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Macrame Heart Wall Hanging

* 12 x 150cm 4mm cotton cord * 25 cm wooden dowel * scissors * comb or pet brush for a fringed finish * piece of string for hanging up your finished pieceThis tutorial has everything you need to learn to make this beautiful dream hoop . It includes diagrams, a step by step photo guide, a full video tutorial and you can access a complete video guide of the basic macramé knots too. The finished piece will measure 25cm wide and about 40 cm long, depending on how you trim the fringe. You will find a link to a Facebook group which you can join, for support, advice or just to share your work. IMPORTANT! You will receive the link to download this Digital products in the Thank You page of the Checkout, along with an emailed link that will last for 30 days. Please download the PDF file onto your device as it will not be available after that! Happy Knotting!.

How long is 1kg of macrame cord?
CLEARANCE Macrame Twisted Cotton Rope – Coloured 3mm x 1kg (Approx 425 Meters)
Having come from a long line of artists and craftsmen in her family, Kata has turned her love of creating into founding Beau Beau Art. Following her aunt’s footsteps in her native Hungary, she soon fell in love with the ‘art of knotting’. With our workshops, tutorials and DIY and kits, we hope to inspire people to take time out of their busy lives and come together as a community for a few hours to unwind, learn and create, bringing this beautiful, ancient art to the present day.

Located North of center, on the upper level of Valley West Mall. The closest entrance is on the West side of the building between Jimmy John’s and Chipotle. Enter thru the main doors and turn left toward Von Maur. We will be across from Skin Spa. See you soon!
Thank you for supporting a small business like mine. I hope that you find Macramé as therapeutic and soothing as I have (except when ropes are getting extremely tangled!).It’s very simple to make and very cute to add to your home. I have used 100% recycled cotton t-shirt yarn from Bobbiny in dusty pink. You can experiment with different colours.I hope to see your pieces on Instagram and Facebook, don’t forget to tag me! I’ll re-share on my IG stories all your beautiful creations. You can also use #startacreativejourneyI agree with Christine and macrame backdrops in many shapes and forms will be very popular in 2023 at weddings and events like festivals too. Some of my largest macrame wall hangings have been used as wedding backdrops like the one below. Feel free to email me to enquire about a commission backdrop for your special day.

I believe we will see more large wall hangings, from intricate to very modern and minimal patterns as well as macrame clothing like we have seen in Thor 2022 blockbuster made by the talented Denisse M Vera.

Jessica from Hobo Beautiful, based in Sri Lanka, latest collaboration with Louis London is a great example. Her bags made of macrame and hand-crafted metal frames are just stylish and luxe and yet playful.

Faustine, the founder of Seasons of Origine in the UK and known for her gorgeous macrame shells, shared with me that she believes Macraweaving is going to be a big trend this year.
“… and mixed media in general. Incorporating stones/crystals, dried flowers and other natural elements such as botanical dyes into macramé allows for greater design flexibility, and interesting textures and pushes the boundaries of originality in both decorative and functional macramé. Especially in the more typical creations such as wall hangings and plant hangers. I think (and hope) we will see a lot more risky projects and new exciting techniques in 2023.”

“We are going to see a rise in functional macrame. Macrame is a unique art in that it can be purely for aesthetics (like wall art) or serve a function in our everyday life (think hat holders, water bottle carriers, etc). I think this year we might see a rise in the latter. In terms of art, I’m predicting a rise in minimalistic and modern statement pieces.”
Mariela and Carolina Artigues, founders of Port Macramé Studio and authors of ‘One-Day Macramé’, are based in Spain, and shared with me their thoughts:“I think workshops and macramé communities will be on the increase – those looking for more advanced designs and teams working together to create bigger installations with intention.” She also believes “Craft date nights and crafty adventure retreats will see couples or friends knotting together in beautiful spaces!”

If you are a macrame maker looking to advance your skills join the waiting list for The Macrame Bootcamp 2 here or my Group Program on how to turn a hobby into a profitable business here.
“I think that craft kits with macrame coasters, rainbows etc will be trending this year as well as everything that has to do with event decorations (wedding backdrops, favours, garlands etc) are almost always in high demand so I guess that this niche will be skyrocketing this year as well.”Creativity– you can express your creativity using any type of fibre and cords, you can combine macrame with other crafts, and designs vary from micro macrame to macro macrame and everything in between…..the possibilities is unlimited!

She tells me “I think we will be seeing a lot more minimal designs – focusing on form and structure. Moving macrame into the 3D realm. Think new materials & bigger knots.”“This friendly art has come back some years ago to last longer! As with most artistic movements, macramé is constantly evolving and what we see is that most artists are looking for new materials to create outstanding pieces. So we can see how Macra-weaving has gained a lot of popularity among makers, maybe because it allows artists to play with textures and fibres. Statement original pieces will be a trend in this 2023 without any doubt!”

Macrame makers that are making this art regularly are getting more creative and curious about how to use the art of knotting as an expression of who they are.
Martha Stewart article top 8 crafts to try in 2023 includes macrame, which made me so happy as I believe more and more people will be drawn to learning this craft.Clare from Hooked in Cotton, based in Wales UK, is a maker specialising in large wedding and interiors macrame pieces wrote in her own blog about 2023 craft trends: “I definitely think we will see more unique shapes in macrame. Makers will want to create their own styles and step outside of the norm. Including makers stepping into adding more fibre types into their works such as wool and fibre ribbons.” I totally agree with Clare, my first Macrame Retreat has been very popular and I can see that more and more women are ready to pause, reset and macrame.

If you don’t know how to do these knots and are just starting out, take your stick and a few 3 foot strands of cords and practice until you feel pretty comfortable with the knots!
Olivia, I don’t think that would give you enough length to finish the entire pattern… That’s over 6′ less length on each cord and the remaining cord when it’s done isn’t anywhere near that long. Sorry! Might be worth snagging another small roll of cord. Have fun! Once you get to the bottom and have used all the remaining working cords, used the right holding cord as your holding cord and the left holding cord as your working cord. Hello! I’m a full beginner in macrame, I’d like to start with this wall hanger (thanks for sharing it!). If I just have 500 feet of cord, can I still make it? Would it work if I cut 20 x 17.75 ft pieces? It would just be shorter in the bottom? Or am I missing something? Thanks for your help! 🙏Now, you will create one last DHH knot to join the two sides by using the far right holding cord as your holding cord and the left holding cord as your working chord.

Next, you will take the far right strand, keeping it over the tail of the left strand, go behind the two base strands and through the “4” loop that the left strand created.
The spiral knot is very similar to the square knot, however instead of alternating the “4” pattern between the left and the right strands, you continue working with only one of them!When doing macrame, you want to make sure you’re pulling your knots tight but sometimes, if you pull them too tight (especially on a double half-hitch knot) it can deform your macrame that is behind it.

What is 3mm macrame cord good for?
The new 3mm Macramé Cord is a single twist cotton cord composed of 56 small threads. It is perfect for macramé, weavings and any fiber art.
Love this! Super easy to follow and I can’t wait to get started! I’m hoping to make a wall hanging for my sister-in-laws wedding shower after getting my practice pieces under my belt. Do you have a pattern for that bigger “I-went-from-this-to-THIS” wall hanging pictured in the beginning of the post? It is GORGEOUS! Wonderful work!You should now have two loops around your holding cord, with the tail of your working cord coming out the middle of the loops, from behind the working cord.

In the tutorial I am including in this post, the finished project will be around 30″ so we will be cutting each strand of cord at 20 feet, as we will be folding the cord in half to connect it to the stick.I ended up feeling pretty frustrated with my first project because the rope I used didn’t look right and I had to make it so small because I ran out of rope!

What are the three basic macrame?
Today I will show you the three most common macrame knots, the square knot, the spiral knot and the half-hitch knot. By knowing just these three basic knots you will be able to create your own unique piece of macrame that will fit your taste and style.
Learn how to macrame like a pro with my guide to beautiful DIY macrame! In this post you will learn all the basics, plus receive a tutorial to make your own DIY macrame wall hanging.I love macrame 🙂 I appreciate your work, definitely, I will try. The direction is too easy that everyone can follow. Thanks for sharing such a useful blog.

I just made this for my office door. I took a picture of it, but I cannot seem to insert it. Beautiful, easy design! Thank you for posting the pattern.
you can use any size dowel, just not too tiny. I think mine was around 1/2″ or 3/4″ diameter. Please keep me posted on your project, and let me know if you have questions. So flattered!!I so appreciate your clear directions! May I use your tutorial as a lesson for my art students to learn how to macrame? I could see that with an iPad in hand, they could manage this quite well. 🙂

What is the rule for macrame?
Generally speaking, the basic rule of thumb is to take the finished length of your project and multiply it by 4 to get the length for your cords. Then add extra for however much fringe you want at the end.
Hi, I’m Wendy. Southern by birth, Francophile by marriage, bohemian by nature, and minimalist by choice. Check out and join me in a year of making beautiful things.Beginning with the 3rd individual cord from the left, make 2 Alternating Square Knots, skip 4 cords, make another Alternating Square Knot, skip 4 cords, then make 2 Alternating Square Knots.Wendy, I LOVE your newest wall hanging!!! I need to try this and send it to my best friend Janet, who just made me a knitted bohemian style ski hat and short muffler for my birthday. She’d love this as she and her sister used to make a ton of macramé things when we were all in our late teens and early twenties. Oh this is a truly lovely idea – and whilst I think hearts in houses always look a bit tacky (sorry, just being honest here) this one looks so rustic and beautiful! I love macrame’ and this project is so pretty! Perfect addition to brighten up a room. Thank you for sharing it with us at Party in Your PJ’s! Pinned to my Macrame’ board.That will work. You may need to cut the cords a small bit shorter. Just figure the math before cutting. I usually overestimate a bit to be safe so I think you’ll be fineHi Wendy. I’m wanting to make the Heart wall hanging on some thin driftwood, in 3 or 2mm cord, can you tell me please, what measurements I would need for the cord ? The driftwood is 30cm in length. Many thanks.

Starting with the 3rd individual cord from the left, make a row of 7 Half Square Spiral Knots, as shown below. This is the same as tying a Square Knot but you are always starting from the same side. This causes the strand of knots to twist. Continue weaving each vertical row of spiral knots until it is about 4″ long.
I’ve ordered cording and rope from quite a few different places and have never noticed a variation in natural cord as long as it’s from one source. I usually don’t use multiple sources from different manufacturers.

Ok so the heart wall hanging calls for 500 ft of cord. I found one on amazon, only 495 ft. Does that work with this wall hanging or do you use 500 ft? Pls let me know. Thx
The length of the driftwood is about half the length of the dowel I used in the tutorial, so it might be tricky. Tie the first knots close together and still try to get 16 pieces of rope tied on. If not, go with 12 and you’ll just need to make some adaptations (if you feel comfortable doing that). The rope pieces still should be close to 20 ft. long each. Hope this helps.As a final added touch, I tied an extra cord onto each end of the wall hanging, using a Lark’s Head Knot. And that’s it! A funky little wall hanging to celebrate Valentine’s Day! Hello, what is your experience with purchasing cord (natural in color) from different manufacturers? Do you think the color lot will be the same since it’s a natural color? Please let me know. Thank you. Lisa I’ve been known to wear my heart on my sleeve, but this Valentine’s Day I prefer to place it on the wall. So I got my hands on some beautiful pink rope and made this whimsical macrame heart wall hanging.

Hi Wendy I’m picking up my supplies to make your beautiful heart macrame. You didn’t mention (or I didn’t see it) the size of the dowel you mentioned the length- thank you for sharing it’s lovely and so excited to start it. E.alli
I love the pattern! Easy to follow, can’t wait to try it.. Would you be able to substitute worsted weight yarn for the cording to make a smaller sample? If so, would you need to adjust the length of the pieces?Now that the heart design is finished, about 5″ down from the bottom edges of the heart, make 8 Square Knots (beginning with the 1st individual cord on left) in diagonal lines coming to a point at the bottom. See photo below. Now, beginning with the 5th individual cord from the left, make an Alternating Square Knot, skip 4 individual cords, make 2 Alternating Square Knots, skip 4 individual cords, then make a final Alternating Square Knot. (See photo below.) Next, tie knots into the loose hanging cords at random heights. Cut the bottom of the wall hanging so the sides are shorter and graduate down to a point in the center (as shown). Untwist the ends of the cords below the random knots so they will gently fray.

Are you ready for a bigger and more challenging piece? Then maybe this might be the one! Learn how to create a beautiful boho-layered wall piece with this free tutorial by Let Be.
Need some inspiration for projects to make with your golden hoops? This cute little project is super beginner-friendly and looks sophisticated on your wall! Looking for golden hoops? Check my guide for the best options!They are silky soft, eco-friendly, and perfect for beginners, and they also come in many different sizes and trendy seasonal colors. Find your LOCAL Bobbiny cord supplier to save on shipping costs!

Is macrame still popular in 2023?
I agree with Christine and macrame backdrops in many shapes and forms will be very popular in 2023 at weddings and events like festivals too. Some of my largest macrame wall hangings have been used as wedding backdrops like the one below.
Are you new to Macrame? No worries, it’s very easy to learn! Check out my Macrame for Beginners Guides to quickly master the basics and discover all my best Macrame beginner tips.

How much cord do I need for macrame wall hanging?
In general, your macrame cord needs to be about four times the length of your project. If the cords are doubled, meaning folded in half to create two cords, then aim for eight times the length of your project…
Hi Ruth, Thanks so much for your kind comment! I’m so happy you’ve got everything to get started. Make sure to join our Facebook group so I can see what amazing things you’ll be creating!

Thanks for creating this amazing website. I have now made my first wall hanging by adapting the Create by Jen tutorial (I only had t-shirt yarn available). It’s for my friends 50th Birthday Present but really I want to keep it!If you’re looking for gorgeous colorful Macrame cords, I recommend Bobbiny. Their eco-friendly and recycled Macrame cords are super fun to work with and will make all your Macrame wall hangings look absolutely stunning.

This design is based on tutorial #7. The only difference is the 2 extra rows of double half hitches at the bottom. Hope you can figure it now! Good luck 🙂
Layer your work and create a gorgeous wall hanging to add cute boho vibes to your home. This piece by Create with Jen is perfect for beginners and comes with clear and easy-to-follow instructions.When it’s not mentioned in the video, you can usually always find this information in the video description. When you’re watching on a desktop, you can open each video on YouTube itself and then scroll down to read it. On mobile you can open the video on Youtube and click on the down-arrow right from the video title.Never miss out on any new fun patterns, step-by-step tutorials, tips, discounts, and helpful guides, and follow Macrame for Beginners on Instagram and Pinterest! Thanks so much for your kind words! I’m so happy the website inspired you to make your first wall hanging! I remember seeing it in the Facebook group and it looks stunning! I recommend using 3-Ply or Braided Macrame cords for larger wall hangings. What cords you use for your project also depends on the tutorial you’re following. You can usually find this information in the video description on YouTube.

How do you make a simple macrame heart?
And. I just pull that tight.
Add a pop of color to your Macrame wall hanging and turn your masterpiece into a Macraweave! Create with Jenn will show you exactly how to make yours in this easy video tutorial.

Most wall hangings are attached to a dowel. This can be a simple wooden branch you found in your garden, a piece of driftwood you brought home from the beach, or a plain wooden stick from a DIY store.

This cute Macrame Rainbow / Semicircle wall hanging is easy to make and only uses the square knot. Subscribe to the Macrame for Beginners YouTube channel for more fun beginner tutorials!
This easy Square Knot-only pattern is perfect for beginners and includes two designs, step-by-step photos, written instructions + a handy Free Knot Guide.

Are you practicing the beginner Macrame knots? Then this is the perfect piece for you! Learn how to make this cute semi-circle wall hanging, and check out more of the amazing free patterns by Soulful Notions.When picking a design for your Macrame wall hanging, the sky’s the limit! You can pick from countless easy knots, patterns, and tutorials to create your first masterpiece.

This masterpiece by Soulful Notions can be a challenge for beginners, but it’s the perfect wall hanging to perfect your square knots and double half hitch. Simply follow the step-by-step instructions in this great tutorial to get started!
If you want to connect with other Macrame beginners, share your work, ask for advice, and get inspired with gorgeous projects, join our Facebook group! We’re happy to help you out!

Discover where to buy affordable, high-quality Macrame cords to create your first project! These recycled Bobbiny cotton cords are my all-time favorite!
Learn how to incorporate tassels and beads into your Macrame wall hangings. This cute little boho piece is excellent for beginners and brightens your living space!Join our Macrame for Beginners Facebook Group: a safe place to learn new knots and share your latest creations with our lovely Macrame community of over 100k members!

Plenty of Macrame cord stockists sell Bobbiny cords in different colors in their online shop. Check my handy shopping guide for the best local online Bobbiny cord suppliers near you.
This cute, easy Macrame wall hanging is perfect for a rainy afternoon craft session. Grab some wood from your backyard, make a big cup of tea, and let’s start knotting!This cute Macrame Plant Hanger is easy to make and only uses 3 easy knots. Subscribe to the Macrame for Beginners YouTube channel for more fun beginner tutorials!

Colours may vary slightly in the dying process from batch to batch so please be sure to order enough for your project to avoid any issues with consistency.

How do you make macrame wall hanging for beginners?
How to Make a Macrame DIY Wall HangingSTEP 1: Cut the Cord. First, you will need to measure out and cut all the cord for your project. … STEP 2: Attach Cord To Stick. … STEP 3: Create Triangle Using Square Knots and DHH. … STEP 4: Spiral Knots. … STEP 5: Finishing Off With Square Knots and Berry Knots.
*Please note: we photograph the colours as true to actual colour as possible, but lighting and different computer monitors may cause some slight variation as well as variances between batches.Sign up to our email newsletter to hear about new classes and all the latest goss as it happens! Don’t worry, we hate spam as much as you do so there won’t be any spam coming from us!

How do you make a simple heart shape?
I’m using a coin here. And then lightly in pencil draw around one Circle. And then another Circle next to it now draw an upside down triangle underneath both the circles.
Australian Made Macrame 3mm coloured cotton rope. Over 100 ends of soft dyed cotton twisted into a four strand rope. It comes on a 1kg spool which contains approx 425 metersI have a macrame wall hanging in almost every room now. I truly believe it fits my style and I certainly love the creative process of making them.If you like my macrame style and you would like to have a pretty piece made for you, be sure to send me an email to [email protected].

Some people make knots by following a pattern, I’m more of a fly by the seat of my pants kind of girl! I just go for it and let it turn into whatever I imagine in my head during the process. You can make beautiful pieces either way.
Macrame isn’t hard. There are many basic knots that will help you to create stunning pieces. Today I will show you the three most common macrame knots, the square knot, the spiral knot and the half-hitch knot. By knowing just these three basic knots you will be able to create your own unique piece of macrame that will fit your taste and style.

Sometime last year I wrote a post on my favorite macrame wall hanging on Etsy, and I shared my love for all macrame, and even back then I said I am going to put this on my TO DO list because I’d like to give it a go one day. Early this year, I did give it a go and I have not been able to stop since!I love your macrame hangings! I’ve been wanting to make some of my own ( I used to do it in the 80’s) and was looking forward to your tutorial as a refresher course, but I didn’t get any instructions. I’m on an iPad- would that make a difference?Aniko- great video on knots and making the wall hanging. But questions- what size cotton rope did you use, and how long were each of the cords you cut? Or alternatively, what were the final dimensions of the piece (so we can estimate how long to cut the cords) Thanks so much!!!!!!!!

The twisted cotton cord alone makes your macrame look great and chunky. But for my first piece, I divided my twisted cotton rope and I used the thinner strings. I love it both ways! For the piece below I used the twisted cords.This large piece of macrame was the first piece I made and I truly got hooked in the process. I love that I never know where I am going to make the next knot.

I am just starting to macrame using patterns, but I would love to do my own creation as you did starting out. How do you know how long to make your strings? Do you just go with an average length of 4 yards or whatever?I also made some pretty cool plant hangers using the same basic knots. They are perfectly suited to display plants in your home (and keep them away from pets)! I have one or two in every room and it makes a happier space. 🙂It’s such a fun form of art and I love that I can let my creativity lead the process. Macrame is a type of textile-making using knotting rather than weaving or knitting. My mom sent me these pictures of some macrame wall hangings that she made back in the 70’s and oh how beautiful they were! These were a great source of inspiration for me.And last but not least- the mother of all Macrame-…this amazing Wedding Macrame backdrop…Isn’t she a stunner? If you are getting married, please do reach out to me! I would love to make your day even more special with this unique keepsake- made to order! She is available in my shop and for locals, she is available for HIRE!♥

Is it easy to make a macrame wall hanging?
Making a Macrame wall hanging is a lot easier than you might think. You only need to know the basic Macrame knots to recreate most patterns: Lark’s Head Knot. Square Knot.
Thanks for stopping by Place of My Taste friends! Feel free to explore some more while you’re here to find DIY, crafts, home decor, food, fashion and more- and happy knotting!OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 guarantees that the tested and certified yarn does not contain any harmful substances that are a danger to human health and environment. The inner spool is made of recycled paper and is biodegradable.