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My Favorite Chaperone

During her trip, she thinks of her grandparents, and of their experience arriving in America as teenagers. She agonizes over their mistreatment. Relating to those who passed through, Gordon wants to tell the “ghosts” of the American immigrants that she prefers them to the Americans who “stole their names and chalked their weaknesses in public on their clothing” (Gordon 632).

Richard Rodriguez and Gloria Anzaldúa are two authors who both immigrated to America in the 1950s and received first hand experience of the assimilation process into American society. During this time, Rodriguez and Anzaldúa had struggled adjusting to the school system. Since understanding English was difficult, it made adjusting to the American school system increasingly difficult for Rodriguez. Whereas Anzaldúa, on the other hand, had trouble adjusting to America’s school system due to the fact that she didn’t wish to stop speaking Spanish even though she could speak English. Both Rodriguez and Anzaldúa had points in their growing educational lives where they had to remain silent since the people around them weren’t interested in hearing them speaking any other language than English. The silence that immigrants experience when assimilating into a new culture is not always a sign of social control. That silence is their confidence with the new language, and
Madeleine Thien’s “Simple Recipes” is not mainly about the father cooking food and his treatment towards his son, instead, the author uses food to symbolize the struggles her immigrated family experienced in Canada. While it is possible to only look at the narratives that food symbolizes, the idea is fully expressed when the father is compared with the food. The theme of food and the recipes are able to convey the overall troubles the narrator’s family encountered. Although, food is usually a fulfilling necessity in life, however, Thien uses food to illustrate the struggle, tensions, and downfall of the family. Yet, each food does represent different themes, but the food, fish, is the most intriguing because of the different environment itImagine you have to leave your family to go into a country you’ve never been in before and you don’t even know the language, just to live a better live. There is a lot of obstacles immigrants face and the use many strategies to overcome them. From collection one i will use real life problems that immigrants face when they come to america and face many obstacles but have multiple strategies to overcome them.

What is my favorite chaperone summary?
The story “My Favorite Chaperone” written by Jean Davies Okimoto, follows the life of a young girl who along with her brother Nurzhan, her mother known as mama, and her father whom she refers to as Papi have immigrated to the United States from Kazakhstan, through a dating magazine. Cached
The need for “American Luxuries” in the book , “Enrique’s Journey,” causes men and mainly women to leave their families behind. They leave tailing memories of their young children , poor and defenceless. Later in their teenage years, or sometimes even younger, they go on in search of their long lost parents. Winner of the Pulitzer Prize, Sonia Nazario re-tells an amazing story based upon the journey of Enrique, a confused and troubled boy in search of his mother, who fled to the U.S when he was five years of age. Nazario uses credibility and emotional appeal to inform the fleeding parents, to think twice upon the vicious and deadly risks of immigrating to the United States.When I ask my friends about my most prominent feature, they always mention my “Britishness”. With my Union Jack Converses and other flag covered items, I understand why. Of course, why wouldn’t they comment on that? I am proud of my birthplace, and couldn’t think of a better place to call home. Yet being a foreigner, I have faced a few challenges in coming to terms with who I am. Some obstacles are more comical than others, yet they all played a part in me understanding that nationality can’t be wiped away.

What did Mama give Maya?
Why is Mama’s gift for Maya is important to both Mama and Maya? Why does the bracelet represent a change in Mama? Mama received the bracelet from her mother when she was sixteen. In giving the bracelet to Maya to wear at the dance, Mama is acknowledging that “girls and boys dance younger” in America.
Assimilation is usually meant to indicate what happens to immigrants in a new land. However, “rejection, loneliness, discrimination—these were the byproducts of living in the United States” (Ghymn 37). In Marilyn Chin’s essay on assimilation “How I Got That Name,” the speaker acquaints the readers how she got the American name “Marilyn.” The tension between the two cultures is evident, for the speaker is treated as “Model Minority.” Her race and ethnicity define her; in fact, the stereotypes inscribed with her race restricted and cage her significance in the society. Similarly, David Hwang’s 10-minute play “Trying to Find Chinatown” centers on an encounter between Ronnie, a Chinese-American street musician, and Benjamin, a Caucasian tourist from Wisconsin who identifies himself as Asian-American, in the busy street of New York. In the play, “each character defines who he believes he is: Benjamin is convinced he is a Chinese American, and Ronnie sees

In “Se Habla Espanol,” Tanya Barrientos elaborates on her personal experience growing up in the United States. In the first couple decades of her life, Barrientos distanced herself from her cultural roots fearing that she would be judge and belittle. It was essential for Barrientos to fit in with the American society.
In the essay “Two Ways to Belong in America,” from 50 essays, Bharati Mukherjee contrasts the different views of the United States from two Indian sisters. The author distinguishes her American lifestyle to her sister’s traditional Indian lifestyle. Both sisters grew up in Calcutta, India, moved to America in search of education and work. Bharati adjusts to the American society very quickly, where her sister Mira clings to her Indian traditions more strongly. Despite both sisters living in America, only Bharati is an American citizen, while her sister Mira is not. Bharati argues the two ways to belong in America are to transform yourself as an immigrant, or to be an exile.

What is the major conflict in the story?
The main conflict in a story may be external (between characters and other characters or characters and their environment) or internal (a struggle within) or may combine external and internal elements. This primary conflict is typically what drives action towards the story’s climax.
The experiences people go through impact the way the see world and those around them. Children are raised by their parents and witnesses to the triumphs and failures. When the age comes many often question their parent’s decisions. Some may feel bitterness and contempt while others may feel admiration and motivation. The “Sign in My Father’s Hands” by Martin Espada conveys the feeling of being treated as a criminal for doing the right thing. Similarly, “Naturalization” by Jenny Xie is the story of a family who recently immigrated to America going through gauntlet of assimilation. In this paper I am going to analyze, discuss, compare and contrast the authors attitudes towards their parents according to perseverance paternalism and passivity with society. Both during and after moving to a new country, immigrants face many hardships. The process of obtaining citizenships is difficult in itself, but even when citizenship is earned there are still challenges. One major difficulty some immigrants may face is dealing with xenophobia. Immigrants who experience xenophobic prejudice can find adjustment to a new life very difficult. In contrast, those who are treated with kindness and as equal citizens find assimilating to a new culture easier. The way immigrants are treated in America impacts their success as citizen. In addition, one of the ways a former immigrant might feel like they have become a “fully-fledged citizen” is when they feel as though they belong and are integrated into the country they’ve come to. Immersing oneself in a new community can come with difficulties such as language barriers and balancing two different identities. Firoozeh may have decided to add a “simpler” name, but had to deal with the emotional turmoil that came with people not knowing her actual Iranian heritage. Firoozeh also had to help her mother adapt to American culture by translating because her mother could not speak English. Firoozeh’s father had to adapt to the language barriers because his version of English was incomprehensible to the average American. Every single member of Firoozeh’s family had to adapt to American culture by giving up parts of their original identity because they had to make a place for themselves in their newfound

Willa Cather’s novel, My Ántonia sheds light on the topic of immigration. Immigrants have many different reasons for why they might migrate to the United States. Some were trying to escape something from their old country such as avoiding a war, trouble with the law, or shame as is the case of the Russians Pavel and Peter. Reasons for immigrating could also relate to chasing the American dream as is the case with the Shimerdas. Challenges and hardships encountered by foreigners immigrating into the United States are demonstrated through Jake’s experiences with the Shimerdas, the Russians, and other foreigners.

Under the rubric of Commonwealth Literature, there is always a bewildering array of overlapping and intersecting experiences between ‘home’ and ‘abroad’. The ‘rootlessness’ which is central to an immigrant consciousness also connotes an underlying phenomenon of ‘give-and-take identity politics’ of a pre-defined identity along with the coterie of religious, cultural, racial, social values and norms thus become a site of hope, of a new beginning. All these issues come up in a unique fashion in One Amazing Thing by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni. This is unique from the perspective that unlike her other works where India is mostly viewed through the eyes of Indian natives, here in this novel there are some non- native characters who aspire to settle nowhere but in India with the hope of fulfilling their dreams which were otherwise lost in the materialistic soil of America.
Every year we see family emigrate to other countries, and they face many challenges. The stories “Sweet, Sour, and Resentful”, by Firoozeh Dumas, and from “Fish Cheeks”, by Amy Tan, share similar cultures and really interesting stories. Also, both families from the essay share several challenges that they are face when they move to the United States of America. The two families share many similarities; however, they differ in to keeping their culture, showing openness, and teaching a lesson from their culture to others. The short story “The Cold Equations” by Tom Godwin, illustrates my central theme “self sacrifice”. The characters are Daddy, Mama, Gerry, and Marilyn. The rising action is when she finds out that she has to go through with it that she hade to get killed. He hade to pull the read leaver down to shut the air lock between them, they sad there good byes and she slowly sank to the bottom. My theme is that self-sacrifice. It explains my theme in the story on page four fourth paragraph the author seas “What did he mean, to go through with is”. This explains my theme because she hade to go thought with having to die because they did not have very much fuel for that many people on the ship. The author explains the theme self sacrifice on page four paragraph… How the theme that is said in this prompt can be incorporated into the novel is when things get shaky when the administration starts wondering about what caused the suspension of Philip Malloy. In the novel this happened especially when Philip became “world famous” just because of singing the National Anthem. What this resulted was not only getting his justice but he was also getting so many telegrams and letters sent to him just for some patriotism notice that people have in the states. Everyone in the whole United States knew what was going on. Ms. Narwin and the board was getting beaten up by the whole world since the teacher Ms. Narwin didn’t let Philip sing the national anthem. How this can relate to the real world is when people are found…

Have you ever wondered what the theme of a book is. In When Zachary Beaver Came to Town one of the main themes the Kimberly Willis Holt was looking for was friendship and how much it helps you in life. In the story Toby Wilson and Cal McKnight get into fight here and there but somehow they always pull together and are still friends at the end. Zachary Beaver claims to be the fattest boy in the world, but when he comes to Antler Texas, Paulie Rankin leaves him for a couple weeks. Cal, Toby, and Kate help get Zachary get baptised, slowly towards the end he becomes friends with Cal, Toby, and Kate.…
In conclusion, with these main problems that the narrator faces, it shows how the story creates tension. From Confetti Girl, the narrator feels like her dad always wants to focus on school work. In Tortilla Sun, the narrator shows the anger in her mom leaving her for the summer and wants to come with her. To conclude with, both passages, show that narrator has a different point of view which creates tension from both…One of the main characters in this story is Nya. Nya relates to my theme “hope” because she was to walk miles to get dirty water three times a day back and forth just for water for that one day. Nya is a family of 6 and they live in South Sudan. She walks every day miles away to get water for a family of 6. My theme is hope and Nya relates to hope because in the story, it says on page 15 “Nya knew that going home…

The book Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe focuses on the character Okonkwo, his family and the Ibo tribe. The book Things Fall Apart gives many examples of how Okonkwo has failures and consequences for his failures and then has to live with these consequences and their negative effects. Many examples of this show up throughout the novel such as him killing another tribesman by accidentally shooting off his defective old gun and this has him and his family getting banished from their tribe. Okonkwo is a well-decorated tribesman and warrior who has based his life off of not being a failure and considered weak as his father was before him. Many times in life, as well as literature, people make choices and must live with the consequences…
In this story one way the author conveys the theme is through the setting. She does this by describing the setting. One example is she has one the of only Chinese families in town and it is against their tradition for her mother to work. Another example is the rainstorm in the story because the author uses it to show that the girl is holding on the her tradition of the mother not working…

The theme that seems to really stand out is death and how the author portrays it. Right in the beginning of the book you find out that Ben will be dying soon, even though he is still in high school. (4). The weird thing is that Ben says, “ But I have to say, and this will sound strange, the minute Doc said it, I felt a congruence. I’ve never pictured myself over twenty; never really thought I would be.” (6). This shows that the character, Ben isn’t really afraid of dying but accepting the fact that he will be dying at a young…
As we all know, the theme of a story is the lesson that is being taught throughout the novel. But a theme can also be the subject of a talk, a piece of writing, or a person’s thoughts. All stories have a theme, but they may not always be directly stated. This requires readers to dig deep down into the text and analyze the lessons that they have acquired through the book. Between the two excerpts, “Angelas Ashes” and “The Street”, there is common theme that perseverance is important when times get tough in life. The common theme is discovered through characters, events, and the setting.…

What is the author's purpose in my favorite chaperone?
The author’s purpose is to persuade people not to move to a new country because there are too many challenges involved.
This theme can be relevant upon a multitude of issues. One such that is most pertinent in the book would be child abuse. Within this rare form of child abuse found within this book not knowing the truth leads to a multitude of problems. The very basis of this abuse is the fact that a caregiver lies about the symptoms a child has and because of this lie it leads to a series of tests, operations, and medications. Julie Gregory was not completely aware of the truth that all the symptoms her mom always talks about are not true. Because of the series of lies it begins a chain reaction that leads to the destruction of her childhood and her innocence. Only when she learns the truth is she able to move past the childhood of…The author’s topic is important because it talks about issues like abandonment and negligence. Those types of issues still go on in the world. She was seven years old and she was living with her parents who were not happy with each other. Lynda talks about in the story on how her parents took in relatives and made them sleep in the girl’s room. The poor girl did not have any place to sleep and she was refuged at her school. She likes to helps her teachers and other people at her school. She showed up early one day to school and she helped the janitor with his chores. When the teachers arrived to school, they took her to her classroom…

How old is Maya from my favorite chaperone?
Maya Alazova is a thirteen-year-old girl who has recently moved with her family from Kazakhstan, to the United States. There is conflict between Maya and her parents regarding the extent to which Maya should either behave like a typical Kazakh or like a typical American teenager.
Conflict and solution are a huge clue as to what the theme of the story is. Lizabeth, the main character, doesn’t know whether or not she should listen to the child or women in her and becomes confused in who she really is. This can be seen in lines 239-241, The child in me sulked and said it was all in fun, but the woman in me flinched at the thought of the malicious attack I had led.” You can see that the child in her is making the woman I her discusted and…

Some central themes that I noticed in the text was one of the main themes of the whole book which is the central native roots the family has from growing up in the Dominican Republic and being catholic. The father enforces strict rules on the girls throughout their childhood and even when he moves the family to the United States as they get older. Once the four daughters grew into young adults in the U.S they find it a lot harder to succeed the American Dream. They soon realize that the social constructs of their native roots and American culture collide in personal struggles for each one of them. There integration of American culture distances the family from one another and each…

What is the main conflict in my favorite chaperone?
The conflict is the narrator’s desire to go to the Spring Fling, though she is sure her parents will not give their permission for her to do so. The narrator’s parents seem traditional and conservative.
The first theme is standing up for what matters to you. The author, Ria Voros, communicates her theme effectively by showing this in the main character as she stands up for what matters to her. An example in the text is when she stood up for james by making posters. It mentioned in the story what poster she was making “I speak to no one, hunch over my computer, type, cut/paste, download and with all the artistic talent I possess, create” (pg.182). This shows that she is standing up for her friend by using her artistic talent to show everyone that James was something to her. Finally, the last theme in the story is self esteem. When gretchen and her mom visited a performance where people would read their poems out loud that’s when she realizes what she wanted to do in her career. Her mom asked her if she would want to share her poem and perform on the stage but gretchen thinks she is not good enough. Later on in the story, it was mentioned that she performed a poem she wrote for james because of his death. That’s how she expressed her feelings and embraced her inner geekiness. Furthermore, the author used metaphors to successfully show the reader the theme of the novel. The book is written in a journal format and there are scattered poetry and haikus from other poets and herself throughout the book. Gretchens poem called “my sisters cuteness”. Her poem starts with a “her nasty cuteness spoiled little shrimp…Theme is the underlying message, or recurring idea in a piece of writing. This paper will focus on the themes that appear in Brownies by ZZ Packer. The two themes that are focused on this paper are racial segregation and peer pressure. Racial segregation focuses on the separation of people of different races and is also a form of institutional racism. The second theme that is shown in this story is peer pressure which is the influence a member of a group has one person of the same age.…

My interviewee is a second generation immigrant with one parent who was born in El Salvador and the other who has Mexican roots but was born in the United States. For the purposes of confidentiality my interviewee will be addressed as Ana from here on out. In this interview paper
Maya was justifiably upset at the offensive behavior of the unintroduced guest. Since a chair was not provided for him on the stage, it would appear he was not invited to sit on the stage during Mr. Donleavy’s speech. It was exceptionally impolite for him to take the principal’s seat and showed a lack consideration for the principal and the audience.

Life is a daring adventure. Throughout the lifespan, one will encounter many rewarding and challenging experiences. For example, during one’s youth, balancing academics and maintaining healthy relationships with both family and friends is perplexing. Nevertheless, imagine adding another element on top of the boat load of responsibilities and expectations that

Julia, a Hispanic EX-prisoner, works as a Janitor in a marketing company for about 4 months. When she is about to leave work and go home to celebrate her son’s birthday. Her colleague and boss secretary asks her to talk to the new Director of Personnel in the company, Terry. Julia feels a bit worry about meeting the new boss plus she can’t be late to her son’s birthday. Then, Julia breaks the worry and goes to the boss office.

Natalie Sterling, a seventeen year old senior at Ross Academy had just won class president and beat her opponent Mike Domski. Mike was the kind of guy that Natalie and her best friend Autumn tried to stay away from. The girls at Ross Academy were known as demeaning and “boy crazy.” One day, during the pep rally a bunch of freshman dressed in trampy clothing and started to dance inappropriately. The leader’s name was Spencer a girl Natalie used to babysit for. The flirty freshman called themselves “Prostitutes” or Ross Academy prostitutes. Not only was Natalie embarrassed and angry by Spencers action but, she was disappointed. When the principal and Ms. Bee the student council head were talking to the girls punishments Natalie barged in. Natalie explained how she wanted to have a lock-in for all the girls in trouble and any others from school who wanted to come, about feminism and women’s rights. Ms. Bee and Natalie agreed that it would be a good idea for
“My Favorite Chaperone,” demonstrates the hardships in the life of an immigrant in America. When we first meet Maya she has just moved to America seven months ago from Kazakhstan. She moved with her brother and her very strict parents. We see their strictness demonstrated when she is responsible for her younger brother Nurzhan after he gets in a fight, and that Maya and her best friend, Shannon Lui, can only spend time together at gymnastics. Her parent, still holding fast to the Kazakhstan culture, don’t understand the American ways of doing things for example after school when Maya and Shannon were waiting for the bus they were goofing off with two boys when her father drives up, not understanding that it was fine, her gets very mad atGish Jen’s novel Typical American A mother drives her three kids to soccer practice in a Ford minivan while her husband stays at the office, rushing to finish a report. Meanwhile, a young woman prays her son makes his way home from the local grocery without getting held up at knife point by the local gang. Nearby, an immigrant finishes another 14-hour shift at the auto parts factory, trying to provide for his wife and child, struggling to make way in a new land. Later, a city girl hails a cab to meet her girlfriends at their favorite club to celebrate her new promotion over cosmopolitans. These people – the suburban soccer mom, the tired immigrant, the worried mother from the hood, and the successful city girl – each represent the

For the first time, she clearly saw what her life would have been like had her parents didn’t take the risk of leaving their home. Poverty was omnipresent, opportunity was non-existent and educated, hard working professionals were barely scraping by. Even the youth had nothing to look forward to. “Their faces all shared the same expression — hopelessness. I would only see a small glimmer of hope in their eyes when they spoke of America, and how different their lives would be if they could live there.” says Cameron, “My parents risked everything because of hope. Hope for opportunity. Hope in the American Dream. Hope for their children. The risk they took is unparalleled to any risk I’ll ever have to face as an entrepreneur in America, and I felt so ashamed that I had allowed ignorant remarks shape my life and translate into resentment, especially towards them. The very thing that I viewed as a disadvantage growing up as a foreigner, which I let cripple me with fear and insecurity throughout my childhood and teenage years, was now my biggest blessing. My perception shifter, and it transformed into pride, a strong will, and an unrelenting ambition to succeed. My culture is unique and beautiful, and so am I, and I am grateful to have the opportunity to become anything I choose. My entrepreneurial instinct kicked intoMoving to America to start a new life can be extremely daunting. Living in a new country, not knowing what the future holds and learning new customs is a frightening prospect. The struggle immigrants go through is harder than most things I could imagine. When a Romanian woman leaves everything sheYoung, but driven, Jorge began dancing in the spring of his senior year at Sharyland High School. He was welcomed into Melba’s School of Dance’s family where he was introduced to ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, and folklorico. AtIn this paper, I will discuss the case study of “Ana”. Ana is 24 years old, has lost her job, and worries about becoming homeless. She currently is a single parent due to her husband being deployed in a combat zone overseas for the next eight months. Ana is a first generation immigrant from Guatemala; she comes from a large family. She claims to have a close relationship with her family but has not seen her family for about a year. Her father is a banker and her mother an educator, her three siblings all has graduated college and have professional careers. Ana has completed one year of college, but needed to leave school after her son was born, finding it difficult to manage being a parent, student and a full-time employee as well. WhileThis novel revolves around a love story between two Latino teenagers, Maribel Rivera and Mayor Toro. The Rivera’s, coming from Mexico, have come to America in search for a better life for their daughter, Maribel, who had previously fallen off a ladder at her father’s construction site back in Mexico causing her to be mentally slow. They wanted Maribel to receive the best special education possible. As time continues Maribel and her parents develop throughout the book. Their experiences impact their behavior and steer them throughout the book.

Carmen Mendez is a 33 year old female, who is a wife to Emmanuel and a mother to Josephine. Carmen sought after therapy because of the many transitions occurring in her family and precipitate’s a potential crisis. She believes her husband has a drinking problem because of his recent unemployment, although he denies it. Carmen moved to the United States eight years ago and has been able to secure domestic factory work. Carmen is bilingual and translates for her husband and daughter frequently. She was recently relocated for work and has moved her family to an urban

Why is Maya upset when she is called to the office?
Maya is upset when she is called to the office because…? she is worried about missing gymnastics. Why does Maya give an incorrect translation of what the principals says about Nurzhan’s fight? She wants to keep her father from becoming angry.
The first story that I think applies to the fear that society has on certain women is “New York Day Women”. The story is about Suzette following her mother who is a former Haitian Citizen around in Manhattan and starts to look back on all the customs of Haiti and all the

Who is the main character in my favorite chaperone?
Maya Okimoto typically writes about the everyday problems and challenges faced by teenagers like Maya, the main character in “My Favorite Chaperone.” Maya and her family have come to the United States from Kazakhstan, a country in Central Asia that used to be part of the Soviet Union. Cached
The book “My Favorite Chaperone” written by the author Jean Davies Okimoto has a very good theme. The theme which is also known as the message in this story is that you should be patience with people even if bad things are going on because something good can always come out of whatever situation you are in. This is like how in the story the family was having some struggles after moving and Maya really wanted to go the dance and in the end she got too. This stories setting was at Maya’s school and her house for the most part. The main characters in the story were Maya, Mama, Papa, Nurzhan, Aunt Madina, and Daniel. There were also many other characters but these were the main ones. Maya is definitely the main character because there isn’t a single