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Ichiban Lunch Special

Choose form the following: Tuna, salmon, philadelphia, spicy tuna, spicy salmon, spicy crab, cucumber, avocado, asparagus, vegetable, avocado, eel, salmon avocado, tuna avocado, salmon skin, california, alaska, boston, tiger roll, peanut avocado, black tuna avocado*CONSUMING RAW OR UNDERCOOKED MEATS, POULTRY, SEAFOOD, SHELLFISH, OR EGGS MAY INCREASE YOUR RISK OF FOODBORNE ILLNESS, ESPECIALLY IF YOU HAVE A MEDICAL CONDITIONVisit Ichiban during your lunch break and you’re sure to leave full from one of our bento boxes or sushi combinations. Plan accordingly because lunch hours only last from 11am-2:30pm. Our beautiful bentos come with a variety of side dishes to keep your meal interesting. Pick and choose from the different sushi combos, and choose from our list of rolls to upgrade with. With so many delicious kitchen entree options and the a la carte sushi menu also available, your lunch break will be much more fulfilling than the usual sandwich/salad at work.  

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  • .. Sushi Appetizers · Dinner Specials · Lunch Specials · Japanese Menu · Thai Menu · Drinks and Desserts · Business Hours. Ichiban. Sushi Menu (1).png. Lunch MenuA. Sushi Lunch * $12.95B. Sashimi Lunch * $17.95C. Sushi & Sashimi Lunch * $19.95Any 2 Roll $13.00 Any 3 Roll $18.00California RollTuna Roll *Salmon Roll * 12:00 noon – 3:00 pm. 9 pcs. raw fish served with white rice. 3 pcs. sushi, 6 pcs. sashimi & 1 roll from maki combo lunch group. 4 pcs. of assorted cooked. LUNCH BENTO BOX · CHICKEN TERIYAKI 15 · SHRIMP TERIYAKI 15 · BEEF TERIYAKI 15 · SALMON TERIYAKI 15 · SHRIMP TEMPURA 15. Plan accordingly because lunch hours only last from 11am-2:30pm. Our beautiful bentos come with a variety of side dishes to keep your meal interesting. Pick and. Hibachi Lunch Specials · L 1. Hibachi Vegetables. Lunch: $9.99 · L 2. Hibachi Chicken. Lunch: $10.99 · L 3. Hibachi Shrimp. Lunch: $12.99 · L 4. Hibachi Scallops. Lunch Special w. 3 Rolls, 14.75 ; Eel Cucumber Roll; Spicy Tuna Roll; Spicy Shrimp Roll; Spicy Yellowtail Roll; Shrimp Tempura Roll; California Roll; Salmon Skin. Kitchen Lunch Specials · Teriyaki. Tofu, Chicken, Shrimp, Salmon, Scallop or Steak · Tempura (Deep fried in a light batter). Vegetable, Chicken & Vegetable, or. Sashimi lunch. L18. Ichiban Special Bento Box With chicken or salmon or beef teriyaki. L19. Vegetable Tempura and Avocado. LUNCH FROM HIBACHI ; Combination Meal. $17.00 ; Filet Mignon. $16.00 ; Hibachi Chicken. $12.00 ; Hibachi Salmon. $13.00 ; Hibachi Sea Scallop. $17.00. Lunch. Lunch Box A $12.95. Tuna, salmon roll, California roll, sashimi sampler, tuna, white fish, salmon, crab special and hijiki salad with soup. Lunch Special · Any 2 Rolls. Lunch: $8.99 · Any 3 Rolls. Lunch: $10.99 · Sushi Lunch. 5 pcs sushi and 1 California Roll. $9.99 · Sashimi Lunch. 9 pcs sashimi. HIBACHI LUNCH ; VEGETABLE. $10.0 ; TERIYAKI CHICKEN. $11.0 ; SHRIMP. $12.0 ; TERIYAKI SALMON. $12.0 ; *NY STEAK & CHICKEN. $15.0. Lunch Specials Sushi Lunch. $12.95. 6 pcs of such and California roll. Sashimi Lunch. $13.95. 10 pcs assorted raw fish and steam rice. Roll Special. Any 2: $10.95 | Any 3: $14.50. Cucumber Roll. Avocado Roll. Oshinko Roll. Salmon Roll. Kani Roll. Salmon Roll. Tuna Roll. Spicy Tuna Roll. Eel Avocado Roll. East Roll. Alaskan Roll. Lunch Menu for Ichiban Hibachi & Sushi Bar in Wexford, PA. updates on exclusive events, secret menus, special offers/discounts, loyalty rewards & more! Order hibachi lunch special online from Ichiban Toms River Hibachi & Sushi for takeout. The best Japanese in Toms River, NJ. – Mon- Sun 12:00pm – 3:00pm. Lunch Box · Tofu Teriyaki. $13.95 · Chicken Teriyaki. $14.95 · Steak or Shrimp or Salmon Teriyaki. $15.95 · Shrimp & Vegetable Tempura. $15.95 · Shrimp or Chicken. 1. Hibachi Chicken, $8.59 ; 2. Suki Yaki Beef, $8.95 ; 3. Hibachi Steak, $10.95 ; 4. Filet mignon, $11.59 ; 5. Teppan Yaki Shrimp, $10.95.