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Msa Bus Schedule

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Read our Mission, Vision and Values and learn about the Mohawk Executive Group, Senior Leadership Team and Corporate Services. Or explore our Board of Governors section as well as review our Policies and Procedures.Use the resources listed below to make your transportation plan! Don’t forget to check out and access the transportation discounts that are available to you!The Mohawk Students’ Association and some local transit providers offer discounted rates for students. This makes transit a more affordable option. Learn more about the various discounts available below.

The City of Hamilton’s local transit provider is HSR – Hamilton Street Railway. Regional transit in the GTHA is provided by GO Transit. Local accessible transit in Hamilton is provided by DARTS. Learn more about the transit providers and their services below.
Explore our variety of programs and filter for just the type of program you are looking for. Search for a program by theme, program length, type of credential, location, availability, and opportunity for co-op work terms.

Our former students really stand out from the crowd – take a look at what they have to say about how their time at the former MSA campus helped shape their career and their journey to success.The shuttle service runs at intervals throughout the day and can transport you to many essential destinations in the area surrounding our campus. The shuttle also runs between campus and many of the popular off-campus student accommodation providers, ensuring you have no excuse to miss any of your lectures and tutorials!Studying for a World Class qualification will ensure that you receive a unique combination of global and local knowledge and prepare you for your future career.

With a large and growing group of academics from South Africa and across the globe, IIE MSA meets global standards for the quality of our teaching, research and support.

Many studies show that regular exercise provides important mental benefits such as improving memory retention, increasing focus and concentration, stimulating brain cell development, relieving stress and acting as a mood booster.
All full-time students at Mohawk College receive a bus pass from the MSA for the Hamilton Street Railway (HSR). This pass comes in the form of a PRESTO card.

The Fort Bend Independent School District, an Equal Opportunity Educational Provider and Employer, does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, sex, national origin, disability and/or age, military status, genetic information, or any other basis prohibited by law in educational programs or activities that it operates or in employment decisions. Additionally, the District does not discriminate against an employee or applicant who acts to oppose such discrimination or participates in the investigation of a complaint related to a discriminatory employment practice. Employment decisions will be made on the basis of each applicant’s job qualifications, experience, and abilities. Policies DAA, DIAShould you have any questions, or need immediate assistance we have a new MSA Bus Transportation HOTLINE that will be available Monday-Friday from 6am until 6:30pm. The direct hotline is 941.909.4538. You may also contact us at [email protected]

A. That bus may be assigned to a different school than your child attends. You will need to call the Transportation Department to get your child’s correct bus number and bus stop.
A. Students may bring band instruments on the bus as long as they can be held in their lap or between their legs and not protrude into the aisle or another student’s space.The school believes that you and your fellow students, as well as the bus driver, should be able to ride safely on the school bus. In addition to bus specific consequences, you may be disciplined for any action on the bus or at the bus stop the same as if it happened in school. Students are under continual video surveillance whenever they are on a school bus.

A. Bus Operators will keep students on the bus if there is thunder and lightning in the immediate area, or any other type of weather threat that may harm a student. Once the weather permits the operator will release the students.
If you commit any infraction, the school bus driver has the right to address your behavior. If you cause repeated problems on the bus, the bus driver will give the school a written discipline referral of your actions. School administrators will take any action contained in this Code against you for misbehavior on the bus or at a bus stop.A. Normally the driver will secure any items that they find after their route. The next time they ride the bus, your child should ask the driver if they found their item. A. All buses are equipped with multiple cameras that record all video and audio activity while the bus is in operation. Students may be filmed at any time during their ride. The tapes may be utilized to determine violations of the Code of Student Conduct. A. Once you have filled out the online “Register To Ride” form on our website your student will be assigned a bus pass 1-2 weeks prior to the first day of school. If you are registered during the school year please allow 3 days for the bus assignment and pass. The bus pass will list their bus stop location, pick up time and the bus number.Discipline on the school bus will be dealt with according to school protocols. However, severe infractions (for example, fighting, vaping, sexual behavior of any type) may result in immediate suspension based on the recommendation of the principal or designee.