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House Of Forged

MASTERS DIVISION = Congratulations to Jeff “Critter” Crittenden for winning the Master’s Division using an HOF Platinum shaft. Kevin Blenkhorn took 2nd Place with a Code Blue shaft, and Mike Bauman tied for 5th Place with Ninja shafts. … HOUSE OF FORGED shafts have dominated long-drive competition by winning (5) Open Division World Long-Drive Championships over the last eleven years, in addition to having won more LDA tour events and more major international championships over that period than any other shaft company. Billy Bobs Golf has designed and patented new parts for the golf industry since 1995. We are Clubmakers – Designing, Developing and Producing Parts for Clubmakers.MIXED DOUBLES = Congratulations to former champion Jeff Flagg (Code Blue) who got the win with partner Sandra Carlborg. Tommy Hug (Platinum) shaft got a 2nd Place finish along with partner Alexis Belton.Your personal data will be used to support your experience throughout this website, to manage access to your account, and for other purposes described in our privacy policy.

2017 WORLD LONG DRIVE CHAMPIONSHIPS OPEN DIVISION = Congratulations to Justin James for winning the championship, using a HOF “Ninja” shaft to hit the 435-yard winning ball. Nick Kiefer (hitting The Force shaft) tied for 3rd Place, and newcomer Wes Patterson tied for 5th Place using a Code Blue shaft. In addition, Bobby Bradley (Code Red) and Steve Monroe (Code Blue) competed in the Top 16 with HOF shafts.

I think the HOF line up has something for everyone, even if you are not a longdriver: Lightweight, midweight, or heavyweight, and high-launch, mid-launch or low-launch. At the HOF price point they have something that is worth trying for everyone.The Patriot shaft will fit the largest market of golfers. It offers a bend profile that is needed by a large number of golfers; high/mid launch with relatively low spin. I enjoyed the smooth release of this shaft. This shaft came in at that nice driver weight of 64g. The feeling of flex from the butt down rather than the tip up is unique to Matrix and reproduced in the HOF Patriot Shaft. This is often referred to as the “hinge” effect. The Patriot has great feel partnered with decent dispersion. I was able to find the fairway all day long with the Patriot.

If you look at the 2008 REMAX Long Drive competition winners list, you will see House of Forged well represented in the top 10, better than any other company. With the young talent using their shafts, I can only see their presence growing on the LD circuit. National exposure and an excellent product will have HOF shafts making their way into the bags of us common golfers.
The Jamie Sadlowski on the other hand is a lightweight shaft for hitters. Coming in at a scant 63 grams it is no wimp of a tip stiff shaft. Because it is lighter weight, many more golfers will be able to use this shaft, but that list is narrowed down to those who can use the lower launch angle. It is a low launching, tight shaft. It is the tightest feeling shaft of all the HOF I have played. It’s not exactly boardy, but not as smooth for me as the Patriot, Gamer or Tour Duty. I think that is because it is based on the profile from Jamie Sadlowski’s extremely tipped design. The one I used was actually marked as an X flex, but came in at 257 cpms, so by no means beyond my swing speed. The stiff came in at 252, which was a little soft for my preference. The flat white finish is paired with a sharp red and black logo.

HOF currently uses Matrix to design and manufacture their shafts in the USA. This in my opinion is an excellent choice, since Matrix products are some of the best on the market. HOF products are of equal quality and performance. They are exclusive bend profiles and designs for House of Forged, so you can be confident that they are not just painted over Apache shafts or X-cons, they are HOF shafts.The first thing that struck my eye is the great white coloring of these shafts. I absolutely love the matte feeling of the white paint, and the simple logos either in red and blue on the Patriot or the black, silver and gold on the Gamer. These two shafts are both designed well for the hitter. I think the smooth swinger won’t need the weight of the Tour Duty or the tip stiffness of the JS but that is why HOF has the Patriot. This is the ideal shaft for the swinger. The only note I have is just to be a little careful on install. As I was prepping the tip for install, the white paint kind of chipped off rather than sanded down. Mine turned out perfect because I install tape as a stopping point, but I could envision someone not being overly careful and chipping paint off the shaft above the ferrule during install. Once installed I haven’t found any paint issues, it seem rock hard and durable, but a word of caution on installation.The Mike Dobbyn Gamer shaft, became my gamer with a tad more weight, (81g) a slightly different bend profile(mid launch), and virtually perfect spin numbers. I had the chance to get this on a launch monitor and found launch angle, spin numbers, and speed were the best combo I had ever seen. On the course I found those numbers were even better than on the launch monitor. I hit some of the biggest drives of my life. I am a pretty consistent driver around 260-265yards off the tee, but with the Mike Dobbyn Gamer in play, I averaged 275 yards off the tee and hit one of the longest drives of my life at 332 yards. (GPS verified). I was happy that it was not only long, but tight. I couldn’t quite hit all my drives into a hula-hoop, but a 10×10 box I could find with 8 out of 10 drives.I demoed the Patriot shaft and the Mike Dobbyn Gamer shaft. I also have the Tour duty, but didn’t have a 3 wood to try it in yet. I will add that part to my review later once I have a 3 wood to try it in. With the Patriot and the Gamer I installed I-mix tips to try in my two I-Mix heads; FT-i LCG and FT-5, both are 9.5 degrees loft and have a neutral face angle. I felt confident installing these shafts with their CPMs and weight marked at the butt end of each shaft.The Tour Duty is a heavyweight shaft coming in at around 93 grams. It is definitely no slouch of a shaft. There is a very small population of golfer that would be able to use it in their driver, but I think a good number would be well served to put one of these in a 3-wood or 5-wood. I installed mine in a Sonartec GS Tour 15* 3 wood. This combo was long. The GS tour head is a solid, easy to elevate head; paired with the Tour duty it became a rocket launcher. A common trait of HOF shafts is that consistent butt to tip uniform flex that snaps into the ball with a mule like kick. The flat white finish standard on HOF shafts with a red and blue logo makes for a classy shaft in any head. The heavy weight of the shaft really helps keep the 3-wood on plain for straight long bombs.

The Ultralight model is the most popular shaft used in the competition with a combination of lightweight, low torque, high bend point and flexes ranging from R to XXX.OPEN DIVISION 1st Place – Jamie Sadlowski = HOUSE OF FORGED (Jamie shaft) 2nd Place – Jerimie Montgomery = HOUSE OF FORGED (Ultra & LT) 3rd Place – Mick Yelovic = HOUSE OF FORGED (Ultra & Jamie) 5th Place – Ryan Louw = HOUSE OF FORGED (LT, Mike Dobbyn, Ultra)* *- hit the longest ball of the competition (419-yards). SENIOR DIVISION 1st Place – Bobby Wilson = HOUSE OF FORGED (Ultra) 2nd Place – Johan Tumba = HOUSE OF FORGED (Ultra & Jamie) 3rd Place – Gerry James = HOUSE OF FORGED (Ultra) SUPER SENIOR DIVISION 1st Place – Bobby Wilson = HOUSE OF FORGED (Ultra) 2nd Place – Pete DeBoer = HOUSE OF FORGED (LT & Mike Dobbyn)I bought a long drive club a while back with a House of Forged shaft… I don’t know what they are doing now, but it used to be made by Matrix… I like the shaft just fine for a long drive head, and might shorten it down to 46 inches and see how it does in a modern head (it’s currently in an Adams Long Drive head).

I think LA golf bought Matrix and the IP. I believe Robert uses them because they will make his shafts in small batches and the excellent quality control. Big believer in HOF shafts. My kid
Anyone have experience or knowledge of the House of Forged shafts? Specifically the Raptor ii or the Tour LT-55 (x). Looking for overall feedback and information about the shaft/company.

I don’t know the answer to that… I just know they were a big name in long drive back around 2012 and I had always wanted one… finally pulled the trigger on it 2 years ago… It just c
I’ve used them since their beginning around ’06, when they were made in Taiwan. In ’07 they went to Matrix and the rest is history. They are now made by L A Golf, which used to be Matrix, and the maker of all of Bryson’s shafts. Their dominance in Long Drive is unequaled.I bought an Express Stiff on ebay that’s in my G400SFT and it seems to be a nice shaft. Almost 70g and pretty smooth. Seems a touch softer than my Accra FX370, but it is 1/2 inch longer. I just bought another from them, an Express Pro Stiff 70, but haven’t tried it yet.

I’m gaming a couple of older ones, I think from about 15 years ago. Both heavy, x-flex. I love them. Got one in a wishon F/d and will be putting the other in a wishon 519 driver that’s in the mail.
I don’t have one at this point, but they are good shafts and quite honestly, as a “big hitter”, I don’t see any difference between today’s shafts and the older shafts outside of price, in terms of distance. It’s easier to find something to keep the ball down more these days, but they aren’t “better ” than the older shafts.Hemsky8321 I use HOF shafts in all my drivers, and now my FW clubs. None better. (I’ll say that even though me and Rob just had the major ‘falling out’.)

Hemsky8321 It seems pretty stable to me. I have a quick tempo so I like a heavier stiffer shaft. I’ve seen a little bit more distance at times than the Accra, but the club is also longer so it could be that. I’ve heard their lighter shafts around 60g are probably their best offerings, but so far I’m impressed with this one.
Thanks for all this info! Makes me feel good about looking into their shafts. I am intrigued by the “Made in the USA” aspect, even though the shafts are old.Hemsky8321 Generally an X shaft is too stout for me. I’m not sure the HOF Express profile is quite right. I think the shaft overall may be stiff enough, but I think the tip might be too active. I felt like I was swinging the driver really well last night and my tee shots were going a mile high. I don’t usually feel like I ballooned a drive, but I felt like I did several times in 9 holes last night. I think if I was smoother it would be fine, but maybe with my tempo I need a bit taken off the tip with this shaft.

My swing is not smooth like your Grandson’s… mine is very aggressive and violent on the downswing, but when I try to slow it down, it gets very sporadic in accuracy.

Unfortunately, living in a highly populated area, I don’t really feel ready to go get a custom fitting for my driver, given I am awaiting my second vaccine. So I am trying to research and “Fit” myself.
Hemsky8321 It varies day to day, but usually 95 ish. Some days I can’t hit it much over 210 and other days 250-270 is not an issue. It’s been so windy this year that I can’t even hazard a guess. I could probably get away with a “firm” shaft if it wasn’t for my quick swing. I was fitted for an Accra FX370 M4 that’s tipped maybe 1/2 inch playing 44.5 inches. The HOF Express Stiff does feel a bit softer, but it’s been reliable. I am tempted to knock a bit off the tip and play it at 44.5 though.What is your swing speed? I’m looking at Stiff vs X (swing speed ranges from 104 to 114… with real aggressive transition)… and it seems it is company to company on what it means to be Reg, Stiff, X