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Male Stripper New Orleans

Men have been going to female strip clubs as long as you can remeber but there has always been a shortage of quality male exotic dancers for ladies night out events in New Orleans until now. Did you ever wish you could go to a male strip club but just didn’t know where to turn? Well we have created a fun and wild male strip club theme environment similar to what you have seen in the movie Magic Mike. Savage Men’s Male Revue is an action packed male strip show with a theatrical twist. We have incorporated all of the amazing elements of a male strip club and fused it with an exotic yet erotic Circ themed male striptease show. Living in Hollywood most women expect a higher calibur of girls night out entertainment and that just what we deliver. Each show is packed with male strippers, hilarious emcees, wild and crazy bachelorette themed contests and tounge in cheek comedy.

Get your party on with the Savage Men all male stripper revue that has crowds of female fans swooning from coast to coast: New York City, Atlantic City, Miami, Fort Lauderdale to the golden beaches of California and more. To guarantee entrance into one of our heart pounding performances, we suggest purchasing male strip club tickets prior to the show.
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Black male dancers perform in a style only they can do. It’s hot, it’s exciting and will leave you addicted. If you’re ready to experience black male strippers first hand, click here now. But remember: They may leave you wanting more.
Male strippers come in a number of different looks and types. Browse around to find your preference in men. Search our gallery to find the pretty boy or bad boy that you require to ensure your event is the celebration of the year.A Male Revue is designed as a profitable marketing system for your venue or club. Let us do all the work for you with our quality pre designed marketing materials, media releases and support. Contact us today for more info to make your ladies night profitable.

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Bachelorette Party ideas in New Orleans, LA bachelorette party planning guide and directory. Male strip clubs of male strippers in New Orleans, LA. Our free articles plan every aspect including spas, restaurants, male revues, male strip clubs, hotels, nightclubs, limousines, party supplies, male strippers, drinks, invitations, bachelorette cakes and destinations. We’ll help make your bachelorette party a very memorable one.
When we go to a male strip club we expect to see great looking men. Every dancer in a male revue should have the body of an Olympic athlete and the face of a god as they dance and strut in front of us. Little boys, old men and guys pretending to be professional male strippers who have day jobs don’t belong on the stage of a male revue show. Leave amateur night to the comedy clubs and give us ladies professional male dancers who know what they’re doing and look and act the part. A superior male strip club or male revue show strictly hires professional models, actors and dancers to deliver an incredible experience.New Orleans male strippers add spice to any party. Our New Orleans male strippers come to your location and will always be punctual. You can hire one or many of our New Orleans male dancers. Choose the company with the most gorgeous New Orleans male strippers in town. We make it our business to hire New Orleans male strippers who adhere to our policies of excellent service. They will go above and beyond to ensure your event is a success. Have a peek at our hot male strippers and reserve one online for your next party. Take a look at some of our featured guys below.

For Parties over 100 miles from the local listed metro area please call for special invoicing and price must be 18 years or older, by hiring through this outlet you are agreeing that you are 18 or over.Black male strip club, Black male revue show, Black male strippers, Black male strippers for hire, Hire black male strippers, Male revue, Male strippers club, Bachelorette parties, Bachelorette party ideas

Purchasing tickets to a male revue show at a male strip club for your special day should be fun, exciting, and sexy and when you come to Ebony Men our male exotic dancers make sure it is.
We apologize for the inconvenience, there are no refunds for booking/deposit fees once you pay for your New Orleans male stripper. What we will do is reschedule your stripper or strippers! If you cancel greater than 72 hours before your stripper is booked, it is free of charge. If you do so with less than 72 hours’ notice, there will be a $25 rebooking fee.For my 21st birthday party, my friends and I booked a hotel in New Orleans for the weekend in the hopes of an unforgettable weekend to celebrate my new milestone in life. On our very first night, my friends and I booked two strippers from Muscle Men male strippers in New Orleans and had an incredible time. None of us had ever seen male strippers before apart from movies, but let me tell you these strippers blew the movies out of the water. The two men we booked were incredibly sexy and were amazing at stripping and giving lap dances. It truly made my 21st birthday with my best friends an unforgettable experience and I am very happy that we booked strippers from this company because they were truly amazing.

Our Booking Process for hiring male strippers in New Orleans is as easy as ordering a Lyft. Simply fill out the stripper booking form, you will then receive a confirmation email and that’s it! You will know that your stripper or strippers in New Orleans are booked so you can rest assured and start preparing for your New Orleans bachelorette party, bachelor party, birthday party, or a fun night out with the girls and leave the male strippers to us!

If you are going to hire a male stripper or stripper for a private show or party in a hotel in New Orleans but you don’t have the room number yet, don’t despair! The male stripper or strippers will be texting or calling you a few hours before the show to confirm the information so he can get the room number from you then!
it’s always best to book as far in advance as possible for the New Orleans male stripper hiring process. This ensures there will be your preferred type of male stripper available for your party. We know, you don’t always know when you will want to hire a male stripper in New Orleans but that is okay too! We take last-minute bookings as well! Please note there may be an extra charge for same-day stripper bookings and is subject to availability and male stripper preference.Last night my girlfriends and I booked strippers from Muscle Men Male strippers in New Orleans for our best friend’s surprise 30th birthday party. We were a little nervous at first because we did not know how our friend would react at first when seeing the strippers, however, she had an amazing time and so did all of us. The strippers were the most beautiful men that we have ever seen and they were very talented at what they did. I am very happy that we made the decision to book strippers from this company and that my friend was able to have an unforgettable 30th birthday party because of it. We all highly recommend these strippers and definitely will be booking them again or making our way to their strip club in the future.

If you know in advance that you will want to hire a male stripper in New Orleans or strippers for more than the 45-minute minimum, it is important to let us know via the booking form when you fill it out. This is to ensure you can have the stripper for the time you need, keep in mind that they may have other shows at other locations right after yours so they may not be able to stay. If you have already filled out the form, just send us an email or give us a call to let us know as soon as possible.
Male stripper, Hire a male stripper for your bachelorette party. Hire male strippers for birthday parties, Male strip clubs, or hire male strippers for private parties. Private male strip shows, male strip club for your party, hen party.Don’t worry, we will take care of you :). We can accommodate any type of party: strippers for bachelorette parties, strippers for male-female couples, male strippers for male-male couples, strippers for bisexuals, male strippers for gay parties, male strippers for male parties, or any combination of couples or individuals thereof! If you need gay-friendly strippers, bisexual strippers, or straight (heterosexual) strippers, we have your party covered! Regardless of your sexual orientation, we can accommodate your party! To ensure this, just place a note in the special notes section of the stripper booking form what type of stripper you would like therefore we can send the best exotic dancer for your New Orleans party!

With the initial deposit, we can assure you are serious about hiring a sexy New Orleans male stripper. We then tell the stripper that he is good to go and the cash upon arrival gives the stripper permission to begin the fun! This is a base pay for the stripper’s arrival and work. Tips are separate and the strippers are always grateful for the show of appreciation in the form of tips.
Just visiting New Orleans for the weekend with the girls and looking for the time of your lives? Hiring male strippers from Muscle Men Male Strippers is the perfect way to get it and never forget it!New Orleans male strippers are available anytime and why not, the city never sleeps! New Orleans party strippers for at-home strippers parties of any kind! If you need to hire male strippers in New Orleans for Party buses, or New Orleans male strippers for event spaces, maybe you are looking to hire a New Orleans male strip show for your event or even nightclub! Whatever your New Orleans party stripper needs Muscle Men Male Strippers has got all your hiring stripper needs covered! Last weekend my friends and I went to New Orleans all the way from Texas to celebrate my bachelorette party. On our last night, my maid of honor knew that I have always wanted to see male strippers, so she booked us on our very own male strippers at our air BnB and let me tell you it was definitely an experience. The two male strippers that we booked were from Muscle Men male strippers in New Orleans. The strippers that we booked looked like Greek Gods and treated my friends and me like we were the most beautiful attractive women in the entire world. They were also very professional and very good at stripping while at the same time making sure we were okay with everything that they were doing. It truly was an amazing night and I am very happy that we did it, if we are ever in the city again for another bachelorette party we are definitely booking from this company again. We highly recommend it! The base cost to hire a male stripper in New Orleans is $200.00 per 30 to 45 minutes. This price is based upon the metro area you are hiring in and does not cover the parties outside of that metro area. This cost covers anything and everything within a 10-mile radius of that metro area. Please refer to the hire a male stripper locations page for a list of metro areas. Also, do not hesitate to call or email with any questions regarding how to hire one or more male strippers! We are always here to help you in your stripper hiring!Are you looking to bring the male strip club in New Orleans to you? Our super sexy male exotic party strippers are at your fingertips live and in person, anywhere and anytime you need them! If you or your girls need some male stripper attention, Muscle Men male Strippers are just what the doctor ordered, speaking of a doctor, order your exotic male dancer the way you like, with a costume you choose right on the booking form!

Hiring New Orleans Male Strippers is now fun and easy and just a few clicks away from being the best night of your life. Bachelorette party strippers and birthday party strippers are our specialties, but we can provide male strippers for any New Orleans event. Muscle Men Male Strippers is the premier New Orleans male stripper for hire company!
A couple of weeks ago my best girlfriends surprised me with a trip to New Orleans to raise my spirits due to the nasty divorce I have been going through for the past year. It was an amazing trip and what made it all the better was that my friends booked a party bus and did not tell me that they booked male strippers. I found out about the male strippers when we got “pulled over by the cops”, which turned out to be strippers. The men were the hottest men that I have ever seen and definitely made me completely forget about my dirtbag cheating ex-husband. They treated my friends amazingly and were also very professional, sexy, and amazing at stripping. I am so happy that my friends did this to celebrate my new lease on life as a single woman, I desperately needed it. Next time that we come out to the city we will definitely going to book strippers for a private party again.Hire one or more of the industry’s hottest male strippers that New Orleans has to offer, and the most stunning male exotic dancers New Orleans has ever seen. Let Muscle Men Male Strippers Make your New Orleans bachelorette party, birthday party, divorce party, corporate event, or just a fun lady’s night spectacular.

That is completely up to you where you have your private male stripper party! This is a great chance to get creative and have a one-of-a-kind party with your sexy male strippers! Prior customers have had parties in a: Hotel, Airbnb, Limo, Party Buses, Private Event Space, Business Space Rental, Private House, Apartments, Condo, Garage, Backyard, Night Club, Bar, Lounge, Temporary Rental Space, Cabin, Camp, Outdoor space. Simply, we have parties anywhere you can think of!Fill out the online booking form, and pay the deposit via credit card or debit card. This gives us the OKAY for the stripper to come to your party. You then receive an email with a booking confirmation. Your party will then be scheduled, and you can be sure that you will have a male stripper at your party on that date. The entertainer will then text (SMS) or call you hours before the show to confirm details, date, time, and location. You will have direct contact with your actual stripper to ensure everything is in line. You then should prepare to pay the remaining balance to the stripper in cash upon arrival and before the show. After this, game on!There isn’t an enforced minimum tipping requirement BUT we do believe that the small trippers should be adequately compensated for their hard work and a job well done. The male strippers in New Orleans work hard to hone their skills which means countless hours in the gym, training, dancing, and working! Our male strippers are the sexiest and best in New Orleans and the world and spend countless hours with their trade. A good average is $20.00 per person or more but should be adjusted higher for an excellent performance!Whether you are looking for male strippers for a fun night out or for a major life event such as a bachelorette party, look no further Muscle Men Male Strippers in New Orleans have you covered. Muscle Men Male strippers in New Orleans is the most professional, unique, and exciting male stripper experience that you will ever have the pleasure of hiring and absolutely the hottest and sexiest male strippers you’ll ever encounter.. The men are immaculately fit, sexy, professionally trained, love what they do, and make all of our clients feel like the only girl, girls, and or guys (at times) in the world. We all know how much fun a night at a male strip club in New Orleans or, you can bring the strip club to you and book male strippers for private shows. You and your friends do not have to travel anywhere for some male stripper magic, allow the fun to come to you.We do carry a wide variety of costumes and clothing that you can choose from on the male stripper booking form. On the male stripper booking form, you can simply choose your stripper’s costumes. If you wish to have a different costume or article of clothing that we do not have, you can pay in advance to us or have the costume available yourself upon arrival of the stripper or strippers to change into before the party or event.

Last weekend my fiancé and I decided to book male strippers from the company Muscle Men Male Strippers in New Orleans for our bachelor party, and wow were we amazed. At first, we were a little nervous because our New Orleans bachelorette party was co-ed and we had our gay friends at the party but, this stripper company sent exotic male dancers that were more than open to stripping for both sexes, they did not bat an eye at making sure everyone has a great time. They made me and all of our friends feel like queens and kings, and the two strippers that we booked were astonishingly ripped, beautiful, and very talented at their profession. We all felt like we were in the movie Magic Mike and truly led to an unforgettable night and an unforgettable weekend with the love of my life and our best friends. Next time we are in the area we are definitely booking from this male stripper company again, and I highly recommend them for a bachelorette or bachelor party of any kind.
There is no minimum guest requirement for male strippers. You could have 1 male stripper and 200 guests or just yourself and same with our male strippers, the choice is yours. however, please state so in the special notes section! Muscle Men Male Strippers has been the #1 Source for all New Orleans Male Stripper needs for over a decade now and remains to be the best in the male stripper industry nationwide! Hire New Orleans male strippers from Muscle Men Male Strippers and leave the male exotic entertainment part of your evening to us! We at Muscle Men Male Strippers know you have enough to worry about on your special night in New Orleans and that’s what you should do, once booked with Muscle Men Male Strippers worry about everything else! Muscle Men Male Strippers in Manhattan is #1 in male strippers for any private events, whether you’re looking for a male stripper to spice up the night or male strippers to celebrate a bachelorette party, Muscle Men Male Strippers in New Orleans is the company for you… Many women all over the globe close have hired male exotic dancers from us at bachelorette parties, birthday parties, divorce parties, girl’s night out, surprise parties, and gay bachelor parties. Hands down New Orleans male strippers are of the absolute best! Do not miss your chance for an unforgettable one-of-a-kind night where you will be treated like the queen and or king that you deserve.

Muscle Men Male Strippers has the HOTTEST male strippers for hire and Muscle Men Male Strippers and the Muscle Men Male Revue company has all your New Orleans male stripper needs to be covered NATIONWIDE! Muscle Men Male Strippers makes it very simple to book a male stripper or male stripper for all your male stripper party needs, book online or give us a call today!
Yes, yes, yes! We can send our strippers on party buses, limousines, yachts, private jets, and almost any other type of transportation as long as there will be completely sober drivers/Captains! Safety first for our strippers and customers! You must be able to, or have someone, pick the entertainer up and drop them off at the same location once the time is up. You can also pay for the transportation via Uber, Taxi, or Lyft as long as it is safe and sober!All New Orleans stripper party bookings are at least approximately 30 to 45 minutes and deepening on availability, schedules, audience participation, and tipping it can last as long as up to one hour unless you specify another time.

“I’ve been to many strip clubs. I must say the girls look like children just graduating from high school. I’m not sure if they are of legal age to serve alcohol…” more
“We booked a group during Mardi Gras and the ladies were wonderful and attentive. The balcony could be a lil crowded but hey, that’s Mardi Gras! Jackie, who was our host, was on top of things, bomb ass amazing and fun! Added bonus, she was a as hot as any talent in a sexy lil piece! 10/10 would recommend when your plan ahead and take care of staff!!!!!!! (Bartenders included y’all!) though I can’t share pix from inside, gets some balcony views! We’ll be back in 2025!!!”“We booked a group during Mardi Gras and the ladies were wonderful and attentive. The balcony could be a lil crowded but hey, that’s Mardi Gras! Jackie, who was…” more

“So I have a deep appreciation for the athleticism and naturally lithe dancer movements that seem so effortless But which I know are challenging to master. And…” more
“We patronized She She’s this past weekend while visiting New Orleans for my best friend’s bachelorette weekend. She loves strip clubs, so we did a Yelp search…” more

“Showcase is a down home favorite. If you’re not from here you probably wouldn’t like the spot. It’s not a fancy bourbon street club but I’ve never had a bad…” more
“This place was a fabulous bachelorette stop! (First things first, the address on Yelp is incorrect. The correct address is 2731 Manhattan Blvd, Harvey, LA).…” more“Can’t believe I’m writing a review for a strip club (please don’t tell my grandma lol). Stopped by because someone working the front door told us there was…” moreIt’s always best to book your tickets to the New Orleans male strip club show as far in advance as possible to accommodate the exact date you are looking to attend. The male strip club in New York City is one very busy location, and we want you to get to participate on the date you desire!“Last weekend my girlfriends decided to take me out to New Orleans, Louisiana for a girls trip due to the fact I had just finished going through a nasty divorce the week prior. My best friend took it upon herself to book my friends and I two male strippers from New Orleans’s Muscle Men Male Strippers, and I cannot be happier that she did. We had a great experience, and the men made me feel like I was the only girl in the world, which is something that I have not felt in a very long time due to my ex-husband. It truly made for an unforgettable weekend and was a great way to celebrate my new lease on life now that I am single again. We all highly recommend and will be book strippers from this company again next time we travel down to the city.“

Men always add strippers to their celebration and why shouldn’t you ladies? Your ladies’ night out should be action-packed and strippers plentiful! In short, there should be no bachelorette celebrating her bachelorette party without her male stripper experience and this should be handled by the bride to bee’s maids of honors. Get on your game ladies and hire those male strippers for the bachelorette!
Every girl in the world deserves to be treated like a queen, so all you ladies out there, do yourself a favor and give yourself what you rightfully deserve. We also offer packages for private shows for bachelor parties, and or for men to come to our club to be treated like a king like they rightfully deserve from the hottest male strippers that the entire world has to offer.We understand that not all of your group may be traveling together and may arrive separately, and that’s okay. If you have a table package, all you need to do is tell your guests that come to the New Orleans male strip show after you mention your name at the door, and they will be let in and escorted to your table.

“For my bachelorette party a couple of weeks ago my closest girlfriends and I made the trip down to one of my favorite cities in the world to celebrate my upcoming wedding, New Orleans Louisiana. My maid of honor knew how much I loved male strippers and took it upon herself to book three male strippers on our last night in the fantastic city. And wow, was I impressed, the men were not only the sexiest and hottest men that I ever laid eyes on but were also highly talented and professional throughout the entire night. New Orleans Muscle Men Male Strippers truly made my bachelorette party unforgettable and made me feel like a queen before my upcoming big day. My bridesmaids and I highly recommend it!“Photos are not allowed to be taken during the show. We ask everyone to remain seated and refrain from taking pictures and videos; we have photo tickets available for sale and should be purchased to have your or your group’s photo taken on stage with the guys! Everything about a bachelorette, birthday party, or girls’ night out should spell fun and excitement and when you add a male stripper or male strippers to the mix is! No matter where you decide to celebrate your bachelorette party, birthday party, or girls’ night out we got your male stripper entertainment covered! “Last weekend my girlfriends and I ventured down to New Orleans’s Muscle Men’s Male Strippers club for a girls night out. We all live in the city and had never seen male strippers before, so we decided that we should try it out, and my god, am I happy that we did. It truly made our girls’ weekend unforgettable, and the male strippers there were the sexiest men that I have ever seen in my life. We definitely will be going back to the club again in the future and will most likely even book some of the strippers for private shows. It truly felt like Magic Mike x 10 as the men really outdid themselves with their sexy looks and talent any day of the week. We all highly recommend it and will be coming back soon!“Although prices vary based on ticket types, our New Orleans male strip club tickets start at $25 per person for general admission tickets and go up from there. Keep in mind that you may be subject to standing room only if you purchase general admission tickets. If you want guaranteed seating, you want to buy either single VIP tickets (second best seats in the house. Notable, only seats) or better yet! A table package (best seats in the house)

“My soon-to-be husband and I, as well as a group of our best friends, ventured down to New Orleans, Louisiana a couple of weekends ago to celebrate our bachelor party. All of our friends knew we would love to celebrate one night with male strippers, so our best men booked us three male strippers from New Orleans’s Muscle Men’s Male Strippers. At first, we were all a little worried, due to the fact we are gay men and were not sure if the strippers would be okay with dancing for guys. However, the strippers that we booked made my boyfriend and as well as my friends feel like kings, and we had a tremendous time. Not only were the male strippers that we booked beyond sexy, but they were also highly talented and amazing to be around. My friends, boyfriend, and I highly recommend New Orleans’s Muscle Men’s Male Strippers for anyone looking to have an unforgettable weekend and a fantastic night in the fantastic city of New Orleans, Louisiana.“ “ Last weekend my girlfriends and I traveled to New Orleans, Louisiana, to celebrate my twenty-first birthday. I myself had never been to a male strip club, and neither had any of my friends, we were all a little nervous at first, but I can not tell you enough how happy I am that we went. They were the hottest men that I have ever seen in my life, and they were highly talented. They made my friends, and I feel like queens, and definitely made my twenty-first birthday unforgettable. Next time my friends and I make a trip down to the city, I guarantee you that we will be coming to New Orleans’s Muscle Men’s Male Stripper’s club again for an unforgettable night and experience. We all highly recommend it and are so grateful to the men at this club and the club itself for making my twenty-first birthday and weekend itself unforgettable. I cannot think of a better way that we could have celebrated.“ Muscle Men Male Strippers the HOTTEST male stripper for hire and The Male Strip Club show company has all your male stripper needs to be covered NATIONWIDE! Muscle Men Male Strippers makes it very simple to book a male stripper or male strippers for all your male stripper party needs, book online or give us a call today! If you are planning to visit New Orleans Louisiana or are a current resident, look no further when it comes to a fantastic ladies night out, Muscle Men Male Strippers in New Orleans has you covered. Not only do we have the hottest male strippers in New Orleans but, we have the hottest male strippers that the industry has to offer. Our male dancers are the most professional and well-rounded men and will make your wildest fantasies come true. Come see us at the New Orleans male strip club and or book private male strip shows with one of the hunky, sexy, and talented male exotic dancers; we promise that you will not be disappointed. Everyone is invited to enjoy this fantastic New Orleans male strip show, and for us, we don’t care if it’s a group of guys or a bunch of ladies with a guy or two that want to enjoy; we encourage everyone to come to enjoy the Muscle Men Male Revue in Manhattan.Without a doubt, anything about a New Orleans bachelorette party and or girls night out should spell fun and excitement, and a soon-to-be bride especially as well as her bridesmaids needs to have the male stripper experience precisely when she will be glued to the same guy for the rest of her life. Before you get married go out with a bang, and celebrate with some of the dreamiest and sexiest guys that you will ever have the pleasure of laying eyes on.

The Men of Muscle Men Male Revue and Male Strip Clubs New Orleans has performed in Male Strip Clubs all across the county and are nowhere Stripping in New Orleans, LA for you! Come on Down to the show and see our Exotic Male Dancers take it all off! Sit back relax and enjoy an evening of the Muscle Men and this jaw-dropping Male Strip show! Perfect for Bachelorette Parties, Birthday Parties, Divorce Parties, or just a fun Ladies’ Night Out With the girls!