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Knotless Braids Small Medium

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1. Bohemian Knotless Braids. These boho knotless braids will deliver you a perfect bohemian vibe. To take it to the next level, add beads and/or rings.19. Golden Medium Knotless Braids with Accessorized Ends. These mid-sized cornrows do an excellent job of creating texture and volume around the crown, and the sets of beads on the ends bring bounce to the formula.

16. Classy Half-Up Knotless Braids. The classy knotless box braids can be styled and rocked for that special occasion without having to think about what style to wear with them.
36. Black and Brown Braided Combo. Knotless braids styles easily accommodate hair extensions of different shades and even allow you to play with color effects to land a truly unique look.

What is the minimum length for knotless braids?
Hair should be at least 3 inches long blow dried. Depending upon consistency of health and density throughout the hair, broken/shorter areas may only qualify for small knotless box braids to ensure the security and longevity of the braids.
How to wrap knotless braids at night? Spray your braids with a moisturizing and nourishing hair product your hair braider recommends. Then wrap your braids with a silk scarf.41. Short Knotless Braids with Ringlets. Although these braids are really tiny and only shoulder-length, they look no less fabulous because of the brightness received with golden highlights and the bounce gained with those fun tight curls.

Do knotless braids last longer?
With proper care, knotless braids can last up to two months — Rowe says it’s not advised to keep them longer. Knotless braids tend to get frizzier a lot faster than regular braids as they expose more natural hair at the root.
43. Cherry Red Butt-Length Knotless Braids. In addition to being exotic and vibrant, these knotless box braids in cherry red will leave you breathless and win you the greatest knotless braid award.

How long can you wear small knotless braids?
A protective style install is not meant to be worn for a lifetime – just enough time to give your hair a break. While you can wear some protective styles, including knotless braids, up to 8 weeks, we recommend 4-6 weeks of wear to avoid any long-term damage to your hair underneath.
18. Eye-Catching Knotless Box Braids with Heart-Shaped Accents. Blonde insertions alone would be enough to engage all eyes to this head of stitch braids, but the style also features lovely heart-shaped plaiting on the sides to wow us even more.

21. Knotless Braids with Color Pops. Actually, you don’t need a head of rainbow colors to spice up your fresh style, and these golden blonde braids sitting only on the sides do the job perfectly.
This hairstyle usually features square-shaped hair divisions (or triangle, diamond-shaped ones). The braids are done using synthetic hair to provide length and thickness. Knotless braids can be done in various ways because they are not tied to the scalp like other similar styles – cornrows, etc.

46. Platinum Blonde Braids with Lowlights and French Curls. Besides an absolutely amazing mix of blonde shades, this style incorporates the hottest French curls trend and plays up the size difference between petite braids and big locks.
How much are knotless braids? Several factors influence the price of knotless box braids. The length and thickness of the braids can vary, depending on your stylist’s talent and location. The cost ranges from $150 to more than $600 on average. Longer braids with less thickness are on the more expensive side of the spectrum. Even though the price appears high, it is fair because you pay for no-tension extensions and how they are placed.17. Super-Long Small Knotless Braids with Symmetrical Cornrows. Ultra-long braids always look cool, especially when their tiny size (read: more braids) adds a fuller feel to the hairstyle. This gal also introduces middle-parted cornrows to emphasize her perfectly oval face shape.

23. Knotless Goddess Braids. Knotless braids in the goddess style are most beautiful when worn with braided in highlighted curly strands. These curls give off a romantic and fun vibe.
15. Metallic Brown Knotless Box Braids. A huge bun tied on the crown is a great way to gain attention, but this girl plays a winning game by choosing bronze extensions and adding plenty of sheen to the extraordinary size.

Knotless braids are very trendy right now and popular among women with curly and wavy hair of all ages. They’re not only effortlessly chic, but also adaptable, attractive, and protective for your hair, causing less harm than other types of braids.
Because the braids exert less tension on your hairline and scalp, your hair, particularly your edges, is more protected. These won’t break your edges or damage them.

The main difference between knotless braids and box braids is that knotless braids begin with your natural hair, and extensions are fed in as you braid, unlike traditional box braids, which start by tightly knotting extensions into your hair at the scalp. Another distinction between knotless braids and regular box braids is that knotless braids have a much more natural-looking finish. You cannot identify where the hair starts or ends when you look at knotless plaits. From the roots, they’re seamless.

39. High Bun Made of Goddess Knotless Braids. Braids with loose ends look mesmerizing when worn down, but this style shows what a rich texture you can get if pinning them up and letting the tips fall around.
7. Knotless Braids with Curls. Knotless braids with loose curls have lately been brought into the braiding industry. Ladies especially enjoy them in shoulder-length hairstyles!8. Black Knotless Box Braids. If you don’t want to appear overly dramatic, opt for knotless box braids of the same color as your natural hair is. 20. Romantic Jumbo Braids with Cascading Spirals. Large braids are for daring girls only, as they make a statement on their own, but you can soften the look with loops of hair creatively inserted throughout the length. 42. Comb Over Knotless Braids with Curls. Having tight braids generously interspersed with loose spirals, this mid-length gypsy style radiates texture and volume maximized with the whole mass of strands pulled to one side.37. Frequent Braids with Golden Insertions. In fact, a smaller braid size equals more strands sitting on a head and, as a result, more chances to add subtle color accents and customize your style. 5. Long Knotless Box Braids with Curly Ends. Loose ends are a fun and different way to wear knotless braids. This look will make you stand out from the crowd. 13. Knotless Box Braids Half Up Half Down. This outstanding style looks pretty much dramatic with a high, fancy-shaped knot topping the head, which doesn’t prevent it from showing off the length in the bargain.10. Half Knotless Braids Half Curls. The stunning knotless braids with curls in between stand out from the usual knotless braids and give a thicker look.

3. Brown Knotless Braids. The golden-brown color can appear dramatic and bold when added to black hair. This hairstyle also benefits from the gelled hairline.

48. Braided Multitone Blonde Bun. Here is another option for blending warm and cool tone blondes in one braided style stunningly dramatized with the strands wrapped into a voluminous high bun.
28. Ombre Knotless Braids. Whether your hair is braided or not, ombre is a win-win option. The ideal ombre color gradation is when darker roots contrast with lighter or brighter ends.35. Bohemian Knotless Braids with Triangle Parts. Speaking of whimsical parting: this style gives us a nice example of thinking outside the box (literally!), let alone the boho vibes it acquires with loose spirals attached to the braids.22. Medium Knotless Braids Ready for Upstyle. These pencil-size braids won’t require as much time for installation as larger dimensions, but they are wide enough to showcase the texture.

Do knotless braids fall out easier?
Since the knotless extensions are being “fed” into your braids, the tension is significantly lower on your natural hair. Not only will your hair and scalp thank you, when it’s time to take out your braids, you shouldn’t have to worry about an excessive amount of shedding and breakage.
12. Center-Parted Knotless Braids with Beads and Highlights. This cute hairstyle with face-framing braids is simple in the upper part and spiced up with crystal beads and sunny highlights on the bottom.38. Solid-Color Small Knotless Braids. Since these braids are quite narrow and absolutely knot-free, they are more flexible in styling, allowing you to create DIY half-ups, ponytails, or updos without much effort.How to keep knotless braids from frizz? A good mousse will help to tame the frizz. A proper night hair care routine is a must to keep your knotless plaits frizz-free.25. Large Knotless Braids in Ponytail. This hairstyle doesn’t look overwhelmed with details, placing the main focus on the lush high ponytail and adding just a bit of spice with a zigzag pattern between the cornrows.

32. Side-Parted Braids without Knots. This picture proves that without bulges of hair stemming from the scalp, knotless braids styles look seamless and natural – both parted in the middle and swept to one side.11. Big Knotless Braids. If you don’t want to spend hours making your hair, a big knotless braid is an ideal option. They appear very neat and clean and can be thrown or stuffed into a bun.29. Curly Knotless Braids with Cuffs. The shorter braids produce a lovely ‘lob’ look that flatters different face shapes. Short braids are much lighter than long braids, making this a charming and comfortable braided hairstyle.The knotless braid method begins with your natural hair and progressively adds hair or extensions to the braid as you go, creating strain on the scalp and lowering the risk of hair breaking. 40. Simple Knotless Braids with Amber Tint. This girl has banked on the color-plus-length combination and set her honey-tinted braids free to hug the face and then cascade down. Knotless box braids are like hitting the jackpot in hairstyles: they’re low maintenance, have a lovely queen look, provide hair protection, and require no styling. This post goes through different ways to style knotless braids in detail.9. Knotless Jumbo Braids. Maintain an impressive and lovely look with this braided style. The thick braids contrast with thin curls sticking out of the plaits.27. Long Knotless Braids in Total Black. Since knotless braids put less tension on the roots, you can follow this girl’s lead and opt for longer strands you couldn’t afford before.

How many packs for small medium knotless braids?
Preparing for Knotless Braids Many stylists suggest 5-7 packs of X-pression pre-stretched braiding hair for medium/long knotless braids and four packs for shorter styles.
How to care for knotless box braids? You will need to wash them properly, choose the right hair products for your knotless braids, and learn good sleep-in hairstyles for them. Knotless braids are braids with extensions that are knots-free. The roots are smooth and flat. Knotless braids hairstyles have a unique appearance. If you don’t have time to deal with your hair, and the time you spend doing and undoing your hair every day irritates you, this style will undoubtedly be your savior as it can last for weeks. 4. Jumbo Triangle Knotless Box Braids. Jumbo triangle braids take less time and are quite unusual compared to traditional square-parted braids. The result is this stunning look.How to sleep with knotless braids? Wrapping your hair with a silk scarf or a bonnet will prevent hair breakage. A silk pillowcase is also a way to protect your knotless braids.

33. Big Knotless Braids with Tapered Ends. Apart from requiring less time for installation, more massive braids deliver bolder looks thanks to their 3D feel and extended partings you can toy with.45. High Contrast Jumbo Knotless Braids. These large knotless braids are sure to steal the spotlight for their size alone, but the bright yellow extensions make it really impossible to miss the style. 2. Heart and Triangle Knotless Braids. Buns are great for days when you have a lot to get done and don’t want your hair to get in the way. Or just when you feel like switching things up a little. How long do knotless braids last? Their installation can take a little longer than other braid types, but once placed, knotless braids can last up to 4 or 6 weeks, based on how well you care for them. Some women even wear them for 2-3 months! Smaller knotless braids last longer.

What size are medium knotless braids?
Knotless box braid size chart. Large : 2 rows at the nape | 4 rows at the top. Medium : 2-3 rows at the nape | 5 rows at the top. Small : 3 rows at the nape | 6 rows at the top.
Knotless braids styles are beautiful, natural-looking and they show your free spirit and creativity. Knotless braids protect the hair and give it a more authentic look, making them perfect for those who want to promote hair growth instead of damage.2. Heart and Triangle Knotless Braids. Buns are great for days when you have a lot to get done and don’t want your hair to get in the way. Or just when you feel like switching things up a little.

31. Center-Parted Knotless Braids. This girl rocks her lengthy no-frills braids sharply parted in the middle to create perfect symmetry and accentuate the balanced shape of her oval face.
44. Small Box Knotless Braids. Go for small to medium braids not only when you want your style to seem fuller but also if you worry about moisturizing your scalp, as smaller sections provide better access to the roots.34. Large Knotless Heart-Shaped Braid. On the days when you need to make a splash at a formal event, a large heart-shaped knotless braid comes in handy.How to make knotless braids last longer? To make knotless braids last longer, use a leave-in spray and oils on your scalp. While retwisting (if needed), use a shine jam. Don’t overuse the gel.11. Big Knotless Braids. If you don’t want to spend hours making your hair, a big knotless braid is an ideal option. They appear very neat and clean and can be thrown or stuffed into a bun.49. Medium Knotless Braids in a Bun. A braided bun is a traditional hairstyle that can be worn in many ways. It’s perfect for a formal occasion, a dinner date, or even to dress up your casual look.

How to wash knotless braids? Damp the scalp (you may use a spray bottle). Squeeze a bit of shampoo to the middle first, massage into the scalp, then apply a bit of the product to other sections of the scalp. Rinse everything out. Another way to wash your knotless braids is to add several pumps of your shampoo into a spray bottle. Shake, spray onto your roots, soap, rinse. 26. Flirty Knotless Braids with Curls. Corkscrew ringlets on the tips, some asymmetry on the top, and golden splashes throughout the braids — isn’t it that playful look you are searching for? Cancellations made less than 48 hours in advance will be charged 75% percent of the client’s selected service. This fee is separate from your deposit. No future appointments will be scheduled until this fee has been satisfied. (hair is included) (prices based on thickness of clients hair and size wanted *this hair is reusable) *solid colors price remains same* *custom color price inclease* IF YOU ARE COMMUNICATING WITH US THROUGH TEXT(5715276203) AND THERES A DELAYED RESPONSE OR NO APPT CONFIRMATION PLEASE CALL THE SALON NUMBER 5712081483 TO CONFIRM AND THE STYLISTS AT SALON WILL BE ABLE TO ASSIST YOU. Our cornrow base will give you the illusion of an individual look. You can also wear them in a bun and it still maintains the illusion of an individual look! Knotless done with %100 human hair no synthetic added. Hair has to be 5 inches or more. hair has to be 4a-4c texture hair should be no longer than upper midback length

(please notify us when booking your appointment, if your hair is bigger or thicker than usual. So that we can make extra hair rather than the usual amount used for this style. Please and Thank you.)

Crochet braids install: (done with pre-braided hair, you’d provide your own hair for this style. We can also assist with the hair upon clients request) $150
(*reuse hair prices included*): 12’ $520-550 (*230), 14’ 600(*260), 16’ $650(*300-325), 18’ $790(*350-365), 20’ $860(*375-385), 22’ $890(*420), 24’ $930(*465) *one only prices including the hair, the hair can be used for 12months or more.Our signature twist KinksNCurls individuals: (done only natural hair on, no heat damage, no heat trained hair) (permed or heat trained hair can request for the crochet option)

Like any protective style, you’ll want to take care of your scalp and remove any buildup over the course of the four to six weeks you’re rocking your latest ‘do. One of the benefits of knotless braids is your scalp is accessible. You can cleanse or spot-treat your scalp without much fuss.

Box braids are a fan favorite. In fact, when Google released its “Year in Search” trending data for 2020, this specific how-to made the list. If you’ve ever gotten the beloved protective style installed, you know how much of a time-saver it can be, and let’s be honest, the braids make us feel beautiful. (Well, at least that has been my experience.) Even with the style’s time-saving capabilities and versatility, there is one downside: Box braids can be heavy and can sometimes put a strain on the scalp and our delicate edges.
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However, knotless braids present a challenge that can happen with traditional box braids (but could be a little more difficult to hide since the hair at the scalp isn’t intertwined with kanekalon hair): Frizz and dryness. Washing your hair and scalp is important so you can prevent buildup and keep your hair moisturized, even while it’s protected. You’ll also want to follow up each wash with a leave-in conditioner to seal in moisture.
Knotless braids seem to have more pros than cons. However, if adding a few additional hours (and coins) to your braiding session feels like too much, traditional box braids may be your best bet. Your time spent in the chair will vary depending on your hair length, thickness, and how long your braids are—so check in with your stylist before booking to get a guesstimate. You can plan for up to nine hours (five at the least) and a bill that can cost up to $300 or more per session, but again, this will vary.

You may already have a deep conditioner in rotation that works for you, but keep a few ingredients in mind when you’re looking to replace an empty. Shea butter, avocado, and aloe-based products can provide an excellent source of moisture and nutrients your hair will thank you for when you’re ready to remove your braids.
Remember when Dr. Williams mentioned that knotless braids could take longer to install? That is generally the case. Mainly because your braider has to stop to add extra hair as they finish each braid. This not only means you’re in the chair longer, but the time required and the thoughtful technique used to create each braid can bump the service price up.

Simply put, knotless braids don’t have the traditional knot you likely grew up with at the start of each braid. Knotless braids uses the feed-in technique, infusing the hair mid-braid to create a lightweight braid that some would call more natural-looking. Not to mention, the braids are coveted for their comfort and ease on the hairline. “Knotless braids are definitely a better option because [they put] less stress and tension on the hair and scalp,” says Williams.
“Braids can still be heavy if too much hair is used in the extension,” she adds. But, she notes that when the technique is done correctly, you can help prevent traction alopecia. “The benefit of the knotless technique (when done properly) is it prevents traction alopecia, which is a common form of hair loss for women who have braids that are installed too tight with the large knots. This technique can take longer to install, but it’s worth the health of the hair and scalp.”

There is one product you’ll want to keep on hand (well, two): mousse, plus a blow-dryer. Applying mousse to your roots, wrapping them in a scarf, and blowing your roots dry can help keep the hair near your scalp defined and fresh. If you find frizz is still a challenge, you can book a retouch with your stylist to refresh your knotless braids, or try watching a few YouTube videos (like this one by Brandi Lofton) to see how people fight frizz in action while keeping their hair in tip-top condition.
Now that you know the how, the why, and benefits of knotless braids, let’s chat about how to prep your hair before your next appointment with your braider. Hair prep before any protective style is a must, and knotless braids are no different. Dr. Williams recommends a thorough cleanse and deep condition before braiding to help your style do what you’re hoping for: protect and promote hair growth. “To preserve the health of the hair, make sure you thoroughly cleanse and deep condition the hair before installing the braids,” she says. “When choosing to wear long-term styles like knotless braids, it’s best if the hair is in its most optimum condition.”Lucky for us, there may be a solution to those drawbacks: knotless braids. If you’ve spent any time on Instagram or enjoy watching red carpets, you’ve likely gotten a glimpse of the new it style on influencers like Alissa Ashley along with celebrities like Gabrielle Union, Jhene Aiko, and Beyoncé. Here, we’re going to chat about how to prep the hair for your knotless braid installation, explain the difference between this style and traditional box braids, and share the pros and cons of giving these braids a try. You may still be asking yourself “Okay, so what’s the difference between traditional box braids and knotless braids?” Well, it starts at installation. “Traditional box braids are created by wrapping [the] extension hair around the base of the natural hair and creating a knot attachment at the scalp,” says Dr. Williams. “Knotless braids are created by incorporating the extension hair into the base of the natural hair invisibly (without a knot).” “Also, I strongly recommend my clients tie their hair down at night with a silk scarf, bonnet, or pillow case (optional),” she notes. “Sleeking your edges is key! It gives the hairstyle a fresh look.”

And breakage is something we all want to avoid, for obvious reasons. To learn everything you need to know about knotless braids—including prices, styles, and which size to try first—keep reading as Ransome walks us through the mega-popular style.Ready to two-day ship extensions to your house after seeing that price? Not so fast. Ransome says it’s “highly recommended” to leave knotless braids to the professionals, even if it’s certainly possible to DIY the style. “A professional braider can ensure the measurement of boxes are tailored to your crown,” she says. “They can also avoid tension and the amount of extensions used.” In the long run, going to a pro might not only save you money on supplies, but it’ll also probably save your hair from breakage.

Are small knotless braids good?
“Knotless braids are definitely a better option because [they put] less stress and tension on the hair and scalp,” says Williams. “Braids can still be heavy if too much hair is used in the extension,” she adds. But, she notes that when the technique is done correctly, you can help prevent traction alopecia.
Finally, choose smaller braids if you really want to take advantage of the protective nature of the style. “Small is a great style for growing your hair, has a fuller look, lasts longer, and provides more versatility with styling,” she notes.No wonder you can hardly scroll Instagram without seeing a new celebrity sporting the chic protective style. That tension-free perk is one of the key reasons the modern take on box braids has had so much success, too: “The step to executing this technique is starting with your natural hair, followed by gradually weaving in braiding extensions. This will allow the braids to lay flat, giving it the natural look,” explains Ransome. “The technique for traditional box braids (locking at the start) does not afford the same flexibility as the knotless. Unfortunately, it creates more tension at the scalp which could lead to breakage.”

Fast forward to the future, and you’re now the proud owner of flawless, knotless braids. What now? “Depending on care, knotless braids can last up to two months. My clients visit me every six to eight weeks for a touch-up—a touch-up consists of rebraiding the perimeter,” explains Ransome. She also notes how important it is to keep your hair hydrated with weekly mousse or oil sheens, and to focus on washing your scalp rather than the entire braided style.
Knotless braids are a hairstyle that seemingly offer, well, everything. “The pros of knotless braids include hair growth, styling flexibility, and they are weightless and pain-free,” says Pearl Ransome, a professional master braider and the CEO of Pearl The Stylist Studio. “Clients have the option to style their hair for any occasion—the office, working out, on vacation. Once they are installed, they can be styled immediately, due to less tension.”To quote Mean Girls, the limit does not exist when it comes to styling options. Ransome suggests throwing knotless braids up in a high or low ponytail if you’re going to work out, styling in a bun or half-up, half-down bun for dinner, or accessorizing an updo with flowers for a wedding.

With knotless braid sizes ranging anywhere from jumbo to teensy tiny, you should go into your appointment set on a chosen dimension. Ransome actually recommends medium braids for knotless braid first-timers, since “it’s less hair and quicker turn around in the chair.” The same logic doesn’t quite apply to jumbo braids, though. “Large lasts up to two weeks. It is a quick protective style for vacation,” explains the braider.

How long does it take to do small medium knotless braids?
Ransome says that a knotless braid installation can require anywhere from four to seven hours.
You have options for the braids themselves, as well: “There are many variations—boho knotless with curls, the colorful gel bands, and beads (preferably clear beads). The one I favor the most is my knotless bob,” says Ransome. “My vision was to flip a traditional style and make a bold look that gives character while making my clients feel sexy. As a stylist, it’s important for me to find ways to be creative as braids are constantly evolving.”After sitting still for five hours to have your hair braided, you’ll definitely want the style to last. It’s important to make sure your hair is getting enough moisture to avoid breakage. There’s no point rocking a protective style and neglecting your natural hair — moisture is crucial, especially during the fall. Oludele recommends greasing the scalp with Ouee Hair Oil, a product she created to revitalize hair follicles, stimulate the scalp and promote hair growth. When it comes to washing knotless braids, you’re going to want to take your time and work through sections of the hair gently. Hurriedly washing the braids and rubbing them together will cause them to frizz up and possibly unravel. To make sure your knotless braids don’t turn into a frizz ball as you wash them, Oludele recommends lathering shampoo and conditioner through the hair in a downward motion to keep the braids smooth. Knotless braids are a great option for thin hair because there is less tension at the root, which could cause additional thinning to already fragile hair.How do you know when the braids are coming to the end of their style-span? “When your roots are exposed and they require a lot of touching up for them to look neat you’re coming to the end of the road,” says Rowe. “If the braids begin to feel heavy on your new hair growth, that’s also a sign to take them out.” To keep your braids from frizzing at the root, you’ll want to make sure to sleep with a tight scarf or extra large bonnet. You can also use a silk or satin pillowcase. “I love using my NTRL by Sabs Shampoo and Conditioner Bars to wash knotless braids,” says Rowe. “The bars are long-lasting and can be applied directly on the scalp and hair without building up in the braids. Liquid shampoos can be messy and hard to completely rinse out of braids.”

Braids are such a timeless style, but there is a downside to the traditional box braids — the knots created to secure the extension can be tricky to remove and can pull on your scalp as well. Enter: knotless braids. You’re probably wondering, “When to comes to knotless braids vs box braids, what’s the main difference?” Well, firstly, they’re knotless — okay, you probably guessed that. So, we’ll let Susan Oludele, celebrity hairstylist and founder of Hair by Susy, explain further.
As great as knotless braids look, be assured that it’s going to take you a couple of hours to remove them. Both Oludele and Rowe say using a tail comb to remove knotless braids makes the process a lot easier and quicker.

The products you use to wash your knotless braids are also important. Avoid using shampoos with strong fragrances as the scent will linger on the braids after the shampoo has been washed out.

If your last experience of braiding your hair left you with memories of being up all night from the excruciating pain caused by the tension of the braids on your scalp, you’ll be pleased to know that knotless braids have a lot less tension on the scalp, which means a lot less pain. “Installing knotless braids involves minimal pulling at the root which means less breakage and more comfort,” adds Sabrina Rowe, celebrity hairstylist and founder of Ntrl by Sabs.
On average, the cost of knotless braids starts at $250. However, this depends entirely on your stylist’s level of experience, the type of hair you are installing, the length of your braids, and your location.Both stylists agree that it’s also important to blow dry your hair before braiding so it’s stretched and detangled — this helps to speed up the process so the stylist can get right into braiding the hair, says Rowe.

Do smaller braids last longer?
Medium box braids will last a little longer than large box braids, small will last longer than jumbo, and so on.
On average, most stylists recommend washing your knotless braids once or twice a month. However, if you work out often and have an oily or dandruff-prone scalp, Rowe suggests washing your hair more frequently. “It’s important to mention that the more often you wash, the more prone your roots and braids will be to frizz,” says the stylist. “As long as you know what you’re getting into, you can wash at your own discretion.”

Basically, knotless braids are not created using the traditional knot that’s used when feeding in braiding hair. “Knotless braids look natural and effortless,” says Oludele. “With regular box braids, you can tell extension has been used because of the knot at the beginning.” She adds that knotless braids are created using the feed-in method, which involves adding braiding hair to the natural hair as you go along, as opposed to the regular braiding technique where the hair extension is knotted to the hair at the beginning.
Fall is the time of year to start thinking about protective styles as the cold weather can be particularly harsh on natural hair. “Knotless braids are a great protective style as they help to improve hair growth by protecting the hair strands,” says Oludele. “It’s also very easy to moisturize your scalp and keep the hair hydrated while wearing the braids.”Another way to prolong the life of your braids is to cover your head at night. “Keeping your hair in a silk or satin scarf or bonnet while you sleep helps to prevent frizz and pulling,” says Rowe.

With proper care, knotless braids can last up to two months — Rowe says it’s not advised to keep them longer. Knotless braids tend to get frizzier a lot faster than regular braids as they expose more natural hair at the root. So, if you’re looking for a protective style that can last longer than two months, regular box braids are a better option.”I start at the bottom of the braids and use my comb to loosen them, working my way up the hair to remove them safely,” says Rowe. Oludele adds that using a tail comb helps to quickly unravel the braids.

Deep cleaning your hair is paramount to remove any buildup before your braid service. Failure to wash your hair before braiding can cause an unbearably itchy scalp and decrease the life span of the braids. “An apple cider vinegar rinse is a wonderful treatment to get the hair and scalp ready for your appointment,” says Rowe.
Although knotless braids are a painless protective style, you might find the amount of time it takes to install them a bit of a pain. According to Rowe, installing a full head of braids takes an average of five hours. However, it all depends on the stylist and both the size and length of your braids.

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Keep collections to yourself or inspire other shoppers! Keep in mind that anyone can view public collections—they may also appear in recommendations and other places. View Etsy’s Privacy PolicyOur in house braiding technician with 15 years of experience, She has been mastering the craft of African braiding for more than a decade and she is a master of her craft. Adding colorful beads, such as the red featured here, gives kids a fresh and colorful look to showcase at their school and with their friends. The style suits all occasions and ages. This detailed knot style with intricate patterns enhances the details of the braid and scalp with semi-big knotless braiding. You can style up your hair with different looks with these braids as well.

These protective knotless braids look fantastic, and parting the braids to one side of your head gives a versatile look. It is a great way to mix and match the braiding look to the hair.
If you are in love with color combinations, go for a silkier, delicate texture that has the potential to last longer and make your colors pop. These colored hair strands look bright and bold.Small knotless braids offer long-lasting style options for women of all ages. They also offer ways for women to personalize the look to their own unique tastes. Find inspiration for your own small knotless box braids down below.

Infusing your knotless style gives a lasting result with a retro style. The sleek braiding in smaller sections is all the details you need to complete this classic look.
Opting for beautiful short knotless braids is the best option if you want a fuller looking look. It may take longer to achieve but gives great results.Bun braids are another unique choice for braided hair. This lovely braid featuring a coffee color offers plaited hair that gives an exciting look with beads and curls.

Take your scalp oil and oil your scalp before starting the retwist process. Next, use shine n jam and apply it to your individually braided sections, after which you’ll proceed to retwist them. The retwist process makes your old Knotless braids look new again in this method.
Braids are perfect for twisting into an updo, and shaved sides make the hairdo a bold and fun choice as well. The high bun is also in trend right now, making this a three-blow stylish punch.Having bob braids creates a beautiful effect and is a perfect way to show your spirit and creativity. The knotless braids are also well suited for long hair!

Which is better small or medium knotless?
As for medium knotless braids, the longevity will more than likely find itself somewhere in the middle. So if you’re looking for something to last you a while, the smaller, the better. If you’re looking for a look for a special event or vacation look, search for some larger inspo.
Long knotless braids are some of the most sought after options. In addition, the color and texture of these braids below make the hairdo look stylish and sheek.