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This class is a testament to our incredible progress, momentum and confidence as we take on the next steps of The New Equation. In today’s complex environment, our clients need us more than ever, and our new class of partners has shown an unwavering commitment to solving our clients’ toughest problems, helping them to build trust and deliver sustained outcomes.The most comprehensive Facebook & Instagram ads training & community that will save you time, money, and frustration..all while transforming your business.I want to create more of the good stuff in the world which is why I work with clients I believe have a purpose and impact to make. Your success is my success.

I want to help you expand your impact and build a sustainable, long term, revenue generating ads strategy. You and I are united by a desire to make an impact on the people we want to serve.

Why not have a strategy that is always working for you – generating more customers & revenue – allowing you to get freedom & focus back in your business?
We found 19 people in 21 states named Lalit Singh living in the US. The state with the most residents by this name is Texas, followed by California and Maryland. Public records for Lalit Singh range in age from 34 years old to 69 years old. Possible relatives for Lalit Singh include J Singh, Alfred Singh, Jenny Singh and several others. A phone number associated with this person is (802) 399-2022, and we have 5 other possible phone numbers in the same local area codes 802 and 972.

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Radaris provides its users with a free plan, which they can leverage to look up other people’s information. However, it is worth noting that you might not get all the details you need with a free plan. You might require a premium monthly membership of $24.95 for an expansive report.Heather works closely with the Executive Director. She has held various positions at companies such as Reuters and Deutsche Bank. Since being in Singapore, she has been involved in the volunteering community. She loves to travel and is passionate about making the world a happier place for all.

Nimisha is a Professional Volunteer responsible for overseeing student consulting projects. She also assists in facilitating Conjunct workshops, Conjunct Pro projects and conducted a study reviewing the value of pro-bono consulting projects. Nimisha has worked for Government in the UK, New Zealand and Singapore and has significant knowledge of public policy. This combined with her current role as a Consultant, enables her to share expertise and apply best practises from the public and private sector to the non-profit sector. Nimisha is a public speaker featured in Keynote Women Speakers directory and is passionate about mentoring and coaching young leaders.
The Executive Director works collaboratively with the Board of Directors in leading Conjunct Consulting. She leads staff and volunteers to ensure Conjunct Consulting’s fiscal, operations, marketing, human resource, and programmatic strategies are effectively implemented across all segments of the organisation. Yasmine joins us with experience in the private, public and people sector, with the last decade of non-profit experience in Singapore, Dubai and Cyprus.Jane handles our Finance & Accounting of Conjunct Consulting. Having worked in diverse startups and conglomerates for more than 10 years, she believes that accounting is not just about number crunching, but also problem-solving. During the day, she runs her own business advisory firm focused on helping startups and social enterprises, by transforming their challenges into growth opportunities. Jenny has been associated with Conjunct Consulting since November 2017. Her clients have included National Kidney Foundation, Singapore Mediation Centre, Dignity Kitchen, Daughters of Tomorrow, Breast Cancer Foundation, Singapore Repertory Theater and Children’s Wishing Well. She is an expert in helping non-profits assess their impact, but has provided guidance in many other areas as well. She is inspired by the energy, insights and perspectives that the student volunteers brings to the sector. Jenny was active in the non-profit sector before moving to Singapore – she was on the board at Justice Centre Hong Kong, and volunteered as a consultant at Asia Consulting Services, a non-profit in Hong Kong with the mission of growing capacity in the social sector. Calvin is managing partner of Eden Strategy Institute, which helps multinational organisations develop a sustainable advantage in the areas of public service transformation, healthcare, education, shared value business models, and innovations for the emerging middle class. As a strategy lecturer with the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and an advisor at NUS Enterprise and IE Singapore, Calvin is passionate about the interplay of business performance and societal impact.

Heerea is a working professional interested in gender equity, sustainable education practices and helping social good organizations reach their potential. She will be working closely with our staff and volunteers to develop projects, form effective teams and ensure project success. Heerea joins us with experience in education and the non-profit sector in Canada and South Africa, with focus in Project Management, Business Development and Education Planning.
David is part of Conjunct’s founding team, and served as the first VP in charge of Development. A former consultant at the Boston Consulting Group, David also created Conjunct’s consulting curriculum and taught the first few generations of student consultants. He continues to volunteer with and advise Conjunct, mentoring student consultants and helping to test and develop new ways to better serve the social sector’s needs.As the chairman and co-founder of Conjunct Consulting, Jia Chuan leads the Board of Directors to oversee Conjunct’s strategy and growth. He was listed as one of Prestige Singapore’s “40 under 40” young leaders in 2014 and was previously president of the AIESEC chapter in the London School of Economics, the world’s largest leadership and exchange organisation. Alongside advocating for social innovation through Conjunct, Jia Chuan is also an avid traveler, having hitchhiked from London to Amsterdam for charity, and enjoys discussing innovations and listening to jazz. Tamara has acted as a Business Manager for various banks, managing the operations and trading floors in London, Hong Kong and Singapore. Her interest in education and development has spanned a decade, where she has served as a University admissions advocate and a Primary school governor in the United Kingdom, consulted with Asian Charity Services in Hong Kong, and now dedicates her time to Conjunct Consulting and the Cairnhill Women’s Executive in Singapore. I think it’s important to have goals and a vision around like your lifestyle. And this is something that like, I mean, I started, I’m hitting my like two year quit anniversary for my, my full time job, uh, two years ago, first. Congrats, thanks. Thanks. Yeah, it’s, it’s kind of surreal to be like, I survived this long, you know, cause that’s initially like I, you know, there’s, I was carried away very emotionally, as far as like this, it feels like, you know, like the next day after you quit and you’re like, you’re sitting there at home, my office, I’m like, all right, does it really lazy? Yeah. Like what’s happening. But um, no it’s been, it’s been really good, quite a wild ride. But with that, it’s like, there’s been moments of burnout. There’s been moments of like, like late nights, early mornings, like health all over the place.

And through that process, I’ve really like why I started my own businesses A.) Cause I’m an entrepreneur that like eventually it was like, I don’t love being in a cubicle all day, but why I really got into the paid proportion is with those I really liked seeing like what moves the needle for small businesses. And I think the last time I checked, I don’t know, small business was anything under 20 million a year. So like most businesses are small businesses. Right. And the reason I love paid is because in my perspective, when done right with the right strategy, it’s a way that you can create the most traction traction, the fastest in your business. Plus you can see the story of it. Um, plus just like I said, I’ve always just kind of like a little bit of a rebel in general of, I think it’s intimidating to people. And so it’s almost my personal vendetta of like, how can we make this digestible and easy and make it so that a person of like a company of one or five or 10 can actually like use them to grow their business. Um, so that’s really what I like about it is you can control the outcome a little bit more than something like organic or brand, which are both very important, but a little bit less tangible from like a, how do we make this something that’s working and control the outcome, if that makes sense.Yeah. Sometimes those calls where it’s like, I’ve been on calls all day, but I’m like mentally you’re drained where like that was good. I talk today a lot. Yeah,

Welcome to Visionaries, where we believe having a positive vision for the future and actually sharing it is the best way to build a brand, grow authority and live a meaningful life. The show will explore different stories and strategies of the most visionary people today and what they’re doing to inspire and change the world.
Yeah. And it’s really cool just cause I see the freedom for a lot of people of, um, they need and like can have the growth that so many it’s so funny. I see. And talk to so many people that like have all the foundations to be successful with ads, but they’re just not doing it cause they’re like scared, nervous. And are, am I going to like, like my money on fire essentially, which you could feel like for a lot of people, right? Yeah.

But I also look at it as like the better you do a hundred percent, I’m a person that believes in like privilege and other people that got you there. So like how can you reach back and help other people forward in whatever capacity makes sense. Um, so that’s a big driver for me of like the better we do, how can we like reach back and help other people do better and achieve the same things just cause not everyone had access to like all the stuff I did as a kid or the adult and all that stuff.

Yeah. And like, not be so prescriptive. I remember it’s funny when I get hyperfocused on like results and not the results aren’t important, but like, it’s almost like for me, I get so restrictive sometimes of like, you must operate like this, a successful for person does a morning routine and all of the things. Right. And I don’t know about you. Um, I’m I call myself a day person. I joke. I’m like, I’m not an early bird. I’m not going to stay up late. Like I’ve got a solid, like six hours in me and I gotta crush stuff out because like, after that, I’m pretty chill. Um, the point being is I remember, and nothing against this book, but I remember reading, I think it’s called The Miracle Morning. Um, I don’t know if you’ve read it, but like I haven’t read it. Okay. It’s highly recommended to follow a certain protocol in the morning to set yourself up for success, which I tried it on.
Oh my God. I know. Yeah. Yeah. So essentially just super curious. I want to be bilingual. We’re working on that right now. Eventually. End of life trilingual, but like right now I’m just trying to master Spanish again. Um, so hopefully I’m a curious bilingual person at the end of the day. All I like is building things. So I just hope I keep building things that matter and help people in whatever capacity that looks like, which I know is very vague, but like at the end of the day, I just want to create spaces that allow people to do what they do happily and the best I do. Cause I’ve just all about people are great at things. And like I’m awful at certain things in life. And so I just want empower people that are great and like have curiosity, like different things than me to go do their jam. Um, and that’s really, I mean, and just a community builder, like I love supporting and geeking out about other people’s wins. Um, so I just want to see friends, clients, other humans. Wouldn’t I just hope we all just kind of keep moving forward. So And honestly it was the most exhausting routine to me where like I actually showed up of like, did I do that right? Did I do it well? And like, why doesn’t this feel super good to me going into my day? And so like I found that really, I guess, which this is where I said experience and time comes into play is I actually feel way better just having that space and being like, how do I feel today? What gets me like in the flow? And it’s not always the same every morning, you know what I mean? And like allowing that freedom. Yeah. Totally. But I also, that’s beautiful. And I also think it’s like a, sometimes I just think experience and time gets into it too, because I remember the first, like 12 months, I was crazy where I was like, no, this is like a, make it happen type of personality. Right. Which I still am. But I actually, I personally am someone that experiences seasons where like, I’ll go two to four weeks of hyper work and then the next two to four weeks will be a lot more casual. And so that’s just as a personality, I can kind of like lean into like the energy and what’s lighting you up. If that makes sense. I don’t know if that rings true for you, but I think seasons are really important too. You know,Well, it was kind of vague, but I’m just like, I feel like we’re always just evolving. Right. And so I don’t know. I hope in 10 years I’m just super curious and probably into totally different things, but uh, we’ll see. Yeah. Can I ask you the same thing?It’s almost just constricting, you know, like I’m someone that maybe three out of five days, yes. Doing a certain flow ish type of thing. Sounds good. Like a morning protocol, but then I’ll wake up one day and be like, you know what, I know I had this slated in my brain, but like, I’m not showing up like that today. So how can I rearrange how I go about this day in a way that like, lets me serve in like the best capacity, if that makes sense. So to me it just feels constrictive sometimes of like again, being like, I know you’re gonna have seven slash kind of just like a little rebel to myself is sometimes just having it too planned out feels constrictive. Like that doesn’t feel good when the day actually shows up, if that makes sense. And it’s funny because I feel like just in the business world, oftentimes it’s like most people prescribed certain pathways to things. Yeah, yeah, yeah. And then another cool thing. Um, and I love that another cool thing just like from a values perspective is I don’t know about you, but like, I look at my hobbies and so like I love travel so much and I don’t know if this was a pain point for you, but one of the big reasons I was like, I can’t ever have like a real job is because of the vacation days you get just about drove me nuts. Right? Um, “Make more impact, make more money and change more lives” is Jenny Singh’s mission. Jenny worked at an ad agency for years helping Fortune 500 brands including Better Homes & Gardens, John Deere, Pella Windows and Michelin Tire create digital ads. She decided to leave her 9-5 to pursue her dreams of having more freedom. She founded a Facebook advertising business on the belief that entrepreneurs and small businesses could thrive when they implement the marketing strategies big brands use!Thanks so much for listening. Once again, if you would like to learn more about how you can use your unique message to share with the world through video and create videos that actually are professional and perform bring you money and all of the results and influence that you want to make. Then I invite you to learn more by going to Thanks again for listening. And we’ll talk to you very soon. What moves the needle for small business owners is the question Jenny asks when creating Facebook ads for her clients. The discovery to purchase in an organic-like way is how her clients dominate the market, grow their revenue and build a dream business and life. It’s still, I did still didn’t have the opportunity to really like randomly step away and within seconds be with like the people I, who are most important to me in my life. Right. And so I think looking for those opportunities to realizing like you can create that, um, like some jobs may limit, you still write some professions, but why not look for ways to innovate those jobs to, in order to create that time, to have with like, do the things you want to do or spend the time with the people who so.I appreciate recognizing that. I think it’s cool.

I love that too. And it gives people access to you and what you’re building more than just like waiting on a wait list or getting these, you know, these amazing services done for you. So I love that perspective that you have there.
Like, I don’t know if you get this, it’s funny. Like sometimes just talking to friends, they’re like, well, you do what exactly. And it makes sense, but they’re also like, that’s possible, like even just being like existing in the capacities, we do, it’s really cool. Cause you’re just like such an anomaly and relative to like the quote unquote real world, you know? So just be an example of like, it’s possible like come over here and like, we’re happy to share which like you and I actively do it. Like just ask questions and we’ll help you get there, you know?

Um, so that’s like a new one, but like honestly my biggest passion is travel, which I know sounds so cliche. But uh, like if you couldn’t tell, I was interrogating you about like your whole life story where you believed already. I think everywhere is awesome. Every place can have a special thing to it. Um, so one of my goals is to visit every country in my lifetime is like my big goal. And then, um, also start like living in different places within the U S and other countries in the next like, well, six months is probably our first one and then just keep going. Um, yeah, those are like my two biggest ones and then a ton of different micro hobbies too.
Yeah. Oh no. It’s in that. That’s what reminds you of like you’re in it. I think it gives them the meaning behind why you show up and, and that’s, and you know, it’s, I’ve been doing some, um, kind of like, it sounds odd, but like life planning lately, as far as what are the things I wanna accomplish. Right. Like, um, cause I think it’s important to have clarity. Cause when you don’t have something you’re moving towards, I think you lose meaning behind what you’re trying to build. And so if you want, like if you recognize that you get meaning and satisfaction, fulfillment out of helping others transform their lives, their business, then you should chase more of that. And that’s, you know, I’ve re recognized for myself. Um, so I totally agree with you on that. I think it’s good to see that.So it’s like, Hey, I want to work only three or four days a week, six hours a day. Like, how can I block off my schedule and make a nonnegotiable to do that? Or I want to track like for you, traveling’s important to me too. Cause I, I think we’re totally on the same page with that new cultures and people, but it’s like, you know how like let’s list all the places we want to visit next year, five years, you know? And then like, when are we going to go there? How are we going to make it happen? So I think that didn’t exist for many generations before where traveling wasn’t as easy or financially or time restrictions with employers. I mean, the list goes on, but now we have the opportunity to, to have that. So

Yeah. And that just came to mind. It’s like, you see an ad, but you don’t, it feels like it’s organic. Like it’s just like your friend posting. Right. It’s not in your face. Yeah. And it’s, there’s a fine line with that for sure. Cause I mean, as we mentioned, like you and I are, we have a lot of mutual communities and friends we’re in a connected through and it’s so easy to get caught up, to see a lot of ads that are so in your face hard sells and totally like straight up ads versus the kind of, I mean, and I, and I think the ads I have seen of yours have been very like natural and inviting because it hasn’t been in your face. Right. I’m the same way. So I appreciate that. I actually, I want to shift gears. I know, I know we’re talking about paid ads right now.Yes. Yeah. Well, yeah. And I mean, I can totally relate cause like, oftentimes it’s, it’s usually because you’ve had good or bad most of the bad experiences in the past, or you’ve heard horror stories that like you throw thousands of dollars into money, er in ads and you don’t make any money.Something that I want to support as a human. Like, do I think what you’re doing is helping other people move along. Um, so I just kind of look for like a values match with anyone I work with of like, do I want to do business and help you make the impact is my biggest thing. Because, um, with what we do, yes, we help people. But I kind of look at it as like that diaphragm that every person you touch and then like the next eight people, right? Like it’s, what’s that rule? It’s like six degrees of separation is the way I look at it with business. Um, so at the end of the day, that’s it. And then, um, the last couple of months we’ve been talking about it is I also want to be able to support a couple of different foundations that aren’t brought to life yet, but I really want to build actual foundations that our business supports on a daily, monthly, yearly basis is really vital to me because like I said, at the beginning, like revenue’s great and it can, you know, pay contractors can play employees, all that good stuff.

So we’re expanding done for you just because we have currently have a wait list for clients, which is a really fun problem, but I’m also like, I’d prefer you not have to wait to work with us. So like how can we speed that up? So we can accommodate people faster. Um, but then that mastermind space, I’m really excited because it’s really cool. I’ve seen some people come in there and then within 60 days, their businesses transform. And this is the space I’m most excited about right now. Not that I don’t love our done for you clients, but it’s really cool to see people who ads are working for them or potentially are working or they’re the people that are like, Hey, I heard this can work. I dabbled, but never seen true success. And honestly, just by having exposure to someone telling them yes, do this.

And I, and I really believe that, you know, our generation is going to continue to shift the American world work culture and obviously other cultures around the world where it’s like, it’s been so ingrained. I mean, my dad retired several years ago and just reflecting on his career was like, he very much was like, he was like a director of cells and he was a salesman and didn’t really well over the years. But like, I just remember how hard he worked. Um, he definitely was very present. Luckily for our family, we had plenty of vacations, but it was very, um, very much of a scripted career path that like, because a company sets it up for you versus as an entrepreneur, you can set that up yourself and what you want. And that’s, that’s what makes it like, um, that one aspect I love as far as like the freedom is especially obviously once you have a product, a service that actually sells and you can make money with, you know, it it’s then like what I’m working on personally is how do I, how do I design my life or my business around my life now, my life is the center.And my philosophy is I think everyone’s different. Everyone’s personality, like vision is different. So like I kind of the whole idea of like, take what feels good and leave the rest, I think, and then do that on a daily basis. You know? Like I think the bigger thing is having the things that ground you into like whatever, you know, supports your vision. So for me, like remembering that like at the end of the day, I’m not saving lives. Like nothing’s that tragic, right? Like that’s a big one. Cause I don’t know about you. Sometimes I like get so wrapped up in business cause I’m like, think of all the great things that we could do and we’re not doing it fast enough or helping enough people or like whatever it is. And that’s another, you’re like, are you doing good? Yes. Like we’re not saving lives.Yeah. I love it. Well, what would you say? Um, uh, this is gonna be sound like an odd question. Um, but I love asking it. Um, and it, to me it’s like for the visionary type, if you can imagine what kind of person you’d be in 10 years from now, what would you tell that person you are today?

Right. Like I guess, running, running for me and things like that. But I think it’s, um, yeah, I just, I think it’s so important to take everything with a grain of salt and then filter it to what actually recognize what’s working. And I think what I’m curious too, as far as like that recognition of what’s working in your life in business, um, like impact comes into mind, right? Like impact is a common word that’s used throughout. Um, what a lot of us are looking to do both in services and products. Um, how would you define impact, um, as far as the impact you’re looking to have in your own life and business?
At least for me I’ll, I’ll speak for myself, but then maybe those listening or watching can relate where it’s like, you’re trying to live. You know, like to me it’s like living in the moment being present and recognizing like it’s so you can be happy in every single moment and not actually not fake it. Sometimes I feel like we put on a face and it’s, it’s hard, but uh, but yeah, I like, I don’t want to take all your time. I really do appreciate, like we could probably talk for hours, hours, topics and geek out. But Jenny, I appreciate you. I appreciate everything you’ve had to share your stories and your insights. Um, and I’m excited to stay connected. Thank you so much.You’re totally right. Um, I, that came to my mind cause some, I it’s fact sometimes, you know, you can relate sometimes I feel bad when I’m not working and, and, but, but I’m also, like I realized I’m naturally inclined to like slow down and stop working and then I feel bad or like I probably pay for it if I don’t properly communicate it to my team or clients sometimes. But you know, like that’s happened where like naturally I think we are like, sometimes we’re literally forced to slow down. Um, I mean I, and I’ll speak, I guess, quick side stories. Like I, this is probably, um, last year sometime. And I, I had like my first ever like anxiety attack and like, I hear, I was like, I’ve been pretty, you know, um, even tempered person, like I’m not quick to anger. Um, I haven’t like, luckily I have, you know, like my health is pretty good all, and I was like, I was looked like physically shaking and having a physical reaction to the amount of stress and like anxiety that was in my life.

Yeah. Yeah. So it’s like, I love seeing the light bulb moments on people’s faces of when they start seeing their traction that they’ve heard about and then start seeing the successes. It’s just, it’s so cool because I think so many people could have a bigger impact. It’s just, there’s a lot of voices out there. Not that that’s a bad thing, but, and there’s a lot of success stories, but not the whole truth behind the story of like, how did you get there? Right? Because like you, and I know like the intricacies to ads and like, like the content you’re creating, especially from videos, which I’m obsessed with right now. Um, and when people see as possible tangibly, it’s just, it’s just so cool because their belief system changes. And to be a part of that, it’s like really cool. I don’t know what you nerd about, but like I love results and stuff like that. But seeing that like deep shift as a human of like, Oh my gosh, once I experienced the possible actually happening in real life, like everyone, all of a sudden up levels and they’re like, well, if this is possible, next month I feel to do this. Right. And that transformation is like the stuff I love.
Um, so yeah, I loved that because personally I love that the whole customer journey quote unquote is online. So you can literally see like the entire flow of it, the entire digital footprint. Um, so yeah, so we’ve been doing that for about four and a half years now, which honestly, when I think about it, I’m like four and half years ago was like wild early into like the online business world. Um, and so then we have that for done for you and then recently launched, uh, some actual digital products as well as a, because especially when it comes to Facebook ads, kind of my personal vendetta A.) Aim to get everyone to love them because there’s mixed feelings on like Facebook and Instagram ads in general. But I also think courses are great, but I also love the hands on approach of having access to someone to ask questions because like, um, what I quickly realized and why I launched that actually earlier this year was I was, uh, we have tons of clients. We do awesome stuff for, but there was a lot of people that weren’t ready for, like a done for you service and looking for like, uh, someone to essentially be able to answer their questions and have them get the margins in their business so that they could afford to outsource it one day, which is like my current passion project. Um,Totally. Um, so I don’t know if you’re like a personality person. Um, I’m a Enneagram seven, which like, if you’re an Enneagram follower, that’s someone that like essentially just likes to be happy all the time. Likes hobbies picks one up in a day and then my drop in three weeks. So I’m actually prac
ticing, staying, staying with hobbies for longer. Um, but especially this time period, um, my newest passion is gardening. So like urban gardening has been really fun the last three months, which is brand new to me, but I’m geeking out. And then if you want to go really deep, like the parallels between life and gardening, right? Like I go there, but just from like a really easy hobby, that’s been really fun, which is a solo activity, but I love also creating community. And so I’m actually really excited to like feed friends and family when we’re allowed to, with like food from gardens.

Yes. That’s a good idea. Yes. It should work the massive amount of growth that I think in my personal opinion, people are like nervous or scared to ask him like a Facebook group, for example, because they’re like, is this a dumb question? W would not work like just people would, you don’t know what you don’t know. Sometimes you can be afraid of pulling the trigger on things and having someone to guide them. Like, I get so stoked about their growth because I just feel like their eyes are getting expanded of like possibility that they might have heard stories like it’s possible, but never actually experienced it themselves. So don’t fully believe it, if that makes sense. Yeah. So that’s the most exciting to me right now,

I think so too. And plus just like, uh, I have a friend that focuses on this, but especially just due to the times, like how can local businesses not be so reliant on purely like being boots on the ground, like, you know, brick and mortars. And so like, how could they start to think about potentially a portion of it being online and all of that stuff. So, yeah, I’m, I’m with you, or I think it’s going to be massively expansive over the next a right now, but over the next 18 to 24 months, it’s going to be crazy
Yeah. I love that. And even, yeah, for people that like have like normal jobs is what I call them. It’s like, I love the idea of like an intrepreneur too, of like, how can you be that person of just like, I love like curiosity and being a curious human there’s like one of my values of just like, how can I consistently like learn new things or like, not even learn, ask questions, I’ll just be something that exists. Like why? And if the why makes sense, cool. Like let’s keep going that way. But if I ask why, and it doesn’t fully make sense or there’s other options, like why can’t something be done a different way, a hundred percent. Like, I love digging into that, you know? And I don’t think that people ask like, just cause it’s been done this way. I know it’s that whole like cliche, like you should ask why it’s always been done. Yeah. But don’t just ask, but like, think about, and say like, could we do it B, C or D way instead of just a, you know? Yeah.Certified Content Supply Agencies will grow your brand with 100% done for you agency services. Full service video ads, course launches, photography, podcasting, and more. Book a free strategy call to get started.

You know, it’s so true though. Cause I mean, ads are definitely one of those areas that, um, you either get it or you don’t. Um, and those who are trying to play in the middle, don’t usually get the results they want. Um, and I think you definitely, like for me, it’s like for sure I can go take all these courses, but when it comes to paid advertising, it’s, there’s a numbers understanding it’s a whole new language and platform in some ways that you might as well get support from an expert. Um, and, and it’s usually, yeah, so I mean, I think it’s fascinating. What, so what, so you said you’ve been doing this for six years.
And I think that’s why it’s important to explore. I mean, that, that was the case when I was trying to discover what I wanted to do at just as a career, as a human it’s like a, I mean, I don’t, I mean, many people can relate to this right. Where it’s like, I switched so many majors in, or I wasn’t sure whether I want to do college or I mean, I, and even then like my major, I was going to be an it professional and probably work in a large company, it department. And that never happened, um, because I was miserable. Um, but I still graduated with that, but it’s one of those things though, where it’s like, I think you got to experiment, um, and like reach across the aisle, so to speak as far as like different skillsets and things. And you’ll find eventually what works for you and what you like, and for you it’s yoga.

That’s great. I’m with you freedoms my ultimate value value. So I’m like time choice, financial freedom is like my number one thing, but I’m with you like a monetarily, I just look at it as a tool to do things you want. And if those in my world it’s like, how can I empower people to Excel? I love experiences and like empower other people. Like it lets you do the things you want to do right. Impact wise. Um, so I love that. It’s funny though it, 10 years is so far for me as again, as any game seven, I love freedom. So I’m like, I just can’t even imagine sometimes I’m like, I know who I want to be the essence wise, but like between now and then we’re going to have so many different experiences and learn things that like, sometimes I just geek out cause I’m like, I know we’re both going to be Epic and like totally great versions of ourselves, but like the capacity of vessels probably hopefully way bigger and better than I can even imagine today. Like I probably can’t even put into words. Cause I don’t know about you, you years ago me sitting here, like telling you all the things I’ve done so far. I don’t know. I probably couldn’t guess them. Like maybe I wrote them down. Right. And yes, some of them have come true, but like I’ve done cooler things that like, I couldn’t envision, cause I just didn’t know about them, you know? Oh, hands down. Like yeah.
I don’t know about you, but like there’s probably certain things on your calendar where you wake up in the morning. You’re like, I get to do that today. Awesome. Like there’s just little things like when you pay attention to like how you feel after like certain calls or stuff like that, that’s the stuff I start to like really pay attention to. Okay, great. I feel like X after and the people I’m talking to feel like X after. So like how can we create that energy more? Um, yeah. I don’t know about you. I love like, like energy highs, right? Like I’ll chase those all day when you get off of college. You’re like, that was the most Epic stuff like that. It’s like, how could I have that? Like eight hours out of the day, let’s do it. Like let’s craft that.I had a big, uh, not even a rabbit hole, cause I was gonna say, I, yeah, I’m with you. And that legacy has been a big thing for me of like, not necessarily what I want to do, quote unquote, but like how can I show up in the world that like, I’m a big, how can I show up as an example for people, possibility is really like my purpose of like how could I be a vessel for showing people freedom of choice? And like you could, I just like, you know, I just want to show people that you can do whatever you want in whatever capacity that is. But last year I had like, I don’t bike anymore. I sold my bike cause I had a massive bike accident where I like how to concussion, wasn’t your brain damage? Like it was a whole ambulance ride thing.

I think another silver lining to have too is like, obviously, you know, we’re speaking about us, tell, end of this, hopefully the talent of this pandemic, you know, the lockdown at least. Um, and how a lot of people are forced to go home and try working from home. If their job permits it they’re around family more. Um, we’re obviously luckily in a place where our business we’re already online virtual, so I’m working out of my home, but I take for granted sometimes the opportunities that I, I have access to my three year old or my wife who, you know, my wife doesn’t have to work now. And so I can randomly step out in the middle of the day after a meeting and go like go wrestle it out my three year old and then come back on a call 10 minutes later, you know? So there’s those opportunities that I’m like my previous job, although like it was an incredible company and like they really promoted, um, like as much freedom, you know, and, and, you know, balance as possible.
And um, it was my first like not to be super dramatic, but my first experience of like, Oh, that, that
could have been like the end of normalcy for me, if that makes sense. And it was last June. And so ever since, not that like I, wasn’t a happy go lucky create your own life person before, but ever since I’ve had this little moment of like, you literally could go somewhere today and it’s gone, you know, which like, I feel like, no, not that I wish those moments would be pop like upon anyone, but like, if you can live your life in that capacity, without that, like I think that’s what we need to aim for of like how can I show up every day of like, you know, aiming towards that legacy and like doing it moment by moment. Cause a thing it taught me too is like goal planning is great, but at the same time, how can I enjoy like the daily moments to the most, you know? And like the micro wins, I don’t know about you. That’s been a big teaching moment for me of like, how do I celebrate the big milestones, but also like the small changes that occur every day that move you forward, you know? Yeah. So, yeah. Um, I know !Yeah. And to that point, I really like it to have like, I love organic and I love studying like what do people do and how do they act that already know about you without ads like your tribe, right? Like the 20% of people that are your like repeat buyers, people love you and freak out about your brand. What I love to do is study those people and watch the steps they take on that. Just natural path of like discovery to purchase and then repurchase and not just running like solo ads to do. Like, my biggest thing is a lot of people use ads as like a, a big ask every time. And I take like the reverse approach of like, how do we create that entire flow and have it feel organic so that people don’t know they’re in a paid ads funnel or maybe they do. My favorite is people are smart. Like at this point in 2020, like everyone knows what an ad is and like can when they’re getting out. Right. So my favorite is like, how do we build that ad flow that you might know you’re getting targeted and you know, you’re getting ads, but you’d like it and you don’t care. You’re like, I actually enjoy this experience. And so the idea is like layering on top of the good stuff that people are doing organically and like replicating it with ads.

And you think about the person you were 10 years ago. I mean, you’ve referenced that as like, I mean, I’m looking at picture of my, my niece who just turned nine today and was like, I remember like that was basically 10 years ago and like she wasn’t even born yet. I was like, what? Like first she’s grown so quick. But second I was like, what was I up to 10 years ago? Like, you know, and so I know there’s a, there’s a lot that we can’t anticipate for sure. But, but I still think like regardless of what we can anticipate, what we should try to anticipate would help us craft a life of like create more meaning. Right. Like as long as I’m moving towards like a clear purpose of like what I want then in like 50 years from now, you know? Yes. So that, that’s what I’m trying to like get clear on. So that way I can like, uh, I mean there’s one, this sounds odd. And actually I pulled it from, um, Don Miller. Um, yeah, well like Don Miller. Yeah. Yeah. Um, but he basically talked about like, uh, starting with your obituary.And I’m what I’m working on doing is just like, I got to have hobbies outside of having businesses, my hobby. That was my excuse. I would exercise and stuff like that. But, um, it wasn’t like something that I can like put my passion into and also feel like I can like give myself permission to take those breaks. And I think that’s the hardest thing if you get so caught up with, I have this vision for my business and I want to serve people this way, impact revenue, all these things. And then it’s like, you can get caught up with that and kind of ignore other areas of your life that are, if not more important.