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Minecraft Plague Doctor Skin

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SCP-049, also referred to as the Plague Doctor, is a Euclid-class object under the SCP Foundation’s containment. It is a humanoid figure that resembles a 15-16th century European Plague Doctor, with a black robe and a white-beaked mask.
Here, SCP-049 was voiced by Aaron Mckee, better known as TheVolgun, a YouTuber who is best known for his voice acting on the SCP-related material, who also voiced in the game SCP-035, SCP-939, SCP-990, and D-9341.SCP-049 is also extremely courteous and affable to both humans and fellow SCPs alike. It states that it does not like to speak because of the melancholy and pensive nature of the “victims of the Pestilence”, and that they do not react well to conversation. This shows that it still has its victims’ best interests in mind when performing its procedure.

What is a plague doctor called?
In France and the Netherlands, plague doctors often lacked medical training and were referred to as “empirics”. Plague doctors were known as municipal or “community plague doctors”, whereas “general practitioners” were separate doctors and both might be in the same European city or town at the same time.
SCP-049 is very well-mannered, respectful, and polite, so it makes little attempt at escape. It seems to truly believe what it is doing is for the greater good, stating that its cure is “most effective”. It is unknown why SCP-049 believes that it must eradicate this “pestilence”, or what the “pestilence” truly is.The two hitched a ride to SCP-6118’s home planet, where they encountered his former handler and cell donor (similar to a biological parent for a human), who interrupted a heated moment between the two with a shotgun. The Handler was obviously intoxicated, and almost shot SCP-6118 before SCP-049 gave it a concussion, grabbing SCP-6118 and driving away. The two spent a lot of time in the car together, with SCP-049 taking care of 6118’s medical needs and taking notes on him when they fell asleep together. The tension between them built, SCP-6118 almost kissing SCP-049 on their walk to meet Unit 7cb7, but becoming too nervous at the last moment due to SCP-6118 physically not being able to reach SCP-049’s mouth. This issue was later nullified after 7cb7 made their feelings plainly obvious to each other, then left them alone to talk about their relationship. However, instead of talking about their relationship, SCP-049 pinned SCP-6118 up against a wall and licked away blood that had been collecting on the alien’s mouth. The two were then interrupted again, 7bc7 stating worry that 049 would hurt his friend.

SCP-049’s touch is extremely lethal to humans, killing those that come into contact with it within minutes. SCP-049 then produces out of his body a black bag filled with medical and surgical tools, then begins surgery on the victim, inserting several unknown chemicals into the corpse.

What does SCP-049 do?
SCP-049 is capable of killing anyone instantly if he gets in range to use his death touch. He can also create “zombies” with his victims. The zombies are also known as SCP-049-2. They are following SCP-049 to protect him from other players and can turn them into SCP-049-2 as well.
SCP-049 is a tall humanoid figure that appears to be garnished in long black robes and a white-beaked mask. However, upon further investigation, it was revealed that these items are a part of SCP-049’s physical body, being similar in biological structure to muscle.

Is Minecraft Skins safe?
Because is so popular among gamers, it is, therefore, possible for some skins to contain malware. This can have devastating effects on your devices and can corrupt and destroy your data if you download any skins without caution.
In the second video featuring SCP-049, he is interviewed by a Foundation member named “Jacobs”, at the end of the interview, he intends to sacrifice himself to the SCP. Right as SCP-049 is about to touch Jacobs and “cure the pestilence”, SCP-049 withdraws himself and doesn’t touch Jacobs, explaining that “the pestilence has receded from him”, and that Jacobs has a different fate in store for him.

He visited different regions and spread death, with people believing he was a real doctor since he was somehow immune to the plague. After becoming rich he returned to his home to reunite with his family, but to his horror, found his wife had succumbed to the plague and was partially eaten, while his daughter was soaked in blood, but was thankfully still alive, thanks to her immunity which she had inherited from her father.Upon doing so, the pair were separated, causing significant distress for both. SCP-049 became threatening and violent in the presence of Foundation personnel, as mentioned above, but when allowed one meeting with SCP-6118, he treated the alien with much caring and softness. It turned out that 049 was just extremely protective over SCP-6118, as seen through many interactions that the two had with others – such as when they breached containment after SCP-049 terminatesdmany Foundation personnel, and the bus driver they met after their escape. The bus driver expressed concern for SCP-6118’s wellbeing, but crossed a line when they became a little bit flirty with him. This appeared to upset SCP-049 considerably, but he only acted aggressively until they reached the safehouse. Once inside, SCP-049 pulled SCP-6118 down onto a bench by the entryway and hugged him tightly, then confessed some of his feelings for the other. He stated that being apart from SCP-6118 was agony, and started crying when he mentioned the idea of “losing” the alien. SCP-6118 comforted him, letting 049 hold him while he returned the sentiment, talking about how he felt like he was just waiting to die until he met 049.

Some personnel were sympathetic to their relationship, possibly after seeing SCP-6118’s deteriorating mental and physical state, as well as how caring and affectionate SCP-049 was towards SCP-6118 during their interactions. Said personnel assisted in a containment breach, letting SCP-049 and SCP-6118 escape to the safehouse the former had set up. Because of the trauma it re-triggered in SCP-6118, the two’s relationship was put under some strain. An SCP-6440-2 instance that they’d been staying with encouraged them to talk to each other, and when they did, SCP-049 revealed that he had nullified his ability to kill people through physical contact alone, stating that it was because he wanted so badly to never hurt SCP-6118. The two grew closer, as SCP-6118’s physical health deteriorated due to being away from his home planet for so long. They eventually decided that they would use their friendship with SCP-507 to their advantage, “jumping” back to the Main Canon, where the majority of humans werere still alive. Content relating to the SCP Foundation, including the SCP Foundation logo, is licensed under Creative Commons Sharealike 3.0 and all concepts originate from and its authors.During the time of the black plague, SCP-049 was just a simple poor man living in a village with his wife and daughter. Suddenly he saw an actual plague doctor riding a horse near his house before falling in front of him and succumbing to the plague. The man looked at the now-dead doctor and had the idea to steal the doctor’s garments and disguise himself as a doctor to scam people and gain money for his family. However, unbeknownst to him, by taking the garments he made a deal with Small Death of the Brothers Death which caused the man to become cursed as one of the many agents of Small Death.When 049 encountered SCP-682, 049 tried to cure the creature of the pestilence, but after being attacked by the monster, 049 was left mentally damaged,considering he can’t affect scp-682 with his abilitie.After finally remembering his cure the doctor decided to leave Alagadda and return to Earth. In 1665-1666, the time of day and night went haywire, with the sun not coming out on London for several days, or when it came out would not set. At this time, the Black Plague seemed to have returned so the Plague Doctor took the chance to take the bodies of the recently deceased and reanimate them, which caused mass panic throughout London.

SCP-049 is a major enemy in SCP – Containment Breach. It will wander the halls and elevators, killing and “curing” any human it comes across, including the player. While it is not especially fast, it can be a major obstacle if it is blocking a path or pursuing the player. Touching the Plague Doctor will kill the player, and they will wake up a reanimated corpse, killed by a security guard. However, SCP-049’s touch is not lethal when wearing SCP-714.
After a mistake forced them to returnto Site-19, SCP-035 began stalking SCP-6118 and then kidnapped him. SCP-049 became very distressed, searching the entire area until finally finding them; SCP-6118 injured and SCP-035 likely about to kill him. SCP-049 proceeded to decommission SCP-035 by breaking the porcelain mask into pieces.SCP-049 was discovered in Montauban, France when the SCP Foundation was investigating some mysterious disappearances. They found 049 surrounded by the people he had turned into SCP-049-2. While the Foundation exterminated the SCP-049-2, SCP-049 took notes on what was happening, and then willingly surrendered to the Foundation. Under their custody, 049 kept doing experiments with various mammalians provided to him by the Foundation in order to keep him calm.

Upon arriving at the lord’s palace, the two met and introduced each other. The Black Lord was curious about the doctor’s medicine and asked if he could cure him of any disease he might have, but the doctor was discouraged and was afraid he could not. Then a monster appeared from the walls of the palace heavily injuring the lord, leaving the doctor to perform surgery on him, and during the procedure, the doctor finally remembered his cure. After the lord was cured, he only gave the doctor his gratitude and told him to leave.

On August 12, 2020, while SCP-6118 was evading containment, it encountered SCP-049. The two engaged in discussion before they were dragged apart and recontained. The meeting had quite the impression on both entities, and is followed up on in the UnHuman canon.
In the “End of Death” continuity in which a resurrected O5-11 of the O5 Council killed the embodiment of Death causing everyone to gain immortality, 049 became agitated when he saw that his touch couldn’t kill anyone anymore, and fell in a state of depression since he considered his death touch to be integral to his “cure”. The Foundation tried to elevate his mood by allowing him to help personnel in the site’s medical center, but this didn’t completely help 049 with his depression.During “There is comfort in not seeing, there is bliss in not knowing.” Where SCP-096 encountered 049, SCP-049 felt a large amount of sympathy for the creature, viewing it as a suffering, helpless and scared child. Despite telling the pale humanoid creature he could not save it, he said he can help it. SCP-049 then injected something to calm 096, in 049’s view. They were both underneath a black tree, with mirror shards hanging from the branches, as 096’s crying grew louder and more intense. 049 reflected on his own life and questioned whether or not if he was a doctor, 049 also noticed that the “child” had several cuts around its body with blood leaking. He was going to find a syringe to staunch the flow, but 096 ran and hugged him. While in reality, 096 and 049 sat down together, until 049 was dragged out.

In the Secret Laboratory, one of the players has the role of controlling SCP-049 and murdering the other remaining players. Out of all the SCPs in-game, SCP-049 is the slowest. SCP-049 is capable of killing anyone instantly if he gets in range to use his death touch. He can also create “zombies” with his victims. The zombies are also known as SCP-049-2. They are following SCP-049 to protect him from other players and can turn them into SCP-049-2 as well. SCP-049 can take more shots than other SCPs in-game. The Tesla-Gate could potentially kill SCP-049 or significantly damage him.
When SCP-049 and SCP-6118 return to the Main Canon with the help of SCP-507, they were obviously separated by the Foundation. This caused SCP-049 severe distress, begging to be able to see SCP-6118; he even went on to murder multiple Foundation personnel with brute force due to his conception of them trying to keep his “patient” away from him.Shortly after all of humanity was wiped out in the UnHuman canon, SCP-049 escaped his containment chamber and immediately headed to SCP-6118’s containment chamber. He turned the corpses of the Foundation personnel that had been guarding that wing into 049-2. Soon after, he used a keycard he had obtained to unlock SCP-6118’s cell, allowing it to freely roam Site-19. SCP-6118 encountered SCP-035 and was badly injured; SCP-049 intervened and nursed SCP-6118 back to health. Under the threat of SCP-035 attacking them again, they decided to leave Site-19 and relocated to a city containing other survivors of the Calamity.

SCP-049 was once thought incapable of speech, but this was later debunked when it spoke in a male voice, saying that while it can speak, it simply prefers not to. It explained that it seeks to eradicate “the Great Pestilence” from the world, which is assumed to be the bubonic plague. However, this is unconfirmed, as SCP-049 senses the “Pestilence” in subjects who do not possess the disease, and it has not seen it in some other human subjects. SCP-049 believes it is doing a great service by “curing” the infected. When confronted about the effectiveness of the cure, SCP-049 would not continue. It is possible that the “pestilence” is life itself, which 049 believes that it destroys the souls of people and that it should be ridden from their bodies.
While sitting in his containment room 049 heard the alarm going off, which was not unusual. Suddenly the wall of his cell began corroding and SCP-035 possessing a D-Class stepped through. 035 remembered his interaction with the doctor, but the doctor could not remember it. After 049 realized that they actually met in the past, 035 asked him to perform his surgery on a female D-Class it had brought along in order to for her body to not be affected by its liquid. 049 complied and after turning the D-Class into 035’s perfect host, the two SCPs managed to escape the site.

Are the plague doctor evil?
Short answer: NO. We see in the media many people wondering if the plague doctors were evil or bad. So we want to clarify it definitively. This may be due to their terrifying masks and outfits, but they were doctors!
In another video of the same series, a video about SCP-343, SCP-343 states that “a darkness follows” SCP-049, possibly hinting “the pestilence” that SCP-049 speaks of is something that’s a part of the latter, rather than something others are infected with.It is unknown what happened after, but it is presumed that the man did surgeries on himself, removing parts of his organs in order to store his tools inside his body, removing his own skin and grafting his costume and mask to his body, and removing parts of his brain and even replacing it with another brain altogether.On April 16th, 2017, when was being interviewed by Dr. Raymond Hamm–a doctor who spent a lot of time with 049 and considered him a friend–049 became agitated and attacked Hamm, killing him and turning him into a 049-2 in three hours, since security wasn’t activated.In this non-canon, fan-made series, there is a set of two videos that expand on SCP-049’s purpose and background. His aim to cure “the pestilence” remains in this video series in the same way as the standard SCP mythos. SCP-049 also discusses his encounter with SCP-035, which is a very different version of the same story that SCP-035 gave in its respective video within the series. SCP-035, much like in the original mythos, can speak many languages, but its true language is not comprehensible by humans.

In “Nothing in the cry of Cicadas Suggests they are About to Die”, an alternate version of 049, later dubbed SCP-049-1, arrived at the main universe right inside a church where a 2852 Black-level event was taking place. 049-1 was also affected by SCP-2852 and took part in the event in which he operated on the participants causing cicadas to emerge from their stitched-up bodies.
After some unknown amount of time, the doctor relocated to the dimensional nexus of the Kingdom of Alagadda. However, the doctor was annoyed by the imbecility of the natives and their lack of logic. To make things worse, the doctor was unable to find the book in which he had written his findings causing frustration in him. After telling some visitors to leave him alone, the doctor got an invitation from the Black Lord of Alagadda.If you are 18 years or older or are comfortable with graphic material, you are free to view this page. Otherwise, you should close this page and view another page.

What is the scariest Minecraft skin?
1) Jason Voorhees Skin Despite being limited to the bounds of Minecraft, the skin has all of the defining characteristics of Jason Voorhees, such as the green jacket, dark pants, and that intimidating hockey mask.
After the day and night time schedule went back to normal thanks to Lord David Blackwood killing the faerie hybrid who was responsible for the disruption, the Plague Doctor took residence inside a monastery of the Fifth Church where he was revered as a holy figure, although he himself didn’t think much of the place. He operated on the members of the church for some time making their bodies into abominations so they could be more fitting for their religion’s ideals.SCP-049 is kept in a secure holding cell. Should personnel want to converse with it, it must be removed by a Level 2 or higher personnel and sedated before being placed in an iron collar and accompanied by a minimum of two security guards. During a containment breach, SCP-049 came into contact and had conversations with SCP-035.

On the run, 035 dropped 049 to Marshall, Carter, and Dark ltd.. Under their employment, 049 began conducting surgeries on several individuals for the money-hungry group, earning them quite a lot of money. After a long day of work, 049 approached a man who lay dying. He assured the man that he did not have the pestilence and stayed with him until his final moment.After a few minutes, the subject’s vital signs will resume and the subject (now an instance of SCP-049-2) will begin to function normally, except any higher brain function. The victim will be rendered completely feral, violent, aggressive, and dangerous, and will wander until it encounters another human. It will then attack and kill the human before returning to its unintelligent and brainless state. However, when 049 does his operation on a mechanical creature, such as Leslie of SCP-3774, the robots will be reanimated but will keep their memories and intelligence as before their death.Browse the very best The+plague+doctor Minecraft skins on SkinsMC- the best Minecraft skins directory. Download, save, and use your favorite The+plague+doctor skins!

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Is a plague doctor bad?
Short answer: NO. We see in the media many people wondering if the plague doctors were evil or bad. So we want to clarify it definitively. This may be due to their terrifying masks and outfits, but they were doctors!
The RTX 4060 Ti is finally here, arriving with the base RTX 4060 at an attractive enough price point to make gamers consider upgrading their graphics card. But should you? We will be going in-depth and comparing the RTX 4060 […]Wrapping up the June game launch cycle, it’s time to talk about AEW Fight Forever, Yuke’s return to wrestling video games. After all, I only recently finished watching a bombastic PvP named Forbidden Door, and Kenny Omega vs Will Osprey […]The exact origins of the costume are unclear but have been dated back to Italy and France. Most depictions come from satirical writings and political cartoons. The beaked plague doctor inspired costumes in Italian theatre as a symbol of general horror and death, though some historians insist that the plague doctor was originally fictional and inspired the real plague doctors later. Depictions of the beaked plague doctor rose in response to superstition and fear about the unknown source of the plague.

Is Minecraft skin free?
There are both free and purchasable skin packs that can be obtained in the Minecraft Marketplace. After downloading these skins, you can equip them through the Profile menu.
As an example of the tough negotiating that went on between plague doctors and infected European towns, there is in Pavia an original agreement between one Giovanni de Ventura and the city in their archives that shows a sixteen clause contract that was further amended after it was originally written. Clause one originally showed 30 florins per month for pay but was later modified to be net of living expenses. Clause two was originally that the pay was to be given two months in advance but later modified to monthly. Clause five provided originally a severance pay of two months but later modified that to one month’s pay. Clause six said the said master Giovanni shall not be bound nor held under obligation except only in attending the plague patients which was later amplified with …the doctor must treat all patients and visit infected places as it shall be found to be necessary. Clause seven had to do with full citizenship and the original text was modified with according to how he shall behave himself.

Some plague doctors wore a special costume consisting of an ankle-length overcoat and a bird-like beak mask. As an attempt to purify the air they breathe (it was believed that good smells would ‘cancel out’ the diseases, and people would often walk around with a flower under their nose), the wearer would fill the mask with herbs and spices (commonly lavender). The plague doctors would also wear with gloves, boots, a wide-brimmed hat, a linen hood, and an outer over-clothing garment. However, the costume was not worn by all medieval and early modern physicians studying and treating plague patients.
The city of Orvieto hired Matteo fu Angelo in 1348 for four times at a normal doctor’s rate of 50 florins per year. Pope Clement VI hired several extra plague doctors during the Black Death plague to tend to the sick people of Avignon. Of eighteen doctors in Venice, only one was left by 1348: five had died of the plague, and twelve were missing and may have fled away.Plague doctors had a mixed reputation, with some citizens seeing their presence as a warning to leave the area or that death was near. Some plague doctors were said to charge patients and their families additional fees for special treatments or false cures. In many cases these doctors were not experienced physicians or surgeons, instead being volunteers, second-rate doctors, or young doctors just starting a career. In one case, a plague doctor was a fruit salesman before his employment as a physician. Plague doctors rarely cured patients, instead serving to record death tolls and the number of infected people for demographic purposes. Often, these plague doctors were the last thing a patient would see before death; therefore, the doctors were seen as a foreboding of death. It appears that the only contemporary sources which claim witness to this infamous costume are based in Italy during the 17th century. Later sources based in other areas do claim that this costume was in use in their country (most specifically during the Black Death); however, it is possible that they are being influenced by theatre and other works of fiction, already cited in this article. In 1527, in the city of Prato, a plague doctor named Stefano Mezzettino was seen attending to other patients without a custodian. The rule in the plague doctor contract was that a custodian must always be with the plague doctor when he visits other patients. This created much danger for the public. He was fined for his illegal act and breaking the rule of the plague doctor contract.

What does SCP-049 do to you?
SCP-049’s touch is extremely lethal to humans, killing those that come into contact with it within minutes. SCP-049 then produces out of his body a black bag filled with medical and surgical tools, then begins surgery on the victim, inserting several unknown chemicals into the corpse.
Bernardino di Francesco Rinaldi obtained a clause in his contract when he was hired as plague doctor by the city of Volterra in 1527 that said essentially that the city had the obligation to provide Bernardino with all and everything necessary for his life support (i.e. food, water), and for these living expenses to be paid through the city expenditures.According to Garrett Rays Encyclopedia of Infectious Diseases, the first mention of the iconic plague doctor is found during the 1619 plague outbreak in Paris, in the written work of royal physician Charles de Lorme, serving King Louis XIII of France at the time. After De Lorme, German engraver Gerhart Altzenbach published a famous illustration in 1656, which publisher Paulus Fürst’s iconic Doctor Schnabel von Rom (1656) is based upon. In this satirical work, Fürst describes how the doctor does nothing but terrify people and take money from the dead and dying.

The bargaining which always preceded the final contract often consisted of serious negotiations. For example, the town administrators of Turin in 1630 were considering the terms of an agreement requested by one Dr. Maletto to become their plague doctor. After much negotiating, they instructed their broker representatives to make a fair and prompt deal as soon as possible with this Dr. Maletto. They were told to get the best possible deal for their city, but to be careful not to lose the opportunity of hiring this plague doctor, as it would be difficult to find someone else to perform these dangerous duties at such a low rate.
The typical mask had glass openings for the eyes and a curved leather beak shaped like a bird’s beak with straps that held the beak in front of the doctor’s nose. The mask had two small nose holes and was a type of respirator which contained aromatic items. The first known observation of the herbal-stuffed beak was during the 1656-1658 epidemic in Rome. The beak could hold dried flowers (like roses and carnations), herbs (like lavender and peppermint), camphor, or a vinegar sponge, as well as juniper berry, ambergris, cloves, labdanum, myrrh, and storax. The herbs right up against the nose inside the beak allowed for the doctor to have both of their hands free in order to examine the patient or corpse. The purpose of the mask was to keep away bad smells such as decaying bodies and the smell taken with the most caution was known as miasma, a noxious form of “bad air”. This was thought to be the principal cause of the disease. Doctors believed the herbs would counter the “evil” smells of the plague and prevent them from becoming infected.