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However, LiveGood offers a range of products at reasonable prices, including Bio-Active Complete Multi-Vitamins for Men and Women, D3-K2, Ultra Magnesium Complex, Complete Plant-Based Protein, and Organic Super Greens, all of which are manufactured in the USA. In conclusion, is LiveGood a scam? Based on the facts and information available, it appears that the company is legitimate. The leadership team has experience in the industry, the products are high-quality and competitively priced, and the compensation plan focuses on retail sales. The best way to determine if LiveGood is right for you is to try their products and make a decision based on personal experience. If you are already part of LiveGood or considering joining, the ultimate goal is to grow your business and achieve success. Their aim is to make it possible for people to maintain good health without breaking the bank. The reason for this noble mission is due to the fact that many Americans are not getting all the necessary vitamins and minerals from their diets, which can lead to various health issues.Join me as a member of LiveGood. I, Eugene Miller, am an independent affiliate marketer and I would be delighted to have you as a part of my team. Use my referral link to sign up.

I have heard some talk recently about a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company and I wanted to examine it further. It’s possible that you were contacted through the internet regarding the company’s health supplements or compensation plan, which led you here to determine if it’s a legitimate opportunity.I will guide you through all the details about the company, its products, and its compensation plan so that you can make an informed choice about whether or not to join. It’s important that you read this carefully and pay close attention till the end.

By taking supplements, one can ensure that their body has all the necessary nutrients to perform optimally and improve overall health, including boosting immunity and aiding digestion. In reality, the majority of Americans, about 92%, are lacking in one or more vital vitamins or minerals.
LiveGood rewards you for selling to retail customers by paying you the difference between the retail and wholesale prices, as well as for bringing in new members to the company who also sell to retail customers. The company utilizes a multi-tier unilevel compensation plan that includes various performance bonuses. There is a video produced by an affiliate that provides a clear explanation of the compensation plan, but it should be noted that the video is promotional in nature. The profit margins are acceptable, especially given that they are physical products. The author mentions that they have a personal interest in fitness and regularly spend hundreds of dollars on supplements each month, which gives them a good understanding of the market. The prices are attractive and the serving sizes and doses are appropriate, making these products a good value. The profit margins are also reasonable given that they are physical products. The speaker notes that they have a personal interest in fitness and regularly spend hundreds of dollars on supplements each month. A full list of products is available on LiveGood’s website.

Upon further examination of the products offered by LiveGood, the products seem to be legitimate, with appropriate serving sizes and doses, and are reasonably priced. Additionally, they are manufactured in the USA.
Ben Glinsky is the head of LiveGood and has prior experience in the industry. He was responsible for growing a successful company called Skinny Body Care, which was eventually acquired by Valentus. From analyzing his content and personal description, it appears that he has a genuine desire to assist others, which is commendable. Joining LiveGood as an affiliate requires a monthly fee of $49.95 for the first month and a reduced fee of $9.95 for subsequent months. Additionally, purchasing products from LiveGood will incur additional costs. LiveGood provides two ways to earn income through their products and opportunities. The first option is to sell the products directly to retail customers. The second is to recruit new individuals into the company and earn commissions from the products they sell to retail customers.

It’s typical for network marketing companies to charge higher prices for their products in order to compensate their distributors through multi-level compensation plans.
Yes, you don’t need any degree to start an internet marketing business, but if you don’t want to put in the time and effort to learn how to do it properly, you’ll bleed money. It’s as simple as that.

How to make money with LiveGood?
Retail Commissions LiveGood affiliates earn 50% of the difference between Member and Retail prices when their referrals buy as Retail Customers. Retail Commissions may be earned infinitely when Retail Customers purchase orders, unlike Fast Start Commissions.
Click HERE and take the free tour of the company, then let me know what you think in a short comment. I would appreciate it very much if you shared your opinion here.LiveGood is a network marketing company, not a get-rich-quick scheme. It can be a great business opportunity for a serious network marketer, but if you want fast money, you definitely want to search elsewhere.

Ok, that’s right, LiveGood has the spillover working for you, but you have to keep in mind that there is no guarantee that your upline will recruit enough to fill your network quickly. If you want faster results, you must learn network marketing and do the work.
You can only deliver food if you are at least able to ride a bike. We are not even talking about highly qualified professionals here. Every job requires some skills and online marketing is no exception.LinkedIn and 3rd parties use essential and non-essential cookies to provide, secure, analyze and improve our Services, and to show you relevant ads (including professional and job ads) on and off LinkedIn. Learn more in our Cookie Policy.If you have any misconceptions regarding the network marketing business model or any phobia of pyramids, you have to know right away that LiveGood is an MLM company, just like Amway, Avon, Herbalife, Forever Living and all the others.LiveGood is not free. It’s a membership company, and although it’s much more affordable than other MLM programs, it’s definitely not for the freebie hunters.

No, unlike other MLM companies, recruiting isn’t mandatory. You can just sit back and wait for the spillover. Though, if you want faster and more consistent results, you need to work to build your team.
Well, I would say it depends on what you’re looking for. Whilst it can make you reach, LiveGood can also be a big disappointment if you don’t understand it correctly from the very beginning.Therefore, if you are open-minded enough to understand the network marketing business model and you approach LiveGood with the right mindset and expectations, it can really be the company that will change your life spectacularly this year.

What apps pay creators?
8 Social Media Platforms That Pay You to Create ContentInstagram. To show monetary support to a content creator on Instagram, users can purchase subscriber badges during live videos. … TikTok. … 3. Facebook. … YouTube. … Twitter. … Snapchat. … Clubhouse. … Pinterest.
Livegood is a legitimate membership marketing platform that offers a variety of high-quality, low-cost health and wellness products, while at the same time offering an opportunity to add an extra income to your household.

Membership marketing programs are one of the most effective ways for companies to build customer loyalty and generate long-term revenue streams. Some of the world’s most successful brands have leveraged membership marketing to stay relevant and drive their business forward. This is something that other multilevel marketing companies and network marketers do not understand. They say that Livegood will be shut down because “they are recruiting, and not selling products, but in reality, it is a membership platform. There are more products, ranging from skincare to vitamins and other supplements, and they are all more or less at the same prices that I just shared above.

Who is the founder of LiveGood?
Meet Live Good Founder, Jennifer Chi Jennifer has devoted her entire career to working on human rights matters. From her work at a public interest law firm in San Francisco to her policy experience in Washington D.C. and abroad, her passion for improving the lives of others has always been clear. Cached
Matrix Commissions and Matching Bonuses are paid monthly in the first week for the previous month’s Matrix volume. Fast Start Commissions only cover the first month’s Membership. Matrix volume accumulates after Members’ second month.

I will share some of the products and prices for the members and customers. Now, I find it a complete no-brainer to become a member because, even if you don’t like to sell, it’s just way cheaper to buy the products at the membership price.Affiliates that sell more items to Retail Customers get volume incentives. Your recommended Retail Customers’ orders will earn up to 100% of the difference between the Member price and the Retail price.

Also, vitamin deficiency affects more than 92% of Americans. The majority of individuals don’t get all the nutrients their bodies require from their meals. And while our bodies continue to operate without the nutrients we need to keep healthy, we have worse digestion, dysfunctional organs, and weakened immune systems.Livegood is a membership marketing platform that offers people the opportunity to earn money by referring people to get a membership, and sell products. Livegood does not follow the traditional MLM (multi-level marketing) model, but offers a unique approach to membership marketing.

Example: If you have over $25,000 in Retail Customer Volume in a month and the Member Pricing is $17,000, the difference between the Member Price and the Retail Price is $8,000. On that volume, you’ll earn 50% ($4,000) Retail Commissions and 40% ($3,200) Influencer Bonuses for $7,200 in commissions!

You will match 50% of the matrix commissions on everyone you enroll, and a portion of those individuals they enroll FIVE ENROLLMENT GENERATIONS DEEP, regardless of where they fall in your matrix!
Companies that have been successful in this business model include Amazon, Netflix, Costco, Sam’s, and even Disney adapted this affiliate marketing model.

Timing and momentum are everything. Another thing, people are really frustrated with the MLM industry. Most complaints are because products are overpriced, and only 1–5% of network marketers are successful. The other 95% end up quitting and failing.
Whether or not you are recruiting individuals, get paid on everyone who is put under you! (Therefore, even if you don’t recruit anybody, you may still earn up to $2047.)Ben Glinsky is in charge of LiveGood, a successful network marketing business with a strong leadership team. Skinny Body Care, which Valentus later purchased, is a well-known product of Ben Glinsky.

Is LiveGood a MLM?
If you have any misconceptions regarding the network marketing business model or any phobia of pyramids, you have to know right away that LiveGood is an MLM company, just like Amway, Avon, Herbalife, Forever Living and all the others.
When you join LiveGood, you get your own business center in our fast-filling 2×15 Matrix! Every week, LiveGood enrollees are put in the matrix under their enroller. The sooner you lock in, the higher your matrix position.LiveGood affiliates earn 50% of the difference between Member and Retail prices when their referrals buy as Retail Customers. Retail Commissions may be earned infinitely when Retail Customers purchase orders, unlike Fast Start Commissions.

LiveGood produces high-quality CBD oil, from the purest raw materials to sophisticated harvesting and extraction procedures. MCT oil has more saturated fat than hemp seed oil, allowing for faster absorption and maximum benefit. There are many proven benefits to CBD oil.Please Melissa, kindly shed more light here, I’m quite curious “Whether or not you are recruiting individuals, get paid on everyone who is put under you! (Therefore, even if you don’t recruit anybody, you may still earn up to $2047.)”

Save anywhere from 50% to 75% on the best goods available. (Each and every one of our products comes with a certificate of analysis from a third-party lab, and many of them have not one but two organic certification marks.)In this post, we’ll take a closer look at LiveGood, what Livegood actually is, and review their compensation plan, products, and what sets this company apart from other health and wellness companies.

Is there any games to earn money?
Junglee Rummy However, Junglee Rummy remains one of the best games to earn money online. This is justified by the fact that the game has over 30 million players active at any point in time. In terms of features or security, Junglee Rummy is simply a cut above the rest!
Example: If you refer a new client who pays $24 for a product that costs $16 for members, the difference is $8. At 50%, you’d make $4 on their purchase.

It is a network marketing company that has gained popularity because, unlike other multi-level companies, its products are inexpensive and high quality, it does not require auto-ship, and there is no obligation to buy a certain amount of products monthly to maintain membership.
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Another member reported facing terrible customer service, with no replies or solutions to his issues. He paid his monthly fee but continued to receive payment reminders.
A key factor in determining whether a company is fraudulent is whether it generates more income from recruiting others rather than selling its products. The MLM industry is often surrounded by skepticism and controversy, with many questioning the legitimacy of their business practices. Livegood is no exception! This highly bio-available magnesium supplement offers maximum muscle, nerve, and energy support. Additionally, it aids in over 300 enzyme reactions and provides sleep support.An MLM (multi-level marketing) is a business model where individuals earn commissions for selling a product or service and recruiting a sales team underneath them.

Once you reach the Diamond rank, you’ll share 2% of the total company sales monthly. Although Livegood doesn’t disclose its corporate profits to the public, even a tiny percentage, such as 2%, could potentially translate into thousands of dollars.Despite the pros, selling these products can be difficult. This is because non-affiliates are more likely to choose well-known brands due to their similar pricing to retail.Available in 750mg or 1500mg in natural or peppermint flavors, Livegood’s CBD oil is of the highest quality, ensuring faster absorption and maximum benefits.

You’ll earn 50% of the difference between the member and retail prices whenever you sell a product to your referral. So, for example, if the member price is $20 and the retail price is $30, you’d earn $5.
There are six different ways to earn income with their program. Since there are so many details to digest, I will focus on the main points of each method.As you join Livegood, you’ll secure a business center in their 2×15 Matrix. Newcomers are placed under existing members in the Matrix, so the sooner you enter, the higher your position and income potential.

When you invite someone to become an affiliate for $49.95, Livegood rewards you with a $25 commission. Plus, if those you enroll in the program refer others, you’ll receive additional commissions up to 10 levels deep.
Ready to trade in your 9-5 for a laptop lifestyle? This excellent step-by-step program helped me generate $2,000+ per month and can help you do the same. Click here to find out!

Is LiveGood business legit?
Is LiveGood Legit or a Scam? Based on our research and analysis, LiveGood appears to be a legitimate MLM company operating in the health and wellness industry. They offer high-quality products, a fair compensation plan, and comprehensive training and support for their affiliates.
It’s like playing roulette with your wallet! Therefore, I highly encourage you to read the terms of service and even contact the company before investing your hard-earned money.One person claimed he had high hopes when joining Livegood but didn’t receive any signups for the following 90 days. So, he got very frustrated and decided to quit!

Is LiveGood a MLM company?
If you have any misconceptions regarding the network marketing business model or any phobia of pyramids, you have to know right away that LiveGood is an MLM company, just like Amway, Avon, Herbalife, Forever Living and all the others.
However, taking these reviews with a grain of salt is crucial. Reviews on these platforms can be misleading, as promoters with vested interests can chime in to boost the ratings.This reward platform is going viral! Cash out via PayPal, Visa, Gift Cards, and in-game currencies – Click here to find out how to generate an extra $10+ per day! A legitimate MLM will prioritize product sales and offer a sustainable, long-term business opportunity, while an illegal pyramid scheme will exploit its participants for short-term financial gains. Matching bonuses are the cherry on top! You can match 50% of the matrix commissions on everyone you enroll and a percentage on those under their downline five levels deep!Their nutritional supplements aim to bridge this gap by providing products that boost the immune system, strengthen our organs, and promote overall wellness.

What is a LiveGood company?
LiveGood Review is a network marketing company focused on promoting health through the use of supplements. Their aim is to make it possible for people to maintain good health without breaking the bank.
For example, they may earn a 10% commission on sales made by their direct recruits (Level 1) and a 5% commission on sales made by the recruits of their recruits (Level 2).

This delicious and functional coffee blend supports a healthy mood, mental clarity, and weight loss. It also features functional mushrooms for added benefits. According to the website, this coffee is the only one in the world enriched with healthy fiber, which can help suppress hunger.
Once you’ve attracted sufficient traffic, views, or followers, you’ll be well-equipped to earn money by promoting any product or service, including those offered by Livegood.Fortified with all essential amino acids, this protein blend helps rebuild and restore muscles and joints while building and maintaining lean muscle mass.What’s more, this revolutionary marketing plan was launched last december and since then many people have already reached several thousand. dollars and more in earnings thanks to the simplicity and attractiveness of the offer. LiveGood offers a unique opportunity, which revolutionized the approach to earning. Many people have already earned over 5 thousands of dollars in one month thanks to this simple, and at the same time revolutionary business. Live Good is a company registered in the USA for approx 3 lat, which offers health products the latest generation, about 75% cheaper than other similar businesses. If you want to increase your income immediately, it is worth becoming a partner and starting to build a business, which can bring you hundreds and thousands of dollars a month! By booking a place on our Live Good team, you will be entitled to receive affiliate link to this site to promote LiveGood on the Internet – more here: LiveGood tools. Do not forget, that by reserving your position, you have until next thursday (23:59 Pacific time) to activate your account.It is an innovative powerline system! After registering, distributors are placed in Powerline LiveGood, which determines the order, in which people will be placed in the family tree.

As an affiliate, you can join LiveGood by paying a one-time signup fee of $40. This fee grants you access to their comprehensive training resources, marketing materials, and personalized support.

Are you ready to swap your 9-5 job for a laptop lifestyle? This exceptional step-by-step program helped me generate over $2,000 per month, and it can do the same for you. Click here to find out more about LiveGood!As with any business venture, it’s important to approach LiveGood with realistic expectations, a solid marketing plan, and a commitment to personal growth and development.

In conclusion, LiveGood offers a legitimate opportunity for individuals seeking to earn an income in the health and wellness industry through a multi-level marketing business model.You earn a commission on every product sold through your unique affiliate link. The commission rate varies based on the product, with an average range of 20-30%.

To determine whether a company is a legit MLM or a fraudulent pyramid scheme, it’s crucial to ask one key question: Is the company’s focus primarily on selling products or recruiting new members?
Remember, LiveGood is here to help you achieve your goals and live a life of good health and financial freedom. So, take the leap, embrace the opportunities, and embark on your LiveGood journey today!As you embark on your LiveGood journey, keep in mind the importance of staying informed and continuously learning and improving your skills as an affiliate marketer.While MLMs offer legitimate business opportunities, it’s important to note that some companies share characteristics with pyramid schemes, which are illegal.

However, as with any business opportunity, it’s crucial to conduct your due diligence and thoroughly evaluate the company and its offerings before committing your time and resources.
An MLM (multi-level marketing) is a business model that allows individuals to earn commissions by selling products or services and recruiting a sales team beneath them.To incentivize teamwork, MLMs offer multi-tier compensation plans where affiliates earn commissions from multiple levels or “tiers” within their sales network.

These companies rely heavily on word-of-mouth marketing and encourage their distributors to build a network of salespeople to expand the company’s reach.
Remember, building a successful MLM business takes time, effort, and persistence. It’s not a get-rich-quick scheme, but rather a legitimate opportunity for those willing to put in the work.

LiveGood offers various bonuses, such as team-building bonuses, leadership bonuses, and rank advancement bonuses. These bonuses provide additional incentives and rewards for achieving specific milestones and growing your business.
LiveGood’s commitment to affordable health products and their emphasis on product sales rather than recruitment sets them apart from potentially fraudulent pyramid schemes.YES!! It’s called ‘spillover’. According to a question in their FAQ section, it depends on how fast the people above you in the matrix are building. It may take a few weeks, or even a few months, but it WILL happen.Wondering how they manage this? The official LiveGood website reveals that the company directly sells its products to consumers, cutting out intermediaries like retailers, advertisers, and additional costs.

What is LiveGood MLM company?
LiveGood is a network marketing company, not a get-rich-quick scheme. It can be a great business opportunity for a serious network marketer, but if you want fast money, you definitely want to search elsewhere. This company is based on real products and has nothing to do with all those hypes that flooded the internet.
Pyramid schemes primarily generate income through recruitment fees rather than actual business transactions, leading to financial losses for those at the bottom of the structure.

By leveraging the power of online marketing, social media, and personal networking, you can expand your reach and attract customers and potential affiliates to your business.
Stay connected with LiveGood’s training resources, attend webinars and conferences, and connect with other successful affiliates to exchange ideas and strategies.Read independent reviews, speak with current affiliates, and carefully review the compensation plan and policies to ensure LiveGood aligns with your goals and values.

Remember, success in the MLM industry comes from a combination of product knowledge, effective marketing strategies, and building strong relationships with customers and team members.
For example, an affiliate may earn a 10% commission on sales made by their direct recruits (Level 1) and a 5% commission on sales made by the recruits of their recruits (Level 2).Their focus on providing quality products at affordable prices, along with a fair compensation plan, positions them as a viable option for those interested in this niche. With its top-quality products, competitive compensation plan, and supportive community, LiveGood can be a viable option for those willing to invest time and effort into building their business. As an affiliate, you can tap into LiveGood’s lucrative multi-tiered compensation plan, which includes retail commissions, matrix commissions, and bonuses.LiveGood operates on a 3×7 forced matrix, which means you can have up to three affiliates directly under you on your first level, and the matrix extends seven levels deep. You earn commissions based on the sales volume generated within your matrix.Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as financial or legal advice. It is always recommended to do thorough research and consult with professionals before making any investment or business decisions.

In the case of LiveGood, their primary focus is on selling nutritional supplements and promoting good health. While they do have a multi-tiered compensation plan that rewards affiliates for recruiting and building a sales team, the emphasis remains on product sales rather than recruitment.
The company products are the best nutritional supplements on the planet made with the finest ingredients. I believe this company will disrupt the MLM Direct sales industry which has been corrupted with so many shady dealings and highly priced products that only benefit those at the top.Business For Home recommends the opportunity. There is high certainty that the net benefit is moderate or there is moderate certainty that the net benefit is moderate to substantial for an distributor. However, the information is provided “as is” without warranty of any kind. Business For Home BV does not accept any responsibility or liability for the accuracy, content, completeness, legality, or reliability of the information contained on this website. No warranties, promises and/or representations of any kind, expressed or implied, are given as to the nature, standard, accuracy or otherwise of the information provided in this website nor to the suitability or otherwise of the information to your particular circumstances. Direct Selling professionals have rated this company based on their experience as a user of the reviewed products and opportunity. The reviews of the products and opportunity usually comments on how well the company measures up to expectations based on the specifications provided by company. Observations are factual as well as subjective in nature. The reviews comment on service experienced, and dependability or trustworthiness of the distributor.

LiveGood is a sincere and honest company with a dedicated team and sustainable business model. I have personally experienced the benefits of joining LIVEGOOD and together we shall reach the top. As far as I’m concerned, LIVEGOOD is the BEST membership based MLM business in the industry today.
Disclaimer: While we have used our reasonable efforts to ensure the accuracy of the data used in this website, data should be read as indicative of magnitude rather than exact figures. Business For Home BV has made every attempt to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the information provided on this website.Affiliates advance through a 10 level system as they “rank-up” based upon their performance and progress in sharing. There are 4 different ways to be paid. Both Ryan and Lisa have been in the nutrition field all their lives. They don’t just talk the talk, they walk the walk. And the best part? They regularly share product tips and training with all LiveGood members. It’s a huge benefit and makes the LiveGood experience that much better. Bravo! LiveGood’s Essential Aminos are jam packed with ultra high-quality ingredients. All-natural including all the Essential Amino Acids, Branched-Chain Amino Acids, AND Electrolytes. Add this for better muscle strength and function.Greetings and thank you for visiting our LiveGood Company Review page. This review is your ultimate guide to the recently launched LiveGood wholesale buyers club.

Where is LiveGood from?
California By manufacturing in the United States, Live Good can ensure that the highest standards of hygiene and fair labor practices are maintained. All products are manufactured in California using 100% certified organic source materials and eco-conscious, community-minded practices.
Over 92% of Americans are deficient of necessary vitamins. We don’t feed our bodies critical nutrient needs from diet alone. And as we continue going without these nutrients that we need to stay healthy, we cant digest our food suitably. Our organs misfunction, and our immune systems become weak. But all this is avoidable with adequate nutrition. When someone you invite makes a retail, or non-member purchase, you will earn on the amount that is the difference between the member price and the non-member price. We strongly urge you to go through it this entire LiveGood company review, but you may also go directly to your favorite topic using the table of contents below.The owner and the director of marketing have done amazing things together in the industry with great track records of success. I know them both. So when I heard their passion for the mission they are on with LiveGood, I wanted to be a part of it too. That’s reason #1.

In addition to the members you refer, the 50% weekly referral bonuses are also paid on any affiliates that you refer that pay the $20 affiliate fee. So you receive $5 on new members, and $10 on new affiliates. If someone you refer becomes both a member and an affililiate, you will receive both.
With a commitment to creating cutting-edge nutritional products based on sound science. LiveGood prides themselves for offering only high-quality products that produce results.

My LiveGood company review must include the team support group. We are Team LiveGood United. This is a place for members, affiliates, and their friends to gather and learn more about LiveGood.I can’t help but believe that everyone who gets involved will feel the same way I do. There are many reasons I feel the way I do. Here are just a few of those reasons.

LiveGood has created highly functional and essential vitamins, supplements, and skin care products. Using some of the highest quality ingredients available today. But by not using the industry normal distribution channels, we bring them to you at a fraction of the cost of other brands!
“People NEED nutritional supplements to be healthy. Unfortunately, most people just can’t afford them. On top of that, it’s very difficult for many people to sell expensive products to friends just so a few people at the top of a compensation program can make money. Now, people can get the products they need at prices they can afford, and can be proud to share them with friends.”We think it’s helpful to #1) answer questions and give direction, and #2) to provide a community atmosphere where people are happy to help. This is why we provide these essentials and will continue to do so.

Lisa Goodkin – Director of Product Education. Teaches people how to excel in their health and wellness. From healthy eating habits to crafting fitness routines, she targets minimizing stress and maximizing performance. She is a living example of the possibilities when we make good decisions.
So stay tuned, keep watching, and prepare for ongoing awesomeness in the high-quality wholesale health-product department. And if you join the online team group you’ll get notified of the updates.

Nauder Khazan – Marketing Director. An icon in the network marketing industry, Nauder coaches, trains, and has helped thousands to achieve more than they ever thought they could. Nauder is a true leader, an inspiration, and friend to everyone.
Not many of us get our much needed doses of vitamins & minerals. This vitamin deficiency is a major contributor to a slew of health challenges. Everyone should have multi-vitamins as part of their every day health routine.Ryan Goodkin – Director of Product Development. With a pharmacy doctorate from Palm Beach Atlantic University and a science and nutrition degree from Florida State University, Ryan has the unique background of being both a pharmacist and a natural health practitioner.