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Office Party Vr

Microsoft Teams can help business owners communicate asynchronously. Using Microsoft Teams for live virtual events in the MootUp virtual platform environments can help the leadership team hold virtual meetings even if people aren’t able to attend them at the same time. If an employee or colleague misses a meeting, they can be offered a live recording once the event has finished so they can stay up to date on what was missed. MootUp’s deep integration with Microsoft Teams allows for more than enough chat windows, file sharing widgets, and other tools to enable remote employees to share information whenever it suits their schedule. Remote attendees can then access the shared content and receive these messages whenever it’s convenient to them.The 3D MootUp integration enables you to add your virtual 3D meeting room or virtual office inside of a Teams channel within the Teams App. This beta integration is available in the Microsoft Teams App Store, please contact us if you would like to actively participate in testing and feedback.Both MootUp and Microsoft Teams have been grown and optimized to give workers the flexibility to work at home from any remote location in the world, on any internet-enabled device. With Microsoft Teams Live Events in VR through our MootUp virtual event platform, collaborating online has never been so engaging. Jump into an immersive meeting instantly. Join a conference call with audio, video and text chat. Pin documents, share video, images, and interact with others within a virtual 3D space. With MootUp, you can decorate your persistent metaverse meeting space together in real time, making “going to work” a fun and engaging experience each and every day. Additionally, 3D full-body virtual avatars are a crowd favorite. Users love the ability to customize their avatar based on their own personal style, and see how their colleagues have designed theirs.For businesses, MootUp’s virtual reality (VR) platform integrated with Microsoft Teams is highly beneficial for employees and sales teams, as well as improving customer interactions. It’s an effective tool for a collaboration session with your crew, boosting productivity, training employees, saving time and money, reducing travel, and increasing workplace safety. One of the reason for that is because the platform allows for an immersive experience that enhances collaboration improves team communication, collaboration, and efficiency. Additionally, team building events just became awe-some! Use MootUp’s advanced features to create an interactive experience between coworkers. Send your team on scavenger hunts, quiz them with Q&A sessions about your business, products, or even one another, and create polls and surveys to keep them entertained. The best part? As a manager or business owner creating unity and team spirit just became easier. Plus, this data feedback from your team can be tracked and measured, giving you insight to responses about your business or how your team is feeling. This level of advanced insight is a massive win for companies and businesses everywhere. Whether you decide to organize a virtual meeting, virtual exhibition, virtual presentation, virtual workshop, virtual class, virtual conference, virtual co-working space, or virtual workplace, virtual breakout, virtual classroom, virtual coworking space, or virtual office, Microsoft teams live events when paired with MootUp’s web3, highly accessible and easy-to-use virtual event technology lets your business experience many of the benefits offered by the metaverse. At MootUp, we offer an innovative way to create and deliver virtual reality experiences using Microsoft Teams. Our options for integration make it highly accessible for each user to provide a unique experience and truly be able to utilize the platform to serve their particular needs. Virtual reality live events through Microsoft Teams provide a unique and versatile user experience because our technology allows us to personalize these experiences by creating them specifically for individuals, groups, and entire organizations. The virtual reality aspect provided through our platform is a significant step up from what is possible otherwise. These experiences are highly engaging and interactive, providing a truly unique and memorable user interface for each person, and even for individual groups and audiences.

Looking into how MootUp and Microsoft Teams collaborate, you’ll see similarities in the way MootUp performs and blends with the MS Teams features bringing them into the virtual reality experience.
Through our virtual reality platform and Microsoft Teams Live Events, we offer our clients a powerful means to conduct business, collaborate, market, within an creative and immersive environment. To learn more, book a demo today!Live Events allows you to output a video stream of a Teams meetings, the stream can then be displayed within the 3D environment for attendees to watch.Microsoft Teams is a staple platform for many businesses and individuals in today’s workforce. Teams has made significant investments into developing new technologies to help people collaborate better. These include tools that allow users to communicate online, share files and information, and connect with others. Consisting of unique services and apps, organizations are able to invite external stakeholders or partners to join internal teams and provide feedback in various ways. Likewise, so has MootUp.

How do I join a party on VR?
The easiest way is to hold your hand outstretched on top of another user’s hand. This will create an orb, and once it completes its growth sequence, you will join a party with those users.
This allows participants in the 3D environment to launch the Teams app or web client. Both solutions run effectively side by side. By switching focus to the 3D environment, employees and participants can utilize the audio of Teams. However when it comes to video and screen sharing, it is better handled through the 3D platform. This does mean that only participants in the 3D world will be able to see and share video.When you think about using Microsoft Teams for live events, there’s a good chance that synchronous communication comes to mind. When looking into setting up an online meeting space, MootUp has already considered all of the details as well as what kind of features our intended audience needs. For example, if we’re providing a place where people can share files, then we’d better ensure the system supports uploading and downloading of large files, and if we provide a place for live streaming videos, we should allow users to stream any type of media they choose – which we do! No stress needed in the virtual space, MootUp has got you covered.

Is party pie on Oculus?
Party Pie:Free Pie on Oculus Quest | Oculus.
Refrain from “callout” threads on VRChat forums or discussion boards. “Naming and shaming” will not be tolerated. If you have an issue with an individual, please send us a moderation report.When publishing content to VRChat, the author of the content is responsible for all other content directly linked within their own content. Any linked content must not violate the Community Guidelines. This includes (but is not limited to) portals to other worlds, avatar pedestals, downloaded images, video, and audio.

Upload or attempt to distribute files that contain viruses, corrupted data, or malicious software in the VRChat app or through associated external communication software such as Discord.
We do not permit political or religious figures and symbology. Civil discourse is permitted in private spaces where all participants consent to discussion.“Personal Information” includes (but is not limited to) personally identifiable information such as name, address, phone number, other online handles, social profiles, or real life pictures

How do I join a workroom in VR?
From the Workrooms web app:From the left menu, click Join next to the workroom your meeting is scheduled in. This will open the meeting window. … From the meeting window, click next to Join Room, then click Join from VR from the dropdown.Click Open next to the headset you want to join the meeting from, then click Ok.
It is the responsibility of VRChat users to be aware of the Community Guidelines and Terms of Service. Our moderation team will determine the length of suspensions on a case by case basis. Most cases will go through an escalation of increasing lengths of suspension, ultimately resulting in account termination upon repeat violations. Extreme cases will result in immediate account termination.When encountering a VRChat employee in the app, please keep in mind that our employees often come in to relax and hang out with the community. Please respect their free time and treat them as you would other community members.

Also referred to as “doxxing”, disclosing an individuals personal information will result in immediate account termination and actions leading up to alerting local authorities.
Live-streaming, advertising or publicly sharing content that is sexually explicit in nature or simulates sex acts is not permitted. Doing so may result in moderation action being taken against your account up to (but not limited to) banning of the offending user account depending on the severity of the act in question. Welcome to VRChat, a platform and online community where you can be anyone, create anything, and interact with people from all over the world. Every experience you’ll have inside VRChat is unique, probably a little weird, but definitely enjoyable and even inspiring. Creating and being involved in a group that is based on or advocates discrimination or harassment is not allowed. We will aggressively pursue maximum moderation action toward group leadership / members as well as disbanding such groups.You may report exploits via our Moderation Report Form. Responsible disclosures of security issues will not result in moderation action being taken against the reporter’s account.

Disrupt or interfere with the experience of VRChat users, including disruption of VRChat servers. This also includes attempts to decipher any transmissions to/from the VRChat servers.
All of these experiences are possible thanks to our amazing community and the guidelines they’ve followed to make VRChat a fun and safe place for everyone. As a member of our community, we request that you follow these same guidelines.

Individuals who fail to follow these guidelines are subject to account moderation. VRChat Moderation will take action based on its discretion in gray areas. Moderation action taken in-app will often result in action taken against accounts on other VRChat forums, such as the VRChat Discord, the VRChat Ask message boards, and other online portals.
VRChat is a social and world-building application compatible with all major VR headsets. You can customize your avatar and explore hundreds of VR worlds designed by the app’s community members. Inside these spaces, you can meet people, chat, draw, collaborate, and attend events.Organizers from around the world schedule concerts, religious meets, aerospace launches, and other events on Venues, and there are also a few always-on events you can explore.vTime XR is an extended reality social network that lets you meet friends and make new ones in a variety of virtual destinations, while constantly updating its destination library.

Like Worlds, Venues is another social VR app in the Meta Horizon family. It allows Oculus users to attend live concerts and events in virtual reality. Like real-world events, anyone can attend the free or paid events on Horizon Venues.
Sansar is a social VR platform developed by Linden Lab currently owned by immersive technology company Wookey Technologies. Sansar hosts live social events in VR, which can be attended via Oculus, Vive, Steam, and desktop PC devices.

There are spaces where you can play games, create content, learn new skills, join a club, and much more. Rec Room has its own economy, which means that you can sell your own creations within the VR environment.
VRzone is a social VR app designed for art galleries and exhibitions. It is essentially a multiplayer platform where users can come together and attend art-related events.Sensorium Galaxy offers a metaverse-like experience called Prism. It is compatible with HTC VIVE and Oculus, and provides you with AI-powered virtual avatars that accompany you as you navigate Prism’s multiple social experiences.

Bigscreen is an extremely popular social app for VR that started out as a video watching app. Today, it works as a television and movie theater, where users can consume content alone or with friends.BeanVR is a social VR app that is compatible with a variety of headsets like Steam, Meta Quest, and HTC VIVE. It recreates social media experiences in a VR environment and has rooms with different themes that mimic social media groups.

Horizon Worlds is Meta’s very own social gaming experience for Questers. Meta (formerly Facebook) offers an integrated game creation system inside of Horizon Worlds, which doubles as both a social gaming platform and a development tool.

Can you meet friends in VR?
Social virtual reality (Social VR) is a simulated environment where VR users can meet, interact, and participate in shared activities like watching movies, playing games, attending concerts, or even collaborating at work. Social VR is one of the most important applications of virtual reality technology.
Rec Room is a cross-device social gaming platform that works in virtual reality as well as your smartphone. When you enter Rec Room, you will be assigned a unique and customized avatar.All of this indicates an optimistic market environment for social VR apps. Here is our roundup of the best social apps in VR that you can explore in 2022:

Accenture has even created an entire VR campus on Mesh, built on AltspaceVR, where employees can come together for communication, collaboration, and day-to-day interactions.
AltspaceVR is a social VR platform launched in 2025 that was eventually acquired by Microsoft in 2017. Microsoft uses several elements of AltspaceVR for its enterprise collaboration technology, Mesh.

Social virtual reality (Social VR) is a simulated environment where VR users can meet, interact, and participate in shared activities like watching movies, playing games, attending concerts, or even collaborating at work.
For example, it can aid in therapy and counseling sessions where users are unable to travel. Research has also found that 30 percent of users are more comfortable discussing negative experiences in VR than in person.These are some of the best social VR apps available today. When Facebook rebranded as Meta, social experiences were always at the heart of its future vision. Meta, along with the companies we discussed, are now leading the rise of social VR across the globe. The premise behind the Couch app is simple: it allows you to watch YouTube with your friends in virtual reality. You can create public or private rooms and invite friends to a room to watch a YouTube video together. Importantly, Sansar allows you to monetize events through pre-show merchandise sales and post-show after-parties. Friends can also meet at the event venue and exchange merchandise, take selfies, and much more.You can also meet new Bigscreen users from around the world and have conversations via chat. The popular social media app has a workspace capability for collaborative coding and group meetings.It supports all platforms, including Oculus VR, Windows Mixed Reality, and 2D experiences on Android smartphones or iPhones. vTime XR has a unique 360 gallery that replays your VR memories in 3D.Some of the world’s leading artists have added their work to VRzone. For instance, inside Room 6, you will find works by Banksy, titled “Banksy VR: the VeRy unauthorized exhibition.”

Social VR is one of the most important applications of virtual reality technology. It will allow users on opposite sides of the world to come together, meet, and be productive in an almost lifelike setting – effectively overcoming geographical barriers.According to a July 2021 Marketing Insights Report, the social VR market is expected to grow at a 14.1 percent CAGR between 2021 and 2027, and the interactive qualities of the technology have myriad applications. Note: This Early Access game is not complete and may or may not change further. If you are not excited to play this game in its current state, then you should wait to see if the game progresses further in development. Learn more The birthday honoree receives tickets or extra game play on their game card depending on the package purchased. We will provide plates, napkins, silverware and all utensils needed for your cake-cutting and serving, should you wish to bring one with you.

It’s a family fun zone. Adults and children of all ages can have quality time playing games, collecting points for rewards and or they can just sit back and enjoy lunch.
Make your party epic with just a few clicks of the mouse. We’ll bring the food, serve the drinks and even clean up afterward. All you need to do is pick your plan and invite the lucky guests. Our company had a very nice rewards & recognition event here. We booked function room 2 which can hold up to 30 people. The food was very high quality. We ordered from the 17.99 lunch, left side of the menu. The Philly Cheesesteak sandwich got rave reviews by many in our group. Our event manager was great to work with. We highly recommend Dave & Busters for work events. Absolutely! We just ask that it is store-bought and not ice cream or an ice cream cake. For adults, we also offer delicious dessert choices that can be added to your birthday package.

I just had my sons 18 birthday at Dave and Busters. We were a party of 16 and booked a room in advance. The process for booking was very easy and the person I worked with was very good on communicating options and making tweaks as we got closer to the date. Our server was Chase. He did a phenomenal job. He was on top of getting drinks for guests, getting food set up timely and so on. His attitude was a “can do” attitude and made the event a huge success. Does your team have what it takes to WIN? Treat your group to an exciting afternoon of challenges that build skills such as strategy, leadership, teamwork and problem solving. Leave the office at the office. Every Dave & Buster’s has private rooms complete with everything you need to host the perfect meeting or company event. Our planner will work with you to make sure every detail is right. Best of all, once the work event is over, our Million Dollar Midway is there waiting for you. Host your next business outing, retreat or company gathering at your local Dave & Buster’s and see how much fun it can be.

It’s not just a birthday party, it’s a chance to create lifelong memories surrounded by friends and family. What you need to know about planning a birthday party at Dave & Buster’s: It’s okay to bring your own store-bought cake (no ice cream or ice cream cakes, please.) Or we also offer delicious dessert options. The birthday honoree receives tickets or extra gameplay on their Power Card®– depending on purchased package. Decorations are allowed – with certain restrictions.
Adults and children alike love the many VR experiences. For ease of use, we recommend the Meta Oculus Quest 2. It’s standalone and has everything installed. No PC, cables or setup required. With the optional free Google Chromecast, you can project whats in VR onto a TV so everybody can watch the VR experience.Allow us to provide some of the fun for your next party. Incorporating virtual reality (VR) technology into your party, birthday party, or celebration at work is a terrific way to create enjoyable and immersive experiences. Try something new and different. Connect with your out of office team, participate in multiplayer or co-op games and activities for team building, bonding or fun. If you want to hire for an expo, work function or corporate launch, please contact us on 021 343 494 or [email protected].

Was great for the whole family everything for the young ones and the oldies to enjoy and was way to use – great service and follow up would highly recommend for birthdays as something a bit different to try.Hire the Meta Oculus Quest 2 for the easiest setup. It includes everything you need, controllers, sound, headsets. Its easy to setup, just connect to Wifi and clear your play area. Your now ready to play and experience another world! Easy online ordering for the VR equipment. We include return courier tickets, instructions for courier and the basic contoller buttons and recommended games or experiences. Call us on 021 343 494 if you have any questins. Rented for a Birthday party. Nik at Virtual Reality Hire made the process of rental and return so easy and was really understanding. He made himself available to answer any questions throughout hire. I would definitely recommend hiring VR for a neat experience with your family!

✓Easy Online Hire Process ✓Affordable ✓Lots Of Fun ✓Try Something Memorable & Different ✓Adults & Kids Love VR ✓NZ Wide Courier Delivery ✓Setup Is Easy
Is your conference about to start? Get the energy levels up from day one with an exciting virtual reality experience. If your conference is ending, VR is still a great choice! Your attendees aren’t likely to forget the time they got to explore the ocean depths before heading home. Mini-Games are great for parties where you want guests to have a really fun time while making sure as many people as possible get to participate in the VR experience. Let your guests challenge for the high score in anything from a classic game of ring toss to our VR Fruit Ninja challenge! We all know that there is significant buzz surrounding virtual reality, and that VR can result in really fun guest experiences. However, not many can tell you exactly how specific VR experiences can fit different aspects of your next party or how to plan your VR event to really drive guest engagement. That’s where we come in! Our comprehensive planning process allows us to make sure you don’t just have VR at your event, but that the virtual reality experience is perfectly matched to your next party.Give your guests the freedom of the open range, a six-shooter, and the best cowboy hat money can buy. Whether you party is full of outlaws or lawmen, your guests are going to love the virtual reality wild west experience. If you want your attendees to have an exciting experience in some amazing landscapes, this could be a perfect fit for you!The holidays are a great time to bring your team together and virtual reality can help make sure everyone has a great time. Whether you’re ringing in the new year, or just want to bring your employees together for a fun experience, VR is the way to go.

Can you party chat on VR?
And link your facebook contacts or search for them by their full name or user name. Once. You have added your friend to your friends list click the phone icon next to their name.
Below, we’ve included some of our favorite VR experiences, real-world examples of VR event spaces, individual benefits of VR, a mock-up of your event space, and even some feedback from our customers. Plus, if you’re looking for more info on specific virtual reality experience packages, we’ve made that easily accessible here as well. Let’s get started!At, we have experience creating VR experiences for a wide range of events, and we can accommodate a wide range of party types. Whether you are showing your festive side at your next holiday party, creating connections at a networking event, or entertaining your VIP partners, we can help you create the perfect party experience.

Are you hosting a party full of sports fans? With our VR technology you can give your guests the ability to experience what it’s really like to be a top-level professional athlete. Sports experiences are great for fostering a fun sense of competition at your next event. Who’s really the best quarterback? Who could play in the NBA? Now you can find out!

We have developed VR experiences for many types of parties including: conferences, employee engagement, VIP experiences, holiday, networking, employee appreciation, and more. Our focus is on turning any party into an unforgettable event that will have your guests talking long after your party ends.One of the most unique experiences in virtual reality, when you fly in VR, it’s an experience you don’t forget. Whether your guests are piloting a supersonic jet or experiencing their new virtual environment with their own power of flight, they are going to be having a great time.

At, we have a huge library of VR experiences to choose from. No matter what your party theme is, we can build the right experience for you. With so many experiences to choose from, we can get very creative in figuring out what works best for your guests. We can develop an experience that has your guests feeling relaxed and awe-inspired, or we can really drive the energy with some heart-racing experiences. It’s completely up to you!

Room Scale VR incorporates the most advanced VR technology and is easily the most innovative event activation available today. Your guests will use special motion-tracked controllers in order to control objects in their VR experience. While only one person can use the VR equipment at a time, you don’t have to worry about leaving any of your other guests waiting for long. We can manage the experience to allow for a quick turnaround, giving everyone an opportunity to play. We can also easily output a video of the guest VR experience to a TV or LED wall. This lets your other guests engage with the experience even when they aren’t actually in it, and it also helps attract onlookers who will definitely want to take part.
While these are some of the most common benefits, we have heard back from our clients with many different positive effects of bring VR technology to their events. Our goal is to make you and your guests happy and our extensive experience planning corporate parties helps us make sure we’re delivering the benefits that are most important to you.On our end, we will provide each headset pre-loaded with the content chosen for your party as well as a VR technician who will make sure all of your headsets are working at top quality while also helping your guests have a fun, seamless VR experience. What we need from you is access to power and an area with tables and chairs. Additionally, we suggest having a 48-inch round table for every three or fours you have for your guests.Many companies who use VR for their parties experience increases in attendance, brand awareness, and revenue/sales. This is because the presence of VR at your party gives you an unbeatable combination of: 1. FOMO; no one wants to miss out on a virtual reality experience, especially when their friends, family, and/or coworkers are going to be talking about it even after the event ends, 2. Social sharing; VR brings people together and allows them to experience something completely unique. Brands have come to expect VR to incentivize people to share their experience on social media. 3. Revenue/sales; This one is easy. When you bring VR at your event, people perceive a higher value for your event, immediately increasing the expectations for the type of experience your event is going to be.

At, we pride ourselves on being the best virtual reality partner for corporate parties. No matter what type of party you’re hosting, whether it’s a holiday celebration or an important milestone, we focus on making sure you have a fun, engaging VR experience that perfectly matches your event. Combining years of VR event experience with the best in virtual reality technology, we offer an unmatched party experience for your guests and a seamless, professional rental process for you.

The final piece of the puzzle revolves around our professional and knowledgeable staff. First, our experts really know and care about VR. Second, they love interacting with event attendees. Our experts use their knowledge and excitement for the technology to ensure your guests have a great time. They are on-site to manage the VR event experience from start to finish, including setup, experience delivery, and takedown. Think of them as one-half VR technician and one-half brand ambassador. Not only can they execute your VR activation, they can blend in by wearing the same attire as your staff and be able to speak intelligently about your products and services.We’ve worked with top companies to bring VR technology to events, and in each case we’ve focused on helping them reach their specific event goals. There is no one-size-fits-all approach. Having said that, we have seen a number of benefits that have translated between events.

Every event begins with our pre-event strategy process. During this phase, we focus on educating you, the customer, on what’s possible and empowering you to make the best decisions for your event. For example, we work with you to plan every detail of the experience, including which VR technology to leverage, how to maximize guest throughput, which VR experiences to feature, and how we plan on accomplishing the goals your company has set for the event.
If you have an upcoming party, incorporating virtual reality (VR) technology is a great way to create an amazing guest experience. As the most engaging event entertainment on the market, virtual reality has the power to take your guests to a completely new virtual world while showing them that you are a fun, tech-forward company that knows how to have a good time. Most importantly, VR is fun, and by bringing our virtual reality technology to your party, you are ensuring that your attendees are going to have a good time and that they will never forget your next party.

Launching a new product is always an exciting time. We can help you celebrate in style with a VR experience customized to your specific needs. No matter what new offering you have for your customers, we have the perfect virtual reality experience for you!
For parties where your attendees will be seated, or where you need to get a giant VR experience using a small space, 360 VR is a great option. Some of our favorite 360 videos are ones that put the guest in a real world space, allowing them to see it from a new perspective. Some of these experiences include Mt. Everest, relaxing beaches, major cities, and even looking down at Earth from space. Of course, we also have large number of games and puzzles you can choose from as well. All in all, we have over 30,000 360 VR experiences to choose from, and we’re sure we can help you find the perfect one for your party.

We’ve all wondered, when the zombie apocalypse comes, how long can you last? Some of the most exciting, hair-raising experiences in virtual reality have been designed specifically to answer that question. We promise your guests will never forget their first time taking out a zombie horde in VR!
Every VR booth is different, and we have some great examples to inspire your next virtual reality event. We can fit our VR technology to fit any event theme, help you achieve any event goals, and impress all of your attendees. We’re always excited to learn new ways to fit our tech to different event needs, and we’re excited to see what you have in mind! Do you want to go fast? We can make that happen. Sit inside high-end sports cars and find out what it’s like to push the pedal to the metal. Our racing experiences have been a favorite of guests at corporate events and we expect that to continue. We have a large amount of racing experiences ready to go! We also differentiate ourselves by offering the absolute best possible service before, during, and after your event. You can leave everything to us including: developing the perfect VR party plan, ensuring you have the best VR technology, professionally interacting with your guests, and completing full setup and breakdown. We want to be your go-to VR partner, and you can expect us to be:Want to get people talking? Turning your guests into space pirates, letting them climb Mt. Everest, or having them walk on the edge of a skyscraper should do the trick! The best way to loosen up an audience is to share a VR experience that gets people talking immediately.

Does VRChat allow NSFW?
Pornography & nudity is not allowed. We do not permit political or religious figures and symbology.
Our team of experts will work with you from day one to understand every angle of your party in order to build your perfect guest experience. Our process can be broken down into three distinct steps: the pre-event strategy phase, equipment rental, and staffing your party with professional VR technicians.Room Scale VR is the most cutting-edge virtual reality technology available on the market today, and also the most immersive. In Room Scale VR, you are able to interact with objects in your virtual environment, so if you see something in front of you, don’t just watch! Pick it up! This type of virtual reality is the absolute best for giving your guests the feeling that they are in a different world entirely. Plus, your guests will able to move around in their virtual environment, so they will need some space to explore. Most experiences call for an 8-foot by 8-foot area, though there are a few that allow for a smaller 6-foot by 6-foot space.

Can you join a Teams meeting in VR?
Microsoft Teams App Integration (Beta) The 3D MootUp integration enables you to add your virtual 3D meeting room or virtual office inside of a Teams channel within the Teams App.
Now that you’ve seen some of our favorite, and most popular, VR themes and experiences, the next step in preparing for your event is deciding what type of virtual reality technology best fits your party. We offer two types of VR: Room Scale VR and 360 VR. While both of these options offer a really fun VR experience, there are key differences between the two. While Room Scale offers the most immersive experience on the market, 360 VR is a great option for a more relaxed virtual experience that allows your attendees to sit back and take it all in. Virtual reality can be anything you want it to be, and finding out which technology is right for you will help us start to plan your perfect guest experience. The following sections will tell you everything you need to know about both types of VR we offer, and help you decide which type is right for your party.Your guests want to test their lightsaber skills. They want to feel what it’s like to pilot an X-wing. Let’s make it happen! Star Wars VR experiences are the perfect addition to any Star Wars themed party and we can promise your guests will have a great time stepping into character. Be careful though, we’re not responsible for how your attendees decide to use the force.

Considering how new virtual reality technology is, we understand that you might not have brought VR to one of your parties yet. At, our goal is to make your entire VR rental process as easy as possible.
We have designed our rental packages to include everything you need to deliver the best VR event experience to your guests. They include not only the necessary virtual reality equipment, but also the pre-event planning and event staffing that will take your event to the next level. Because we have built these packages based on extensive event experience and customer feedback, we’re confident that we have a great option for you. Of course, if you don’t see what you’re looking for, but you still want to have VR at your next party, give us a call! We’ll be happy to discuss a more customized experience that meets your event needs. Whether you are interested in an existing package, or you want to discuss a more customized experience, we look forward to helping you build the perfect VR experience for your party.Show your VIP guests that you are a cutting-edge, engaging company by bringing the absolute best in VR technology to your next event. Our professional staff has extensive experience in corporate events and understand how to make sure your guests are having a great time. In addition to strategic planning, provides every piece of equipment needed to execute your VR experience at your next event. We deliver, set up, and breakdown the equipment with little to no oversight required, allowing you to focus on other important obligations. Our equipment is the best in the industry, which leads to the best possible experience for your guests. Our ability to provide world-class VR party experiences for your guests, while promising a seamless planning experience for you, comes down to a few key factors, with our staff coming first. Our team at has over 20 years of experience working in the VR field, and all of our VR technicians have received full training on how to setup, maintain, and breakdown all of our VR equipment. Additionally, all of our on-site experts understand how to deliver each of your guests a great experience while guiding them through your chosen virtual reality experience. Of course, another important aspect of what we offer comes in our extensive library of VR experiences. With over 40,000 360 virtual reality experiences, and more than 4,000 room scale experiences, we are confident that we can find the perfect fit for your party. Plus, even if you don’t see what you want, we can build a custom experience that matches your specific party goals!One of the most awe-inspiring aspects of virtual reality is its ability to take you to somewhere that’s only limited by imagination. It only makes sense that the most innovative event entertainment technology would allow you to travel through space and into the future. Whether you want your guests to discover new worlds or imagine our own future, VR can make it happen.

We know your customers are important to you. Let us help you show them that you appreciate their support by delivering a virtual reality experience that they will never forget. VR is a great way to allow your customers to interact with your brand!
Get out and explore! Or more exactly, Stay in and explore! Virtual reality has the ability to take you anywhere in the world from the depths of the ocean all the way to the peak of Mt. Everest. If you want your guests to travel to the most exciting places in the world through VR, we have some great options for you. In the Mt. Everest VR experience your attendees will feel what it’s like to be a climber on the the highest peaks in the world.Here are some of the types of parties we’ve brought VR to already. If you don’t see your next party type here, don’t worry, one of the powerful aspects of VR is it’s flexibility, and we’re ready to fit our technology to your specific event needs.

For a more in-depth look at some of our top VR experiences, we’ve put together a few examples of how our most popular games impact your event. This includes: a mockup of your event space, videos showing VR gameplay, benefits specific to each experience, a full breakdown of the rental, and even customer reviews who also brought VR to their conference. If you want to get to know which of our VR options is best suited for your event needs, this is a great place to start.
You’ll never be playground king or queen if you throw a lame birthday party. Every year they’re looking for bigger and better things to do. VR WORLD has the big fun for any sized budget covered.

What is rage room VR?
Rage Room VR is a free demo on SideQuest. Its a game where the objective is to destroy everything in 60 seconds, and I do mean everything. You are in a museum room, where you get to unleash the beast and just destroy. You can use your bare hands or many of the medieval weapons laying around.
You’ve heard the saying “teamwork makes the dream work”, right? So let us help you bring your team closer. After all, you do want to have the best office party in the industry, don’t you?Are you planning a celebration for your Birthday, Anniversaries, or a milestone achivement for your business? VR World is the place to impress and take your guests into the future.

The huge range of titles and options available ensure that parties for groups of all ages, similar or widely different, will be enjoyed and remembered by everyone.
Our Party Room can accomodate 6-8 playing guests. For larger parties, you can choose a whole arcade buyout with up to 14 headsets – playing at the same time.Our kid’s birthday party packages have taken parties to a whole new level. We make the birthday child feel like they have hit the party jackpot with many awesome games that is out of this world. We will make sure all your guest leave the place with lasting memories.

Is houseparty a VR game?
About This Game A frantic and whimsical local multiplayer party game for VR.
Younger children, teenagers, and adults, are all catered for, with guests able to enjoy solo time or participate in group activities. You bring the crew, and we will provide the virtual reality magic.

We have created 2 x huge party rooms where party guests play in their own safe 2m x 2m play space for the duration of the party. You might be standing far apart, but thanks to the wonder of virtual reality, you’ll enjoy the experience of being side by side, having an action-packed adventure with all your friends.
Advanced booking notice varies by location. Timeline starts at 72 hours and ranges up to 14-days due to regional restrictions. If you are outside of our booking window you are welcome to join our restaurant on a first come-first served basis. An offer that’ll take your event to another stratosphere — get 50% MORE Game Play for you and your crew, on us. Terms and conditions apply, speak with a Sales Manager for more information. DOES YOUR TEAM HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO WIN? TREAT YOUR GROUP TO AN EXCITING AFTERNOON OF CHALLENGES THAT BUILD SKILLS SUCH AS STRATEGY, LEADERSHIP, TEAMWORK AND PROBLEM SOLVING.Looking to plan the coolest company picnic? Beat the heat & head to Dave & Buster’s for the ultimate INDOOR picnic. Amp up the fun for additional vendor services. Talk to your Event Planner today about different options. NEW food, NEW games, ALL FUN & no rain!

FLEXIBLE ROOM SET-UPS Groups of 10–15 have the best seats in the house at our Party Tables. Our large group tables are right in the middle of the new mix of fun with great access to bars and the Million Dollar Midway.

Select one of our breakfast, lunch, or dinner packages and host a meeting or conference unlike any other. With private rooms and AV equipment, Dave & Buster’s is the perfect combination of business and fun. Plus, we’ve got plenty of space for breakout meetings or smaller group activities.
Skip the average venue & throw an epic event! Most Dave & Buster’s have private rooms that come complete with everything you need to host the perfect meeting. We’ll work with you from start to finish to make sure every detail is right. Best of all, when work is done and it’s time for fun, our Million Dollar Midway is ready for action with hundreds of state-of-the-art games.Meta VR Systems are not toys and must not be used by children under 13. Younger children have greater risks of injury and adverse effects than older users. While we know that children under 13 may want to use Meta VR Systems, we do not permit them to create accounts or use Meta VR Systems. Learn how to stay safe while using your Meta VR System. You can find information specific to your Meta VR System on the product pages below. Health and Safety Warnings for all Meta VR Systems and accessories are also available here. The Meta Quest Store provides comfort-related information (including Comfort Ratings ranging from Comfortable to Intense) for some apps related to camera motion, player motion, and other possible disorienting content and effects. These Comfort Ratings can help you identify the content that’s best suited to your preferences and needs. People new to VR or with a history of motion sickness should generally start with more Comfortable apps as they learn what they like when moving and looking around in VR. You can find the Comfort Rating for a given game or app on its store listing page.Meta Quest Store content is rated through the International Age Rating Coalition (IARC), a global age classification process for digital games and mobile apps. Each app on the Meta Quest Store and App Lab shows these content ratings, so you’ll know what type of experience you or your teen (ages 13-17) selects. This also makes it easier for developers to get age and content ratings for their apps from multiple territories simultaneously, and gives the people who use those apps a consistent set of familiar and trusted ratings that reflect their own cultural norms regarding content and age-appropriateness. By default, teens 13+ are only able to download or purchase apps in the Meta Quest store that are age appropriate, and all other apps are blocked. However, parents have the ability to override those age blocks on a case-by-case basis. For further information on how parents can help their teens navigate VR, please visit our Parent Education Hub.

The front cover window and lenses should only be cleaned with a dry microfiber cloth. Using any liquids, including cleansers or soaps, could permanently damage the front cover window and the lenses.

Your Meta VR System can be used for productivity or work. As always, be sure to set up your activity space appropriately, removing hazards that may be obscured while you are wearing the headset. Adjust the fit on your Meta VR System to ensure that it will allow comfortable use during the period you expect to use it and afterward. Ensure that you take regular breaks throughout the day. If you are using an activity space near or with another user or co-worker, ensure that you have enough space to use your selected app.
Like other gaming and media products, your VR System is sensitive electronic equipment. Get the most out of your device by cleaning it properly, storing it safely, and keeping it out of spots that might leave it vulnerable to damage.

If you’re new to Meta VR devices or have previously merged your Oculus account with your Facebook account, you’ll need to create a Meta account and an accompanying Meta Horizon profile. If you’ve been logging into your VR device with your Oculus account, you can continue to do so until January 1, 2023, at which point you’ll need to create a Meta account and Meta Horizon profile to continue using your Meta VR device. You have the option to add your Facebook and/or Instagram account to the same Accounts Center as your Meta account, which unlocks connected experiences in VR.

Why is Oculus 13 plus?
Designed for Age 13+ Younger children have greater risks of injury and adverse effects than older users. While we know that children under 13 may want to use Meta VR Systems, we do not permit them to create accounts or use Meta VR Systems. Adults should monitor the time their teens 13+ spend using the headset.
When using your VR System for active movement, it is especially important that you set up your activity space appropriately, removing any hazards or objects that you are not using. Make sure your Meta VR System and accessories are in good working order, clean, and dry both before and after using them for active movement.Certain apps may have a fitness or wellness focus and may promote active movement. Read and follow all in-app instructions and warnings when using your VR System for active movement. Before using your VR System for active movement, be sure to consult a doctor if you have been inactive, have a heart condition, or have or suspect any other medical condition that might be worsened by exercise. Take regular breaks when in fitness apps. Stop using your Meta VR System immediately if you experience discomfort or other unusual symptoms. If your symptoms are serious or persist, consult a doctor immediately and do not resume until your doctor says you may do so.