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Jeep Commercial Going On A Bear Hunt

In Commercial Sounds, we take an unavoidable TV ad soundtracked by a song and tell you all about the artist behind the music. Have a commercial song you want to know more about? Ask us. They’re hardly unique — you could hear “Renegades” and think a million different bands wrote it, and you wouldn’t be outrageous to think that — but they’re catchy as all hell. Knowing how to write an instantly comfortable hit is a skill, too. This commercial for the Jeep Renegade is everywhere. Being that advertising is anything but subtle nowadays, the song behind it sings of “Living like we’re renegades.” Because the car is a Renegade. Get it?Where you can find it: Besides on your TV every 10 minutes, it’ll be on X Ambassadors’ upcoming debut album, VHS, out June 23. “Renegades” peaked at No. 69 on the Billboard Hot 100.Where else have you heard X Ambassadors? They’ve been in a few video games, most notably Need for Speed. Their song “Jungle,” which reached No. 87 on the charts, has also appeared in The Blacklist and in trailers for Horrible Bosses 2, Orange Is the New Black and Pitch Perfect 2.What do they sound like? “Renegades” is a pretty representative template for what X Ambassadors do. They specialize in that new breed of alternative rock that takes blue-collar guitar stomp and adds electronic and industrial flourishes, a la Awolnation and Imagine Dragons. (Coincidentally, it was Imagine Dragons who heard them on a local radio station and begged Interscope to sign them; the two have since toured together.) Imagine if Mumford & Sons plugged their guitars in (okay, they just did that), and then got really into fun., Bastille and Foster the People.

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I don’t personally get this commercial. They’re venturing out to find their dog “Bear”, so presumably he is lost, and yet they are shown as all smiley and happy on their way to find him.

Who is the actor in the new Jeep commercial?
Derek Jeter 2022 Jeep Grand Wagoneer TV Spot, ‘Captain’s Chair’ Featuring Derek Jeter [T2]
I sang this version of “Going on a Bear Hunt” with my kindergarteners for many years. The version was from a Dr. Jean Sings Silly Songs cd. I have a JEEP and 2 newfies. ❤️ this commercial!The Bear. Three different styles of the Jeep Grand Cherokee set out to find the elusive Bear. The twist in story is that the family driving those Jeeps isn’t looking for a bear, they’re looking for a Newfoundland dog named Bear. Playing the part of Bear the dog is a Newfie named Oliver. I found this post from the excited casting agency and the family of Oliver.

Hi there! My name is Ben and I post every day at 1pm central. I’ve recently posted about a music video from NF, being ghosted after a date, and dreaming of alligators. But a lot of my posts are about commercials, too. For instance, today’s is about a new Jeep ad. The commercial features a family on a bear hunt but don’t worry, it’s not the cocaine bear! Take a look then scroll down for more info about the commercial and the star of the ad, the bear…
Love this commercial! And i love Oliver aka Bear”! Just wondering if heS a champion. My first experience with “Bear Hunt” eas back in the 60’s as a long chant sitting around a campfire in Girl Scouts.After watching so many terrible commercials it was such a treat to watch the Jeep commercial. with the song “Going on a bear hunt”. As a retired Early Childhood educator I know the bear hunt song was always one of the children’s favorite songs I am also a dog lover. Meeting “Bear” the dog was super great!! I applaud the team that created such a wonderful/enjoyable commercial.

I’m a retired first grade teacher who read the book, We’re Going On a Bear Hunt, sang the song and acted out the words with my class every year for over 20 years! More recently, after I read the book to my 3 year old grandson, he wanted to sing it and act out the book A LOT! This wonderful book lives on in our family. The Jeep commercial is a delight.I am 64 years old & have been singing “bear hunt” since I was about 4. My sister taught it too me when she got home from church camp back in the 60’s. Would sure love to know who is doing it in the commercial- love the modern vibe.

What song plays at the beginning of the bear?
“She Drives Me Crazy” by Fine Young Cannibals (00:00): The Bear soundtrack song accompanies the opening sequence.
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What is the new Chrysler commercial song?
The song featured in the FCA Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and Ram “Drive Forward” commercials is called “Better Days”. It’s by the band One Republic and is a brand-new single for their upcoming 2020 album Human. Find more music by the band on music streaming services.
Loved the commercial and song so much I texted our daughter in Massachusetts. She and our son in law recently got a Newfie puppy. They are looking for a new car since doggie is so big. Like a small bear!

What is the song in the new Jeep Grand Cherokee commercial?
Jeep 🤝 Imagine Dragons Client: Jeep Grand Cherokee Agency: Highdive Advertising Song: “Beautiful Day” Artist: Imagine Dragons Music Licensing:… By Creative License | Facebook.
The Music. The song in the commercial is called “We’re Going On A Bear Hunt” and the original version is by Michael Rosen. Here he is going through the lyrics as read from his children’s book which was published in 1989.I’m completely in love with Oliver! He and his owner are truly wonderful. He visited my home once and I feel honored to know him and his family. Loved the commercial. The song is very catchy and nostalgic.

Before we get to the list of specific wild animals and creatures appearing in this ad, check out the ad and… best to do it with surround sound on! In order of appearance, this commercial includes: Hippopotamus Iguana Alligator Indri Lemur Elephants Buffalo Gorilla Sloth Wolves Goat Alligator Snapping Turtle Peacock Great Horned Owl CassowaryContinue reading “All the creatures in Jeep’s “Earth Odyssey” TV commercial”

Hi there! My name is Ben and I post every day at 1pm central. I’ve recently posted about a music video from NF, being ghosted after a date, and dreaming of alligators. But a lot of my posts are about commercials, too. For instance, today’s is about a new Jeep ad. The commercial features aContinue reading “The Jeep Bear Hunt Commercial – The Music and the Newfie Dog”

To be perfectly honest, it seems like every year the highly-anticipated commercials become less and less exciting to watch. Don’t get me wrong, there are always a few that are ‘Super Bowl worthy’ but for the most part in the last decade or more the game ends and I wonder, “What happened to the commercials!?”Continue reading “These disappointing Super Bowl commercials…”
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What's the name of the song in the Jeep commercial?
Jeep Super Bowl 2023 TV Spot, ‘Electric Boogie’ Song by Shaggy [T1]
Adorable. Cute. Warm. Charming. Memorable. These are all words to describe Publix’s new minute-long ad featuring clips of families in all types of situations spending time together. The commercial is backed by the song “Home” by Ro Malone. Take a look: There aren’t many commercials spanning a full minute but when one comes along, it’sContinue reading “Publix ad featuring Ro Malone “Home” is simply adorable!”Have been trying remember the words to he version of Going on a Bear Hunt that we used when I was in GS in the late 1970s for a while now. The one I remember was a call-and-respond style, and I remember it starting out with “Let’s go on a bear hunt. Put on your coat. Put on your hat” but then I don’t recall the rest, until the part where we come home and “take off your coat, take off your hat…” Searching online has only yielded me the “newer” version, which doesn’t quite match up.

Who sings Renegade in the Jeep commercial?
The song: “Renegades,” by X Ambassadors. Where you can find it: Besides on your TV every 10 minutes, it’ll be on X Ambassadors’ upcoming debut album, VHS, out June 23. “Renegades” peaked at No. 69 on the Billboard Hot 100.
“We’re Going on a Bear Hunt” is a timeless classic that has been entertaining children for generations. Whether you’re reading the book or singing the song, it’s a fun and interactive way to engage kids and encourage their creativity. So why not grab a group of friends or family members and go on a bear hunt today?

You might be familiar with the catchy children’s song “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt.” The song was popularized by the book of the same name, written by Michael Rosen and illustrated by Helen Oxenbury. But the song itself has been around for much longer than the book – it’s actually a traditional chant that has been adapted into a song over the years.I remember this rhyme from the early 60’s when I went to Day Camp. Also did a short version while hiking with my daughter’s Daisy Girl Scouts on camping trips.If you’re looking for a fun activity to do with your Scout, try singing “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt” and acting out the different parts. You can even make it into a game by hiding a stuffed bear somewhere in the house or yard and pretending to find it at the end of the hunt. The possibilities are endless!

The premise of the song is simple: a group of adventurers set out on a bear hunt. Along the way, they encounter various obstacles – long grass, a river, mud, and so on – but they bravely press on. Finally, they come face to face with a bear, and they run back home as fast as they can.I remember learning a song something like this in the Girl Scouts in the mid-1960s, also call-and-respond and somewhat different than the version I have recently seen. In the current version, all of the obstacles are ones that the group needs to go through, but I seem to remember that in the version I originally learned, that varied, with some obstacles being ones that the group needed to go over, under, or around.What makes the song so much fun is the exaggerated actions that accompany each verse. For example, when the adventurers encounter long grass, they say “Swishy swashy!” and pretend to push through the grass. When they come to a river, they say “Splash splosh!” and pretend to wade through the water. And when they finally meet the bear, they say “Uh-oh!” and run back the way they came.

Who is in the new Jeep commercial?
Derek Jeter 2022 Jeep Grand Wagoneer TV Spot, ‘Captain’s Chair’ Featuring Derek Jeter [T2]
The song is a great way to get kids moving and using their imaginations. It’s also a fun way to teach them about storytelling and sequencing. As they sing the song and act out the different parts, they’re learning how to tell a story with a beginning, middle, and end. And as they follow along with the actions, they’re developing their gross motor skills and coordination.The song is typically sung as a repeat after me song, with a leader saying a line, and then everyone repeating it back. Exaggerate the actions, and feel free to add more.