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Lasalle County Gis

Projects keep your work organized by bundling together your data layers, styles and map view. You may browse and add data sources, edit parcel styles, and navigate Regrid freely. To save what’s on your map or share it with others, use a Project!

Have a spreadsheet you want to see on a map? With Regrid Pro, easily import a spreadsheet of your data and attach it to our parcels. We currently support matching by address, lat/long, or parcel ID/APN.Projects keep your work organized by bundling together your data layers, styles and map view. Once you’ve created a project, browse here for sharing tools.

If you and your team are looking for high-quality, standardized nationwide parcel data, then reach out to our team at [email protected] to get the conversation started.
La Salle County GIS Maps are cartographic tools to relay spatial and geographic information for land and property in La Salle County, Texas. GIS stands for Geographic Information System, the field of data management that charts spatial locations. GIS Maps are produced by the U.S. government and private companies. Because GIS mapping technology is so versatile, there are many different types of GIS Maps that contain a wide range of information. These maps can transmit topographic, structural, hydrographic, historical, and population data, among other types of information.

The La Salle County GIS Maps links below open in a new window and take you to third party websites that provide access to La Salle County GIS Maps. Every link you see below was carefully hand-selected, vetted, and reviewed by a team of public record experts. Editors frequently monitor and verify these resources on a routine basis.
County Office is not affiliated with any government agency. Third party advertisements support hosting, listing verification, updates, and site maintenance. Information found on is strictly for informational purposes and does not construe legal, financial or medical advice.

Diese Datei enthält weitere Informationen (beispielsweise Exif-Metadaten), die in der Regel von der Digitalkamera oder dem verwendeten Scanner stammen. Durch nachträgliche Bearbeitung der Originaldatei können einige Details verändert worden sein.
Visit infoLaSalle for our interactive web-based map service! Residents, businesses, and visitors are able to retrieve, view and print a broad range of property, topographic, public service, and community planning related information and maps.

○ Coordinates with township assessors, assessment office field staff, and commercial/industrial valuation staff regarding identification and/or measurement of farmland land use types

● Assists the Geographic Information Supervisor and Property Tax System Coordinator in mapping legal descriptions for delinquent tax sale properties, as well as reviewing new TIFs and annexations to determine if any operating railroad parcels are included which are then reported to the County Clerk’s Office.
○ Assist in researching resources such as survey maps and legal descriptions in order to verify property lines and to obtain information needed to ensure an accurate cadastral and GIS databases.● Ability to interpret, identify, assess or diagnose a variety of instructions or information furnished in written, oral, diagram or schedule for and plan approaches that respond to problems or challenges.

○ Maintains County farmland land use layer including review of updates required by Filter Strip Applications, Forestry Plans, Conservation Stewardship Plans, etc.
● Responsible for County’s cadastral/parcel map maintenance. Cadastral/parcel maps are maintained using new and/or previously recorded documents such as subdivision as well as other plats, surveys, surveyor notes and/or deeds. Other sources could include aerial photography and brief legal descriptions contained within the County’s databases.

○ Process documentation and mapping parcel creation of divisions of land and/or combinations of land including but not limited to the following documentation:If you look at land on a regular basis and need more advanced search and evaluation tools, you can upgrade to Pro and choose from among our three paid subscription plans. Read more about our different plans, view pricing information, and sign up here.If You are entering this Agreement on behalf of a company or other legal entity, You are accepting these terms on behalf of that entity and representing that You have the authority to bind the entity, in which case “You” refers to the entity and its affiliates. If You do not have such authority, are not 18 years or older, or do not agree to these terms, You may not use the AcreValue Services.You can cancel your subscription at any time by emailing us at [email protected] with the subject line “Subscription Cancellation” and the body “I would like to cancel my AcreValue subscription.” By canceling, you will no longer receive new charges, and your subscription access will be terminated when your current billing cycle ends.

AcreValue estimates are updated periodically when new data become available and market conditions change. The frequency of updates may change based on the frequency with which the underlying data update.
Restricted organizations and affiliations. You may not access AcreValue if You are affiliated with any of the following entities and their affiliates or subsidiaries or their successors-in-interest: Acxiom, America Online, Inc. (AOL), Black Knight, CBCInnovis, CD-Data, Collateral Analytics, Costar Group, Courthouse Retrieval System Inc., Data Solutions, Datamyx, Data Verify, Digital Risk, Experian, Equifax, Fair Isaac Corporation, Fidelity National Financial (FNF), Fidelity National Information Services (FNIS), Fidelity National Insurance Company, Fidelity National Title Group, Find the Best, First American Financial Corporation, First Data Solutions, FiServ, FNC, Google, Haines, InfoUSA, Insurance Service Office (ISO), International Data Management (IDM), Interthinx, iPlace, ISGN, Land America, Lender Processing Services, Lending Tree, Lexis/Nexis, MacDonald-Detweiler, MasterFiles, Merlin Data, Microsoft, Myriad Development, National Data Cooperative, National Information Services, New Reach, Real Info, Real Net, Renwood RealtyTrac LLC, RJ Peters, Sedgwick CMS, Stewart Information Services Corporation, SW Financial, TPG Capital, Thompson-West Group, TransUnion, Verisk, Veros, Yahoo!, Zaio, and Zillow.

Check out the new Mortgage Data additions to AcreValue’s comp sales database. AcreValue Premium users can now use available mortgage information for monitoring trends, observing activity, tracking prices, and identifying marketing opportunities. Discover a lender’s name, the mortgage’s amount and interest rate, and the loan’s type and term today!
AcreValue provides soil information using the SSURGO database as our primary source. The SSURGO data are collected by the National Cooperative Soil Survey. One piece of this information is an assessment of the productive capacity of the soil. The sources of these productivity ratings vary by state. In Iowa, soil productivity ratings are measured by CSR2 (corn suitability rating), which ranges in value from 5 to 100. In Illinois, soil productivity ratings are determined by the optimal PI (productivity index) as outlined in Bulletin 811 and modified for slope and erosion. In Minnesota, soil productivity is measured by the CPI (crop productivity index), which ranges in value from 0 to 100 and supersedes the old crop equivalent ratings for that state. In all other states, soil productivity ratings are determined by the overall NCCPI (National Commodity Crop Productivity Index) developed by the NRCS.AcreValue analyzes terabytes of data about soils, climate, crop rotations, taxes, interest rates, and corn prices to calculate the estimated value of an individual field. Generate impactful land reports to gain advanced land value insights.Your use of AcreValue is subject to the Ag-Analytics Terms of Service (“Agreement”) and Privacy Policy (“Privacy Terms”). The AcreValue application (“AcreValue”) and website are “Services” as defined in the Agreement and Privacy Terms, and by accessing the AcreValue Services You are agreeing to the terms in the Agreement and Privacy Terms as well as the terms below. Any capitalized terms not defined herein are as defined in the Agreement or Privacy Terms, as applicable. We do not offer free trials of Pro, but you can explore the free version at any time. You can also view this quick demo of Pro. If you’d like to schedule a more in-depth demo of any of our paid Pro plans, please contact us. View GIS maps that compile agricultural data, including farmland values, soil productivity ratings, crop mix, and parcel ownership information. View soil survey data, soil map, and soil productivity rating for any field, sourced from the NRCS Web Soil Survey. View a history of all the crops grown and their exact proportions on a field over time, sourced from the NASS Cropland Data Layer (CDL). View a free map of ownership boundaries delineated by tax parcel property lines. View parcel number, acreage, and owner name and search by any of these dimensions. Browse recently sold agricultural land. Select sales to view more details and generate a report. Browse agricultural land for sale, sourced directly from brokers. Use, facilitate, create, or maintain any unauthorized connection to the AcreValue Properties, including, but not limited to: (i) any connection to any unauthorized server that emulates, or attempts to emulate, any part of the AcreValue Properties; or (ii) any connection using programs, tools, or software not expressly approved by Ag-Analytics; Browse agricultural land sales across the U.S. View sale price, sale date, acreage, land use, buyer and seller names, and GIS data for each sale, and build a comparable sales report.

AcreValue has a database of over 40M agricultural parcels and 2.6M sale records dating back to 2014. We compile public data sources ranging from deed records of land transactions, classifications of crop rotations and soil properties, growing degree days, and precipitation from over fifteen local, state, and federal government agencies, private entities, foundations, and universities. We examine the data to make sure that only accurate, relevant data make it onto the site, synthesize this data into the most comprehensive land database in existence, and make it easy to access.
Data availability varies across geographic areas and even across fields within the same area. Your report will always include all of the information available for the fields selected.The easiest way to create a Verified Comp from scratch is first by selecting the parcel in the Parcels layer. When the parcel of interest is selected, go to the bottom of the details card and click “Parcel Options”. Then select “Create Sale Comp From Parcel” to build your Verified Comp. The following data is required to save a Verified Comp: Parcel APN, acreage, Sale Price, Sale Date, Document Number or Book and Page Number from the county, and the Document Type.Make any automated use of AcreValue Properties, or take any action that imposes or may impose (in Ag-Analytics’s sole discretion) an unreasonable or disproportionately large load on the infrastructure for the AcreValue Properties;

State Law Compliance. The properties listed on AcreValue include information obtained from public records. Some states, including, but not limited to, Kansas, Idaho, and Montana, prohibit mailings for marketing/solicitation purposes based on information obtained from public records. You shall not use the AcreValue properties in violation of state marketing/solicitation prohibitions.

AcreValue is brought to you by the team at Ag-Analytics Technology Company. Ag-Analytics Technology Company specializes in Farm Management Software (FMS), helping thousands of farmers and their teams to build more profitable and efficient farms today to steward their lands for generations to come.

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Earn more income with Carbon by Indigo by adopting carbon farming practices. Increase the carbon in your soil or reduce emissions to generate carbon credits. Fields where carbon farming practices are used can experience higher productivity than the indicated productivity rating.Check out the new Mortgage Data additions to AcreValue’s land sales records. AcreValue Premium users can now use available mortgage information for monitoring trends, observing activity, tracking prices, and identifying marketing opportunities. Discover a lender’s name, the mortgage’s amount and interest rate, and the loan’s type and term today!Land claim feature. As part of the Services, You may have the ability to designate a tract of land as being owned by You. By entering that information, You represent that all such information is true and accurate. You also agree to update such information if it changes at any time during Your use of the Services. We do not verify claims of ownership made through this feature. If You opt to communicate with a purported owner of a property through the AcreValue messaging service, the message recipient will have access to Your name, email address, and contact information, and We are not responsible for the information provided via such messaging service. When You use the AcreValue messaging service, We may save and review the messages You send and receive to monitor compliance with the Agreement.

Allows JPG or PNG (limited to 1 MB). Use an image with a rectangular aspect ratio in landscape orientation for optimal display. White logos with no background will not show up in the report. The custom logo will only apply to new reports. Please contact us at [email protected] if you need assistance with preparing your graphic for upload. Leverage the nationwide reach of the AcreValue Community to search for land sales, real estate support, and new potential opportunities near you. To ensure meaningful connections and conversations, build your personal user profile to showcase your land, interests, services, and potential opportunities. Connect with landowners, farmers, and land professionals in your area today! Our valuation model follows a comparable sales approach. We consider the attributes of a parcel of land — the soils, climate variables, and land cover history available in AcreValue reports, as well as many additional variables such as population density — and base our prediction on recent sales with similar attributes. The valuation model uses a machine learning algorithm to decide which attributes matter most and to determine which sales are comparable to a given plot of land.While new sales records are published on AcreValue each quarter, the recency of the information varies by county and how quickly the county publishes sale information once it gets recorded.

AcreValue is the new way for farmers, land professionals, and landowners to research agricultural land and discover the value of carbon farming. With the most comprehensive set of farmland data in one easy-to-use site, AcreValue provides the fastest way to research land and find current valuations.
When looking at the AcreValue estimate, keep in mind that this is a starting point for determining the land value and there is some information we are unable to take into account for all of the millions of fields in our system. Some things to consider beyond the information we provide include the following:

Select a field to view an estimate of the carbon credit income potential provided by Carbon by Indigo. Farmers can produce carbon credit income by adopting carbon farming practices such as reduced tillage and planting cover crops. These practices can improve the long term value of land by boosting soil health, improving water retention, and reducing erosion.
Historical sale records are sourced from county public records (county assessor and recorder). These records are joined with the other data available on AcreValue to provide the most complete information possible for each land sale.Indigo Ag leverages nature, science and technology to improve grower profitability, environmental sustainability and consumer health. Carbon by Indigo supports farmers in their transition towards a more beneficial agriculture. Increased soil carbon sequestration and reduced greenhouse gas emissions from carbon farming practices in the program can generate registry-issued carbon credits which are increasingly in demand by major corporations.

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In addition to these four indices, we provide an additional measurement of expected soil productivity — Soil Class. Soil Class is a score in the range 1–8, class 1 representing the highest productive capacity and class 8 representing the lowest. The definitions for each class are as follows: