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Hieha Car Stereo

I bought a used car a few months ago and it’s been running great. Lately, the radio has been acting up and now it displays CODE when I turn it on. How can I reset the car’s radio?We are committed to providing you with the best possible support and trying our best to solve your problem within 48 hours, so you can get back to what you love doing.

If you’ve ever had a navigation screen freeze or go blank in the middle of a road trip, or you couldn’t get your phone to connect or music to play, you know how frustrating it can be when an infotainment system suddenly stops working. You’re not alone: Infotainment problems are some of the most common reliability complaints in our exclusive reliability surveys.

Keith Barry has been an auto reporter at Consumer Reports since 2018. He focuses on safety, technology, and the environmental impact of cars. Previously, he led home and appliance coverage at Reviewed; reported on cars for USA Today, Wired, and Car & Driver; and wrote for other publications as well. Keith earned a master’s degree in public health from Tufts University. Follow him on Twitter @itskeithbarry.At the same time, press the Map & Setup buttons below the touchscreen for about 6 to 8 seconds. You may need to turn the vehicle to Accessory mode first by pressing the engine start/stop button without your foot on the brake.

We asked automakers to share the instructions they give their own dealerships and service technicians for resetting frozen infotainment systems. Then the experts at Consumer Reports’ Auto Test Center put their fixes to the test on our own fleet of test vehicles. Below, you’ll find detailed instructions for resetting recent infotainment systems in most vehicles from major brands.

Press and hold down the home button for 20 seconds. Continue to hold the home button until the display turns off, then release it when the Volvo logo appears.
If the fixes below don’t work or if your car isn’t on the list, you’ve got other options, says Michael Crossen, Consumer Reports’ mechanic and longtime master technician.

Press and hold the audio system power button for 5 seconds. A menu may pop up and ask you if you want to reboot the system. If this doesn’t work, turn the vehicle off, open the driver door, close the driver door, and restart the vehicle.
If the problem is with your phone connection, start by turning your phone on and off, and check to see if your phone—or your car—needs a software update. “I have seen a phone stop working after the phone performed a software update,” Crossen says. “In these cases, you have to wait for a car software update to be available in order to fix it.” Some cars will prompt owners to download new software over a cellular or WiFi connection, while others will require a trip to the dealership.

You can also check YouTube for infotainment tutorial videos. Chances are, someone else had the same problem and they may have put the solution online. If all else fails, make an appointment at the dealership. “Make sure you can accurately describe the issue, and take video or a picture when the system is failing, especially if the problem is intermittent,” Crossen says.
Put the car into accessory mode by hitting the ignition button but without having your foot on the brakes. This turns on the accessory systems of the car. Then hold the temperature up button (red) and the temperature down button (blue) simultaneously for at least 8 seconds. The engineering menu should appear. The last menu item on the first page is Reset Radio. This will reboot the system.Use a paper clip or ballpoint pen to press the “system reset button.” The exact location varies by model and year, but it’s a small and unmarked hole that’s often near the volume knob. Wait a few minutes for the system to power back on.

Do double DIN stereos fit all cars?
Does a double DIN fit my car? Your car will accept either one or both size stereo, depending on the make and model. But, it’s not always easy to tell by looking at the size of the factory stereo. The best option is to use a vehicle selector tool to see what fits your car.
Sometimes fixing the problem can be as simple as unplugging your phone from the USB port and plugging it back in, or turning the car on and off again. But occasionally, the fix requires resetting or rebooting your car’s infotainment system. Kind of like hitting Ctrl-Alt-Delete or selecting “Force Quit” on a computer, a reboot or reset can stop your car’s infotainment system from acting up or even return it to factory default settings. You can do it yourself—and we’ll show you how.

How do I set my radio stations?
And we’re gonna there we go 91.3 is my station. So what I’m gonna do set that number one touch. And hold just that easy now hey I know some of you like your AM your FM radio. Now let’s go to a.m..
The automaker tells CR that owners should bring the car to an authorized Mercedes-Benz dealership if the infotainment system doesn’t reset itself after freezing or becoming unresponsive. The car stereo touch screen is connected to the car’s battery with wires. The wires are dainty and can get loose or damaged. With such damaged wires, the screen becomes unresponsive as the electricity is not properly supplied to the touch screen. Now, take the replacement touch screen and re-done the wires again. Carefully reattach all the wires in the right places. Be extra careful and attach each wire properly so that these do not get loose. Loose wires often lead to other problems as well.First, use a screwdriver to remove the whole car stereo component from the car dashboard. You need a special magnetic screwdriver that can pull up the smaller screws. Unscrew each one carefully and store them in a box, as you will need it later. Now, carefully remove the stereo component without damaging the wires.As already said, the touch screen is quite fragile and may get damaged sometimes. A cracked touch screen is one of the main reasons that lead to an unresponsive car stereo screen. Check out for visible damages. If the screen has cracks or visible damage, you probably need to repair it.Sometimes, even minute scratches can lead to a faulty touch screen for your car stereo. It may happen if anything sharp is used to operate the touch. Hence, always try to refrain from using anything sharp on the screen.

How do you reset a car head unit?
Press and hold down the audio system power button for at least 10 seconds. Use a paper clip or ballpoint pen to press the “system reset button.” The exact location varies by model and year, but it’s a small and unmarked hole that’s often near the volume knob. Wait a few minutes for the system to power back on.
One of the easiest ways to fix an unresponsive car stereo screen is to reboot the system. After rebooting, the car stereo starts afresh, and the screen problem is fixed. First, unplug the power cord from the car stereo and cut down the power supply. Now, wait for a few minutes. Then plug the power cord back into your car stereo to resume the stereo service. Now, turn the stereo on and check if the screen works properly. If not, try the next hack.One of the main issues with a touch screen car stereo is the unresponsive screen. Sometimes, when you touch the screen and swipe for commands, the screen does not respond. It remains fixed with the same screen, and nothing happens no matter how much you try.

What is VCOM radio setting?
1 Answer: Calvin Yap. VCOM is software provided to create a virtual serial port on your computer using the serial over IP. When you set it up properly, the network serial devices operate as though they are connected to a physical serial port.
You found that the car stereo has a damaged or cracked touch screen which does not work. If you get it replaced by a mechanic, you need to save a lot of money. The setup is not complicated; you can easily replace the cracked screen with a toolbox and the same guidance. Here’s how you can replace the cracked glass-

Are all 2 DIN radios the same size?
DIN size refers to the size of the stereo’s chassis, and car stereos come in two standard sizes: Single-DIN refers to stereos that are two inches tall (and seven inches wide) Double-DIN refers to stereos that are four inches tall (and seven inches wide)
After you have disconnected the touch screen, remove it gently without damaging the LCD screen. If the LCD screen gets damaged, you must replace the whole stereo component. Hence, be extra careful here.

The car stereo screen does not have any visible damage or faulty wires. In this case, probably the software is the issue behind the unresponsiveness. If you recently have updated the latest software on the smart touch screen, or even installed new software, the screen may take some time to adjust to the new software. Similarly, if the software is incompatible with the touch screen, it will become unresponsive.

If nothing works, it is better to go for a factory reset. It will turn your stereo system to its original factory condition, and you can start afresh as all the previous customizations and data will be deleted. It can also resolve the unresponsive screen issue sometimes. Here is how to do this-
A dirty touch screen may not work due to the accumulated dirt and dust particles. So, cleaning the car stereo screen is always better to check if it works after the cleanup.

What is VCOM in car player?
Description. Vcom™ is an affordable all-in-one solution for all your vehicular communication needs. This communication hub is designed to connect to one or two radios in the vehicle and provide users with an option to communicate within the vehicle via intercom.
Sometimes, water or liquid damage also makes the car stereo screen unresponsive. If you or someone inside the car accidentally spilled some water or a drink on the car screen and forgot to wipe the screen properly, the liquid may go inside and damage the touch screen.

Why won t my head unit turn on?
Blown Fuse The first thing you should do when your radio stops working is check its fuses and replace any that have blown. Also, if you have an after-market stereo head unit that is meant to be easily removed, be sure to check the back of the unit itself for any fuses.
Attach a screen protector to the touch screen to prevent unnecessary damage and dirt accumulation. These screen protectors are available in electronics stores or online stores.You have removed the broken touch screen. It is time to clean the original LCD display of the car stereo. Take a few drops of distilled water on a soft microfiber screen and gently wipe the LCD screen clean. Now, use a dry microfiber cloth and dry the LCD screen gently. Wait for a few minutes to get it completely dry.

Now, move towards the screen panel’s main or central wires. The wires are usually located at the back of the screen. If you find the wires smaller and fragile, you can use needle-nose pliers to remove them. Store everything monthly and carefully. You can also note the wires’ designated places to mark their attached points for future use. Take a soft microfiber cloth and spray a digital screen cleaner on the car stereo screen. Using the cloth, clean the screen gently and cover each possible spot. Take special care of the corners and gently clean those corners as well. Finish with a soft and dry microfiber cloth and wipe the screen clean. In recent times smart car stereos with flat touch screens are quite common. These smart screens have made car music scenarios even better with their smart control and one-touch setup. Now, you can use your fingers to change a song or even a radio play station instead of turning multiple knobs.But, with such advanced technology comes a few problems. One of the main problems you can face is the unresponsive touch screen of your car stereo. You may touch and swipe the screen multiple times, but nothing works. It can be frustrating as well.

Now you have removed the faceplate and wires. It is time to disconnect the touch screen from the car stereo. You will find that the car stereo screen can be removed from the component from the bottom of the screen panel. Make sure to do this gently without damaging the touch screen anymore. You may even use the needle-nose pliers to disconnect the screen gently.
Now, first, attach the wires to the faceplate. Next, attach the faceplate to the car stereo component. Finally, carefully reattach it to the car dashboard with the screws again.Different issues may lead to an unresponsive car stereo touch screen. This article can help you to identify the cause and take the necessary steps to fix the issue. If you’re not sure, you can always visit your nearest car servicing or automobile shop to get the thing done.After you have removed it, start disassembling it. Carefully start removing the faceplate first. Next, go to the upper portion of the screen panel and detach all the wires connected to the faceplate. You can continue using the magnetic Phillips screwdriver to remove the dainty screws.A standard automobile radio body size. A DIN radio (single DIN) measures 2×7″, while a double DIN measures 4×7″. When factory radio/CD players are replaced with aftermarket units, the DIN standard ensures compatibility; however, new or altered dashboard trim may be required. See DIN and DIN connector.PCMag, and PC Magazine are among the federally registered trademarks of Ziff Davis and may not be used by third parties without explicit permission. The display of third-party trademarks and trade names on this site does not necessarily indicate any affiliation or the endorsement of PCMag. If you click an affiliate link and buy a product or service, we may be paid a fee by that is a leading authority on technology, delivering lab-based, independent reviews of the latest products and services. Our expert industry analysis and practical solutions help you make better buying decisions and get more from technology.

Your car will accept either one or both size stereo, depending on the make and model. But, it’s not always easy to tell by looking at the size of the factory stereo. The best option is to use a vehicle selector tool to see what fits your car.

Regardless of your car’s stereo shape, it’s rare that you’ll be able to simply remove the factory stereo and slide in a new one without an installation kit. Having the right installation gear is key for making sure your new stereo is trimmed so that it looks good, and everything is connected to work properly. A mounting kit will help with getting the stereo fitted perfectly into your dash, and a wiring harness will ensure all the wires are hooked up correctly for use. Authorized retailers like Crutchfield provide custom installation kits to get you set up and help you save money, whether you’re a stereo connoisseur or this is your first install project.While most people are unfamiliar with “DIN size,” it’s one of the first things you’ll come across in your hunt for a new car stereo. You may be wondering how to tell the difference, and which type you need. What does a single DIN look like? Are double DIN stereos universal? This article will explain the basic differences between Single-DIN and Double-DIN stereos and how to determine which DIN size will best fit your car.

When it comes to basic stereo functions like sound controls and power, single-DIN and double-DIN are generally the same overall. The biggest difference comes into play when shopping for a touchscreen stereo.In conclusion, single-DIN car stereos are smaller, less expensive, and easier to install. While they typically have fewer overall features, their minimal interface may be more user-friendly for those who are less tech-savvy. They are a likely choice for classic cars and older makes and models. Double-DIN car stereos are larger and tend to come with more features and tech integrations. Most touchscreen stereos are double-DIN, but touchscreens are often harder to install. The majority of newer vehicles come with double-DIN factory stereos, though they can be replaced with single-DIN units if needed. Installation kits are recommended for any new stereo install, regardless of size.

How do I reset my radio manually?
Turn your car on, but do not start the engine. Turn the radio off. Hold the radio power button down for a few minutes until it resets.
Double-DIN stereos naturally take up more space, while single-DIN stereos are more compact. Single-DIN stereos have a minimal interface, giving them an easier control panel for some users. With fewer features to offer, single-DIN stereos are usually lower in price. Classic cars will likely need single-DIN, while newer vehicles often come with double-DIN systems due to more advanced features.Most touchscreens are double-DIN, though there are still some single-DIN touchscreen options. While touchscreen stereos are bigger, more colorful, and have better integrations (backup cameras, phone features like Apple CarPlay / Android Auto, etc.), they’re typically harder to install on your own. Double-DIN stereos also have more controls and tend to be more user-friendly if you find larger screens easier to navigate.

This double din car stereo is compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, It has the latest voice control technology, just connect with your smartphone that makes it possible for you to access map navigation, phone contacts, email, notification, music and more.
We use cookies and browser activity to improve your experience, personalize content and ads, and analyze how our sites are used. For more information on how we collect and use this information, please review our Privacy Policy. California consumers may exercise their CCPA rights here. The radio in your car is what ties everything together. A road trip isn’t quite the same without music to sing with you companions. Your morning drive to work doesn’t seem right without listening to your favorite radio-show or podcast. Because we spend so much of our time in our cars, the radio sometimes can feel like the most important component of our entire driving experience. That’s why it’s so frustrating and shocking when it suddenly fails. If you’re in desperate need of getting your road-companion back, here are 5 reasons why your car radio suddenly stopped working. Of course, anything with wires has the potential for those wires to cause problems. Usually, wiring problems aren’t found in stock radio set-ups because that stereo was specifically designed for that vehicle. Wiring problems are more commonly found in after-market, 3rd-party installations of car stereos. These custom stereos can be easy to incorrectly install, or they may not be designed to work with your specific vehicle. Whether there was a faulty installation or if time and vibrations just shook a wire or two loose, if you have an after-market radio, it’s a good bet to have a professional inspect the wiring.Some car radios (mostly factory/stock systems) have a feature that prevents itself from working when there’s been a disruption in the power-flow. This is actually an anti-theft measure, as it renders the radio useless unless a specific set of steps is taken by the owner of the vehicle to restore the radio to its working state. The most common reason for this problem is a disconnected or dead battery, and this is indicated by a limited or different display on the radio than what is normally there. Every measure is different, so be sure to reference your owner’s manual if you think this may be your problem.

This likely isn’t as much of a problem as we continue into the 21st century, but classic AM/FM frequency still has its place in the car. If your stereo’s CD, bluetooth, mp3, or other functions are working without issue, but you’re unable to pick up radio broadcasts, you likely have a bad antenna or tuner. This is something that will also need to be diagnosed or replaced by a professional, like the technicians on our service team at Capitol Toyota.
Related to point #4, your speakers could be damaged or experiencing wiring problems of their own. Each individual speaker is wired into the back of the stereo head, and if you’ve had after-market speakers installed in your vehicle, there’s a good chance that one of those wires has gotten disconnected or damaged. This usually only affects the speaker that corresponds to the problem wire, but in some cases it could potentially affect other speakers as well. If your stereo is displaying as normal, but you’re not getting any sound, have a professional take a look at your speakers and wires.The most likely reason for your radio’s sudden death is a blown fuse. All car radios have at least one fuse that protects it from power surges coming from somewhere else in the vehicle. The first thing you should do when your radio stops working is check its fuses and replace any that have blown. Also, if you have an after-market stereo head unit that is meant to be easily removed, be sure to check the back of the unit itself for any fuses. If it’s not meant to be removed, we would be happy to take a look at it for you, along with any other problems you’re currently experiencing.

Review:Total junk! Every time you turn off your car, all audio settings reset. Loudness, equalizer, go back to factory settings. Super annoying and I’m sending it back. Read more
Review:Not 1080p more like 480p. Screen is plastic and very blocky. Feels like it’s displaying everything in mine craft mode. Also the screen has poor viewing angles unless your looking directly at it in front of you. Read more

Review:Will not work for an 2007 GMC Sierra. the factory settings will give this radio a low audio output. You will spend a lot of extra money in order to get the radio to work.. there is also no harness on line that you can buy for this type of vehicle to make this radio work also. you will have to go to a audio store and spend some money to get this radio work for this type of vehicle.. I spent $90 buck on a harness and still couldn’t get it to have a higher audio output. Good luck.. Read more
Review:I hate this radio. And there’s nothing I can do about it because I already paid a company $300 to install it for me. It shuts off sometimes when I change gears. It’s hard to turn the volume down/up its like the touch screen lags. Sometimes when I plug my phone in with the USB it doesn’t recognize it, so I have to unplug it and plug it back in a few times and it will finally prompt the CarPlay. And it’s not my cable I’ve tried it with a few different cables I have including brand new ones. Sometimes the music will show that it’s playing and the volume will be up but it won’t be playing anything and I have to reset everything to get music to play. Sometimes the maps glitches and i can’t type stuff in. Again I have to reset everything. It’s just really crappy and i wish I bought a better brand. But even if I want to return it I’d have to pay someone to uninstall it and then pay again to install the other one so I would be losing too much money. I just have to deal with it. My fault for trusting a brand called Hee-ha. Sounds like someone laughing. Read more

Review:Very unhappy with product. Said it would work with my vehicle wired it in the way the instruction said it came on but when you would shut down the vehicle it would not shut off. Had to buy a different wiring harness and a new antenna to even make it work properly. Would not recommend wasting your time or money. I have removed mine and will be sending it back. Read more
Review:The media could not be loaded. Great while you and quality car stereo system that was amazing and surprising gift for my brother in law on his birthday he is driving old vehicle and was hard to find something cute and stylish for his old BMW 1991 was the stereo system everything was easy to install even to add additional speakers Read more

These days, it’s rare to be able to remove the factory stereo and just slide an aftermarket stereo into its place. Nearly every vehicle requires an installation kit to let you install a new stereo and trim it out to look nice in the dash.
There are some aftermarket stereos that have a similar design. Once you tell us about your vehicle, we’ll be able to show you all the stereos that will work in your car.These days, your factory radio might have a double-DIN screen or control panel, but the chassis might be much smaller. More importantly, the opening in the dash might be designed to only accommodate that smaller chassis. A double-DIN replacement won’t fit. SpeakerCompare simulates the sound of home and car speakers through your headphones. It lets you compare sonic characteristics between speakers so that you can make a more informed shopping decision. If you have any questions while shopping for a new stereo, contact us via phone or chat and one of our advisors will make sure you get the answers you need to find the perfect car stereo.In equal volume mode, we’ve made the loudness of each speaker about the same. This gives you a more direct comparison of subtle voicing differences between speakers.

Okay. Your new car stereo components are out of their boxes, installed, and hooked up. Now what? How do you make your new system sound as good as it should?
When you shop with Crutchfield, we’ll show you all the installation gear you need. If there are multiple options available, we’ll tell you and also tell you the differences between them. You select which gear you want, add it to your cart with your new stereo, and then we’ll give you a hefty discount on the whole package – up to $50. Depending on what your vehicle requires, that means the extra gear might end up being free. Learn more about Crutchfield’s car audio advantage.hen shopping for a car stereo, one of the first concepts you run into is something called “DIN size” and it might be something you’ve never heard of before. Don’t worry, most people haven’t.

Here at Crutchfield, we’ve researched over 28,000 vehicles. We’ve taken them apart and measured the dash space. We’ll show you which stereos will fit your car, and you won’t have to worry about this whole “DIN size” thing.Your car will be able to accept one or both sizes. The fun part is that you can’t always tell just by looking at the factory stereo, especially in modern vehicles. The best thing to do is use our vehicle selector to tell us what you drive.

SpeakerCompare gives you a sense of the sonic differences. But performance in the real world is affected by the acoustics of your car or home, your choice of amplification, and your source material. We still believe that the gold standard for auditioning speakers is hearing them in your own environment — that’s why we offer a 60-day money-back guarantee.
When adding an aftermarket receiver, you need a steering wheel control adapter to keep the functionality and convenience of your steering wheel controls.SpeakerCompare tailors your listening experience to the exact headphones you have, so that what you hear is comparable to auditioning speakers side-by-side in person. Knowing which model headphones you’re using lets us remove any sonic coloring from your experience.

What size is a double DIN car stereo?
4×7″ A standard automobile radio body size. A DIN radio (single DIN) measures 2×7″, while a double DIN measures 4×7″. When factory radio/CD players are replaced with aftermarket units, the DIN standard ensures compatibility; however, new or altered dashboard trim may be required.
You might also hear about something called a “DIN-and-a-half” size, but stereo manufacturers rarely make those anymore. That was a special size needed for a lot of older GM vehicles.The automotive audio terms you’ll need to know when you’re shopping for aftermarket CD players, nav receivers, or digital media receivers for your car or truck.