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Panda Express Veggie Spring Roll

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Is Panda Express veggie spring roll vegetarian?
Are the veggie rolls at Panda Express vegan? Yes. The Vegetable Spring Rolls are vegan. I feel like this goes without saying, but just for clarity, the Chicken Egg Roll is not.
When you make your reservation online, the calendar will provide available dates at your chosen Panda Express location. Please note that a minimum two week notice is required and you can schedule your fundraiser up to 3 months in advance.Your fundraiser donation will show on your fundraiser account. If it is not there three days after the event, please email [email protected] for the results.

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Please note, fundraiser dates and times cannot be changed within 72 hours of the event. To make changes, please contact our Fundraiser Team at [email protected].
Although there are many caring and giving foundations and we commend you for supporting them, only organizations that have a Taxpayer Identification Number may hold a fundraiser at Panda Express.If the link is not working, please check to see if a PDF reader is installed on the computer you are using. If there isn’t one, a PDF reader will need to be installed to view the flyer.

If the status of your event says \”Pending\”, that means that the fundraiser application did not come through and will need to be resubmitted. To resubmit the application, click on \”View\”, verify the information, and click on the button that says \”Submit My Fundraiser\”. You will receive an email confirmation of the submission and the status will change to \”Submitted\”.Yes, a flyer is available for your event. Once your fundraiser has been approved, you’ll be able to access it online by logging into your fundraiser account and clicking the “Review Flyer” link. The flyer will pop up as a PDF, so you can print it and distribute as many as you like. Click here to see a sample flyer.

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First, you will receive an email confirmation that we received your fundraiser submission. If you did not receive this email, go back into your account to submit your application. Next, an email will be sent to you within 48 hours notifying you if the fundraiser has been approved or declined.Panda Express wasn’t always the best option for someone seriously committed to veganism. It wasn’t certainly the most appealing when two out of their six vegan options were white and brown rice.

What is the healthiest thing in panda?
11 Of The Healthiest Things You Can Order At Panda ExpressSide of Super Greens. Twitter. … String Bean Chicken Breast. Twitter. … Sizzling Shrimp. Twitter. … Grilled Teriyaki Chicken. Twitter. … Honey Walnut Shrimp. Twitter. … Brown Steamed Rice. Panda Express. … Chicken Potstickers. Facebook. … Fortune Cookies. Panda Express.
Thankfully, many Panda Express sauces are vegan-friendly. You can order a big platter of Vegetable Spring Rolls and use the vegan sauces as dip to find out which one is your favorite.Panda Express is one of the biggest Chinese fast-food chains in the world. Ihas over 2,200 locations and is considered the largest Asian segment restaurant chain in the entire United States.This plant-based signature entrée has a juicy and irresistibly crunchy texture. The fried chicken is tossed in the vegan tangy orange sauce and is one of the best vegan options at Panda Express.Thanks for posting their vegan options. We stopped going 5 years ago when we went vegan. Since they opened in La Canada we used to eat there often, now we will try them again!

Panda Express forgoes all animal products in the Vegetable Spring Roll. Finely chopped cabbage, carrots, green onions, and Chinese noodles are used for the filling. They pair extremely well with the sweet and sour sauce.
No. Panda Express used to use chicken broth in flavoring most of its dishes, but it has now switched to using vegetable broth instead for a more vegan-friendly option. The vegan-friendly options at Panda Express came into existence when Vegan Outreach, a nonprofit organization, launched a petition in 2019 to remove chicken broth to make the Panda Express menu more vegan-friendly. In 1983, the Cherngs were invited to open up a fast food restaurant version of the Panda Inn for Glendale Galleria in Southern California, which they called Panda Express — and the rest, you can say, is history.Hi! My name is Kathy, I am a retired high school English teacher & vegan enthusiast and blogger. My entire blog is fully plant-based vegan. I truly believe what we eat & how we live determines our health & the preservation of our planet! 🙂

They seemed to offer vegan dishes in the past, but vegans were outraged when they discovered that most of their dishes were flavored with chicken stock.However, it’s important to remember that the restaurant does not offer gluten-free dishes, and all their food uses shared cooking equipment. There will always be a risk of cross-contamination.He and his father opened the first variation of Panda Express called the Panda Inn, whose sales were so dismal that they often had to put out special promotions so people would dine in.Panda Express collaborated with Beyond Meat, a producer of plant-based meat substitutes, to create a vegan orange chicken. Chef Jimmy Wang, head of culinary innovation, is overseeing this project.

Are Panda Express spring rolls fried?
Spring rolls are a traditional Chinese dish with a filling of shredded vegetables and meat wrapped cylindrically in a wonton pastry and deep-fried until golden brown and crispy. Panda Express forgoes all animal products in the Vegetable Spring Roll.
And unlike other restaurants, you can leave the casual Chinese place feeling full despite the limited vegan menu items. If you ask us, a serving of Eggplant Tofu with a side of steamed white rice, Super Greens, and Vegetable Spring Rolls sounds delicious and filling at the same time!The Eggplant Tofu is one of the best vegan options at Panda. Lightly browned tofu, eggplant, and red bell peppers are stir-fried in a sweet and spicy sauce.

Are the veggies at Panda vegan?
The Panda Express Super Greens contain cabbage, broccoli, and kale. However, there is no butter here! The veggie blend is cooked in soybean oil along with a variety of seasonings. This garlicky dish is a great choice for those veggie-loving vegans looking for a quick and tasty bite.
The Super Greens from Panda Express isn’t just for vegans; it’s for anyone wishing to live a healthier lifestyle. This plant-based leafy dish consists of kale, cabbage, and broccoli and has no animal products.

Spring rolls are a traditional Chinese dish with a filling of shredded vegetables and meat wrapped cylindrically in a wonton pastry and deep-fried until golden brown and crispy.
A quick scan of Panda Express’ nutritional information reveals a different story, however, at least one that has been taking shape in recent years with a more mindful push toward healthy eating. Per the chain’s website, it has been gradually reducing sodium and sugar content, its foods have no added MSG, and none of its menu items contains unhealthy trans fats, which contribute to heart disease.You may actually be surprised to see just how many options you can order at Panda Express without breaking 500 calories. Many fall under its Wok Smart threshold, which means the menu item contains less than 300 calories as well as over 8 grams of protein. Keep in mind that in addition to these a la carte items, diners can choose bowls or plates that includes sides, like chow mein or fried rice, as well as multiple entrées that come with their own nutritional counts. Regardless, if you are craving Panda Express, you should know that there are many options to enjoy that are healthier than some of the other fast food establishments out there. Because the teriyaki sauce is added to the grilled chicken, you can always ask for the sauce to come on the side or simply add less if you want to cut back even further on the calories and sodium. All in all, the Grilled Teriyaki Chicken contains 275 calories per serving, with 470 milligrams of sodium. It also packs in a whopping 33 grams of protein, making it one of the best menu options to choose if that metric is important to you and your diet. Pair it with a side of Super Greens and you have yourself a nutrient-dense meal, which is not something you can often say about other fast food establishments.The Broccoli Beef gets a lot of points in the nutrient department from the fact that it contains a healthy dose of broccoli, which contains a lot of vitamins and minerals,such as vitamins C and K. Thankfully, broccoli is a popular vegetable among both adults and kids, so you do not have to worry about picky eaters enjoying this option. It is a great way to stick to healthy eating while still enjoying the convenience and tastiness of fast casual dining.Beyond the health statistics, it is also a great meal option if you like mushrooms. The health benefits of mushrooms are numerous, including the fact that they come loaded with antioxidants, potassium, and vitamin B. The Mushroom Chicken also comes with zucchini, another veggie that is dense with vitamins and other nutrients. It is all tossed in a light ginger soy sauce, so you will not feel that the added condiment is weighing your food down or counteracting the healthiness of the dish. That protein is largely thanks to the shrimp, which is one of the most protein-dense animals out there that we regularly consume. If you are a seafood fan, you will be happy to know that shrimp is packed with nutrients, and since this dish is not fried like its Honey Walnut counterpart, there is very little added fat. Combine that with the baby broccoli, which also contains a number of healthy nutrients, and you have the makings of a healthy meal option the next time you visit Panda Express. Now, we know what you are probably thinking by now: Where is the Orange Chicken? It is, after all, one of the most popular options at Panda Express. Well, we are sorry to say that it does not qualify as a Wok Smart entrée. A serving of Orange Chicken has 490 calories, 23 grams of fat, 25 grams of protein, and 820 milligrams of sodium. It is mighty tasty -– that we cannot deny. But if you are looking for an alternative meal idea, the String Bean Chicken Breast will cut back significantly on both the calories and the sodium.What makes this entrée even better is that it falls under the Wok Smart category, with only 210 calories as well as 19 grams of protein, 13 grams of carbohydrates, and 560 milligrams of sodium. That is not all that bad, considering you are eating at a fast food establishment. Do not question whether or not it is too good to be true because you can absolutely dive into a bowl of Black Pepper Angus Steak and feel good about your choice.

Plus, whatever fortune is found inside the cookie could lift your spirits and offer good luck, and we think that is totally worth taking a bite. They come included with your meal at Panda Express, so you do not even have to shell out any extra cash to enjoy them.
This entrée has a respectable 11 grams of protein, 590 milligrams of sodium, and 360 calories. It is a little higher on the caloric scale than some of the other options in our list, and it technically does not qualify as a Wok Smart menu item. However, the shrimp itself is high in protein as well as vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, making it a healthy option to include in your diet if you are a big seafood fan. One could easily argue that the benefits associated with shrimp are worth the few extra calories that come from the fact that it is deep fried.

Potstickers from Panda Express are pan-seared, not deep fried, so you would be cutting down on the calories and fat. All of the additives that come from frying, while tasty, are a major contributing factor to one’s risk for heart disease. Specifically, the Chicken Potstickers have only 160 calories, and they also contain fewer carbohydrates, fat, saturated fat, and cholesterol than the Cream Cheese Rangoons. The potstickers also come in lower on all of those metrics when compared to the Vegetable Spring Rolls and Chicken Egg Rolls that are also available at Panda Express. Just one Chicken Egg Roll has more calories than three potstickers, so you definitely get more bang for your buck health-wise by choosing the latter.

Panda Express’ white steamed rice actually comes in at 380 calories, less than that of the brown rice option, but its serving size is also more than two ounces smaller, per the chain’s nutrition information. Opting for white rice also means losing out on a lot of the naturally occurring nutrients that you find in brown rice. A serving of brown rice contains higher levels of fiber, manganese, magnesium, and selenium compared with what you would find in white rice.
With that in mind, a side of Super Greens versus rice or chow mein noodles from Panda Express is a great way to ensure you are working your way toward that recommended threshold. Specifically, the side of greens includes broccoli, kale, and cabbage, all excellent ingredients to incorporate into our diets. When looking at the numbers, you are adding only 90 calories to your meal by choosing this side.

Although Barq’s root beer is sweet and tasty, the large (42 oz) size at Panda Express comes with 560 calories, 0g total fat, 0g saturated fat, 153g carbohydrate (152g of which are from sugar), 0g protein, and 190mg sodium.
The same principles apply to choosing healthy meals for your child as for yourself. Try focusing on meals that provide protein and fiber while minimizing sodium, sugar, and saturated fat.

For low-calorie or low-carb eating, steer clear of the Beijing beef. This entrée comes with 470 calories, 26g total fat, 5g saturated fat, 46g carbohydrate, 13g protein, and 660mg sodium. It also provides just 1g of fiber and a significant amount of sugar (24g).
Is it really a Chinese meal if it doesn’t end with a fortune cookie? These small-bite treats end your meal on a simple, slightly sweet note—for a minimum of calories. One fortune cookie at Panda Express has just 20 calories, 0g total fat, 0g saturated fat, 5g carbohydrate, 2g of sugar, 0g protein, and 0mg sodium. Panda Express serves a steamed ginger fish is lower in calories, has minimal sugar, and a good amount of protein, putting it in among the best seafood choices. That said, it’s extremely high in sodium, which means it’s not an ideal choice for anyone watching their salt intake. Per serving, this entrée has 200 calories, 12g total fat, 2.5g saturated fat, 8g carbohydrate, 8g sugar, 15g protein, and 1,990mg of sodium. For a side to accompany your meat, seafood, or veggie entrée, chow mein is the most decadent choice at Panda Express. This side dish is high in almost every category, with 510 calories, 20g total fat, 3.5g saturated fat, 80g carbohydrate, 13g protein, and 860mg sodium. (Fried rice is a close second, with similar nutrition info.) Panda Express has plenty of entrees for pescatarians—or anyone who enjoys Chinese-inspired seafood. The majority of seafood choices are made with shrimp, but a steamed ginger fish is another alternative. When you visit the site, Dotdash Meredith and its partners may store or retrieve information on your browser, mostly in the form of cookies. Cookies collect information about your preferences and your devices and are used to make the site work as you expect it to, to understand how you interact with the site, and to show advertisements that are targeted to your interests. You can find out more about our use, change your default settings, and withdraw your consent at any time with effect for the future by visiting Cookies Settings, which can also be found in the footer of the site.If you are trying to stay on the lighter side, don’t miss the string bean chicken breast at Panda Express. This heathier entree has 190 calories, 9g total fat, 2g saturated fat, 13g carbohydrate, 14g protein, and 590mg sodium. Because it comes with a sizable dose of veggies, it packs 4g of fiber. Its sauce, meanwhile, contains just 4g of sugar.

The chicken potstickers at Panda Express are our top appetizer choice, with 160 calories, 6g fat, 1.5g saturated fat, 20g carbohydrate, 6g protein, and 250mg sodium.
The chocolate chunk cookie at Panda Express is for heartier appetites. Though it’s not overly indulgent—with 160 calories, 7g total fat, 3g saturated fat, 25g carbohydrate, 2g protein, and 125mg sodium—it’s definitely a heavier choice than the fortune cookie.The honey walnut shrimp certainly has some pros (such as heart-healthy fats from walnuts and shrimp), but it is the heaviest seafood entrée overall at Panda Express. This one comes with 360 calories, 23g total fat, 3.5g saturated fat, 35g carbohydrate, 9g sugar, 13g protein, and 440mg sodium.

The trick when eating low-carb is to make selections that provide some fiber while keeping total carbs and sugar low. For a lower-carb meal at Panda Express, skip the rice or chow mein as sides and opt for vegetables instead.

“Panda Express serves multiple dishes that contain vegetables (but only one true vegetarian entrée option) and offers brown rice as a higher fiber option. But the fiber still falls short of daily recommendations and the sodium levels are quite high. If you eat here regularly, be sure to fit veggies and higher fiber, lower-sodium foods into your other meals.”
For a lower-sodium, higher-protein meal, check out the black pepper Angus steak. With a side of super greens, it makes a diabetes-friendly meal that is satisfying and flavorful.Despite their healthy-sounding name, the vegetable spring rolls are the least nutritious appetizer at Panda Express. They are the highest in sodium and lowest in protein, with 190 calories, 8g fat, 1.5g saturated fat, 27g carbohydrate, 3g protein, and 520mg sodium.

Are spring rolls always vegetarian?
Excluding any spring rolls that contain seafood or meat, the answer is generally yes, spring rolls are vegan-friendly. The dough is simply made from flour, water and salt and vegetable fillings are nearly always 100% plant-based.
Whether you’re hungry for a protein-and-veggie meal or meat all by itself, Panda Express has you covered with five beefy options. Several are surprisingly low in calories and, of course, come with plenty of protein. However, high sodium, sugar, and saturated fat content make healthy choices a bit tricky in this category. Before you order a beef dish, we would recommend reading its nutrition info, then choosing a vegetable side to add fiber and micronutrients. Among fast-casual Asian restaurants, Panda Express stands out for its flavorful, lower-priced cuisine. In addition to its many stand-alone locations, you may have spotted this chain on college campuses, in mall food courts, or at airports. Panda Express is not the most allergy-friendly place to pick up a quick meal. Their foods are prepared with ingredients that may contain all nine of the FDA’s most common food allergens, including eggs, milk, soy, fish, shellfish, peanuts, tree nuts, gluten, and wheat. Sesame, another common allergen, is also present in many of their menu items.For a special treat, some of the Panda Express locations offer a tea bar, featuring unique, hand-crafted beverages like milk tea, fruit smoothies, lemonade, and sparkling yogurts. Because these drinks are highly customizable, with extras like aloe vera, lychee fruit jelly, and boba pearls, their nutrition content varies significantly.All Panda Express locations offer the typical array of fountain drinks like soda and iced tea. Because regularly drinking sugar-sweetened beverages can increase the risk of health conditions like obesity and type 2 diabetes, we would recommend steering clear of sweet drinks in favor of unsweetened iced tea.

The Panda Express menu is based on Chinese-American food classics. Here, you will find a wide array of offerings, from appetizers and sides (like potstickers and egg rolls) to signature entrees (like honey walnut shrimp, orange chicken, and broccoli beef).
For Chinese-inspired cuisine at a lower price point, Panda Express has plenty to offer for most people. If you follow a specific diet or have serious food allergies or intolerances, however, you’ll likely need to be careful about dining at this chain.

Panda Express is quite transparent about the fact that they don’t cater much to special diets. You won’t find a gluten-free, vegan, or vegetarian section of their menu. On the other hand, depending on your dietary needs, you may be able to craft a meal that works for you. Try the options below for special diets.
The most well-rounded beef choice on the Panda Express menu is broccoli beef. It contains 150 calories, 7g total fat, 1.5g saturated fat, 13g carbohydrate, 9g protein, and 520mg sodium. Compared to the other beef items on the menu, it is lower in calories and higher in fiber than most. It is also one of the lower-sugar items, at 7g per serving.The other vegetable entrée at Panda Express is the eggplant tofu. This choice comes with more calories, fat, and sodium than the super greens. This selection contains 340 calories, 24g total fat, 3.5g saturated fat, 24g carbohydrate, 7g protein, and 520mg sodium, along with 17g of sugar.

Although many of Panda Express’ dishes are high in sodium and sugar, you can still find nutritious choices on their menu. If you are looking for a healthier lunch or dinner, plan ahead by researching lower-sodium, lower-sugar items—or consider the chain’s line of lower-calorie Wok Smart entrees.
You can cut back on calories and sugars by choosing the 12-ounce kid’s size, but be aware that you will still take in 160 calories, 44g of carbs (and sugar), and 55mg of sodium.

Because of its large range of choices, the Panda Express menu caters to all sorts of palates, appetites, and dietary goals. Below are our top suggestions for the most and the least nutritious options in each menu category.
We know it’s a total fan favorite, but the orange chicken at Panda Express is not the healthiest option on the menu. In fact, it’s one of the highest-calorie, highest-sugar options. (No wonder its sauce is so finger-licking sweet!) The version of this Chinese-American classic at Panda Express comes with 490 calories, 23g total fat, 5g saturated fat, 51g carbohydrate, 25g protein, and 820mg sodium. If you order orange chicken, consider skipping an appetizer or boosting fiber by choosing brown rice. You also could split the dish with a friend or family member and add on some super greens.The orange chicken cub meal will probably appeal to kids’ palates, but doesn’t offer a great nutrition profile. In a kids’ portion, you’ll find 355 calories, 16g total fat, 4g saturated fat, 36g carbs, 1g fiber, 13g sugar, 18g protein, and 590mg sodium. You may think of kid’s foods as mac and cheese or pizza, but even little eaters will likely enjoy sweet and savory Chinese-inspired meals at Panda Express. Many of the adult entrees are available in “cub” sizes for kids. You can order the super greens at Panda Express as either an entrée, side dish, or kid’s meal. It’s made of a blend of healthy veggies that includes broccoli, cabbage, and kale. The adult portion contains 45 calories, 2g total fat, 0g saturated fat, 5g carbohydrate, 3g protein, and 130mg sodium.

If you still have room for dessert after your Chinese-inspired lunch or dinner, you can choose from a fortune cookie or chocolate chip cookie. Neither choice has much to offer in terms of nutrition, but for fewer calories, fat, and carbohydrates, fortune cookies clearly win.
Water is, of course, always a good choice for washing down your meals, but if you would prefer something with more flavor, go with black tea. At Panda Express, a small (22 oz) adult-size black tea contains just 5 calories, 0g total fat, 0g saturated fat, 2g carbohydrate, 0g protein, and 20mg sodium.

Sides are a major part of the dining experience at Panda Express, and there is no shortage of options to choose from. The chain’s sides run the gamut from low-calorie veggies to high-calorie, high-sodium noodles, and rice dishes.
Sodium is always a nutrient of concern when dining out—but that does not mean you cannot find a lower-salt meal at Panda Express. The sweet and sour chicken entree has a moderate 260 milligrams.

Fortunately, you can research which menu items contain which allergens by viewing Panda’s allergen info online. However, keep in mind that cross-contamination is possible, because shared utensils and cooking equipment could introduce allergens into any dish.
And if you’re looking for something lighter, you are in luck. Several menu items come with a “Wok Smart” designation, indicating they have at least 8 grams of protein and 300 calories or less. Numerous kids’ options round out the menu with something for everyone.At Panda Express, you have your choice of four appetizers: chicken egg rolls, chicken potstickers, cream cheese Rangoon, and vegetable spring rolls. Of the four, the chicken potstickers make the best choice. They’re the lowest in calories and, unlike the other three options, are not deep-fried.The veggies in the super greens entrée are certainly nutrient-rich—but since 45 calories does not make for much of a meal, you’ll probably want to add something to keep you full. Vegetarians could double the portion and opt for a side of brown rice, while meat-eaters might request grilled chicken to top off their veggies.

Just as the string bean chicken makes a healthy choice for adults, it’s a nutritious, not-too-sweet option for kids, too. The “cub” portion of this meal comes with 140 calories, 7g total fat, 1.5g saturated fat, 10g carbs, 3g fiber, 3g sugar, 11g protein, and 440mg sodium.
The real “meat” of the Panda Express menu is in the form of chicken. There are more chicken-based dishes than any other protein on the menu. Here, you will find everything from lean meats with vegetables to fried, battered choices loaded with sugary sauce. In general, choosing grilled meats over fried will save you calories and carbs—and it is always smart to choose an entrée that comes with veggies.Panda Express is a fast food restaurant chain which serves American Chinese cuisine. With over 2,300 locations, it is the largest Asian segment restaurant chain in the United States, where it was founded and is mainly located.

Are Panda Express veggie spring rolls healthy?
Despite their healthy-sounding name, the vegetable spring rolls are the least nutritious appetizer at Panda Express. They are the highest in sodium and lowest in protein, with 190 calories, 8g fat, 1.5g saturated fat, 27g carbohydrate, 3g protein, and 520mg sodium.
when I say I would die for these springs roll, i really would. Does anyone have the recipe for it?? I wanna surprise my mom for her birthday, these used to be her favorite. she’s vegetarian and when she found out the spring rolls are cooked in the same oil as other meats, she was really sad and stopped eating them. So just wanna surprise her 🥺♥️By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising.

On October 27, 2021, they began testing and then ultimately rolled out The Beyond Orange Chicken* to 70 locations across the United States for a limited time. This lasted until January 2022.
Let’s first answer if the Beyond Orange Chicken is vegan. The ingredients of the Orange Chicken are vegan. The frying process may be vegan–we were told they have their own oil and fryer. But we suggest verifying this with your location if it is a concern for you because we were also told some locations are frying it with animal products.

Download the ultimate on-the-go vegan resource. Quickly access over 300 vegan guides for restaurants, airports and stadiums. Get unlimited access to all our sheets with the free version. Upgrade to Pro to go ad-free!
Please verify this with your location (if it is a concern for you)… We were told the Beyond Orange Chicken is fried in a separate fryer with its own oil but when the sauce is added, it is added in a shared wok. We have also been told that some locations are frying it in the same fryer as animal products.No. Panda Express used to use chicken broth but thanks to petitions from Vegan Outreach and PETA, in February 2019, the chicken broth was removed from the vegetarian and vegan-friendly items.

On September 7, 2022, Beyond Orange Chicken came back and rolled out to every location across the United States. It did say for a limited time… and it appears that time has come. As of January 2023, the limited time has expired. Your location may still have some but they will not be replenishing it.Panda Express continues to make progress with it’s vegan options. Please know they do not claim to be vegetarian or vegan friendly, as most items do have cross-contamination.

VeggL Disclaimer: We do everything possible at VeggL to make sure all our Vegan Guides are as up to date as possible, but sometimes menus and menu items can change. VeggL is not responsible for incorrect or outdated information. Always check with your location and server to confirm items are vegan when ordering. If you notice something that needs to be corrected – please let us know!

The addition of the sauce is what makes it 100% cross-contaminated. They use a wok that has been wiped clean but has shared it’s surface with animal products. You choose your comfort level with this. And if you still have concerns, please ask your location for more information.Choose any of the menu items a la carte or as meals. Super Greens can be counted as a Side and/or an Entree. You are allowed to make all of your entrees one menu item… same with the sides.On September 7, 2022, Beyond Orange Chicken came back and rolled out to every location across the United States. It did say for a limited time… and it appears that time has come. As of January 2023, the limited time has expired.

The Chow Mein noodles at Panda Express are vegan but they do share a wok. We were told the woks are wiped clean after but it is still a shared surface.
Panda Express will not call any of their items vegetarian or vegan friendly. Be aware of this due to cross-contamination. You choose your level of comfort.Non-Affiliation Disclaimer: This web site is not endorsed by, directly affiliated with, maintained, authorized, or sponsored by any restaurant chain, airport, sports team, sports organization or theme park. All product and company names are the registered trademarks of their original owners. The use of any trade name or trademark is for identification and reference purposes only and does not imply any association with the trademark holder of their product brand.

Is vegetable spring roll vegetarian?
Excluding any spring rolls that contain seafood or meat, the answer is generally yes, spring rolls are vegan-friendly. The dough is simply made from flour, water and salt and vegetable fillings are nearly always 100% plant-based.
Jen’s Pick: I have yet to see the Eggplant Tofu available at our local location but I have tried and really like The Beyond Orange Chicken, Chow Mein, Super Greens, Steamed White Rice and Spring Rolls. It’s nice to make a “bowl” with all of these and then eat the Spring Rolls on the side.In February 2019, thanks to the organizations Vegan Outreach and PETA, Panda Express took out chicken broth in the items that could be vegetarian/vegan. *Panda Express does share surfaces with animal products; therefore, cross-contamination can/will occur. The woks are shared but are wiped out after each item. With an irresistible crunchy texture, these veggie egg rolls are served with a unique sweet and sour mustard sauce that’s made with honey, white vinegar, and yellow mustard. These egg rolls are a popular side dish that goes perfectly with all of your favourite entrees.Eating too few calories can cause the body to enter what’s called “starvation mode”, where the digestive system slows down and metabolism slows in order to conserve energy. This can lead to fatigue, headaches, dizziness, and a decrease in performance and concentration.

A single Panda Express veggie egg roll contains 180 calories. It contains 11 grams of fat, 20 grams of carbohydrates and 7 grams of protein. It also contains 25 percent of the daily recommended value of dietary fiber.We and our partners use cookies to Store and/or access information on a device. We and our partners use data for Personalised ads and content, ad and content measurement, audience insights and product development. An example of data being processed may be a unique identifier stored in a cookie. Some of our partners may process your data as a part of their legitimate business interest without asking for consent. To view the purposes they believe they have legitimate interest for, or to object to this data processing use the vendor list link below. The consent submitted will only be used for data processing originating from this website. If you would like to change your settings or withdraw consent at any time, the link to do so is in our privacy policy accessible from our home page..

Egg rolls contain more unhealthy fats and processed carbohydrates due to deep-frying and the use of wheat wrappers. Although egg rolls can be a tasty snack, they provide less nutritional value and should be enjoyed in moderation.To maximize the benefit for your weight loss plan, it is best to make your own spring rolls at home with fresh and healthy ingredients. Use whole-grain wrappers and stuff them with a combination of veggies, lean proteins, and healthy fats, such as avocado.

The methods and recipes vary greatly between countries and even cities, but the general idea is a seasoned filing, often vegetables, seafood or occasionally meat, rolled in wrapper-type pastry that is usually deep-fried. Spring roll filling is typically on the dry side for consistency and they rely on dipping sauces for extra flavour and moisture. Fabian is one of our lovely Content Marketing Assistants who loves writing almost as much as he loves coffee, old episodes of Escape to the Country (no judgement here), and cooking up a storm in his kitchen. Excluding any spring rolls that contain seafood or meat, the answer is generally yes, spring rolls are vegan-friendly. The dough is simply made from flour, water and salt and vegetable fillings are nearly always 100% plant-based.

Have you been thinking about some of your favourite international dishes and takeaway favourites and wondered if vegetable spring rolls are vegan? Keep reading to find out all you need to know.According to our website visitors, a Veggie Spring Roll is a healthy and nutritious option from Panda Express, with 69% of voters finding it to be healthy.At the end of the day, you choose your own level of comfort. We’re simply here to provide you with as much information as possible so you can make the most informed decision possible.

The last thing we’ll say is if you’re attempting to eat at a restaurant that is not 100% vegan (and especially if it’s fast food), cross-contamination is almost ALWAYS going to be a concern. For more on our view points on cross-contamination, please visit our VeggL Disclaimers.
We’ve spent almost this entire article talking about the cross-contamination issues at Panda Express. So, all the same concerns are still valid for the following items as well.On the other hand, if you’re excited about the idea of plant-based options at big fast food chains and the direction that the industry continues to go – head over to Panda Express and grab you some Spring Rolls!

How many calories in a veggie spring roll from Panda?
Panda Express veggie spring roll (3 piece) contains 39g total carbs, 36.1g net carbs, 12.1g fat, 5.5g protein, and 286 calories. Cached
VeggL is the passion project of Jen & Ryan. Both vegan (Jen since 2012, Ryan since 2018), they wanted to help other vegans & plant based folks through an incredibly frustrating process–trying to figure out what you can eat & where in the US. Pictured w/ our pups, Mia & Chompers.The Eggplant Tofu is quite the elusive beast. We have heard it does exist and we have spoke with people who have tried it (and loved it!). However, we’ve also heard from countless others whose closest location doesn’t carry it (we fall into this boat as well). Having said that, here are a few of the other menu items at Panda Express that we consider vegan. For a complete list of everything vegan at Panda Express, make sure to check out our Panda Express Vegan Guide. Download the ultimate on-the-go vegan resource. Quickly access over 400 vegan guides for restaurants, airports, sports venues and theme parks. Get unlimited access to all our guides with the free version. Upgrade to Pro to go ad-free!

Are the panda veggies vegan?
Super Greens Consisting of broccoli, kale, and cabbage; Panda Express healthful medley Super Greens are vegan friendly.
The answer isn’t as simple as a ‘yes or no’ because our answer (yes, they are) actually conflicts from Panda Express’s official position which is essentially they don’t guarantee anything at their locations to be vegetarian or vegan.We were told by multiple locations that basically everything on the menu that is fried (including meat items) share the same couple fryers, sometimes as few as two fryers for an entire location.

Outside of the spring rolls, our personal favorite is the Chow Mein. Ryan, specifically, is a big fan of Chow Mein and Panda Express has a great version, especially for a fast food place. In fact, it’s one of our favorite vegan fast food options.
Panda Express has been in the news recently with the announcement that they are testing Beyond Orange Chicken at 70 locations across the U.S. This has led many vegans (us included!) lucky enough to have a participating location near them to make a stop through Panda Express. Pair it with a crispy deep fried exterior of the wonton wrapper and it instantly becomes an addictive snack. Believe it or not, these fried veggie spring rolls are not really unhealthy if eaten in moderation. No. As of 2023, there’s no egg in the veggie spring rolls from Panda Express which makes them a vegan-friendly option if you’re heading to Panda Express to get some.

What is in Panda Express veggie spring roll?
Cabbage, celery, carrots, green onions and Chinese noodles in a crispy wonton wrapper. Cached
Panda Express veggie spring rolls are some of the best appetizer menu items sold by the Chinese-American fast food restaurant chain. It may very well be one of the best appetizer options in general!Panda Express has taken the U.S. by storm with their delicious Chinese-American dishes. If there’s one particular food item that encapsulates the Panda Express experience, that would definitely be their veggie spring rolls. As you can see, the list is quite long and that is why the veggie spring rolls at Panda Express are raved about! These things are deep fried to perfection and made even better with their dipping sauces. The vegetables of the spring roll stuffing can provide a good source of fiber, vitamin A,K, folate, magnesium and more. 3-5 spring rolls is the recommended amount per serving as its a deep fried food after all.So long as you maintain your daily calorie needs for your body and do not greatly surpass it, the veggie spring rolls shouldn’t be considered as an unhealthy option for your diet.

The answer is, it depends. As it’s a fried food item, it’s recommended to be consumed in moderation. A serving of 3-5 spring rolls is a good enough amount for your daily intake.Panda Express veggie spring rolls are very underrated as they’re crispy, savory and delicious. What makes them so delicious is their stuffing that’s made with cabbage, green onions, carrots and celery that are seasoned to perfection.The Panda Express veggie spring roll is an appetizer menu item that can be ordered at any Panda Express joint. It’s made of wonton wrappers that contain cooked cabbage, onions and carrots and is deep-fried until the exterior is crispy.The wonton wrappers are made of flour and water. And the filling is 100% plant based from the veggies to the seasonings and oil. If you’re vegan, this spring roll option is the one to go with.