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Giant Santa Hat

In Freemasonry, as practiced in North American lodges, top hats are often associated with the position of Worshipful Master as he is the only member allowed the privilege of wearing a head covering to signify his leadership within the lodge. However, the Master is not obliged to wear a top hat, and can wear whatever type of hat he deems appropriate for the occasion. This is because there are varying degrees of formality in different Lodges, from formal wear to everyday dress. It is also common for a Worshipful Master to receive top-hat-related trinkets and gifts on either the day of his installation or as a going away present. In other countries, especially in certain systems in Germany, top hats are worn by all members of the lodge.Until World War I the top hat was maintained as a standard item of formal outdoor wear by upper-class males for both daytime and evening usage. Considerations of convenience and expense meant however that it was increasingly superseded by soft hats for ordinary wear. By the end of World War II, it had become a comparative rarity, though it continued to be worn regularly in certain roles. In Britain these included holders of various positions in the Bank of England and City stockbroking, and boys at some public schools. All the civilian members of the Japanese delegation that signed the Japanese Instrument of Surrender on 2 September 1945, wore top hats, reflecting common diplomatic practice at the time.

During the 19th century, the top hat developed from a fashion into a symbol of urban respectability, and this was assured when Prince Albert started wearing them in 1850; the rise in popularity of the silk plush top hat possibly led to a decline in beaver hats, sharply reducing the size of the beaver trapping industry in North America, though it is also postulated that the beaver numbers were also reducing at the same time. Whether it directly affected or was coincidental to the decline of the beaver trade is debatable.

What is a Santa gnome?
They originated out of Scandinavian folklore and were “house gnomes” who lived in or under the house. They would protect the children and animals from evil or misfortune. Until recently, they have taken on the role similar to the American Santa. In Norway they call them, Nisse.
In this popular print of the 1848 “Five Days of Milan”, the Italian city’s uprising against Austrian rule, several combatants are shown wearing top hats.The top hat persisted in politics and international diplomacy for many years. In the Soviet Union, there was debate as to whether its diplomats should follow the international conventions and wear a top hat. Instead a diplomatic uniform with peaked cap for formal occasions was adopted. Top hats were part of formal wear for U.S. presidential inaugurations for many years. President Dwight D. Eisenhower spurned the hat for his inauguration, but John F. Kennedy, who was accustomed to formal dress, brought it back for his in 1961. Nevertheless, Kennedy delivered his forceful inaugural address hatless, reinforcing the image of vigor he desired to project, and setting the tone for an active administration to follow.

His successor, Lyndon B. Johnson, did not wear a top hat for any part of his inauguration in 1965, and the hat has not been worn since for this purpose.In some synagogues, the president and honorary officers may wear a top hat on Shabbat or the great festivals. The custom of wearing a top hat, or tzylinder in the Yiddish language, originated in 19th-century England, replacing the wig and tricorn hat. The custom became widespread in Europe until The Holocaust. In some traditional Sephardi synagogues, members of the congregation may also wear top hats on special occasions. The custom is said to have started at the Bevis Marks Synagogue in London on a hot day, when the Chazzan was preparing for a service and decided that it was too hot to wear his wig, throwing it out of the window in a fit of bad temper. He then found that his tricorn hat was too big, as it had been made to fit over the wig, and so wore his top hat instead.

The modern standard top hat is a hard, black silk hat, characteristically made of fur. The acceptable colors are much as they have traditionally been, with “white” hats (which are actually grey), a daytime racing color, worn at the less formal occasions demanding a top hat, such as Royal Ascot, or with a morning suit. In the U.S. top hats are worn widely in coaching, a driven horse discipline, as well as for formal riding to hounds.

How big should a Santa hat be?
A good Santa hat is about 1 inch larger in circumference than your own head.
For satirists and political cartoonists, the top hat was a convenient symbol of the upper class, business and capitalism. A character wearing a top hat would be instantly recognized by the viewer as a member of the oligarchy. The character Rich Uncle Pennybags in the board game Monopoly wears a top hat. In addition, a top hat is one of the game’s tokens, used by players to mark their position as they progress around the board.

The members of the “Inner Circle” of the Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania Groundhog Club wear top hats on February 2 of every year when they perform the Groundhog Day ceremonies with Punxsutawney Phil.
Between the latter part of 18th century and the early part of the 19th century, felted beaver fur was slowly replaced by silk “hatter’s plush”, though the silk topper met with resistance from those who preferred the beaver hat.A top hat, frequently colored red, white and blue, or with stars and stripes similar to those on the American flag, is part of the regular costume of Uncle Sam, a symbol of the United States.

American rock musician Tom Petty was known for wearing several types of top hats throughout his career and in his music videos such as “Don’t Come Around Here No More”. The British-American musician Slash has sported a top hat since he was in Guns N’ Roses, a look that has become iconic for him. Panic! at the Disco’s Brendon Urie is also a frequent wearer of top hats. He has been known to wear them in previous live performances on their Nothing Rhymes with Circus tour and in the music videos, “The Ballad of Mona Lisa” and “I Write Sins Not Tragedies”.
On May 5, 1812, a London hatter, Thomas Francis Dollman, patented a design for “an elastic round hat” supported by ribs and springs. His patent was described as:Perhaps inspired by the early modern era capotain, higher crowned dark felt hats with wide brims emerged as a country leisurewear fashion along with the Age of Revolution around the 1770s. Around the 1780s, the justaucorps was replaced by the previously casual frocks and dress coats. At the same time, the tricorne and bicorne hats were replaced by what became known as the top hat. By the 1790s, the directoire style dress coat with top hat was widely introduced as citywear for the upper and middle classes in all urban areas of the Western world. The justaucorps was replaced in all but the most formal court affairs. Around the turn of the 19th century, although for a few decades beaver hats were popular, black silk became the standard, sometimes varied by grey ones. While the dress coats were replaced by the frock coat from the 1840s as conventional formal daywear, top hats continued to be worn with frock coats as well as with what became known as formal evening wear white tie. Towards the end of the 19th century, whereas the white tie with black dress coat remained fixed, frock coats were gradually replaced by morning dress, along with top hats.The 1840s and the 1850s saw it reach its most extreme form, with ever-higher crowns and narrow brims. The stovepipe hat was a variety with mostly straight sides, while one with slightly convex sides was called the “chimney pot”. The style most commonly referred to as the stovepipe was popularized in the United States by Abraham Lincoln during his presidency; though it is postulated that he may never have called it stovepipe himself, but merely a silk hat or a plug hat. Lincoln often carried documents and letters inside the hat. One of Lincoln’s top hats is kept on display at the National Museum of American History in Washington, DC. Some sources have taken this to describe an early folding top hat, although it is not explicitly stated whether Dollman’s design was specifically for male or female headgear. Dollman’s patent expired in 1825. In France, around 1840, Antoine Gibus’s design for a spring-loaded collapsible top-hat proved so popular that hats made to it became known as gibus. They were also often called opera hats, owing to the common practice of storing them in their flattened state under one’s seat at the opera. The characteristic snapping sound heard upon opening a gibus suggested a third name, the chapeau claque, from French: claque, meaning “slap”. After World War I, the 1920s saw widespread introduction of semi-formal black tie and informal wear suits that were worn with less formal hats such as bowler hats, homburgs, boaters and fedoras respectively, in established society. After World War II, white tie, morning dress and frock coats along with their counterpart, the top hat, started to become confined to high society, politics and international diplomacy. The last United States presidential inaugurations with top hat was the inauguration of John F. Kennedy in 1961. Following the counterculture of the 1960s, its use declined further along with the disuse also of daily informal hats by men. It is common to see top hats in stiff wool felt and even soft wool though these are not considered on the same level as the silk or fur plush or grey felt varieties. The standard crown shape nowadays is the ‘semi-bell crown’; ‘full bell crowns’ and ‘stovepipe’ shaped toppers are rarer. According to fashion historians, the top hat may have descended directly from the sugarloaf hat; otherwise it is difficult to establish provenance for its creation. Gentlemen began to replace the tricorne with the top hat at the end of the 18th century; a painting by Charles Vernet of 1796, Un Incroyable, shows a French dandy (one of the Incroyables et Merveilleuses) with such a hat. The first silk top hat in England is credited to George Dunnage, a hatter from Middlesex, in 1793. The invention of the top hat is often erroneously credited to a haberdasher named John Hetherington. A town-weight silk top hat is made by first blocking two pieces of gossamer (or goss for short), which is made of a sheet of cheesecloth that has been coated with a shellac and ammonia solution and left to cure for 5 months on a wooden frame, on a wooden top hat block (which is made of several interconnecting pieces like a puzzle so the block can be removed from the shell, as the opening is narrower than tip of the crown) to form the shell. After the shell has rested for a week in the block, the block is removed and the brim (made of several layers of goss to give it strength) is attached to the crown. The shell is coated with a layer of shellac varnish and also left for a further week. The silk plush is then cut to the correct pattern. The top and side pieces are sewn together; the side piece having an open diagonal seam. It is then eased over the shell carefully and then ironed (the heat of the iron melting the shellac for the plush to stick to it). The upper brim is also covered with a piece of silk plush or with silk petersham (a ribbed silk). The underbrim is covered with merino cloth. After the hat has fully rested, the brim is curled and bound with silk grosgrain ribbon, and a hat band (either silk grosgrain with or without a bow, or a black wool mourning band without a bow) is installed. Finally, the lining and the leather sweatband are carefully hand-stitched in. As part of traditional formal wear, in popular culture the top hat has sometimes been associated with the upper class, and used by satirists and social critics as a symbol of capitalism or the world of business, as with the Monopoly Man or Scrooge McDuck. The top hat also forms part of the traditional dress of Uncle Sam, a symbol of the United States, generally striped in red, white and blue. Furthermore, ever since the famous “Pulling a Rabbit out of a Hat” of Louis Comte in 1814, the top hat remains associated with hat tricks and stage magic costumes.

How do you get the Tiktok Santa hat?
Step 1: Record your video as usual on the app. Step 2: Once you
have spoken for the video, click the tick button to move to the next screen. Step 3: Scroll on the right-hand side to find the audio editing option. Step 4: Select the “Santa” voice filter option and click to save.
James Laver once observed that an assemblage of “toppers” resembled factory chimneys and thus added to the mood of the industrial era. In England, post-Brummel dandies went in for flared crowns and swooping brims. Their counterparts in France, known as the “Incroyables”, wore top hats of such outlandish dimensions that there was no room for them in overcrowded cloakrooms until the invention of the collapsible top hat.The collapsible silk opera hat, or crush hat, is still worn on occasions, and black in color if worn with evening wear as part of white tie, and is still made by a few companies, of the traditional materials of satin or grosgrain silk. The other alternative hat for eveningwear is the normal hard shell. An elastic round hat, which “may be made of beaver, silk, or other materials.” “The top of the crown and about half an inch from the top” as well as “the brim and about an inch, the crown from the bottom” are stiffened in the ordinary manner. The rest of the hat “is left entirely without stiffening,” and is kept in shape by ribs of any suitable material “fastened horizontally to the inside of the crown,” and by an elastic steel spring from three to four inches long and nearly half an inch wide “sewed on each side of the crown in the inside in an upright position.” Then packed up for travelling, “the double ribbon fastened under the band is to be pulled over the top of the crown to keep it in a small compass.” The inauguration of John F. Kennedy as seen from behind. Most men have their hats off; however a few top hats can be distinguished, some by the shininess of the hat’s flat crownA top hat (also called a high hat, a cylinder hat, or, informally, a topper) is a tall, flat-crowned hat traditionally associated with formal wear in Western dress codes, meaning white tie, morning dress, or frock coat. Traditionally made of black silk or sometimes grey, the top hat emerged in Western fashion by the end of the 18th century. Although it declined by the time of the counterculture of the 1960s, it remains a formal fashion accessory. A collapsible variant of a top hat, developed in the 19th century, is known as an opera hat.Steampunk culture also incorporates the top hat into accepted headgear choices, though top hats worn in such a context are sometimes made of leather or similar materials and, now and then, even have simulated gears or other adornments secured to them.In the United Kingdom, the post of Government Broker in the London Stock Exchange that required the wearing of a top hat in the streets of the City of London was abolished by the “Big Bang” reforms of October 1986. In the British House of Commons, a rule requiring a Member of Parliament who wished to raise a point of order during a division, having to speak seated with a top hat on, was abolished in 1998. Spare top hats were kept in the chamber in case they were needed. The Modernisation Select Committee commented that “This particular practice has almost certainly brought the House into greater ridicule than almost any other”.The construction can vary; reinforced toppers sometimes called “country-weight” included greater layers of goss used to provide a strengthened hat that was traditionally suitable for riding and hunting, though it may not always conform to modern safety standards.

Although Eton College has long abandoned the top hat as part of its uniform, top hats are still worn by “Monitors” at Harrow School with their Sunday dress uniform. They are worn by male members of the British Royal Family on State occasions as an alternative to military uniform, for instance, in the Carriage Procession at the Diamond Jubilee in 2012. Top hats may also be worn at some horse racing meetings, notably The Derby and Royal Ascot. Top hats are worn at the Tynwald Day ceremony and a few other formal occasions in the Isle of Man.Because of the rarity of vintage silk hats, and the expense of modern top hats, the vintage/antique market is very lively, with models in wearable condition typically hard to find; price often varies with size (larger sizes are typically more expensive) and condition.

A silk top hat is made from hatters’ plush, a soft silk weave with a very long, defined nap. This is rare now, because it has not been in general production since the 1950s, and it is thought that there are no looms capable of producing the traditional material any more; the last looms in Lyon were destroyed by the last owner, Nicholas Smith, after a violent breakup with his brother, Bobby Smith. The standard covering is now fur plush or melusine as (the London hat merchant) Christys’ calls it. A grey flat fur felt top hat is the popular alternative.
Yet, along with traditional formal wear, the top hat continues to be applicable for the most formal occasions, including weddings and funerals, in addition to certain audiences, balls and horse racing events, such as the Royal Enclosure at Royal Ascot and the Queen’s Stand of Epsom Derby. It also remains part of the formal dress of those occupying prominent positions in certain traditional British institutions, such as the Bank of England, certain City stock exchange officials, occasionally at the Law Courts and Lincoln’s Inn, judges of the Chancery Division and King’s Counsel, boy-choristers of King’s College Choir, dressage horseback riders, and servants’ or doormen’s livery.Within 30 years top hats had become popular with all social classes, with even workmen wearing them. At that time those worn by members of the upper classes were usually made of felted beaver fur; the generic name “stuff hat” was applied to hats made from various non-fur felts. The hats became part of the uniforms worn by policemen and postmen (to give them the appearance of authority); since these people spent most of their time outdoors, their hats were topped with black oilcloth.

In George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty Four, the top hat features prominently in the propaganda of the book’s totalitarian regime: “These rich men were called capitalists. They were fat, ugly men with wicked faces […] dressed in a long black coat which was called a frock coat, and a queer, shiny hat shaped like a stovepipe, which was called a top hat. This was the uniform of the capitalists, and no one else was allowed to wear it.”

In the past, top hats were made by blocking a single piece of wool or fur felt and then covering the shell with fur plush. Since the invention of silk plush a new method using gossamer was invented and used up to the present day though the older method is more common for toppers made today.
The black Santa hat was obtainable during the 15 Days of Christmas mini-event, starting on 20 December 2013, ending on 3 January 2014. The hat could be obtained by pulling a festive cracker, with a drop chance of 1 in 2,000. Wearing Christmas themed items increased the chance of crackers dropping while training any skill by 20% for each festive item equipped (for a maximum of 120% increased chance).During the 15 Days of Christmas in 2013, this item, along with other Christmas-themed equipment, were given the hybrid style of combat, and stats that scaled with the player’s levels. This was so players could use these items in combat to assist in hunting for festive crackers during the event.

What is a snowman hat called?
The top hat is also known as a beaver hat or silk hat, in reference to its material, as well as casually as chimney pot hat or stove pipe hat.
Deluxe extra large Santa hat in thick plush material suitable for most of our mascot range. Custom made to fit your Mascot Costume, please contact us for more information. “

These gnomes are so cute and happy, just what we need this year. My sweet friend from Sweden supplies me with my huge collection! Yes, she mails me a little care package which is super sweet of her!
Merry Christmas!! I really enjoyed your warm and exuberant tone in your writing as you described the darling Gnomes! I look forward to following you! May our God bless you, yours, and your talents!I featured my gnomes in a fun Christmas post. I own a boy and girl gnome, and they will be sitting on a shelf this year in our home since I seriously need some decor that is cheerful and happy. Watch out. These sweet brother gnomes (identical twins) are party animals. These gnomes are ripe for holiday parties; they are very well behaved. They love airplane rides, going to musicals, and going to the park. The list is for two identical gnomes. Thank you for this lovely blog. I bought my first Christmas gnome tonight and thought I would look up the history. I have seen them at the Swedish shop in London England, so many trips and never purchased, so I hesitated this evening when I came across one at a shop this evening and was happy to know the background and good luck also. Thank you. Canada

My sweet friend Elisabeth gave me the cutest Christmas Gnomes. This was my first introduction to them five years ago. All my gnomes or Tomte are from Sweden.
Looking for something with personality? This cute Swedish gnome looks like he just wandered out of the forest and into your holiday home. The cute knitted hearts on his hat are perfect!Gnomes are a perfect addition to boost up your Christmas spirit. It will bring a lot of happiness and add a festive touch to your home and allow you to gain an amazing guardian that will protect you and your family.

Each design is handmade. The owner of this Etsy shop uses a clay sculpting technic to create every order. Each mug is a bespoke product, and you can customize it following your specifications. The mug will be crafted especially for you and stay one-of-a-kind.They are a good addition to the Christmas tree, they can not only dress up the Christmas tree, increase the festive atmosphere, but also bring good luck and happiness to the family.The gnomes are 9 inches tall from the top of the hat to the base, including the legs they are approx 12.5 inches tall. The diameter at the base is approximately 3 inches.Bring lots of delightful moments to your kids, family, and loved ones during this year’s Christmas celebration by using this festive and popular Scandinavian Christmas hanging gnome, which is perfect for making your kids feel so lively and catch more fun time.

How long was the largest Santa hat?
50 ft 9 in Largest Santa hat Measuring a whopping 15.47 m (50 ft 9 in) long and 8.23 m (27 ft) wide, the largest Santa hat was created by children from Norway’s Chill Youth Club. The festive headgear, which took a total of three months to construct, was presented in Fredrikstad on 9 December 2008.
Use these cute dwarf decorations (8 in the set) to add a festive atmosphere to your holiday decorations. You can put them on tables, shelves, fireplaces, hang on Christmas trees, walls, and doors. Perfect for adding to your holiday decorations.Legend says, that you need to be nice to them so they are nice back. They originated out of Scandinavian folklore and were “house gnomes” who lived in or under the house. They would protect the children and animals from evil or misfortune. Until recently, they have taken on the role similar to the American Santa. In Norway they call them, Nisse.

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What size is a Santa sack?
Step 1 – Cut the Fabric for the Christmas Santa SackSMALLLARGEFinished Size7x8″ (18×20.5cm)20×26″ (51x66cm)Cut Fabric x 2 Pieces8x9.5″ (20.5x24cm)21×27.5″ (53.5x70cm)Cut Cord x 220″ (51cm)33″ (84cm)
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What is a Santa Claus hat called?
A red and white hat associated with Santa Claus. Christmas hat. festive hat. hat. headdress.
Ho, ho, ho! Deck the halls and welcome the most wonderful time of year to your home with the Holiday Time Classic Red and White Santa Hat. This charming hat is exactly what you’ve been looking for to get into the holiday spirit. The hat features a Santa Claus-inspired design boasting a rich red construction with soft and fluffy white trim and a pom-pom to complete the look. Add this large Santa hat to your ensemble before you head out to a caroling session, office party, festive dinner or even when your family gathers around the tree. As soon as you pop the hat on, you’ll feel like old St. Nick himself and be full of holiday cheer. It may sound silly, but this one little accessory can totally change your outlook, brighten your mood and delight your children as well. Don’t wait for Santa and his sleigh to help lift your spirits and bring on the cheer. Bring home the Holiday Time Classic Red and White Santa Hat today and get ready to celebrate!

How rare is black Santa hat?
The hat could be obtained by pulling a festive cracker, with a drop chance of 1 in 2,000.
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There is no doubt your finished Santa sack will look festive and ready for all the treats you have asked Santa for this year. Don’t forget to leave out some Christmas cookies next to your Santa sack, and everyone will have a jolly, merry Christmas.

Here are the suggested measurements for a small, medium, or large Santa sack. The large-sized sack is roughly the size of a standard pillowcase. Note you will cut 2 pieces of fabric and 2 pieces of cord.
Cut the fabric to the size you would like your Santa sack to be. A pillowcase size is a common favorite for this project, but you could go smaller if you wanted.

Remember, at this stage, if you plan to decorate or embroider your sack, this must be done before you continue with the rest of the sewing. (Pattern ideas to be discussed later.)

If you wish to personalize your Santa sack, then here are some ideas of different things you could do. Remember it is best to do these before sewing up the sack. It is easier to work on a single layer of fabric, and you may need to iron some fusible interfacing on the wrong side of the fabric in order to reinforce it.
Have you made your Christmas list? Now is the time to decide if you have been naughty or nice and learn how to make a Santa sack that is going to take ALL the presents you are expecting. A Santa sack is an easy project and very rewarding to make. You can decorate the sack and personalize it for use every year.

Our Santa suits can be washed Unlike most of our competitors’ suits, our red fleece Santa suits can be washed (at 30°C), and their colours do not bleed.
Dispatch on day of order We dispatch most orders on the day of ordering, as long as orders are placed by 14:00. For all orders we guarantee dispatch within 24 hours on working days, unless stated otherwise on the product page.You will find a number of Santa hats in this category – in a range of designs, sizes and colours, of a variety of lengths, and made of fleece, plush and interlining; there’s something just right for every Santa!

How long is a Santa hat?
Classic Santa hat comes in size large and measures 12.5″ in length. Ideal to wear when caroling with the family, attending holiday parties and special events, or completing a Santa Claus ensemble.
Ho, ho, ho! Deck the halls and welcome the most wonderful time of year to your home with the Holiday Time Classic Red and White Santa Hat. This charming hat is exactly what you’ve been looking for to get into the holiday spirit. The hat features a Santa Claus-inspired design boasting a rich red construction with soft and fluffy white trim and a pom-pom to complete the look. Add this medium-sized Santa hat to your ensemble before you head out to a caroling session, office party, festive dinner or even when your family gathers around the tree. As soon as you pop the hat on, you’ll feel like old St. Nick himself and be full of holiday cheer. It may sound silly, but this one little accessory can totally change your outlook, brighten your mood and delight your children as well. Don’t wait for Santa and his sleigh to help lift your spirits and bring on the cheer. Bring home the Holiday Time Classic Red and White Santa Hat today and get ready to celebrate!Wear this Extra Large Deluxe or Plush Red Santa Hat that Fits Over a Santa Wig. Each style features white trim and white pom pom for your holiday party. These hats fit extra-large size adult heads and are perfect for wearing on top of a Santa wig. The difference is the the deluxe hat (#600002) features a thicker plush and is a nicer quality hat than the plush hat (#600001).

How tall is a Santa hat?
Classic Santa hat comes in size medium and measures 12″ in length. Ideal to wear when caroling with the family, attending holiday parties and special events, or completing a Santa Claus ensemble.
Wear this Extra Large Deluxe Plush Red Santa Hat that Fits Over a Santa Wig. It features white trim and white pom pom for your holiday party. This hat fits extra-large size adult heads. It measures 12″ in diameter.

If you’re looking for an even more interactive way to add a little bit of Father Christmas to your content, the app has also introduced a new voice filter that allows users to change their own voice to sound like Santa.A spokesperson for TikTok told Newsweek: “Text-to-speech empowers users with a new, fun way to liven up their creations—letting voices like Santa’s tell their story. We’re always thinking about new ways to add value to the community and enrich the TikTok experience, as we continue to build a safe place that entertains, inspires creativity, and drives culture. The Santa text-to-speech voice will be available through the holidays.”

TikTok’s text-to-speech feature made headlines in November when the voice of the standard and world-famous text-to-speech feature was unmasked as voiceover artist, radio presenter and podcaster Kat Callaghan.
In recent days some users have been excited to see a Santa hat appear on their profile picture in the app. If you’re looking to give your picture a festive flourish, simply follow these steps:Callaghan told Newsweek: “It’s been absolutely wild being the voice on TikTok. I started in radio and then started my own voiceover company in 2015. Since then, I’ve been a part of all kinds of really cool projects—this one is certainly a highlight for me of course.” For a limited time, the social networking app has released a range of festive features. If you’re wondering how to get involved, we’ve rounded up how to get each limited-time feature on your app. This ornate, reversible, and almost overwhelmingly plush custom Santa hat is made with real lambskin. It’s perfect for center-of-attention types seeking a statement piece to help them stand out in a Christmas crowd.Fortunately, handmade Santa hats that will last a lifetime aren’t all out of reach price-wise. Of the custom Santa hats I tested, my favorite comes from popular Etsy seller Originals by Eva, who has sold thousands of her beautifully crafted, customizable Santa hats. They’re made in small batches and sell out quickly. If the hat you like is sold out, there are many variations to choose from.A Santa hat from HoHo Hats is best for big heads, big personalities, and/or people with big hair, since its intense grandeur can easily overwhelm. I happen to fall into all three “big” categories, so I love this hat.

To find the best Santa hats, I first searched for well-constructed ones made from quality materials resistant to shedding, pilling, and/or matting. I then tested over 30 different styles, and I studied each hat thoroughly—both on and off the head.
Whatever style you choose, Argentina’s Papa Noel reminds us it’s important to remember that a Santa hat is much more meaningful than any ordinary hat: “El gorro es la magia de Papa Noel,” he chuckled as his belly jiggled like a bowl full of jelly. Or: “The hat is the magic of Santa Claus.”

However, after testing over 30 Santa hats on myself and my family members, I’ve found a handful of diamonds among the lumps of coal. Here are the Santa hats that I recommend for every personality and price.
Eva offers over 200 styles of Santa hats, ranging from an over-the-top aqua sequin option, to a mystical woodland Santa hat in dark green. Most of her hats are around $50, depending on customization choices. These tremendous toppers are pricier than most store-bought Santa hats. But they feel like 10 times the quality, and they can be worn for many years.I came to the conclusion that the best type of traditional Santa hat is slightly slouchy, with a super-soft, fluffy trim that’s sewn onto the hat as a cuff (not flat against the hat). It should also be topped off by a big, plush puff that gracefully dangles on one side of the wearer’s face.

Nancy Redd is a senior staff writer at Wirecutter covering everything from Santa hats to bath bombs. She is also a GLAAD Award–nominated on-air host and a New York Times best-selling author. Her latest picture book, The Real Santa, follows a determined little Black boy’s journey to discover what the jolly icon truly looks like.
Beard Head Santa hats are adorable. However, the area where the Velcro attaches the beard to the hat scratches skin and easily catches hair. Oriental Trading has several hats, yet there was nothing deluxe about this Deluxe Santa hat or this Deluxe Santa hat. I loved the unique look of the company’s posable Santa hat, but it started to shed and fall apart within an hour of wear (at $16 for a pack of six, though, they are certainly affordable).

These handmade Santa hats are well-crafted, luxurious, and the most customizable of those I tested. They sell out quickly, but there are dozens of options available in a plethora of faux furs, fabrics, sizes, colors, and trims.Finally, for kids and people with smaller heads who want to spread Christmas cheer without spreading germs: This adorable Santa hat–bearded-face-mask combo is not very luxurious, but it’s definitely hilarious, as is this Grinch-beard beauty.

A fun way to unconventionally spread Christmas cheer is to wear a Santa hat that goes against the traditional colors and styles. Whether you’re trying to channel your inner Lil Nas X or Bruce Springsteen (video), this incredible Santa cowboy hat, which lights up, will certainly stand out in a sea of Santa hats.
Wirecutter is the product recommendation service from The New York Times. Our journalists combine independent research with (occasionally) over-the-top testing so you can make quick and confident buying decisions. Whether it’s finding great products or discovering helpful advice, we’ll help you get it right (the first time).For store-bought Santa hats under $20, there is surprisingly little correlation between the cost of a Santa hat and its quality. For example, this cheap-looking $16 hat was ill-fitting and paled in comparison to our budget pick, the gorgeous LessMo Snowflake Pattern Velvet Santa Hat. Generally available for less than $5 per hat, the LessMo hat is slouchy and soft, just like a good Santa hat should be. It features a beautiful snowflake design embossed into high-quality velvet fabric, a perfectly puffy pompon, and a generous, fluffy cuff (which can be adjusted to fit both kids and adults).

Folks searching for a Santa hat with all of these qualities are not going to be satisfied by store-bought options. In terms of quality and appearance, not a single commercially available Santa hat I tried could hold a candle to the handmade, custom ones I tested—a fact that was validated by Houston’s very own Black Santa. “All of my magical caps are specially made by the elves at the North Pole,” he disclosed in an exclusive interview, pleased that people want to emulate his iconic style. “I would suggest that you hire a seamstress or tailor to create your Santa hat.”

Hate wearing hats or don’t want to mess up your hair? Consider this Santa hat barrette or the Santa hat headband in this fun four-pack. These options are also great for little ones who may be too fidgety to keep a traditional hat on for long periods of time.
Slightly structured but still soft and featuring a snowflake pattern, the least-expensive option in my testing pool turned out to be the best store-bought Santa hat by far.If you’re ordering a handmade hat, to ensure proper fit, check the measurements against your own head. A good Santa hat is about 1 inch larger in circumference than your own head. Be sure to get your order in sooner rather than later because the closer it gets to Christmas, the more backed up both crafters and shipping services

A good Secret Santa gift is bought on a budget, when you know only one or two things about the giftee—and we’ve found ideas for even the hardest-to-please people.
I’ve searched dozens of store shelves, many stuffed with subpar options, to find the perfect Santa hat. I wanted to find one to wear during promotional interviews for my children’s book, The Real Santa, which is based on my son’s intense efforts to catch the jolly icon in action. Sadly, most Santa-hat manufacturers belong on the naughty list for churning out cheaply made, poorly proportioned caps that are more “No! No! No!” than “Ho! Ho! Ho!” Many hats are either too short and tight (resembling a cone-shaped clown hat) or too loose and long (like Wee Willie Winkie’s nightcap). Marketing lies are also prevalent—Santa hats with the word luxury in their names or that boast a one-size-fits-all head circumference yet tend to be far from it.

If you’re looking for an over-the-top, statement-piece Santa hat—one that’s even more lavish than the fancy ones worn by Hollywood movie Santas—and you don’t mind spending a little more, a custom creation from HoHo Hats may be worth the splurge. Trimmed with real lambskin and fabricated with the finest materials I’ve ever seen on a Santa hat, these gorgeous statement pieces come in a variety of colors, fabrics, and trims. A Santa hat from HoHo Hats is best for big heads, big personalities, and/or people with big hair, since its intense grandeur can easily overwhelm. I happen to fall into all three “big” categories, so I love this hat. If you can’t make up your mind about what color you’d like, you’re in luck. These ornate Santa hats are reversible, so you actually get two hats in one.Chill folks seeking understated ways to express their holiday spirit will enjoy wearing this amazing Santa baseball cap from Tipsy Elves, this trimmed plush hat from Boieo, or this uniquely dapper buffalo-check Santa hat from Eddie Bauer.