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Neil Almeida Passed Away

He is survived by : his parents, Robert Almeida and Terry Almeida; his sister Samantha; his brother-in-law TJ; his uncle Mark Almeida; and his cousins, Shannon Almeida and Hailey Guabello.

It is with deep sorrow that we announce the death of Neil Robert Almeida of Cape Coral, Florida, born in New Bedford, Massachusetts, who passed away on August 2, 2022, at the age of 37, leaving to mourn family and friends. Family and friends can send flowers and/or light a candle as a loving gesture for their loved one. Leave a sympathy message to the family in the guestbook on this memorial page of Neil Robert Almeida to show support.
The other day I thought, You know I wonder why I haven’t seen any videos from Neil. I went on his tik tok site to find he had passed away. I worked with Neil at Apria and left 2 weeks before his passing, so I was never informed. Neil made my day at work so much brighter and was always a positive light to anything going on around him. I’m truly sorry to hear of his passing and send all the love and light I can to his family. He will be missed by so many. I will never forget him! Rest easy Neil and until we met again.He is survived by his loving father, Robert Almeida of North Fort Myers; his mother, Terry Almeida; his sister, Samantha and brother in law, TJ; his uncle, Mark Almeida; cousins, Shannon Almeida and Hailey Guabello; as well as his closest friends and TikTok family.

Memorial Contributions in memory of Neil “Tunzaphun” Robert Almeida are suggested to be sent to his father at: 2814 Cloister St., North Fort Myers, FL 33917.Neil “Tunzaphun” Robert Almeida, 37, a resident of Cape Coral, FL for the past six years, formerly of O’Fallon, IL, passed away Tuesday, August 2, 2022 in Port Charlotte, FL. He was born September 21, 1984 in New Bedford, MA.

I’m at a loss for words. I had just brought you up in conversation not too long ago and meant to reach out and now I’m besides myself because I let life get in the way. No matter your situation you always kept a positive attitude and could spread joy to everyone in your path. You will forever be one of my favorite music buffs and bear hugging connoisseurs that I’ve ever been blessed enough to call a friend. Will greatly miss your spirit. Heaven gained a great soul.Neil, you are missed by so many. The good lord blessed us with your presence and for that we will forever be grateful. I am honored to be able to call you friend. You have inspired me so much! I will never forget you brother. A heart of pure gold gone way too soon. I love you brother. Until we meet again 🤟🏻🤟🏻

Oh Neil. We miss you so much! Your time on earth was short but you touched so many people while you were here. I will miss our chats and laughs, and will just miss everything about you! Fly high my friend!
Still at a loss for words. You are missed by so many and filled all of our lives with so much joy and love. So thankful for all of the memories we have shared! Heaven gained a beautiful angel. Until we meet again with a great bear hug and Portuguese food. Love and miss you buddy

Neil was of the Christian faith. He was loved by many. Music was his passion, whether it was him DJ’ing or sharing his favorite songs with his friends and family, there was always a tune in his head. Whenever you needed a singing or dancing partner, he was by your side. He embraced the new age of social media and found himself an additional family and redefined what the meaning of family meant. He was loved because of his pure heart. We will miss his boyish laughter, his bright smile, and enormous bear hugs. We are all happier because of Neil, so continue to show love, don’t judge and be positive.Also, Neil’s fans and people who cared about him were praying for him and his family. He used to help people and do good things for them. He was a happy person who died when he was young.

A man named Almeida lived in Cape Coral, Florida. He died on August 3, 2022. His death notice is everywhere on the internet. At about 5:14 p.m., word got out that he had died. Neil went to the SWIC college in 2002 and got his degree in 2006.Someone said that he gave people a lot to think about. People will miss him, and they try to make his family feel better. Even someone who was a great friend of Corey Anderson said that they had just heard the news.

Anderson talked about the late content creator in the Tiktok video and said, “Neil was my friend.” I was out with his sister when I heard that his dad is getting in touch with people. My video won’t be taken down. Many people are sending their condolences.
Almeida was a fun-loving person who made videos for TikTok. He has 111k people who follow him on TikTok. Also, the person who made the content was one of the best people on the Tiktok app. He was also active on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and other sites. Neil also finished his course work in Graphic Design. He made content for Tiktok as a Web Development and Administration, Electronic Publishing, and Electronic Publishing Specialist. The designer put up his last video on Tiktok on July 25, 2022. In 2020, on Thanksgiving, Anderson and Neil met for the first time. They were happy to finally meet. After that, they talked for a few nights; they kept in touch. He was real, friendly, and happy. People like Neil had so many good friends.His family may be sad right now because of the heartbreaking news. He liked to have fun and used to post funny videos on his social account. The social influencer used the handle @djtunzaphun on Instagram and gained 1963 followers.

Neil shared his last video on June 25. In it, he was having fun with his friends and blowing on a candle to make money. It was funny to watch. Neil talked about the charity show on December 11, 2020.
Anderson told everyone on Tiktok that a friend had told him about the event in a message. He said that Neil would have made a video about him if he had died. Neil called Anderson a few days ago and said, “Let’s get together.” But Anderson was busy at the time.The cause of Almeida’s death and funeral plans have not been changed yet. But the people found out for sure when his father told them about his death. On the video that his friend posted, his fans said that heaven got a great new angel today.

Neil wrote in the caption, “Anyone in the Palm Beach Gardens area who wants to have fun and raise money for a good cause should come by.” Two members put on a charity car and truck show to get people to bring unwrapped toys so they could help some great kids have a great Christmas.
Almeida was a fun-loving 36-year-old man who wanted to lose a lot of weight. He used to weigh 760.4 pounds, but now he weighs 250 pounds. He’s lost weight and now weighs only 197 pounds.In the video, he talked about when your brother came to visit you from North Carolina and you heard a strange sound coming from the bathroom. He’s asked those who follow him. What do you think he was watching? In his last video, people spoke out about how much they cared about his family. Everybody was puzzled by Neil Almeida’s passing, and his admirers were amped up for figuring out what had happened for him. Individuals have been looking for data concerning his passing coming about to seeing his photographs posted on the web. Everybody has been sickened by his irritating end, and the new comprehension about Neil’s passing has deadened them all. There is no data concerning his earlier relentless deficiency; he transmits an impression of being strong.

While the assessment concerning his end could notwithstanding be relentless, Almeida’s family has quieted about his passing. We should, regardless, regard others’ security.
Individuals are regarding Almeida considering the new comprehension about his passing moving through web-based redirection. Neil Almeida Obituary And Tribute innumerable Neil Almeida’s fans are puzzled by the information about his passing and need to become familiar with the conditions including it and his acknowledgment.Individuals have dependably experienced silly despairing and an unexplained vibe of difficulty following losing a friend or relative. Everybody was stupefied by Almeida’s unanticipated passing since he was a particularly capable and fiery young person who related with those in a difficult situation.

People were stunned by the unexpected demise of Almeida as he was such a busy and talented young man who aided individuals when required. His passing news is so sudden to hear and the curiosity amongst people to know the cause of his sudden departure. Neil Almeida who was famous by his name DJ Tunzaphun passed away on Tuesday, 2nd August 2022. DJ Tunzaphun passed away but the real reasons for his death are not made public yet. Our sources are trying to get more information on this death news.One more passing news is currently in the news and people are sharing their mourning after hearing back-to-back death news. The name of the deceased person is Neil Almeida who was famous as DJ Tunzaphun. Netizens were stunned after hearing the sudden passing news of Neil and his fans are shattered as well as keen to know the reason for his unexpected departure. Individuals have to wait for the details about his sudden demise as his pictures have been shared on the web. His fans and netizens have now felt deep sorrow and a sense of loss that they could not describe. As per the reports, Neil Almeida serves for Apria Healthcare where he was holding the position of patient qualification specialist. The sudden demise of Neil surprised and stunned anyone and his sudden departure stunned everyone. Follow Our website for the latest updates!!!!!

Several of the admirers of Neil Almeida are confused by the news of his sudden departure and wants to know more information on his official obituary. The family Neil has not stated anything about his unexpected demise or penned any obituary. His friends and family of Neil are paying tribute to him on the web. His family of Neil has gotten a lot of letters of condolences from individuals who care about them, which has aided them to feel better. At this tough time, individuals state their condolences to the family and pray for salvation.
As per the reports, there are no such details about his health issues in the past, and he looks to be healthy. It is quite shocking to hear his passing news and his fans are upset with his passing news. Our sources trying to find more information on his death and details related to his last rites but the family of Almeida has not stated anything about his demise to the public as teh probe into how he passed away may still be going on. Individuals are paying condolences and tributes to Almeida on social media platforms, where the news of his demise is getting or gaining a lot of attention.

Neil “Tunzaphun” Robert Almeida, 37, of North Fort Myers, passed away Tuesday, August 2, 2022. Mullins Memorial Funeral Home & Cremation Service, Cape Coral, is entrusted with final care.
Neil is one of the most intelligent people that MakeMyTrip has had the honor of employing, says Brinda. He is very analytical and driven by data in his business practices, and was a motivation for many younger employees in his department. Neil has a lot of energetic enthusiasm, and was knowledgeable about the company and its operations. Neil has demonstrated his talent for switching between different business lines at MMT, and I think that he does a great job putting a lot of effort into everything that he does. He is another great colleague and mentor, and I believe that he will be very successful in the future.

Neil is a lead-from-the-front professional who always gets things done thoroughly, in order to be successful long term. I worked with Neil for over 2 years, and every time we talked, I learned something new about him. His knowledge is incredibly deep and wide, extending beyond the industry he traditionally worked in. I am lucky to work with you again.
Words fall short of expressing our grief for your loss, as we mourn with family and friends for this great loss. We are truly sorry to hear of the loss of this promising being. Please accept our condolences and may our prayers help comfort you. Please receive our heartfelt condolences.Neil Almeida Death – Florida Tiktok star and Apria Healthcare Patient Qualifications Specialist Neil Almeida also known as DJ Tunzaphun of Cape Coral, Florida sadly passed away. The news of Neil Almeida’s death was announced on Tuesday 2nd August 2022 by Mariah Lynn on social media “Heaven gained two very amazing people. My heart hurts. Uncle Jim Stewart and Neil Almeida I miss and love you both to no end! rip beautiful souls. The actual cause of Neil Almeida’s death has not been released to the public at this time.Caroline Madish is an SNBC13 news reporter covering fatalities and crime happening around your community and the world at large. I graduated from the University of Columbia in New York where I earned by MSc in Mass Communication. I am tenacious, curious and always mastered what i do very quickly.From May 2021 to April 2022, Neil Almeida worked as a Patient Qualifications Specialist at Apria Healthcare in Overland Park, Kansas, in the United States. His employment there spanned a total of one year and four months. After that, he worked for as an Inbound Sales Specialist.Neil Almeida was a young guy who possessed both intelligence and bravery, and he approached his work with the utmost devotion and dedication at all times. He was a propelling factor in each situation he found himself in. He served as an advisor and example to a very large number of individuals during his life. He exuded love, care, and encouragement in equal measure. He never stopped going out of his way to ensure the happiness of others.

Neil Almeida was an indigene of New Bedford, Massachusetts but resided in Cape Coral, Florida. Between the years 2003 and 2006, he was an undergraduate student at Southwestern Illinois College, where he majored in Web Development and Administration and Electronic Publishing Specialist. Beginning in November 2019 and lasting for a total of 2 years and 10 months, he held the position of Hosting Specialist at, which is based in Drums, Pennsylvania, in the United States.
He was a man with a wonderful sense of humor, and anyone who had the opportunity to interact with him greatly admired and respected him. He had an open mind and was always willing to participate in any discourse that was going on. He was a man of strong principles who experienced life to the maximum possible extent.

People want to know his obituary details but for now, his details are not revealed by his family as they want to spend private time and are not in the condition to share anything. People are now commenting about him and one of his friends shared a photo with him on his Facebook account in which one of the friends said that they had the best memories with him at this place. Obituary details of Neil will be revealed soon by his family members and we will surely update you. Till then stay tuned with us for the latest updates.He was also known as DJ Tunzaphun who was the famous tik toker and entertain people with his videos. He was also available on other social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram and he recently shared a post on his Instagram account the total of his posts on Instagram is 650. As his Wikipedia is not available on the internet so we can’t have much about him but our team is trying to find more about him so we can update it for our readers. We have shared the cause of his death in the next section.

As per information, he die due to some health illness as his weight was heavy and you can also see him as we shared his picture. He had other diseases such as B.P, weight gain, and thyroid so his health conditions got worse he was admitted to the hospital but their doctors declared him dead. His death news shattered his family & relatives and his fans too now his death news has been shared by them and his death news was confirmed by his family member on the Facebook page. May Neil Rest In Peace.
How Did Neil Almeida Die? Cause Of Death, Tiktoker DJ Tunzaphun Dies, Obituary & Funeral:- A Tik-Tok celebrity Neil Almeida of Cape Coral who is also known as DJ Tunzaphun passed away on 2nd August 2022. People & his family members are shocked after listening to his death news. People are now sharing his pics on the internet and giving him tribute by sharing his images. People are searching for him to know about him, if you are here to know more about him and his family background and obituary details so you are in the right place. We have shared the detailed information about him in the next sections so let’s have a look below.Everybody has been sickened by his troublesome end, and the fresh insight about Neil’s passing has stunned them all. There is no data concerning his earlier chronic weakness; he gives off an impression of being looking great. Regardless of whether our words are lacking, we trust that our requests and contemplations will actually want to offer some comfort in this troublesome time. Individuals have consistently experienced extreme despondency and an unexplained feeling of misfortune in the wake of losing a friend or family member. Everybody was stunned by Almeida’s unexpected passing since he was a particularly capable and lively young fellow who associated with those out of luck.While the investigation into his demise could in any case be continuous, Almeida’s family has been quiet about his passing. We should, nonetheless, regard others’ security.

Neil Almeida Death Cause – What Happened To Him? On August 2, 2022, Neil Almeida, otherwise called DJ Tunzaphun, passed unexpectedly. The exact reasons for Neil Almeida’s passing have not yet been unveiled.
Neil has picked to stay under the radar and has held people in general back from having significant familiarity with his family, hence there is no data accessible.Neil Almeida utilizes the Twitter account @djtunzaphun and is likewise dynamic there. He joined Twitter in November 2011 and has accumulated 56 supporters to far.