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N54 Injectors Index 12

Injectors with index 10 and lower have a different calibration and construction than injectors with index 11 and higher. Because of this the injectors with index 10 and lower cannot be mixed with index 11 and higher in the same engine.Port fuel injector test benches that the majority of our competition use for GDI testing simply cannot perform any precision OEM testing or Piezo stack regeneration. This precision testing at actual GDI injector operating conditions allows us the ability to report the injector performance against the OEM injector specific test plan with 100% accuracy. This level of accuracy CANNOT be performed at any shop that is testing your GDI injectors on a port fuel injection bench at lower than operating pressure. If you are paying to have your GDI fuel injectors tested on an ASNU or similar port fuel injector flow bench you are getting the operators best guess as to how your injectors are performing….PERIOD!

What index injectors for N54?
Genuine BMW N54 N63 N74 S63 Index 12 Fuel Injector (135i, 335i, 550i & Z4)
BMW Index 12 Injectors are safely tested in specialized GDI test equipment at operating pressures typically up to 3000 PSI against OEM BMW test plans utilizing precision measuring devices that measure liquid flow on a shot to shot basis, at actual operating pressure. Testing this way allows for precision measurement under operating conditions that can be digitally analyzed against the OEM flow test plans set by the injector manufacturer. NO GUESSWORK. PERIOD!

Do Index 12 injectors leak?
Index 12’s can fail like any other injectors, but they are generally reliable.
Great service for repair shops or DIY’rs that have cleaned and serviced their VDO GDI fuel injectors and want to have them flow tested to OEM standards before installation.There is absolutely NO GUESSWORK here at The Injector Shop. Test results are computer generated in very easy to understand color coded results. Individual test results can be provided digitally, as well as printed summary report.The Injector Shop is proud to provide Piezo GDI fuel injectors testing services for the N54, N63, S63, and N74 engines. Testing in performed using GDI specific precision test equipment, unlike most of our competitors that are testing GDI injectors on equipment designed for low pressure port fuel injection systems (ASNU type).

What is a 12 hole injector?
With 12 Hole discharge Nozzles these Fuel Injectors provide better fuel Atomization to achieve; Smother Idle, Improved Throttle response, Improved Performance and in some cases we’ve noticed Improved fuel economy!
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Why are BMW Index 12 injectors so expensive?
They’ve gotten so expensive because everyone is “upgrading” to index 12 as a preventative “mod” rather than replacing injectors because they’ve failed. Demand is high. Replacing a single injector is not hard at all and protool can code it in about 30 seconds super simple.
BMW has redesigned this fuel injector numerous times to address failure points. This injector is the most recent design. Due to this redesign it is absolutely vital to inspect the index number on your existing fuel injectors. The index number can be found on the head of the injector after the BMW part number. An example of this is 13538616079-11 where “11” is the index number. Injectors with index 10 and lower have a different calibration and construction than injectors with an index of 11 or higher. Due to this difference injectors with 10 or lower cannot be mixed with injectors of 11 or higher and should not be installed in the same cylinder bank.All new turbocharged BMW engines use a direct fuel injection system which directly injects fuel into the combustion chamber. This differs from a port injection system which injects fuel into the intake side of the engine through the intake manifold. Direct injection fuel systems operate at significantly higher pressure than a conventional port injection fuel system. Due to the design, the engine really relies heavily on a properly operating fuel system. If your BMW is suffering from misfires or has a rough idle it can be due to faulty fuel injectors.

Can you clean N54 injectors?
On other hand if you do it at home you can remove the intake. Get some valve cleaner spray for cleaning carbon deposit. And scrape it directly same effective as wall and blasting.
Most up to date fuel injector featuring optimized internal improvements, index 12, also replace decoupling element 13537564751 when installing new fuel injector, includes new viton sealI want to replace the injectors on my car, though they’re still good they’re original and I’d like to do it as a preventative thing. My only issue is a set of FCP is around 2600 dollars/450 a piece. I read on a forum from a few years back they used to sell them for less than 200? Where can I find quality injectors that aren’t outrageously priced?By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising.

The new part number cannot be found in the ETK BMW catalog. The service bulletin specifically says to order part #13538648937 instead of #13538616079 which is the expensive injector sold by dealers and most online retailers. Both the #937 and #079 injector are Index 12 and the part number on the injectors both read “13537585261” and then “-12” to notate the index number.
Determining BMW’s EU5 & EU6 direct fuel injectors takes a special process. Follow this guide to identify what injectors you’ll need for your replacement.

How do I know if my N54 injectors are bad?
Fault Codes. Ultimately, the only sure-fire way of telling if your N54 fuel injector is faulty is by plugging a diagnostic device into your vehicle and checking for error codes. Some of the common error codes you might find include: 29DC (10716) – Cylinder Injection Switch-off.
“Nothing” is the simple answer. Both injectors as referenced are Index 12 and come packaged the exact same way. Initially the #937 injector had a stamping on the metal housing which signified a material update to the injector which included an internal filter and optimized thermal compensating oil.

Remember, when installing these injectors you must carry out a DME calibration by entering the calibration number off the injector during the coding process. Failure to do so will result in poor performance and misfires. FCP Euro also carries an array of BMW specialty tools to aid in installation of these injectors as well. Embedded below is an instructional video of the replacement process (or, if you prefer, in written form).
Compression testing is one of the most common procedures for checking the relative health of an engine. If you ever want to know where you stand in terms of the overall health of your engine, aVideo Editor Stephen had a power loss in his Spec E46 race car in 2022. With 25,000 race miles on the odometer, a leak-down test highlighted the problem.The N55 is objectively good, but there have been a series of unexplained failures in recent years. It turns out a simple process issued by BMW is the fix.

As of 3/26/2018, BMW has made it impossible to order #937 injectors unless the order was part of a warranty claim under a recall. FCP Euro can no longer source or sell #937 injectors and will now be selling #079 injectors moving forward until further notice. However, the information listed below in regards to the #079 and #937 injectors is still relevant while both numbers are still listed in BMW’s parts system. At the present moment, the #79 injector now has the material update that was once exclusive to the #937 injector.
BMW is back to selling #13538648937 and #13538616079. Although these are two different part numbers, they are the same and it’s actually referred to as #13537585261-12. If the box these come in says anything other than that, you can safely assume that they’re #261-12.

BMW loves making mid-year changes, and this might be the trickiest one. If you end up with an early N52, follow this guide to convert your old-style coils.
The N54, N63, and S63 engines are found in numerous BMW models, too many in fact to list here. You can find the full list of models that these Index 12 fuel injectors fit on the product page linked above. However, here is a list of the most popular cars you will find these injectors in:The SMG went from future tech to complicated disaster as quickly as it shifts. But two decades later, is the much-maligned gearbox as bad as we remember it?

Gareth is the BMW Make Level Marketer for FCP Euro and has been with the company since 2012. Gareth’s BMW obsession started with a hand me down E39 528i when he was 17. From this car he learned how to do his own repair work while also learning more about BMW. When Gareth was at CCSU studying Marketing he had the opportunity to go to SEMA with the college car club. This is where he developed his love of the automotive industry. Since joining FCP in 2012 Gareth has sought out to develop one of the broadest and most accurate BMW replacement parts catalog. he can be reached at [email protected]’s a well known fact that BMW direct fuel injectors in N54, N63, and S63 applications are an important replacement item. In fact, BMW has even had several problems with these injectors where some vehicles in the United States are covered with a 10 year, 150,000 mile warranty on just the injectors. It is also a well known fact that these fuel injectors are expensive to replace and in most cases you must replace all of your BMW Index 12 fuel injectors in one cylinder bank if the index number on the pre-installed injectors are below a certain number. However, as of October 2016 a new injector was released through BMW as part of a TSB specifically for the S63 V8 found in the E70 X5M as well as the E71 X6M.

The E46 and E36 are some of the most approachable European sports sedans of the last three decades. Here are all of their differences in critical display.The good news about this new #937 injector is it is half the price of the #079 injector. We have done some testing on our end and have verified that this new injector performs the same and has the same increments of calibration. For those interested in the TSB from BMW, the number associated with this injector is SI B13 08 15. How can you tell the difference between the standard design and and improved design? Per BMW, there is stamping on the injector noting this. However, the #079 injector now has the same material update identifier on them which indicates the initial changes the #937 injector received also have been applied to the latest stock of #079 injectors. The only difference between these injectors at the end of the day is the retail price. The BMW N5X engines are generally great but have a few fatal flaws. Their camshaft bearing ledges wear out as they age, leading to very costly repairs. The TSB is specific for the S63 V8 which is the highest stock output engine that uses this particular type of direct fuel injection system. Remember that the BMW N54, N63, and S63 engine in ETK use the same fuel injector. With that said, the #937 injector can be used in all applications safely, and in theory should be a better long term solution compared to the #079 injector that is specified for N54 and N63 applications.I installed these in a BMW 335i E90 N54 engine that was experiencing serious misfire issues, and ultimately, injectors getting stuck wide open, making a loud whistling/whining noise, and pumping raw gas through the engine and out of the tail pipes in clouds of white smoke. The car is now running more smoothly than it ever has. I bought these for my 2009 BMW 335xi (N54 engine). I suspected a leaking injector as I could smell fuel at start (which was quite rough) and had a continuous misfire on cylinder #3. All injectors in my car were index 8 with one index 7. These index 12 fixed all my hesitation and rough idle issues! Way cheaper than the dealer. Installed in approximately one hour and coded with INPA. Car is running like new. These have solved every issue which included: – rough idle – higher than normal idle (idle for my car should be 600rpm old injectors were causing car to idle at 750-850rpm and idle rough) – hesitation – RPM jumping after driving for a bit – Leaking and fuel smell *note: Professional installation is recommended on all of our products, there is no warranty against damage or defects if work is done without a trained professional performing the recommended task*ALL REMAN ITEMS ARE CLEANED, TESTED, FLOW MATCHED AND FULLY REBUILT WITH NEW PINTLE CAPS, ORINGS, AND INTERNAL MICRO SCREENS. THERE MAY BE SOME RESIDUAL CLEANER/FUEL ON THE INJECTORS FROM CLEANING, THIS IS NORMAL.

With 12 Hole discharge Nozzles these Fuel Injectors provide better fuel Atomization to achieve; Smother Idle, Improved Throttle response, Improved Performance and in some cases we’ve noticed Improved fuel economy!
EV6 Only Available, if you have an EV1 connection, we do offer the replacement pigtails OR adaptors to swap your system over to run the Newer Designed Injectors! We highly recommend using the new pigtails over the adaptors.We highly recommend to replace all 6 injectors at the same time, after installation, you will also need to code them, this can be done at your local BMW specialist.

We ship worldwide via DHL International, simply enter your full address at checkout to see the shipping option(s) and quote(s). Same day dispatch available if your order is placed before 1pm UK Time on all in stock items!Faulty injectors may lead to check engine light, rough idle or misfire and therefore reduce your engine performance, it is highly recommended to replace your injectors when modifying your pride and joy for more power. Especially the early models of the N54 engines, as they are prone to fail. These are the latest index fuel injector made by BMW for optimal performance.

To ensure the part(s) you have ordered fits your vehicle, we run a compatibility check prior to dispatch. We can do this either using your registration number(UK) or the last 7 digits of your VIN. Simply enter your car details prior to checkout.For in stock items, get FREE Guaranteed next day UK delivery for orders over £199, excluding delicate items, larger items and certain remote postal codes/areas. Same day dispatch available if your order is placed before 1pm UK Time.

How much HP can a N54 handle?
If you want to completely rebuild an N54 to race specs, the sky’s the limit. N54s hit 6-700HP with no engine modifications. Most owners dont want to spend the money to build the engine and rear end to handle 1000whp at 750-800whp the car can handle that on a stock motor and rear end.
Two years manufacturer warranty for UK customers and one year manufacturer warranty for international customers if VIN is provided during check out on compatible vehicles.

Also, many of the problems you describe occur if you drive the car hard all the time, and then forget to follow a more frequent maintenance schedule befitting that kind of usage. If you use it as a DD, the only thing I recommend beyound routine things is replacing all the coolant hoses to the braided stainless steel, and every 75k replace the water and fuel pumps. But….I would do that for any car.

Index 12 injectors weren’t always this expensive, so what the hell happened? In short, there was a parts structure change. The updated fuel injectors for the N54 engine carried a part number of 13538648937 and were made unavailable outside of recall or warranty work in 2018. However, they were basically identical to the then-recently updated direct injectors found on the S63 V8, part number 13538616097. Both part numbers have since been combined under part number 13538616079, still identical to the injectors on the S63, albeit much more expensive than before.

What BMW has Index 12 injectors?
The recent injector design is the BMW Fuel Injector (Index 12). Most of the BMW cars released from 2007 to 2014 including the BMW 335i (2007-2010), BMW 535i (2008-2010), BMW X6 (2008-2014), BMW 750i (2009-2012), BMW 750Li (2009-2012), and BMW Z4 (2009-2016) are compatible.
Really, it’s not just the 335i I’m talking about – it’s anything with the N54 twin-turbocharged inline-six engine. Certain years of 135i, 135is, Z4 sDrive35i, Z4 sDrive35is, 335is, 535i, X6 xDrive35i – all that stuff. The N54 is a neat engine, but almost everything bolted to it is terrible. The turbochargers develop wastegate rattles that require serious hours to repair, the plastic valve cover cracks, the charge pipes leak, and the high-pressure fuel pump can go bang. However, most of these pale in comparison to the issue of fuel injectors.The original BMW 335i is a bit of a marvel. At the time of its release, everyone thought BMW had gone mad. Why sacrifice the character of a naturally-aspirated engine when the German marque could’ve just built a modern version of its M30 big-six? Well, it wasn’t long until drivers noticed smooth, almost lag-free power delivery and tuners realized they could add the better part of 100 horsepower with a few bolt-ons and a tune. How’s that for a bit of humble pie? However, as these cars depreciated, it became apparent that they were quite expensive to keep going, and over the past few years, the costs have grown much higher.The fuel injectors got replaced, as per the schedule, at 100k miles. This was in 2018. We used an indie BMW specialty shop, who used a quality aftermarket part.So are there any aftermarket alternatives to these pricey VDO-manufactured injectors? Yes and no. There are companies out there that promise to rebuild these fuel injectors. However, rebuild quality varies wildly, so it’s a roll of the dice on whether you’ll need to just buy brand new injectors anyway. I’d also advise against ordering cheaper injectors from eBay as many are counterfeit with improper calibration values printed on the parts. As replacing N54 injectors requires registering the new injectors in the engine control module, punching in correct injector calibration values is critical to avoid misfires.

It’s lame that a 3 series has problems like this. I’d expect these kinds of problems on a 7 series which is very very expensive when new, and is expected to have the very newest tech. I’ve considered getting a used BMW coupe, but when I read about things like this I have doubts.
Take a deep breath. From reputable online retailer FCP Euro, Index 12 injectors for the N54 inline-six cost $549.99 each. Yes, each. What’s more, it’s not recommended to mix Index 12 injectors with Index 1-10 injectors as a calibration change occurred for Index 11, which means that it’s recommended to replace injectors bank-by-bank. Considering an N54 has two banks of three cylinders, this means a minimum outlay of $1,649.97. If you want the peace of mind of replacing all six in one go, that’s $3,299.94 worth of fuel injectors. That’s enough to mechanically total a high-mileage E90 335xi.