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Fisker Ocean Colors

Only Fisker Ocean One owners will be greeted with a digital signature and number sequence on the control screen, authenticating their vehicle’s place among the first 5,000 electric vehicles made by Fisker Inc. This digital display signifies you are a visionary and marks your place as one of a select few to own the Launch Edition.

The eco-friendly Fisker Ocean One cabin in the statement-making MaliBlu color theme is sustainably crafted with interior fabrics and carpet made using recycled plastic bottles and other recycled polymers. The MaliBlu color theme combines Indigo EcoSuede high-grade upholstery seats with distinctive teal accents, Black Abyss door accents, Platinum metallic accent trim, and Black Abyss carpet.
You will be able to apply for vehicle financing and have options to finance vehicle accessories such as home charging equipment and factory-installed accessories⁷.The front-wheel-drive Sport, which is currently sold out for 2023 thanks to its low starting price of $37,499 before destination, will use the smaller Touring Range pack and deliver 250 miles of range. Its single-motor powertrain makes 275 hp and takes the entry-level Ocean to 60 mph in 6.9 seconds.Official production began today for Henrik Fisker’s long-awaited Ocean all-electric five-passenger SUV, which had an uncertain gestation until a tie-in with assembly partner Magna International was announced in October 2020. Fisker’s previous automobile, the Fisker Karma plug-in hybrid, is not affiliated with the Fisker Ocean project, the tooling having been sold off and reconstituted by Karma Automotive as Henrik Fisker himself moved on to focus on his all-electric Ocean SUV project.

With luck, we will be able to evaluate and test an early production model in the first part of 2023. The Ocean has been a long time coming, but Henrik Fisker’s tie-up with an established auto assembly outfit appears to be on the cusp of paying off in a very tangible way.
The first-edition Ocean One SUV is already sold out, as are lower-end models, but the top Ocean Extreme model can still be ordered at a price just under $70,000.Expectations are high that the Ocean will make a good first impression when customer deliveries begin. After all, the Magna Steyr plant in Graz, Austria, also produces the Mercedes-Benz G-class, the BMW 5-series, and the Jaguar E-Pace and I-Pace, as well as the BMW Z4 and Toyota Supra. As expected from an established assembly plant, they seem to be on the right track to manage build quality and early teething problems, with a gradual production ramp-up that will result in just 300 examples produced by the end of first quarter of 2023. And it’s not as though the Ocean’s assembly line’s switch just got flipped today, as some 95 prototype Ocean vehicles were built as the line came together. Production will increase to 8000 by the end of next year’s second quarter and rise to more than 42,000 by year’s end. Few interior dimensions have been released apart from headroom, but at 41.1 inches in front and 40.4 inches out back, things do look promising for the relatively low-slung electric crossover, which offers a panoramic glass roof across the board. The tinted glass panels are fixed on the entry-level Sport, sliding on the midlevel Ultra, and supplemented with photovoltaic panels on the Extreme and the first-edition One. In 2016, Fisker Inc. teamed up with Nanotech Energy to create a joint venture called Fisker Nanotech, with Jack Kavanaugh as chairman. They worked on developing a next-generation supercapacitor technology using graphene. The proposed hybrid battery using graphene supercapacitors had the potential for improved energy conducting and charging capabilities, and a better cycle life, so that the battery would not need to be swapped out as often as a pure lithium-ion battery. In July 2017, Fisker Inc. ended its joint venture with Nanotech Energy to produce batteries using graphene.On July 13, 2020, Henrik Fisker announced that Fisker Inc would offer an initial public offering on the New York Stock Exchange through a merger with special-purpose acquisition company Spartan Energy Acquisition Corp. (NYSE:SPAQ), which is backed by private equity firm Apollo Global Management. The deal values Fisker Inc at US$2.9 billion. On October 29, 2020, Fisker announced it completed the reverse merger with Spartan Energy Acquisition Corp (NYSE:SPAQ). As of October 30, 2020, Fisker is publicly listed and traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol FSR. On September 24, 2020, Fisker opened a new technology center in San Francisco, to be a focal point for the development of the company’s software and vehicle electronics. On October 14, 2020, Fisker announced its new global headquarters will be located in Manhattan Beach in Los Angeles County, California.

Fisker Inc. is an American automotive company founded by Henrik Fisker and his wife Geeta Gupta-Fisker. Launched in 2016 and based in Manhattan Beach, California, Fisker Inc. is the successor to Fisker Automotive.
In 2007, Henrik Fisker and Bernhard Koehler founded Fisker Automotive. The company produced the Fisker Karma, which debuted in 2008 and was first delivered in 2011. Production was suspended in 2012 due to the bankruptcy of its battery supplier A123 Systems, after approximately 2,000 of the vehicles had been sold worldwide. In 2014, Fisker Automotive’s assets were purchased by Wanxiang Group, which renamed its new company Karma Automotive. Henrik Fisker retained the Fisker trademarks and brand.

On October 3, 2016, chairman and CEO Henrik Fisker announced the formation of Fisker Inc., an American automaker, with his wife and co-founder Geeta Gupta-Fisker as president and CFO. On July 8, 2020, Fisker announced the completion of a $50 million Series C financing round funded by Moore Strategic Ventures, the private investment arm of Louis Bacon.
On November 13, 2017, Fisker Inc. announced that it had filed patents on flexible solid-state battery designs, expecting the batteries to be produced on a mass scale around 2023. A prototype of the battery, which included 21700 NCM cells from LG Chem, debuted at the Consumer Electronics Show in January 2018. Fisker’s development team included Fabio Albano, one of the founders of Sakti3, the solid-state battery startup sold to Dyson in 2015. Solid-state batteries have greater energy density and faster charging times than lithium-ion batteries. In October 2018, Fisker Inc. announced new funding through Caterpillar Venture Capital, a subsidiary of the Caterpillar Inc. heavy-machinery manufacturing company, with the money going toward development of Fisker Inc.’s solid-state battery technology.The PEAR is an announced “urban” electric vehicle planned by Fisker. The company intends to charge $29,900 before taxes and incentives in the US. The PEAR is planned to be built at Foxconn’s plant in Lordstown, Ohio using the Foxconn MIH EV platform with an initial production target of 250,000 annually. As of February 15, 2022, Fisker Inc. has started to take reservations for the PEAR.

What are the colors of the Fisker Ocean?
In 2023, we can expect Fisker to open up new paint colors including Sun Soaked, Solar Orange, Sea Grass, Black Pearl, Marine Layer, Stealth Green, and Red Planet. One thing is for certain, the paint colors look a whole lot different than on color swatches or digital image renderings.
On March 18, 2019, Fisker announced an all-electric SUV to be launched in 2021. It is intended to be the first of three in a lineup of mass-market all-electric vehicles designed by Henrik Fisker and originally planned to be produced in the US. Later named the Fisker Ocean, the company advertises that it will have a range of “close to 300 miles”, available on the lowest-cost option. The SUV will be offered in both rear- and all-wheel drive. The company states that it will be supplied by a lithium-ion battery pack with a capacity of around 80 kWh and a solar panel roof as a range extender, adding approximately 1,000 free miles of range per year. The company claims that the Fisker Ocean is being designed with a large number of recycled materials and with sustainability in mind.On July 13, 2020, Fisker Inc. announced an initial public offering on the New York Stock Exchange through a merger with Spartan Energy Acquisition Corp, a SPAC backed by private equity firm Apollo Global Management. On October 30, 2020, Fisker Inc. completed the reverse merger.

Fisker Inc. is developing the Fisker Ocean, an electric sport utility vehicle (SUV) with an estimated range of 300–350 miles (480–560 km), with production expected to begin in late 2022. Until 2021, Fisker was working on the development of solid-state battery technologies, but was unable to produce a workable battery.
On June 28, 2021, Fisker stock was added to the Russell 3000 Index. On July 28, 2021, Fisker announced it would invest $10 million in private investment in public equity funding in the EV charging company Allego’s merger with Spartan Acquisition Corp III.

In January 2022, Henrik Fisker announced that Fisker Inc. is setting up its first India entity, a global technology center, in Hyderabad. The company has started recruitment for the center, and plans to have a team of 300 software engineers, working mainly on software technologies. The company plans to set up a manufacturing plant in India for the PEAR, in collaboration with Foxconn. Fisker Inc. and Foxconn plan on producing 1 million units of the PEAR initially.
At Fisker Inc., we promise to treat your data with respect and will not share your information with any third party. You can unsubscribe to any of the investor alerts you are subscribed to by visiting the ‘unsubscribe’ section. If you experience any issues with this process, please contact us for further assistance.California-based Fisker Inc. is revolutionizing the automotive industry by designing and developing individual mobility in alignment with nature. Passionately driven by a vision of a clean future for all, the company is on a mission to create the world’s most sustainable and emotional electric vehicles. To learn more, visit and enjoy exclusive content across Fisker’s social media channels: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn. As previously announced, Fisker expects to gradually ramp up production over the course of May and plans to build 1,400-1,700 vehicles by end of June, provided all partners deliver. The company plans to increase production further during Q3 2023 to support the delivery roll-out in the rest of its global launch markets and support its 2023 volume forecast of 32,000-36,000 vehicles. Today, Fisker is beginning to gradually ramp-up production while working with the supply chain to ensure all are capable of meeting the brand’s volume and quality expectations. Included in the Fisker Ocean Ones to be produced in May are the first US-bound units for customer deliveries and marketing purposes, which are expected to start arriving in June.

“Consistent with our brand’s commitment, we are going to give extra attention to detail on each vehicle ensuring a great customer experience, since these are built for our first volume deliveries and marketing purposes such as test drives,” says CEO Henrik Fisker. “I am excited about our next customers’ deliveries coming up, and we will inform our first customers shortly on timing as we are finalizing the schedule now.”

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LOS ANGELES & MUNICH–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Fisker Inc. (NYSE: FSR) (“Fisker”), driven by a mission to create the world’s most emotional and sustainable electric vehicles, is commencing the next phase of production as it accelerates its global launch of the electric Fisker Ocean SUV, and is planning to deliver to next customers across Europe and US markets starting in June.

Both the Fisker Ocean Extreme and One trims achieve a confirmed combined WLTP range of up to 707 km, which is the longest range of any battery electric SUV sold in Europe today. Fisker Ocean Extreme and One trims are expected to receive EPA range and regulatory approval and CARB Executive Order later this month.
This press release includes forward-looking statements, which are subject to the “safe harbor” provisions of the US Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. These statements may be identified by words such as “feel,” “believes,” expects,” “estimates,” “projects,” “intends,” “should,” “is to be,” or the negative of such terms, or other comparable terminology and include, among other things, the quotation of our CEO, the statements regarding the planned launch timing, pricing, delivery, and estimated range of the Fisker Ocean, the planned timing of the opening of Fisker facilities, the Company’s future performance, and other future events that involve risks and uncertainties. Such forward-looking statements are not guarantees of future performance and are subject to risks and uncertainties, which could cause actual results to differ materially from the forward-looking statements contained herein due to many factors, including, but not limited to: Fisker’s limited operating history; Fisker’s ability to enter into additional manufacturing and other contracts with Magna or tier-one suppliers in order to execute on its business plan; the risk that OEM and supply partners do not meet agreed-upon timelines or experience capacity constraints; Fisker may experience significant delays in the design, manufacture, regulatory approval, launch and financing of its vehicles; Fisker’s ability to execute its business model, including market acceptance of its planned products and services; Fisker’s inability to retain key personnel and to hire additional personnel; competition in the electric vehicle market; Fisker’s inability to develop a sales distribution network; and the ability to protect its intellectual property rights; and those factors discussed in Fisker’s Annual Report on Form 10-K, under the heading “Risk Factors”, filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (the “SEC”), as supplemented by Quarterly Reports on Form 10-Q, and other reports and documents Fisker files from time to time with the SEC. Any forward-looking statements speak only as of the date on which they are made, and Fisker undertakes no obligation to update any forward-looking statement to reflect events or circumstances after the date of this press release.

Fisker (the CEO) has said the California DMV sales license for the Ocean has been approved. Fisker will execute customer deliveries at its own “Center+” delivery locations, pop-up delivery sites, and also at home.
Fisker says it does not plan a price hike in 2023 but cannot guarantee that for the orders received after the 40,000 reservation number or vehicles made starting in 2024. What’s certain is that the Ocean is not going to get any cheaper.The interior is packed to the brim with exciting details. For starters, the Fisker Ocean has what the company calls a ‘vegan’ interior with ethically sourced sustainable materials. The eco-friendly cabin houses premium upholstery, carpets, and interior trims built using recycled plastic bottles, repurposed rubber waste, worn-out t-shirts, and abandoned fishing nets, on all variants.

Fisker Ocean deliveries commenced in Europe on May 5, 2023. In the U.S., Fisker says high-volume deliveries of the Ocean will begin on June 19, 2023. The company is emphasizing it won’t be a name-sake sales launch, so hundreds of customers should get their orders fulfilled soon.
Fisker posted a video on Twitter on March 4, 2022, showcasing the solar roof from the cabin of the Fisker Ocean. It appears that the solar cells are placed in square-shaped grids with enough space between them to allow light inside, which is quite an intelligent design. The company chief says that this is the largest solar roof on an electric car, a claim that cannot be verified until we have the exact dimensions of the top.

Fisker says Digital Radar can detect vehicles as far as 200 meters (656 feet) and pedestrians from 80 meters (262 feet) away. Fisker Intelligent Pilot provides Automatic Emergency Braking for Forward Cross Traffic Vehicle Collision Mitigation, Reverse Cross Traffic Vehicle Collision Mitigation, and Turn-across-path Vehicle Collision Mitigation.

On December 21, 2022, Fisker revealed in a post on Instagram that Ocean shipments to the West Coast, California to be specific, have commenced. He shared a clip of what looked like a Night Drive (color) Ocean featuring the 22-inch F3a SlipStream wheels. Fisker showcased the Ocean in Las Vegas between January 4 and 7, 2023, at 305 Convention Center Drive, less than half a mile from the Las Vegas Convention Center, where CES 2023 was held during those days.The Ocean features Fisker Intelligent (FI) Pilot, the company’s ADAS system for enhanced safety and driving comfort. FI Pilot uses a combination of four sensors: a world-first “Digital Radar System” that consists of front and rear radars, a set of cameras (an 8 MP front camera and four surround-view cameras), ultrasonic sensors, and a driver monitoring camera.

Like most new-age EVs, the Ocean supports over-the-air updates to improve the existing features and gain new features even after customers have taken delivery. According to a report Automotive News published on November 9, 2022, the company plans to add Lane Keep Assist, Blind Spot Monitoring, and Automatic High Beam in early 2023 and expects to add Lane Centering and Traffic Jam Assist by late 2023.
According to a report Fiskerati published on January 22, 2023, Fisker (the Chairman and CEO) has ruled out lower pricing (in response to Tesla’s price cut) and said the company priced the Ocean extremely competitively from the beginning. Moreover, the Ocean has several features that aren’t available in any other model, he added, mentioning the solar roof, California mode, and the class-leading resolution of the touchscreen as examples. The Ocean Extreme and Ocean One offer a theater-like cabin experience with the Fisker Pulse Audio System. There’s also a Limo Mode on the top two variants which brings a digital touchscreen for the rear passengers to control cabin temperature, fan speed, and infotainment. California-based Fisker is looking to create a big impact in the American EV market with the Fisker Ocean, a battery electric vehicle with a solar panel integrated into its roof. It’s not the first time we are seeing solar panels on an EV. We’ve seen the Lightyear One already. The Fisker Ocean manifests futuristic technologies differently and sports multiple industry-first features to distinguish it from mainstream EVs. Here’s everything we know about the Fisker Ocean so far:The entry-level Sport variant gets a single-motor FWD drivetrain, while the rest get a dual-motor-AWD layout. In the interest of range, the drive is deployed to the rear only if the traction control system detects a loss of grip. All variants except the Sport also get torque vectoring.On December 13, 2022, Fisker shared a picture of the Ocean’s interior on Instagram while he was having a look at its various interior color and material combinations. The dark, grayish theme of this Ocean suggests it features the Black Abyss Plus interior color and Black FeelTek seats. This interior configuration includes Black EcoFabric on the dashboard, doors, and center console, and dark metallic accents.

In an interview with Fiskerati, released on YouTube on April 14, 2023, Fisker said that his company is on target to finish delivering all the units of the Ocean One before September 2023 as per the original plan. He also said that the launch edition model is getting a new feature – a foldable cargo floor. Customers can fold it and hang three shopping bags on it and also get access to the tray underneath.
Fisker also signed a deal with Foxconn to develop its next model in the U.S. and plans to erect multiple factories around the globe to enhance production to 250,000 EVs annually. In Fisker’s deal with Foxconn, the companies will work on the new model called the Fisker PEAR (Personal Electric Automotive Revolution) for the mass-market segment.

In a video Fisker posted on Twitter on October 17, 2022, the company’s Chairman and CEO gave a demonstration of how to rotate the touchscreen of the Ocean’s infotainment system. To tilt the touchscreen from portrait to landscape and vice-versa, the driver has to press and hold a large and easy-to-locate button situated right below it. The system was probably running a demo video, but it indicated that the final software will have a simple, focused, and intuitive UI.The digital imaging radar is present on the Extreme and One variants only. However, even the base Sport variant gets a suite of ADAS features like driver drowsiness and attention warning, automatic emergency braking, collision warning, lane keep assist, speed assist, lane departure avoidance, and traffic signs recognition. The higher variants get a 360-degree surround view with 3D imaging, door opening warning, park spot finder, automatic parking, evasive steering assist, and adaptive cruise control.

Is Fisker a Chinese company?
Fisker Inc. is an American automotive company founded by Henrik Fisker and his wife Geeta Gupta-Fisker.
Remember that the Lightyear One and Aptera also have solar roofs. The Lightyear One has solar panels on the roof and the bonnet, while the Aptera has solar panels at the front, on the roof, and at the rear. So the Fisker might have the most extensive solar roof, but it’s unlikely that it has the largest solar panel in size.Fisker told Bjorn Nyland at the Mobile World Congress that the Ocean needed at least 4 to 5 features that no other carmaker offers. The first unique feature is the Ocean’s range, which according to the Chairman & CEO, is the longest in its price class for any SUV or crossover. The Ocean offers a 630 km (WLTP) range on the Extreme and the Launch Edition variants. Other unique features include the solar roof, the rotating screen, torque vectoring, bidirectional charging, and the vegan interior.

Has Fisker sold out Ocean One?
2023 Fisker Ocean Has Started Production—with Plans to Build 42,000 Next Year. The first-edition Ocean One SUV is already sold out, as are lower-end models, but the top Ocean Extreme model can still be ordered at a price just under $70,000.
Fisker will offer the Wallbox Pulsar Plus wall charger as the home charging solution for the Ocean in the U.S. and Canada. Wallbox’s Pulsar Plus charger is smaller than a toaster and weighs just 1 kg or 2.2 lbs. (without cable). It allows charging at up to 22 kW and comes with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity and DC leakage protection. Customers using this charger can schedule charging sessions during off-peak hours to save money and control it using the company’s myWallbox app on their smart devices.

With its innovative features, a fine mix of futuristic design and classic SUV attributes, and an anxiety-free range, the Ocean seems to have what it takes to build a strong foundation for the brand. As the electric SUV race rapidly takes shape, the Ocean stands out as the wild card. It will be crucial for Fisker to get the quality spot on and ramp up production swiftly. With launches from all directions every few months, American customers are being treated to a constantly evolving selection of electric models.
Like Tesla, Fisker isn’t using LiDAR sensors. While Tesla thinks that its camera-based system is better, Fisker was simply looking for a more affordable solution. In an interview with Fierce Electronics in January 2022, Fisker said that Digital Radar System lowers the cost, and that ensuring that the Ocean was accessible to everyone was really important.Fisker told Autogefuhl that Scandinavia is one of the biggest markets for the Ocean. Given the cold weather in Scandinavian countries, the brand has introduced a complete winter package with features like a heated windshield and more.

The features we’ve mentioned above are basic, and most customers would expect them to be available right from launch. However, Henrik Fisker has suggested that the company may need to postpone sales commencement if it wants to offer every promised and expected feature right from day one. The priority is to begin deliveries on time, so it has decided to release less-critical features with future OTA updates. Cruise control won’t be available initially either, and the company may take three, six, or even nine months to enable it, the brand boss has indicated.

Based on the first 30,000 reservations, 19% ordered the Sport, 38% took the Ultra, and 43% preferred the Extreme or the One. This implies an initial average selling price (ASP) of approximately USD 56,000, excluding options and delivery fees.
Fisker has equipped the Ocean with a fold-out tray table for the driver. Called ‘Taco Tray,’ it can be stowed in the compartment under the center console armrest. On October 19, 2022, Fisker demonstrated this feature in a post on LinkedIn.Earlier, there were reports of Fisker using Volkswagen’s MEB platform for the Ocean SUV. After the brand partnered with Magna, it was confirmed to be built on an aluminum skateboard architecture christened FM29, which stands for Fisker-Magna, and 29 for the 2921 mm wheelbase.Chairman and CEO Henrik Fisker himself designed the Ocean. Instead of resorting to an aerodynamic design in the interest of range, he adopted a somewhat quirky design. The Ocean’s stance is upright, but sleek elements are all around. A full-width LED light bar unites the horizontal LED headlamps with illuminated Ocean lettering at the center. The Fisker logo is illuminated as well. The chin comprises a grille with honeycomb inserts. Digital Radar can make out between objects of different sizes at different speeds. For example, where an analog radar might read two trucks as a solid object and miss the open lane between them, Digital Radar can also see a vehicle driving in the middle lane. It performs better in dark places like tunnels, too. The Ocean delivers an EPA-est. range (confirmed) of 360 miles in its Extreme and One grades, 10 miles more than the internal estimate. This makes it America’s longest-range electric SUV under USD 200,000 on sale today. Do note that this figure applies to the configurations with the standard 20-inch wheels and tires. In the Ultra variant, the targeted EPA-est. range is 340 miles.The Ocean features the 575-watt Fisker Pulse Audio System with Panasonic’s ELS Studio 3D technology. It gets 15 speakers, a 6-channel dashboard speaker array, and a 19L subwoofer. The Ocean Ultra features a 12-speaker Harman audio system, while the Ocean Sport settles for an 8-speaker Harman audio system with a 3-band equalizer. Fisker has five experience centers in the U.S., located in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, New York, and Miami. In Europe, the company has opened its regional office in Munich, Germany. It has a brand experience center in the same German city as well as London, Copenhagen, Vienna, Paris, and Oslo. The full-length solar roof is standard on the Extreme and One variants. The technology integrates photovoltaic solar panels onto the panoramic glass roof with fixed and sliding sections. Under mixed conditions, the solar roof can generate up to 1,500 miles (2,414 km) range every year. Under ideal conditions, the range may increase to more than 2,000 miles (3,218 km) annually.As of May 8, 2023, Fisker has received approximately 65,000 reservations and orders for the Ocean. In the interview with Fiskerati in August 2022, the CEO had said that the company is receiving over 100 reservations every day and that demand is increasing specifically in Europe. Fisker plans to deliver all the Ocean One units by September 2023.

On August 18, 2022, Fisker announced that it is considering a second factory manufacturing the Ocean in the U.S. On October 17, 2022, the CEO told Bloomberg in an interview at the 2022 Paris Motor Show that U.S. production of the Ocean could start as early as 2024. As Fisker is unlikely to build a new factory so soon, it may rely on a contract manufacturer, like Magna Steyr or Foxconn.
Fisker has partnered with Chase to offer convenient finance options for the vehicle, factory-installed accessories, and other accessories (including home charging equipment) in the U.S. Customers can process the loan digitally by selecting their suitable finance structure, reviewing their financing details, and electronically signing documents online.

The Fisker Ocean comes with a basic warranty of 6 years/60,000 miles. On top of this, Fisker offers a warranty of 10 years/100,000 miles for both the powertrain and battery pack. The company assures the battery pack of the Ocean will retain 75% of its original capacity during the warranty period.

For Fisker, size clearly matters. The 17.1-inch central touchscreen is among the largest we’ve seen on production vehicles. It appears like a TV screen attached to the Ocean’s dashboard. It’s a rotating panel with two modes — the portrait ‘Control’ Mode and the landscape ‘Hollywood’ Mode for owners to stream movies. Fisker has applied for a patent for its Revolve screen, but it is not granted yet. The rotating function is only on the Extreme and the launch edition One variants.
In the U.S., the Fisker Ocean Sport starts at USD 37,499, excluding the federal tax credit. If the Ocean qualifies for the tax credit, it will begin at USD 29,999. The Ultra variant is priced at USD 49,999, while the Extreme variant costs USD 68,999. The Ocean One launch edition costs the same as the Extreme.

Fisker has deals with multiple partner companies. Magna is a manufacturing partner and co-developer for the Ocean, with an agreement that was finalized in December 2020. The Fisker Ocean entered production at Magna’s carbon-neutral facility in Graz, Austria, on November 17, 2022. Reservation holders will initially see their final build lock-in dates as a calendar quarter estimate (Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4). They will get the exact dates closer to the scheduled production day.
The side profile is uncluttered. 20-inch aero wheels produced using recycled materials are standard, while higher variants come with 22-inch rims. The Fisker Ocean gets flush-fitting door handles, side body cladding, and a blacked-out window area. There’s a rear quarter glass, and there are ultra-sleek tail lamps. There’s also a subtle roof-integrated spoiler with a stop lamp. The rear bumper looks complex with its multi-layered design and has a massive diffuser.The most performance-focused powertrain of the Ocean, available in the Extreme and One grades, produces 468 hp and 696.4 Nm (514 lb.-ft.) of torque. A Boost mode allows the driver to temporarily increase the power and torque to 564 hp and 736.8 Nm (543 lb.-ft.), respectively. Despite the abundant power and torque, the top speed is just 205 km/h (127 mph), but we think it’s electronically limited. Recently, Fisker shared a video (on Instagram) showing him driving the Ocean above the top speed – 208 km/h (129 mph). Fisker told Bjorn Nyland at the Mobile World Congress (February 28-March 3, 2022) that a seven-seater version would follow later. However, given the dimensions of the Ocean, the added third row of seats wouldn’t be suitable for adults, but would have enough room for children, he explained. A 7-seater option would undoubtedly make the Ocean more appealing for larger families. Kurt Bachmaier, Vice President, Magna Steyr, has told Automobilwoche that the company wants to establish a production facility in the U.S. and is searching for a location for the same, the German publication reported on September 4, 2022. As for Foxconn, the Taiwanese company has an operational 6.2 million-square-foot vehicle manufacturing facility in Lordstown, Ohio, and it has already received a contract from Fisker to make an EV there from 2024 – the Pear.

The Ultra, Extreme, and One variants get what Fisker calls the Hyper Range battery that comprises a nickel-manganese-cobalt cell chemistry. Fisker has confirmed that the energy storage capacity of this battery pack in the Extreme and One variants is 113 kWh, and we expect the same capacity in the Ultra variant.
Fisker plans to produce 32,000-36,000 units of the Ocean in 2023. The company expects to build over 1,400-1,700 units in Q2 2023 and to increase the monthly output to approximately 6,000 units per month towards the end of Q3 2023.An incredibly unique feature called the California Mode provides passengers with a convertible-like experience. On the Ultra, Extreme, and One variants, all the glass areas including the rear quarter glass and the rear windscreen, can be rolled down at the touch of a button to let the breeze inside. Fisker calls the rear quarter glass and the rear windscreen ‘Doggie Windows’, implying that pets can enjoy the drive from the rear. The California Mode also rolls back the SolarSky roof.

Fisker also believes that the brand can sell more than 60,000 units in the U.S. alone, reiterating how important the American market is for the brand. The brand boss said in total, Fisker could sell up to 150,000 units of the Ocean globally in a year.Fisker plans to build 5,000 units of the Ocean One. It expects to sell out capacity through most of 2023 because of a high-interest level in the Ocean One and Ocean Extreme.

Do Fiskers make noise?
Did You Know: Fiskers don’t make noise when they start up?
With an increase in reservations for the Fisker Ocean, the brand is hoping that manufacturing partner Magna would increase output to 150,000 units in 2024, as reported by Automotive News on April 26, 2022. Magna, which holds a 6% stake in Fisker, has agreed to make 50,000 units of the Ocean annually. However, scaling up output at such an extreme rate would require the global supply chain bottlenecks to ease out and sustain interest in the product from consumers.Fisker will start manufacturing the Ocean Extreme after completing 5,000 Ocean One units. It will utilize any additional capacity to roll out Ocean Ultra and Ocean Sport units. However, seeing the high demand for the premium models, it doesn’t expect to begin Ocean Sport production until late 2023. Even in the best case, it expects to make the base model in modest volumes by late 2023 and ramp up in 2024. Fisker expects most of 2023’s production to be focused on premium trims, including the Ocean One and the Ocean Extreme, Gupta-Fisker said during the Q1 2022 earnings conference call.

What are the different types of Fisker Ocean?
2023 Fisker Ocean – Breaking Down the Trims and Options2023 Fisker Ocean Sport (Starting at $37,499)2023 Fisker Ocean Ultra (Starting at $49,999)2023 Fisker Ocean Extreme (Starting at $68,999)Fisker Ocean One (Starting at $68,999)
According to a report Fiskerati published on March 13, 2023, Fisker has started locking builds, confirming orders, and sending the build numbers to hundreds of Ocean One customers. The company may begin accepting orders for the Ocean Extreme in the U.S. and European markets very soon.Five HD radars on all corners and front of the vehicle provide the Ocean a 360-degree coverage. Fisker says that Digital Radar System is better at providing driver safety than analog radar. With more resolution and greater detail, this system can distinguish pedestrians and small objects from objects beside them better. It can sense smaller objects with greater precision, which means small and low-lying objects on the road have a lesser chance of being left undetected. The core editorial team responsible for has a combined experience of over 30 years in automotive reporting and tracking the global auto market. During the Q1 2022 earnings conference call, Fisker said that Magna is fully on board with the plan to triple production in 2024, but it can wait for up to 12 months before making the call. It would need to inform CATL also in about 12 months about its requirement. The decision depended on whether the company recorded 75,000-80,000 orders by the end of 2022. However, the demand didn’t turn out to be that high, and we’ve detailed that in the ‘Reservations & pre-orders’ sub-section of the ‘Release Date’ section.Our asset-light, the rapid-product-development business model enables us to bring active safety systems to market earlier than our competition. Fisker Intelligent Pilot and Fisker Digital-Imaging combine reliable ADAS cameras with 4D digital radars, giving owners industry-leading safety.

Tesla and Rivian offer an 8-year/100,000-150,000-mile 8-year/175,000-mile warranty for the battery pack. However, the rival automakers assure only 70% of the original battery pack capacity during the warranty period. On the other hand, Toyota is targeting a range degradation of just 10% in 10 years (for the bZ4X).
While we’re on the subject of sound, it’s also worth noting that the Ocean generates an artificial sound through speakers at low speeds to alert nearby pedestrians, drivers, and riders. It’s a sci-fi-inspired sound that makes the Ocean feel futuristic. Fisker has shared a video on Instagram to give a demo of this artificial sound feature, which is slowly turning mandatory as part of basic safety.Customers can choose from seven color options: Night Drive, Great White, Silver Lining, Horizon Gray, Mariana, and Blue Planet. The Big Sur Blue metallic matte paint is offered exclusively on the Fisker Ocean One launch edition.The tires feature Bridgestone’s ‘Enliten’ EV-specific technology that reduces rolling resistance by up to 30% and reduces weight by up to 20%. The Lightyear One also features tires with the same technology. The Sport grade uses a lithium-ion-phosphate battery developed by CATL, which provides the Ocean with 250 miles of range (targeted EPA). The rest of the grades, all of which have an AWD drivetrain layout, use a different battery pack that CATL also supplies. In the interview with Fiskerati in August 2022 (watch on YouTube), Fisker talked about U.S. production. He revealed that the company is conducting some studies and has hired a Senior Vice President of Manufacturing. He said that the company is also considering outsourcing domestic production and looking at battery manufacturing partners in the U.S.

The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 has made imported electrified vehicles like the Ocean ineligible for the USD 7,500 federal tax credit (now renamed to Clean Vehicle Credit). This will compel all automakers in the mainstream EV segments to make locally, be it themselves or through a contract manufacturer. My first impression of the Ocean, after Henrik Fisker told the audience in Oslo to go look at his latest creation, was one of doubt. The large wheels, popular at all car shows, were dominating and made me fear the aesthetics had won over the efficiency. The trunk is large, as you can expect from an SUV of this size. There is a 12V and 230V/3kW electric socket in the back. I would use it for a coffee maker, a small microwave, and to keep my coolbox cool.My first question for Henrik Fisker was about that, explaining that I was raised in the “Form Follows Function” design philosophy. But he started with a long, very enthusiastic explanation about the many small details that were made to improve performance. The help of airplane engineers to optimize the airflow. How to combine aesthetics with efficiency without letting efficiency dictate the form.For the rest, the interior is nice. It is comfortable, has all the cupholders, has reading lights, and has other necessities we have come to expect of a modern, well equipped car. What I miss is a long range version of the Ocean Sport — the same front-wheel drive and luxury as the Sport, but with the battery of the long range models. I think it could be the top seller. For some reason, no OEM is making a lower cost, high usability SUV yet. The towing capacity of 1090 kg braked is really a big sales argument. When towing your caravan to your holiday destination, you like to have a big battery, but are not really interested in the sporty capabilities. The only thing I really do not like is the very fashionable dark black cave the interior is providing the passengers as standard. To get a less claustrophobic, lighter interior, you have to buy a big-battery AWD version, and then there is a $5,000 option for a light interior. I needed the flashlight function of my phone to see the interior.

When sitting in a show model at the Nordic EV Summit in Oslo, I expected to sit in an SUV starting at around $100,000 (€94,000). Now I see price ranges of $37,500 to $76,000, or for me in the Dutch market, €42,000 to €70,000. With the right color and some options, it is still below €50,000.
I really hope I will be able to get a test drive when more cars become available after production ramps up. But only if it is one with a light interior.To get that much car for that price is exactly what I want. It is currently at the top of my preferred next car list. It offers a lot of range and interior space for a relatively low price. It is only the naming I do not understand. But I have always been a noob at marketing.

How many Fisker Ocean Ones will be made?
As previously announced, Fisker expects to gradually ramp up production over the course of May and plans to build 1,400-1,700 vehicles by end of June, provided all partners deliver.
What is the first big eye catcher when entering the car is the super big screen. It is a real 16:9 movie screen in portrait mode. When you buy the fun packages with Hollywood mode and super connectivity, it can pivot 90 degrees to a horizontal screen, but only when not driving. But I assume that restriction will be lifted when fully autonomous driving becomes available.Grumpy old man. The best thing I did with my life was raising two kids. Only finished primary education, but when you don’t go to school, you have lots of time to read. I switched from accounting to software development and ended my career as system integrator and architect. My 2007 boss got two electric Lotus Elise cars to show policymakers the future direction of energy and transportation. And I have been looking to replace my diesel cars with electric vehicles ever since. At the end of 2019 I succeeded, I replaced my Twingo diesel for a Zoe fully electric. And putting my money where my mouth is, I have bought Tesla shares. Intend to keep them until I can trade them for a Tesla car. I added some Fastned, because driving without charging is no fun.

His confession was that he did not like the model a computer generated in a wind tunnel. When I pointed at a wind-tunnel model behind him, saying “Like that one?,” he reacted with: “I did not look at what you pointed to.” Captains of industry do not show disdain for the products of the competition.
The rear seats are really fit for three persons. There is enough flat floor space going under the center console to have a normal-sized adult sit in the middle with his feet in front of him.The efficiency is not in the same class as the models where wind tunnel and weight scale were the most important design tools. But many competitors with the same box-like body style have far worse efficiency ratings. Form did not completely follow function, but it was not sacrificed.

How much is a 2023 Fisker Ocean?
$37,499 2023 Fisker Ocean Pricing The 2023 Fisker Ocean starts at $37,499. In theory, this would buy the Ocean Sport model with front-wheel drive, one electric motor, and an estimated range of 250 miles.
¹ EPA estimated range. Actual results may vary for many reasons, including driving conditions, wheel size, state of battery charge, and how the vehicle is driven and maintained. Powered solely by electricity, the Fisker Ocean’s drivetrain and critical systems take up less space than the ones in gas-powered vehicles, freeing us to design without the constraints of traditional SUV packaging. Ingenious configuring maxes out the interior with an impressively spacious cabin, seating for five adults, and flexible storage for surfboards, camping gear, pet carriers, and more. Experience the digital wonder of our innovative Revolve rotating center screen. This exclusive, optional 17.1-inch touchscreen has the power to swivel from a Control Mode – a portrait view – to Hollywood Mode – a landscape 16:9 widescreen format allowing you to enjoy movies and videos, complete with 360° sound, in an immersive cinematic experience.


Push a button and eight glass panels open simultaneously to transform a versatile SUV into a coastline-cruising convertible. With our exclusive California Mode, you can drop the front windows, both rear-seat windows, both rear Doggie windows next to the D-pillar, and the Rear Lift Gate Window while opening the SolarSky roof at the same time. You can even load a surfboard through the open rear window.With Smart Traction, the Fisker Ocean performs more like a sports car than an SUV. This advanced high-performance feature distributes the right amount of torque to the correct wheels for optimal traction while handling sharp turns. Smart Traction improves stability and traction on wet and icy roads. Plus, it minimizes energy loss and boosts efficiency, so it’s more eco-friendly as well.Take your driving experience to new levels with the Fisker Ocean Ultra trim. Dynamic, powerful, and ready for open-air adventure, this premium level comes well-equipped with all-wheel drive, the Hyper Range battery, and an impressive array of advanced technology and high-performance features.

Is Fisker made in USA?
Fisker Inc. is an American automotive company founded by Henrik Fisker and his wife Geeta Gupta-Fisker. Launched in 2016 and based in Manhattan Beach, California, Fisker Inc. is the successor to Fisker Automotive.
Get your electric motor running, head out on the highway, and experience your favorite music on the premium Fisker Pulse Audio System Powered by ELS STUDIO 3D®. With 575 watts of power, DJX™ 3D Surround, 15 speakers, a 19L subwoofer enclosure, and one of the most effective 6 speaker dashboard arrays of its kind, the Fisker Pulse system immerses the driver and passengers in a glorious sea of 360° sound.Fisker offers two great ways to get into your emissions-free Fisker Ocean: Fisker Flexee Lease and Purchase. Our Flexee Lease option does away with long-term commitments and includes a 30,000-mile annual driving allowance.⁵ It’s an all-new worry-free ownership experience. Your new Fisker Ocean is delivered directly to your door. Then, just return the vehicle when you desire.

Striking a balance of performance, range, and affordability, the Fisker Ocean Sport trim level is your beautiful gateway to electric mobility. The Fisker Ocean Sport is available for the base price, but the features are far from basic. This robust trim package comes nicely equipped with advanced features.
Take a look at the official specifications of the Fisker Ocean One and Extreme, which provide details on vehicle dimensions, total weight, loading capacity, and towing capacity.Our Limited Warranty provides you with class-leading peace of mind. Drive confidently, knowing our high-quality products are backed by the best-in-class warranty and dependable, convenient service.

How many Fisker oceans are there?
this morning, the automaker (and contract manufacturer Magna) produced 55 OCean SUVs – a mix of engineering, marketing, and customer vehicles.
Extreme luxury. Extreme performance. Extreme thrills. The Fisker Ocean Extreme lives up to its name in all the right ways. This indulgent trim level comes packed with an abundance of high-end luxury amenities, all-wheel drive, and delivers a superior driving experience powered by its Hyper Range battery. Designed to be the most sustainable SUV on Earth, the Fisker Ocean features a beautifully crafted interior with recycled and ethically sourced materials throughout. The eco-friendly cabin features fabrics like Alcantara®, Ultrasuede®, FeelTek®, EcoFabric, and recycled carpeting, all made using recycled plastic bottles and other recycled polymers. In the all-electric Fisker Ocean, passengers in the second row can relax in spacious comfort while controlling the environment of the rear cabin with a digital touchscreen. This optional feature, usually reserved for high-end luxury vehicles, allows backseat riders to adjust the temperature and fan speed and control media volume. A separate control reclines the rear seat electrically for ultimate comfort.

⁶ FLEXEE LEASE STARTS AT $379/MONTH WITH NO SET TERM. MONTHLY PAYMENT WILL VARY BASED UPON CUSTOMER SELECTED PACKAGES AND EQUIPMENT. PRICING EXCLUDES $2,999 ACTIVATION FEE, DELIVERY, GOVERNMENT FEES, INSURANCE AND $299 RETURN FEE. FLEXEE LEASE IS AVAILABLE TO QUALIFIED CUSTOMERS MEETING LENDER REQUIREMENTS. NOT EVERYONE WILL QUALIFY. 30,000 ALLOWED ANNUAL MILEAGE IS PRORATED ON A MONTHLY BASIS AND EXCESS MILEAGE CHARGES MAY APPLY.Park My Car, Fisker’s automatic parking assist system, scans the parking area using ultrasonic sensors and surround cameras to help you find a perfectly sized spot. Then, your Fisker Ocean autonomously parks itself, either parallel to the curb or in an angled spot. This optional feature can also detect obstacles in your path, such as pedestrians, poles, and other cars – and automatically apply the brakes.

Is the Fisker Ocean a luxury car?
Fisker Ocean Extreme Extreme luxury. Extreme performance. Extreme thrills. The Fisker Ocean Extreme lives up to its name in all the right ways.
Save time with our convenient and easy-to-use app to schedule service and maintenance. We are partnering with third party service providers to meet our goal of providing customer and vehicle touchpoints of the Fisker brand nationwide including physical service locations, mobile services, vehicle logistics and test drives. Customers will experience delivery and service options to meet their needs at home (where available or with pick-up/delivery service), delivery centers, or Fisker Centers of Excellence in select locations.Our goal is to provide you with an incredible ownership experience. After you receive your Fisker Ocean, it will receive over-the-air updates as new features, technologies and experiences become available.

Designed by Henrik Fisker, the all-electric Fisker Ocean is a beautiful new icon of sustainable mobility. While keeping the design language and functionality of an SUV, the Fisker Ocean features a dramatically sculpted exterior with an aggressive stance, clean lines, sleek surfaces, ultra-slim lighting, and modern cubist sculptural shapes.⁵ Pricing is for continental US and excludes title, registration and other government charges which are state specific and may change. Final destination, handling and delivery charges are dependent upon your location, chosen method of taking delivery, and market conditions. This estimated amount is provided so that you may evaluate payment options. The total finance amount is subject to approval. Terms and conditions apply. This is not an advertisement, commitment to lend or offer for credit. Program, rates, terms, and conditions are subject to change.

*Based on assumption that home power consumption is 50% normal use during emergency situations. Additional equipment for connection to home is required.
With the Fisker Ocean’s revolutionary full-length SolarSky roof, you can harvest the sun’s rays to generate free energy to support the vehicle’s battery-powered motor. When fully exposed to the sun, the Fisker Ocean Extreme’s SolarSky can produce up to 1,500 clean, emissions-free miles per year, and under ideal conditions may increase to beyond 2,000 miles⁴ – all powered by pure sunshine.Fisker Inc. is an American electric vehicle automaker founded by Henrik Fisker and his wife Geeta Gupta-Fisker. Launched in 2016 and based in Southern California, Fisker Inc. is the successor to Fisker Automotive, which produced the Fisker Karma.