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Haulover Skateboard Park

“The art messaging mural at Haulover Skate Park is a great way to increase safety for all who skateboard here,” said Commissioner Heyman. “This mural will be a positive influence for skateboard enthusiasts to be safe, wear a helmet and have fun skateboarding. I join with the community in thanking our Parks Department, KiDZ Neuroscience Center and Rey Jaffet for their time and talents.”Other Miami Dade Parks skate parks include Kendall Indian Hammocks Park, North Trail Park, Westwind Lakes Park, Country Village Park, and South Dade Park. Each of these signature sites has its own exhilarating ramps and rails in unique and beautiful park settings.

To request materials in accessible format, sign language interpreters, CART and/or any accommodation to participate in any Miami-Dade County, Parks, Recreation and Open Spaces sponsored program or meeting, please contact Gisel Prado, 305-755-7848 or [email protected] at least 7 days in advance to initiate your request. TTY users may also call 711 (Florida Relay Service).

All COVID-19 New Normal Guidelines will be observed at this events including requiring all Miami-Dade County Parks staff and visitors to wear facial coverings and to maintain social distance between individuals and separation between groups.
On Monday, October 19, 2020 at 10 a.m., Miami-Dade County District 4 Commissioner Sally A. Heyman and Miami-Dade Parks Director Maria Nardi will be joined by representatives from the KiDZ Neuroscience Center at the park, located at 10801 Collins Ave., Miami, for the mural unveiling.As skateboarding prepares to make its debut at the 2021 Olympics in Tokyo, Japan, there is no doubt that it has become an increasingly popular sport, especially with youth in Miami-Dade. In its efforts to provide children with safe and healthy outdoor recreation and sports activities, Miami-Dade County Parks, Recreation and Open Spaces, with six public skate locations throughout the county, is teaming up with University of Miami Health System’s KiDZ Neuroscience Center to help educate young skateboarders on the critical need to practice skateboarding safely, with the emphasis on wearing a helmet and protective gear.“This innovative project is the first of its kind to combine art and education all with the goal of keeping children safe from brain injuries, ” said Dr. Gillian Hotz, a nationally renowned expert in the area of concussion, director of the UHealth Concussion Program, and director of the KiDZ Neuroscience Center. “The skatepark at Haulover will now have safety messages embedded into its very design that we believe will help decrease injuries to those who utilize this wonderful public resource.”Opened in July 2018, the fee-free skate park and pump track at Haulover Beach Park are located adjacent to the park’s dog park parking area. The 7, 500 square-foot site provides a place for people of all ages to enjoy free-wheeling fun on their skateboards or bicycles.

Miami-Dade Parks’ collaborative partnership with the KiDZ Neuroscience Center at the Miami Project to Cure Paralysis, University of Miami Health System, has literally drawn the lines on the critical need for skateboarding safety education and messaging with a newly completed mural at the Haulover Beach Park Skate Park and Pump Track. The mural, created by local urban artist Rey Jaffet, was commissioned by “SkateSafe,” a program of the KiDZ Neuroscience Center focused on educating skateboarders on the basics of skateboarding and on injury prevention to decrease brain and spinal cord injuries. The artist created a looping design of octopus tentacles and brains embedded with safety tips and reminders to skateboarders to wear a helmet.
“Thank you to our partners at the University of Miami Health System KiDZ Neuroscience Center and artist Rey Jaffet, for providing a creative way to communicate vital safety messages to young skateboarders in a clear, concise, fun and interactive manner,” said Miami-Dade County Parks Director Maria I. Nardi. “It’s all part of our vision to safely connect people and parks for life throughout Miami-Dade County.”Haulover Skate Park and Pump Track is a 7,500 square foot hybrid skate park and pump track located at Haulover Beach Park, 10801 Collins Ave, in Miami. It combines a separate skate plaza and bicycle pump track, providing a place for people of all ages to enjoy free-wheeling fun on their skateboards or bikes.

The State of Florida Department of Environmental Protection required that the City increase the mangrove acreage in the area of Town Center Park. It became apparent that to accomplish this, the skate park would have to be relocated. The City of Sunny Isles Beach worked with Miami-Dade County to establish a countywide skate park. Goals of the new park included: expanded hours, lower cost and access to all county residents. The resulting park is free for all to use, excluding the parking fee if patrons arrive via vehicle. Skateboarding, biking and pedestrian access are free.
PLEASE NOTE: Florida has a very broad Public Records law. Most written communications to or from City Officials regarding City business are public records available to the public and media upon request. Your e-mail communications may therefore be subject to public disclosure.The Skate Park is now in its new location at Haulover Park, located at 10800 Collins Avenue. The City of Sunny Isles Beach has partnered with Miami-Dade County to build a skate park at Haulover Park. It was agreed that this central location makes it easier than ever for surrounding municipal neighbors to share in the skateboarding fun.

Awesome park & staff. My 4yr old loves coming here and riding his bmx. Lots of room for all the skaters, bmx’s & scooters. Tons of different ramps, rails and other obstacles to ride. We live in Delray and only takes mins to get here. Well worth it.
Muy bueno. Free and clear.. Ideally early or late.. kinda burns mid-day ha. 🥵🥴😅🌴🌲🌳 * 👁️😃 Get new bearings, live a little.. ✊🛹😎😁🌅🌌 Helmet optional. Not sure who they’re talking about in negative reviews.. @ least in .This is a little smaller than the one I’m used to in Hollywood Florida but it’s packed full of wonderful things. The swimming pool is inside and temperature controlled. The exercise room is fast and clean.

The BEST practice for surfing when there aren’t waves!! I haven’t skated a skatepark in over a decade and I felt like a kid all over again….and crushed the pump track…the skaters there are awesome and friendly…had the best time there today
The park accommodates new and old skaters and the design is very creative, you could skate this park over and over and not feel limited at all. I come here to shake off rust but it’s always great to see the locals do some amazing stunts. It gets pretty crowded and can be frustrating with a bunch of kids, but even so everyone is respectful to one another. I fell they should open the park earlier, I’d love to skate at 8am and it would give a grace period for the kids.Awesome skatepark with a full half pipe and 3 concrete bowls. Newly renovated too! Jay was really helpful keeping me updated on the construction. Really nice to see the new improvements.

Amazing healthy entertainment option at El Portal. First covered skate park in Miami and probably only one in the country. Fun for all ages. The kids skate while I got a haircut and a bite to eat. They even have great brews! Tattoo parlor and skate shop on site! All in one place!!! Skate a UNESCO World Heritage Site Alcobaça is worth a visit for so many reasons. To start you have the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the imposing Alcobaça monastery, one of the most impressive and beautiful testimonies of the Cistercian architecture in Europe and features a fun street spot that we were able to skate with no problems. The skatepark in Alcobça is a gem. The park was built by Wasteland Skateparks who are known all around the Iberian Penisula for building premium quality parks. The crème de la crème. The bowl is tight, changeling and perfect. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); After that we went to a street spot near the park. I don’t know who built this spot, but it seems like it was actually built by somebody that skates. It’s that good. Last weekend we were back on the road with the crew, this time with Keanu Schwedt, Patrick Costa and Margarida Cepeda. Menu of the weekend: Venda do Pinheiro, Lourinhã and Alcobaça skatepark. This roadtrip was made possible by Wasteland skateparks and Dropin surf camp who were brave enough to have us over for the weekend. In this episode of Skatepark Showcase, Park Sharks takes us to the Miami Beach Fl area at the Haulover Skateboard Park. There are 90,000 people in Miami Beach. The Haulover Skate Park is a very unique one. It has a street course and a very large pump track. We take you around the park with an in-depth look showcasing its strengths and weaknesses.Next spot on our mission to skate every skatepark in Portugal is Venda do Pinheiro skatepark, a gem built by Wasteland skateparks. Last weekend we were back on the road with the crew, this time with Keanu Schwedt, Patrick Costa and Margarida Cepeda. Menu of the weekend: Venda do Pinheiro, Lourinhã and Alcobaça skatepark. This roadtrip was made possible by Ripar skateshop, Wasteland skateparks and Dropin surf camp who were brave enough to have us over for the weekend. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); The first park we hit was Venda do Pinheiro skatepark, located in Parque Ecológico Venda do Pinheiro park. The skatepark features a flowbowl built by the Portugese legends, Wasteland skateparks back in 2018. Definitely worth a visit if you are looking for transition, flow and good vibes. Video production: Rodrigo Simaõ (Edit and filming) and Haroun Cherif (DJImini) Visit Venda do Pinheiro skatepark Next stop on our mission to visit all the skateparks in the world is the new Mafra skatepark in Portugal Now that we’ve almost mapped out all the skateparks in the world, it’s time for our next mission: visit them all. Special thanks to Bana skateshop for sponsoring our first spot, to Patrick Costa for the show and to Rodrigo Simão for filming and the video edit. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); We started our trip to Mafra with a couple of street spots and then went to check out the new skatepark in Parque Desportivo Municipal de Mafra. The new 1.648,91 m2 Mafra skatepark is a wooden park, built by Academia dos Patins in 2023. Mafra skatepark is made up of 3 different sections, featuring a bowl, jump area and street section. Visit Mafra skatepark Our mission to skate every skatepark continues. This time we went to Pataias, a parish in the municipality of Alcobaça, on the West Portugal coast. Next to the Perforated Valley Beach and surrounded by trees, the park offers a combination of nature and skate, with a variety of obstacles that make sure you can ride multiple lines. The iodine from the Atlantic air enters deep into the pores, that’s a sign the beach is very close. A journey where we can fall on concrete or water. It’s good to have a menu of choices. Diversity is what Pataias Skatepark offers, with a variety of obstacles that provides multiple lines, with a pyramid dividing the park into a transition and street section. Who said a small park has to be boring? “When you have a bank with two quarterpipes it’s possible to go to the sides and not just back and forth. It’s a detail that matters deeply”, says João Sales, chairman of Wasteland Skateparks, the builder responsible for its construction in 2017. The broom is mandatory, but not because of human garbage. It’s the only drawback of having a pine forest as neighbour. But once it’s clean you’re ready for your fresh air session. Wasteland Skateparks carries the flag all the time: every park must be unique. This one, for instance, has a special feature: a single piece of pool coping on the quarterpipe. “There is nothing like this elsewhere in Portugal”, João Sales ensures, explaing why each skatepark must have its singularity: “There is so much to create in skateboarding, that it’s not worth to replicate ideas. The fun thing is to visit different parks and meet up with different people to learn from them and teach them at the same time.” (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Special note: Sunday might even be the best day if you want to skate and travel to Pataias, because the Sunday market, right next to the park, is the perfect way to finish off your session. The small tents with barbecue are irresistible, especially after a three-hour session where we gave it all. It was the perfect fuel for the next stage: a long and challenging downhill toward the Perforated Valley Beach (it’s how it is called, like if there was a hole in the valley). There is no greater sense of freedom than this. It’s the hidden secret of Pataias. Visit Pataias skatepark Find out more about Wasteland skateparksThis website uses cookies or similar technologies, to enhance your browsing experience and provide personalized recommendations. By continuing to use our website, you agree to our Privacy Policy.

As we continue our recovery and cleanup efforts, please visit the Emergency website for the latest information on openings and closings in Miami-Dade County.
Bring your boards or bikes and ride the state-of-the-art skate park and pump track. The skate park features ledges, a roof top bank, a china bank, stairs and a taco. Or, jump on the world-class Velosolutions asphalt pump track for a unique wave-like ride. Any set of wheels can ride this snake run like park with endless lines. For everyone’s safety, follow all posted rules. Open daily from sunrise to sunset for pedestrians and cyclists; parking lot opens at 8 a.m. and closes 30 minutes before sunset on weekdays and 1 hour before sunset on weekends and holidays. Parking in this area is limited and closes when capacity has been reached. Admission is free but parking fees apply. A signed waiver is required for kids under 18.Restrooms are also located nearby. Friendly beach ambassadors are available to greet visitors and provide information regarding the do’s and don’ts (beach etiquette). Look for them wearing the green safari hats. Parking is available in the North Lot, which can be accessed through the Haulover Marine Center’s boat ramps entrance, or Lot #1. Use pedestrian tunnel #4 or #5.Recognized as one of the best places for people to fly kites in South Florida, the open space and ocean breezes of Haulover Beach Park make it the ideal location for flying kites.

Skate park is no longer under renovation. Boat ramp currently under construction but still open to the public. Parking capacity limited due to construction.
Bill Bird Marina is nestled in Haulover Beach Park between the Atlantic Ocean and the Intracoastal Waterway, this marina is minutes away from spectacular fishing. The marina offers gated entry to 152 wet slips, accommodating vessels from 35’ to 120’. Each slip provides access to electricity and water. The dock master building offers marina patrons a laundry room with coin-operated washers and dryers, vending machines, ice, and restrooms with showers.

Haulover Marine Center provides dry storage for boats and personal watercraft. Haulover contains a retail facility, gas dock, bait shop, and marine service department.
Haulover Beach Park contains the largest remaining stretch of undeveloped beach front in Miami-Dade County. Situated just a few miles north of Miami Beach, between Bal Harbour and Sunny Isles Beach, this 1.4 mile beach park attracts visitors from around the world most notably for its pristine white sand shores, open ocean surf, beautiful coastal vegetation, and access to recreational activities.Construction began on beach facilities in 1941, halted soon afterward due to the onset of World War II. Development of the property resumed in 1945 with the park was renamed Haulover Park in January 1947, opening to the public the following year in late 1948.

There are also two large-sized shelters with six picnic tables and a barbeque grill each located on the east side of Collins Avenue facing the beach and can be accessed through parking lot #1 and lot #2. Shelters do not have electricity or running water.
Concessions are also available for food/drinks, beach chair and umbrella rentals. Picnic areas with tables and grills can be found throughout the park on a first-come, first-served basis or shelters may be reserved in advance. With access to the Atlantic Ocean, the Intracoastal Waterway and Baker’s Haulover Cut there are plenty of opportunities for fishing both on and off-shore.

Construction is currently underway at the boat ramp parking lot and boat ramps. There will be limited number of parking spaces and boat ramps for use. Please plan accordingly. Call the office for more information.

Haulover Park is one of two public beach parks operated by Miami-Dade County. The 177-acre park with 1.4 miles of beach front was acquired starting as early as “1935 and was then Dade County’s fourth major park”. The land that the park now sits on previously contained a “Lighthouse Restaurant, a trailer and small refreshment stand, and charter boat piers”. The Dade County Commission procured the beachfront property in 1940 and was then called North Beach.

Clothing Optional Beach: Located on the northern one-third of the beach between lifeguard towers #12 and #16, this family-friendly portion of the beach has been listed as one of the best in the nation to swim and sun-bathe without clothing, featuring beach chair and umbrella rentals, a food and beverage concession and showers conveniently located right on the beach.

With the addition of a state-of-the-art, solar-powered concession trailer in 2009, designed and custom-built by owner Dan Ward, the kite shop now also has ice-cream treats and cold drinks available for purchase. Plan your next birthday party or event with kite-flying fun. Open from 10 a.m. to sunset, seven days a week (closed on Christmas Day) and located on the southeast corner of the Bill Bird Marina parking lot.
You also won’t find a better place to fly a kite on a windy day than with the friendly staff of Skyward Kites, who have been providing families with kite-flying fun for over twenty years. We didn’t forget about your four-legged friends! With access to the beach during certain hours daily, and a bark park open year-round, we’re sure that Haulover Beach Park has something to offer for everyone.

Swimming areas are lifeguarded year-round and up-to-date weather and surf conditions are provided. There is also a world-renowned clothing optional beach section that is family oriented and staffed by well trained volunteers who provide information about beach etiquette.
Skyward Kites has been in operation for over 20 years and boasts the largest selection of kites, windsocks and wind spinners in Miami, from $5 and up; in all shapes and sizes, from diamonds and deltas to Para-foils and box varieties. They can also create a custom kite according to your desired specifications. “This was the first real time that I had several people helping me with painting the mural, many of which were volunteers and that takes a lot of trust in a way,” he said. “It showed they wanted to keep the park up and there was definitely a sense of community when creating it.” If the other parks are anything like the one in Haulover, they will be a huge hit with skaters. “I’ve been by the Haulover Park and the kids just love it,” said Dr. Hotz.“We thank our partners at the University of Miami Health System KiDZ Neuroscience Center and artist Ray Jaffet for providing a creative way to communicate vital safety messages to young skateboarders in a clear, concise, fun and interactive manner,” said Miami-Dade County Parks Director Maria I. Nardi. “It’s all part of our vision to safely connect people and parks for life throughout Miami-Dade County.”

The colorful mural features a looping design of octopus tentacles and brains embedded with safety tips and reminders to skateboarders to wear a helmet. Jaffet had help creating the mural.“There’s an organization called GIVE that Jonathan was very involved in and so when he passed, I really dove in and took on some of the things that he believed in and that that we believed in together,” said Jaffet. “I traveled the world with his parents painting murals in different countries as part of the GIVE Foundation. With GIVE we also created the Brothers Project.”Once Dr. Hotz met and spoke to Rey about her idea, and when Rey mentioned to her he’d been treated by her for a concussion in high school at the Neuroscience Center, the two went to meet with staff from the Department of Parks and Recreation and Operations.

Skateboarding and mural artwork are a match made in heaven. The passion with which skaters ride and soar is equal to the one an artist pours into their very visible work.
“Our KiDZ Science Center already has a relationship with Miami-Dade Parks, they do helmet and bike safety initiatives and we already know everybody in parks,” she said. “That’s when I planted the bug in their ear about commissioning an urban artist to put in some safety messaging.”“I live in Bal Harbor and drive by that skate park every day and take my dog to the dog park there,” said Dr. Gillian Hotz, director of the UHealth Concussion Program, and director of the KiDZ Neuroscience Center, who is a nationally-renowned expert in concussions. “I would see kids on all these different apparatus without helmets and it just made me nuts!”