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Outdoor Dance Floor Rental Near Me

One of our many specialties is providing elegant wedding rentals for outdoor weddings, so if you are looking for a wedding dance floor rental, select Great Lakes Tent. Let us know the size of your wedding party, and we can help you find the perfect wedding tent and wedding dance floor rentals. We will do the heavy lifting and help you create the perfect day. If after browsing our website, you’d like to see the dance floor samples in person, please visit our showroom located in Warren, MI. Our employees will be happy to give you a free estimate as well as answer any questions you might have. While you are at our showroom, take a look at both our table rentals and chair rentals that you might need to add to your event. Looking for a wedding dance floor rental to cover your entire tent? We can help you find the best option. Make Great Lakes Tent your one-stop rental shop for your next event. Since 1996, Great Lakes Tent has been the expert in event rentals in the Detroit area. You’ll find that we have superior service for our customers and quality tent rentals. Please contact us to find out more, and get a quote on your tent and dance floor rentals or tent flooring rentals today.

Choose Great Lakes Tent not only for tent rentals but also for tent flooring rentals. These event flooring rentals are great to have to create the perfect venue space for corporate events, weddings, and residential events, including birthday parties, graduations, bar and bat mitzvahs, picnics, anniversary parties, bridal showers, reunions, church events, and baby showers.
We have two kinds of wedding dance floor rentals available to choose from, including a cherry dance floor and a white dance floor. Depending on the aesthetic of your event, you can decide which type of outdoor dance floor rental will better complement your party and attract guests to the dance floor.Our experienced team will deliver our outdoor dance floor rentals and tent floor rentals to any location in southeast Michigan, including Ann Arbor, Detroit, Saginaw, Grand Rapids, Flint, and Traverse City. If you have a larger event rental order, we will deliver as far as Columbus and Toledo, Ohio, and Indianapolis, Indiana. Our dance floor rentals can cost anywhere from $299.99 to $1469.99. Please take a look at the catalog above to see how much it will cost depending on the size of the outdoor dance floor rental you want at your party. The tent floor rentals cost anywhere from $0.95 per square foot to $1.85 per square foot. Tent flooring rentals are a great way to make your outdoor event more comfortable and enjoyable. Tent floor rentals provide an extra layer of protection from the elements while providing a flat, level surface for guests to stand or walk on. Outdoor event flooring rentals can be placed over grass, dirt, sand, concrete, and other surfaces. Tent flooring rentals increase comfort levels, improve safety, increase fun, and add aesthetic appeal – all at an affordable cost! When you select Great Lakes Tent for your event tent rental, you may consider a tent flooring rental to dress up the look of the event. If you are looking for tent floor rentals, we have Dura-Trac Flooring and Astro Carpeting as options.

Yes, our outdoor dance floor rental and tent flooring rentals may be placed on top of grass. Ideally, it is best to place the tent rental, event flooring rental, and dance floor on an even surface for stability. Please choose the best location for your tent and party and event rentals before it is set up for your event.
Depending on the number of guests you are hosting at your event, you’ll need to decide what size dance floor rental you’d like. Our outdoor dance floor rentals can be tailored to your specifications as each floor section comes in 4’ x 4’ sizes. We do have a variety of dance floor rental sizes available. Please see our online catalog above for exact sizes.At Great Lakes Tent, we offer three types of event flooring rentals to accentuate your tent rental. The tent floor rentals that we offer are Duratrac flooring, Eventflex laminate, and indoor or outdoor carpet. Select which type of tent flooring rental you prefer to have at your event in the Metro Detroit area.

Outdoor dance floor rentals are a great way to add some extra fun and excitement to any event. Whether it’s an outdoor wedding, corporate event, or backyard party, having a dance floor creates the perfect place to get your groove on. At Great Lakes Tent, we have two options to choose from for outdoor dance floor rentals. We offer both a brown and a white dance floor rental to our customers. These outdoor dance floor rentals are available in a variety of sizes. If you don’t see the size you are looking for, please contact us. Since the flooring sections come in 4’ x 4’, we can order them in custom sizes for your special event. With so many event flooring rental options available, there is sure to be something that fits your needs and budget.
Are you hosting an upcoming event such as a birthday party or an anniversary party requiring a dance floor rental? Maybe you are planning your wedding, and while checking things off your list, you realize that you need a wedding dance floor rental. If so, we have the perfect dance floors for rent and tent flooring rentals to make your event elegant and classy.Our dance floor rentals are perfect for all kinds of residential events in southeast Michigan. Many people enjoy having an outdoor dance floor rental at the following types of parties, wedding receptions, birthday parties, graduations, and anniversary parties so that their guests have a space to dance and have a great time. Event Source offers a variety of dance floor rental options, from white to wood to checkerboard. Browse the available styles below, then select the size that best suits your needs. No matter what occasion you are celebrating, the team at PTE Rentals can provide the floor needed for your friends, family, colleagues, and acquaintances to dance the night away. Please refer to our dance floor sizing guide and feel free to call us with any questions or to reserve your rental.PTE Rentals has over 30 years of experience with providing rental and event planning services for numerous types of fabulous events. When determining the dance floor size you need for your event, keep in mind that typically, only up to 50% of your attending party will be occupying the dance floor at any given time. You should budget 4.5 square feet of space for each person, 9 square feet for each couple. If you are hosting an event for 100 people, you can anticipate 50 people or 25 couples on the dance floor at a time. Our dance floor panels are rented in increments 3’x3’ panels. Each panel is 9 square feet, enough space to accommodate one couple or two individuals. If you need to rent a dance floor for 50 people to dance at a time, we recommend renting around 25 panels, which may be configured to your desired length and width. Our convenient dance floor sizing guide will help you determine the adequate number of panels needed to accommodate both the number of guests and your specific dance floor dimensions.

19. Celestial themed. Light up your indoor wedding reception with the all the magic of the night sky! Make sure you have a solid dance floor and enlist the help of a lighting expert to recreate the stars. To make your dance floor sparkle, hang star-shaped fairy lights and dim other overhead lights.

11. Paper décor themed. If you’re trying to get the most bang for your buck, let your artistic side shine and spruce up your dance floor with DIY tassels and papier-mâché. Hang some romantic paper lanterns in your wedding colors above the dance floor to make the space feel dreamy.2. Balloon filled. Who doesn’t love balloons? Balloons are reminiscent of some of our earliest celebrations in life, and can be an extremely budget-friendly way to infuse joy into your reception! Feel the excitement radiate amongst your guests – including the young and young-at-heart. Drape balloons across the dance floor or have them scattered around the dance floor for a fun vibe.

16. Marble themed. Are you looking for a regal dance floor that doesn’t come with a hefty price tag? Marble style dance floors are extremely versatile and easily customizable to fit your wedding theme.7. Carpet. If you’re having your wedding reception outdoors, or just want to cover up some unsightly ballroom carpeting, go for a budget-conscious carpet dance floor. Your guests will be worry-free and relaxed enough to take off those uncomfortable shoes and bust some moves.

What size dance floor for 100 guests?
180 sq feet 12 x 15 ft Dance Floor Size GuidelinesNumber of GuestsTotal Square FeetDimensions of Floor100180 sq feet12 x 15 ft150270 sq feet15 x 18 ft200380 sq feet18 x 21 ft250440 sq feet21 x 21 ft
15. Umbrella canopy themed. Create a quirky and colorful ceiling with umbrellas suspended over your wedding dance floor. Add pops of color when you mix and match patterns or different shades of your wedding theme colors. Accompanied by the right tunes, your guests won’t be able to stay away from this fun dance floor.If you are hosting your wedding reception outdoors, it is better – and safer – to have a dance floor laid out over the grass. Any rental company should be able to install the platform and will save your guests in stilettos from sinking into the ground all night. Creating an elevated dance floor also makes it easy to keep long dresses and nice shoes clean, so the only thing your guests have to worry about is what moves to tear up the dance floor with.6. Mosaic themed. Bright colors or hypnotizing patterns on the dance floor will surely energize the mood for your reception, as your guests are drawn to the dance floor. Your unique floor will also serve as a beautiful work of art in your wedding photos and set your aesthetic apart from the typical reception.4. Disco ball themed. Give the retro theme a modern refresh from the singular disco ball in the middle of the dance floor. To make your reception shine, pair multiple disco balls of all sizes at varying lengths with minimalistic hanging lights. Stick with classic silver or go for the gold and switch up the colors of your disco balls to enhance your own unique ambiance.

Your wedding dance floor is one of the focal points of your reception, and the place where you’ll have your first twirls as newlyweds. Plus, it’s where your guests will spend much of their time dancing the night away. So why not make it unique? In this post, we’ll give you wedding dance floor ideas for any type of reception, as well as answer a few frequently asked questions about wedding dance floors.
12. Monogrammed. Is there a better way to set the tone of your ultra-chic wedding than with a sophisticated monogram of your initials? Imprint your monogram straight on the dance floor, or project it from above to create a swanky ambiance. This wedding dance floor idea may be simple, but it is an affordable and classic way to personalize your wedding.

A wedding dance floor can take the reception from drab to fab, so if you’re able, don’t let this element fall through the cracks. After all, everyone will be itching to get on the dance floor once the party starts. Just make sure to pair your dance floor with the right music and lighting to perfect your desired vibe.

How many people can dance on a 24x24 dance floor?
However, each couple requires 8-9 square feet of dance space. A 24 x 24 Dance Floor will accommodate guest counts up to 256 people.
17. Tented. You can still keep the cozy feel of an indoor reception with an outdoor covering. A tented dance floor works best on warm, summer nights when you can hang dreamy tulle drapes and overhead fixtures. Play around with colors and lights to jazz up an otherwise ordinary white tent.20. Neon themed. Get ready to dance your socks off on an electrifying neon dance floor! Pump up your wedding reception with black lights and hire a DJ that’ll keep the party moving all night long.

3. Poolside. Does your wedding venue feature a picturesque pool? Use it to your advantage and situate your dance floor next to the pool for some upscale fun. If you want to take it up a notch, install a transparent dance floor over the pool. Paired with the right lighting and music, this setup will exceed expectations.

How to make a dance floor outdoors?
Your tent may have a plastic sheet as a floor or hessian or just plain grass. Non of these are ideal for dancing in heels. But you can put down a sheet of plywood or MDF and cover it with wood effect laminate. These thin sheets of wood or wood-effect plastic click together to make a solid surface.
1. Checkered. Simple, yet oh-so-elegant. Keep it classy with a black and white checkered dance floor, accompanied by a regal chandelier. Or, if you’re feeling a bit whimsical, opt for multicolored checkered boxes to add an extra dose of energy to your colorful wedding theme. These types of floors are incredibly easy to rent and budget friendly.5. Illuminated. This wedding dance floor idea is ideal for more contemporary themes because it’s so versatile. Keep it understated and elegant with all-white lighting or spice it up with changing multicolored tiles. You can match the mood of your music to the floor for a fun vibe that will keep your guests grooving.

What is the best surface for a dance floor?
For really professional dance studio flooring, hardwood flooring is the way to go. It’s not only beautiful to look at but also high performance and suitable for any dance style. With hardwood, you have to ensure the subfloor is sprung to protect dancers from injury.
18. Vintage rug themed. For a more bohemian wedding theme, opt for vintage rugs to complement your vibe. They are easy and cheap to rent, or you can buy the rugs and reuse them in your home as a reminder of your special day. If your venue allows, set up bonfires near the dance floor to create a mystical mood for the reception.With more options than ever before, it’s easy to get creative with your dance floor and make it memorable for your guests. Remember, your dance floor has two key functions: providing an attractive area for the photographers to capture, and creating an environment that’s as inviting as possible for everyone in attendance. You can select a venue that already has a built-in dance floor and decorate it to fit your theme, or opt for a temporary and totally customizable floor. From monograms to checkered floors, enchanting floral suspensions or dazzling chandeliers – the sky is the limit.9. Beach themed. If your wedding reception is set by the sea – or if you wish it was – then a nautical theme could be ideal for you. Customize your wedding floor with crisp white wood, seashells, and ocean hues. When the sun sets, illuminate coastal-inspired lanterns that will have your guests ready to sail into the night.8. Wooden. A country or rustic wedding theme just wouldn’t be complete without a beautiful wooden dance floor. This floor will give your reception an earthy-yet-elegant feel to perfectly complement your wedding style. Wooden dance floors are simple to rent and offer a range of wood types and grains.

A dance floor may not be a must-have at your wedding, and that’s OK. But you’ll want your wedding to be remembered by your friends and family long after it’s over – and having a lively dance floor is a fun way to help guests create memories of their own. Weddings mark the beginning of a new chapter in your life and your dance floor is the canvas for that all-important first dance as a married couple. It is essential to set the stage properly, and you can use your dance floor as a way to keep all eyes on the moment.
14. Floral. Let your dance floor blossom with a charming floral theme. Incorporate the beauty of flowers in your big day without burning a hole in your pockets. Keep it clean with projections of your favorite flower or hang a bouquet chandelier over the dance floor, surrounded by floral columns.10. Moss themed. Incorporate your love for flora and fauna with this wedding dance floor idea, even if you aren’t hosting your reception outside. Cover your dance floor with moss and let your guests join in by giving them flower petals to scatter while you glide through the big first dance. Complete the earthy atmosphere with freestanding or hanging floral installations.

13. Mirrored. Make a glamorous statement with a reflective dance floor to open up your reception space. If you want to go above and beyond, a mirrored dance floor set up outside or beneath a clear-top tent could make your wedding one for the ages as it reflects the stars or a stunning sunset.
If you want quality dance floor rentals in Texas, trust Peerless Events & Tents to deliver, set up and break down all the equipment you need. We serve any event and meet your needs throughout the planning process. You can feel good knowing your outdoor concert, corporate celebration or wedding will be in reliable hands.At Peerless Events & Tents, we provide superb customer service every time you call. We also offer after-hours emergency services if you have urgent event questions. Contact any of our local offices to learn more about our products and services. To get your party started, add items to your cart or Wishlist and request a quote.

We know that every event is unique. Our team is passionate about creating fun and personalized experiences with the best equipment. Our dance floor rentals for Texas events provide the space and the inspiration to get your guests on their feet. Plus, our staging options create the perfect setting for your live performers or DJ setup.
From school dances to weddings, the dance floor is where the party starts. At Peerless Events & Tents, we specialize in planning, designing and setting up the best events in Texas. We offer high-quality rentals and a dedicated team in Texas’s major cities — Austin, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio. Choose from our selection of portable dance floors and stages for your next party.

Your to-do list doesn’t end with dance floors. That’s why we supply any event equipment, including power, heating, cooling and lighting systems. Create a fun and cohesive party with our dance floor rentals in Texas’s biggest cities — Austin, Dallas, Houston or San Antonio.
If you’re putting an outdoor wedding, party, or holiday event together, you may be wondering how you recreate all of the magic that happens on the dance floor outside of a banquet hall. The good news is that this is fairly easy to do, and you have a plethora of options to choose from when it comes to materials you use. As a note, this article offers instructions for temporary, movable dance floors, not permanent installations or indoor dance floors. If you want to build a permanent structure in your yard, you’ll need to work with a professional builder to make sure it’s stable and safe to use.

Can I put a dance floor on grass?
Can you put a dance floor on the grass? If you are hosting your wedding reception outdoors, it is better – and safer – to have a dance floor laid out over the grass. Any rental company should be able to install the platform and will save your guests in stilettos from sinking into the ground all night.
A black & white checkerboard dance floor for a Chateau St. Michel event at the Hyatt Lake Washington Hotel in Renton, organized by Big Rock Productions.

Burnishing a black & white checkerboard dance floor for a Chateau St. Michel event at the Hyatt Lake Washington Hotel in Renton, organized by Big Rock Productions.
Please note that how much dance floor you need per person depends on the type of dancing you or your guests will be doing. The ratios and table presented here work best for slower, more compact dances at weddings and the like. If you’re planning on swing, polkas, waltzes, etc., please don’t expect to be able to fit the number of dancers in the table.Big D Party Rentals has installed thousands of outdoor dance floors in backyards and outside wedding venues. If installing a dance floor outside in the grass, you will need a subfloor built for your dance floor. Our delivery team will come out and make a wood subfloor deck and install the dance floor on top of the wood subfloor.

This home located in Dallas, TX provided the perfect wedding dance floor backdrop. A 18′ x 12′ white dance floor rental was installed on top of the stone patio. Due to the smoothness of the patio a subfloor was not required for this particular outdoor dance floor.
We offer customer pick-up and Delivery options when renting a dance floor. If you have chosen to do a Customer Pick Up / Customer Return or a standard delivery without t a dance floor set up, this is a great 2-minute instructional video. The Dance floor is easy to assemble, and you want to ensure you start in the top left-hand corner and work left to right the same way you would read a book. Make sure the loops are in the same orientation on each 3’ x 3’ dance floor section.

When renting a dance floor outside it’s important to consider possible weather conditions the day or night of your event. The 18′ x 18′ white dance floor rental (pictured) was paired with a 20′ x 20′ clear tent, which would allow for guest to enjoy the night stars or be protected from the elements if rain was forecasted. It’s always important to have a back up plan when you rent a dance floor for outside.

A classic white 24′ x 24′ wedding dance floor rental for perfect for the couple’s first dance. Shortly after the wedding guests joined the couple, packing the dance floor and cutting loose all night. This is one wedding that they will not forget! (Photo Credit Allen Tsai Photography)
Dance floor rentals come in all different sizes, colors, and finishes. There are several factors in choosing the right dance floor for your party and crowd. We have provided a Dance Floor Rental chart to help give you an estimated size that will be best for your event. For the average party, approximately 30% to 40% of the guests will be dancing on the floor at any given time. Now there are exceptions to every rule. When I was in my early 20s and my lifelong friend Campbell got married, there were nine groomsmen and nine bridesmaids, there was a lot more than 40% dancing on the dance floor, and some were even dancing on the speakers and tables! However, when my Grandparents celebrated their 60th Wedding Anniversary, there was less than 20% on the dance floor. Still, it was remarkable to see them dancing together, a memory I will cherish forever. Dance floors make the best memories; guests will remember your event for years to come because of what happens on the dance floor.When renting an outdoor dance floor, it’s essential to have a flat surface. A Dance Floor can be installed directly on level concrete, such as a patio or driveway. A dance floor can also be installed directly on a wood deck or hard-level surface.

The 21′ x 21′ outdoor wedding dance floor was a big hit with all of the wedding guests. The oak dance floor was paired with our antique white string light towers that provided the perfect amount of ambient light as the wedding party danced under the stars. It’s important to note, when renting a dance floor to be installed in grass, a sub-floor is required.In order to truly have a party, a Dance Floor rental is a “Must Have”. Think back to the most fun parties you’ve attended, chances are they had a dance floor. Dance floors are highly entertaining, weather you’re out on the floor busting some moves or watching people dance and try to dance, it’s great fun! Big D Party Rentals has a huge selection of indoor and outdoor dance floors for rent. The 18′ x 18′ Black and White Checkered Dance Floor rental was installed on a tennis court. A square truss structure was installed over the checkered dance floor, which allowed for LED party Lights that changed colors and projected images throughout the event. A white structure tent was installed over the truss and checkered dance floor. A Dance Floor Rental doesn’t have to be for dancing. This out of box wedding aisle design provided the perfect pop and complimented the white garden chairs well. The white dance floor was installed with a 6ft width and 87ft length which met adjoined the 24ft wide x 9ft deep section creating a “T” pattern. Due to the firmness of the crushed aggerate, a subfloor was not requited to install the white dance floor sections. This is just another creative example of how alternate use for dance floor rental sections.The first dance is a special moment in life that deserves to be highlighted with a great dance floor rental. This wonderful couple chose our 21′ x 21′ black and white checkered indoor dance floor for their wedding, which was held in a wedding venue in Valley View, TX. (Photo Credit to Monica Cassell Photography)

A family farm in McKinney, Texas was a perfect backdrop for an outdoor dance floor rental. The black and white checkered dance floor was coupled with white spandex wrapped truss towers that provided connections points for string lighting. When renting a dance floor outside for an evening event, it’s important to consider the lighting conditions on and around the portable dance floor. The string lights provide just the right amount of light for a evening filled with dancing and a popular addition to our clients that rent an outdoor dance floor.
Yes, our outdoor dance floor rentals are 100% water resistant and engineered for indoor and outdoor use—no need to worry if your guest spill a drink or if it rains on the dance floor. (Please note that no one should dance on the floor until it is dry).

21′ x 21′ White Dance Floor Rental installed at Dallas Event Venue. A popular option when renting a white dance floor is to have a personalized monogram or graphic applied to the dance floor. We use cookies to analyze website traffic and optimize your website experience. By accepting our use of cookies, your data will be aggregated with all other user data. Use this general rule of thumb for planning the size of your dance floor: about 30% of the total number of guests will be on the dance floor at any given time.Party Solutions wants to help you rent just the right dance floor for your event. In order to do so, please have the answers to these following questions ready:Transform your get-together into a memorable event. Choose a classic wood-grained or modern black, sophisticated white or fun black-and-white; our many options will suit the vibe at your event. Ask our expert party guides to help you determine the exact dimensions you need.

Yes, you can dance at your outdoor event. The centerpiece of any wedding, a dance floor offers a flat,sturdy and beautiful location for guests to glide and soar. An enhancement to any birthday party, dinner, reunion or corporate event, the dance floor is multi faceted.
Once guests know that dancing will be outside on the open ground they will likely decide to wear more casual and fun attire. Most will decide on sandals or flat shoes too. This will give the right vibe for the celebration and help avoid anyone twisting an ankle on or off the dance floor.Whether the reception is in a tent, outside on the lawn or on the beach you must decide whether there will be dancing. But as everyone knows, if there’s the right music, people will want to dance. Dancing is, after all, a time-honoured way of celebrating across the world and has been for thousands of years.Decide on the size of your finished floor then buy sheets of ½ inch plywood to fit this size. The store will cut them to exact size for you so don’t even consider doing that yourself! Plywood is often sold in 4×8 foot sheets so a floor of 16 x 12 feet can be made just using 6 whole sheets. This is the solid top surface for each of 6 ‘blocks’ which will be put together to make the floor.

You can get small mending or fixing metal plates with gripping teeth on them which you can hammer across the joins between the blocks to hold them together. Do this last of all as they will start to come out if you lift or move the floor much.

Some but not all product links (my recommendations) on this site lead through to retailers with whom I have an affiliation agreement. If you purchase after clicking through I may receive a small commission at no charge to you. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. I only link to products I consider to be high quality, a good price and appropriate for women over 50.Look online for cheap floor coverings made of jute or bamboo. Some cotton or synthetic woven rugs are very inexpensive too. Either get a large area rug or get a length cut off a roll. Be careful not to simply lay several rugs down across the space. Whilst you can use tent pegs (with lights next to them) to secure the outside edges of the carpet, it’s dangerous to do this for the edges where they meet up inside the dance area. Even with flat shoes you will have accidents. And if you don’t secure the covering it will ruck into folds which is even more dangerous.

MDF can be painted or stained and finished with a transparent PVC glaze to help it stay looking good all evening. You can apply gorgeous decals on the super flat surface too.
This does not need to be well finished at the edges – which is usually the most time-consuming part about creating a garden deck. Just buy boxes of decking that click together and place them on the flattest place you can find. They will be finished, stained and smooth so no need to paint or glaze. You may be able to reuse the blocks for a garden or advertise them for others to use. Here are best rated decking blocks on And wood decking tiles on

How to make a dance floor for cheap?
Buy a large area rug and lay it down over the dance floor. Then, use tent pegs to secure the edges of the rug to the ground underneath. Jute and bamboo rugs are excellent options as well. They’re sturdy, unique, and they’re extremely cheap which is great if you’ve got to cover a large area.
It won’t last for very long as it will probably get a bit damp from the grass but it is an inexpensive and quick solution. Make sure to use as flat a surface underneath it as you can.

Can you put a dance floor on concrete?
Can you put a dance flooring over concrete? You can install dance flooring over concrete as long as you place a cushioned subfloor underneath it first. This will provide the right amount of firmness and spring so you don’t injure yourself while dancing. Foam dance subfloor tiles are the best option for this.
If putting in secure poles is difficult then just plant sun-activated lamps in the grass around three sides of a square. You can use these inexpensive lights to mark out a pathway to the dance area too. See some solar powered lights on here. And some fun flickering lights here on

Finish the plywood with two coats of floor paint. Then a third coat can be just for decorative effect such as circles or a name. If you want to have a chequerboard effect then use painter’s tape (masking tape) to make the crisscross design and paint alternate squares with the top coat. Use the same tape method to make stripes or other straight-edged designs. You can also buy fun decals then varnish over them.
You may find that your tent floor is flat enough for you to lie the laminate straight on top. If you do this you must use heavy duty tape round the edges to stick the dance floor to the tent floor. Lots of people buy a wooden dance floor for their wedding then never use it again. Don’t be content with just scouring the local small ads be proactive and put out a call everywhere for a second hand dance floor. Do this months in advance because you need to attract the attention of couples before their wedding as most will simply discard their floor with all the other detritus from the reception. So ‘book in’ to collect and pay for that expensive floor the couple are considering buying. Your willingness to take it afterwards may push them to buy instead of rent. Your floor needs a solid and flat surface fixed to a supporting structure underneath to keep it off the ground. This structure will make the area even. It will look best on concrete or a deck but will also sit happily on short grass.

How many people can dance on 24x24?
Dance Floor SizingSize of PartyNumber of DancersFloor Dimensions (ft.)250-2858421 x 24285-3249624 x 24324-36610824 x 27366-45012227 x 27
If it’s a rustic wedding or a backyard wedding then many people will be happy to dance on the grass. But it might be a good idea to mark out a space for dancing.If you have someone to help you, this option need not be a lengthy task. Just remember to start it well in advance in case you run into any minor problems.

What size dance floor for 20 guests?
You should budget 4.5 square feet of space for each person, 9 square feet for each couple.
You will need to warn guests in advance that dancing will be on sand or grass. You can’t dance on these surfaces in heels. You can also mention that flip flops will be available for those who don’t fancy going barefoot. For the support underneath you need to create a box structure under each sheet of plywood. You can make these from lengths of 2×2 inch timber. These are often sold in 8 foot lengths. You will need a piece of timber to go around each side of each plywood ‘block’. Then add two more pieces to each block to reinforce them. For each block you will need two pieces of 4 foot timber (2×2 inch) for the short edges plus four pieces of 92 inches each for the long edges ( they are shorter than the side because they need to be screwed or nailed to the timber along each short edge.) Use the two extra lengths of 92 inches to fix across lengthwise inside the block to spread the load when people are dancing. Never leave wood and never never leave MDF sitting where it can get wet. Buy a tarpaulin or strong waterproof cover, not just a decorator’s roll of thin plastic sheet. Cover the MDF completely if you cannot keep it indoors until the day.There is no point cordoning off a special dancing area for a beach wedding. People will kick off their shoes and just take to the sand once the mood is right. People naturally get closer together when dancing so there will soon be an informal dance area marked out by the first few dancers.

Hang lights or lanterns between the poles. Most dancing starts at dusk so it makes sense to use inexpensive colourful lanterns that store the day’s sunlight and automatically come on when it gets dark.If there is an area of concrete or a deck for example, this will make an excellent base. A wooden deck can be used as it is but a carpet will improve the look of bare concrete and make it more comfortable to dance on, even in shoes.

Is it safe to dance on concrete?
Dancers should NEVER jump on a hard surface, such as concrete. Each time a dancers jumps, around 3 times their body weight is returned. Over time, this can cause fatigue and severe injury. To prevent dancers from dancing on a hard surface, it is imperative to install a floating sub-floor.
Find an area of level grass and if possible have it cut short the day before. Remember to rake away any grass cuttings. Then hammer in some wooden, metal or strong plastic poles around three sides of this space. Look in hardware stores but also in garden centres for these.Your tent may have a plastic sheet as a floor or hessian or just plain grass. Non of these are ideal for dancing in heels. But you can put down a sheet of plywood or MDF and cover it with wood effect laminate. These thin sheets of wood or wood-effect plastic click together to make a solid surface. They will need to be glued or nailed down to the plywood. If the plywood is sitting on a hard surface such as concrete you can put a layer of foam, carpet underlay or carpet under the plywood.

The ideal tent floor is constructed with substructure beams and plywood to level out uneven surfaces. This allows a absolutely firm surface for carpet or wood floor installation and protects the floor from the elements.
Raised and leveled wood floors are used to provide a perfectly level event surface and can correct sloped ground. Perimeter safety decorative cedar railing is an option for tall elevated floors.Leveled plywood floors can be covered with astroturf, custom colored carpet or hardwood. This is a great way to enhance a tent. Carpet runners are 3’ widths and are bound on all sides. They are available in red and black or can be ordered in any color or size. Vinyl floor coverings can protect a gymnasium floor if your event is inside. Contact us at (847) 375-8510 to speak to one of our experienced event planners to help select the floor that is right for you.Everyone loves to dance! Have fun while dancing the Conga, Macarena or the Electric Slide. Why not include a dance floor in your plans and watch your event get exciting! Modular design means you can have the size that fits your party best. Dance floors are available in oak parquet, or vinyl colored in white, black or black & white combination. Edges are finished with beveled trim. They can be used indoor and outdoor and are leveled to accommodate any terrain.We’re located in Reisterstown, MD. However, we service a large area such as Carroll County, Baltimore County, Frederick County, Baltimore City, Howard County and More. Call us to discuss your next event or learn more about us.

Your dance floor is the center piece to a great event. Think about it… Your first dance happens here. Make it memorable. Our dance flooring includes free installation. Say goodbye to the fear of having to install your dance floor yourself.
The truth is, 30 years from now when you look back on your life’s greatest moments… you probably won’t remember how nice the dance floor was. But what you will remember, are the moments that happened ON the dance floor. Our dance floors are where your best moments will happen. Moments such as:

*Our dance floors are great for any event. Not just weddings. We just mention weddings because they’re the most popular event that we rent our dance floors for*
Custom sizing is available upon request. All dance flooring includes FREE Installation. Our dance flooring is made of outdoor new england plank wooden material. Very sturdy and reliable dance floor to celebrate your event. Use the chart below to get an idea of what size would be best for your event. Click Here to contact us now if you have any questions.