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Liver And White

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When viewed under a microscope, necrobiosis of peripheral tissue and liver cells, located in the echinococcal cyst, lympho-histiocytic infiltrations are seen. Chitin shell and egg cells are detected.

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Relevance. Uzbekistan is an endemic outbreak of echinococcosis, and the incidence of echinococcosis per 1,000 people is 6-9 per 1,000 people. The number of echinococcal operations in the country is 1-1.5 thousand per year. Hepatic echinococcosis is the most common cause of echinococcal disease of various organs and tissues, and occurs between the ages of 44 and 88, according to some authors. Hepatic echinococcosis is most common (65%) in women aged 20-50 years, and more common in women than in men (68%). Echinococcal cysts are most commonly found in the right ventricle of the liver.