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Oru Kayak For Sale

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The ORU Inlet, Beach and Haven are all open cockpit kayaks, with easy access and great stability. The ORU Bay & Coast folding kayaks are fully-decked and can be used with a spraydeck for waves and the open sea. They are light, quick to fold, easy to store, and superb to paddle.
We create reader-supported, objective gear reviews independently selected by our editors. This story may contain affiliate links, which help fund our website. When you click on the links to purchase gear, we may get a commission, without costing you an extra cent. Thank you for supporting our work and mission of outdoor coverage for every body! Learn more.Oru kayaks are rated for 20,000 folds without weakening. Outside Online reported that it held up well after a year of significant use, with only a few small things to fail, but nothing that meant it wouldn’t float. On the 45-mile adventure Gear Review took the Oru kayaks on, they said, “In short, the Bay ST held up well to the task of hauling people and gear down the river.” That’s not to say that durability issues haven’t been reported. Some reviewers have noted early holes forming in the neoprene covering that fits over the end of the kayak. Others have complained of hardware not holding up after not a lot of use. Outside Online also noted that “tabs and buckles wear out with regular use.” But, overall, we’ve found that most people have said that their well-used foldable kayaks have held up as expected. Orus hold anywhere from 90 to 180 liters of storage, depending on the model. Outside Online reported that they carried 220 pounds in the Oru Bay kayak (a 150-pound person and 70 pounds of gear in the ST model) without issue. They also note that “because the boat splits in half down the middle, loading it up with gear for an overnight adventure is much easier than packing bags into the small cargo holds of a traditional kayak.” Gear Junkie offers a little advice on packing gear, saying that “Oru doesn’t have a specific-size bag for these boats just yet, but I’d plan to use a few small dry bags per boat to carry gear instead of one big one. It just fits easier.” In their kayak review, Misadventures Mag said the Oru Bay ST kayak model has “a thin seat that wears on the bum.” However, Oru sells a seat wedge for an additional $25 that will add some comfort. Or, take Outside Online’s advice and “wear a life jacket for a little extra padding.”If you’re a traveler and want to take a kayak with you to destinations where renting a kayak isn’t an option, they travel well and won’t cost you any additional money to check on a flight.

It’s not a full spray skirt, but the nylon Oru Splash Deck (for Beach LT or for Lake and Inlet) will minimize water in your kayak. Note this is compatible with the Oru Beach LT model only.

The Oru Float Bags and Lake Float Bags are a set of bags that allow the kayak to stay afloat and remain maneuverable if you capsize or take on water. Worth the peace of mind if you’re concerned about having a mishap out on the water.

Oru currently has seven different models in their lineup. We’ve outlined the main differences below, but if you still need help deciding which kayak is right for you—try Oru’s online quiz!
Gear Junkie thinks it’s worth it for those without the space to store a large boat, saying that, “The Bay ST costs $1,600, a significant investment. But given its remarkable space-saving design and good performance, it’s worth a lot for those with limited room and a desire to paddle.” After their two-day journey, they concluded that “the Oru Bay ST was a worthy vessel on this trip. For those with limited storage space or small vehicles that want a kayak that can go from the beach to the river, it’s a solid choice that can extend into overnight travel.”We researched other foldable kayak brands, including Pakboats, TRAK, KERO, Long Haul, HYPAR, and the now-defunct Feathercraft and Folbot. However, our research showed that Oru Kayak is the brand that reigns in this category. So if you’re considering a folding kayak, in particular, we think the Oru is the top of the line in this class.

Do Oru kayaks float?
While Oru Kayaks are naturally buoyant and won’t sink even when submerged, float bags keep you afloat and maneuverable if you capsize or take on water. Our custom-shaped float bags fit securely in the bow and stern compartments, and include flexible valve stems for easy inflation.
Each model is designed for a specific purpose, and they can handle everything from light beginner recreational paddling to experienced paddling in challenging conditions. If you want to paddle but don’t have the space to store a traditional kayak or transport it, you are right to consider purchasing an Oru. If you’re someone who wants to hike to a lake and can handle carrying 30-ish lbs on your back, they can take you places a regular kayak can’t. If you’re strictly looking for a casual lake float, a 7-pound packraft will do the trick. But, if you want to be more connected with the water and you want more versatility out of your boat, an Oru folding kayak has a lot more to offer.We never paddle without a life jacket! Oru has partnered with NRS to make the Oru PFD (personal flotation device). Read our complete guide to PFDs and lifejackets.

Oru sells many upgrade accessories (although adding extra accessories will bring the total cost of your kayak to more than the list price). If buying Oru-branded extras aren’t in your budget (or you just don’t want to), there are Facebook pages and YouTube videos dedicated to Oru hacks that will help you modify your kayak on your own. Beware: depending on the modification, this may void the one-year Oru warranty.
Oru kayaks can handle most journeys—depending on the model—ranging from a light lake paddle to faster-flowing rivers. They’re designed to take Class 1 (easy, with very little whitewater and easy maneuvering) and Class 2 (moderate, with some straightforward rapids that require maneuvering) rivers. This rating means that they’re good for beginner paddlers and experienced paddlers alike. Some people report that they could manage Class 3 rapids in their Oru without issue, but they aren’t recommended to be used in those conditions.Misadventures Mag reviewed the Coast XT model of Oru folding kayak lineup, paddling it on a 100-mile journey along the Mississippi River for five days and nights. has consumer reviews from people who bought and used the Bay ST and the Bay+ models (the Bay+ model is no longer available).

You can really motor in an Oru. Because they’re lightweight and sleek, you can paddle as fast as a regular kayak. Gear Junkie said of the Bay ST that “the kayak is responsive and fast, its lightweight and sharp keel letting me paddle up to full speed in seconds.”
On the Gear Junkie trip, three separate rollovers happened, dumping paddlers in small rapids. A handful of consumer reviews read like horror stories: kayaker gets in, gets out on the water, gets dumped, and has a hell of a time getting themself and the filling-with-water kayak back to shore. For beginner kayakers who aren’t sure how to balance on the water, there may be a learning curve to stay upright in an Oru.The Beach LT model is for light, easy kayaking. It’s suited for day trips down a lazy river or paddling along flat, calm water. At 29″ wide and a nearly flat bottom, stability is its stand-out feature. As a result, it’s best suited for beginners and first-time kayakers. The 2021 version of the Beach LT is even easier to assemble, use, and even has a new exterior print pattern design. Even if you’re not planning on flying, the Oru Pack makes any kind of traveling or hiking with the kayak more effortless and convenient. They truly are a portable kayak. Note that the pack is not compatible with the tandem model, the Oru Haven TT. But, with all the praise, there are a few complaints that are worth noting. So, after taking all of this into account, we’ve put together a list of pros and cons that will help you decide if an Oru is right for you.

For the person that wants to get on the water but can’t transport or store a traditional kayak, an Oru is worth considering. Misadventures Mag’s verdict is that it’s worth the money, saying, “For those traveling to far-off waters for paddle trips, or for my kindred spirits living in urban basement apartments, but dreaming of rivers and lakes, I’d absolutely recommend looking into an Oru Kayak.” Because of its translucent exterior, the Oru illuminates at night with the help of some added lights. Not exactly a reason to purchase, but a cool added feature if you’re out on the water at night. Oru sells their own set, but Outside Online says that any set will do. The Coast XT is the model for more serious adventurers. While an experienced kayaker can likely handle the Oru Bay ST kayak in more challenging conditions, the Coast XT is made for them. It’s a longer, heavier model that can pack more gear and is made for serious expeditions. It’s not the one beginner paddlers should choose. For those new to kayaking but still want the experience of longer, overnight journeys, the Bay ST should hold all the gear required while offering easier manageability.That said, from our research, Oru kayaks seem to have excellent primary stability, meaning that they are stable on flat water. The rollover issue may stem from their secondary stability—their ability to remain stable when tipped on their side. Every boat has a breaking point when it comes to secondary stability—the point at which it will flip over when turned on edge. It might be that Oru’s secondary stability takes some practice to master.

Oru also added fairings to the ends to reduce drag and protect against scrapes. A new gel seat helps you to stay comfortable for long days on the water.

Are Oru kayaks made in USA?
We’ve singled out a few of our factory team for recognition, but it’s a true team effort- making Oru kayaks takes careful attention and care from everyone. Thanks to everyone on our amazing factory team in Mexico!
The Oru waterproof backpack is for gear that you don’t want to get wet. The main compartment is waterproof, and the front pocket is splash-resistant. We found it’s more convenient to carry gear using this pack than a dry bag.Treeline Review: we analyze and aggregate outdoor gear reviews to create honest, objective advice on what to take outdoors. We save you research time by organizing data that already exists. We save you money by pointing you to vetted winners.

The most significant advantage to owning an Oru foldable kayak is that you can take it just about anywhere. The backpack weight (at around 25-30 lbs depending on the model) shouldn’t be a problem for most people accustomed to carrying a pack while hiking. The folded-down kayak may be a little cumbersome and awkward for some, but much less so than trying to haul a traditional kayak around. They fit in the trunk of a car. And, you can fly with them, which is a huge bonus if you’re traveling to a place with opportunities to paddle.It should also be noted that our testers do not recommend using this boat for waves larger than a calm 3-4 inches, so it is not something you want to use for sea kayaking or whitewater rapids. However, it’s a perfect fit for those looking to paddle lakes, ponds, reservoirs, and lazy rivers.

So, what’s our verdict? For city dwellers without storage space or a way to transport a large kayak, they are well worth considering. If you frequently rent kayaks, over time, it might pay itself off (Editor’s note: we researched kayak rental prices and found rates that ranged from ~$50-100 per day. If you’re going to a lake that caters to tourists, prices can be as low as $25 per hour. If pricing is part of your decision, think about where you’re likely to kayak, how long you want to boat, and whether rental resources are available there. If you’re going abroad, depending on where you go, it may be difficult to find kayak rentals.)
The Oru Lake is designed for those with limited storage options: shared space, smaller apartments in the city, living out of a van, etc. It’s all the fun of a kayak, minus sacrificing your ability to get out and paddle at a moment’s notice. We’ve read that they can be folded together in anywhere from five to thirty minutes. The first couple of times assembly may be tricky, but the more you practice, the quicker assembly becomes. Disassembly seems quicker, with most people eventually getting their time down to five or ten minutes. There is a learning curve, though. Regenold, of Gear Junkie, said that during his first assembly, when almost finished, “[he] was forced to disassemble the entire kayak and start over at step No.1 because of a missed move early on.” The 25-40 pound, made in California origami kayaks pack down to medium suitcase size that can be carried on your back (their exact packed down dimensions are 33 in x 12 in x 29 in).I posed this question to Weinberger, who didn’t feel she’d spent enough time in one to give a definitive answer. However, she had this to say, “If you’re just doing recreational floats for a few hours, I’d say either model (with the Bay ST being better for windier days and performance, and the Beach LT being better if you want to bring a six-pack and a dog and get into and out of the boat easily) would be a great investment so long as portability is one of your top buying concerns.”The Lake uses just two main components (the folding origami-esque hull and a structured seat/floorboard); this is minimal compared to other Oru kayaks that use additional bulkhead components to provide structure to the boat. So the Oru Lake is not only lighter, but it also gives you more free space for leg room or storage, being the same dimensions as the Oru Inlet.The Bay ST is the original do-it-all kayak designed for casual cruising, fishing, long day paddles, and overnight trips. It’s the kayak you’d take down a swift-moving river, a leisurely day on the lake, or a multi-day adventure. The Oru Bay is the best one for most situations. Oru’s 2021 updated version is more durable, featuring a closed-cockpit, new aluminum cockpit latches, extra-reinforced strap anchor points, and an updated print pattern.

They cost essentially the same as a rotomolded kayak or inflatable kayak that serve the same purpose. Oru kayaks fold down to about a 25 lb backpack that can be tucked away in the back of a closet or under the bed until they’re ready to be used. They fit in the trunk of a car (so a roof rack isn’t required) and can be brought on a plane, train, or bus. Oru kayaks also come with 30-day guarantee and a three-year warranty.
Oru kayaks range between 20 and 40 pounds, depending on the model, whereas inflatable kayaks weigh 35+ pounds, and rotomolded kayaks can weigh over 60 pounds. So if you want a lightweight kayak, Orus are in a class of their own. Since the original launch, they’ve added and redesigned models to their lineup, which currently sits at seven different options: the Bay ST, the Beach LT, the Beach LT Sport, the Coast XT, the Inlet, the Lake, and a tandem model, the Haven TT. The design seems more challenging to manufacture than most traditional kayak’s moldable bodies. They’re made in the US, which presumably costs more, and they serve a particular purpose. If you want a well-made kayak that you can store in your closet, it’s going to cost you. However, compared to other top-of-the-line rotomolded kayaks that serve similar purposes, the cost is about the same.Oru makes life easier with mountable accessories, including a camera mount, rod holder, phone mount, and cup holder. Be sure you check compatibility with your kayak.

Paddling into the wind was easier than expected with the Lake’s low profile and super-light design, but the hull easily held up to the weeds, sticks, and gravel beach. We wouldn’t paddle the Oru Lake into heavy waves, but we would highly recommend it to our friends who want an easy, compact, and lightweight boating setup!
We’ve considered online reviews from Amazon, REI, Gear Junkie, Outside Online, Misadventures Mag, and I also spoke via email with outdoor journalist Hannah Weinberger, who recently test-paddled the Beach LT and Bay ST kayaks for an hour and a half on Lake Union in Seattle, Washington.Regenold said of the Bay ST model that “the kayak is responsive and fast, its lightweight and sharp keel letting me paddle up to full speed in seconds. It’s stable and tracks straight but is nimble enough to lean and brace.” Weinberger told me, “They’re noticeably stable, enough that I was able to stand up in them, and I found them really easy to maneuver, even in conditions with some wind,” adding that she “found the skirt-ready Bay ST to be a lot more responsive and resistant to tipping than the Beach LT, but the Beach was fun and stable and had great legroom. Both seemed to track sufficiently well, despite neither having a rudder.”

How much did Oru Kayak sell for?
For example, it’s now public that Solo paid $129.5 million for Chubbies, $25.4 million for Oru Kayak, and $24.8 million for Isle—amounts that Merris didn’t disclose at the time.
Our tester took the Oru Lake out on Lovewell Pond in Western Maine on a warm and breezy spring day. The Oru Lake handled well for such a light craft, and it sped through the water easily, but our tester found that even the smallest of waves (about 4-inches on that day) had an easy time crashing over the low-riding walls of the kayak. Fortunately, the boat was not swamped, but the dry bags proved their worth! Previously, upgraded models were available of the Bay ST and Beach LT versions. However, those have been taken off the market in place of optional extras that you can add to each currently available model. Like the Bay ST, the 2021 version of the Coast XT is made more sturdy by its new aluminum cockpit latches and extra-reinforced strap anchor points. Outside Online echoed these sentiments, saying that if “you don’t have much storage space, then yes, this is the boat for you. Because can throw it on your back and take it into remote areas, the Oru expands your paddling world dramatically.” A number of reviewers on and Amazon said that at around 200 lbs and 6 ft, they found the Oru kayaks to be too small for comfort. One reviewer said that he found it difficult to get into the kayak and worried that “if capsized, I doubt I could re-enter the Bay ST.” If you’re worried they may be too cramped for you, you might want to find a place you can enter one before you buy. The Beach LT model has a wider cockpit, making entering and exiting easier, but it’s meant for flatwater and easy recreational paddling. An Oru can easily be tucked away in a closet, under a bed, or wherever you have a few extra feet of space. A folding kayak is a good alternative for city or apartment dwellers who like to get outside.For most people that enjoy kayaking, the main drawbacks to owning one are storage and transportation. If you live in a small space, it’s likely not feasible to store a traditional 12-foot kayak in your home. Likewise, if you don’t own a vehicle, transportation is next to impossible. Sure, you can rent a kayak, but over time that can make a significant dent in your wallet, and you have to operate around a rental company’s schedule. And often, you’ll find that the best paddling destinations are a little off the beaten path.The Inlet is a recreational kayak best suited for beginners and calm water. With a new origami fold pattern, the Inlet has a weight capacity of 275 pounds and a maximum paddler height of 6’2″, yet it only weighs 20 pounds!

The origami-style folding Oru kayaks are made from a single sheet of hard, corrugated plastic (polypropylene, to be exact). They come folded up in a backpack and are pretty easily assembled into 12-16 ft long, seafaring vessels. Oru is a Kickstarter success story, launching in 2013 and reaching its goal almost immediately.
Much like the Oru Inlet that we tested previously, the Oru Lake is designed for light and fast fun. Sporting an under 2-minute assembly time, the Oru Lake weighs a mere 18 pounds; it’s small enough to tuck in your hall closet after a quick paddle on your local pond. The Oru Lake is like the pared-down cousin to the uber-popular Oru Inlet folding kayak.

The adjustable Nylon Spray Skirt fits tightly around the cockpit and keeps your lower body dry while paddling moderate waters. A must-have if you don’t want to get wet. The Beach LT, Haven TT, and Inlet models are not spray skirt compatible.
The Oru Seat Wedge is a thin piece of foam that fits perfectly under the existing seat and is worth the money for the added padding under your hipbones it provides.

If you rent kayaks often, owning an Oru can take the place of that. If you travel frequently or live life on the road, they can be checked on an airplane easily or stored in an RV without taking up too much space. They easily fit in the trunk of most cars, so you don’t need a roof rack. And finally, if you’re a design-focused buyer, they’re cool; they look like life-size folded origami on the water and are sure to start conversations with fellow paddlers.
Folding kayaks, inflatable kayaks, and packrafts are gaining a lot of talk lately because they’re easy to store and transport. You can also travel with them and hike to places that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to paddle on. For those just looking for a leisurely lake float, a packraft will do (such as an Alpacka raft). But, if you want something with more utility that will provide enjoyment on different types of water, we think a folding Oru kayak is the way to go.Gear Junkie founder Stephen Regenold took the Bay ST model on the water for thorough testing. Gear Junkie also tested it more extensively on a 45-mile, two-night adventure down the fast-flowing John Day River in Oregon.The Oru Paddle (or the Oru Carbon Paddle, which is almost a pound lighter) isn’t necessary to paddle the boat—any paddle will do. But, the matching white paddle breaks down into four parts and tucks away nicely when the kayak is in box form, which is a significant bonus for traveling. Both the length of the paddle and the feather angle of the blades are adjustable.

The Haven TT is Oru’s tandem kayak, but it is also easily converted to a single-seater. It’s rated for 500 pounds, the most in Oru’s lineup—a full 100 pounds more than the Coast XT. The Haven TT also has the largest hull of Oru’s kayaks. The integrated track system supports accessories such as cup holders, fishing rods, and camera mounts. The Haven TT is best suited for flatwater kayaking. The 2021 version of the Haven features sturdy straps, buckles, reinforced accessory-holding rails, as well as a new print pattern. So far, reviews are mixed, so we will report back as more data comes in.If you’re on the fence about whether an Oru is right for you, weigh the pros and cons listed above and see if it fits in with your lifestyle. Given the cost, the Oru isn’t good for everybody. If you’re the type of person who will paddle around a lake in the summer a couple of times a year, an inflatable kayak will do the trick at a fraction of the price. We don’t have any reviews on those just yet, but we’re working on it. Oru also sells certified refurbished kayaks on their website from time to time, which is an opportunity to get into one of the covetable vessels at a reduced cost.

We test. You decide. At Treeline, we want you to buy right the first time. Some of the links in this article may be affiliate links, which means we may receive a small percentage of any purchase you make at no additional cost to you. We are proud to be independent and reader-supported. We only want the same thing as you—the best gear at the best price. Thank you for supporting us!
The Neoprene Spray Skirt upgrade to the nylon version offers better spray protection with a weather-tested seal. Like the nylon skirt, it is designed to fit the Coast XT and Bay ST models only. Our tester found that everything in this kayak held together well despite being so lightweight, and they felt comfortable paddling regardless. The adjustable backrest and adjustable foot bars gave them enough leverage to speed up paddling as desired. Additionally, disassembling the kayak took less than 5 minutes, making it the perfect kayak for those with limited storage, time, and familiarity with kayaking. For adventurers that live out of an RV, an Oru will tuck nicely away, making it great for life on the road. However, before you purchase, it might be worth it to see if you can’t test one close to where you live.Traveling with an Oru is pretty straightforward. If you’re flying, these boats can be checked on a plane, and in most cases, will count as carry-on baggage (with no extra fee). But, to travel with your kayak, you’ll need to purchase the Oru Pack or the Lake/Inlet Pack, which is a heavy-duty nylon backpack that fits the kayak and other accessories.

Released in March 2023, Oru takes the Beach LT and upgrades it with additional features for the Beach LT Sport. Most notably, it adds an integrated rail system for mounting cameras and fishing rod holders. The open cockpit makes it easy to get in and out of the kayak — and makes it easier to access your gear.The Oru Pack and Oru Inlet/Lake Pack are heavy-duty nylon backpacks that make transportation and carrying a cinch (in fact, it’s needed for airline travel). It also has room to hold extra accessories, like paddles. It’s got padded shoulder straps, a hip belt, compression straps, and a top and side handle. Unfortunately, neither pack is compatible with the tandem model, the Haven TT.

The Oru Fiberglass paddle is a half-pound lighter than the standard Oru paddle, adjustable length, adjustable blade pitch, and comes with a mesh storage bag.
We are proud to announce our partnership with 1% For The Planet for Beach LT. 1% of each Beach LT sold goes towards protecting the planet and funding local environmental organizations near and dear to Oru Kayak.Our boats are lightweight but extraordinarily strong. They’re created from 5 mm double-layered, custom-extruded polypropylene with a 10-year UV treatment. Translation? Oru Kayaks are incredibly puncture + abrasion resistant and built to last. They can withstand sliding over rocks, bumping into obstacles, and folding up tens of thousands of time. A fully adjustable backrest provides support for paddlers of all sizes. Feeling lazy in the middle of a paddle? Just tilt it back using the side straps. Our Love Your Boat Guarantee offers 30-day returns that are easy and simple. Read more about our Return Policy here. All of our boats come with a 3-year warranty. Learn more about our warranty here. Our service department is here to assist with any assembly or technical questions you may have.The Beach LT is designed for smooth, calm water. The large, open cockpit is perfect for paddles with a dog, small child, or cooler for fishing. It’s stable with great tracking, making it a great choice for first-time paddlers and beginners — but it’s sporty enough for experienced kayakers as well. Side-release buckles are super easy and intuitive. Simple to clip and tighten — and all of our straps have pull loops, friendly on old or sore hands. A 12’1″ origami open-cockpit kayak that folds down to the size of couch cushion. At 25 pounds, it’s half the weight of a traditional kayak. It’s compact enough to store in your trunk, closet, boat, or garage. With the Oru Pack, you can even check it on a plane or hike into remote waters.

A Northern California Paddle board store specializing in all things SUP. We look forward to helping you find the perfect board, or getting you out on the water with our premium brand rental boards.
The Inlet is the smallest, lightest and most portable of the Oru folding kayaks. Weighing only 20 pounds, it fits into a travel-ready backpack with a paddle for easy transport. It’s designed for flat water casual kayaking, but is highly maneuverable and tracks well on water. Assembly only takes about five minutes. With the smallest design of any of the models, it can be stored just about anywhere.

The first thing most people notice about ORU kayaks is how light they are. The secret is their unique skin material, a twin-wall corrugated polypropylene. This is stiff enough to create a self-supporting “monocoque” hull, so there’s no need for a heavy (and complicated to assemble) internal frame.
The ORU Inlet, Beach and Haven are all open cockpit kayaks, with easy access and great stability. They are light, quick to fold, easy to store, and fun to paddle. BUY NOW from us and we’ll get it you super-fast – we are UK-based, hold stock in UK and won’t cause you any Customs hassle!

We don’t recommend dragging them (or any other boat!) heavily laden over broken coral, but initial landing on sandy or stony beaches is not a problem – the material is a lot tougher than that used for an inflatable, for example. And the lightness of ORU kayaks has a further advantage in terms of long term durability, they are so easy to pick up and put on your shoulder that you won’t ever need to drag them up the shoreline.Anyone can join and everyone belongs. Benefits include great gear offers, special pricing on events and an annual Co-op Member Reward—for life. Join once, enjoy forever.

It’s stable, but also nimble and playful. It’s intended for use in calm water — think mirror-smooth lakes, rivers, and streams. Its large, open cockpit is perfect for paddles with a dog or small child — perfect for first-time paddlers and beginners, but great for anyone who wants a boat on the go.
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How many folds can you do on an ORU kayak?
20,000 folds Oru kayaks are rated for 20,000 folds without weakening. Outside Online reported that it held up well after a year of significant use, with only a few small things to fail, but nothing that meant it wouldn’t float.
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The Inlet is the lightest, most portable, and easiest to assemble folding kayak YET — an origami kayak for everyone. Designed for flat water, it’s playful and light — and ridiculously fast to assemble. With the smallest box of any of our models, you can store it just about anywhere.
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Who bought Oru Kayak?
Solo Stove Oru Kayak acquired by Solo Stove.
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With our newest iteration we’ve added a bunch of great features to the product that launched Oru Kayak— a closed-cockpit performance kayak that’s sporty, versatile, and light. We’ve made it even more durable, with new aluminum cockpit latches and extra-reinforced strap anchor points. Its updated print pattern is all about going back to our origami roots. The Bay ST is built for a wide variety of water types and conditions and holds enough gear for overnight trips.
The Inlet is the lightest, most portable, and easiest to assemble folding kayak YET an origami kayak for everyone. Designed for flat water, it’s playful and light and ridiculously fast to assemble. With the smallest box of any of our models, you can store it just about anywhere.A 9’8″ kayak that folds down to an unbelievably compact box. At 20 pounds, this origami kayak weighs half of a traditional kayak. It’s compact enough to store in your car trunk (two even!), or anywhere else. It tracks and handles far better than inflatable kayaks. With the Oru Pack, you can even check it on a plane or hike it anywhere.

Where is Oru Kayak based?
San Francisco, California Where is Oru Kayak ‘s headquarters? Oru Kayak is located in San Francisco, California, United States .
SOUTHLAKE, Texas, Sept. 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Solo Stove, designers of beautiful, easy-to-use fire pits and camp stoves, today announced the recent acquisitions of Chubbies Shorts, Oru Kayak, and ISLE, creating a new house of brands, Solo Brands. With a focus on adventurous lifestyle products, Solo Brand’s vision is to build a better, customer-obsessed, community-oriented, direct-to-consumer experience. The new family of brands are joining forces to offer best-in-class direct-to-consumer expertise and technology, unparalleled customer service to its loyal – and growing – followings and a shared dedication to give back to the communities each brand serves. Solo Brands entities rally behind a common ethos: creating and enhancing great moments and greater memories.In addition to creating efficiencies across the brands, the formation of Solo Brands better equips each company to continue supporting causes and communities across the world. Each Solo Brands entity has a history of giving back to its communities and working with organizations to support a variety of causes, such as expanding access to mental health care services, planting trees to offset carbon emissions and protect biodiversity, and working to keep oceans and waterways free of pollution.

Will a kayak sink if it flips?
Will a Kayak Sink if it Flips? A kayak can sink if it flips over in open water. If your kayak flips over and a significant amount of water enters the hull, there’s a chance it will sink. Capsizing is a bigger issue for sit-in kayaks because they have an open hull at the cockpit where water can pour in.
“At the core of each of these brands lies a passionate and vibrant community that has supported us and helped us grow – and we feel that it’s our responsibility to share our success and give back in a meaningful way,” continued Merris. “We believe that businesses of the future must be accountable for leaving the world a better place – Solo Brands exists to make a difference – for our daily lives, for our communities, for our planet.”

Solo Brands is planning to leverage its multi-faceted direct-to-consumer experience to create synergies and optimize resources across all entities. With enhanced technology, processes and operations, the brands will be positioned to offer faster shipping, higher quality manufacturing, and unified back-office functions – ensuring an excellent customer experience.
Solo Brands entities are respected, distinctive adventurous lifestyle brands. Each brand offers simple, ingenious products that are focused around creating experiences that form connections to people and the natural world. The new team of brands includes Chubbies Shorts, creators of men’s clothing built for the weekend, Oru Kayak, designers of the world’s most elegant and accessible folding kayaks, and ISLE, creators of paddleboards for yoga, fishing, touring, surfing and more.”We created Solo Brands with a vision for a different approach to direct-to-consumer business – one that’s not only better for the customer, but better for the community at-large,” said John Merris, CEO of Solo Brands and Solo Stove. “Each of these brands is amazing in its own individual way – but together we’ll be able to collectively offer a better customer journey – while doing more for the communities that built us.”We and our partners use cookies to Store and/or access information on a device. We and our partners use data for Personalised ads and content, ad and content measurement, audience insights and product development. An example of data being processed may be a unique identifier stored in a cookie. Some of our partners may process your data as a part of their legitimate business interest without asking for consent. To view the purposes they believe they have legitimate interest for, or to object to this data processing use the vendor list link below. The consent submitted will only be used for data processing originating from this website. If you would like to change your settings or withdraw consent at any time, the link to do so is in our privacy policy accessible from our home page..Any claims for misprinted/damaged/defective items must be submitted within 30 days after the product has been received. For packages lost in transit, all claims must be submitted no later than 30 days after the estimated delivery date. Claims deemed an error on our part are covered at our expense. Wrong Address – If you provide an address that is considered insufficient by the courier, the shipment will be returned to our facility. You will be liable for reshipment costs once we have confirmed an updated address with you (if and as applicable). Two years ago, I purchased a brand-new Oru Inlet kayak from REI. You probably saw them on Shark Tank, too. Or maybe you read their folding kayak feature in National Geographic Magazine’s February 2023 article “The Future is Folded” about how the art of Origami has inspired innovation. Or perhaps you were deep in a foldable kayak Reddit thread.Whatever the case, Oru struck a chord with a lot of us recreational kayakers – our need for a highly portable, lightweight, easy-to-store-and-transport boat, that doesn’t sacrifice on safety or performance.

As each product is printed and shipped individually upon ordering product to reduce impact and prevent excess warehouse inventory, we do not offer returns or exchanges. Please read each item\u2019s description and sizing measurements carefully upon ordering. We do not offer returns or exchanges for buyer\u2019s remorse or sizing errors.
We make the most innovative, portable boats in the world—a foldable fleet designed with simplicity, freedom and joy in mind. Our kayaks are packable and compact, but they never compromise on durability or performance—and they are as easy on the eyes as they are on the water.The Bay ST has a price tag of $1,600, representing a significant financial commitment; despite this, Gear Junkie thinks it is a worthwhile purchase for persons who do not have the space to store a large boat. According to Gear Junkie, the price of the Bay ST is 1,600 dollars. But because of its remarkable capability to preserve space and its excellent performance, it is worth a lot for persons with a limited capacity. Still, it wants to paddle due to its combination of these characteristics. After a two-day excursion, they realized that “the Oru Bay ST was a reputable vessel on this journey.” That led to the conclusion that the Oru Bay ST was a decent vessel. People who want a kayak that can go from the beach to the river and extend into overnight travel should consider this a viable alternative. It is also intelligent for people with limited storage space or who drive vehicles with limited cargo capacity.

They can be put together in any length of time between five and thirty minutes, according to the material we’ve obtained, which suggests that the time required to do so is variable. The first few times you put something together may be challenging, but the more practice you have, the easier it will get to put things together. It would appear that the disassembly process moves more swiftly, with most individuals eventually lowering the time it takes them to anywhere between five and 10 minutes.
Compared to other Oru kayaks, which utilize additional bulkhead components to provide the boat with a more fantastic structure, this boat has a minimal number of members. The Lake is comprised of just two primary components, which are the folding hull in the style of origami, and a structural seat/floorboard combination. Because of this, the Oru Lake is not only more lightweight but also gives you more free space that you can use for things like leg room or storage, thanks to the fact that its proportions are the same as those of the Oru Inlet. As a result of this, the Oru Lake is not only more lightweight but also gives you more free space thanks to the fact that its proportions are identical to those of the Oru Inlet.Pakboats, TRAK, KERO, Long Haul, and HYPAR are some of the other brands of foldable kayaks besides those that we investigated. In addition, we investigated Feathercraft and Folbot’s now-defunct businesses. Despite this, the results of our research showed that Oru Kayak is the brand with the most market share in this particular category. As a result, in the event that you are interested in purchasing a kayak that can be folded up, we feel that the Oru is the most fantastic option available in this category and that you should consider purchasing it.

When you paddle in waters with moderate waves or chop, the adjustable nylon spray skirt wraps snugly around the cockpit to protect your lower body from getting wet. An essential item to have if you do not want to get wet, and the Beach LT, Haven TT, and Inlet models are incompatible with spray skirts.

Do Oru kayaks have foot rests?
Upgrade your paddling adventure with our adjustable footrest for the Lake. This footrest transforms your paddling experience bringing comfort and control to your adventure. You’ll be able to double the fun, paddling longer and further.
If you discover that you rent kayaks regularly, buying your own Oru can be a more cost-effective alternative. They do not take up a significant amount of space and can be readily checked on an airline or stowed in an RV; hence, they are ideal for those constantly moving about or frequently travel for employment. Transporting them does not necessitate using a roof rack because they can be stashed away in the trunk of most automobiles in a relatively hassle-free manner.The Oru Pack and the Oru Inlet Pack are durable nylon backpacks that make transporting and carrying items a breeze (in fact, having one of these backpacks is required for airline travel). It also includes space to store other equipment, such as paddles. Padded shoulder straps, a hip belt, compression straps, and top and side handles are some of the features that come standard on this backpack. We regret to inform you that neither pack is suitable for use with the Haven TT tandem model.

According to Misadventures Magazine’s review of kayaks, the Oru Bay ST kayak has “a tiny seat that wears on the bum.” On the other hand, Oru provides an option to purchase a seat wedge for an additional cost of $25, which can be added to the chair to boost the overall degree of comfort. You may also take the recommendation that was provided by Outside Online and “use a life jacket for a bit more cushioning.” This would be a good idea. One may also think of that as an alternate approach to take.
The California-made origami kayaks weigh between 25 and 40 pounds and are about the size of a medium suitcase, making them easy to carry on the back (their exact packed-down dimensions are 33 in x 12 in x 29 in). Because it is so easy to pack away an Oru, it is a good option for nomadic travelers who make their home in a motor home or trailer. However, before making a purchase, it can be wise to check and see if there is a place close to your house where you can test out the product before committing to buying it. On the other hand, those are no longer available for purchase and have been replaced with optional features that may add to any model currently on the market. In 2021’s iteration of the Coast XT, similar to the Bay ST, the cockpit latches and anchor points for the straps have been upgraded to be made of aluminum, making them more durable.

Can you put a motor on an ORU kayak?
The battery is stored behind the seat, inside the kayak. It is secured with a simple bungee and clip system. The motor slides into a fitted seating, attached to the skin with a strong adhesive. The entire system is controlled with a small remote control attached to the paddle (shown above).
When traveling with an Oru, you won’t run into nearly as many difficulties as you would on your own. When traveling by air, who may transport these boats in the hold of an airplane? And most cases, they will not be considered checked luggage when traveling by sea, who cannot transport these boats in the storage of an aircraft (with no extra fee). However, to carry your kayak, you will need to obtain either the Oru Pack or the Inlet Pack, a rugged nylon backpack with room for the kayak and extra essentials.The folding method, comparable to the origami technique, Oru kayaks are distinguished by their hulls, which are made from a single sheet of resilient corrugated plastic (polypropylene, to be exact). They are delivered folded up in a bag, and in a concise amount of time, they may be erected into seaworthy vessels with lengths ranging from 12 to 16 feet. Oru successfully reached its financing goal almost immediately after the campaign for the project, which started on Kickstarter in 2013, was launched.

At this point, the issue that has to be answered is, what is our consensus? It is highly advised that city dweller who does not have the space to store a large kayak or the ability to transfer one give serious thought to the idea of getting one of these. If you rent kayaks frequently, there is a chance that it may eventually pay for itself. (Editor’s note: after researching kayak rental costs, we observed rates ranging from about $50 to $100 per day.) If you go to a lake that is intended only for entertaining guests, you might be able to get away with paying as little as $25 for each hour of your stay.
Oru’s product selection now consists of five distinct models to choose from. If you’re still having trouble selecting which kayak is best for you, give Oru’s online quiz a shot! We’ve detailed the critical differences between the two models below.

Depending on the type, the amount of storage capacity offered by an Oru might be anything from 90 to 180 liters. They claimed that they could carry 220 pounds in an Oru Bay kayak with no problems, as reported on Outside Online (this included a person who weighed 150 pounds together with 70 pounds of gear while using the ST model).Suppose money is an issue in your decision-making process. In that case, you should consider where you are likely to go kayaking, how long you want to boat for, and whether or not rental resources are available in the area in which you are interested in paddling. Whether you are going to be travelling to a country that is not the United States of America, it is conceivable that renting kayaks will be challenging to come by, depending on where you end up going. If you are traveling outside of the country, it is highly recommended that you bring your kayak.

Is Oru Kayak sold to solo stove?
SOUTHLAKE, Texas, Sept. 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Solo Stove, designers of beautiful, easy-to-use fire pits and camp stoves, today announced the recent acquisitions of Chubbies Shorts, Oru Kayak, and ISLE, creating a new house of brands, Solo Brands.
On a spring day in western Maine that was windy and warm, one of our testers took the Oru Lake out for a spin on Lovewell Pond. Lovewell Pond is located in western Maine. However, our examiner discovered that even waves of the lowest size (approximately 4 inches in height on that day) had no trouble breaking over the low-riding walls of the kayak. That was a significant finding, one of the things that concerned him about the kayak. The Oru Lake was surprisingly maneuverable for such a little boat, and it covered a lot of ground in a short amount of time. The ship did not capsize, which was a tremendous blessing for us, but the investment in the dry bags was more than worth it!They have a pricing point similar to that of a rotomolded kayak or an inflatable kayak, both of which serve the same purpose and are equivalent in size. Oru kayaks are about the size and weight of a 25-pound backpack when stored in that folded state. That allows for convenient storage in less prominent locations, such as the depths of a closet or under a bed. They can be carried without any issues by airline, rail, or bus because they can be easily placed in the trunk of a car (which eliminates the need for a roof rack) and because they can be kept there. In addition, every Oru kayak has a warranty that is good for a whole year and a money-back guarantee that is valid for thirty days.

Despite all of the acclaim, though, a few criticisms ought to be mentioned. Consequently, in light of all of this, we’ve compiled a list of both the benefits and drawbacks of owning an Oru in the hopes that it will assist you in concluding whether or not you should get one.On the trip that became known as the Gear Junkie, three rollovers took place, each of which ended in the paddlers being dropped into a more manageable section of rapids. A handful of the customer reviews seem like scary horror stories: the kayaker gets in, goes out on the water, gets dumped, and then has a tough time bringing themselves and the filling-with-water kayak back to shore. The reviews are for a kayak that Ocean Kayak manufactures. Particularly for inexperienced kayakers who are unclear about how to keep their balance on the water, there may be a learning curve involved in keeping one’s upright stance in an Oru. That is especially true for newbie kayakers. However, according to the findings of our analysis, Oru kayaks appear to have remarkable primary stability.