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Frank Mclaughlin Pigeons

At this time, we have many pigeons that we have graded as “Foundation Breeders.” If you need a pigeon that will produce champion racers and breeders for generations, contact McLaughlin Lofts.

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  • McLaughlin Lofts guarantees every pigeon sold. We want you to be completely satisfied with the pigeon. Your new McLaughlin pigeon will be outstanding. If a McLaughlin pigeon does not completely meet your expectations for any reason, please let us know. Due to the quality of our pigeons, they have the ability to produce champion racers.We use cookies to analyze website traffic and optimize your website experience. By accepting our use of cookies, your data will be aggregated with all other user data.

    At this time, McLaughlin Lofts has foundation-quality stock available. Our pigeons will not only be the most beautiful pigeons you own but, they could be the most prolific breeders in your loft. Our experience and reputation for producing foundation breeders is not equaled in the sport. You will be impressed with our service and quality! Please email to inquire about the specifics of your new super breeder.
    We have created an Online Pigeon Store. Visit the store to purchase an outstanding McLaughlin Lofts pigeon instantly and securely from our site. If you do not see what you are looking for, please contact us directly. Only a sample of the pigeons available are posted in the store. You will not be disappointed with a McLaughlin Pigeon! We will be adding pigeons to our Online Pigeon Store weekly.

    Please let McLaughlin Lofts provide you with a pigeon that will not only impact your racing results, but will continue to propel you to the top for the next decade!
    Article provided by Frank McLaughlin of Mclaughlin Lofts Frank’s Widowhood System #1. The cocks should spend 30 minutes with hens the first few races before crating for the race. They are left with the hens for two hours after a short race up to overnight on a long race. This is not real important. After […]Article provided by Frank McLaughlin of McLaughlin Lofts Widowhood racing has been around for nearly 80 years or more. When traveling in Belgium a few years ago I watched a film made in the 1930’s for the World’s Fair. Racing widowhood was featured and identical to how we race now right down to the nest […]

    Become A Pigeon Racing Insider And Learn The Tips, Tricks, Techniques And Strategies The Champion Pigeon Fanciers Use Every Season For Consistant Winning Results! it’s absoluetly FREE to sign up Click image above to learn more. In 1989, Frank made his first trip to Belgium and continued to visit Belgium in January and July almost every year. Over the next 3 decades, McLaughlin Lofts introduced many exceptional pigeon lines to the USA pigeon sport. His business grew from pigeon sales to importing and exporting of pigeons and Frank became also the North American Coordinator for the South African Million Dollar Pigeon Race. Frank also enjoyed leading seminars, participating on panels, writing articles and mentoring both new and experienced fanciers. Over the next several years, Frank plans to assist PIPA in introducing the best U.S. pigeons and fanciers to the international pigeon sport. The U.S. not only has extremely competitive racing areas but is also the mecca for one loft racing in the sport. The quality of American pigeons will certainly make a big impact around the globe and PIPA is the perfect platform to showcase these superstars.Frank’s father knew a person who had racing pigeons and thought that it would be interesting if Frank would joy them. When the 10 year old Frank saw the racing pigeons he was hooked and started racing in 1974.McLaughlin Lofts has created an online pigeon store. Our pigeons will not only be the most beautiful pigeons you own but, they will be the most prolific. Frank McLaughlin has had much success with the De Rauw Sablon pigeons from Herbots Loft. Belg 10 2214083 has bred generations of One Loft. Omaha Grainbelt with Frank Mclaughlin. The McLaughlin Lofts pigeons raced with little effort. and life long pigeon fancier Frank McLaughlin Frank McLaughlin of McLaughlin Lofts will explain ventilation in the pigeon loft for both racing and off season as well as his views on what. The Rolls Royce oif the O.L.R. Pigeon Races. Contact us: [email protected]. FOLLOW US. Cookies policy · Legal note and private policy. Article provided by Frank McLaughlin of Mclaughlin Lofts Frank’s Widowhood System #1. The cocks should spend 30 minutes with hens the first few races before. McLaughlin Lofts is in the industry of Telecommunications, and also Real Estate, Telephony & Wireless. What does McLaughlin Lofts do? McLaughlin Lofts is. My subscribers will be able to ask questions on any aspect of pigeon racing, care, breeding, genetics, health, training, feeding etc. October 19th – 30th 2020 – Frank McLaughlin or John Nelson. Please vaccinate your pigeons for PMV three weeks prior to shipping to the exporter. Ship young at. 1178 likes, 19 comments – Ceyx Torado | Racing Pigeons | One Loft Racing (@ceyx67) on Instagram on July 23, 2022: “Super Freak ~ original Frank McLaughlin. Are you looking to have major success with your Racing Pigeons? Frank McLaughlin will educate and entertain from his 50 years of experience at the top of th. Frank McLaughlin has been a pigeon fancier since he was 7 years old. His father bought a pair of fantail pigeons to add to Frank’s chicken. This video is Part 2 in the series and will explain how McLaughlin Lofts feeds, prepares and rests the racing pigeons for the Long Distance. In 1980, when Frank was only 18 years old, he won 4 futurity races and his first All-American award. Frank decided to advertise the winners on the cover of the Racing Pigeon Bulletin and so his pigeon sales business began. In the coming years, McLaughlin Lofts won many national and local awards racing in the powerful Greater Boston Concourse.

    Frank (supply agent) and Andy Larentzakis (sales agent) will together serve the ever growing needs of the North American market and his territory includes both the USA and Canada.