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Glock 43 Iwb Leather Holster

It really comes down to personal preference which is better. Kydex holsters come out on top when it comes to retention and reholstering. Leather holsters take the crown when it comes to comfort and style. I know you didn’t read this whole article for me to tell you it’s a tie, so for the sake of this article I will choose one. I prefer leather holsters and think they edge out Kydex. The only way to find out which you prefer is to spend some time with both. The best holster is the one you are going to carry everyday. Go out there and get your hands on a few different styles of holster and find out for yourself which is going to make it easiest for you to make sure you have your gun where you need it when you need it!While Kydex holsters can be limited in your options of style, there is no shortage of different shapes and sizes of leather holsters. Even for IWB carry you have quite a few options with leather.

This question is asked a lot and depending on who you ask you can get different answers. If you already have decided which is better for you, you may passionately defend your side and that’s ok. If you haven’t quite made up your mind yet, I’m here to let you in on a little secret…While no quality holster should ever be considered universal, a lot of leather holsters will work for multiple, similar sized guns. Especially if you rotate your daily carry gun, you may find that you can use the same leather holster with several different guns versus needing a new one for each gun if you chose to go the Kydex route.

One of the main complaints about Kydex holsters is the comfort factor. While rigidity is a good thing when it comes to keeping the gun in its place, it is a bad thing for comfort. Especially when you are carrying IWB. Having this very hard thing with hard angles shoved down your pants doesn’t provide the most pleasing experience. If you have a bit of a gut like I do, sitting down while wearing a Kydex holster can prove cumbersome and even downright painful until you get used to it. Another of the complaints about Kydex holsters is they tend to cause damage to your firearm. The Kydex holster tends to have specific points of the gun that it rubs up against which can wear away the finish. With repeated use, the finish on your gun can start to wear out pretty quickly in a Kydex holster. The last major issue with Kydex holsters is that they are only going to work for one specific gun model. If you make any changes to what gun you carry, add any accessories, or even make any aftermarket modifications you may find your Kydex holster doesn’t work like it used to. You will also have a hard time finding an “off the shelf” Kydex holster if your gun isn’t one of the more popular models then having a custom made Kydex holster can be expensive.
Kydex is a relatively new material for holster makers when compared to leather. Kydex is a plastic-like composite material which was originally designed for use in aircraft interiors. Kydex is made in thin sheets that can be heated up and then molded around a gun or a replica to perfectly fit all of the nooks and crannies. Once the Kydex cools back down, it retains the molded shape and also becomes very rigid and durable. This custom molding provides a few benefits and the biggest of those is retention. When you insert your gun into a quality made Kydex holster you will both hear and feel the snap as the gun locks perfectly into place. You can take the holster out and turn it upside down and shake it and the gun will still stay firmly locked into place. Kydex holsters also tend to hold their specific shape for a long time. Another benefit from this is easy reholstering. Because the holster is rigid, it makes reholstering a bit easier to accomplish especially if you are only using one hand.

Suede IWB holsters are what you might consider ‘minimalist’ holsters. The thin suede leather protects the gun and most importantly the trigger but they are very light and simple. This makes it easier to conceal from both a comfort and a printing perspective. When carrying IWB nearly all of the retention is provided by the friction between your belt and your body, and this is especially true regarding suede holsters.
Leather detractors will be quick to complain about the extra cost of leather, but with the advent of the internet you will find leather craftsman which can now sell their wares directly to the customer for prices which are very competitive with Kydex. Another complaint is the lack of retention of leather versus kydex holsters. This is a fact. Without a retention strap, you give up some retention if you go with a leather holster.Both are quality options! Both leather holsters and kydex holsters are pretty damn good for different reasons. You can choose for yourself which features are more important to you and your specific needs and preferences.Leather holsters have been around ever since guns have needed holstering. There is a reason for that, leather is a very solid choice when it comes to gun holsters. Leather holsters perfectly walk the line between durability and comfort. A well made leather sheath is strong enough to protect your gun for decades and yet still soft enough to wear it down your pants with a smile. When it comes to looks, leather holsters also take the cake. There are museums where you can find leather holsters that are over 100 years old and they still look good!

I use my Relentless suede IWB the most. Also have ordered a hybrid Kydex with leather backing, hoping it will work. Have tried several all kydex, and found them very uncomfortable.Very Impressive blog for this information is very useful I like the stuff you have provided here, I like to listen to such blogs in the future too KYDEX Gun HolstersA Bullhide IWB holster may be the perfect holster and it’s my personal preference when I carry inside the waistband. The thicker leather breaks in to your gun and provides just a bit more retention than the suede holster. It’s a little bulkier but I think it is a worthwhile trade off.I have both and I like to cary at 6 o’clock and I find leather much more comfortable even on long road trips in the car or the truck. The clip on my holster locks into a special location in my saddle bags when I’m horse back. When I’m hunting t use kydex on my chest. My opinion is they both have there place.Glock 43 Holsters – Handmade in USA – Specific Custom Molded to the Glock 43 Pistol. If you try to insert any other gun into this holster it will not work. Conceal carry comfortably with the thinnest leather custom molded holster.Warriorland is committed to design and produce cutting edge tactical products including Gun Lights, Flashlights, Gun Holsters and other cool EDC gadgets Over the years Glock has introduced many many models of firearms that all look very similar and you could say that many of their competitors have also adopted their style of design. Widely known as reliable and affordable, these handguns come in every shape and size while maintaining their signature look when Glock first released the Glock 17 in 1984. The 43X has an MOS option if you want an optic. One interesting thing to point out is that if you buy the 43X MOS version, it also comes with a Picatinny rail but the standard one doesn’t.Both are 9mm pistols. The Glock 19 has 15 rounds in the standard magazine. The Glock 43x holds 10, but the 43X can be expanded to 15 rounds though with aftermarket mags like the S15 by Shield Arms in the same footprint as the standard magazine.

It’s easy to understand the importance of a slim, single-stack handgun for concealed carry. Another thing to consider is the length of the grip; the 43X has a longer grip than the 43 but it still conceals well it will if you have a good holster and wear it on your body where it fits you best.

Why Kydex over leather?
Retention quality Both provide adequate amounts of retention. However, leather eventually softens and wears out over time, degrading its retention quality. In contrast, Kydex holsters are rigid and durable enough that they continue providing your firearm with the same retention quality they did when they were new.
Fun thing about Glocks is they’re so common. There are loads of accessories and customizations available, so you can really make it your own. It goes without saying that you can’t really go wrong with any of these firearms as they’re all reliable, shoot well, and handle well.Now there are other solid options when considering the 43X, including the Glock 48 which has the same frame but has a longer (4.2 inches vs 3.4 inches) barrel.

Is Glock 43X too big for concealed carry?
It’s easy to understand the importance of a slim, single-stack handgun for concealed carry. Another thing to consider is the length of the grip; the 43X has a longer grip than the 43 but it still conceals well it will if you have a good holster and wear it on your body where it fits you best.
They sought to design a pistol with as few parts as possible, making them lightweight, simple and easy to maintain. Now that they have the Glock 43X, it’s one of their best handguns for concealed carry.

Now let’s compare to the Glock 43, which just so happened to be the second best-selling gun of 2021. You’ll see that there are two main notable differences which are the grip length, allowing more ammo in the 43X, and the Glock 43 coming with only six rounds in the standard mag
Is it worth it to go from six rounds to 15 rounds? It is unless you’re trying to ankle carry, in which case the handle would need to be shorter. You might be able to get away with it if you have massive calves!If you’re looking for a holster for your Glock, definitely check out the ShapeShift and Cloak series lineups by Alien Gear Holsters, including the 4.0 IWB Holster and the Cloak Belt Holster.

When comparing size, you’ll quickly notice when holding the 43X that it’s slimmer as a single stack versus the Glock 19 as a double stack and its barrel length is a bit shorter.

What holster will fit a Glock 43?
Blackhawk T-Series L2C OWB and concealment often don’t go together, but sometimes, you need a good OWB holster for concealment. The Blackhawk T Series L2C is the one for the Glock 43. This OWB, all Kydex holster features an active retention device to ensure your G43 stays put.
If you’re bigger, you may be able to place it on your side and if you’re carrying appendix be sure the holster holds the handle in close as well so if it conceals well.Our custom IWB holsters are handcrafted using the finest materials. We make the fully customizable holsters one at a time, using the traditional methods which result in sturdier and more durable concealment holsters. FALCOs best IWB holsters can be crafted for over 2000 pistols & 900 revolvers and include holsters in various ride heights. You can pick gun holsters that are made from leather, nylon, or Kydex.

Most of the holsters are usually specifically for inside the waistband or outside the waistband use. With Falco Holsters, however, you are even able to enjoy this feature. Yes, you can wear an IWB holster as an OWB with holster models like A605 or A114 Merlin.
FALCOs leather IWB holsters are characteristic of hand-colored, hand-shaped & lacquered natural Italian leather of the highest quality. Only the best leather hides we get are used for the production of our concealed carry holsters. The premium variant of the holster offers the highest craftsmanship we can deliver, from tiny details of hand-coloring to the natural leathery fragrance that gets you as soon as you open your package. These are leather IWB holsters worthy of your most precious firearm. With the right care, it might even live up to the lifespan of the gun itself.Just like all our other products, we back these with our 100% Lifetime Warranty! If anything happens during the life of the holster we will either fix it or replace it for FREE!

Yeah we couldn’t figure it out either! So we are here to change the game in the soft sided holster market! We have produced the best IWB Leather Holster, made out of natural water buffalo hides. This Glock 43 IWB Leather Holster WILL last a LIFETIME for ONLY $34.95!!
Your firearm deserves a top quality Glock 43 IWB Leather Holster! Why buy a soft IWB Holster that is made out of fabric or a cheap suede? Those holsters will not last a Lifetime and you still pay $30-$35 from all the other holster companies?These IWB Leather Holster are handcrafted from start to finish. Starting with the cutting, through the sewing to create the top quality product and attention to detail that you all have come to expect from Muddy River Tactical. The leather is 4 to 5 ounce natural water buffalo that will give you an extremely soft, thin, and comfortable Inside the Waistband holster option. The belt clip is metal to give you the securement and strength you need in this style holster. We rivet the belt clip into the holster as well as add a support piece and stitch it all together to reinforce the entire clip and holster. All holsters come with a 10 degree cant angle on the belt clip. This is to allow it to be the most versatile in all carry positions. We start the molding process on these holsters then allow you to finish it. This allows the holster to mold to your firearm and body in the position that you desire to carry it. Not everyone has the same body shape or carry preferences so this will give you the best fitting and formed holster for YOU! We were tired of the same old pancake-style leather holsters offering little retention and causing holster wear on our guns. After trying dozens of leather holsters, we couldn’t find any that we loved, so we created our own. Enter the Independence, our premium leather holster, specifically molded for the Glock 43/43X.Designed by a master leather craftsman, 20 year Navy veteran, and IDPA competitive shooter, our premium leather holsters are hand-crafted in the USA using the highest quality vegetable-tanned leather from patriotic cows. Each leather holster is custom-tailored to your specific handgun for perfect fit and strong retention. The Independence uses a proprietary design to maximize retention, comfort, and ease of use.In addition, the IWB holster features tuckable clips that are fully adjustable for ride & cant – no other leather holster can make those claims. The Independence is also a low-profile design offering the smallest footprint possible while maintaining maximum strength & retention.

Featuring a double-layer shell, The Independence offers unparalleled rigidity, retention and protection against holster wear on your firearm. The inside layer is grain-side to protect your gun from the wear and tear caused by normal leather holsters. Other leather holsters use a flimsy single-layer shell with less rigidity and flesh-side interior that causes unnecessary holster wear on your beloved firearm.At We The People Holsters, we love guns, and The Independence was designed with your handgun in mind. No other leather holster can even come close to the quality and features of The Independence. So throw away your crappy old leather holster, and give The Independence a try today!In addition, the IWB holster features tuckable clips that are fully adjustable for ride & cant – no other leather holster can make those claims. The Independence is also a low-profile design offering the smallest footprint possible while maintaining maximum strength & retention. DISCLAIMER: This product is not manufactured, authorized, endorsed, or warranted by GLOCK. GLOCK does not warrant or represent that this product is compatible with GLOCK pistols. A Glock will very rarely jam if you follow the proper maintenance procedures and use the correct ammunition. Make sure to clean your Glock after every use, and only use factory-made Glock ammunition. If you take these precautions, your Glock should never jam.

One of the main issues that can cause a Glock to jam is if the gun is not properly maintained. If the gun is not cleaned and lubricated regularly, dirt and carbon buildup can cause the gun to malfunction.
4. Once the gun is disassembled, you can start cleaning it. Begin by using a solvent to clean the inside of the barrel. This will remove any built-up residue and make it easier to scrub. Finally, if the gun is dropped, this can potentially dislodge internal parts and cause a malfunction. While these are some of the most common issues that can cause a Glock to jam, it is important to note that any gun can malfunction under the right (or wrong) circumstances. Another common issue is when a round is not fully chambered. This can be caused by a variety of factors, such as an obstruction in the chamber or an incorrect ammunition type being used. Additionally, if the gun’s recoil spring is not properly tensioned, this can also cause a jam.

Although Glock pistols are famously reliable, they can still jam. If this happens, there are several steps you can take to clear the jam and get your pistol back up and running.
First, try to clear the jam by rapping the bottom of the magazine sharply on a hard surface a few times. If this doesn’t work, you can try to disassemble the magazine and clear the jam that way.

Any gun can jam, no matter how well it is made, that includes Glock. There are many factors that can cause a gun to jam, such as dirt, dust, or even a simple manufacturing defect. Sometimes, a gun will jam simply because it is old and needs to be replaced. However, if you clean and maintain your gun properly, you can help to prevent jams.
If you are looking for a reliable handgun that rarely jams, the Glock is a great place to start. Browse our online store for Glock Models and pick up your gun in store or have it shipped to an FFL dealer near you for pick up.

Which is better Glock 43 or 43X?
A newer version of the 43X includes an optical mounting plate as an upgrade. No such option exists for the G43 currently. The only other major difference between the two pistols is that the 43X slide is milled with forward cocking serrations, whereas the G43 only has the rear cocking serrations milled into the slide.
If neither of these methods works, you may need to field strip your Glock and clear the jam from the chamber. This is a more involved process, so be sure to consult your owner’s manual or a qualified gunsmith if you’re not comfortable doing it yourself.With a little bit of care and attention, you can keep your Glock running smoothly and avoid jams altogether. Just be sure to clean and maintain your pistol regularly, and inspect it for any potential problems before heading out to shoot.

Our holsters use sturdy metal belt clips that are carefully manufactured to fit standard belt sizes. They’ll keep your holster in place when you need to draw your gun so you can carry it with confidence. Browse our complete selection online today.
If necessary, users can wear a tank top or T-shirt underneath and tuck this extra layer behind the holster for added comfort. Combine this trick with a quality holster fitted with a sweat guard to achieve maximum comfort. It also protects your gun’s finish.

Another popular carry position is appendix carry, which requires a dedicated holster called an appendix holster (also known as an appendix inside the waistband or AIWB holster). In this position, the holster sits directly in front of the shooter’s body, over the pelvic area. Appendix carry is typically more comfortable for shooters with smaller frames, making it a practical choice for women.
Incognito Concealment makes OWB and paddle holsters with the same high-quality materials as their IWB counterparts. To get the most from carrying two holsters, practice drawing and using both guns. For instance, a cross-draw OWB holster is very different from using a strong side IWB holster, so you’ll want to practice wearing and using both.The most common carry position with an IWB holster is strong side hip carry. In this position, the holster rests on the hip corresponding to the shooter’s dominant hand (e.g., right-handed shooters carry on the right hip). Strong side hip carry is considered the most practical choice because the natural resting position for your hands is at your sides.

What type of IWB holster is most comfortable?
Leather is a traditional holster material and one of the most popular choices for IWB models because it is soft, comfortable, and fits the body well.
Although the Outside-the-Waistband holster (OWB) is popular in open carry states, an Inside-the-Waistband holster (IWB), also known as a tuckable holster, is usually the practical choice in states requiring a concealed carry permit. IWB holsters allow gun owners to keep their weapons securely tucked away but within reach in an emergency.IWB holsters must have a metal clip that holds the gun securely in place on the belt, even while the wearer moves around. Cheap, poorly made belt clips can cause the holster to move to an uncomfortable position or fall off your gun belt entirely. They also make it more challenging to draw your weapon in an emergency.

Ankle holsters are hard to draw from quickly and are more appropriate for compact or subcompact handguns than full-size weapons. Shoulder holsters are harder to conceal under women’s jackets, which tend to be more tapered. Concealment hip huggers and corset holsters wrap around the hips or abdomen and close in the front like brassieres or with zippers but can be hard to access.
A good holster should employ a sturdy material that protects the gun from damage and ensures you can’t pull the trigger accidentally. Kydex is an excellent choice because it provides excellent retention while adequately protecting your weapon against wear and tear. However, many gun owners struggle to find a comfortable IWB holster. Since IWB holsters must be worn inside a pair of pants, they can rub against the skin or make the pants fit too snugly. A well-designed IWB holster uses the right materials and shape to create a holster that holds the gun securely but isn’t bulky or uncomfortable. The majority of Incognito Concealment holsters are made at the time of order to the exact specifications and preferences chosen by the customer. Because of this, we do not accept returns or issue refunds on items that were made correctly according to the customer’s order form. An order may be canceled up to 24 hours after it is placed, provided that production has not already begun. If you would like to cancel an order, the request must be sent in writing via email. Please include your name, phone number, order number, and reason for cancelation in the email. Cancelation requests must be emailed to: [email protected]. Custom orders returned or canceled after the 24 hour period are done so at our discretion and may be subject to a 50% restocking fee. Shipping will be arranged and paid for by the customer. By placing an order with us, you are consenting to our terms and conditions, to include our return and cancelation policy. Inside-the-waistband (IWB) is the most popular carry method because the IWB holster is one of the easiest holster types you can conceal. They also offer better retention and allow you to reach faster draw speeds than other concealable holsters. While women can wear an IWB holster with a skirt, you should still wear a robust gun belt to ensure the IWB belt clip attaches securely. Shirts should not be tucked around the holster because this makes it more challenging to draw in an emergency.Some gun owners want to carry a backup weapon. The right backup holster for concealed carry depends on the size of the guns you carry and the size of your body. Most gun owners can benefit from using a high-quality, comfortable IWB holster for their backup guns. Popular backup gun carry positions include appendix carry and behind the hip ( FBI carry). While the plastic is hard around the gun, it is still a comfortable holster to wear, even in hot weather. Unlike leather and nylon, Kydex is a sturdy material requiring little maintenance. The average Kydex holster can last several years without signs of wear and tear.Women should avoid concealed carry purse holsters or any other type of off-body carry. Aside from rendering your firearm less accessible in an emergency, a purse is also one of the first items muggers target. Keeping your weapon on your body allows you to maintain control of your gun at all times, letting you defend yourself and your possessions more effectively. Belt holsters, particularly IWB holsters, remain the most practical choice for women who want to conceal a firearm comfortably, safely, and securely. There’s no reason you can’t carry a full-size weapon, but if you decide that you’d like to carry a more compact gun, there are numerous examples on the market that provide you with ample firepower. Practice carrying and drawing from every type of holster you intend to use regularly. You should only start using a holster in public once you become proficient with your draw stroke and achieve a good draw speed. Neglecting holster training presents significant risks like fumbling or accidents when you need your gun the most.Like many other leather products, a leather holster requires significant care and maintenance to avoid premature degradation. Even a high-quality leather holster can tear, crack, and eventually break down if not given regular attention.

What holster do Navy Seals use?
In the waistband. Option with this pistol the 2-2-6. This is a t-rex arms. In the waistband. Holster appendix carry i’ve used this in iraq carrying a 2-2-6 full-size pistol and a 20-round mag.
Kydex is a thermoplastic material with high impact and abrasion resistance. Kydex holsters are molded to fit a specific gun model, providing excellent retention and safety.

All Incognito Concealment IWB holsters feature an ambidextrous design with customization options, such as an adjustable retention screw, ride height, and orientation.

Regardless of your preferred carry position, don’t forget that your choice of pants matters when carrying a belt holster. Wear pants one size larger than usual to account for the holster’s bulk. IWB holsters can be challenging to wear with yoga pants, so wearers may need to stick to traditional pant styles.

Incognito Concealment carefully designs its Kydex holsters to hold the gun securely without unnecessary bulk or weight, making them the perfect choice for men and women. The metal belt clip fits snugly and is available in two sizes to accommodate either 1.5” or 1.75” belts.Incognito makes quality gun belts and magazine holsters compatible with a wide range of pistols and revolvers, ideal for completing your concealed carry setup. Whether you’re new to IWB carry or are a concealment expert, Incognito holsters are an excellent option for shooters of all skill levels.

However, they aren’t necessarily a more practical choice. The usefulness of these holster types is situational and is often more challenging to wear daily. Additionally, you must re-train yourself with each of these to achieve an acceptable draw speed, without guarantees of being as fast as you would with a standard belt holster.
We offer a 30 day money back guarantee on our quick ship inventory items because we believe in our products. Reference our page of quick ship items here. These items are eligible for return or exchange if you are dissatisfied with them for any reason. This does not include shipping to or from shipping costs. We do not sell used holsters so if the product has been damaged it will not be eligible for return.One of the most common debates among gun owners is which holster material is best. Leather is a traditional holster material and one of the most popular choices for IWB models because it is soft, comfortable, and fits the body well. However, leather is susceptible to moisture and exposure to body sweat.

The purpose of a gun holster is to keep the weapon safe and under control when not in the shooter’s hands or storage. While comfort and convenience are essential in any concealment holster, safety and secure retention are critical.
Other holster styles, like the shoulder holster, ankle holster, or belly-band holster, may seem more comfortable at first glance. Many of these alternative holster types don’t even require a gun belt.

The holster shell uses precision-molded 0.08” Kydex sheets designed to fit the gun’s shape perfectly without jabbing into the wearer’s skin. Every model covers the trigger guard and most of the slide, allowing you to keep your index finger in a safe position when you wrap your hand around the pistol grip.

With low profile sheets, a Kydex holster can be very thin and lightweight, making it the ideal material for a deep concealment holster. When appropriately designed and worn with the right choice of pants, you’ll forget it’s even there.
Most nylon holsters weigh just a few ounces and are very inexpensive. However, they are also unsafe for long-term use. They are usually generic holsters, not made to fit a specific model, providing poor retention. Additionally, nylon holsters are fragile, generally falling apart after a few months of daily use.

Is leather good for IWB holster?
There is a reason for that, leather is a very solid choice when it comes to gun holsters. Leather holsters perfectly walk the line between durability and comfort. A well made leather sheath is strong enough to protect your gun for decades and yet still soft enough to wear it down your pants with a smile.
Our mission at Incognito Concealment is to provide you with the most comfortable IWB and OWB Kydex holsters. Whether you carry a compact pistol or a full-size revolver, our holsters are designed to fit the most popular firearms perfectly, thanks to their precise molding and careful design.Quality concealment holsters must also be thin enough to remain completely undetected beneath your clothing. This requirement can be a challenge in warmer climates, as wearing a jacket can be uncomfortable for the gun owner. A good concealable holster is sufficiently low profile to fit under a thin untucked shirt, keeping the user cool and comfortable in the heat.

What works for one frame or body type may not necessarily be effective with another. CDC statistics show that the average women’s waist size is about 2” smaller than men’s. In addition, women’s clothing tends to be more form-fitting than men’s.Nylon is also a soft and comfortable material, known for its exceptional strength-to-weight ratio and breathability, making it the ideal lightweight holster material.Incognito Concealment offers a Lifetime Warranty on all of our holsters for the original owner for manufacturer defects. If you feel your product is defective, broken, or does not fit correctly, please contact us via phone at (586) 257-1686 or email at [email protected]. We may request photos or videos for further clarification of the issue. If we deem the product to be damaged or defective from the factory, we will issue repairs as necessary, up to and including completely replacing your product as well as paying return shipping.Thigh holsters and belly-band holsters are popular holster options, but they can be more difficult to conceal than an IWB holster. These methods are more suitable for women who prefer loose-fitting clothing, such as dresses or skirts.

The right IWB holster can offer deep concealment, accessible ride height, comfort, and easy access, regardless of the shooter’s frame or body type. Here’s how to find and carry the most comfortable IWB holster for you.
While many gun enthusiasts try to compile lists of five of the most comfortable IWB concealed carry holsters, the reality is that a single material always comes out on top: Kydex.Rogers’ colleagues were so impressed with its durability and performance that he eventually took a three-year leave of absence from the FBI to start the Rogers Holster Company in 1973, officially introducing the first modern alternative to leather holsters to the market.

Does Glock 43 and 43x use same holster?
Both the G43 and the G43X fit the same holsters, despite the capacity differences. This is due the geometry of the slide, trigger guard and contact surfaces with the holster are all still identical.
Kydex is a thermoplastic material invented in 1965 by the Rohm & Haas Company, a chemical manufacturing company. Originally intended as a liner material for aircraft interiors, then-FBI agent Bill Rogers was the first to use Kydex as a holster material, seeking to create a more durable alternative to his standard-issue leather holster.

Initially, the retention quality of a brand-new leather holster is about the same as a Kydex holster. Both provide adequate amounts of retention. However, leather eventually softens and wears out over time, degrading its retention quality.
Our holsters are 100% hand-crafted in the United States and compatible with a wide array of handgun models, from the slimmest subcompacts to the heaviest full-size models. For more information about our holsters, explore our website or call us today at (586) 333-4240.However, hybrid holsters have their disadvantages. They are more expensive than 100% Kydex holsters, they are less convenient to put on and remove, and most importantly, the leather backing may still wear out like any other leather item.

Does a Glock 43 jam?
Any gun can jam, no matter how well it is made, that includes Glock.
In contrast, humidity and exposure to sweat can accelerate a leather holster’s wear. Even the best chemically-treated leather is only water-resistant, requiring frequent waxing and caring to prolong its life.In contrast, Kydex holsters are rigid and durable enough that they continue providing your firearm with the same retention quality they did when they were new.

One of the primary concerns of everyday carrying is ensuring you can trust your holster to retain your firearm adequately. If you’re a concealed-carrying gun owner, your holster’s job is to maintain your gun’s position and orientation, avoiding nasty surprises if you need to draw in self-defense.
At first, leather holsters were notable for leaving the trigger guard exposed due to the prevalence of single-action revolvers, which cannot fire when the hammer is uncocked. As more modern double-action handguns and semi-automatic pistols became more prevalent, leather holsters started covering the trigger guard. Traditional gun leather is made using premium-grade cowhide or bull hide. More exotic models may employ leather from rarer animal hides, such as deer, buffalo, snakes, or even crocodiles and alligators, each with its own unique look and feel. Whether they are IWB holsters, OWB holsters, or any other type, all gun holsters must fulfill the same fundamental mission: Keep the gun safe and under the shooter’s control at all times when not drawn, without impeding on the shooter’s comfort or mobility.

Typical leather holsters employ full-grain leather, which comprises the topmost layer of a raw animal hide. Unlike many other leather articles, leather gun holsters are not sanded or extensively treated; the only significant alterations are tanning and dyeing.
Here, leather has the advantage, as it is a softer and more pliable material than Kydex. However, avoiding “Kydex scratching” is easier than it seems; make sure to regularly clean the inside of your Kydex holster, removing particles and foreign objects that can accelerate finish wear.A hybrid holster employs a Kydex outer shell and a leather back panel. In theory, hybrid holsters offer the comfort of leather and the compatibility with accessories (e.g., belt clips, belt loops, mod wings) typically associated with Kydex.

Kydex holsters offer unmatched rigidity, allowing you to draw and re-holster one-handed with ease. Kydex maintains its shape no matter how hard or how often you draw or re-holster, making it an excellent choice if you enjoy practicing your draw stroke.

As a holster material, Kydex is rigid, lightweight, and highly durable. Kydex holsters start life as flat sheets that the manufacturer cuts then thermoforms (heated up and pressed down) around a model gun matching the dimensions of a specific firearm.
The vast majority of gun holsters available on the market are leather and Kydex holsters. One of the most frequently asked questions by new gun owners is the classic Kydex vs. leather question: Which of the two is the better choice? Compare and contrast with leather, where the holster mouth tends to deform and collapse during drawing and re-holstering strokes. As a result, shooters must often use the non-dominant hand to guide the gun in and out of the holster. They must also ensure the holster doesn’t fold inward, potentially jamming into the trigger guard and causing an involuntary discharge. Leather holsters have existed for as long as people needed to carry guns, tracing their origins back to the pommel holster, a 17th-century invention. For hundreds of years, leather was used because of its comfort and durability. If you carry every day and regularly practice your draw strokes, your gun will repeatedly rub and scrape against the inside of your holster. The softness of your holster’s shell has an impact on how quickly your gun’s finish will wear out. Before buying a new holster, it is critical to know the role a carry holster fulfills. Understanding the characteristics of both materials will give you the knowledge you need to make the right choice.

Although there is no denying that a high-quality, modern holster should be durable regardless of the materials it employs, Kydex has a distinct advantage: It is naturally waterproof and highly resistant to impacts, scrapes, and cuts. This advantage is especially relevant for IWB and appendix carry holsters, which must resist exposure to sweat for hours at a time.
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Is Glock 43 good to conceal?
The Glock 43 subcompact is tailor made for deep, undetectable concealment and as a result, a person can keep a 9mm Glock on them at all times. As a backup or as a deep concealment pistol, the Glock 43 is one of the best choices of subcompact, single-stack 9mm pistols available.
Located in the heart of Central Florida, our Vedder Holsters team crafts your unique holster by hand to ensure a precise fit for your gun model every time. Because our holsters are tailored to your preferences, each one is made to order.The Glock 43 9mm w/ TLR-6 RapidTuck holster is an inside the waistband (IWB) hybrid holster that’s handmade with premium leather and molded Kydex® to perfectly fit your gun. Our Glock 43 9mm w/ TLR-6 RapidTuck gives you the comfort of a hybrid holster with the smaller size of our LightTuck kydex holster. The Glock 43 9mm w/ TLR-6 RapidTuck series is designed to be worn IWB. Whether you like to carry in the 3–5 o’clock position with or without forward cant, appendix carry or even cross draw… The Glock 43 9mm w/ TLR-6 RapidTuck holster does it all and is proudly made right here in the USA!

We are so confident that you will love your new holster that you can wear it for 30 days from the day you receive it and if for whatever reason it is not for you, contact us and return within 30 days of receipt and receive a full refund of the holster price (excluding shipping).

*International Purchasers* Please note that international shipping is not included with any warranty or exchanges. Buyer must pay international shipping for all packages being sent to a location outside the USA. This does not include APO addresses as they are treated as being inside the USA.
All Vedder Nation apparel also comes with a Lifetime Warranty against any defects. If for any reason your shirt becomes defective from normal wear, just contact us for a return authorization and send it back. We will gladly replace it with the same item. If that item is no longer available, we will replace it with another similar product of the same value.All Vedder Holsters’ Hybrid and Kydex holsters come with a Lifetime Warranty. If for whatever reason the holster fails you (excluding obvious neglect), simply return it and we will make it right. If we can’t fix it, we will replace it.It will depend on the application. Personally, I don’t ever need to run or jump or climb with my hybrid holster on so max retention isn’t a major worry. But if I do any kind of competition where I am running or moving awkwardly, a pure Kydex holster with active retention is what I go for.Your holster should be made out of a durable, protective material that can defend your Glock against impacts and scratches. Popular options are leather, nylon, and a variety of polymers such as Kydex.

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Muzzling is also an issue while wearing most shoulder holsters, which position the gun so that it’s pointing directly behind you, and it’s difficult to draw from a shoulder holster without accidentally muzzling bystanders. Sometimes this can be an advantage since holsters are typically designed with men’s bodies in mind and therefore may not be as comfortable and functional on women. The holster keeps your Glock 43 well protected and securely in place with durable Kydex construction, but it’s also very comfortable, has a low profile, and is super lightweight.I’ll mention how easy the different types of holsters generally are to conceal when I talk about them below, but you’ll really have to try out a bunch of options to see what works for you.

The Rogue isn’t the smallest setup, but it is super comfy with a set of metal clips to keep the holster secure on your belt. A full-length sweat guard protects you and protects the gun. This also makes it easy to get a clean grip and solid draw.
PHLster’s Skeleton Gen 2 makes deep concealment of the little pistol possible and comfortable. It’s completely tuckable, and you can adjust the rig for height, cant, and left or right-handed shooters.

You’ll see this holster recommended across the Pew Pew Tactical website because we pretty much all agree that it’s one of the better no-frills holsters out there.
Don’t rush buying your holster. Try out several so that you know what you like and what you don’t and are able to choose a holster that really fits your wants and needs.Just be aware that hard materials can scuff your gun as your holster and draw it. If that’s a concern for you, go with a soft holster or make sure that your hard holster has a soft lining.