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Frozen Ramen Kit Usa

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We are aware of the problem of increasing the amount of packaging waste generated by food delivery, and frozen ramen has simplified packaging to the limit.Before COVID-19, there were social issues such as single-use plastic and excess packaging. I take care of two children, and with the importance of topics such as global climate and SDGs, I believe that corporate growth cannot be achieved without a sustainable growth strategy.

Frozen ramen is a new type of ramen that has been developed as a result of our desire to have everyone enjoy delicious ramen even under the severe conditions of COVID-19.
It doesn’t take much time to cook, the ingredients are the same as the ramen provided at our restaurant, and we have made various efforts to make it as close as possible to the quality of the restaurant, so please try it at home.I received these kits and found they are very easy to make. The instructions so to not add water but I found that the rice was a bit hard. So I would recommend leaving a bit of water with the rice after rinsing. I also believe that rice would be part of the kit but note that the rice is not included. No big deal but when I read “rice kit” I mistakenly took that to mean all ingredients would be included.

Among the different flavours we ordered, the Spicy Tonkotsu Ramen was the fastest to be consumed first. It’s the family favourite because it is simply the best!
Keep frozen until ready to heat, do not thaw / Cooking time may vary / All ingredients are fully cooked / Keeping the lid on is very important to reduce evaporationA robust miso ramen with a warming spiciness, inspired by the community where we were founded, featuring our rich chicken and duck broth and pork chashu.No assembly required and ready in 7 minutes in the microwave or a single saucepan. . A rich and savoury ramen featuring our miso veggie broth and sesame-crusted tofu.

A delicate and classic shoyu ramen, inspired by the Tokyo roots of ramen, featuring 3 options. Chicken broth with choice of pork chashu or chicken breast. Vegan with veggie broth and sesame-crusted tofu.No assembly required and ready in 7 minutes in the microwave or a single saucepan. A hug in a bowl featuring pork chashu, miso chicken broth, and crunchy toppings!A spicy and invigorating shio ramen, inspired by the light and refined side of Japanese cuisine, featuring 2 options. Vegan with veggie broth and sesame-crusted tofu or chicken broth and chicken breast.

Everything you need to fold your own Japanese dumplings, inspired by Miki’s family recipe. Makes 15-20 pieces, dipping sauce recipe included. Available in pork and veggie.

No assembly required and ready in 7 minutes in the microwave or a single saucepan. A spicy and rich ramen inspired by the flavours of Szechuan, featuring sesame chicken broth, spiced chilli oil, and seasoned ground chicken.
Whether you miss home or want to gift delicious bowls of Saimin from the islands to your loved ones, travel on over and check out all we have to offer. The ramen is frozen at the restaurants and packed with the ice pack gels in the insulated box. The ice pack gels may thaw in transit and you will get the ramen partially frozen or refrigerated. The portion of one serving ramen varies from the individual restaurants. The soup is about 10-14oz and the noodles are about 4.2-6.4oz. If you are a big eater, you may need two bowls or “Kaedama (extra noodles)”.Our ramen package is insulated to keep ramen refrigerated up to 48 hours or more so THE CUSTOMERS MUST CHOOSE ONE DAY OR TWO DAYS SHIPPING. If the ramen is in stock in the restaurant, it will be delivered to you in a couple of days.

The ramen is frozen at the restaurants and delivered refrigerated with the ice packs in the insulated box to you. The straight soup, original noodles and homemade toppings give you the wonderful experience at your place. It takes only 5-9 min to get your ramen prepared. Just boil the packages!

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FREE SHIPPING for ambient goods orders over 50€ AND WEIGHT UP TO 10 kg throughout Greece. Shipments with ELTA COURIER. Possibility of same-day delivery within Heraklion.Kenchan Ramen offers authentic “take home” Japanese ramen kits made with high quality, local ingredients in a variety of iconic and unique flavors. Kenchan Ramen was founded during the pandemic in 2020 by Kenshi Kobayashi and Master Chef Motoki Teranishi, who owns Kyushu Ramen and brings over 40 years of culinary experience to the team with the goal of bringing Japan’s ultimate comfort food to American homes in a convenient and authentic way.