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Injustice 2 Swamp Thing

In Game Boy’s Swamp Thing, stages include the Arctic, the desert, and contaminated rainforests. Swamp Thing also uses tools like camouflage and thorn skin, and he must recycle scattered garbage in order to score points and gain additional powers.Swamp Thing is a platform video game for the NES and Game Boy. Based on the animated series of the same name, of the DC Comics superhero character Swamp Thing. It was published by THQ and released in December 1992.

Aside from marginal graphics, the NES Swamp Thing has received average to generally negative reviews for its high difficulty, poor music, and dull gameplay. While perhaps faring better than its NES counterpart, the Game Boy version of Swamp Thing was not met with high praise either, getting a 2.5/5 score from Nintendo Power. The NES version of Swamp Thing borrows the game engine from The Simpsons: Bart vs. the Space Mutants. Its introduction features the origin story of Swamp Thing and as depicted in the 1991 animated series. The player takes the role of the title character battling foes throughout the Louisiana swamps and other locations in a side-scrolling format. Swamp Thing’s attack methods include punching and firing “sludge balls” which are acquired throughout the game. The player must venture through various stages, which include a graveyard, chemical factory, toxic dump, and finally, Arcane’s lab. Bosses include Arcane’s Un-Men, Dr. Deemo, Weedkiller, Skinman, and finally, Arcane himself. A Swamp Thing title was also in development by Microsmiths for the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis but was canceled. It would have been published by NuVision Entertainment. Tekken, SoulCalibur, Street Fighter, Guilty Gear, Mortal Kombat, Marvel vs Capcom, Virtua Fighter, BlazBlue, Final Fantasy Dissidia, Melty Blood, The King of Fighters. Файтинг, Файтинги, Турниры, Новости, Видео, Статьи, Советы After his father Batman sacrifices himself to protect Damian allowing him to deliver the final blow to Brainiac. Now with an appreciation of what their family’s symbol truly means, Damian decides to carry on his father’s legacy as the new Batman.Despite Ra’s threatening on Batman’s Insurgency to surrender, Damian warns his grandfather that his father Batman will never give up no matter, and predicting the income of Insurgency’s Justice League Task Force to Ra’s hideout in South America, which became true as Batman implanted a nano tracking device on Connor, in case he is kidnapped like he is now. As Alfred began to recover, albeit still unable to talk for a moment in his recovery, Damian is having a heart to heart discussion with Animal Man on why someone who owned Batman a debt like Animal Man himself, even Vixen joins Ra’s’ faction. As Batman’s Insurgence invaded Ra’s’ hideout successfully on both rescuing the kidnapped children and bested both Suicide Squads members (safe for Katana) and the impostor Batman, Damian goes hiding, leaving Animal Man to take care of Alfred alone, predicting Batman will come to Alfred soon.Sometimes later, Damian cut his hair to short and paid a visit to his Regime ally, Black Adam on behalf of Ra’s proposal to co-operate. Despite Adam’s refusal, Damian understand Adam’s decision not to involve with Ra’s’ war for the sake of their Regime leader Superman. There, he first met Kara Zor-El, Supergirl and was unaware that she is Superman’s biological cousin, despite Adam restrictively warn Damian to stay away from her. Though being put in a confined room by Adam, Damian has been visiting Kahndaq and knowing its environment for a long time since he joined the Regime five years ago. At night, he sneak into Supergirl’s room again just to train her powers. Shortly, he and Supergirl found the terrorists are threaten the hostage, and save them from the terrorists. On behalf of Kara not to kill the terrorists, Damian held back his killing intent and apprehended them, saving the hostages. Back at Kahndaq, Damian admit that his family are evil, but lied to Supergirl about Batman’s right reason to oppose Superman. As Adam witness the crime fighting Damian and Supergirl had done, Adam suggest Damian to stay in Kahndaq with them instead returning to Ra’s, and wants his help to rescue Wonder Woman from being imprisoned in Themyscira. Unaware to Damian nor Adam while both Regime members are worrying that the Amazonians will spill the truth about what the Regime had cause five years ago, they do not realize that one of the Amazonians are still loyalty to Diana and the Regime, meaning that Damian and Adam should not be worry about it.In a recent chapter’s present time in many days after Ra’s Al-Ghul’s own Regime ends, at cost of Talia’s death, Damian is shown to have been return to his cell as a mean to wait for other Regime remnants to rescue him and his imprisoned Regime allies. He was later freed by the remaining escaped Regime members Black Adam and Wonder Woman (assisted by a newly recruit Supergirl), along with Cyborg during Brainiac and Society’s reign, until Batman stops the conflict and made an uneasy alliance with the Regime to stop Brainiac and the Society, thus freeing Superman. He is last seen beaten by Supergirl when she is about leave in broken heart after learning how the Regime heroes have fallen 5 years ago, but must deal with Brainiac before the arguing start again first.

How do you defeat Swamp Thing?
A good strategy is to use Arcane Wizards’ Teleport spell to set back other enemies, making the Swamp Thing vulnerable to instant kills. Rain of Fire is also a great way to obliterate the entire crowd. Unlike Husks and Noxious Creepers, Swamp Things aren’t immune to poison.
He is the estranged son of Bruce Wayne and Talia al Ghul, he appears as Nightwing in the present reality of Injustice: Gods Among Us, having accidentally killed Dick Grayson, the previous Nightwing, which caused his betrayal after he stopped being Batman’s son, even Dick’s girlfriend (Starfire) developed a deep hatred towards Damian after his accidental murder but joining Superman’s Regime in the worst part.If the Bad Ending alternative occurs the event of Injustice and the Masters of the Universe, Damian and Cyborg began to redeem himself like how Shazam, the Flash and Green Lantern, including Aquaman did, with Damian becoming the new Batman. He summons He-Man and his allies to the Injustice Universe, due to He-Man’s nemesis Skeletor allied with Superman. Though he and his allies manage free Batman at 90%, Wonder Woman snapped Damian’s neck to death with her lasso in front of Batman, allowing him to be completely free by Damian’s death. Damian first appears crashing into Joker’s Asylum, quickly knocking out several Joker Clan goons. After the Clown Prince of Crime himself managed to defeat Hawkgirl, Damian tried to charge at the Joker but is repelled by the clown’s razor sharp cards. Before the two fought, Joker notes him siding with Superman over Batman. To which Damian replied by calling his own father a criminal, just like the Joker. The two battle, but Damian ends up getting defeated by Joker. Before the Joker can get a chance to finish him off, the Insurgents arrive and Hawkgirl grabs Damian and retreats. Damian, as Robin is seen in the prequel chapter several years ago during the first game’s prequel events. It will explain how he defects his father and joins Superman’s Regime, and somehow retconning his killing on Alfred’s murderer, Zsasz, with Alfred’s dead remained unknown. In the prequel comic when Damian is freed and forced to return to Ra’s Al-Ghul’s side instead of having his Regime friends freed along with it, Damian has a chance to resurrect Alfred to Lazarus Pit, while ambushing Batman’s Insurgency, and ruining a wedding between Black Canary and alternate Green Arrow, including on kidnapping two of Black Vulcan’s daughters and Connor Lance-Quinn (Black Canary and the original universe’s late-Green Arrow’s son) as hostages. As Harley Quinn in charge taking care of Connor, Vulcan’s kid safely, Damian nurses a weakened revived Alfred.

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At Stryker’s Island, when Batman’s Insurgency is starting an attack to save the prime universe’s Batman, Nightwing encounters Green Arrow. Green Arrow, thinking that this version of Nightwing is Dick Grayson, tried to reason with him until the parallel universe’s Batman revealed that Nightwing is Damian Wayne, who killed Dick Grayson and took his identity. Batman states that he stopped being his son after that and that Dick Grayson was his true son. After defeating Nightwing, Batman said that he’s “dead to him.” After Superman’s defeat at the hands of the prime universe’s Superman, Nightwing, along with other Regime allies got arrested.Damian was born without his father’s knowledge and trained with the League of Assassins until he was a young teenager. After his training was completed, Damian was finally revealed to his father, who accepted him as his newest Robin, hoping to put the child’s training with the League to a better use.

In Batman’s prequel chapter part when Damian was Robin, he is first seen aiding his father to find Superman in Cellblock C of Arkham Asylum, but later defects him as Robin kills Zsasz and accuse his father for letting Jason Todd, and Superman’s family Lois and their unborn son died by someone dangerous as Joker’s hand, and Damian claim that he himself was raised League of Assassins as an assassin, different than his father’s ideal of without killing on fighting crimes.
Damian Wayne, also known as Robin and under the mantle of Nightwing, is the twisted alternative version of the heroic main-universe Damian Wayne and a major antagonist of the Injustice series.

Unlike the versions when he was Robin, this version is very dark and a lot more vindictive, despite having a bit of his counterpart’s good side when he did care about the late-Dick (now as the new Deadman after the original Deadman’s spirit passed away and being the one who gave Damian his old Nightwing equipment as a birthday present), and Alfred (before the latter was killed by Zsasz prior the game’s timeline retcons the comic timeline). He sides with Superman’s One-Earth Regime in the parallel dimension, the man who responsible for sending Zsasz into killing Alfred to manipulate Damian as his pawn in the earlier 5 years later prior the retrocontinuity on the second game.He is a major antagonist of the Injustice: Gods Among Us video game and comic series and a minor antagonist of Injustice 2. He is also set to appear in the animated film adaptation simply titled Injustice.

Just as Batman arrived in time after knocking Animal Man out, Damian fights his father to prevent him from nearing Alfred and foolishly think his father will lock him again. As Damian let his father finish him off with no regrets, Alfred is both recovered and getting tired of watching the father and son fighting each other just as Batman’s allies arrived and try to stop the two fighting each other, lecturing them to reconcile and never blame each other. Just as Ra’s arrived and Batman failed to ceased Blue Beetle from firing the ceiling to enter the hideout, leading a battle between Ra’s and Batman’s side, Damian takes Alfred to the safer place. When Blue Beetle accidentally kills El Diablo, causing an explosion on entire hideout with no one else being killed but only the animals are, Damian leave with his father, even though Alfred is now safe under protection of Batman’s group.
In his Classic Battle ending, after defeating Superman, Nightwing realizes that he is capable of anything and challenges anyone who gets in his path. Seeing his ability to inspire fear in others, Nightwing is chosen by a yellow power ring and is recruited into the Sinestro Corps.Back in Louisiana, Swamp Thing met with John Constantine again. Swamp Thing was distressed to learn that in his absence, Howard Fleck had released the photos of he and Abby, causing such a scandal that she ran away to Gotham City. The Louisiana police had charged her with obscenity and crimes against nature, and it became Gotham’s job to hold her trial, and extradite her.Constantine revealed that after the Crisis ended, reality would be unstable and vulnerable for a time. Meanwhile, the ancient cult of the Brujeria were taking advantage of this situation in order to summon the Shadow Creature which would destroy Heaven. To do so the Brujeria needed to encourage a worldwide belief in monsters and the darker things in life. They were the ones responsible for the rash of nightmarish incidents that Swamp Thing had contained over the past few weeks.

Is Robin evil in Injustice 2?
Damian Wayne, also known as Robin and under the mantle of Nightwing, is the twisted alternative version of the heroic main-universe Damian Wayne and a major antagonist of the Injustice series. He is a major antagonist of the Injustice: Gods Among Us video game and comic series and a minor antagonist of Injustice 2.
The Sprout attempted to bind with Solomon Grundy in Slaughter Swamp, but the monster resisted, eventually bathing in toxic chemicals in order to force the Sprout out. However, during his encounter with Grundy, Swamp Thing realized that the Parliament was trying to kill him in order to restore balance, given that he would not kill the Sprout.

Finally, Swamp Thing found his way to the planet J586, where all plant life is sentient. With the help of Green Lantern Medphyll, Swamp Thing learned to shift his frequency, so that he could return to Earth and The Green.

Swamp Thing was among the heroes who attended a memorial service for Green Lantern Hal Jordan. As a tribute to Hal and the destroyed Coast City Swamp Thing turned the barren Coast into a lush garden.
After being away for two weeks, Swamp Thing’s body was restored, but with an altered appearance. The toxins gone, he returned to Louisiana to reunite with his family. Unfortunately, the double he created believed that he was more worthy to be with Abby and Tefé than Swamp Thing, and they fought. When Swamp Thing realized that the double was not merely a copy, but a part of him, Swamp Thing absorbed it back into his body.

In a secret facility located in the Louisiana swamplands, scientist Alec Holland and his wife Linda invented a Bio-Restorative Formula that would solve any nations’ food shortage problems. Ferrett and Bruno—thugs working for Nathan Ellery—barged into Alec’s lab, knocked him out, and planted a bomb in the facility. Alec woke up just as the bomb exploded, and in flames, he ran into the swamp. His body had been drenched in the bio-restorative formula, and this affected the plant life of the swamp, imbuing it with Alec’s consciousness and memories. The newly conscious plant life formed a semblance of a human form and rose up from the bog as the Swamp Thing, the latest in a long line of Earth elementals created when The Green was in need of protection.The Grey finds a new, more neutral vessel, who promises that he will wait until The Green’s time has passed before allowing The Grey to inherit the earth.

Is Swamp Thing a hero in Injustice 2?
Swamp Thing is a 2-Star Silver Metahuman Hero.
Eventually, Swamp Thing and John Constantine concocted a plan by which they would bind the Sprout to a human host so that he could retire to be with Abby until it was time to join the Parliament.He planned for he and the Swamp Thing to travel to South America and battle the cult—but first he wanted Swamp Thing to visit the Parliament of Trees in Brazil, where he promised that he would finally learn the truth about his nature as a plant elemental. Swamp Thing was unaware when he chose Constantine as the surrogate for the conception of his daughter, that he had received a blood transfusion from the demon Nergal. Likewise, he was unprepared for the fact that the powers of his daughter extend to both The Green and The Red. One day, when she witnessed him disappearing into The Green, she tried to do the same, and in the process, she destroyed her human body. Finally, Swamp Thing realized that the reason he was sent back in time by the Claw was that the chunk of amber within it was a future version of himself. He waited millennia for the day when John Constantine would find his way to the present day location of the Claw, and release him.

What game is Swamp Thing in?
Swamp Thing is a platform video game for the NES and Game Boy. Based on the animated series of the same name, of the DC Comics superhero character Swamp Thing. It was published by THQ and released in December 1992.
Tefé’s astral form travelled the Spirit World until it ended up on the outskirts of Hell. There, she caught the attention of the demon Beelzebub, not to mention Anton Arcane who managed to gain lowly demon status by way of his evil ways. Arcane was assigned to Nergal, who recognized his own taint within Tefé. Through this taint, the demons hoped to gain control of her. However, the child became the center of a political struggle in Hell between the Spider Guild, Beelzebub and Azazel.After Abby was returned to life, Swamp Thing and Abby confessed their love for each other. To celebrate the beginning of their relationship Swamp Thing grew hallucinogenic tubers for Abby to eat, enabling her to see the world as he did.

On the same night that the demon attacked, Matthew decided to go out and help Abby. Unfortunately, his alcoholism caused him to crash his car, mortally wounding him. In order to stay alive, he made a pact with the spirit of Anton Arcane, who possessed his body.
After finally defeating Arcane, Swamp Thing was set upon by General Sunderland’s men, in a covert military operation. The resulting attacks blasted a hole in Swamp Thing’s head and destroyed the lives of many of his friends. Sunderland brought the Swamp Thing’s body back to Sunderland Corp to study and unlock the secret of the Bio-Restorative Formula.

Is Swamp Thing an anti-hero?
Saga Of The Swamp Thing, Book One In 1984, Moore took an unpopular second-tier comic book character — a superstrong, all-vegetable anti-hero from the bayou — and re-imagined him as a creature that longed for humans and the natural world to coexist in peace.
The destruction of Nergal’s garden released a particular spirit on Earth. It was Matango, a fungus-based lifeform. Meanwhile, Swamp Thing and his wife searched for a way to get Tefé back into a physical body. With Constantine’s help, they determined that she must be the one to recreate the body herself, but without any knowledge of anatomy, she would not be able to do so properly.Swamp Thing travelled through The Green to the afterlife, recruiting the help of Deadman, Phantom Stranger, The Spectre and Etrigan. Together, they prepared to make a stand against the Great Darkness in Hell. One by one, Swamp Thing’s allies fell to the Darkness, failing to answer its questions—that is until the Swamp Thing tried entering it of his own free will, with peaceful intent.

However, at the same time, the Sprout attempted to bind with an insane, evil man named Alan Bolland who had just died in the midst of a terrorist attack. The Parliament sensed the evil within Bolland, and it shocked the Swamp Thing out of his hypnosis. He used his frequency shifting abilities to force the committee members out into space, and the resulting chaos forced the Sprout from Bolland’s body.
In the meantime, Batman asked Swamp Thing to turn Gotham back to normal, and the refusal of the creature led to a fight in which the much outmatched Batman was defeated. Finally, Batman convinced the mayor that Abby had not committed any crime, and that it would be in the best interest of everyone if charges against her were dropped. In response, Swamp Thing removed the overgrowth from Gotham.

Swamp Thing sped to Gotham in order to free Abby from jail. He burst into the Gotham courthouse and demanded Abby’s release. When his demand was refused, he tapped into the Green, using his immense elemental power to cause Gotham to become overgrown with plant-life. In this way, he kept the city hostage until his wife was released.This character specifically relates to the Swamp Thing and is predominantly seen in the Swamp Thing family of titles. This character may be part of the Swamp Thing’s supporting cast, a minor acquaintance, or one of his adversaries. This template will automatically categorize articles that include it into the Swamp Thing Characters category.

Yggdrasil explained that by planting the first of the three seeds, Swamp Thing brought about the birth of the Parliament. The second became his vessel forward through time. The Third was consumed by Tefé—and that is what woke Matango. The seed represented the ways of the old race of man, who were in communion with nature. The newer, more violent race of men served Matango’s needs better.
Swamp Thing’s body was destroyed after an encounter with a man saturated by dangerous levels of radiation. He sent his mind into the Green to attempt to form another body, and with Abby’s help and weeks of effort, Swamp Thing reformed most of his new body. In the meantime, occultist John Constantine had heard news of a coming danger, and found his way to the swamp. Upon meeting the Swamp Thing, he informed the creature that it was a plant elemental. Constantine hinted at knowing much more about the nature of the Swamp Thing than he was saying, and promised to discuss the matters further if Swamp Thing met him in Rosewood, Illinois in a week’s time.The Entity imbued upon Holland all of the powers of The Green that the former had wielded. Including now additional elemental abilities, i.e. governance over fire, being now shown capable of breathing fire naturally. Swamp Thing then immediately growing to enormous height to battle the Corrupted Being. Immediately upon defeating it, acting to restore the Green to natural order.

Later, Swamp Thing was visited by the ghost of Alec Holland, and eventually learned that Alec’s skeleton was still lying at the bottom of the bayou. Diving down, Swamp Thing retrieved the body and gave it a proper burial. This allowed the Alec’s spirit to free itself from the earthly plane and ascend into Heaven.
Swamp Thing bid farewell to Abby for a while, and as they kissed, they were unaware that amateur photojournalist, Howard Fleck, was taking pictures of them.

Meanwhile, Tefé’s power over both plants and flesh became a matter of concern for her parents when she showed a tendency to horribly mangle and kill those who angered her. When she killed the family cat in anger, it was decided that Swamp Thing would consult the Parliament of Trees for help. The Parliament sent Lady Jane to act as Tefé’s governess, allowing Swamp Thing to focus his attention on protecting The Green.
Swamp Thing became trapped again in a piece of amber, falling into the hands of Tomahawk, the old west hero. Another exposure to the Claw sent him back to medieval times when he encountered Merlin and Shining Knight, and an item believed to be the Holy Grail.Swamp Thing arrived at a time when man had not yet been born. He encountered three of his predecessors, Yggdrasil—the tree of life, Tuuru—the tree of knowledge, and Eyam. They explained that they were the three founders of the Parliament of Trees, and sent him back once more into the past.Swamp Thing found himself within the body of a soldier during the Second World War in 1945. There, he encountered a young Anton Arcane, using an abattoir as his lab for the creation of his Un-Men. Arcane used an artifact known as the Claw of Aelkhünd to send Swamp Thing further back in time.In San Miguel, Swamp Thing visited the abandoned Cambridge mansion, haunted by every person ever to have been killed by the Cambridge repeater firearm. A group of thrill seekers were menaced by the ghosts. Swamp Thing managed to exorcise the ghosts from the mansion by making the sound of a hammer on a big table within. Afterward, Constantine appeared and explained that he wanted the Swamp Thing to see first-hand the effects that the coming Crisis was having on Earth.

What is Swamp Thing weakness?
Pollution Vulnerability to Pollution: Pollution is highly dangerous to the plant life that makes up his body and the plant life he is connected to. By weakening The Green, one weakens the Swamp Thing.
The Swamp Thing originally thought that he had been Alec Holland, transformed by the freak accident into a monster. He sought to regain his human body, but often met opposition in the form of Anton Arcane, and his ever growing legion of Un-Men.When Constance Sunderland had an occultist named Doctor Polygon resurrect her father from death, it provided Anton Arcane with a body to host his spirit. Using Sunderland’s influence and his own power, Arcane managed to terrorize his niece once again.

Joining up with Constantine, Swamp Thing managed to destroy the Brujeria by flooding their underground caves with dirt and crushing them with tree-roots. Unfortunately, his decision to save Constantine’s life provided the Brujeria with enough time to send their messenger to awaken the Shadow Creature. Constantine and Swamp Thing scrambled to come up with a plan to deal with the Great Darkness, and then split up.

He attempted to grow a body from vegetation on a planet which seemed to be techno-organic. However, unbeknownst to him, the planet was sentient, and sought to mate with him. The entity forced Swamp Thing to mate with her, and afterwards Swamp Thing swiftly fled across the universe to find a new place to grow a body.
Swamp Thing travelled to Brazil, where he met the Parliament of Trees. There, he encountered one of the previous plant elementals, Alex Olsen. Olsen explained that the Swamp Thing was the latest in a long line of plant elementals, who had all since joined the Parliament in their retirement. Communing with the others, Swamp Thing was able to learn the histories of his predecessors.

Reflecting on what the Parliament taught him about nature, he offered insights to the Great Darkness that its place in the universe was necessary; that good would grow stronger by its opposition to evil. His talk sparked something in the Great Darkness. When it finally reached Heaven, the Great Darkness and The Presence joined in an alliance of balance, changing the nature of good and evil for the entire universe.
The Parliament had once resided in the Garden of Eden, but a war with Matango and the fungus-based life force known as The Grey forced them out. The fountain was still to be found in the ruins of Eden, which lied in what became known as Antarctica. Swamp Thing travelled there, rescuing Eyam’s trapped soul, collecting a frozen shard of the waters of the fountain, and narrowly escaping destruction by the Angels who protected the ruins.Constantine informed Swamp Thing that he had not completely destroyed the vampire population of Rosewood during his last encounter with them, and a number of them adapted to live within an aquatic settlement. Swamp Thing remembered that running water could destroy the vampires—they could only live underwater because the body of water covering Rosewood was stagnant. In order to deal with them, Swamp Thing extended his abilities further than ever before, forming a new body from a mountain and letting its river merge with Rosewood’s, thereby wiping the vampires out. Rather than provide any new information, Constantine told Swamp Thing to meet him in Maine in two weeks’ time.Swamp Thing and Constantine witnessed the effects of the Crisis: blood red skies, and people and beasts from many different time periods, displaced into the present day. The pair were suddenly teleported to the Monitor’s Satellite by Alexander Luthor. Constantine introduced Swamp Thing to Alexander, who had formed a plan to ensure that reality survived the Crisis. Constantine promised that the Swamp Thing would likewise ensure that the spiritual realms survived the after-effects of the Crisis.

Swamp Thing used his abilities to take control of a somewhat unwilling Constantine’s body, displacing Constantine into the astral plane. Then, in that human form, Swamp Thing and Abby finally consummated their relationship, conceiving a child for the sprout to bond to. In the body of a child, the Sprout would be given the chance to learn at a slower rate.In a world desolate and devoid of life, Swamp Thing grew his brain large once more, and realized that it is he who created the Parliament, and began the succession of earth elementals. He planted one of the three seeds he was given, which later grew into Yggdrasil, imbuing it with a map of all his knowledge. Then, he allowed a flow of lava to overtake him, converting the sap within his enlarged brain to amber. Swamp Thing went into shock from learning his true origins. He rooted himself into the swamp and spent three weeks dreaming; his mind eventually traveling into The Green. Woodrue returned to the swamp and discovered Swamp Thing’s connection to The Green, but the experience drove him mad. When Swamp Thing realized the presence of Woodrue’s corrupting influence there, he wrenched himself back into reality. He caught up with Woodrue and convinced the villain that his war against animal life was pointless, reminding him that plant life and animal life needed each other to survive. They returned to the Parliament, where they learned that Matango had ensnared Abby and Tefé. Climbing the rotting trunk of Yggdrasil, he reached them and set them free before heading onward to Matango’s lair. Discovering that Matango’s weakness was his old Green form, Swamp Thing used his own skin against him, and severed his connection to The Grey.

As a hurricane threatened all of Louisiana Swamp Thing returned, giving Tefé the water from the fountain. With the help of Constantine’s friend Brenda and the Shaman of Sarga, Tefé was able to rebuild most of her body. Unfortunately, Matango had assembled an army of servants of The Grey to capture the infant. The new body she grew became corrupted with mould and fungus, prompting Swamp Thing to destroy it, as the hurricane swept over the swamp, and destroyed everything in sight.
The pair went through several other failed attempts, going so far as to try to bond the Sprout with Swamp Thing’s friend Chester Williams. Fortunately, that was not required. Swamp Thing decided, at Abby’s urging, to grow himself a more powerful brain in order to solve the dilemma. After one and a half months of deliberation, he managed to find a solution. A budding friendship grew between Swamp Thing and his dead nemesis Anton Arcane’s niece Abby Cable. Her husband Matthew grew resentful of her disinterest in sex, and turned to drink, further pushing her toward the Swamp Thing. She asks for his help when her autistic students at Elysium Lawns were being tormented by Kamara, the Monkey-King. Swamp Thing destroyed the demon with the help of Etrigan. Eventually, Swamp Thing began to see a pattern emerging in all the monstrosities he had been confronting across America, but admitted he would need Constantine to explain it to him. Constantine instructed him to travel to San Miguel, California, promising that this would be the last leg of their mission before he revealed everything he knew.

Is Swamp Thing good Injustice 2?
Primal Swamp Thing is a base 3-Star Gold character and one of the worst characters in the game.
Sunderland hired the Jason Woodrue to study Swamp Thing’s body, which he had stored in a cryochest. Over the course of his research, the Floronic Man deduced the truth about Swamp Thing, that he was a plant that thought it was Alec Holland—the real Alec Holland had died in the explosion. Sunderland and Woodrue parted on bad terms, so the scientist used Sunderland’s automated computer systems to raise the thermostat in Swamp Thing’s cryochest. This allowed Swamp Thing’s body to regenerate, and in his search for Sunderland, he stumbled across the Floronic Man’s report, which sent him into a mindless rage. He killed Sunderland, and set off for the swamps.Further back, Swamp Thing encountered a tribe of early men, who lived in harmony with The Green. However, the time for their kind was at an end, and with the ice age, they were killed by a younger, more violent race of men. Before dying, a shaman that Swamp Thing befriended gave to him three seeds, and stored the spirits of his people away within a piece of amber—which sent Swamp Thing back further still.

John Constantine’s contacts seemed to indicate that the Parliament’s predictions were right. Something was wrong with the balance of nature. Using his contacts, he arranged to find out where and when the next candidate for binding with the Sprout would be ready. Constantine arranged to help reconcile an average man named Gary Holland with the idea of becoming the next Swamp Thing as his plane was destined to crash with no survivors. Meanwhile, Swamp Thing had hidden the Sprout on the moon. Upon his return through The Green, he encountered the lost souls of those on the crashed plane, and guided them all to heaven—including his intended replacement. There would have to be another plan.
A Shaman clued Swamp Thing in to the existence of a fountain in the Garden of Eden which can allow any being the ability to understand all languages. With this, Tefé could understand how to rebuild her own body with instruction. Swamp Thing met with the Parliament of Trees to find out the location of the fountain. There, he reunited with Yggdrasil, Eyam, and Tuuru, who explained that much of what he had been taught in the past was a ruse in order to bring about the birth of a plant-human hybrid: Tefé.Unlike the previous incarnation, a mass of humanoid plant life with all of Holland’s absorbed memories, this new renewed Swamp Thing was generated directly from the body of Alec Holland himself. Holland rising from the ground as a seemingly semi-sentient corpse until fully given human flesh again as the once formerly brilliant biologist. Holland stating that his last conscious memory was of hurling himself into the swamp to extinguish the flames engulfing him, having no memory of ever being Swamp Thing previously. The Life Entity stating essentially that Holland was a missing “vital component” to the being itself. Leaving us to ponder if the being Dark Avatar assaulting the city may have actually been the former Swamp Thing. Notably also bearing a very close physical resemblance.

He next awoke in the old west in 1872, where he was trapped within a large chunk of amber. Eventually, a team of heroes including Bat-Lash and Hawk Haukins managed to free him. Hopefully, Swamp Thing arranged to have his photo taken with them, thinking that his pregnant wife might see him, and know he was okay. Knowing he had to go back further, he willingly faced the Claw again.He finds his way to the planet Rann, where he meets and befriends Adam Strange. The planet was going through a devastating drought, and there were arrangements made to find a solution with Thanagarians. Swamp Thing reached down under the surface of the planet and brought its plant life back.

One day, Abigail finally realized that the man she had thought was her husband for weeks had actually been her uncle Anton. Her feeling of disgust sent her into a horrible shock. Swamp Thing confronted the possessed Matthew, and with the guidance of the monster, he discovered Abby’s body. Unfortunately, Arcane had sent the “soul” of his niece to Hell. In a rage, Swamp Thing beat Arcane to a pulp, allowing Matthew’s trapped spirit to cast the soul of the sorcerer out of his body and back to the nether world. The effort returned Matthew to control of his body, but left him comatose.
Eventually, in Hell, the devil abdicated his rule, allowing many of the demons trapped there to escape—including Anton Arcane. Arcane returned to the land of the living with intent to possess the Tefé’s body, and cause pain to his niece Abigail. However, Arcane’s attempted coup was thwarted by the appearance of Agony and Ecstacy, but he vowed to return.In Kennescook, Maine; Swamp Thing encountered Phoebe, a werewolf filled with outrage on behalf of abused and oppressed women throughout history. He prevented her from killing her husband, but was forced to watch on helplessly as she committed suicide. Constantine arrived soon after, and told Swamp Thing to go back home to Louisiana.

After a time of being able to live happily with his family, Swamp Thing became aware of the resurgence of Sunderland Corporation as a threat to the environment. Now run by General Sunderland’s daughter Constance, Sunderland Corporation took on a personal vendetta against the Swamp Thing while pursuing its greedy, destructive interests.
Swamp Thing began to amass an army of those elementals trapped by The Grey during the war. Unfortunately, Matango anticipated this, and all of the efforts were in vain, leading to Swamp Thing’s capture and imprisonment, deep in the Pacific Ocean. Swamp Thing risked the death of all those imprisoned by attempting to form a body there, but was fortunately successful, with the help of others.

Swamp Thing was then occupying the body of a downed French pilot during the Great War. There, he met Abby’s grandmother Anaïs Arcane, who called on her young doctor son, Anton, to treat his wounds. Naturally, Anton’s interest in Swamp Thing’s biology was less than medical, and the result of their encounter faced Swamp Thing with the Claw again, sending him further back.
He returned to the Parliament, and demanded to speak with a Committee, to find a solution for the Sprout problem. In communing with the members, he discovered that across time, there have been hundreds of elementals, all of whom were once humans that were killed by fire. The meeting was a trap, however, and as he experienced pasts of the committee members, he began to take root.Despite seemingly having found happiness with his wife, Swamp Thing was soon set upon by the Dominators. Given that their weaponry was of a plant-based nature, they knew they had to eliminate the one being on the planet Earth who could easily render them toothless in their intended invasion. In order to dispose of him, the Dominators used a device to displace the Swamp Thing in time.

A war broke out between The Green and The Grey which forced the elementals to leave Eden. In order to have a compromise, the Parliament caused an ice age that allowed the new race of man to conquer the old race, so that in time, if man caused the downfall of The Green, The Grey could take its place. By giving a seed of the old race to his daughter, Swamp Thing caused the balance to be offset. The Parliament decided that in order to save The Green, they needed to confront Matango.
Abby found work on the set of a soap opera being filmed on the old Robertaland Plantation. Things went awry when the lead actors became possessed by the spirits of the murderous landowners. Dead slaves that worked on the plantation rose from the grave as zombies. Sensing the evil there, Swamp Thing burned Robertaland to the ground after realizing that it was the source of their power.After settling down again with Abby in the swamp, Swamp Thing travelled to the Parliament of Trees, but was greeted with surprised horror. The Parliament had assumed him dead, and had therefore begun to grow a sprout which would grow into a new elemental, once bound with a human spirit. The upshot of which being that having two elementals active at one time would set the balance of nature awry and cause calamity. The Parliament gave him the choice to either take root in the Parliament, and leave Abby forever, or to kill the Sprout. Swamp Thing refused to do either, whatever the consequences. As Swamp Thing was about to be reunited with Abby, he was attacked by Dwight Wicker and the D.D.I., who wanted to avenge the death of General Sunderland. They cut him off from the Green using a communications scrambler provided by Lex Luthor. Then, they set him aflame with napalm. Swamp Thing entered the Spirit World, where he encountered a number of alien spirits who were stuck in the human afterlife after the Dominators’ attack. Together, they travelled to Hell. There, Etrigan explained the truth about Tefé’s demon taint. Confronting Nergal, it seemed as though Swamp Thing was no match for him. However, Arcane’s machinations had connected Tefé to the irrigation system of the whole city, and when she opened a window back to earth, it caused the destruction of the city and all those demons within.Locked out of The Green’s frequency, Swamp Thing survived the attempted assassination by tuning into a different, alien one. He managed to grow a new body on a planet populated by only blue vegetation, unconnected to The Green. He stayed on the planet for a time, exploring it and even creating plant-replicas of people he knew from Earth to keep him company. Finding this to be ultimately pointless he destroyed his creations and gathered up the courage to try and grow a new plant-body elsewhere in the universe.With the threat of Anton Arcane’s return, Abigail made Swamp Thing promise to stay with her and their daughter in order to protect them and be a husband and father. Reluctantly, he agreed—but the Parliament of Trees was displeased with the decision. When a great threat to the environment and The Green appeared, Swamp Thing was forced to choose between breaking his promise to Abby or allowing the Green to suffer. Ultimately, he chose neither, and created a double of himself to look after his family while he protected The Green. He had intended to return to his family once the threat was taken care of, but the Parliament prevented it—leaving his double to become firmly entrenched as the family man he could not be.To set things right, Swamp Thing travelled into The Green and beyond; to the Spirit World and on into Hell, all to reclaim Abby’s soul. He was forced to fight off a legion of the damned, including Anton Arcane, but he prevailed again with the help of Etrigan.

How do you beat Swamp Thing in Injustice 2?
Swamp Thing is a grappler who can dish out big damage if he can keep his enemies close. Luckily, he has a number of attacks to close the gap and his character power will keep them there when you get them to you. Use some meter burn on Bio-Fission, dash in, and use your character power to keep them close. Cached
Swamp Thing first appears in his giant form, enraged that the battle between the Society and Batman’s team (consisting of Green Arrow, Black Canary, and Harley Quinn) was destroying the swamp. Harley questions his appearance, believing that he had died when he was sent to hell. Swamp Thing explains that as the guardian of the Green, he can always reincarnate by using a plant as a vessel for his consciousness, essentially making him immortal as long as the Green lives. He proceeds to knock Black Canary and Green Arrow, though Harley dodged his attack. Harley attempts to reason with Swamp Thing, but he isn’t interested and attacks her, only to be defeated. After Harley finally manages to convince Swamp Thing it is the Society that is the true threat to the swamp, Swamp Thing, proceeds to attack several of Scarecrow’s men and even defend Green Arrow, Black Canary, and Harley Quinn from gunfire. Harley then offers Swamp Thing a chance to help Batman, though he rejects. However, before leaving, he states that should their interests align, he will consider aiding Batman.As a child, Alec McGinn was never close with his father, Lloyd, who abandoned his family when the former was 5 years old, only visiting his son a few times. Sometime after reaching adulthood, he became a scientist and married Linda Holland at some point, legally changing his surname to Holland as a result. At some point, they created a Bio-Restorative formula in a laboratory located in the bayous of Louisiana. The purpose of the formula was to solve the world’s food shortage problems. Unfortunately, 2 thugs hired by the unscrupulous Nathan Ellery broke into the lab and knocked Holland out, before planting a bomb in the facility. Holland regained consciousness just as the bomb exploded. His body in flames, he ran into the swamp. In the process, his body had been drenched by his own formula. As a result, this affected the plantlife of the swamp, imbuing it with Holland’s consciousness and memories. The newly-conscious plantlife manifested itself in a humanoid form known as “Swamp Thing”, who originally thought he was Dr. Alec Holland, transformed in a freak accident and sought to search for his original body, unaware that it had perished, following the explosion in his lab. This often put him at odds with his nemesis, Anton Arcane. After the latter was defeated, Swamp Thing would eventually develop a romantic relationship with Arcane’s niece, Abigail (a.k.a “The Black Queen”).

Who is the true villain in Injustice 2?
Princess Diana of Themyscira, also known as Wonder Woman, is the secondary antagonist of the Injustice franchise. She is the secondary antagonist of the Injustice: Gods Among Us video game and comic series, and a major antagonist in Injustice 2.
Swamp Thing is a plant elemental and protector of the Earth. He is a playable character in Injustice 2 (2017) and a featured character in the Year Three comic series.

Many throughout history have underestimated the Green. In this way, Brainiac was no different than Superman or Batman. They all thought they could improve upon nature. They all were wrong. Earth belonged to the Green for eons before animals evolved. Now, the trees and plants will remind these animals upon whose planet they reside. When the next crisis comes, nature will protect itself. I stand with the Green, and the Green alone.However, being connected to all plant life on Earth, Swamp Thing is also effectively immortal; any amount of plant life on the planet serves as a vessel for Swamp Thing’s conscience. Swamp Thing’s strength level is directly connected to plant life and Earth, to which he can contain that strength within his body. As such, he can lift large weights of mass much heavier than his original body weight. He also uses his wings, consisting of plant material, which gives him the ability to fly. Swamp Thing, however, does have weaknesses to fire and to poison, as he is an Avatar of the Green. Swamp Thing is also an intelligent chemist and botanist, and when he was Alec Holland, he created the Bio-Restorative Formula, which was designed to stimulate hormonal growth in plant life, enabling plants to grow in hostile terrain.

Being the Avatar of the Green, Swamp Thing has complete control over the plant life that surrounds him. He is a user of chlorokinesis; as such, he can affect plant growth and make all types of plant life do his bidding. His body is composed of plant-based stem cells, allowing him to morph into any living type of plant and grow wooden branches, vines, and logs out of his framework. He also has the ability to enlarge himself and his limbs exponentially, making himself gargantuan-sized.
He is later seen brainwashed by Brainiac and attacking Batman and Superman with the aid of a brainwashed Firestorm. When either Batman or Superman why Swamp Thing would be against the Green, Brainiac, via Swamp Thing, explains that the Green will survive on board his ship as a digital copy, preserving it forever. He is defeated by them, and Batman manages to free him and Firestorm.To the right is the base skin for Swamp Thing, Guardian of the Green. He is wearing his default gear. The remainder of his costumes can be found on his gallery page. Dr. Alec Holland was a brilliant chemist and botanist who created a formula to stimulate hormonal growth in plant life. When Alec was working in his lab in Louisiana, he was killed by terrorists, and after he died his body was exposed to the formula, and Alec was resurrected as a living elemental known as Swamp Thing, protector of the Green. 9.5. Возврат неиспользованных денежных средств осуществляется только в безналичной форме по указанным Пользователем банковским реквизитам. К заявлению о возврате денежных средств, исходящему от юридического лица, должен быть приложен документ, подтверждающий полномочия лица, подписавшего заявление (доверенность, решение о назначении/избрании исполнительного органа и т.п.).8.1. Договор вступает в силу с момента принятия его условий Пользователем (акцепта Оферты) и действует до момента его расторжения или прекращения по иным основаниям, предусмотренным в Договоре.

6.5. За нарушение установленного порядка использования материалов, являющихся объектами интеллектуальной собственности, к которым Пользователь получает доступ в ходе оказания Услуг, Пользователь несет ответственность согласно действующего законодательства.
12.3.3 Путем акцепта оферты Пользователь также дает явное согласие на получение рекламно-информационных сообщений и материалов, рассылаемых по электронной почте, мобильному телефону, SMS, в том числе от партнеров администрации сайта. Указанное согласие действует до момента его отзыва.10.4.3. он обладает достаточными познаниями для осознанного выбора Услуг с учетом характеристик имеющихся у него конкретных аппаратных и программных средств.

11.3. В случае существенного нарушения Пользователем условий Договора, каковым признаются нарушение требований пунктов 2.2, 2.3 и раздела 6 настоящей редакции Публичной Оферты, 1С-Онлайн вправе в одностороннем порядке расторгнуть Договор с направлением соответствующего уведомления Пользователю.
Пожалуйста введите номинал (сумму) Подарочного сертификата и количество приобретаемых сертификатов. Если вы хотите купить несколько сертификатов на разные суммы, нажмите “Добавить” и введите номинал и количество для следующего подарочного сертификата.

12.2.2. направляются от Пользователя в адрес 1С-Онлайн по почтовому адресу, указанному в конце текста текущей редакции Публичной Оферты, заказным письмом с уведомлением о вручении.
8.3. Факт удаления настоящей Оферты с сайта означает отзыв публичной оферты. 1С-Онлайн не будет связано обязательствами по заключению новых договоров после удаления с сайта Оферты.

11.6. Совокупная ответственность 1С-Онлайн по Договору, ограничивается денежной суммой, уплаченной Пользователем по Договору в качестве оплаты за потребляемые Услуги. 11.5. 1С-Онлайн также освобождается от ответственности за нарушение условий Договора, если такое нарушение вызвано действием обстоятельств непреодолимой силы (форс-мажор), включая: действия органов государственной власти, пожар, наводнение, землетрясение, другие стихийные действия, массовые отключения электроэнергии, забастовки, гражданские волнения, беспорядки, любые иные обстоятельства, которые могут повлиять на исполнение 1С-Онлайн Договора и неподконтрольные 1С-Онлайн. 2.6. Пользователь уведомлен и обязан учитывать тот факт, что программное обеспечение, иные информационные материалы, к которым он получает доступ в ходе оказания Услуг, являются объектом исключительного права 1С-Онлайн и/или иных правообладателей, защищаются законодательством об интеллектуальной собственности и прочими соответствующими российскими и международными законами.

4.2. Оплата Услуг путем безналичного перевода производится Пользователем на основании счета на Услуги, сформированного посредством пользовательского интерфейса.
12.1. Договор, его заключение и исполнение регулируется в соответствии с действующим законодательством Российской Федерации. Все вопросы, не урегулированные Публичной Офертой или урегулированные не полностью, регулируются в соответствии с материальным правом Российской Федерации. В случае разногласий между Пользователем и 1С-Онлайн в отношении Договора, которые не могут быть разрешены путем переговоров сторон, они урегулируются в порядке, предусмотренном действующим законодательством. Если иное не предписано действующим законодательством, рассмотрение споров, в том числе в судебном порядке, производится по месту государственной регистрации 1С-Онлайн – в городе Москва.9.3. В случае если на момент прекращения или расторжения Договора стоимость оплаченных Пользователем Услуг превышает стоимость фактически оказанных Пользователю Услуг, то разница между указанными суммами может быть возвращена Пользователю по его письменному заявлению, если оплата услуг была осуществлена банковским переводом. 10.2. В отношении некоторых программных продуктов и информационных материалов, к которым Пользователь получает доступ в процессе оказания Услуг, их производителями могут быть установлены определенные гарантийные обязательства по качеству и последующей технической поддержке. Однако, 1С-Онлайн, если не указано иное, не является уполномоченной такими производителями организацией и самостоятельно не принимает на себя никаких гарантийных обязательств и обязательств по поддержке и консультированию. 1С-Онлайн предоставляет Пользователю доступ к программным продуктам и информационным материалам в том виде и такого качества, в каком они предоставлены производителями («как есть»), при этом 1С-Онлайн не гарантирует отсутствие в них ошибок и недостатков, и не берет на себя обязательств по обеспечению соответствия этих продуктов и материалов целям, для которых они приобретаются Пользователем. Фигурка Injustice 2: Swamp Thing создана по мотивам компьютерной игры в жанре файтинг Injustice, основанной на вымышленной вселенной DC Comics. Игра разрабатывалась студией NetherRealm Studios и была издана Warner Bros. Interactive Entertaiment для PlayStation 4 и Xbox One.

How powerful is Swamp Thing?
Swamp Thing’s Powers and Abilities Most impressively, Swamp Thing has direct control over all plant life – not just on Earth, but essentially anywhere in the universe. While his body isn’t quite invulnerable, Swamp Thing is basically immortal.
5.5. Если в указанный выше семидневный срок Пользователь не направил в 1С-Онлайн письменный мотивированный отказ от подписания УПД, услуги считаются оказанными 1С-Онлайн надлежащим образом и принятыми Пользователем в полном объеме. При этом бумажные экземпляры УПД, подписанные со стороны 1С-Онлайн, направляются письмом по почтовому адресу юридического лица, указанному Пользователем.

10.4. Соглашаясь с условиями настоящей Публичной Оферты и совершая действия, свидетельствующие о ее акцепте, Пользователь заверяет 1С-Онлайн и гарантирует 1С-Онлайн, что:
6.4. Пользователь обязуется соблюдать установленные действующим законодательством запреты на обход технических средств защиты авторского права и смежных прав, применяемых правообладателями некоторых продуктов и материалов.

10.3. 1С-Онлайн не гарантирует надлежащее функционирование (воспроизведение) программных продуктов и информационных материалов, доступ к которым предоставляется в процессе оказания Услуг, в среде конкретных аппаратных и программных средств Пользователя. Пользователь самостоятельно, на свое усмотрение и на свой риск выбирает соответствующую Услугу, с учетом характеристик имеющихся у него конкретных аппаратных и программных средств.
2.5. Пользователь уведомлен и соглашается с тем, что 1С-Онлайн может устанавливать по собственному усмотрению дополнительные ограничения при оказании отдельных видов Услуг, в частности ряд Услуг предоставляется только владельцам определенных программных продуктов, зарегистрировавшим приобретенную лицензионную копию программного продукта, определенные виды Услуг недоступны Пользователям, находящимся за пределами Российской Федерации. 1С-Онлайн вправе отказать в предоставлении Услуг лицам, которые используют или намерены использовать Услуги для каких-либо незаконных целей, а равно лицам, которые предпринимают попытку получить Услугу незаконным способом.12.4. Договор представляет собой полную договоренность между 1С-Онлайн и Пользователем. 1С-Онлайн не принимает на себя никаких условий и обязательств в отношении предмета Публичной Оферты, помимо прямо указанных в тексте Публичной Оферты, за исключением случая, когда такие условия или обязательства зафиксированы в письменном виде и подписаны Пользователем и 1С-Онлайн.

1.1. 1С-Онлайн оказывает Пользователю услуги, связанные с предоставлением доступа к программным продуктам и иным информационным материалам в электронной форме, размещенным на сайте, а также информационные услуги в форме участия на различных семинарах, лекциях, мероприятиях, интернет-курсах, вебинарах и т.д. (далее – «Услуги»). 9.2. 1С-Онлайн вправе расторгнуть Договор с Пользователем в случае нарушения Пользователем условий настоящего Договора. Договор считается прекращенным с момента направления уведомления 1С-Онлайн Пользователю. 11.4. 1С-Онлайн ни при каких обстоятельствах не несет ответственности за какие-либо действия/бездействие, третьих лиц, в частности, за любые убытки, вред деловой репутации, вред здоровью, причиненные Пользователю в результате сбоев программного обеспечения или оборудования, не принадлежащих 1С-Онлайн, в результате недоступности отдельных сегментов сети Интернет (в том числе в связи с прекращением функционирования сайтов третьих лиц, в том числе правообладателей программного обеспечения/оборудования), в результате использования (невозможности использования) Пользователем выбранного им способа оплаты Услуг по Договору.12.5. Если какое-либо из условий Публичной Оферты признано недействительным или незаконным, или не может вступить в силу в соответствии с действующим законодательством, такое положение должно быть выделено из Публичной Оферты и заменено новым положением, максимально отвечающим изначальным намерениям, содержавшимся в Публичной Оферте, при этом остальные положения Публичной Оферты (Договора) не меняются и остаются в силе. 11.2. В случае нарушения Пользователем условий Договора, 1С-Онлайн вправе приостановить оказание Услуг до момента устранения Пользователем допущенных нарушений и возмещения причиненных 1С-Онлайн таким нарушением убытков в полном объеме и/или в одностороннем порядке расторгнуть Договор с направлением соответствующего уведомления Пользователю. 12.3.4 Хранение персональных данных в указанных целях может осуществляться в срок до 6 (шести) лет, если иное не установлено законодательством. Отзыв согласия осуществляется предоставлением оператору по адресу его места нахождения подлинника такого отзыва или скан-письма на адрес электронной почты [email protected].

7.2. 1С-Онлайн оставляет за собой право внести изменения в условия Публичной Оферты и/или отозвать Публичную Оферту в любой момент по своему усмотрению. В случае внесения 1С-Онлайн изменений в Публичную Оферту, такие изменения вступают в силу с момента опубликования, если иной срок вступления изменений в силу не определен дополнительно при их опубликовании.Сохранность способов доступа Пользователя к программному продукту или иному информационному материалу в электронной форме является правом, а не обязанностью 1С-Онлайн.С момента оказания Услуг со стороны 1С-Онлайн по предоставлению доступа к программному продукту или иному информационному материалу в электронной форме, Пользователь самостоятельно несет ответственность за сохранность доступа к контенту и риск утери такого доступа.6.2. Если иное не установлено правообладателем, материал, к которому Пользователь получил доступ, может быть загружен и воспроизведен в памяти только одного вычислительного устройства, принадлежащего Пользователю, и использован по его прямому назначению (т.е. в соответствии с рекомендациями производителя) на этом устройстве. Никакие иные права на использование материалов Пользователь не получает.