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Kenworth W900 For Sale In Texas

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That’s another perk of the T680E: three levels of regenerative braking. You can’t help but feel inclined to master that feature all the while knowing you’re juicing up the battery packs during deceleration and preserving brake life.No they’re not. They’re also adding a beefy CCS1 charge port to enable DC fast charging at max rate of 150 kWh which gets the battery packs charged up in roughly 3.3 hours.

How much does a Kenworth W900 cost?
The Kenworth W900 price varies depending on the specific model, configuration, and options chosen. As of 2022, the base price for a new W900 starts around $140,000. The 2023 Kenworth W900 price is expected to be in a similar range, although exact figures may vary due to market conditions and additional features.
The T680E maxes out at 670 hp, while the conventional T680 equipped with a Paccar MX-13 12.9-liter diesel delivers up to 510 horses. The diesel-powered T680 does crank up to 1,850 lb.-ft. torque at the wheels while the all-electric version maxes out at 1,632 lb.-ft.Yes it is. The Kenworth T680E is the smoothest and the most powerful truck I’ve driven yet. Of course, it’s no secret that internal combustion can’t compete with the quiet acceleration of all-electric, nor the confidence-inducing instant torque that Kenworth reports can get the T680E rolling from a deadstart up a 25% grade.

Not so with those tandem Meritor 14Xe powertrain axles, which can quickly turn the wheels of the T680E with high/low voltage power electronics under the hood.
Curb weight for the T680E comes in at a hefty 22,500 lbs. versus the diesel-powered T680 which is a slimmer 15,500 lbs. While Kenworth did not provide battery weight of the T680E a little searching online can help. A 100kW lithium ion battery in a Tesla weighs in at 1,377 lbs. The battery packs in the T680E come in at nearly four times that size which, all things being equal, would add up to 5,508 lbs.After driving the all-electric Kenworth T680E, something Kenworth’s director of marketing communications Jamin Swazo said earlier that day at the company’s headquarters in Kirkland, Washington, came to mind regarding first impressions of the zero-emission truck.

What is Kenworth strongest truck?
The Kenworth T680E is the smoothest and the most powerful truck I’ve driven yet.
Really, the strange thing about the T680E is its smooth, quiet nature. There’s no clatter and vibration from a beefy diesel engine. It’s a soothing whir—at least on the inside. While watching a T680E travel down the test track, I could hear the suspension squeaking and thought back to the press conference earlier that day.

What does the L stand for in W900L?
W stands for Worthington In 1990, however, the W900 “L” model broke the trend since the “L” in “W900L” stands for “long hood.” Although the following letter “C” in the W900 series was never seen, Kenworth did introduce the W990 in 2018, which many consider to be the next generation W900.
Both trucks were towing between 65,000 and 75,000 lbs. in dry boxes according to Kenworth. Did I get a lighter load in the T680E? No one could say. What was clear though was the impressive acceleration of the T680E in the straightaway, which quickly climbed up to 60mph and dropped down to a manageable pace after I simply lifted my foot off the accelerator and let the regenerative brake kick in as we approached a curve.“When you’re in a quieter vehicle, there’s things that possibly we didn’t pay attention to before because it was masked by other NVH related sounds and now we’re paying attention to them,” Kenworth Chief Engineer Kenworth Joe Adams said. “So that just makes the product that much better for our customers. It’s total package. We’re not just dropping in a different powertrain.” An electric Peterbilt 579 purchased and used in California comes with a $120,000 incentive through the state’s Hybrid and Zero-Emission Truck and Bus Voucher Incentive Project, or HVIP. But again, starting off the line, the T680E has quicker access to that torque over its diesel counterpart, which has to spool up and run through several gears —18 in the case of Paccar’s new TX-18 and TX-18 Pro automated manual transmissions. But all things in battery chemistry are not always equal. While Kenworth reports that the lithium iron phosphate batteries used in the T680E are safer owed to their increased stability and incombustibility over lithium cobalt dioxide batteries used in Teslas and other Class 1 passenger EVs, they’re heavier and have less energy density. Nonetheless, safer is better in a Class 8 truck at a time when lawsuit hungry attorneys appear on countless billboards along the nation’s highways. Price is a little tougher to nail down but we do have somewhat of an idea. Two electric Peterbilt 579EVs recently sold for $350,000 each at Performance Peterbilt in Tallahassee, Florida, according to WCTV. It’s not clear if the drayage fleet buying the trucks, Texas-based Quantix, were able to apply any incentives.Another advantage of the T680E comes through on curved roads. While taking on a tight curve on Kenworth’s 1.5-mile long test track at Paccar’s Technical Center in Mount Vernon, Washington, I noticed that the all-electric felt more agile and up to the task over the conventional T680. That word “smooth” kept coming to mind. This might be owed to a lower center of gravity courtesy of extra weight from two battery packs that add up to 396 kWh.

Other interior features include a special-edition steering wheel, brushed platinum dash and door trim, and Kenworth 100 logos throughout on the doors and thresholds. And generally, Kenworth reps noted a special attention to upgrading accents custom-truck owners typically pay close attention to — an optional special visor, exhaust shields, and more.Kenworth is also introducing four signature paint colors available on new Kenworth Class 8 and medium-duty trucks: Century Platinum, Century Black Red, Century Red and Century Gold.

“The Kenworth W900 is an all-time classic and iconic truck in the industry that is still admired on the road and at truck shows,” said Jim Walenczak, Kenworth assistant general manager for sales and marketing. “As a long-time staple of Kenworth’s history, there is no better way to kick off our year-long 100th anniversary celebration than by launching this Kenworth W900 Limited Edition.”Both W900 and T680 special editions will be part of ride-and-drive activities adjacent to the Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, Kentucky, at the end of next month. The company also plans to bring a truck from its founding 1923 year, one of several making the rounds of shows throughout the year, said Genevieve Bekkerus, Kenworth director of marketing.

Exterior elements include Kenworth 100 sleeper badges. A Kenworth 100 exhaust shield cutout and sun visor are optional. An optional centennial tri-color paint design brings a classic look to the W900, and is only available with the 86-inch Studio Sleeper and 72-inch Flat Top.
Kenworth is celebrating its 100th birthday throughout 2023. It was officially this past month on January 22, and to commemorate the milestone, Kenworth introduced a 100th anniversary Kenworth W900 Limited Edition. Only 900 of the limited-edition model will be produced, and during a press conference February 15, reps noted intense interest from would-be owners.

Like the W900 Limited Edition, the T680 Signature Edition will boast special interior and exterior features to signify the milestone on what is its flagship fleet-spec unit. Interior comforts and accents in the Signature T680 were designed to deliver something special to the driver, reps noted, with legacy red stitching throughout, premium leather seats and high-quality trim.

The company’s also partnered with the American Truck Historical Society to showcase Kenworth models throughout history “at a number of shows …. trucks from every decade.” A calendar of ATHS events is available at this link.
Readers can also access a 100th-anniversary Kenworth website, launched just today, via this link. There find information about upcoming events, company history, an online shop with vintage-branded gear and much more.

Each Kenworth W900 Limited Edition will be serialized — 001 through 900 — in order of build date and sequence with a special Limited Edition badge on the glovebox. All 900 units will be built in 2023, with production beginning this week.
The special model is available with power options available in standard W900s and in three configurations — 86-inch Studio Sleeper, 72-inch Flat Top and Extended Day Cab. The all-black Limited Edition Diamond VIT interior marks its 100th anniversary status.And for anyone tempted to read more into the limited edition model, it doesn’t signal the end of the W900 model. As long as regulatory requirements around emissions are such that new W900s can be built, Kenworth will continue to build them, reps said.

Notes: solid KW W900L extended hood, 11R24.5 on aluminum wheels, 13 Speed, 8 bag air suspension, digital speedo and tach. Great N14 Celect Plus Cummins Engine. Rebuild done 3 years ago at a Kenworth dealership. Paperwork available upon request. Great truck ready for work.
Commercial Truck Trader Disclaimer: The information provided for each listing is supplied by the seller and/or other third parties. is not responsible for the accuracy of the information. Please refer to the Commercial Truck Trader Terms of Use for further information.Find New Or Used Kenworth W900L Trucks for Sale in Texas, Narrow down your search by make, model, or category. always has the largest selection of New Or Used Commercial Trucks for sale anywhere.

2020 KENWORTH, W900L, Heavy Duty Trucks – Sleeper Trucks, CUMMINS , , Factory 302\” wheelbase, big power 18 speed 2020 W900L. Dual exhaust, dual breathers, jakes,\u00a0
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‼️PRE-ELD‼️1999Kenworth W900L550 Cat10spd265″ WBDiamond VIT Interior 370’s‼️Brand New Paint‼️90% Virgin Tires Hardwood Floors 6″ Straits Rear Sleeper Wind…See More Details

Although Peterbilt trucks are customizable, Kenworth trucks are super-efficient because they cater to the driver’s basic amenities. Long-distance drivers prefer Kenworth trucks because they’re highly aerodynamic and comfortable.Both brands have the best-insulated wires and airlines, and better insulation allows you to have the best ride regardless of the terrain you’re in. That means you can get either of the models is because they all have built-in quality and performance. Both models are reasonably aerodynamic, but Peterbilt has a classical angular cab design, and this design is ideal for truck enthusiasts moving for shorter distances. Checking on the brand’s main focus, you will realize that Kenworth focuses on the quality of their vehicles, whereas Peterbilt focuses on the driver’s comfort.

Kenworth has a shorter protruding hood compared to Peterbilt Semis. Also, Kenworth trucks have a raised-roof sleeper that makes them have a bumpy appearance.Sometimes, though, you might want to know the features of both models so that you can choose one that meets your plans. So, which is better, Kenworth or Peterbilt? Below is a detailed comparison of these two models.

Both models have PACCAR power trains that make them consume less fuel. Also, both manufacturers have installed smart diagnostics that help the drivers quickly locate where the problem is.
The most popular trucks in the US are the Peterbilt and Kenworth brands. PACCAR manufactures both brands, so they almost share similar components. Their exceptional performance and reliability make them among the most sought trucks in the US.When choosing semi-trucks, it’s hard for other brands to beat Kenworth. Kenworth trucks are made of high-quality components that enhance the driver’s productivity. Kenworth trucks are more affordable than Peterbilt trucks when it comes to the cost. Kenworth’s brand focuses on the quality of its trucks, while Peterbilt’s brand focuses on the driver’s comfort. This, as a result, affects the resale value of their trucks. The engine has unique features such as reduced noise, multi-use fuel injection, and peak torque which can be used at low RPM. The engine is also designed to last over one million miles, thus making these trucks a better option for long-distance truckers.You can easily find both Peterbilt and Kenworth trucks in the US because they’re manufactured there. Recently, Kenworth expanded its operation to Australia, whereas Peterbilt expanded to Canada.

MX series of engines are among the best efficient fuel engines available today. The PACCAR automatic transmission and MX series engines make these trucks durable, efficient, and drivable.
Kenworth brand offers TruckTech+ service that displays the service information on your truck’s dashboard. That way, you save time approving and arranging for repairs.

For example, Peterbilt trucks usually have higher resale value compared to Kenworth. Nevertheless, you can buy second-hand Kenworth trucks at a lower price.
There are numerous truck models in the market today, and it can be pretty hectic to decide which one to buy. Your personal preference and budget will determine the truck you get at the end of the day.From the comparison above, you can see both brands are unique in their ways. It’s upon you to decide on which brand meets your needs. Whichever brand you choose to buy, be sure that PACCAR manufactures reliable trucks that offer value for your money.Kenworth trucks are cheaper because their operating and upfront costs are lower than their counterparts. Be sure you’ll get legendary support with Kenworth trucks without additional charges.Also, Kenworth trucks are ergonomically designed and ideal for drivers who need comfort and productivity. It’s worth noting that their narrow cabin can be pretty uncomfortable, making Peterbilt a better option for taller drivers.

Is Kenworth cheaper than Peterbilt?
Kenworth trucks are more affordable than Peterbilt trucks when it comes to the cost. Kenworth’s brand focuses on the quality of its trucks, while Peterbilt’s brand focuses on the driver’s comfort. This, as a result, affects the resale value of their trucks.
Inland is your reliable dealer in both trucks, and we pride ourselves on plenty of knowledge and understanding of these brands. If you wish to explore the big machines, Contact us now.

Both brands have excellent customer support and have placed their dealers in many areas to help repair the trucks and get them moving again as soon as possible.
Although Kenworth trucks have a less classical design, more curves make them have better aerodynamics, unlike the Peterbilt brand’s classical counterpart.

If you’re the kind that likes driving in a comfortable truck, Kenworth trucks are the best options because they’re spacious and comfortable. That way, you’ll be more productive driving these trucks.
Both Kenworth and Peterbilt models have a good reputation for their reliability. Furthermore, you get PACCAR’s legendary support and quality rig with Kenworth trucks without paying the extra money.

How much is a 1995 Kenworth W900?
Used 1995 Kenworth W900 For Sale ($25,800) | Chicago Motor Cars Stock #75325.
When it comes to cost, the red oval emblem’s presence makes Peterbilt have a higher resale value than Kenworth. Nonetheless, you can find brand new Kenworth trucks at a lower price than Peterbilt.On the other hand, Kenworth trucks have better aerodynamics, although many curves make them less classical. The good news is that both models are now offering EV models that are known to utilize the Tandem Electric Powertrain.

However, Kenworth trucks usually have narrower cabins compared to Peterbilt trucks. Nevertheless, Kenworth W900 hosts a small table beside the bed. You can either use the table as a makeshift desk or a TV stand.
Due to varying privacy laws and restrictions we do not accept traffic from certain countries. If you believe you’ve received this message in error or would like more information about our position, please email us at [email protected]’s first contact with Kenworth was driving one for his father, John S. Pocock, who had previously owned the firm. His behind-the-wheel expertise influenced Pocock Trucking’s ongoing partnership with Kenworth. While keeping that in mind, let’s go ahead and take a look at ten things that you probably didn’t know about the Kenworth W990 truck.

“For years, Kenworth vehicles, mainly Kenworth long-hood tractors, have been a mainstay of our company,” said Pocock. “The long hood’s historical style has helped build our corporate identity and how our consumers see us.” Our drivers also like driving them. Kenworth trucks are of excellent grade. When Kenworth announced that the Kenworth W990 would be released, I knew it would be an enhanced version of its predecessor. Kenworth’s reputation helped me make a choice to switch to the new truck.”
Kenworth introduced the W900L, one of their longest trucks ever, in 1990. The W900L is one of the longest long-nose variants available, measuring 130 inches from bumper to rear of the cab. In addition to the massive W900L, Kenworth released the 86-inch studio sleeper in 1998, which was one of the most enormous factory-produced sleeper cabs ever.The “W” in “W900” stands for “Worthington,” one of the company’s founders. However, did you know that the letters “A” and “B” after the W900A and W900B series trucks denote the vehicle’s generation? The initial model in the series was the W900 “A,” which was followed by the second generation W900 “B” in 1982. In 1990, however, the W900 “L” model broke the trend since the “L” in “W900L” stands for “long hood.” Although the following letter “C” in the W900 series was never seen, Kenworth did introduce the W990 in 2018, which many consider to be the next generation W900.

Is Kenworth discontinuing the W900?
And for anyone tempted to read more into the limited edition model, it doesn’t signal the end of the W900 model. As long as regulatory requirements around emissions are such that new W900s can be built, Kenworth will continue to build them, reps said. Exterior elements include Kenworth 100 sleeper badges.
The W900 has been in continuous production since 1961, making it one of the most long-running nameplates in American automotive history. The “W” designation in “W900” designates a set-forward axle, as it did in the original 900 series.

What engine does a W900 have?
Kenworth W900s are available with PACCAR MX-13 engines or Cummins ISX engines. Choose from a variety of automatic and manual transmissions.
In 1961, Kenworth made the ultimate power move by releasing not only the W900 truck but also the K100, their flagship cab-over-engine model. The simultaneous introduction of this dynamic duo, which had never been done before, further added to the popularity of the two trucks, as one benefited from the success of the other. The W900 is still the most popular owner-operator rig on the market. The W900 and the K100 are in great demand among restorers and have the finest resale value in the business. While the renowned W900 truck is still in production today, the K100 series cab-over was retired in 2004 due to a rapidly shrinking cab-over market.The Kenworth W900 and Peterbilt 379 are rivals in the trucking world, despite the fact that they are both owned by P.A.C.C.A.R. Inc. The powerful 379 and W900 are among the most renowned and acclaimed trucks today since they are by far the two most popular models on the show truck circuit. The W900 is a popular choice for show truck modification with unlimited possibilities for extra chrome and lighting.Speaking of long noses, the W990, the newest truck in the W900 range, may not be the W900’s successor, but it is Kenworth’s longest model. The next-generation W990 is just 1.5 inches shorter than the W900, measuring 131.5 inches from bumper to rear of the cab.The Seattle Museum of Flight contacted Kenworth in 1991 with an unusual request for the transfer of a rare SR71 Blackbird Spy aircraft that was over 98 feet long and 23 feet broad. The operation needed five Kenworth trucks, including a T800 and four T600A trucks. This massive, enormous load took over two weeks to move and is the museum’s main draw.Mr. Bill Weaver, a well-known figure in the trucking business and the country music world, may be recognizable to many of you. Bill is a great trucker/musician and a fellow presenter on Chrome and Steel Radio. Lyrics of Weaver’s song “Bull-Haulin,” which appears on his studio album “Burnin the Old School Down,” pay tribute to the iconic W900 truck. “He washes his feet and gets into the seat of a huge old W-9…”

How fast is a Kenworth W900?
All but one, that is. New Hampshire-based Robert Ellis brings an interesting, if rare, perspective to the conversation. Ellis limits his 2016 Kenworth W900 at just 58 miles per hour.
Throughout the years, the W900 and Kenworth have experienced several alterations and upgrades. One of the lesser recognized characteristics between the W900 and other Kenworths is that the K.W. insignia on earlier versions has four stripes, while the later emblems only have three. The original “stripes” on the symbol are meant to represent tire tracks.

When Kenworth revealed their new long-hood, the Kenworth W990, in 2018, it didn’t take long for John Pocock (owner of Pocock Trucking) to meet with Sam Moss, (salesperson at Kenworth Sales Company) – and make an order.The W900 is best famous for its appearances in films and television series such as “License to Kill,” “B.J. and the Bear,” and “Smokey and the Bandit.” W9 made a lesser-known cameo on the M.A.S.K. animated cartoon series from 1985 to 1986. The Kenworth W900 was not only featured in M.A.S.K. but it was also included in the cartoon’s logo.A practical guide to paid CDL training programs. Recommended Company Sponsored Schools, Requirements, pros + cons, what to expect from company-sponsored cdl training programs.

We have curated a list of the top trucking companies in Canada to Work for in 2022: best paying, best for new drivers, tanker outfits, long haul carriers. Learn the dangers of a truck driver encounters when driving an Australian road train in the barren Outback and how trucking in Australia is so different from North America. There are distinct niches in the trucking industry where trucker pay is above the average wages paid. Find the 9 highest paying truck driver jobs in 2022.W900L, Heavy Duty Trucks – Conventional Trucks w/ Sleeper, Cummins ISX, 13 Spd, Dual Exhausts, Dual Breathers, VIT Interior, Removable Roof Fairing, Good Rubber, Sliding 5th Wheel, Runs Well, Ready to Roll, 450 Horse Power, Air Ride Suspension, Aluminum Wheels, Wheel Base, 22.5, Tandem Axle, Ratio, 72 Mid Roof Sleeper

Wet kit, runs and drives great! New clutch , new diesel pump, new air compressor, new tires. Led clearance lights and Led chikin lights. $17000, 8178891395

1999 Kenworth w900 Rail truck. Winch and bed in good shape and fully functional. Truck is solid with good tires. Used in the precast concrete business. $25000, 9038154308

Loaded W9 ICON!Not a thing missing! NAV plus, smart wheel,headache rack, espar heater,extended polished boxes, frame mounted rear of sleeper,Non-smok er,Won’t last!
Seminole Painted Short Hood!! Dual Sleep Doors w/Windows Rear Sleeper Window * 14 Gauges w/NAV Polished 7″ Tank Straps * Refrigerator Polished SS 1/2 Fenders Leds Under the Cab and Sleeper SS Drop Visor * Breather Leds 1989 Kenworth W900 B; Engine: 3306B; Engine Make: Caterpillar; Transmission: Manual; Diesel; Front Axle: 20000; Rear Axle: 38000; GVWR: 58000; WB: 262; 7 Spd; Concrete Mixer w/ 10 yd. Rex. 4 axle, Axle Ratio 5.29; Wheels: Steel; Tires @: Good Condition; Overall Condition: Good; A/C: Not Inspected; Heater: Not Inspected; Wet Kit: Yes; Hyd. Cylinder: Good; Batteries: Good; Tire Size: 425/65R 22.5; # of Rear Axles: 3; Odometer Reads: 152969; Hour Meter Reads: 9905 THIS KENWORTH BEAUTY WILL MAKE YOU PROUD! 475 CAT, 13 Speed Transmission, 634K Miles, New Tires, Dual Exhaust, Headache Rack. Well Cared For with All Maintenance Records Kept, 80k GVW, Current Registration and Inspection, Studio Aero Sleeper, New Brakes/ Shoes/ Drums. Cab Kept Detail Clean. STRUCTURALLY, MECHANICALLY, VISUALLY PERFECT $35000, 8175908686

2011 Kenworth W900, DEF, Cummins ISX 485HP, 18-spd, 219,000 miles, Hendrickson Air Rede suspension with NEW 18′ HD Boulder Lane round body with 1/4″ AR-400 steel tub, high lift tailgate, steel electric tarp system, steerable lift axle, upgraded front suspension, Pictures above are of similar truck. Truck can be ready in 3-6 Weeks. Financing and extended warranty are available. Delivery included. $106,000
Ultimately, the choice between the Kenworth W900 and its competitors depends on individual preferences, priorities, and budget. However, the W900 remains a popular choice for those seeking a reliable and customizable truck with a timeless design.These key updates have allowed the W900 to maintain its competitive edge, adapting to evolving market demands while staying true to its classic design and reputation for reliability.The Kenworth W900 is primarily a semi-truck, also known as a tractor unit or class 8 truck. Designed for long-haul and heavy-duty transportation tasks, the W900 is well-suited for pulling a variety of trailers, including flatbeds, tankers, and refrigerated units. While it’s not a dump truck, some custom Kenworth W900 models could potentially be converted for specialized applications.The Kenworth W900L is a long hood version of the W900, featuring a longer wheelbase and an extended hood for enhanced aesthetics and improved engine cooling. While both models share many similarities, the W900L offers additional space for under-hood components, making it easier to maintain and service.

Which is better Kenworth or Peterbilt?
Although Peterbilt trucks are customizable, Kenworth trucks are super-efficient because they cater to the driver’s basic amenities. Long-distance drivers prefer Kenworth trucks because they’re highly aerodynamic and comfortable.
The Kenworth W900 has long been an icon in the world of heavy-duty trucks, known for its classic design, powerful performance, and undeniable presence on the highways. In this article, we’ll dive deep into the features, pricing, and competition of the W900, providing a comprehensive guide for those interested in this legendary truck.These factors combine to make the Kenworth W900 a highly regarded truck in the industry. Its classic design, reliable performance, customization options, and focus on driver comfort have contributed to its enduring success and popularity among truckers and fleet operators.

Here’s pricing information for the W900 and W900L provided by Rouse Services, the gold standard for valuation and pricing insights for the used equipment industry.The Kenworth W900 was first introduced in 1961, and over the past six decades, it has seen numerous improvements and updates. Kenworth continues to manufacture and refine the W900, ensuring its ongoing popularity among truckers and fleets. Below are some key model years with notable improvements to the W900:

What is the difference between W900 A and B?
The additional letter with the model number indicates some styling differences. The A’ indicates first generation in the W900 series, and the ‘B’ means it’s the 2nd generation of the W900 series.
The Kenworth W900 price varies depending on the specific model, configuration, and options chosen. As of 2022, the base price for a new W900 starts around $140,000. The 2023 Kenworth W900 price is expected to be in a similar range, although exact figures may vary due to market conditions and additional features.