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Jungle Water Slide Costa Rica

Snaking its way through the Malaysian jungle, the star attraction of the ESCAPE Park is a waterslide named simply ‘The Longest’, not unsurprisingly the longest waterslide in the world.

The world’s wickedest waterslides are getting taller, faster, longer and scarier! There’s nothing that beats the holiday heat better than an awesome water park, but where can you find the world’s biggest water slides, and how long is the longest waterslide in the world? Read on for the thrill ride like no other!A previous holder of the title of world’s biggest waterslide, the appropriately-named Insano is located at Beach Park in northeastern Brazil, Latin America’s biggest water park. The freefall body slide is as high as a twelve-story building and is so steep it takes just five seconds – at speeds approaching 105 km/h – to reach the bottom!

The wonderful world of waterslides is relatively new. In fact, what is generally credited as the world’s first waterslide appeared in New Zealand at the 1906 International Exhibition. It was a basic wooden chute that shot swimmers over a lake, and soon the craze caught on. Over the next twenty years, similar slides appeared at lakes and fairs all over the world.
There’s nothing better than the adrenaline rush of sitting at the very top of an awesome waterslide waiting for that hit of excitement! The competition to build the biggest, fastest, scariest and longest waterslide in the world is hotting up and the world’s biggest water slide is over a kilometre of incredible fun.

Around ninety miles north of Nassau, CocoCay is a tiny island, privately owned by the Royal Caribbean cruise company and used as a destination port for their guests. It’s also home to the world’s fourth tallest waterslide, known as an enclosed speed body slide. You have to be a true daredevil to ride Daredevil’s Peak. The spectacular spiral offers a kaleidoscope of colour and a proper adrenaline rush!
In the 1920s, Minnesota native Herbert Sellner, a furniture designer by trade, invented a water wheel ride as well as a waterslide that skimmed thrill-seekers thirty metres across the water’s surface. It was Sellner’s creations that paved the way for today’s incredible creations. Here are the contenders for the tallest waterslide as well as the world’s longest waterslide.

The tallest waterslide in the world is Kilimanjaro at the Aldeia das Aguas Park Resort in Brazil. There are 234 steps to the top and the view is so scary it’s estimated at least one in twenty riders back out when they get up there! At an incline of 60°, riders hit the staggering speeds of up to 100 km/h. Kilimanjaro also holds the record for the highest drop on a body slide.
One reason it was built deep in the Malaysian jungle was to try and make the riders perceive the rainforest from a new perspective. The designers want them to appreciate nature and to understand its beauty and importance and why it should be protected at all costs, while having the thrill of a lifetime!There is no more fitting location for Europe’s tallest waterslide than Venice, the City of Water! Captain Spacemaker – the third tallest waterslide in the world – is located at the Aqualandia Water Park and takes three or four riders down a 60° incline at speeds approaching 100 km/h!

What is the famous slide in Costa Rica?
This World Famous Tobogan Water Slide is rated #3 in the World by the Travel Channel. Climb up the Costa Rican Rainforest Mountains until you reach the top of the Water Slide. This 1,365 feet Water Slide is made of volcanic mud and concrete, guaranteed to thrill from beginning to end.
The world’s tallest indoor waterslide is the star attraction at the DreamWorks Water Park. It’s inside the American Dream shopping and entertainment complex in the New Jersy city of East Rutherford. One the world’s biggest water slides, Thrillagascar – named after DreamWorks’ Madagascar film franchise – is North America’s tallest waterslide. Seventy metres from top to bottom, the world’s longest tube water slide takes riders on a twisty-turny four-minute journey down a canopied mountain. The CEO of the waterpark’s parent company said he never intended to break the world record, he just wanted a ride that wasn’t over in the blink of an eye. The stunning Nauyaca Waterfalls are located in the South Pacific region of Costa Ballena, just 20 minutes from Dominical. Though featuring less impressive drop-offs than the towering La Fortuna or Bajos del Toro waterfalls, Nauyaca is unique in its layout – it’s split into the upper and lower cascades; water pours over the cliffside to fall over 140 feet before the next 60-foot drop. One of the most amazing things about this waterfall is the location. Remotely tucked into the deep rainforest, the trip there might be a bit of work, but the views are worth it!

The La Paz Waterfall Gardens are open to the public year-round and the grounds are primarily self-guided, so visitors can tailor their experience to see exactly what and how much they’d like to see. With so many of Costa Rica’s wildlife and tropical sights to take in, it’s quite easy to spend an entire day touring the gardens and waterfalls at La Paz Waterfall Gardens.
The Rio Celeste Waterfall in Tenorio Volcano National Park in the northwestern Guanacaste region is renowned for its hypnotic blue color and tropical surroundings. According to local legend, when God painted the sky, he washed his blue brushes in the river, turning the waters an entrancing shade of turquoise. In reality, the water that flows through the park is the unique product of a chemical reaction between minerals from the volcano and lush rainforest.

Where is the biggest slide in Europe?
There is no more fitting location for Europe’s tallest waterslide than Venice, the City of Water! Captain Spacemaker – the third tallest waterslide in the world – is located at the Aqualandia Water Park and takes three or four riders down a 60° incline at speeds approaching 100 km/h!
The lower falls, however, are where the fun is truly at! Right before the steps down to the falls are facilities where travelers can change into swimsuits. The cascade falls into a large pool of clear blue water – a perfect, natural swimming hole. Taking a dip is the best way to cool off after the hike. There’s plenty of room for everyone to swim, relax, or explore, with the occasional entertainment of a daring local jumping from one of the cliffs. For amazing photo-ops and a great combination of hiking and swimming, the Nauyaca Waterfall is not to be missed!

We highly recommend staying at El Silencio Luxury Lodge for the full Bajos del Toro experience. Hike the winding trail down to the base of the waterfall for about an hour with a guide and get up close to the roaring mist of this natural spectacle. From the lodge, a fifteen-minute relatively flat hike will bring you to about 400 steps leading down to the base of the waterfall. The hike back up can be a bit challenging, but the views are worth it! Don’t forget to wear sturdy hiking shoes! The surrounding streams and pools allow for visitors to observe unique Costa Rican plants and animal species. Because the area is not heavily populated with tourists, you will also see an abundance of wildlife — from blue morpho butterflies to armadillos, and plenty of hummingbirds thanks to the feeders along the hiker facilities and nearby restaurants.
The Bijagual Waterfall is located near Jaco on the Central Pacific Coast in the mountain town of Bijagual. The 590-foot waterfall is accessible by a guided horseback ride through the lush forest. The hike showcases incredible views of seaside fishing villages and the Pacific Ocean. Be on the lookout for tropical birds like scarlet macaws and toucans as well as other tropical wildlife like sloths, frogs, and monkeys. Once you arrive at the falls, walk around or cool off int he cool refreshing natural spring-fed from the high mountains in Carara National Park. Horseback tours can be arranged upon request.

What a sight to behold! As one of the most spectacular and tallest waterfalls in the country — with a 90-meter (300-foot) drop — Bajos del Toro Waterfall is hidden away in a valley between the Poás and Rincon de la Vieja Volcanoes, located in the Bajos del Toro Cloud Forest about 1 1/2 hours from San Jose.
Some say Llanos de Cortez is Costa Rica’s most beautiful waterfall. It is located in Bagaces about 30 minutes (16 miles) south of Liberia. At about 50 feet wide and 12 feet tall, Llanos de Cortez is wider than it is tall with streams of water cascading over a rock wall. The pool at the base of the falls is clean, clear, and perfect for a refreshing swim on a hot day. There’s also a little white sandy beach which can be nice for a snack or picnic! The trail from the parking lot down the waterfall is a short 10-minute hike but it is steep. The forest leading to the falls is lush and dense with wildlife like birds and monkeys that can be seen along the way. There are no entrance fees to Llanos de Cortez, but donations to the local community school are welcome. Guided waterfall excursions can be arranged.Located in the Cloud Forest outside of San Jose, the La Paz Waterfall Gardens is the most visited privately-owned ecological attraction in Costa Rica — and for good reason! The area is a combination of a nature walk, five waterfalls, and a rescued wildlife preserve with over 100 species of animals. The preserve also includes a Butterfly Observatory, Serpentarium, Frog Exhibit, and Hummingbird Garden. You can expect to see the following animals in the gardens — over 40-species of birds including toucans and 26-species of hummingbirds, as well as marmosets, white-headed capuchin monkeys, and black-handed spider monkeys, two-toed sloths, jaguars, pumas, and ocelots, and a thriving frog exhibit.

As one of the most photographed natural formations in this visually stunning country, the waterfalls of Costa Rica astound both experienced and novice travelers alike. There is just something incredible about rushing water dramatically falling from the rainforest canopy into a pool at the base of a cliff. After a hike through the rainforest in the tropical heat, a cool dip beneath these powerful forces of nature will not disappoint. The following waterfalls are timeless favorites of both locals and tourists:Once you arrive at the waterfall itself, the trail splits into two, bringing you to either the upper or lower falls. The upper falls are impressive, falling for a greater distance. The occasional mist blowing off the waterfall is refreshing after the hike, and there are a number of smooth river rocks that are the perfect location for your picnic lunch! The view is impeccable, and it tends to be more tranquil at the upper falls. Guests have a few options for getting to the falls: horseback riding, hiking, or via 4×4. The hikers and horseback riders use the same well-maintained trail – keeping an eye out for the abundant wildlife in the area, such as monkeys or birds! This is a favorite home for a number of hummingbird species. The trail to the waterfall is roughly 2.5 miles, an easy hike that isn’t too difficult for children. To put it simply, La Fortuna Waterfall is stunning. People from around the world come to appreciate the natural beauty of the waterfall and surrounding hot springs. Spanish for “Fortune,” the waterfall is the attraction of a number of different tours near the Arenal Volcano and is fed by the Tenorio River. The view of the waterfall spilling out from a cliff at the base of the dormant Chato volcano and plummeting 70-meters (230-feet) before hitting a tropical pond that’s surrounded by the rich, green rainforest along the Arenal Mountain range is an awe-inspiring experience. Visitors come from around the world to appreciate the stunning natural beauty of the waterfall and surrounding hot springs.A two-hour hike into the park will unveil the brilliant blue waterfall and several natural hot springs, as well as plenty of Costa Rica wildlife including poison dart frogs, colorful blue morpho butterflies, and curious monkeys — it’s the ultimate tropical adventure. Swimming is prohibited due to unknown effects of volcanic minerals, but the views make for picture-perfect memories to share with friends and family. The best time of year to experience the bright blue river is during Costa Rica’s dry season between December and April. Despite their many alluring sights, the Rio Celeste Waterfall and park system are known as a relatively well-kept secret due to their remote location off the beaten path. A hidden jewel in a country of treasures, the Rio Celeste Waterfall is not a sight to be missed.

What is the largest jungle water slide in Costa Rica?
Overview. The Buena Vista Water slide is 400 meters of pure fun! You will enjoy this wonderful experience by sliding down the longest mountain water slide in Costa Rica. Cached
Located within Rincon de la Vieja National Park, Oropendola Waterfall requires hiking a 0.8-mile in and back trail. The trail is accessible for most skill levels and includes a suspension bridge. Wear a swim suit so you can take a refreshing dip in the waterfall!There are two viewing areas that offer different perspectives of La Fortuna, and you can even walk right out on to the massive rocks and boulders alongside the banks of the basin. Remember to bring a swimsuit — the cool pool at the base of the waterfall is a great swimming location on a balmy summer day. The hike from the starting point on the cliff down to the waterfall (which can be combined with a hanging bridges canopy tour) follows a staircase that is carved into the hillside and takes about 15 minutes, and the calm green-blue waters of the pool will make the trek well worth the effort, and among the most beautiful Costa Rica hikes. A wonderful experience in the middle of the forest, in a natural scenario, 100% safe and following all strict safety protocols, as well as using the best extreme adventure equipment and supervised by expert guides. A connection that allows you to live, feel and experience emotions in the middle of the tropical rain forest of Guanacaste; a great area of primary forest where we offer you activities you can enjoy with your family and friends.You will visit our laboratory of natural cosmetics and personal care products from the use of natural oils and essences; you will live a learning experience of caring for our home: Mother Earth.

What is the biggest water slide park in Europe?
Siam Park is the biggest water park in Europe. Situated in Adeje, in the south of Tenerife, the park is home to an incredibly long network of impressive water slides.
We offer an integral multisensory experience, release and intensity of adrenaline from the adventure in the forest, absolute relaxation in the warm waters of the volcano that caress your skin and make your mind rest. You will receive nourishment from the land carefully grown and from its fruit, delicious recipes from our cultural roots prepared from loving hands.

A craftsman from the village of Guaitil, Santa Cruz, Guanacaste will show you its secrets about the art of Pre-Colombian pottery; original pieces of Chorotega ceramics, unique in Central America with Designation of Origin seal.A tour of our farm guided by a specialist. You will visit the farm and learn about friendly grazing chickens, crazy goats, gentle pigs and our dear milking cows.Led by MATANGA (a gigantic ox) which turns the mill to make the grinding, you will learn about growing and artisanal process of sugarcane, elaboration of GUARO (national liquor) and much more about heritage and history of our country.You will receive an indulgent treatment to relax your body, nurture the spirit and free the soul that will remain in connection with this forest forever and ever.One of the best versions of hanging bridges in Rincón de la Vieja, Costa Rica: a path that seems taken from a magical tale and makes you feel like it takes you to heaven, enjoying the forest´s density and beauty from the heights.

You will walk through the garden and you will be told about sustainable production techniques using compost, artisan dairy farm and the responsible use of solid waste from kitchens. You will learn how we treat wastewater through the biodigester and the production of methane gas that we use to cook and wash laundry.
The hanging bridges tour in native trees of Guanacaste has a distance of approximately one hour through 16 magical hanging bridges hugged by strong trees where you can observe different species of flora and fauna.

For the more adventurous there is an extreme segment of 7 additional zip lines with distances from 125 up to 425 meters long and heights ranging from 50 to 150 meters. On the way you can relax and take pictures of the Gulf of Papagayo, the Rincón de la Vieja volcano massif, as well as San Roque, Cañas Dulce and los Bastones hills. In the rainy season you can see “El Cañón” waterfall. Certainly, the best zip line in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. This tour is near to Tamarindo, Playas del Coco and Papagayo, it will connect you with the mystical rainforest.
You will feel you can fly when you slide through 12 zip lines that cross the forest from the treetops, enjoying impressive canyons and spectacular views of the forest and Gulf of Papagayo.

Rincón de la Vieja National Park is one of the best places for bird watching; in this rainforest you will find more than 120 different bird species of 850 that exist in the country. This is one of the favorite places for birdwatching lovers.
Inherited techniques from generation to generation, attached to its origin, using materials extracted from the area and natural tools, to create original designs, shapes and colors of Guatil ceramic pieces.

Cañones de Cascajo, Rincón de la Vieja, Cañas Dulces, Góngora and San Roque Hills, are part of a warm setting where you can enjoy with family and friends, take your pets for a walk, breath fresh air and recharge energies in a safe and natural environment.
A journey through Guanacaste gastronomy and the Chorotega and Spanish cultural heritage which in combination make their typical dishes delicious and unique.

The whole Guatil village has been dedicated for more than 5000 years to the art of pottery and its sale; they created an economic system that support the villagers.
Here you can fly over the trees and admire from above the scenic beauty while you slide down the zip line; you will descend an immense water slide at great speed driven by fresh water and you will enjoy horseback rides through magical places that seem out of a magical tale.One of the best hikes in Guanacaste that you can enjoy anytime; a hiking experience near Liberia, Tamarindo, Papagayo, La Cruz and Guanacaste beaches in our beautiful Costa Rica.You will fly, scream and you will be filled with joy and excitement at the attractions of our adventure park within the tropical forest and biological reserve.

Typical and mestizo dishes of exquisite taste and predominantly indigenous influence. You will learn how to “nixquezar” (mix corn grains with ashes) and grind the corn, an ancestral technique in processing the grain to make tortillas combining them with “cuajadas” (milk curd), a traditional type of cheese prepared with the milking of the day.
National experts in roasting, tasting and barismo have trained our staff achieving roasting profiles that result in a gourmet product of very high quality. Our visitors can taste and take home Tarrazú and Valle Occidental specialty coffee as well as Tarrazú specialty coffee from Monteverde.Great massage with incredible atmosphere in nature! The buffet lunch was incredible as well as the complimentary drinks! We enjoyed the mud body masks as we let it dry in the sun and rinse off in the cool river. The hot springs felt great after the river! The coffee was amazing, and everyone was so nice and welcoming! Thank you for a great experience!!

Get the most amazing experience in Guanacaste with the Explorer Pass. Vandará offers horseback riding, rainforest canopy ziplining, water slides, and other outdoor adventure activities in Costa Rica. Book your Explorer Pass today!
Located on the slopes of the Rincon de la Vieja Volcano and within the rainforest, Vandará allows you to experience nature, culture, and your sense of adventure.

This was my husband’s and my second time here and the first time for the other two couples that joined us this time. It was just as fun as the first time and the other two couples, really had a blast! With 8 lines to zip down, you won’t be disappointed!!! The hot springs are nice and relaxing and the food is delicious. If you’re feeling adventurous you should slide down the concrete water slide-lots of fun but a bit scary at the same time (you feel like you’re going to get launched out! Lol).

Amazing place! Lunch was incredible! Horseback riding up the mountain! Zip lining 8 courses with fun and amazing guides! They made us laugh and kept it fun! The waterfalls, massage and hot springs were excellent as well! Definitely a place to visit!Enjoy immersive activities and natural attractions in Costa Rica with the Nature Pass. Relax in hot springs, and volcano mud baths, while learning about local Guanacaste culture with Vandará. Book your Nature Pass today!

Where is the biggest water slide in Europe?
There is no more fitting location for Europe’s tallest waterslide than Venice, the City of Water! Captain Spacemaker – the third tallest waterslide in the world – is located at the Aqualandia Water Park and takes three or four riders down a 60° incline at speeds approaching 100 km/h!
We had a wonderful time at your adventure park!! The staff are amazing! Antonio was amazing with our son, he was afraid to do the zip line so Antonio went with him! Our son had the time of his life and felt far more comfortable with Antonio by his side.Vandará is your destination to enjoy authentic Costa Rican experiences. In the heart of the natural rainforest environment, dive into our biodiversity, rivers, and canyons teeming with incredible wildlife.

Where is the Rainbow slide in Costa Rica?
Rainbow Waterfall, also known as Catarata Arco Iris, is the third of five waterfalls at Viento Fresco Waterfalls in Costa Rica. Slide Waterfall, also known as Catarata El Tobogan, tumles down in Viento Fresco, Costa Rica.
Great experience! David our tour guide was great and didn’t rush us! Zip lining for beginners like my self thru the amazing rain forest views was a breeze learning from them ! Horse back ridding and warm springs. Very clean and organized !In the modernized world, people tend to disconnect from nature; at Vandará, our goal is to “re-connect” our visitors with nature. Explore and experience authentic Costa Rica, where you will find a serene sense of well-being.Vandará is located in the rainforest on the Tizate river on over 350 acres. Our guests relax in volcanic thermal hot springs alongside the river and, while listening to nature, remember the joy of breathing. The mineral mud is a fun way to experience nature’s skin treatment. The area evokes a sense of peace while offering friendly staff, well-maintained facilities, and fresh garden-to-table lunch.Vandará takes numerous measures to protect the environment, such as recycling projects and organic gardening techniques that reflect our commitment to sustainability. Come and explore Costa Rica’s nature at Vandará.

Great experience from the hotel pickup until the very end. All the guides were super helpful and very patient with a few in our group that were nervous. I had an amazing time and would 100% recommend.Explore it all with us: Thermal hot springs on the banks of the Tizate River, mineral mud baths, hanging bridges, a jungle water slide, horseback riding, canopy, tropical orchards, bird watching, butterfly gardens, hiking trails, a curated cultural experience, and an organic garden.

What is the world's largest waterslide in Costa Rica?
Keeping the adrenaline going, let’s go back to talk about the waterslide, where you would be able to cool down at the longest one that Costa Rica has to offer and the most sought after slide in all Guanacaste, “The Tobogan de la Jungla” (Slide of the Jungle) this slide is 420 meters in length (1,375 feet).
Sunsets are a quintessential Costa Rica travel experience, even more so, when you’re at the beach. But, somehow, sailing just a few hundred yards out from the sand and into the sunset – well, it takes you to a place that feels so much closer to the sun. Maybe it’s the sway of the waves, the call of the gulls, the legacy of the sun’s warmth on your skin. But something, well, something moves you when you’re out there.But then, when you did, your words or your photos or your recollections didn’t quite relay the breadth and depth of how moving the experience really was?

Where is the jungle slide in Costa Rica?
Buena Vista Del Rincon Adventure Park Slide through the Costa Rican jungle on this waterslide. at Buena Vista Del Rincon Adventure Park 🤩 🎥 @alexojeda on TikTok. Cached
What if we added that it measures 420 meters – about a quarter-mile? And that it wends and winds through dense, lush rainforest? And includes a tunnel? (And, maybe, howler monkeys to cheer to you on!) And that it’s so extreme, you’ll even wear a helmet… ?

As you hike through the forest, you’ll come across many natural wonders – each and all, must-visit Costa Rica travel experiences: the teñideros, or dyed river waters; the borbollones, the convergence of two differently-covered rivers that join to create the eponymous celestial coloration; as well as a scenic lookout point, a scenic lagoon, natural hot springs, and the famed waterfall. Even better – you can visit them all in just one three-hour hike.
Even better: Ziplining is such a popular activity in Costa Rica, that there’s now a flavor, an adventure, and an adrenaline rush for every type of traveler. Want to zig-zag over moss-covered river canyon? Seeking the absolute highest bird’s-eye views? Want to indulge your need for speed? Care to fly past an active volcano?At Blue Water Properties of Costa Rica, we’re proud to offer some of the best Costa Rica Real Estate. We have both condos and homes, land and businesses for sale.You can do it all. Yes, you. Because, whether you’re an active senior, or visiting with young kids, or just looking to get in some nature hiking between platforms, there’s a canopy tour that will fulfill all your high-flying dreams. And trust us – you’d really regret returning home before you found “the one.”

From true-blue rivers and volcanic mud baths to quiet mangrove estuaries and high-flying ziplines, we’ve pulled together 7 you-just-have-to-have-them moments you can only experience in Costa Rica. Go home with memories, not FOMO.Can’t-miss is personal, we know. But we’ve been to a lot of places and done a lot things – and we’ve helped thousands of visitors to do the same – so we thought we’d pull together a list of seven slightly outside-the-box Costa Rica travel experiences we think you may want to work into your itinerary.

Have you ever experienced a moment that was just so striking, so momentous, so spectacular that it took over your senses, forever embedded itself in memory, and make you want to run out and tell everyone all about it?You’ve probably seen the photos: A bluest-of-the-river or a roaring white waterfall, tumbling into a turquoise pool below. Travelers, meet the famous Río Celeste, or Celestial Blue River.From the outside looking in – or, should we say, from the mangrove bank looking down – estuaries and mangroves appear so… tranquil. Sure, the mangrove’s roots drape and reach like a tangle of wooden fingerlings. Yes, your ears can make out the trill of birdsong. And maybe there’s a monkey rustling in the trees.Think back to the greatest sunset of your life. Go ahead, really think about it. Let the memory wash over you: Where you were. Who you were with (or weren’t with). The colors of the sky. The shape of that cloud. Every sound, made more vibrant with a new swipe of Mother Nature’s sky brush.

What is the biggest slide in Europe?
1. BLUE anaconda: The 272-meter long, closed giant slide is the longest all-year-round water slide in Europe.
So, please get in touch. We’re sticklers for responding within 24 hours. Yes, even if you’re reading this post into the wee hours; we’ll respond within the day! And we look forward to it!For here, the Pacific Ocean feeds the Tamarindo estuary, where five species of mangrove weave their rooted borders and create perfect hidey-holes for a wide variety of striking flora and mysterious wildlife – from American crocodiles (up to 500 pounds!) and nesting sea turtles to howler monkeys and basilisk lizards, which can walk on water (literally!). It’s a moment that makes time pause. You’ll have to remember to inhale and exhale. To shake yourself back to reality, to the here and now. Because, while words cannot adequately describe the majesty and wonder of a sea turtle nesting tour, the experience will make clear the magic of this moment. Here, several natural wonders come together to create something spectacular: an active volcano, a river dyed blue, a dense rainforest, and natural hot springs. As prelude to the main event, nature introduces you to exuberant vegetation, animals and melodic birdsong, as you hike along trails that lead to the river and its spectacular waterfall.Explore it all on a motored boat tour or kayaking expedition. If you’re up for it, though, we really recommend the kayaks, as they’ll allow you to nose into quiet corners and get up close and personal with privileged estuary views.

But, we also carve out our own little niche of this tropical paradise. We’ve lived here for so long and traveled so widely, that we also crave newness. We want to take the long hike to an unnamed waterfall or discover a new underwater cave. So, we ask around. We network. And we put on our hiking boots.
And herein lies your opportunity to tour our area’s most secluded beaches and explore a side of Guanacaste that few tourists ever experience: pristine, isolated, and, sometimes, without another soul in sight. And, did we mention? To stroll and snorkel, sunbathe and splash… and finish it all with a picnic beneath the sea almonds?

We get it. Because, sea turtle nesting – and, on the flip side, baby sea turtle hatching – is one of just those moments. There’s something extraordinary about huddling on the beach, with only the pitch black and the stars to accompany you, as your guide walks you hither and thither. You don’t know where you’re going but you know why you’re there. And then, suddenly, you stop. Your guide flips on a red-light flashlight (so as not to bother the turtles’ eyes) and she is revealed: this huge, lumbering sea turtle mother, her fins in a frenzy as she digs a hole for her eggs. And then, a tranquil, almost meditative sea turtle mother, as she lays hundreds of her future babies.
What do flaming-red sunsets, meditative sea turtles, and big-adventure, helmets-required jungle waterslides have in common? They’re all on our list of can’t-miss Costa Rica travel experiences: the adventures, journeys, and can’t-quite-describe-them moments that will mark your trip, move you deeply, and become forever memories that you carry home.

There’s a reason ziplining is such an iconic, oft-wishlisted Costa Rica travel experience: It’s amazing, simply put. This is your chance to experience the forest canopy, as a bird or a monkey or a butterfly – soaring, flying, and gliding airborne, finally free.

What is the most beautiful waterfall in Costa Rica?
Llanos de Cortez Waterfall Llanos de Cortez Waterfall, Guanacaste Some say Llanos de Cortez is Costa Rica’s most beautiful waterfall. It is located in Bagaces about 30 minutes (16 miles) south of Liberia. At about 50 feet wide and 12 feet tall, Llanos de Cortez is wider than it is tall with streams of water cascading over a rock wall.
Stunning scenery, ideal climate, wonderful people and proximity to International Airports, Costa Rica has become a popular area for investment, relocation and retirement for many North Americans and Europeans alike.

Welcome to one of the most adrenaline-fueled, yet smack-in-the-middle-of-nature Costa Rica travel experiences: the jungle waterslide at Rincón de la Vieja Volcano. Oh, didn’t we mention? You’ll be on the slopes of an active volcano. And your tour will also include a rainforest zipline, horseback riding, and volcanic hot springs and mud baths. “Quitnessential” or even “must-have” don’t quite cover it, do they?

But, when it comes to must-have, can’t-miss, once-in-a-lifetime Costa Rica travel experiences, this isn’t one of them – is it? Well, actually, it is! Because Costa Rica’s mangrove estuaries are teeming with life. Life of the kind that you can’t observe anywhere else. Life of the kind that will titillate, surprise, and inspire. At Blue Water Adventures, we work every day to do things a little differently. Sure, we trek the path already traveled. We indulge in the most popular recommendations. We enjoy the Costa Rica that everyone else visits. As Costa Rica travel experiences go, beach-hopping is a must. And as you hop, you’ll quickly notice something: the country’s beaches often follow a somewhat staccato pattern – bits and pieces, dropped here and there, separated by jutting rocks and cliffside waterfalls. Because Costa Rica’s beaches don’t always flow from one to the next but rather, leap and hop down staggered coastline, secreted into nooks and coves and crannies.So, what’s in a name? Well, in this case, it’s the truth – no Photoshop required! Thanks to a mineral mix of sulfur and calcium carbonate, Río Celeste is really and truly blue. The kind of blue that, if you scoop it into your hand, it’ll still be blue.

At Blue Water, we’ve built a reputation for 5-star service – from our incredible guides and off-the-beaten-path adventures, to our great communication and helpful concierge services – and we make it our mission to re-earn that reputation, with every adventure we take you on.
I just got back from a week in Playas del Coco, Costa Rica. Of course when you go to Costa Rica, you MUST do some kind of adventure excursion. Our local guides (Tico Tours) arranged a day trip to Vandara for me, my sister and my niece. The day started with horseback riding to the top of the zip line ridge. Our zip line guides were Jose and Javier. Jose was SUPER sweet and gave great directions and made us feel safe. Javier was crazy but so much fun. He builds zip lines for a living and has no fear and made us laugh the whole time. After ELEVEN zip lines crisscrossing over the river we were served delicious watermelon juice and headed off to the Tarzan Swing. This thing is kind of like a bungee jump without the bounce. You still have to jump off a cliff but then you SWING! Again….they made sure we were strapped in and very safe. Finally, at the base of the Tarzan Swing, there is the top of a 1/4 mile water slide. We didn’t have our suits but said what the heck. This thing is BIG AND FAST. A great way to end the excursion and cool off at the same time. When we got to the end we were escorted to the restaurant where we were served a ‘snack’. GREAT snack. Everything was fresh, organic and grown on the property. I can’t say enough about the boys, Jose and Javier. They were impressed by the guts us girls had and they really made the trip a blast.This is the version of our website addressed to speakers of English in the United States. If you are a resident of another country or region, please select the appropriate version of Tripadvisor for your country or region in the drop-down menu.

This was our one adventure trip we did and wouldn’t change it for the world. The zip lining was fun, nothing crazy but not mild either. Water slide here is a little crazy and you do get a bit banged up the first time round. They have a tarzan swing which is awesome but scary at the same time if you are not used to jumping off perfectly good cliffs. Mud baths were good as were the hot springs. Service here is exceptional. They give you a private photographer to take pictures of the horseback ride and zip lining and other stuff for free but if you want the pictures on a CD with a printed photo it is $30. Well worth it then you don’t have to bother with your camera unless you want more footage. The meal here is to die for. Absolutely amazing!! Wouldn’t hesitate to come back here!
Aprovecha la escala global, la información basada en datos y la red de más de 340.000 creadores de Getty Images para crear contenido exclusivamente para tu marca.Accede a lo mejor de Getty Images con nuestro sencillo plan de suscripción. Millones de imágenes, vídeos y opciones musicales de alta calidad te están esperando. Agiliza tu flujo de trabajo con nuestro sistema de gestión de archivos digitales de primera clase. Organiza, controla, distribuye y mide todo tu contenido digital. The thermal waters of Costa Rica are one of the main attractions of the country. In Buena Vista discover the purest and relaxing hot springs of Guanacaste, the thermal waters of Rincon de la Vieja. We have 5 pools of crystalline thermal water from natural sources, volcanic mud and sauna, under the shade of the forest and surrounded by two rivers that flow from the volcano, making it a unique place to recharge your batteries, reflect and heal the soul. This is one of the best family tours Costa Rica has to offer guests to the country.