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Jesus Calling August 16th

This blog contains post from Sarah Young’s daily devotional book, “Jesus Calling”. The posts also contain the recommended Bible verses that are a part of each day’s post as well as some other related scriptures. These verses are from the New Living Translation (NLT) of the Bible.Thank you again for putting this out there for me, I really appreciate your efforts to reach people seeking God’s word, and communion. I enjoy the NLT scripture and additional insight. Good stuff praise the Lord. Gods blessings over you. In the name of our Lord Jesus

Thank you Jesus for your perfect trade 🙏 . I am unworthy of it but your love for me and free gift made me worthy. I am you love child . I can never thank you enough. The best is yet to come 🙂

As I read the August 16th Jesus Calling it inspires me to pray for God’s presence, abundance, peace and guidance for all but especially for Margaret in her journey.Search for signs of My loving Presence as you journey along the path of Life. Look for the little pleasures I have strewn alongside your pathway—sometimes in surprising places—and thank Me for each one. Your thankfulness will keep you close to Me and help you find Joy in your journey. Today is a precious gift. The present moment is where I meet with you, beloved. So seek My Face throughout this day that I have made. I have carefully prepared it for you—with tender attention to every detail. I want you to rejoice and be glad in it. Do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing! As you begin a fresh year, rejoice that I am continually working newness into your life. Don’t let recent disappointments and failures define you or dampen your expectations. This is the time to make a fresh start! I am a God of unlimited creativity; expect Me to do surprising things in this year that stretches out before you.My first reaction was “That’s really nice, maybe some non-Christian will notice and hopefully contemplate giving their lives over to Christ.” Initially, I didn’t think the words on the card were for me. After all, I had already answered Jesus’ call by being an active believing born-again Christian.

You were taught with regard to your former way of life, to put off your old self, which is being corrupted by its deceitful desires; to be made new in the attitudes of your mind; and to put on the new self, created to be like God in true righteousness and holiness. Ephesians 4:22-24
As a gift for subscribing, a FREE PDF of The Lord is My Shepherd devotional will be on its way to your inbox. As a bonus, expect a series of emails from me over 7 days containing a daily devotional focused on Psalm 23.I really love these simple reminders, Chizobam. You’re wise in pointing out that we “seasoned Christians” often assume that we’re past the basic gospel messages. How wrong and foolish we are! Thanks for sharing this with us at Grace & Truth.

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As I walked into the waiting area of the train station, I noticed a card with the face of Jesus, which someone had deliberately left on a window in a strategic position. The words on the card read, “He is calling. Will you answer?”Beautiful in Jesus exists to encourage people to know God and make Him known; renew their minds and grow spiritually; put on Christ-like attributes, and be beautiful on the inside through the teaching of God’s Word. Yes! Live in a large sense. Live to serve and to save. You may never go beyond one room, and yet you may become one of the most powerful forces for good in your country, in the world. My children, how dear to my Heart is the cry of Love that asks for all of Me, that wishes every action, thought, word and moment to be Mine. How poor the understanding of the one who thinks that money to be used in this good work or that, is the great gift to offer. Above all, I desire Love, true, warm, childlike Love, the trusting understanding Love, and then the gift I prize next is the gift of the moments, of all the moments.Sure of that you can but stay at My Side, knowing that, as I am the very Way itself, nothing can prevent your being in the Way, nothing can cause you to stray.See where I, in the same relation or circumstances or situation, should act differently. Plan how best such and such a fault can be eradicated, or such and such sin, mistake, or omission, be avoided.When you ask Me to save you from the sea of poverty and difficulty you must trust wholly to Me. If you do not, and your prayer and faith are genuine, then I must first answer your prayer for help as a rescuer does that of a drowning man who is struggling to save himself.

Make it your practice, each of you, to review your character — take it in relation to life, to your dear ones, your household, friends, acquaintances, your country, your work.

I think even when Love’s impetuous longing to serve Me has offered Me all Life, every day, every hour, I think even then it is a long, and not an easy lesson, to learn, what it means to give Me the moments.

I will guide your efforts. You are not being punished for past sins. Take My Words, revealed to you each day from the beginning, and do in all things as I say. I have been showing you the way. You have not obeyed Me in this.
I have promised Peace but not leisure, heartrest and comfort, but not pleasure. I have said, “In the world ye shall have tribulation”; so do not feel, when adverse things happen, that you have failed or are not being guided, but I have said, “In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.”Remember that Eternal Life is the only lasting life, so that all that is done without being done in the Power of My Spirit, My Life, is passing. All done in that Spirit-Life is undying.

Ever your Helper through dark to Light, through weakness to Power, through sin to Salvation, through danger to Security, through poverty to Plenty, through indifference to Love, through resentment to Perfect Forgiveness.
He renders him still more helpless and powerless until he is wholly at the will and mercy of the rescuer. So understand My leading. Trust wholly. Trust completely.

Now to Him who is able to keep you from stumbling, and to make you stand in the presence of His glory blameless with great joy, to the only God our Savior, through Jesus Christ our Lord, be glory, majesty, dominion and authority, before all time and now and forever. Amen. Jude 1:24-25
Never be satisfied with a comparison with those around you. Ever let My words ring out. “Be ye therefore perfect even as your Father which is in Heaven is perfect.” Stop short at nothing less.

You may never see the mighty work you do, but I see it, evil sees it. Oh! it is a glorious life, the life of one who saves. Fellow-workers together with me. See this more and more.Let this thought comfort you. Amid failure, discord, contumely, suffering, even now may friends and angels be prepared to sound the chorus, “It is finished.”

What is Jesus calling reading for August 9?
Sometimes you forget that My righteousness is a gift, and you feel ill at ease in your regal robe. I weep when I see you squirming under the velvety fabric, as if it were made of scratchy sackcloth. I want you to trust Me enough to realize your privileged position in My kingdom.
Rest more with Me. If I, the Son of God, needed those times of quiet communion with My Father, away, alone, from noise, from activity — then surely you need them too.This is the priceless time of initiation, but remember that the path of initiation is not for all; but only for those who have felt the sorrow-cry of the world that needs a Savior and the tender plea of a Savior Who needs followers through whom He can accomplish His great work of Salvation joyfully.

Face your responsibilities. What is wrong in your country, its statesmen, its laws, its people? Think out quietly, and make these matters your prayer matters. You will see lives you never touch altered, laws made at your request, evils banished.Yes! Remember that always — that out of darkness, I am leading you to light. Out of unrest to rest, out of disorder to order. Out of faults and failure to perfection.

I and My Father are one. So He who made the ordered, beautiful world out of chaos, and set the stars in their courses, and made each plant to know its season, can He not bring out of your little chaos peace and order?
Is that possible? My Gift, the richest Heaven has to offer, that precious Gift of Life, abundant Life — man turns away from — rejects — will have none of. Draw into your beings more and more this wonderful Eternal Life. It is the flow of the Life Eternal through spirit, mind, and body, that cleanses, heals, restores, renews youth, and passes on from you to others, with the same miracle-working power. I have a plan that can only in this way be revealed. So rarely do I find two souls in union who want only My Will, and only to serve Me. The union is miracle-working.Remember no prayer goes unanswered. Remember that the moment a thing seems wrong to you, or a person’s actions to be not what you think they should be, at that moment begins your obligation and responsibility to pray for those wrongs to be righted, or that person to be different.So learn of Me the overcoming Power of one who, though spat upon, scourged, misunderstood, forsaken, crucified, could yet see His Work had not been affected by these things, and cry triumphantly from His Cross, “It is finished.”My Keeping Power is never at fault, but only your realization of it. Not whether I can provide a shelter from the storm, but your failure to be sure of the security of that shelter. “I give unto to them eternal life, and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of My hand.” So Eternal Life means security too, safety. Dwell increasingly in the consciousness of that security, that safety. Empty your vessel. I will fill it. You ask both of you to understand Divine Supply. It is a most difficult lesson for My children to learn. So dependent have they become on material supply they fail to understand. You must live as I tell you.Make Me the one abiding Presence of your day of which you are conscious all the time. Seek to do less and to accomplish more, to achieve more. Doing is action. Achievement is successful action.

The little things you planned to do, given up gladly at My suggestion, the little services joyfully rendered. See Me in all and then it will be an easy task

Zfuntasic I’ve been in AA almost nine years. I’m willing to bet that you learned something from your relapse that you still needed to know. But to figure out what that is you need to get back in the sobriety and Recovery. Don’t stay out sometimes people don’t make it back too many people I’ve known have passed away before they got back into the rooms. Please come to a meeting, listen, share, do the next indicated thing, get a sponsor, work the steps. Don’t be ashamed. Many many many people have relapses the most important thing is that you start searching for Recovery again right away. If you want to message me if you need a number to talk to someone let me know I’m here for you you don’t have to do this alone. God bless
Dear Rebecca, Your lovely Mom must have a choice room up there! She was a faithful servant and a bright light for the Lord. I miss her sweet posts that were always full of faith and sincere love.

zfuntastic -praying for you and the entire JC family is. We all have setbacks and we all struggle. Talk to God. He will help you get back up. You are a good person. You are a child of God. Take care. KS

Hi Karen! This is the Jesus Calling devotion for today! As you read it you can feel God’s presence with you! It is as if Jesus materializes before your very eyes! Blessings to you this glorious day…and know you’re loved by Him and all of Tessie’s warriors!

Bless you my Sister Fay, Your faith will carry you through to the end and then the Lord will bring you to a most beautiful place beyond your imagination and you will finally look upon the Face of the Lord, and have all your questions answered, and realize all of God’s promises. You will share in the glory of the Lord and your happiness will have no limit and last forever. Much love! Keep listening to those beautiful songs of praise. May the music renew your spirit every day. Much love.
Sounds like a perfect way to spend a day. God bless your good friend Betsy and strengthen her weaknesses, and guide her path to every good thing God has prepared for her. I can see she is an inspiration to you and her strength of faith brought her through her valley times. We must hold onto His Hand as we go through the fire. He is faithful and mighty to save. So happy for you dear NJS. You needed a day like that and God provided that need. God bless you in all things too, dear sister.

Oh, Dear Jeannie – I’m just now seeing this – a year later! What a dear sister in Christ you are. I love it when posts pop up at just the right time! I love you, Jeanne! Yours, is a beautiful heart & spirit!
Yes, Norah, thank you for remembering my requests. I won’t know about echogram until next week. Follow up with cataracts today & all checked out. I’m with you on Drs. I haven’t visited a Dr for 35 years. Except to remove a tick. The Lord has been my great physician, He has shown me through prayer how to treat my issues. He’s introduced me to the value, the treasure that is in the herbs/plants He created for our bodies to heal. Drs/drugs have their place but I draw the boundaries. Treating my body as the temple of the Holy Spirit is where it starts. Continuing to pray for you and your hubby Norah.

Amen dear Bob! Our time is in His Hands and He is the Author of our Book. He already knows when the last page is. Fay, enjoy every moment and I know you feel Him with you through the difficult ones. Rest in His never ending love and know His promises are reliable so the best is yet to come.
Father, please place Your healing hands upon Jan’s son #1 and remove this affliction in his body. Place Your hedge of protection around her family and all Your children. In Jesus name, I pray, Amen. God bless!Dear Norah! I read so much truth, humility and lovingkindness in your post from last year. You are a sweet and faithful servant of the LORD. You have a humble and caring Spirit! The Christ in you is very beautiful!

Anonymous how fitting a verse for your prayer. Mount up on wings like eagles 🦅. I am praying for you. Thank you for sharing your concern with our JC friends. You are such a courageous person.

Praying with my Sisters for your strength and God’s gift of a forgiving heart for yourself. Step over the line and never look back. Give it all to Him. He loves you exactly as you are.
Thank you for your spiritual food always, and the tasty food for thought, dear Maplewood! When I wake up bleary eyed, I thank God for the gift of a new day and rest a while with Him. But once my day begins, responsibilities and a very long prayer list keep me from simply sitting at the feet of the Lord. Guess that’s why I find myself talking to Him when my mind is clear and we are alone, like when I’m cooking, cleaning or in the bathroom. The time with Him is sweet and renewing and so very precious. Praising God for good news about your dear little Sister, Janet. I’m so happy she is doing much better! God is so merciful and faithful. Zfuntastic we share your victorious feeling! Giving God all credit for the strength and the Holy Spirit filling your empty spot. It no longer needs to be filled with other things. All Praise Honor and Glory to our Lord for this fantastic news! Thanking God is a practice. Learning to thank God in adversity isn’t easy at first. Yes, God knows our hearts but even and when we’re learning this practice, it may ring very false to our ears and is hard just thinking it, much less saying it. But the next time, it will be easier and so on. Sooner than you think, you learn this practice of thankfulness in the face of adversity and it just comes naturally, bringing peace. Knowing, that there is redemption to follow,in His time, will strengthen faith and joyfulness .Awesome to hear the wonderful news Zfuntastic! I am sober and free from drugs and alcohol, all thanks to the glory of the Lord, as well. Next month will be 2 years. Praise God for all His goodness, mercy, and grace. Peace be with you. SO over the moon happy for you, Zfuntastic! Thank you for sharing your victory-news of strength, courage, & resilience! Thank you, JESUS, for bringing Zfuntastic THROUGH the valley! Praise God!!! Joining prayers and praying with you and for you dear Norah that you will not need cataract surgery right now and you will ace your Eye test for your DL renewal. Praying that Pat will thank God that He has brought her through her trials and is with her always. May He open her eyes to all He has blessed her with despite her hard times. Thank You Jesus. . Joining prayers for Son #1. Father, You are the greatest Healer! We thank You for bringing him back to strength and good health to Your glory. Bless, heal and comfort him and His family and heal all of his weaknesses. Thank you for this in the Name of Christ Jesus. Amen. Dear Zfantastic, You are always in my prayers. The Lord is your strength and your song, and your joy and your peace. May He lead you to fulfillment and the desires of your heart. Much love. God is guiding your path and you are following.We’ll warriors, I guess covid isn’t done with our family. Son #1 came down with a fever and chest congestion. He’s pretty broken at this point. He loves the Lord & tries hard to trust Him. He’s having a hard time. This family is calling upon the mercy of the Most High to touch us & deliver us from the hands of the enemy in Jesus name! Amen! Hallelujah!I took a day off and my dear friend, Betsy, and I drove up to a small mountain town in GA to just hangout and relax…window shopping as we strolled along. She is a bit older than I and has been through SO much in her life. SO MUCH. On our drive home she said “Ya know, Nance, while I’ve had a lot of not such great things happen in my life, God has always been with me. He brought me through it all.” She could easily be a bitter and resentful person with what she’s been through but she’s not. She has steadfast faith. Amazing to witness and so grateful for her friendship.

After caring for my Mother when she became a paraplegic following a debilitating stroke, I learned that we are all doing the very SAME thing our parents did, i.e., the VERY BEST they/we could under the existing circumstances with the existing means available. So be it, So it is. Therefore concentrating on whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things. Thank God, for a Heavenly Father and the Blessed Mother of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen!
Dear Sister Jan. Praying for your son and the rest of your family. Heavenly Father we pray you show your mercy and grace in healing your son. We apply the Blood of the Lamb. In the name of Jesus we pray, amen.It feels great to be alive and free from drugs and alcohol. Thank you all here for your prayers, they gave me the courage to seek help. I feel like every day is a blessing. Sober here today by the grace of God.

Heavenly Father, We ask that you enter our hearts, our minds, our souls, and take over our will this day. Thank you for the desire and opportunity to come to You this morning in worship and in prayer. We surrender this day to you and all that comes with it and only seek your desire for us and your guidance through it. Lord, may your light shine through us so glorious that others may seek You.
Isaiah 40:31 “but they who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint” A memento, that I cross stitched for my husband’s office.

PEBGDesigns, I tried to reply.. IDK what I did wrong. Oh my Jesus thank you for forgiving our sins. Our Father lead us to our heavenly home. I pray for PEBGD, her brother and her family. Hold them close to your sacred heart. Pour your amazing grace over beloved sis. Joining many JC Warriors in lifting you and yours up with peace, love, and many prayers. Amen and Amen!Thanks, mon ami, for this next installment of the armor of God. The shinning analogy was a new thought for me and a good one. Will continue to ponder that. With my twin bd sis, sending blessings across the ocean to you. God be with you.

Hi everyone, this is Fay’s daughter Rebecca. My mama made her departure into heaven on Friday, September 18. Words cannot describe how much we miss her. She showed me her post on here before she passed (she used to text me these passages every day) and she told me to let you all know when she met Jesus. She was so touched by everyone’s replies. She had an incredible faith and there is no doubt in my mind she is in heaven dancing. I’m grateful she is no longer suffering or in pain.
All our love to you, Fay! What will be is only as God wills it and all that He wills is beyond understanding but always such a blessing. God be with you.

What is the devotion on John 16?
In John 16, Jesus explains to the disciples that while He would be leaving this earth, they would not be left alone. As believers, we have the Holy Spirit living in us. He is our comforter, our peace, our strength, and our teacher. That was part of God’s plan from the beginning.
I believe Someone is always praying in this room, Fay, whether they post or not. Feel free to enter as often as you like and stay as long as you like. Blessings!Father, holy is Your name, have Your will with me. I exist to please You. Please align my will with Yours and align me with Your word. I depend on You for everything, including my very next breath. I will bless, praise, and rejoice in You always. Thank You Jesus. Praise the Lord continually and always. Amen 🙏.

Got the polish out and working the shine! Thanks for sharing BFF! Started the morning with an online worship service with a version of “the blessing” that blew us away. Sending it your way, all who come here. ✝️♥️
Praying for you, zfuntastic…. You are not alone..There will be someone in your life path to help give you more hope and strength.God Bless you, and your son.Awesome. Sobriety takes courage, and staying sober takes faith in yourself and in God’s eternal love. It is so good to hear that you’re doing well zfun! Godspeed, and may you bless others with your example. Amen.

Thank you father for all your blessings father plz help me to receive your strength and help to sacrifice my time more to tune into your love and joy,peace
Joining in prayers for your son and family. God hears these prayers. May God make your son healthy and strong in faith while he brings health and comfort. God Bless your family. My heart is with you.

Hallelujah! I just knew God was going to be faithful to you dear SC Anonymous! I was just waiting for this victory to celebrate! What a great and merciful God we serve! You made my night. Much love. Thank You Jesus!!
Butterfly Love, if you see this I want to say I’d be happy to send a note and some cheerful pics to Dennis and Margi if you felt comfortable sharing the name of their facility.I would like to thank everyone for all your prayers and encouragement, scriptures and especially mad fox and Bob for the understanding of scripture, oh and unknowns anonymous ‘. They really help and lift my spirit each day. So , thank you! And thank you Lord for a new day !

What is the Bible reading of August 16?
First Reading: Ezekiel 28: 1-10 2 Son of man, say to the prince of Tyre: Thus saith the Lord God: Because thy heart is lifted up, and thou hast said: I am God, and I sit in the chair of God in the heart of the sea: whereas thou art a man, and not God: and hast set thy heart as if it were the heart of God.
Please pray for Dale Earnhardt, Jr. retired Nascar Driver whose private plane landed at our airport to participate in Food City Family Race Night this week end. Dale’s wife, daughter and 2 pilots escaped before the plane caught fire and burned to a crisp. NO FATALITIES!!! PTL FOR THIS MIRACLE.

God knows your heart! Being thankful is important for the condition of your heart, but giving thanks for something you are not thankful for is not Truth. I thank God for my troubles, as well as my victories, because we can use what we learn from setbacks to grow in all areas of life. You are growing just by asking this question and asking forgiveness. God is very real, and is for you and loves you.
Oh, please don’t feel ashamed. I now finally have a year and I have been trying since 2013. I just kept going back and was always accepted with open arms. I have seen people with 10 years fall back. It’s not the falling down that makes us fail, it’s the staying there. Go back and talk with someone. It will make you feel sooo much better. Prayers.I just KNEW it would be benign, SC!!! I’ve been practicing my HAPPY DANCE, all day waiting to be able to log in and check. PRAISE GOD!!! I love you, SC – now go bet your boys ready for school! THANK YOU, FATHER!!!P.S. Please pray for my eye dr. appt tomorrow at 11:00 EST. Praying that I don’t need cataract surgery soon, but can moisten my eyes and pass my DL Vision test. UGH! After spending 40 mins setting myself up, 2 Sundays ago, to AVOID the vision test, I call the next day (Mon) and was told that was only for people under 65. I “kindly” suggested that they put that on their website BEFORE someone goes through the grueling task of renewing their license on-line….only to find out, it’s not available. Sigh. This too shall pass!Good morning Lord. Thank you for opening my eyes. Thank you for answered prayer. Give us strength to go through this day always seeking your face. Give us patience to wait on you Lord for you are our help. We love you. May God’s peace be with all of my JC family. Thank you for filling me today dear Janet. Spiritual food is better than any cheeseburger with fries. It satisfies our soul. Joining in your wonderful prayer with praise and thanksgiving. God bless you sweet sister. Keeping you and our dear family in my thoughts and prayers. Loveconquersall – AMEN! JC Family is blessed with great prayer warriors. Thank you Lord for the spoken prayers, VICTORIES, challenges, and support shared by JC Family.

What is todays message of the day jesus calls?
My friend, today the Lord is blessing you with His promise taken from Psalm 34:17, “The righteous cry out, and the Lord hears them; He delivers them from all their troubles.” Hallelujah! Accordingly, the Lord remembers you, my friend. You will be delivered from all your troubles.
What a beautiful morning spending time with my JC family. Praying that God hears all our prayers and meets us in our place of need. zfuntastic…everyone’s comments are spot on, but really like KM’s comment…it’s not the falling down, but the staying there. You can do all things through Christ. JEMy prayer is for all requests made here to be heard by our heavenly Father. That ALL will have the faith, trust and confidence to find redemption and success. Amen Beautiful truth dear Bob! We are all so flawed and we fall short of pleasing God. But He looks deep into our hearts and sees the love He put there. When we can someday look upon His Face, it will be the most joyous experience and one that will never end. Until then, Praise and Thanksgiving. Beautiful, Thank you waiting, how kind is that? Yes, the name of the facility is Town and Country Health & Rehabilitation, but it is also a nursing home. Blessing and love to you!Been keeping you tight in my orators! Praying for it to be benign but I know God’s faithfulness will shine through no matter the results. Much love dear SC Anonymous. May He fill your mind with peace as you continue to trust in Him.

What is the daily prayer for Sept 16?
All our praise belongs to you, for you alone can quicken us. You alone free us from the pain of death and from all burdens, so that in spite of toil and struggle we may always be lifted up to you, our God on high, to the glory of your name on earth.
Jeanne, does Fay get to beat us there? Something inside of me says, “Darn!” But Someone above me says, “I have your days listed and determined. Finish what I have sent you to do. Then I will call you home.” A voice within me says, “I am the Lord’s servant. Let it be to me as You have said.”

What is Jesus calling today August 18?
Expect to encounter adversity in your life, remembering that you live in a deeply fallen world. Stop trying to find a way that circumvents difficulties.
Good morning SC Anonymous. Warriors are standing aside you as you wait. Father God, we know that Your will is perfected through us for You know & want the best for each of us. In Your loving &, sovereign way You prepare us through the power of the Holy Spirit for whatever waits ahead of us in this journey. I ask that our dear SC Anonymous is feeling Your assuring, tender closeness as she presses into Your presence as she waits. Amen.🙏🙏🙏💞How blessed your brother is, PEBGD, to have you walking him to the gates of heaven, whether now or at another time of the Lord’s choosing. As you do the walking, may the Spirit do the talking and we will be behind you doing the praying. God be with you. Lord God, please help me to follow Your Word daily. Help me to see You in all things and in all people. Help me to love as You love me. Help me to have Your peace and spread joy to others. In Jesus Holy Name Amen God help me please it’s so hard to say thank you for something I dont want so I feel like I’m making a joke when I thank god is that wrong god? forgive me for having those thoughts I love youGod loves, protects and surrounds myself and my loved ones with his infinite wisdom and spirit. We praise his glory and blessings. We are grateful for his blessings and mercy. We ask for his wisdom, guidance, protection from evil and blessings in our lives and particularly for Margaret.

It’s OK zfuntastic and you’re OK. mychellecollier’s advise to re-connect with AA, re-cover and move on with your re-newed life with your Higher Power is spot on. Thanks for sharing here, in your JC family’s judgment free zone, where we all slip and fall, YET, love and prayers still go out continuously. Breathe in. Breathe out. Move On! With Love to you and our entire JC family.
Right behind my JC sisters in Christ with prayers, Jan, for son #1 and for your entire family. May your son feel healing from THE GREATEST HEALER of all, Jehovah Rapha, today and in the days ahead and may He wrap your entire family with His hedge of protection keeping sickness away! I praise you, Father, and know You ARE bringing son #1 and the Gridley family through this! In your son, Jesus’ GREAT name, AMEN!Blessings to all, including those who are navigating this leg of our journey. May you feel God’s presence, follow His lead and hold Jesus’ Hand through it all. With love to our JC family.

What is Jesus calling today July 16?
Jesus Calling: July 16th. Self-pity is a slimy, bottomless pit. Once you fall in, you tend to go deeper and deeper into the mire. As you slide down those slippery walls, you are well on your way to depression, and the darkness is profound.
So true, so true, twin bd sis, so true! Our relationship with our Heavenly Father is no different than any relationship we have with another here on earth. It is most solid when time is spent one on one and opening up to one another. I have found the early AM time to be the best for me because it sets the tone for the day. Blessings, twin bd sis! Continued prayers for Janet with thanksgiving for all that has happened, is happening, and will continue to happen to His glory.

Jeanne, Jan, NJS, Audra, all the JC Warriors who have been praying for me. The lump is benign. Praise be to God. I am truly humbled to have had this outcome. I felt Jesus walking with me and all of your prayers. This forum has been such a blessing for so many. It is amazing how this group can interact electronically with each other and praise God in the process. I love my Jesus Calling Book and am so happy to have found this blog a couple of years ago. Thank you Peyton Family for starting it and bringing together such a (likely) diverse group of folks.
Thank you Madfox for your words. I am struggling and afraid. I am here to gain some hope. I was sober for 2 years and fell back. I’m so ashamed I can’t talk to anyone. It’s an indescribable feeling.The psalmist in 27:4 reflects a perfect will, to desire one thing only – the Lord. My desires have been contaminated with self seeking that brings no ultimate joy or peace. I have had moments as the psalmist has and those have been times of real blessing. As I am in process of making transition from self-seeking to God-seeking, I look forward to the time when I shall enter into the Lord’s perfect home (thank you, Jesus) and be so overwhelmed with His love that I will want nothing but to live in praise and thanksgiving forever and ever.

What is the Jesus calling devotion for October 16?
Look to Me continually for help, comfort, and companionship. Because I am always by your side, the briefest glance can connect you with Me. When you look to Me for help, it flows freely from My Presence. This recognition of your need for Me, in small matters as well as in large ones, keeps you spiritually alive.
Zfuntastic, I wish that I could send you one of our special sunflowers your way: It has a rust colored center, ringed with a yellow circle, and becomes more rust, tinged with gold throughout the petals. I’m so happy for your newfound zeal for life! His light and love are shining through on your journey of life. I’m so happy for you.PRAYER: Loving Lord, I thank You for Your wonderful promise. Thank You for planning everything for my life even before the foundation of this word. I pray eagerly waiting at Your feet to counsel me and lead me into Your good plans. Let Your eyes always be upon me and rejoice over me. Lord, guide me according to Your will and let good things happen in my life from this day forth.

प्रेमी प्रभु, मैं आपकी अद्भुत प्रतिज्ञा के लिए आपको धन्यवाद देता हू्ं। इस वचन की स्थापना से पहले ही मेरे जीवन की सब योजना बनाने के लिए धन्यवाद। मैं उत्सुकता से आपके चरणों में प्रतीक्षा करते हुए प्रार्थना करता हूं कि आप मुझे सलाह दें और मुझे अपनी अच्छी योजनाओं में ले जाएं। आपकी कृपादृष्टि सदा मुझ पर बनी रहे, और आप मेरे कारण आनन्दित हो। प्रभु, अपनी इच्छा के अनुसार मेरा मार्गदर्शन करें और आज से मेरे जीवन में अच्छी चीजें घटित होने दें। यीशु के नाम पर, मैं प्रार्थना करता हूँ। आमीन।
I love it when the Lord uses the word ‘I’. When Moses cried out to the Lord saying, “Lord, please send somebody with me since I have to lead all these people and I cannot do it by myself”, He replied to Moses saying, “I am not going to send anybody with you. ‘I’ Myself will go before you and ‘I’ will give you rest.” What a loving God! This same God looks at you today and says, “My child, I Am that I Am. I live forever and I will come with you. ‘I’ Myself will do everything for you.” What a joy! So, my friend don’t pray to God asking Him to move some person’s heart or to make someone do something for you. Instead, go before the Lord and tell Him that you trust Him to be powerful and able to do anything and everything. Remember, Lord Jesus has promised to ask anything in His name and He will do it. Let HIM be your confidence. LET HIM BE THE ‘I’ (the sole ruler) IN YOUR LIFE so that it’s no longer you living anymore but CHRIST living in you. My precious friend, today’s promise is from Psalm 32:8 where the Lord says, “I will counsel you with My loving eye on you.” Accordingly, the Lord’s loving eyes are upon you. You will be led into His good plans. My friend, everything for your life has been planned even before the foundation of the world (Hebrews 4:3). The Lord says “I will counsel you with My loving eye.” His eyes are upon you especially when you serve Him as it says in Zechariah 4:10, “The seven eyes of the Lord will rejoice to see you serving the Lord.” So, do not worry about where you must go or what you must do. In Jeremiah 29:11 the Lord says that He makes GOOD PLANS for you and no harm. Hence, the Lord Himself will give you counsel and will lead you into that plan. All you have to do is to wait for Him and cry to Him to counsel you to know His plans for your life. When Hagar, the servant of Abraham cried out in agony in the desert as she was all alone, forsaken even by her husband, she said “I can’t see my little son dying out of thirst.” God saw her agony, called out to her, and opened a spring from the ground. He thus saved her and her little darling son. So, she called God as “You are a God who sees me!” This God’s loving and affectionate eyes are also upon you to guide you and give you life. Receive this blessing today, in Jesus’ name! Jesus Calls is a global ministry founded by Late Brother D.G.S. Dhinakaran and led by Dr. Paul Dhinakaran. Jesus Calls serves to bring comfort and healing to the broken hearted without distinction through prayer offered all 24/7 throughout the year. ప్రేమగల మా ప్రభువా, నీ అద్భుతమైన వాగ్దానానికి మేము నిన్ను స్తుతించుచున్నాము. దేవా, జగత్పునాది వేయబడక ముందే నీవు మా కొరకు చేసిన ఉద్దేశములన్నియు మా పట్ల జరిగించుము. ఆలోచనకర్తవైన మా ప్రభువా, మా మీద నీ దృష్టిని ఉంచి మాకు ఆలోచన ఇవ్వడానికి మరియు నీ మంచి ప్రణాళికలోనికి మమ్మును నడిపించడానికి మేము నీ పాదాల వద్ద మేము వేచి ఉన్నాము. దేవా, నీ కనుదృష్టి ఎల్లప్పుడు మా మీద ఉంచి, ఘనహీనంగా ఉన్న మమ్మును నీ యొక్క ఉన్నతమైన ఆలోచనల ద్వారా నడిపించి, నీ నామమును మా ద్వారా ఘనపరచుము. యేసయ్యా, నీ సమాధానకరమైన ఉద్దేశములలోనికి నీ చిత్తానుసారంగా మమ్మును నడిపించుము. ప్రభువా, ఈరోజు నుండి మా జీవితంలో మేలుకరమైన ఉద్దేశములు జరుగునట్లుగా మాకు బోధించి, నడిపించుమని యేసుక్రీస్తు ఉన్నత నామమున ప్రార్థించుచున్నాము తండ్రీ, ఆమేన్.So with you, and I lay it on you as a command — no looking back. Give yourself, and all you have ever met a fresh start from today. Remember no more their sins and failures, or your own. The remembrance is a current of disappointment that hinders the swimmer.

But if you think of each step as leading to the summit of achievement, from which glories and beauties will open out before you, then your climb will be so different.

Clipped wings can grow again. Broken voices regain a strength and beauty unknown before. Your power to help other lives will soon bring its delight, even when, at first, the help to yourselves may seem too late to bring you Joy.
You know the difference between taking a glad, loving, joy-springing child with you along a way, when the child anticipates each direction, accepts naturally each decision as to each turning – and the child who resists, and rebellious, has to be forced, even though in its quieter moments it may say, “Yes. I do want to go with you. I cannot be left alone, but I hate this way.”

What is todays message of the day Jesus calls?
My friend, today the Lord is blessing you with His promise taken from Psalm 34:17, “The righteous cry out, and the Lord hears them; He delivers them from all their troubles.” Hallelujah! Accordingly, the Lord remembers you, my friend. You will be delivered from all your troubles.
I am here. No distance separates Me. In the Spirit-Kingdom we measure not by earth’s miles. A false word, a fear-inspired failure, a harsh criticism, these are the distances between a soul and Me. Your training must be severe, that your work for Me be unhindered.

When I sent My Disciples out, two by two, no scrip, no two coats, no money, it was an injunction to be carried out literally, but figuratively too. On Life’s journey throw away all that is not important. Cast aside all the hindrances, the past imperfections of others – – the failure-sense.
You are followers of the World’s Greatest Giver. Give of time, of personal ease and comfort, of rest, of fame, of healing, of power, of sympathy, of all these and many more.

How does Jesus call us today?
He calls us daily to put off the flesh and put on Christ. … He calls us to be his ambassadors and to share the gospel to the people in our world. …
It is not the way, but the loving rejoicing in the way and the guidance, that matters with My disciples. You are ready for the guidance but you do not rejoice as you should, both of you, in the little daily stones of the way.

As you kneel in humble adoration I will tell you that when I took upon Me your humanity it was with the desire of raising that humanity to My Divinity.
Many wonderful things would not have happened but for the physical weariness, the mind-weariness of My servants, which made the resting apart, the giving up of work, a necessity…A breath of desire and My Spirit is there — to replenish and renew. Sometimes weariness and exhaustion are not signs of lack of spirit but of the guiding of the Spirit.You seek My Presence and they who seek shall find. It is not a question of human searching, so much as human consciousness, unconditional surrender to My Will in the small, as in the big things of life. This it is that makes My Guidance possible.