – You will be cleaning homes.

Ability to pass forklift certification (required for Equipment Operator). Clean driving Valid California Driver’s License (required for Equipment Operator).Experience Four years of environmental service experience in an acute care environment preferred Skills Ability to communicate and understand oral and written…

What Cannot be dry cleaned?
Typical fabrics that cannot be dry cleaned safely include fabrics containing or made up of plastic, PVC, or polyurethane. Fabrics composed of these materials would deteriorate during the cleaning process.
The service is exceptional. Th booking is easy. The arrive as scheduled. They return the items as scheduled. Everything is perfectly clean and smell lovely nd fresh and in large sturdy bags. The first time i used the service was out of necessity as i was in a hotel. Now i have to admit even though I am back in my apartment with a fully functioning washing machine I have continued to use Laundryheap. It saves me hours and a chore I hate. Maybe something id keep a secret from my mother when she visits.

I placed my order online and had my laundry picked up on time from my hotel lobby. Washing was returned wonderfully washed / ironed and folded neatly 24 hours later. Excellent service.

Not a problem. If you won’t be at home during delivery, you can use our mobile app to simply reschedule or instruct the driver to leave your items in a safe place or at a reception if you have one. You can also always contact our Customer support team to get help.

After your items are collected by our driver, they are taken to one of our trusted partner facilities to ensure your items are treated with the utmost care. We take pride in supporting local businesses and minimizing the carbon emissions from transport.
Despite what the name suggests, dry cleaning involves using a liquid solvent to clean you clothes, instead of water. The ‘dry’ in the name refers to whether or not water is used, it does not refer to liquid. Your clothes do actually get wet during a dry clean process, but the liquid solvent evaporates more quickly and it is only used on fabrics which it is suitable for.There aren’t really many disadvantages to dry cleaning your clothes compared with washing them. However, for a minority of people, the liquid solvent used can be an irritant for their skin, much like some washing powders can irritate skin.Laundering (or washing) is a water-based cleaning process that most often utilises a washer/dryer combination and a washing detergent. Dry cleaning, much like its name suggests, uses no water but is a comprehensive process that cleans the clothing just as effectively. While both cleaning processes have their purposes, in general, dry cleaning is better for delicate items and the removal of oil-based stains than conventional washing in a machine.

5 – By sending your favourite clothes to a dry cleaner, you are putting them into the professional and trusted hands of an expert. We know the best way to clean each type of garment so you don’t need to worry about handling it the wrong way.Another disadvantage of dry cleaning is that most people don’t have dry cleaning facilities in their own home, meaning they need the help of a professional laundry service. Luckily, this is not a problem as these are available in plentiful supply (see our Dry Cleaning services) in most towns.

4 – Dry cleaning actually extends the life span of your clothes. Most people believe that frequent washing will eventually wear away the fabric and age the item. Quite the contrary! Dry cleaning removes ground-in dirt and stains which would be quite abrasive on the fibres, and therefore help to prolong them.
Most fabrics can be washed in water, but there are some synthetics and materials which react poorly and would be better dry-cleaned, such as wool, velvet, acetate, suede, leather and silk. A water wash can also be damaging to clothing with buttons, sequins and lace, so a dry clean would be a better option for delicate items like these.

Whether or not dry cleaning is more effective than washing really depends on the garment we are washing. For oil-based stains, yes, dry cleaning is more effective than washing. For clothes that have an odour, especially items with body odour from perspiration, washing will be much more effective than dry cleaning. The main difference between dry cleaning and washing is the use of water. Washing / laundering uses water and washing detergent, whereas dry cleaning uses no water and a liquid solvent. A professional laundry service will be able to choose the correct cleaning method for your items. Just make sure you let them know about any particular odours or stains before they begin.Clothing that has a lining (jackets & coats usually), as well as pleated fabric such as a pleated skirt should also ideally be dry cleaned. This is to protect the shape and fit of the item.

Arlenes Cleaners is your local Berkeley, CA, dry cleaner offering dry cleaning and laundry services. Our drycleaning service is second to none and we pride ourselves on offering the best customer service. We are a full service drycleaners and can even clean leather, silk and rugs. We are Berkeley’s dry cleaners of choice.
“Loved this place! Super helpful and great service. I have a shirt that is very delicate and has a unique cotton-blend material and they handled it with great care for an amazing…” more“Free Pickup & Delivery convenience at your doorstep. We service Berkeley, Albany, El Cerrito Kensington, Richmond, Point Richmond, Piedmont, Oakland, Most of East & Central Bay Area.…” more “I agree with other reviewers… They are more expensive than others, and their turnaround time is slower, but their service is priceless. The two ladies running the business know me…” more “I accidentally reviewed the wrong dry cleaners…so I’ll just copy and paste my review as follows: New to yelp, and I felt like this should be one of my first reviews just because of…” more

“Loved this place! Super helpful and great service. I have a shirt that is very delicate and has a unique cotton-blend material and they handled it with great care for an amazing price. If you’re looking for somewhere to get your dry cleaning done, make sure you stop here! You won’t be disappointed.”
“Cannot recommend this place enough! They are honest about their capabilities, and willing to do their best. I rarely go to the dry cleaners, but I accidentally ran my laundry…” more“Hello, my name is Raquel Silva , and I am a house cleaner working in the San Francisco Bay Area for 22 years. I am dependable, responsible and punctual. I do detail oriented work but…” more Unfortunately, the protests turned a bit violent resulting in 796 arrests. However, this event was the start of something meaningful and shifted the culture at the time. Today, citizens of Berkeley and the country at large continue to exercise their right to free speech. With Rinse, you help the environment. You save water with our high-efficiency machines (20M+ gallons of water have been saved to date), you save electricity (laundry is washed on cold), and you help us permanently remove harmful chemicals from dry cleaning like PERC!

At Rinse, your health and the environment matter! That’s why we take the following actions to make sure that it’s not just your clothes that are treated with care.
Our Valet will pick up or deliver your order to your doorstep or concierge, at which point you’ll receive a text with a photo showing where your items were left.

Once we pick up your clothes, we’ll take them to one of our vetted local cleaning partners. You’ll receive a detailed email including the list of items you’ve entrusted to our care. Your clothes will then be inspected for stains and items that shouldn’t be washed, and professionally cleaned according to the service you selected.
If you’ve ever dry cleaned something, you know that your clothes are returned crisply pressed and on a wire hanger. While some can be reused later on, be it for dress shirts or marshmallow roasting sticks, eventually, those wire hangers pile up. Rinse gladly pickups up any wire hangers that you no longer need and recycle them for you. Just give them to your Rinse Valet during your next pickup!

Can I dry clean at home?
Even though there are a number of ways to remove stains, wrinkles and odors from “dry clean only” clothes (more on that below), there is no way to actually dry clean at home, according to Carolyn Forte, Director of the Cleaning Lab at the Good Housekeeping Institute.
In Berkeley, we work with the Salvation Army to make sure the clothes you no longer want go to someone in need. Rinse will pick up clothing donations for free with any Rinse order. Just put them in a separate bag and hand them to you Valet! Rinse uses less water and less energy Our cleaning partners’ use of commercial, high-efficiency washing machines means up to 50% less water is used when compared to traditional, at-home washing machines. Rinse is perc-free Dry cleaning is just what it sounds like – a water-free way to clean delicate fabrics. In effect, that means dry cleaners use non-aqueous solvents to remove stains from your clothes. The most widely used cleaning solvent in dry cleaning is perchloroethylene (“perc”), but this known carcinogen can have a hazardous impact on the environment. Schedule a pickup by simply texting “Y” to 746-73 (RINSE), track your Valet in real time, or customize your delivery and cleaning preferences. Enjoy a seamless laundry experience designed with convenience at its core.Additionally, cold water washing and high-speed spin cycles significantly reduce energy costs and carbon emissions associated with cleaning. Rinse uses biodegradable poly bags Our standard turnaround for orders is 3-4 days. Next-Day Rush Service is always included with your Rinse Repeat Plus Wash & Fold plan. All other Wash & Fold customers have the option to add Next-Day Rush Service for $7.95. At 5:30pm on the evening of your scheduled pickup, you’ll receive a text message with a 30-minute estimated time of arrival for your Valet between 8pm and 10pm. Your Valet will bring your personalized Rinse bags so you have everything you need to use Rinse. All you have to do is have your clothes ready in a hamper or pile by the door.

You are going to love your Rinse experience. We believe so much in our service that we provide our customers with the best guarantee available in our industry – if you are unsatisfied, we will do everything we can to make it right, guaranteed.
We’ll send you a text message on the morning of your scheduled delivery to confirm your delivery between 8pm and 10pm. Once confirmed, you’ll receive another text message at 5:30pm with an estimated time of arrival for your Valet. Your Valet will deliver your clean clothes, ready to wear!When you use Rinse, you are supporting local dry cleaners and employment practices that would make Mom proud. All Rinse Valets are W-2 employees who receive benefits and support they would not receive as independent contractors.While Perc is illegal in some states like California, an estimated 80% of dry cleaners nationwide still use it. Rinse is committed to providing high-quality clothing care while keeping our customers and the environment safe, so we only work with green cleaning partners who never use perc. Rinse accepts clothing donations We’ll collect any clothing that you’d like to donate and make sure it is given to a charitable organization in your community, rather than ending up in a landfill.Berkeley is the birthplace of the Free Speech Movement, which originated in the 1960’s. In December of 1964, students of UC Berkeley marched on campus around Sproul Plaza to protest the university restricting their right to free speech, more specifically, speech and activity related to politics.

Traditional Dry Cleaning and Wash & Fold practices use plastic to ensure your clean clothes stay clean when they’re delivered to you. Rinse does this, too, however, much of the plastic wrapping that Rinse uses is biodegradable, meaning it will naturally decompose without causing harm. For the portion that isn’t, we’re happy to collect the plastic and recycle it for you – just give it to your Valet on your next pickup.
“My daughter got married this weekend 5/26 and I was in need of last minute alterations for my motherr of the bride dress. I bought the dress at Nordstrom & they said the earliest may…” more“Yes, it costs a bit more, but that’s because they don’t use a bunch of toxic chemicals and the service is great. A very nice place to take your cleaning. We took a heavy unwieldy…” more

Why is dry cleaning better than washing?
Dry cleaning is also a gentler process than washing, meaning it’s less likely to damage delicate fabrics. If you want to keep your clothes looking great for longer, dry cleaning is the way to go. Dry-cleaned garments are less likely to shrink or develop wrinkles than those that are washed and need ironing afterwards.
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Dry cleaning should not damage your clothes, provided you take them to a reputable dry cleaning specialist. At the very least, they will likely remove any stubborn stains without damaging the fabric. Some experts believe that dry cleaning preserves the appearance of clothes better than standard washing. The solvent used in dry cleaning machines is lighter than water and thus can permeate clothes more gently. So if you’re looking for optimal care of your clothes, consider taking them to a dry cleaner.
Dry cleaning is a process that uses solvents rather than water and detergent soap to clean clothes and fabrics. Dry cleaning is the process of cleaning clothes with a solvent called perchloroethylene. It is also known as “perc” in the clothing cleaning industry. Dry cleaning is the best way to keep your bedding and pieces of clothing in pristine condition. The fabric is not soaked in chemicals like laundry detergent and bleach, which may damage the fabric. The chemical solvent used in the dry cleaning process dissolves food stains, chemical stains, and oil-based stains before they become permanent on fabric, whereas soapy water pushes dirt around your clothes until it comes off with the next wash. Dry cleaning is also a gentler process than washing, meaning it’s less likely to damage delicate fabrics.Are you curious about the benefits of the dry cleaning process? Here are five reasons why it’s an excellent option for keeping your clothes and fabric items looking fresh and new.Check the care label instructions to determine if the type of fabric should be dry cleaned, but they aren’t always clear. The label should say “dry clean only”; if it merely says “dry clean,” then the dry cleaning method may not be the only option. Taffeta, cashmere wool, rayon, silk, leather, velvet, and suede clothes should be dry-cleaned by experts unless the care label guidelines specify otherwise.If you want to keep your clothes looking great for longer, dry cleaning is the way to go. Dry-cleaned garments are less likely to shrink or develop wrinkles than those that are washed and need ironing afterwards.